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I miss Luther

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I miss Ultramar

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I miss getting drunk

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I miss Sidonus

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I miss living

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I miss vulkan since Dan fucking killed him...

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I miss fried chicken.

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Preaching to the choir on that one, son.

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Preaching to the choir on that on, son.

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I miss the company coffee pot.

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He's entombed on Macragge. How can he miss a place where he currently is?

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I miss da WAAAGH!!!

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I miss the whole world, with all its sights and sounds





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Are you all missing your coffee mugs as well?

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I miss the mountains.
I miss the clear blue skies.

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I miss big bridges
I miss when Great Whites fly.

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I miss the Primarchs, I miss when Eldar didn't die.

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I miss the whole world
It was a brilliant plave

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>i miss not having to pay for chain-axes
> I miss having two attacks before the charge

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I miss the oceans
I miss real dirty things

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I miss the Terra of past
I miss the Necron kings.

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I miss da mek boyz

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Boomdiyada boomdiyada boomdiyada boomdiyada.

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I miss my dad.

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I love hot plasma!
I hate the tyranids!

I hate the Imperium
It's such a corrupt place!

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I love to blam heretics!

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Wait wait wait. We need to organize this song if we're going to do it right. I'll start.
I miss the Primarchs
I miss when Eldar died

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I miss the Shamans.
I miss the stars at night.

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I miss starship bridges
I miss when Corax flied

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I miss the whole world
and all its sights and sounds
boom de yada boom de yada

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And you just fucked up the whole thing, trying to start a thing.

Congrats. Heretic.

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uhh...boss? We'z gettin shot up!

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Dammit /tg/! Get it together! How will we ever perform the duet with /d/ in the 4chan musical at this rate?!

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Meat Loaf's "Couldn't Have Said It Better"

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With a little help from our mutual god, Slaanesh.

When she arrives, there will be harmony between the boards.

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I haven't read any of the Salamander HH stuff because I hate Kymes other salamander garbage.

Are they any good?

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They're good.

Vulkan was turned into the most badass primarch in the most unlikely thing ever then dan decided to kill him off and ruin all pre-established fluff.

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Its not like it can't be retconned, lets face thats all GW is doing anyway, they have no intention of progressing the storyline, Nor god help us, some authors that actually want to work on the other factions than god forbid the imperium

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Then wake your ass up and go talk to him, you are in the same (*BLAM*)

>> No.27528902

this is just a reminder that all the HH surviving primarch are complete failures. when the IOM needed them the most, they all rolled over and died/killed themselves.

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>I miss Luther

Me too, buddy.

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>They're good.
Promethean Sun wasn't good. I haven't read Vulkan Lives yet, but given my experiences with PS and the Tome of Fire I'm pretty sure it won't be that great either.

I'll take Kyme over Abnett if he's adding new stuff to the fluff, but he's not that great at writing anything larger than a short.

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Vulkan Lives was total shit, new stuff added to the fluff but god was it shit

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I NEVER miss.

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I miss lots

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