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Can I get some pictures of fighters/warriors/knights/etc wielding non-standard weapons?

I have 800,000 pics of fighters with swords, 40,000 with bows, and 20,000 with spears. I want to see axes, maces, polearms, flails oh god do I want to see flails, picks, etc.

I'm not looking for exotic or wacky weapons, nor am I looking for pictures of dwarves with hammers and axes (I got those already). Just good practical weapons that you typically don't see in the hands of the heroes.

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Really? You have a lot of spear pictures?

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>non-standard weapons
>a sword

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Is that Vin Diesel?

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gotta love pathfinder dragoons. except not, because they are nothing like dragoons as i know them. Still a sick pic though

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Which Dragoons do you know?

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I'm not him but probably actual Dragoons.


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Not OP, but if possible requesting images of flails and spiked maces being used in combat. I love those things. Ever since I saw LotR:1 and watched Sauron knocking back humans for 10 meters around! Glorious!

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ik, ik but i miss the jumpy as fuck FF dragoons. I saw dragoon in pathfinder UC and was like "Holy crap yes" but was sad to find out they were just cavalry (yes i know they actually were. But if they were going realistic, should'nt they have had an option to take guns?)

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Sorry mate. I doubt I have anything of that ilk. I'll post anything I find though.

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Thats what a dragoon is? Damn thats such a downer... I think I've been spoiled by the Final Fantasy dragoons. Crazy fuckers with spears and super jump attacks. But the Japs have a habit of taking things and stylizing them of base details. Like every bit of religious reference in Eva. Not like the bible has giant cross laser beams in it... thought it really should!

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>Just good practical weapons
>typically don't see in the hands of the heroes.

One outa two aint bad.

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Thats ok, that is a ridiculous and awesome image. The idea of what looks like some kind of demon infested golem(off the top of my head) swinging around a rune inscribed pillar that he's chained to as a weapon is sick as fuck.

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I really liked GoW2... I think its my favorite in the serious. That said I think most of kratos' weapons in the third game would be perfect for this thread.

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It looks cool.


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man I swear I saw that before

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At 15th level a Dragoon gets access to an ability called Leaping Lance where he can jump off of his horse and double his already significant bonuses for charging. Coupled with Ride - by Attack and the Ride skill's usage for a free action remount you can have a crazy fucker who jumps off his horse, impales a guy, and remounts as the horse gallops by to do it again next round.

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seeing as im just lookin through a warrior picture site, probably have.

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We need more weaponized shields.

Weaponized shield AND a flail! Woot!

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This is probably my favourite image.

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Tetsubo is a kickass weapon. That reminds me...

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This is spiked as hell.

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Dokuro-chan is one of the worst animes out there. I recommend never watching it. Just stupidity on a frightening scale.

That said her "bat" as she calls it is a wicked fucking weapon. Technically a tetsubo as used in jap myths by Oni, but here used by the angel Dokuro-chan. And sure enough it does look pretty much like a metal baseball bat covered in evil looking spikes and hooks.

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And with this, I'm out.

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It's a little on the exotic side but I've always wanted to make a dnd/pf fighter who specialized in a scythe. Good old "Once in a while" As good as any other fighter most of the time...but once in a while he one shots the BBEG (or much more likely obliterates a goblin or something else minor)

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Thank you.

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Scythes are feasible, though. Just not that variety. Proper war scythes look like pic related.

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I mean, that's cool and all.

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If you want vidya for it I'd suggest Ninja Gaiden 2, followed by Darksiders 2, then maybe DmC.

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had a BBEG with a scythe once, he kept riding past on a cart, killing npcs that we really needed alive. Finally caught him, wound up being a half demon.

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I made this for a friend.

Pretty sure it is what you are looking for.

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I'm working out a 4e character for a game this weekend. So any art to inspire me would be great.

I'm a knight dragonborn, using the quarterstaff. I'm not expecting much, but still.

Also, any tips on making my character? There is a thing that I can do which is use my staff as a shield in regards to powers, and I really want to use that.

Picture unrelated.

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I like how he's holding the flail like a naruto idiot

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heres a pretty decent pic of a metal staff

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I know nothing of 4e or your character's personality but that sounds rather bitchin.

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>Elf with a flail
Fuck yeah.

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>knight dragonborn

don't worry about personality, you won't be able to talk inbetween drive-by one shots and coating rooms with 60ft cone flame breath.

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With dragonfire, I was going to roll with Lightning. Is there any advantage to fire over other things?

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Starting forest fires, torching corpses, burning houses down, anarchy, stuff like that I guess.

None of which are very knight-y

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Not really, no. Dragon Breath kind of sucks anyways.
>being this retarded

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Thats kinda what I thought. I was just going to use it for some cheep lore. I like to link my characters, and it was an easy way to link it to my last character.

Plus Korg worship.

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Now flip it

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isnt that from monsters den godfall? The promo for it, anyways

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A great related moment in my campaign

>Douchey martial artist scoffs at our fighter using a flail.
>"No one could possibly be effective with such an obtuse weapon
>"I throw my flail at him"
>No amount of -4 could have stopped that crit
>Douchey martial artist crushed beneath thrown flail, his entire clan vows vengence upon the party

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Bidents never get the love they deserve

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I've seen a guy's squire throw his magic longsword back to him in combat (he had rolled a nat 1 and dropped it). The squire says that he over hand throws it, and accidentally criticals the party's leader (the knight) it basically went through his hand, which he had laid flat to be HANDED the sword. he was then pinned into the ground. Mind you this sword also had a curse where it screamed like a little girl whenever it drew blood, so it seemed like this big scary knight was shrieking like a child.

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Punishing critical successes is such idiotic behavior. I remember a whole thread was screen capped a while back with things like "Critical succeed jump: Now in space, Critical success on bluff: You believe your own lie, Critical success on disguise: Your disguise is so effective you believe it and live the rest of your life as a janitor"

Fumbles are almost as bad (Said Knight actually has a higher chance of accidentally slaying his squire as he goes up in levels) But a lot of people seem to absolutely love them so I must be missing the fun of having your character be a bumbling stooge 5% of the time

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"Special delivery, you mom's dildo"

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man how sad are you to not even enjoy dokuro

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>not liking dokuro chan

so you don't get satire or something, I take it?

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Punishing critical success is a little far fetched if put like that, but critical failure usually is something minor, with a chance to be something big. for us, we would roll to see the direction of a critically missed attack. if it hits an empty space, you might shove your sword in the ground, or simply ding the ground (maybe a -1 ac or something for the round) or possibly throw your weapon on accident (str check to avoid). if you happen to swing near an ally and didnt make the reflex save, you have to roll to hit on them, but you dont add any weapon specializations/dexterity from weapon finesse. just str bab and enchantments.

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Isn't that the pic for the Favored Soul?

>> No.27528376

no clue. just found it while looking for halfling pictures for my Pathfinder Society character

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/r/ing bow wielders who actually look like they could fire a bow.

Not skinny gangly fuckers.

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This qualifies, right?

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Sadly I don't have this without the caption.

Pretty sure it is from monster hunter though.

Fuck you MH3 not having bows. Or any alternate weapons.

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y'know what I really need, though?

Warriors wielding realistic battleaxes. Y'know, the teeny tiny things (when compared to fantasy axes) that could be wielded with one hand.

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Any one have a practical example of how one would do "blade mail"?
Cuz i was interested in the idea of bladed plate armor, that wasnt just spiked armor with the spikes sharpened.

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fyi Dragoon is just what they translated it to when the original japanese's "Dragon Knight" didn't fit in the text box

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Had a pair of high powered demon bosses, one weilded a war sickle and the other a hammer, would yell about painting the country red with elf slav people's blood.

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Im feeling like its axe time

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I really wish Dmitrys would draw more fantasy art, or more art in general without huge throbbing cocks

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