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Last one is dead and /tg/ will likely explode without a constant 40k General.

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Is that image different? The CSM looks different.

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I can't unsee the Necron as being really sad, and the black circle is just a necklace or something

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I want to make an army of crusaders and paint them up like the Knights Templar (sorry BTs, you guys are the Teutons). How would I go about converting 50-or-so of these guys?

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You know I remember when I started this general and now I hardly ever visit it. Whoever you are that kept posting them when I stopped, you did good.

...on a slightly off-topic note I started them to try to keep SOME of the 40k threads off the frontpage but this general inspired others and now we see lots of them. Did I do good or bad?

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Good luck. As you can see there are..1.5 poses

You might be able to get them in resin from the Chinaman, but it'll be a shitload of work

Brettonian parts are the right style but too small for Marines

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So you're gonna convert them to a space marine chapter?

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Is there any reason NOT to take farsight allies with my tau if my army already has an ethereal, a commander, crisis suits and 3 troop choices? Seems like I would be spending 3 points to get scoring crisis suits and access to the new signature systems.

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I need some advice, as of now the only things i use with my painting are some basic vallejo range paints and washes, and water to thin them. What other kind of painting supplies should i invest in? Like what exactly do varnishes do and do i need them?

Pic related a land raider that im working on and just dry fit together

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which color scheme looks better?

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Half red, Half white.

but do you entire army in the variety you posted to illustrate different squads.

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Those look really nice, but the 3 color schemes throw me off

All i can think of is Christmas Marines

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I like the mid a lot. >>27513978 WE NEED CHRISTMAS MARINES

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Come to think of it, their pose is a bit TOO static. What could I use as alternatives? Would stock bretonnian men-at-arms with KotR helms work?

No, no. I plan to use grey knight's inquisitorial henchmen rules.

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I prefer the Green with white shoulders a little myself


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You need an optional gloss varnish to brush on for decals, gemstones, lenses, an optional gloss varnish spray for protection, and then a satin or matte or gloss varnish to spray or brush on to make seal your models.

You need a decal softener, again optional. Decal setting solution is not needed at all, just get MicroSol.

Glazes, optional. Medium, optional, you can use it to make your own glazes and to thin entire dropper bottles. Flow enhancer/retarder. Isopropyl alcohol.

Honestly paint wash and water and a varnish is the most you'll ever need.

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I'm running a melee focussed Slaaneshi Chosen squad, what should I equip the Champion with?

I'm thinking a power sword, but I wanted to know /tg/'s opinion.

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Fuck I don't know where to go with my army
I've got 1000 points of Space Wolves which I started cause you know Space Vikings
Now I've got to deal with the constant furry jokes at my lgs thanks to Phil Kelly and Dan Abnett turning them into a crock of wolf obsessors, which I was painfully unaware of at the time I bought/painted them
Should I go with another army as allies? or sell what i have and start over

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Power fist/Lightning claw.

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You don't have to run the more wolfy looking dudes, you know. I mean look at Arjac. Guy is a fucking mountain and one of my favorite sculpts. That said if you like the aesthetic, fuck all the haters. If you don't, then are there any other armies that have caught your eye?

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So this is probably what I will be taking to an upcoming tournament, the tournament is 50% comp so I've aired on the side of caution and not taken any of my normal grav tanks.
I am expecting mostly hoards with the odd land raider/monolith/ect.

The two mission with more than 2 objectives are big guns never tire and the scouring and only one mission has kill points as an objective.

Eldar (1846/1850pt.)
HQ [ 1 ]

Spiritseer (95pt.) Witch staff; Uldanorethi Long Rifle;

Troops [ 6 ]

Rangers (120pt.)
> 10x - Ranger (12pt.); Mesh armour; Ranger long rifle; Shuriken pistol;

4 x Rangers (60pt.) (240pt.)
> 5x - Ranger (12pt.); Mesh armour; Ranger long rifle; Shuriken pistol;

Windrider Jetbike Squad (183pt.)
> 3x - Windrider Guardian (27pt.); Eldar jetbike; Mesh armour; Shuriken cannon;
> 6x - Windrider Guardian (17pt.); Eldar jetbike; Mesh armour; Twin-linked shuriken catapult;
> 1x - Warlock (55pt.); Rune armour; Shuriken pistol; Singing spear; Eldar jetbike;

Fast attack [ 3 ]

Warp Spiders (120pt.)
> 1x - Warp Spider Exarch (44pt.); Warp jump generator; Heavy Aspect armour; Twin-linked death spinners; Fast shot;
> 4x - Warp Spider (19pt.); Death spinner; Heavy Aspect armour; Warp jump generator;

2 x Swooping Hawks (184pt.) (368ppt.)
> 1x - Swooping Hawk Exarch (56pt.); Plasma grenades; Haywire grenades; Grenade pack; Swooping Hawk grenade pack; Heavy Aspect armour; Sunrifle; Hit & Run;
> 8x - Swooping Hawk (16pt.); Aspect armour; Grenade pack; Haywire grenades; Lasblaster; Plasma grenades; Swooping Hawk grenade pack;

Heavy support [ 3 ]

2 x War Walker Squadron (270pt.) (540pt.)
> 3x - War Walker (90pt.); Eldar missile launcher (x2);

Vaul's Wraith Support Battery (90pt.)
> 3x - Support weapon (30pt.); Shadow weaver;
> 6x - Guardian crew ; Mesh armour; Plasma grenades; Shuriken catapult;
> 1x - Warlock (35pt.); Rune armour; Shuriken pistol; Witchblade;

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Oh I'm dum, I thought you meant using the SM rules

If you don't mind having a bit of a mixed aesthetic with the nobler Knights and some grubby retainers yeah men at arms combine well with Cadian parts, and there are some great helmtt / gas mask heads from other companies

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See thats my point about Space Wolves, guys like Arjac and maybe even Njal are pretty impressive looking characters. Thunderwolf calvary? Fuck them

The only armies I've been thinking about are Salamanders, Iron Hands and Exorcists. But I might not go with Iron Hands because I dont want to have to get all the proper bionic gubbinz to make them look nice.
I was kind of thinking of going with Salamanders though seeing as them and the Wolves are the only chapters that care about Imperial civilians

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Im running a SW renegade force and I got pretty much no wolfy stuff at all since it was the viking theme that lured me too

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you're erred on the side of caution

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While well deserved, I will be dissapointed if this is the only response I get tonight.

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I can't answer because i don't play eldar.
That's everyone reason
Nobody play eldar

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>Dashing through the sand
>With a bolter in my hand
>There's an Ork in my sights
>Smashing all he sees
>Cover I do not see
>I'm prepared to fight
>I fire a single shoot
>No more Ork tonight


>Space Marines,Space Marines
>They'll fuck you up you see
>Oh what fun is it to kill
>Heretics we say.
>Space Marines, Space Marines
>Fighting night and day
>Where are all the heretics?
>I think they ran in fear

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do chapterhouse take stuff off their website when it is out of stock? They don't seem to have some of the shoulder pads I wanted.

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How bad of an idea is it to have DE with Guard allies at 1500? I just really want a deathstrike missile for the next tournie I'm in.

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Not a great idea. IG and DE are Desperate Allies so the IG won't be able to score or contest objectives, and you can't get within 6" of each other without risk of your dudes flipping their shit. Not to mention the Deathstrike itself isn't a very good choice due to how unreliable it is.

It could work if you just took a cheap HQ (Lord Commissar or Psyker) and a Veteran squad with three special weapons and shoved them in a Valk/Vendetta to use as a suicide unit, but you're really not getting a whole lot of bang for your buck there.

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You can't use Psker's as a HQ choice iirc.

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Primaris Psyker broseph, he's just a regular HQ choice. Not to mention he's the only psyker in the entire HQ slot, so I'm not sure what you're confused by.

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How do I best outfit a squad of 5 chaos chosen against orks?

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Kairos Fateweaver - 300 pts
Herald of Tzeentch: Lvl 2, Exalted Locus of Conjuration - 95 pts
Herald of Tzeentch: Lvl 2, Exalted Locus of Conjuration - 95 pts

16 Pink Horrors of Tzeentch: Iridescent Horror, Blasted Standard - 169 pts
16 Pink Horrors of Tzeentch: Iridescent Horror, Blasted Standard - 169 pts

Fast Attack
6 Screamers of Tzeentch - 150 pts

Heavy Support
Soul Grinder: Daemon of Tzeentch, Phlegm Bombardment - 170 pts
Daemon Prince: Daemon of Tzeentch, Lvl 3, Warp-forged Armour, Daemonic Flight, 2 Greater Rewards - 345 pts

Total - 1493

Finally gave in and swapped out a LoC for Fateweaver, I was completely blind to the benefits because I wanted a choppy LoC. Troops is a bit concerning, but splitting them up weakens my damage output (as far as I see).

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Flamers. Mark of Khorne if you play Khornates or don't care about mixing marks.

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This list: how bad will I get steamrolled?


Warpsmith, Aura of Corruption (125)


10 CSM, 2x Plasma, Combi Plasma (180)
10 CSM, 2x Melta, Combi Melta (170)

Fast Attack/

Helldrake (170)

Heavy Support/

Vindicator (120)
3 Obliterators (210)
5 Havocs, 4 Autocannons (115)


Quad Gun Aegis Line (100)


Lord Commissar, Boltgun (70)

Vet Squad, Sgt w/ Shotgun, 3 Plasma Guns (115)

Manticore Platform, Camo Net (120)

Total: 1,495/1,500

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The best bit about Fateweaver is making the Grimoire nearly reliable. Unless it's in the list, you are paying a fuckload of points for that Warpstorm reroll.
I think you need to find some way of shaving 30pts and cram it onto one of those Heralds. Also while we are on the subject, Heralds always get Mastery 3 no questions asked.

Other than that it's alright, bonus points for fluff. If you need to shave out points I'd start with the Blasted Standards and maybe a Screamer or 2.

Basically you just need to find another 80pts to get an Exalted Reward and 2 more Mastery levels. In fact I'd be tempted to cut the Horror numbers down and simply replace them with more Heralds, but that's my preference really. Heralds provide much more efficient firepower than Horrors, while Horrors provide more bodies for survivability.

God damn I love Heralds of Tzeentch.

>> No.27515632

If I drop the blasted standards and 4 horrors I have 83 points.

>> No.27516392


Yeah I'd do that then. If you shave all 4 from 1 unit but keep the other at 16, you'd only lose a single dice-worth of Flickering Fire and so hold onto the most firepower.

If you wanted to be a little more adventurous, you could actually drop one squad all the way to 10 and lose one of those Loci of Conjuration. You would then have enough points for a *third* Herald of Tzeentch.
Put all 3 into the bigger unit of 16 and you have a Deathstar dealy going on! Maximum efficiency in terms of Presience, only need one Locus and thus save points, and just spit out shitloads of S6 / rerolls. Of course you are also left with a slightly sad looking unit for your second so it's all preference really.

>> No.27516471

Not too bad, you'll be fairly even against most lists. Personally, I don't like Oblits too much, so I'd take them out for another squad of Autocannon Havocs, then use the extra points elsewhere in the list.

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A friend of mine really sucks at 40k and its at the point he wants to quit the game. I really don't want this because he is 1 of like 4 people in my area who play not the mention the monetary investment he made he would be throwing away. His problem doesn't seem to be in list building because he does play Nurgle Chaos Space Marines with a Helldrake, Nurgle Obliterators, Plauge Bearer and Plauge Drone allies.

The problem is he is stubborn and until now he has been unwilling to take other people's advice on his tactics which are pretty bad. Well bad is the wrong word, predictable and therefore easy to counter. A few days ago I literally beat his 1500pts army with 850pts of my army by the 2nd half of turn 3. The rest of my army was still in reserves.

How do I teach him to not do this?

>> No.27516566


You will be steamrolled very easily with so few troops.

You need to drop the Autocannon Havocs and turn that IG troop choice into an Infantry platoon with at least two infantry squads Autocannon heavy weapon teams. You can keep the IG plasma guns in the form of a special weapon team.

Then drop the vindicator, its 2 editions out of relevance to CSM tactics, drop the Lord Commissar for a naked Company Command Squad and the Combi weapons from your CSM squads and use the points for a 2nd Helldrake.

>> No.27516587

Well first off play more objective based missions. If he insists on running straight at you guns blazing maybe start walking him through what you are going to do on your turn and have him try to learn to play conservatively.

40k is very much about the shooting game right now and he needs to understand this. It seems from what you are telling us is he chose nurgle and now wants to play assualt, which you kinda can't do with Nurgle.

>> No.27516594


Disregard this poster, he clearly does not play CSM. Your list lacks decent scoring units and taking more heavy weapons instead of more troops is moronic.

>> No.27516642


We do play objective based missions. That's how I was able to beat him outnumbered nearly 2 to 1 in points. He has been playing the game since 3rd edition and he has not made the transition to this edition's mission types well. I think you hit the nail on the head with him still acting like in a game about assaulting, he's ignoring good cover outside of his deployment zone and my tanks are just mercing his guys in the open either when they get out of their rhinos or if they are just charging up the board.

I just hope telling him that if he keep ignoring objectives and tries to assault with everything he can't win he wont give up on the game. Right now his biggest gripe is that this isn't the game he got into and that its changed to much for his age rattled mid 40s brain to deal with.

>> No.27516664

Well honestly it has changed. Quite a bit, and as harsh as it's going to sound if he doesn't like it maybe he should give it up.

>> No.27516715


>If you don't adapt to the new relevant tactics you can't win

>"I want to play an assault based chaos army"

>You need to focus on scoring victory points and look at killing my guys as a means to that end and not overextend trying to kill more than necessary.

>"What the hell is kind of combat game is that supposed to be. Chaos doesn't leave survivors"

>This is why you are losing. Its like you are trying to use WW1 tactics against a WW2 army.

>"I don't have to take these insults, I quit!"

>Then why the hell did you ask me to help you with your tactics if you wont accept what you want isn't viable or accept constructive criticism.

>"I'm old and won't adapt to new things!"

That's been nearly every 40k player over 30 I've every played against.

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Not so bad with me. I actually constantly learn things from all the older wargamers I play with, but then again many of them go to big tourneys, so they can't really fall back into that.

That being said I have had to coach a new player in a similar way.
For instance: "Hey SWL I wanna start up Dark eldar."
Me: "Oh alright, how do you want to play them?"
Him: "Oh I'm thinking fast CC with wyches and warriors. "
Me: "Don't invest in wyches right now, they aren't very good. DE need to rely on their shooting in 6th edition or they will lose just about every game."
Him: "Well I'm going to run them anyway, I can make them good."

And then we play a game of DE against CSM where he tries to zerg rush me and I trounce him because he can't get close.

>> No.27516869

Hey /tg/, went and made this with as much "Just as planned" as possible.
Considered creed, but Al'rahem just seems to do it better.

HQ (135pts)

Ministorum Priest (60pts)
-Eviserator (15pts)

Company Command Squad (75pts)
-Carapace Armour (20pts)
-3x Lasgun
-Vox Caster (5pts)
Company Commander
-Close Combat Weapon, Laspistol

Troops (705pts)

Infantry Platoon (510pts)

Conscripts (275pts)
-50x Conscript (200pts)
-Send in the Next Wave! (75pts)

Infantry Squad (55pts)
-Vox Caster (5pts)
-Close Combat Weapon, Laspistol

Infantry Squad (55pts)
-Vox Caster (5pts)
-Close Combat Weapon, Laspistol

Platoon Command Squad (125pts)
-Captain Al'Rahem (70pts)
-2x Meltagun (20pts)
-Vox Caster (5pts)

Infantry Platoon (195pts)

Infantry Squad (55pts)
-Vox Caster (5pts)
-Close Combat Weapon, Laspistol

Infantry Squad (55pts)
-Vox Caster (5pts)
-Close Combat Weapon, Laspistol

Platoon Command Squad (85pts)
-Commander Chenkov (50pts)
-Vox Caster (5pts)

Fast Attack (260pts)

Vendetta Gunship Squadron (130pts)
Vendetta (130pts)
-3 Twin-linked Lascannons

Vendetta Gunship Squadron (130pts)
Vendetta (130pts)
-3 Twin-linked Lascannons

Heavy Support (300pts)

Leman Russ Squadron (150pts)
Leman Russ (150pts)
-Heavy Bolter

Leman Russ Squadron (150pts)
Leman Russ (150pts)
-Heavy Bolter

Ends up at 1500pts. Anyone?

>> No.27516894

Crimson Slaughter Fun/Nub list


Chaos Lord (Kranon): 180
Term Armor
Sword of Shrieking Souls (Axe of Blind Fury)
Combi plasma
Melta bombs


Termies: 300
1 Chainfist/Comelta
Pair of l claws
Reaper Autocannon/Powerfist

Helbrute: 110
Power Scourge


CSM: 230
Heavy B
Power Maul
Melta Bombs

CSM: 235
M Launcher
Melta Bombs
Power fist

CSM: 235
M Launcher
Power axe

Fast Attack:

Heldrake: 170

Raptors: 192
Power sword
Melta bombs

Heavy support:

Chaos land raider: 230

Havocs: 115



>> No.27516955


Very solid. Most armies will struggle trying to deal with those units and you will practically autowin The Emperor's Will, The Relic and Big Guns Never Tire missions.

10/10 Would not bother to play against.

>> No.27516976

My first thought is why is this format so bad? with my second being, if you are playing it for fluff reasons why do you care?

>> No.27517032

Just wanted to know how the army will do in general (I won't change really anything just want to know), also if I should change the Landraider for something else (its those 230p idk what to spend on).

>> No.27517035


Not that poster but there is a region between WAAC and not caring if you ever win. /tg/ cant seem to graps this.

>> No.27517110

Well I don't feel the troops need the MoK if you are going to take those ranged weapons with them.
I've never been a fan of termies though other people like them so whatever.
Your raptors are going to get wiped out hardcore. Take more of them or drop them and add more to your firepower.
Your raider is mostly worthless in this list. drop it and either add more shooting troops or build an assault unit, to go inside it.

>> No.27517126

>squad of Autocannon Havocs
Are they that good? I'm aware they can easily take out most vehicles, but almost every list here has at least one unit included.

>> No.27517161


They are good BUT in that list they are not because it needs more troops and they are the 2nd most superfluous entry in the list. The Vindicator is the most superfluous.

>> No.27517208

Well, he has 1 in 6 chance of getting 'Big guns never tire' mission.
But yeah, I got that since it was one of the common mistakes I made in my 5th ed. armies.

>> No.27517526

I need feedback on this Iron Hands list.


120pts MotF
- 3 Servitors


155pts Dreadnought
- 2 TL Autocannons
- Drop Pod

155pts Dreadnought
- 2 TL Autocannons
- Drop Pod


195pts Tactics Marines
- Sgt Combi-Melta, Meltagun
- Drop Pod

195pts Tactics Marines 10
- Sgt Combi-Melta, Meltagun
- Drop Pod

165pts Tactical Marines 5
- Sgt Combi-Melta, Meltagun
- Razorback TL Assault Cannon

165pts Tactical Marines 5
- Sgt Combi-Melta, Meltagun
- Razorback TL Assault Cannon

Fast Attack

125pts Stormtalon
- Skyhammer

125pts Stormtalon
- Skyhammer

Heavy Support

115pts Relic Whirlwind Scorpio

115pts Relic Whirlwind Scorpio

115pts Relic Whirlwind Scorpio

>> No.27517660


Not a tournament winner but most casual and semi-serious players will struggle with that target saturation.

Also 3d3+3 S8 AP3 Blast, Barrage from the Scorpios are something literally no one is going to see coming their first time against the list because marines are not known for artillery support.

7.5/10 Interesting and Tactically flexible without being WAAC.

>> No.27517717


>Horus Heresy Marine Vehicles

Pick One.

>> No.27517782

If you can find the points I would swap the dreads to contemptor mortis dreads for that delicious skyfire + interceptor

>> No.27517790

I need feedback on this list.

HQ - 185

Pedro Kantor (Imperial Fists tactics)

Troops - 360

Tactical Squad [10] (flamer, drop pod)
Tactical Squad [10] (flamer, drop pod)

Elite - 835

Sternguard Veteran Squad [10] (5 x combimelta, drop pod)
Sternguard Veteran Squad [10] (5 x combimelta, drop pod)
Sternguard Veteran Squad [5] (2 x heavy flamer, 3 x combiflamer, drop pod)

Fast - 270

Bike Squad [5] (2 x gravgun)
Bike Squad [5] (2 x gravgun)

Heavy - 200


TOTAL: 1850

>> No.27517794


>No HH units
>Any viable non-white scars bike spam lists

Pick One.

>> No.27517796

0/10 troll harder

>> No.27517830

What Goin on in here?

>> No.27517836


A) I need two dreads for target saturation. One Mortis dies twice as fast as two regular dreads and they cost so much more I would only be able to have one.

B) Contempor Mortis can't take drop pods and I need two units in drop pods to delay the arrival of my two tactical squads in drop pods.

>> No.27517857

It may help to switch armies. Seeing things from another point of view can be a learning experience.

>> No.27517903


Stop crying that you don't have a credit card and your mommy wont let you use her's babby. FW models don't cost any more than regular GW models in most of the world so either you are a kid who can't order shit online or you are an Americlap who has massively reduced prices compared to other countries because the way economies of scale work in the GW distribution model.

>> No.27517917

For 100 /tg/ points! Name Those Primarchs!

>> No.27517923


Well he'll never do that because he doesn't have the dosh to start collecting another army in this economy / price hikes. If I can't help him get bettr with what he has he's out.

>> No.27517925

Okay this^
See this^

There you go. Problem solved.

>> No.27517959

Gilliam and Sanguinus?

>> No.27517974

It works like this: He plays your army. You play his.

>> No.27518013

Hey /tg/ is dreadnought spam still playable?

My list:

Chapter Tactics: Ironhands

MotF: Bike/CBeam

Ironclad: Fist/SHammer/2hkm/Melta/Stormbolter/Droppod
Ironclad: Fist/SHammer/2hkm/Melta/Stormbolter/Droppod
Ironclad: Fist/SHammer/2hkm/Melta/Stormbolter/Droppod

TacSquad x5/Plasma/Melta/Rhino
TacSquad x5/Plasma/Melta/Rhino
TacSquad x5/Plasma/Melta/Rhino

StormTalon TLasscan/SHM
StormTalon TLasscan/SHM
StormTalon TLasscan/SHM

Ironclad: Fist/SHammer/2hkm/Melta/Stormbolter/Droppod/LocatorBeacon
Ironclad: Fist/SHammer/FAL/2 Hflamer/Dropod
Ironclad:Fist/Shammer/FAL/2 Hflamer/Dropod


>> No.27518037

Roboute Guilliman and Sanguinius of the Blood.
Now give me a link to that .epub.

>> No.27518057

3 fucking troops of 5 man each.

How do you expect to capture things, sir?

>> No.27518074

This is a valid point. When I make CSM lists I go for KILLMAIMBURNSMASHRAPE factor and when doing SM I prefer more rational tactics.

>> No.27518151


Durrr. I missed what you meant entirely. That sounds like a good plan.

>> No.27518166


His problem is that he's not a good enough at this edition to form rational tactics that work in it. He learned to play in 3rd and never really got past 4th edition mindset.

>> No.27518170

By using my six distraction carnifexes killing his troops.

>> No.27518187

Working on a homebrew tribal chapter that's pretty codex-compliant. It's got a 2 tone color scheme, and I need to figure out how to differentiate companies. I thought of doing the shoulder trim different colors with the squad marking on the knee (pictured). Then I tried out doing just the knee with the company color and a white squad number, which I'll post after this.

Also, do you think it's possible to have a tribal marking on the helmet or right leg/knee, along with the company/squad marking without being too cluttered?

>> No.27518227

Here's the other idea. Thoughts?

>> No.27518251

I like the first marine more, he has a greater diversity of color.

If the tribal marking was somehow designed to denote your squad... that would work.

>> No.27518278

I suggest fiery/blazing orange for pauldrons and knee pad, the red is too pale by that blue.

>> No.27518299

The tribal marking would be more to denote which tribe/role they came from. They're a White Scars successor chapter and focus on fast attack supported by a solid backline of artillery. Hunters from the home planet are ones to become bikers/tac squads, while artificers and the like become techmarines, tank drivers, etc.

So the tribal markings will mark where they're from, although I'm thinking of either limiting it to a shoulder pad or going with the leg or helmet idea.

>> No.27518322

You could put squad marking on the shoulder pad and tribal markings on the helmet. That would be cool. A small number in the corner of your pauldron.

>> No.27518336

Something like this?

>> No.27518356

Shit, ignore that left pauldron.

>> No.27518398

I don't see what you did.

>> No.27518457



That isn't a viable strategy against anyone who has:

A) Flyers
B) Lots of Barrage
C) Tau

>> No.27518466

'sup guys, so I've kinda been thinking about getting back into 40k recently (haven't played since 5th launched) and I was thinking about getting into some Tau since I always liked the look but never got around to using them.

Any advice on a cheap, quick army to throw together (no more than 1k pts) to get back into things? Or should I just stay the hell away from what 40k has turned into?

Pic semi-related, the scheme I want to try. Either that or Black/Grey/Orange/White.

>> No.27518482

Want to add in I'm really just looking for a fun army. Nothing Overpowered or going to get me a bad reputation.

I got tired of that with my old Guard/Marine armies.

>> No.27518506

That looks like an Aquamarine.
Is there anything called an Aquamarine in the 40k universe?
There should be.

>> No.27518540

Word Bearers are your favorite traitor legion, right /tg/?

>> No.27518578

Tau vs Dreadnought droppods
Walkers have move through cover

>> No.27518650


IMO 40k has gotten better because regardless of what the haters say Flyers and Fortifications have added considerably more tactical depth to armies that severely lacked any.

However don't even bother getting back in if you are only going to 1000pts. With the new tactical depth given by fortifications and flyers the game has become even more "well you didn't bring anything to counter my X or exploit my lack of Y" that at under 1500pts - 1750pts some armies can't possibly bring enough of an all comers list to not be blindsided by something. At 1000pts its very easy for someone to unintentionally bring a list their opponent has zero way to deal with as a result in the wider variety of possible strategies they can employ.

>> No.27518694

If I were you I would replace the Ministorum Priest with a Lord Commissar so the Conscripts don't get auto-swept in combat.

Also drop the vox-casters and the carapace armor and get special weapons, vox casters are generally not very useful.

Other than that, looks pretty solid to me.

>> No.27518714


What you typed in is so out of context that I cant tell if you don't understand how the game actually works or if you cant understand how to communicate effectively.

Type out exactly what you mean because what you seem to be implying is based on a false premise, Tau rape flyers and rape light vehicles, you cannot use them to counter Tau.

>> No.27518748

So Av13 front and sides is a light vehicle?

>> No.27518772

This looks like the right place to post this

So, my first time playing anything in the 40k universe, I'm in a Rogue Trader game, and I decide to pick a Navigator character. I decide that rather than being a "guns shooty all the tiem" character like most of my characters in other games have been, I'll play an intellectual. My character just loves star charts and star maps and all of that. We start the game near a Space station, where one of the Seneschal's informants has called in for assistance, as he has found the location of a Space Hulk, but his enemies have found him. With my ability Void Watcher, I can see a small transport shuttle leaving the area that the call came from, and I tell the other characters about it. Inside, there should have been 10 men, but there were only 9, which means there must have been someone else hiding inside the small transport, because they surely weren't in the void. After a bit, the last is found inside a smuggler's compartment. After gleaning all I could from the partially wiped data-slate, I walk up to our new captive and show him my third eye, intending to get the rest of the information from him, or at least where I can find it "Do you know what this does, my friend?" The GM rolls a 35 +0 intelligence test for the captive. Difficult, but not impossible
It turns up a natural 100, and everyone in the group loses their shit.

>> No.27518832

"It means you're a motherfucking whoresonned mutant who should be put to the flame by the right of the holy Emperor! You armsmen, and you, big-guy, [referring to the armsmen and one of the other players] you should be setting this filthy mutant on fire! Whats wrong with you?"
"That's the wrong answer by far, my friend."
I roll contested willpower to use my Lidless Stare, which isn't even a contest, because I have 52 willpower. Then I roll a d10 to figure out damage, which my Willpower bonus (5) is added to. It comes up a 5, which is very likely more than the npc can handle. I ask the GM if I can refrain from completely killing him, just because, and he agrees to let me do slightly less than lethal damage to him.

And that's how I learned not to interrogate with Lidless Stare.
I found out by other means where the Space Hulk was, because one of my other abilities, Tracks in the Stars, allowed me to spot another ship heading in the same direction as where the Space Hulk should have been.

>> No.27518835


Yes. When your opponent can spam as much S7 and S8 AP1 Melta and their troops have haywire grenades it is.

>> No.27518995


This. The last few games I've played either me or my opponent have taken units the other was completely caught off guard by and that was the single largest deciding factor in who won.

2000pts my chaos marines/buddys orks, he brought 4 battle cannon vengeance turrets I had not even realized he had converted up. Not expecting to be facing any 72" range S8 AP3 pieplates more or less fucked me from the start.

>> No.27519720

Anyone have any experience from Strike Force Wargaming?
Right now he seems to be the only place out there that carries the ENTIRE GW product line at a discount and I wanted to know how I order from him and if he's legit

>> No.27519934

Stupid question. Do centurion devastators still benefit from the ultramarines devastator doctrine? I think they should (Centurion DEVASTATORS) but some could argue against it, as devastators have their own unit entry in the back of the book.

>> No.27520043

Does anyone have a scan of the Forgeworld Horus Heresy Massacre book?

>pls respond

>> No.27520084

so why didn't they decide to put plasma canon's on the centurions?

>> No.27520089

What have people found running a pair of Maulerfiends is like?

Bumping this, though I'm certain it's too early yet.

>> No.27520891

So I send a mail to chinaman a few days ago as per the usual posted rules of engagement. Yet I've not heard jack from him, does he cast/stock first before contacting folk or does he just not deal with certain mail addresses for some reason?

>> No.27520901

Because that would pretty much make them an Auto-purchase.

>> No.27520922


>> No.27520961

>Are you me?

Seriously. I'm turning 30 in 2 years, and everyone over that age for some reason is fucking mentally handicapped with change. And it usually devolves into:

"2nd Ed was the best. I quit GW forever"

Then they come back next week

"Yeah just bought X army at Gamesday"

>> No.27520968

Where do space marines put their ammo?

>> No.27521011

>No dirge or plough on the Raider
>Power fisting your termies
>Heavy Bolters and mix-matched weapons on the CSM's
>Raptors without MOS

I dislike all these things, largely because you end up with bastard squads who can't do anything well at all. The CSM's need Rhinos and the Hellbrute needs another powerfist

>> No.27521210

Maulerfiends are what you use if you want to run Melee Hellbrutes. Because of the Seigewalking ability you can reliably get them into cover and then jump out and surprise anything that gets too close. They team up very well with Spawn in front of them because either your opponent must target the Spawn or the Maulerfiend or find themselves with things getting tied-up in turn 2 charges. I've run x2 Maulers with x5 spawn for the lols and it's worked well. Especially on smaller 4x4 boards.

Mind I also run triple Mutilators because I'm a fluffy guy.

>> No.27521242


a tournament that allows allies?

what heresy is this ?

>> No.27521256


in their backpacks

>> No.27521259

Are Necrons popular?

>> No.27521298


don't play Tau

>> No.27521467

And why not? I played basically every other 40k faction that interested me at one point or another, and Tau was always under represented at my old LGS anyway (not sure now).

>> No.27521498


Tau are the current best codex in the game. If you play them people will hate you.

>> No.27521534

If they do get swept, I send the next wave in, via outflank.
>surviving 100 attacks on the charge

>> No.27521577

What other toys should I give to a wolf lord with a power klaw and a thunderwolf mount?

>> No.27521611

Bear Saga and Storm Shield are pretty mandatory upgrades.

>> No.27521613


> Tau was always under represented at my old LGS anyway

because gay

>> No.27521623

Just remember that technically you're supposed to roll off each time they come back, because lol FAQ.

>> No.27521632


this isn't even true. Tau can be easily dispatched if you're willing to take a few shoe boxes, and sit down for a few hours making up some nice building and other LOS blocking terrain.

don't engage Tau on an open field, it's suicide

>> No.27521665 [DELETED] 


>> No.27521690


>> No.27521698

>Mind I also run triple Mutilators because I'm a fluffy guy.

This guy, this guy is playing 40k right. Not to say that everyone else is playing it wrong.

>> No.27521717

Is there a reasonable in-universe explanation as to why people with vaginas can't be augmented to have secondary hearts and acidic saliva and whatnot?

Also would you guys nerd rage if female space marines were made canon? I mean they were canon to begin with before they were retconned to "female adventures in power armor" right?

>> No.27521723


This. Don't ask /tg/ about Tau because everyone on the board hates them. You'll get some people who try to argue otherwise, but they're lying and wrong.

>> No.27521743

> reasonable in-universe explanation
Dunno if it's reasonable in your opinion, but the universe explanation is that, the Emperor is a dude. Thus only dudes can be turned into watered-down emperor clones.

>> No.27521802

>Is there a reasonable in-universe explanation as to why people with vaginas can't be augmented to have secondary hearts and acidic saliva and whatnot?
Not that I know of, there probably are but they aren't marines. It's not just the extra organs; its the geneseed that allows the male to adapt to the organs and to the black carapace. Extra organs on regular women seems inefficient, why not add in mech parts instead?

>Also would you guys nerd rage if female space marines were made canon?
Not really. I mean chaos/admech have been known to break the laws of sanity and blah blah.

> I mean they were canon to begin with before they were retconned to "female adventures in power armor" right?
I remember seeing that old model but I don't think it was a legit female space marine, might have been though.

>> No.27521844

Why didn't the emperor remove a Y chromosome from one of his clones to create a daughter primarch? Did he not like girls? I guess not or he wouldn't have made straight up clones of himself.

>> No.27521898

Because Khorne already got his claws on one primarch.

>> No.27522014


If female space marines existed space marines would have no need for humanity. Space marines are superhumans meant to guard humanity, not replace them.

>> No.27522047


I like how pro-female space marine fags claim people nerd rage against them but in reality it's them being autistic and nerd raging against a franchise that explicitly and stubbornly has set in concrete that something is impossible.

Why not just accept it for what it is instead of trying to make the impossible possible just because muh empowerment or muh fetish?

>> No.27522063

>but in reality it's them being autistic and nerd raging against a franchise that explicitly and stubbornly has set in concrete that something is impossible

too bad female space marines were originally canon, dork

>> No.27522066

How the fuck are Imperial Fists supposed to look?
Some pics show them with black trim and some show them with red trim. Which one is correct?

>> No.27522093

It might be company coloration.

>> No.27522094

Space Marines aren't a species, and they aren't mutants. Circumstantial evidence from the Salamanders and Space Wolves implies they can breed with humans. Space Marine on Space Marine sex would create humans, if it created anything.

>> No.27522143


The trim color is for different companies. Ultramarines aren't always gold trim either they can have green or black or white or red or purple many other colors depending on which of the 10 companeis they're from.

>> No.27522169


So is Tigurius the chief librarian half Eldar astropath of the Ultramarines and Inquisitor Obiwan Sherlock Clousseau.

RT isn't canon.

>> No.27522183

I know this is more of a Horus Heresy/Warhammer 30k question, but I didn't see a 30k thread to ask in.

Does anyone have the stats of Horus Heresy weapons? I'm interested in introducing Dark Age/Hersey-era technology as unique artefacts in a KT campagin. I'm mainly interested in the statline on the Volkite weapons, but I'm also interested in any other man-portable ranged weapons that feature in the Heresy.

>> No.27522191

What chapter are the Minotaurs a sucessor of? I love the greek theme of their army and was thinking of building one.

>> No.27522233



>> No.27522235


Let's say you want to make the perfect warrior, by improving everything you can from a human body.

Will you make it male or female?

>> No.27522256

Volkite are S5 AP5, and every wound causes another wound (these new wounds do not cause more). they're slightly longer range than boltguns

>> No.27522284


Neither, robots. Of course, I think they tried that first, that's why they did people next.

>> No.27522293

IIRC it is possible, but since they are recruited as preteens and pumped full of testosterone and shit to make them hueg you would just end up with tranny marines.

>> No.27522298

Does it matter which gender has more muscle mass to begin with, if you're going to be augmenting someone until they're no longer technically human?

>> No.27522315


>Does it matter which gender has more muscle mass to begin with

you want to make the VERY BEST warrior, remember.

But feel free to go with the weaker gender

>> No.27522330

>too bad female space marines were originally canon, dork

Every rogue trader source I have seen says the only females on battle barges were female servitors used to generate more servitors.

>> No.27522342


>female servitors used to generate more servitors


>> No.27522350


Female body builders lift less and have smaller/less muscles than male body builders.

>> No.27522373


So, S5 AP5, and chaining wounds, which would be neat. However what about range and fire rate? Rapid Fire, Heavy #, Pistol? Man, I wish scans were more widely available...

>> No.27522394

The pistol is 15" range, that's all I remember.
The only thing that changes is the assault and heavy versions have longer range

>> No.27522400

Lets see if i can find it....

From Inquisition War, by Ian Watson
>Truly Lex had forgotten about females of his own species – who were just as alien to him. Ach, of course he had seen womenfolk since entering his fortress-monastery. He had killed some, but never come so close to one. Servitors who had dwelled for generations aboard the fortress-monastery necessarily included females to generate more servitors. But those were beneath a Fist’s notice.

>> No.27522404

The Imperium is about raw power smashing the enemy, so the answer to the question is obvious.

Speaking biologically, since gene-seed makes recipient infertile, breasts are redundant and there's still period. Basically, unnecessary obstacles someone would have to get around. Not to mention male strength (unless that M2-3 female supremacism somehow found a way to M30 also >implying the Emperor wouldn't have destroyed them in the Unification Wars).

There are Sisters of Silence though, and Calidus assassins which are exclusively female (feel free to correct me if I got this wrong, I never read about male Untouchables and Calidi).

>> No.27522419


google "female adventurer in battle armor retcon" or something

>> No.27522433

I'm kitting out my Raptors and i can't decide what weapon to give my second special weapon raptor.
I'm already rocking one Meltagun for METAL BAWKS cracking.

Should i go with one more Meltagun for greater METAL BAWKS cracking chance or Flamer for burninating shit and failed assault defense?

Plasma gun is out on account of it not being a assault weapon.

I plan on using my raptors as a spearhead shock weapon and late game objective capper

>> No.27522436

>and Calidus assassins which are exclusively female
No, at least once novel mentions one of the directors of the calidus shrine being a male.

>> No.27522544


Alright, that's good enough. Thanks for your help.

Anyone happen to have stats for other HH weapons?

>> No.27522560

>I'm kitting out my Raptors and i can't decide what weapon to give my second special weapon raptor.
you're not playing loyalists; its okay to double up on special weapons. don't mix special weapons, doesn't end up giving enough firepower in whatever you do. avoid plasma guns since they're not relentless and raptors do alright in assault

>> No.27522611

I got two lists that I want advice on, right now the only units I have are 2 squads of termies/pallies, and a dreadnought. I'm new to the game but the 2nd list was recommended because it can deal with more armor than the first, but it's got a lot less units, but as a GK I'm always outnumbered right? So at what point is it too small?

First List

1500pt Grey Knights

Grey Knight Grand Master
-Rad Grenades

4 Paladins
-1 Hammer
-3 Halberds

5 Grey Knight Strike Squad
-2 Psycannon
-4 Swords


Grey Knight Terminator Squad
-1 Hammer
-4 Halberds
Terminator Justicar
-1 Halberd

Land Raider
-2x TL Lascannon
-TL Heavy Bolters

Nemesis Dreadknight
-Heavy Psycannon
-Nemesis Doomfist and Greatsword

Nemesis Dreadknight
-Heavy Incinerator
-Two Nemesis Doomfists

Total: 1490 (What can I do with the last 10?)

>> No.27522625 [DELETED] 

List 2

1500 GK

Grand Master
-MC Halberd
-Psychotroke Grenades
-Rad Grenades

Strike Squad w/ Rhino
9 GKs
-2 Psycannon
-9 Swords

Strike Squad w/ Rhino
9 GKs
-2 Psycannon
-9 Swords

Terminator Squad
9 Terminators
-2 Psycannon
-7 Halberds
-2 Hammers

-2x TL Autocannon
-Psybolt Ammo

-2x TL Autocannon
-Psybolt Ammo

>> No.27522634

Because genetics don't work like that.

>> No.27522639

So I have a very MEQ dominated meta and I'm thinking of starting my Black Legion army back up I've narrowed down my warband to either the Hounds of Abbadon or the Children of torment or. What's a better mark/dedication for an army Khorne or Slaanesh/ I know I defiantly want to build an assaulty army.

>> No.27522650 [DELETED] 


I got them mixed up whoops.

First list is more anti-armor
2nd is more anti-infantry

>> No.27522672

I got two lists that I want advice on, right now the only units I have are 2 squads of termies/pallies, and a dreadnought. I'm new to the game but the 2nd list was recommended because it can deal with more armor than the first, but it's got a lot less units, but as a GK I'm always outnumbered right? So at what point is it too small?

First List

1500 GK

Grand Master
-MC Halberd
-Psychotroke Grenades
-Rad Grenades

Strike Squad w/ Rhino
9 GKs
-2 Psycannon
-9 Swords

Strike Squad w/ Rhino
9 GKs
-2 Psycannon
-9 Swords

Terminator Squad
9 Terminators
-2 Psycannon
-7 Halberds
-2 Hammers

-2x TL Autocannon
-Psybolt Ammo

-2x TL Autocannon
-Psybolt Ammo

>> No.27522686

>>27522672 2nd list

1500pt Grey Knights

Grey Knight Grand Master
-Rad Grenades

4 Paladins
-1 Hammer
-3 Halberds

4 Grey Knights
-2 Psycannon
-4 Swords


Grey Knight Terminator Squad
-1 Hammer
-4 Halberds
Terminator Justicar
-1 Halberd

Land Raider
-2x TL Lascannon
-TL Heavy Bolters

Nemesis Dreadknight
-Heavy Psycannon
-Nemesis Doomfist and Greatsword

Nemesis Dreadknight
-Heavy Incinerator
-Two Nemesis Doomfists

>> No.27522692

Slaanesh is great against MEQ, you get extra Initiative so you get to attack first and FnP with Icons.

>> No.27522696


>> No.27522843

Take 2 meltas. That's how I run my BA assault squads. It works well.

>> No.27522844

the 2 psycannons are in the paladin squad not the strike force squad

>> No.27522914

Great for hunting down mechdar.

>> No.27522960

Hell yes.Blood angels are the bane of mechdar.

>> No.27522970

okay double meltagun it is then. Fuck the flamer i have a blenderchamp and a slaaneshii blenderlord attached to the group

>> No.27522971

So how would a Minotaurs army work? I'm guessing lots of Terminators?

>> No.27523094

40€ on ebay, 12€ less than GW price.
Probably gonna buy it, still want to know how /tg/ would rate the paint job.

>> No.27523100

it looks broken

>> No.27523102


You just play them like a normal marine army except you auto-win against other non-Chaos marines. At least you did. Now you have to wait for an FAQ to update the Preferred Enemy: Space Marines tactics.

They also have a couple of named heroes that don't go into HQ slots.

Other than that they are just normal marines.

>> No.27523160

It's updated in the FW Errata or IA12.

>> No.27523234

What part looks broken?
Because i find it highly suspicious that the seller only uploaded this one pic...

>> No.27523244

Go look for the "Fall of Orpheus" pdf scan.

>> No.27523282

As a owner of a monolith that just won't stay together i can tell you right way that this part has probably broken off once before and just been wedged back there without glue, as it is way out of line from the one on the other side.

>> No.27523375

How does 30k differ from 40k gameplay/ruleswise?

>> No.27523389

I might just try out a unit of 12 and unit of 16 with a herald each and see how it goes first, I'll try the Deathstar at some point though.

I can go either way really, seeing as how I've got 5 boxes of Horrors and I ebayed 4 of the chariot heralds.

>> No.27523390


No it's not.


IA12 was written before September 7, 2013, 6E C:SM.

>> No.27523406

Okay, thanks a lot!
I didn't notice it before, but now that you point it out it's pretty obvious.

>> No.27523453

>mfw it was so obvious that I didn't feel it necessary to point it out
>mfw if I had pointed it out people probably would have called me Captain Obvious

>> No.27523490

i just spotted two more faults. The left and right gauss flayer arrays are upside down. They are supposed to be like the one in the center.

>> No.27523509

fuck meant to write
>The left and right gauss flayer array muzzles are upside down

>> No.27523523

/tg/ seems to have put many points into "perception"

>> No.27523583

If you want to play Tau, don't buy more than one Riptide. Riptides are the purest cheese you can get. Tau, Tau/Farsight and Tau/Eldar are the current 40k top 3 Tournament winners.

Sorry, but playing Tau will get you hate and apparently in some places People refuse to play with you.

Apart from that 6th Edition is so far the most balanced Edition, which doesn't mean it's balanced though.
Flyers in general are considered OP due to lack of proper Antiair in most armies and the fact it makes pure melee units useless against part of the enemy's army.

>> No.27523619

I'm not really sure but it looks to me like the center arc thingy that goes over the green crystal is set in wrong too.

If my memory serves me right there isn't supposed to be a gap between the bottom of the arc and the silvery part.

What you have there is a 100% Grade A cock-up of a monolith. It might be salvageable if it's been glues with superglue but i'd still not recommend buying it, even for that price

>> No.27523645

>I decide that rather than being a "guns shooty all the tiem" character like most of my characters in other games have been, I'll play an intellectual.

Short note here, even noncombat classes in the 40k RGPs are rather useful in combat, just pick a guns that spits out lots of dakka to lay down supression fire for your mates who actually hit.

The FFG Rulebook contain lots of background info, have you read it before? Or did your GM throw you into cold water?

>> No.27523659


>> No.27523681

Noted and appreciated.

Pic related; Something someone wanted to sell on ebay.

>> No.27523707

It's not on piratebay. Where can i find it?

>> No.27523727

In their beakies.

>> No.27523759

They probably play with 2k points as well, the cowards, the FEWLS!

At this point, everyone except Sisters of Battle are "popular" or at least played enough to be considered as soemthing you'd probably end up playing against.
Thank the rapid updates from GW for that.
Also, the only thing that should matter to you is your local meta.

>> No.27523826

>tfw only play 500pt games
>tfw battles are shorter but i get to play more people
Anyone else do this?

>> No.27523872

It'd break the theme of
Emperor=(catholic idea of) God
Spess Mareehns=Monks
Sisters of Battle: Nuns

The fluff explanation iirc is that the emprah was a guy and sicne the primarchs are based on him,making them male was easier with all the highly complex bio augmentations they got before they were born etc.
And modern Admech is too retarded to to develop ways for women to be turned into SM.
They probably weren't any female Space Marines during the great crusade because they needed to replenish the losses of population before civilization breaks down and women are the bottleneck when it comes to that.

And yes, any in detail explanation given by GW can be easily proven as retarded (like the time they said chromosomes matter, because they think tehre are no X/Y women etc.) because GW can't into research (So, gauss weapons are teleporting lasers? Mkay...)

>> No.27523881


No, because 500 points is 2 troops and 1 HQ for MEQ.

>> No.27523906


Space Marine models come with tons of ammo pouches. People just never glue them on.

>> No.27523952

Because they are a pain in the dick. Not as bad as transfers but still tedious.

>> No.27523962

Where scan 30k rulebook

>> No.27523980


>> No.27524031

Sorry, it's too big for my connection to upload and i got lucky with finding someone on vassal who knew a source.

>> No.27524061

Forced too atm, but the game is highly unbalanced and it's very noticeable. Go bigger as soon as you can; even if it means trying tog et people into teamgames.
>Tfw when my Necrons only have lost so far despite warddex
>Next time will finally be 750 points, i can actually squeeze some shit in

tfw those damn IG will still rape me

>> No.27524063


Welcome to 6th edition, where everything with AV13 and lower is a light vehicle.

>> No.27524067


Just Google Imperial Armour 12 torrent.

Really, /tg/ is so retarded.

>> No.27524082


Everything with AV13 front has AV10 rear. Very easy to hit rear armor with Wave Serpents or overcharged jetpack.

>> No.27524083

Due to the overabundance of S7 weaponry, AV13 is easily countered.

>> No.27524089

>tfw rolling for gametype against imp guard player
>purge the xeno
>tabled in 2 turns with 6 leman russ executioners

>> No.27524101

the weren't many novels written back then. I just searched them in calibre

>> No.27524141


>Tau, Tau/Farsight and Tau/Eldar are the current 40k top 3 Tournament winners.

Nope. Daemons bro.


>> No.27524142

Emperor=(catholic idea of) God
Primarchs = Saints/ (Popes?)
Spess Mareehns=Monks
Chaplains = chaplains
Sisters of Battle: Nuns
Inquisition = (Spanish) Catholic inquisition
Ecclesiarchy = Catholic church.

>> No.27524160

Haha fuck I'm sure glad I didn't join a 40k campaign I was invited to.

>start small at 750 points!

>TWO double riptide lists featured at 750 points
> also demon flying circus lists, wave serpent spam


>> No.27524163

Leman russ front armor needs to be reduced to 13 since most guard players place them on the very edge of the table so you can't deepstrike behind them.

>> No.27524166

I know that feel, brother.

And for any other gamemode:
How the fuck do you get those big blobs of infantery off of objectives with gauss weaponry?!
Especially since IG already can do stuff like add flanking&deepstriking units without loosing too much troop choices.

>> No.27524174

forgot pic

>> No.27524194

Dude, this one tournament was specifically designed to make things hard for tau players with its unusual terrain. Just google any other tournament.

>> No.27524197

>google "female adventurer in battle armor retcon" or something

>being this new

Guess what, people other than Marines in RT had power armor. She was one of them.

>> No.27524201

Think that's bad? Try a tag tournament with 2 helldrakes and a riptide on the same team.
>tfw i snap shotted a helldrake to ash with a multi-melta

>> No.27524226

Nice adding you did there.
Primarchs = Saints/ (Popes?)
Well, seeing who the first pope was... both fit.

Something that should be added though that its based on popculture stereotypes of those things.
Inquisition = (Spanish) Catholic inquisition
The actual spanish inquisition killed "only" 12 people during their time and was way more fair than other enforcers of the law at the time; they even tried to gather evidence before conviction!

>> No.27524252

Even in modern 40k there are more than enough not-marines with power armour, like inquisitors or sob.
They just lack the black carapace for that last ounce of perfection.

>> No.27524277

>proud to have snapshotted a flyer to death

Shall we tell hm?

>> No.27524285

Why would anyone choose a bolter over this hotness?

>> No.27524309

Why would anyone choose an AK47 over an M82?

Yes, your question was stupid.

>> No.27524352


>> No.27524391

Gotta love tesla weapons, nothing like averaging more hits with TL BS6 than skyfire with BS4

>> No.27524412


BS does not matter for shooting at flyers.

>> No.27524418


>> No.27524421

Are any of the 40k novels worth reading? I keep seeing the Horus and Ciaphas Cain books when I'm at book stores and was thinking of picking them up.

>> No.27524425

Here's something I think could be a fun guard special rule:

Taking You With Me: In an assault, when a model is killed, the model's player may roll a Leadership check; if successful, the/a model in BtB contact receives a hit as from a grenade, melta bomb, or demolition charge (whatever the model carried). Those weapons with templates drop a template centered on the killed model.

>kamikaze guardsman
>vets with demo charges killing their own squads and the enemy

>> No.27524437

It does if you have skyfire, unless their tesla weapons then they can hit more often without it.

>> No.27524438


>> No.27524464

Ciaphas Cain is worth it, though if you see Gaunts Ghosts it'd probably be better to read that.
There is no real consensus on the Horus Heresy novels, some like them, most think they're crap.

>> No.27524471


His example was non-skyfire BS6 Tesla. Stating the BS is redundant.

>> No.27524488

C'tan always blow up after dying, Tau Battlesuits can buy it as an upgrade.

>> No.27524498

Where can i find a scan of 30k

>> No.27524511


>> No.27524524

ugly model is fuckugly
did you drop it in acid or something

>> No.27524548

I was thinking more as a rule for podunk, outmatched infantry.

>> No.27524582

So what army is fun? Seem CSM have a shit codex and tau is for power gaming faggots. How fun are DE?

>> No.27524589

You're a terrible, terrible person, you know that?

no ones gonna stop you from hosueruling, pig

>> No.27524607

Better idea. Strap explosives to Conscripts and Penal Legionnaires and put the detonator in the commander/a Comissar's hands. When the unit flees, you blow the lot.

Seems fairly in character for me.

Tell us what kind of fun you want to have and we can tell you what army suits you.

>> No.27524612

Who is better,Iron Hands or Imperial Fists?

>> No.27524616


That doesn't even make any sense. Fucking answer the question if youre so fucking smart, neckbeard.

>> No.27524628

>In 40k

To be fair though, both codexes you mentioned not only can be fun, but are fun in casual play.
Their weaknesses only appear if you play with a waac tourney pointscomparison mind
- Mahatma Ghandi
yes, i just said it's just shit if you go look if it's shit

>> No.27524636

I dont actually have fun, I just like making sure others dont. Thats fun to me

>> No.27524638

What do you think does "fun" mean?

>> No.27524654

Necrons are the army for you. Take as many Resurrection Orbs and Mindshackle Scarabs as possible.

>> No.27524658

- Your spiritual liege

Go play Trollcrons or Tau(nts).

>> No.27524669

Don't forget Trazyn.
Actually, just read over the 1d4chan tactica.

>> No.27524686

What does MSS do?

>> No.27524688

I will never play smurfs. Ever.

>> No.27524693


What fucking part of this does not get posted outside /tg/ do you faggots not understand.

>> No.27524706


50% chance to hit yourself when base to base fighting a necron HQ with it.

>> No.27524707

>decide to do eldar, take a quick look through the codex
>buy a few Wraithlords because they're cool
>actually buy the codex, give it a good read
>feel bad because the War Walkers are 1000x more cost effective than Wraithlords
I don't understand how a Brightlance on a War Walker is 5 points and one on a Wraithlord is 20. It is the same god damn gun.

>> No.27524728

my guess is its a tax for t8 3+ compared to av 10 open topped with 5++, at least they're not 40 points any more

>> No.27524735

Oh god thats hilarious. So Crons are more fun sapping than DE?

>> No.27524744

Not feeling like writing essays today, here's a short, simplified version. If you want moar, ask /k/

-Works everywhere
-Easy to manifacture
-Ammo easibly avaiable because of that
-Useful for most types of combat

-More expensive to manifacture
-Won't work as well as an AK 47 after lying in dirt
-Less common ammo and battlefield uses for it, ebcause it's a sniper rifle
-B-but it's more powerful! How would anyone pass up on that?!

Now go read the pic with the stats again; it clearly states why SM switched. You don't even have to use your brain, Anon!

>> No.27524753

Pretty much. Take resurrection orbs too; your opponent will be looking at how he just killed eight of your guys, and then four of them will stand back up.

>> No.27524759

But isn't that sort of thing factored by the price of the base model and not the weapon? I feel like weapons should be a flat cost since they're the same, but the model's cost should be determined by the model's stats - and perhaps what sort of equipment it can take.

>> No.27524762

People hit themselves till they die. Excellent for Challenges or to create a bubble of "do not approach" for your enemies.
Extra note: Weapon special abilities like instant death are triggered as well.

>> No.27524794

To quote 1d4chan's tactica:
"Also for players that really do love to crush other peoples hopes and dreams. Necrons have the largest number of troll-tastic units out of any of the currently of released codices. Shooting your enemies with their own vehicles, killing whole hordes with a single punch from a special character who CAN NOT DIE, and potentially killing 1/6th of the enemy's army on their first movement phase. When you absolutely positively must troll rape your opponent, accept no substitute. Playing Necrons is likely to make you lose friends, or get your gaming table flipped in great frustration by an angry opponent. "

And that's not even the end of it!


>> No.27524821

Will look into theme, seem easy as shit to paint. How is that battleforce of theres? will be my first army. Are they popular?

>> No.27524828

(forgot pic)

>> No.27524845


You're a dickhead. It doesn't say anything about it being more reliable or cheaper. It said it was more flexible but looking at the statlines, it doesn't seem to be by much if any amount.

>> No.27524849

Are vanguard vets okay?

>> No.27524863

Get a battleforce + Annihilation Barge (the latter includes a plastic Overlord)
Yes, Necrons are popular because skeletons are cool.
Pic related for poorfags.

When it comes to a paintscheme, take a look into rust Necrons, and also take a look at the gallery in the codex for basic ideas. Go ask /tg/ on your idea ebfore you paint, though

>> No.27524913

Oh, and forgot to mention: You need your codex additionally to the rulebook. Some people overlook that.
Necron playstyle is also great for beginners - very forgiving, the polar opposite of Dark Eldar.

Short note here: 40k is balanced at around 1500 points, Force+Barge should bring you to about 1000 points iirc
You need to fiddle around with some bitz though to get the full 5 deathamrks+10 immortals out of it (ask tg once it arrives)

>> No.27524944

First off, stop being so passive aggresive.
Secondly, go read the text.
Volkite weapons were rare due to being hard to manifacture. This doesn't make a weapon cheaper.

>> No.27524963

can I get some input on a couple army list that I made? there both 1500 points but one is speed freak orks and the other is mek orks.

105 Big Mek KFF Burna
225 Burnas (15) N/A
152 Trukk Boyz (12) Nob PK BP, Reinforced Ram
152 Trukk Boyz (12) Nob PK BP, Reinforced Ram
280 Stormboyz (20) Nob PK BP
340 Bikers (12) Nob PK BP
125 Burna-bommer N/A
120 Battlewagon* 2 Big Shootas, Deff Rolla
110 Big Mek KFF Burna and 'Eavy Armour
95 Big Mek SAG
225 Lootas (15) N/A
225 Lootas (15) N/A
225 Lootas (15) N/A
85 Deff Dread Skorchas
85 Deff Dread Skorchas
220 Boyz (30) Nob PK BP
60 Kannons (3) N/A
60 Kannons (3) N/A
60 Kannons (3) N/A
50 Aegis N/A

>> No.27524989

How popular are we talking? Tau and Marines tier? Was thinking about painting them like the Maynarkh Dynasty, love the colors

>> No.27525004


Less popular than Tau more popular than marines unless you play a lot of casual marine fans.

Necrons are the old Tau.

>> No.27525010

The same weapon on different people varies in effectiveness.
And it gets really complex ones they ahve a choice between multiple weapons...

>> No.27525029

So like third most popular army?

>> No.27525033

I second this.
Also giving you a new wallpaper.

>> No.27525051

Note that popularity doesn't really matter anyway.
At least not what people on the internet tell you, unless it's about tournaments.
Go check your local meta.
And don't forget, more people playing your army usually are good due to having more discussions and gw official material.

>> No.27525070

why does no one (or at least one one near me) paint their necrons like their made of bones instead of metal?

>> No.27525071


>> No.27525081

Yeah sadly im a tad of a hipster. So surprised they are above CSM and SM though

>> No.27525099

Because... well, shit
Because it isn't as obvious? "If you want Tomb Kings, you can play them in Fantasy!"
Can you upload some pics?

>> No.27525103

How do I do Nightlord Allies.
Made from Codex: Space Marine.
What would be a good starting point?

>> No.27525114

Smartphone wallpaper, my bad.

>> No.27525120


It's because they were written with 6th in mind so could take advantage of the new rules, but also had to be better than the old 5th armies so it would sell, so Necrons were a power house. DA and CSM came right after but were written cautiously because they didn't want to keep creeping and outdo Necrons and lead to a bunch of obsolete armies. This is why CSM and DA are terrible books even though they are updated to 6th. All the books that come after, like Tau, Daemons, and Eldar decided fuck it and crept up in power again. C:SM is a flop since it's the newest book but doesn't match Tau, Daemons, and Eldar.

>> No.27525139

Hate to say it, but the most hipster factions are probably sisters of battle and black templar.

>> No.27525144

Isnt CSM really good with Plague marine focused armies though? I see so much Nurgle its annoying. Are crons beneath Tau, Daemons and Eldar?

>> No.27525158

Not Dark Eldar?

>> No.27525162

Their flyer is also awesome.
But that looks more like an accident, to be honest. Failure of internal balance.

>> No.27525183

No, but they're probably third.
Basically Tau&Eldar lead the way with their various allie combos, followed by Daemons and Necrons, which are basically the same tier.

>> No.27525188


Using Chaos Space Marines would be a good start.

>> No.27525212

But my army doesn't allow CSM allies.

>> No.27525219

Gonna dump some moar Necron stuff unless someone minds.

>> No.27525234

What do you get for Eldar Allies?

>> No.27525241

I was always told that SM and CSM were one and two respectively. This is odd to me.
Or use the RG rules for the Night Lords

>> No.27525242

Another note about the annihilation barge: there's no need to glue the main gun on, in case you ever want to play it as a catacomb command barge instead.

>> No.27525263


Then you probably shouldn't be allying fucking Night Lords then.

>> No.27525268

Tournaments usually feature a lot of Tau/Farsight, Tau/Eldar and Eldar/Tau
Not playing them, but someone on /tg/ once said that eldar psykers replace markerlights or something like that (?)

Other than that, Eldar usually go with CSM iirc

>> No.27525274

But I want to. Isn't that what Games workshop games about? Creative Liberty? The Spirit of the Game?

>> No.27525281


Then ignore the allies matrix.

>> No.27525287

Im not being "passive aggressive." I think Im being "aggressive" since you started off with the "stupid question" bit, "Dont have to use your brain", etc. Yes I mad.

Being hard to manufacture doesn't mean that the Emperor wouldn't have decreed that his most elite warriors get the most elite weapons.

>> No.27525290

But that is against the rules.

>> No.27525295

Dawn of war!

Games Workshop is mainly about making Models they like and then selling them.
The game is just a tool to do so.

>> No.27525301


Creative liberty and spirit of the game.

>> No.27525319

The text literally states that the factories couldn't keep up with demand.

>> No.27525323

How shit are possessed? Would love a fluffy Word Bearers army

>> No.27525335

But using Codex: Space Marine and just modeling them as Night Lords doesn't go against the rules of the game. Why would I cheat when I can be creative and not cheat?

>> No.27525338

My locked android smartphone screen. Found on deviantart.

>> No.27525349


Because you're just cheating under the pre-tense of "I can paint my army however I want" when in reality you are trying to do an illegal ally combination and use a superior codex to represent your illegal Chaos ally.

>> No.27525365

Not shit enough to fuck you in a casual game.
Just make sure he doesn't bring his tournament list.

>> No.27525367


If you were truly trying to do what you're saying you'd be using codex BA. But you're just being a fag.

>> No.27525371

Fluffy Word Bearers: Daemons allies, no marks, Cultists (Maybe? I always thought Alpha legion did this) and a whole bunch of flamers, although that may be press heresy shit.

>> No.27525381

Was wanting to make a fluffy army with possessed, dark apostles and no marks, but I think that would probably just be actual shit

>> No.27525385

Why Blood Angels? Sorry, I'm new to the game. I thought that C:SM would be good to do CSM allies without actually cheating.

>> No.27525392

My actual background on my smartphone.

>> No.27525409

If you're trying to ally CSM but you're not allowed to then you're cheating. How do you not see that?

If you want CSM allies then just take them and screw the rules. When the game already allows such idiotic and abusive ally systems legally I hardly doubt your illegal CSM allies will be gamebreaking.

>> No.27525418

Every general thread should start with this.

>> No.27525430


That image is terrible and less than 3 days ago a new player was asking for help and noted how useless that image was.

>> No.27525442

Yes an outdated shit picture is really what we need

>> No.27525443


>> No.27525446

So when people complain about how OP Abaddon is a necron player can just plop down their HQ and Addabo will kill himself?

>> No.27525460



>> No.27525474


>> No.27525496

How do you not see that Space Marines modeled like Night Lords and using C:SM rules aren't Chaos Space Marines?
What if someone walked in your local game store with a Space Marine army painted dark blue with lightning on them. Would you call them a cheater because he is playing Space Marines with a "typically chaos" paint job?
Sounds like you should be playing Warmachine man. The myth is they don't like creative freedoms.

>> No.27525502


Only bad players complain about Abaddon.

>> No.27525504

Too bad the actual warriors models don't look like this.

>> No.27525517


Why do you want space marines that look like Night Lords but aren't is the real question.

If someone walks in with a Night Lord army and say he's using the space marine book I'd ask them why, and the answer is going to be "because it's a better codex".

>> No.27525538

Because he can make a fluffier army because he wont have to take marks to be somewhat good and wont have to spam heldrakes probably

>> No.27525542

Last Necron Dump pic.
I have more, but it's getting too much.

>> No.27525543

But my answer is that I can't typically take CSM allies.
But I guess we won't ever agree, so I'll drop it and ask another time

>> No.27525561

Hey guys, just started into the W40k universe. Wanted advice on books. Read heros of the space marines first to start. Then worked my way through the first Caiaphas Cain omnibus on a recomendation and picked up the rest. But taking a break and grabbed the first two ultramarine books from a library.

Anything in particular that anyone can recommend?

>> No.27525565

I just bought over ebay a couple days ago a complete Dark Angels company (with three rhinos) as well as some terminators and scouts to go with them. I don't have any bikes painted up yet but I'm working on them. Would you guys help me fluff them out if I list what each unit is assembled with? I can take pictures with my phone too if that would help out.

>> No.27525572

Still look fucking great. Probably going to make them my first army, just wish they werent as popular.

>> No.27525577


It's not fluffy if the game itself prevents the alliance.

>> No.27525578

>herp derp i lost my pro cheating argument
>better just stop talking to someone who wants to play fair other than start playing fair

>> No.27525596

Oh I didnt see that shit. If he is trying to ally spess mehreens and night lords hes fucking retarded

>> No.27525606 [DELETED] 


Counts-as army is much different than counts-as allies.

Would you let me use Tyranid allies? I'd be using Orks to represent them.

>he can make a fluffier army
>with a book that belongs to his enemy
>and not his own book
>made for him
>featuring him

>> No.27525635

I don't understand why you say I'm going to cheat when I'm actively trying to avoid cheating.

>> No.27525640

My problem with the warrior models is that compared to other detailed&modern gw stuff, they look kinda bleak and boring.
The pic brings more of the "space undead" feel.

And the axe is still stupid, but we can't expect GW to know anything about warfare, now can we?

Pic related, Firstcron Destroyer.
Ghosting around german ebay for months now; no one wants it

>> No.27525641

Do you actually think CSM is a good way to show off the Night Lords? Because you know just how thrilled NL's are with chaos

>> No.27525654


Night Lords is Chaos Undivided son.

>> No.27525669

And this are Firstcron Warriors.

>> No.27525671


If you were actively trying to avoid cheating you'd just see that "Oh, I can't ally Night Lords with this army" and then drop it right there, not try to make some asinine loophole around the explicit rules forbidding your desired alliance.

>> No.27525682

Uh huh sure

>> No.27525691


Chaos Androids? More like CASH Androids.

>> No.27525697


>> No.27525706


After the Horus Heresy, the Night Lords did not flee into the Eye of Terror like the other Traitor Legions, instead they retained their Pre-Heresy numbers and sought to conquer their own terrible dominion from the worlds of the Imperium's Eastern Fringe. However, after the assassination of Konrad Curze, the Legion splintered into multiple feuding warbands, as is the nature of those who serve Chaos, and eventually relocated to the Eye of Terror. By the late 41st Millennium, the Legion has deteriorated in both its numbers and its capabilities. There was also continued infighting within the Legion as there was no clear leadership, with several ranking Night Lords contending for the right to lead the entire Legion. Currently, the Night Lords hire themselves out as mercenaries and elite shock troops for the other Forces of Chaos or even for pirates who raid Imperial worlds, such as Huron Blackheart. They have been known to assist Chaos Warmaster Abaddon the Despoiler in his Black Crusade campaigns when asked to do so, as the quest for their own vengeance against the Imperium continues. Their most infamous post-Heresy raid in the Imperium was on the world of Scound's Fall, just a few hundred light years from holy Terra. Nearly all of the Raptors in the service of Chaos originate from the Night Lords Legion.

>> No.27525723

>tfw when in 25 games only 6 necrons got back up despite that
Yeah, i'm statisticaly impossible.
Yes, we switch dice.

>> No.27525730


>Krieg Acerbus is a Daemon Prince of Chaos Undivided. He commands the largest warband of Night Lords Astartes in the galaxy.


>> No.27525746

>just a few hundred light years from holy Terra.
inbf writers can't into distance

>> No.27525747

Yet most of them still loathe chaos in all of its forms. I see them more as renegades than chaos lovers

>> No.27525754

Okay, so what I'm doing is making Eldar Pirates - not using Dark Eldar, but Codex: Eldar. I hear there are some Corsairs or something - judging from this
they are "savage and deadly raiders".
The problem is I also like Chaos Space Marines. They're really cool in my opinion. So I want to use them as Allies, but the rules say I can't and I don't like breaking rules. So I discovered Night Lords - I found this about their fluff "Currently, the Night Lords hire themselves out as mercenaries and elite shock troops for the other Forces of Chaos or even for pirates who raid Imperial worlds,".
So I was like, Cool! A reasonable reason to have Chaos allies for my Pirate Eldar!
So rather than breaking rules I want to not break rules. It is nothing about the strength of army books. Trust me, I'd rather have a Hellturkey.

>> No.27525767


Prove citation. That is wrong. Very few hate Chaos most don't give a shit.

>> No.27525772


>> No.27525775

Thats great im still using them as count as for my raven guard army ;)

>> No.27525797


Eldar Pirates have their won book you stupid fuck that's why your fluffy alliance doesn't work in the rules, you're using the wrong goddamn set of rules. Corsairs can ally CSM.

Even if you didn't use Codex: Corsairs, you should be fucking using Dark Eldar over Craftworld Eldar in the first place.

Goddamn every single move you've decided to make is the stupidest fucking decision in the world. If there weren't laws against it I would literally punch you in the face for being so goddamn retarded.

>> No.27525810

1500 all rounders non cheesy IF army plz respond

Librarian - 65

10x Sternguard
Ironclad, Drop Pod

10x Tact Marines, HB, Plasma Gun, Combi-Plasma
10x Tact Marines, HB, Plasma Gun, Combi- Plasma
10x Scouts, Bolters

Stormtalon, Assault Cannon, Typhoon ML

Stormraven, Assault Cannon, Typhoon ML, extra armour
10x Devs, 2x Lascannons, 2x HBs

exactly 1500 sternguard+libby deepstrike out of stormraven which is escorted by stormtalon and ironclad is distraction carnifex

Is this army ok?

>> No.27525813

This ain't 2nd edition anymore, kiddo

>> No.27525819


Enjoy your shit chapter tactics and terrible janky unfluffy counts-as army that everyone secretly resents but won't say it to your face.

>> No.27525838

Don't corsairs count as CWE for allies anyway

>> No.27525843

How will this beat Tau?

>> No.27525864

>Enjoy your shit chapter tactics
Dont really care im not a WAAC loser, try it some time
>terrible janky unfluffy counts-as army that everyone secretly resents but won't say it to your face.
Or they like it and have said that to me. Why would they be scared to say it to my face? ;)

>> No.27525874


>> No.27525879


Nobody playing C:SM that isn't WS bikers is expecting for their list to beat Tau.

I'm guessing good rolls, luck, and being smarter than his opponent/hoping the Tau player is fucking retarded, and having good terrain on the table is how he plans to beat Tau. That's how I do it with shitty codexes.

>> No.27525893

I don't see a Codex: Corsairs listed on Forgeworld or the GW website.
Like I said - I'm new to the game. I don't really know much about the fluff beyond what quick glances around the net and /tg/ has given me.
Dark Eldar have a bunch of ugly models I don't want to use, while Eldar have a bunch of cool models I want to use. It wasn't much of a decision for me to go Eldar.
Plus when I was going to start playing last edition, I was going to do a traditional Eldar army anyways.

>> No.27525894

Because most nerds hate criticism on pure principle, confusing it with bullying.

>> No.27525897


Is this like...autism so severe, it fails at even being autistic?

>mfw normalfags are really just DOUBLE AUTISTS

>> No.27525901

You mean like how the Michigan GT and Golden Throne Southwest both had no Tau/Eldar at the top either?

>> No.27525914

>Dont really care im not a WAAC loser, try it some time
>uses the wrong book for his army because it has better rules

You're the most WAAC person on the planet.

>> No.27525917


My gaming circle has a rule where we play predominately for fun, and super good units that would have had a 0-1 limit on them in previous editions are only allowed to be included once per army

hence why our tau guy has one riptide, our chaos guy has one heldrake, our guard guy has one vendetta, and stuff.

Not expecting any tournament tier armies, just general opponents, hence why its built as an all rounder, with no specific opponents in mind.

>> No.27525918

Nah most nerds sit around on 4chan getting mad over people playing what they want for fun ;)

>> No.27525937

Guy who gave Necron advice&picdump here.
I feel bad for not being able to help you, believe me, not all of the 40k community are stuck up shitheads.
Just go listen to what your friends/the people you're gonna play with think.

>> No.27525943

>Enjoy your shit chapter tactics
>You're the most WAAC person on the planet.

>> No.27525951

>Michigan GT

Hue. Candyland GT says SoB are the best army. Of course DA came in close second, as you would know.

>Golden Throne Southwest

Still waiting for results to be posted online.

Also given your track record of posts you are likely only looking at the top 4 instead of top 10 or top 16, and you are probably straight up lying. Like how you said DA topped but it was actually IG with DA allies, or how you said beast DE topped, but it was actually Eldar with DE allies.

>> No.27525973


At least I'm using my own book instead of hopping.

>insert smug autistic /v/ umad emoticon

>> No.27525978

You need to check out the "cwc wiki"; a wikia about an obscure person named christian weston chandler.
And you haven't heard the term before because it's been outdated for decades, but above named autist uses it to publicly demand euthanasy for every other autist except him.

>> No.27525989

My friends all dislike 40K. I'm going to have to drive to a different game store to play it, so I'm going to have to make new friends and stuff. Hopefully they play for fun because I've avoided using more than two Wave Serpents even at a 2K point list value

>> No.27525993


Corsair army list is in Imperial Armour Volume 11 - The Doom of Mymeara, shitbag.

>> No.27526015

wow you really showed me huh ;)

>> No.27526020


They don't dislike 40K they just pretend to around you because they hate your disgusting double counts-as army with illegal counts-as allies.

They secretly play super fun tournaments when you're not around.

>> No.27526031

This is Loch.
Loch ain't gonna listen to useful or well though out comments.
People have tried, it's pointless.

>> No.27526032

They don't even know I have it. I've literally been building it behind their bags because we're all warmachine fags

>> No.27526054

Wonder how I slipped that one up

>> No.27526058

Knowing how much 40k costs, i can say it's stupid to get into that instead of jsut playing the vidya in case your friends are into other /tg/ related games already. If not, oh well, feel free.

>> No.27526074

>Forgeworld stuff
Even the most casual players i know are gonna want to have a quick read over the rules and your list before they play you.

Have you talked about Warpath with your friends?

>> No.27526098

What is Warpath?

>> No.27526099

>> No.27526120


How do I bounce flash off the ceiling? Is home made light booth good enough? Middle pic looks best.

>> No.27526134

I'd write something, but the 1d4chan text is already fitting.
The rules are a lot lighter than 40k, which means they actually fit the scale the game is played on and the models are cheaper.

>> No.27526138

>you are fine with counts-as for 40k
>not using your 40k army as a counts-as Warmachine army
>not plonking down your 40k army at the start of a Warmachine match

You belong in a garbage can.

>> No.27526151


"Slightly cheaper" is an understatement. The one thing Mantic has going for them is retarded cheap models. PP, GW, and CB still have better models though.

>> No.27526157

You literally point the light up the ceiling, and let the photons do their work. They'll "bounce" around and illuminate the rest of the room, creating indirect light.
You know, just like you learned in physics class.

>> No.27526159

Oh the Mantic games one.
Yeah, at my lgs we've got competitive WM/H, casual Malifaux, Infinity, and we're now getting into Dreadball, a few of us Kicked Relic Knights. Other people have Xwing and various boat/space ship games that I don't keep track of. Doubt many people want to get into a new game.

>> No.27526205


Ceiling is too high.

>> No.27526206

Sounds like an awesome lgs to me.
In all honesty, 40k has massively convoluted rules and the only thing it has going for it is its fluff. You can also just collect and paint models though, if that's your thing.
[/spoiler] which i could get my friends into infinity or warpath, forced to play 40k [/spoiler]

>> No.27526227

>starting 40k
>on your own
>when your area is literally wargaming paradise and can find any other game besides 40k

You really are an idiot. I can see why you'd do something as stupid as make a counts-as Craftworld Corsair army allied with counts-as vanilla marines Night Lords.

>> No.27526242

Use wall.Don't forget to turn model so the upper side gets the light.

Or big lamp, no camera flash.

>> No.27526246

I got two lists that I want advice on, right now the only units I have are 2 squads of termies/pallies, and a dreadnought. I'm new to the game but the 2nd list was recommended because it can deal with more armor than the first, but it's got a lot less units, but as a GK I'm always outnumbered right? So at what point is it too small?

First List

1500 GK

Grand Master
-MC Halberd
-Psychotroke Grenades
-Rad Grenades

Strike Squad w/ Rhino
9 GKs
-2 Psycannon
-9 Swords

Strike Squad w/ Rhino
9 GKs
-2 Psycannon
-9 Swords

Terminator Squad
9 Terminators
-2 Psycannon
-7 Halberds
-2 Hammers

-2x TL Autocannon
-Psybolt Ammo

-2x TL Autocannon
-Psybolt Ammo

>> No.27526266

T-this must be a troll.
A very, very elaborate troll.

>> No.27526272

Eh, it is ok. I wish the owners cleaned more. It is pretty much a magic oriented store as well - the mini community is pretty small and tight knit.
Oh I forgot Fantasy. We play a bit of that too.
I just want an army man, and it seems like it could be a fun game to play. I don't see why you're taking this so personal. I bet you'd flip your shit that I painted my Protectorate blue instead of fucking white.

>> No.27526322

>>27526246 2nd List

1500pt Grey Knights

Grey Knight Grand Master
-Rad Grenades

4 Paladins
-1 Hammer
-3 Halberds
-2 Psycannon

4 Grey Knights
-1 Psycannon
-4 Swords


Grey Knight Terminator Squad
-1 Hammer
-4 Halberds
-1 Psycannon
Terminator Justicar
-1 Halberd

Land Raider
-2x TL Lascannon
-TL Heavy Bolters

Nemesis Dreadknight
-Heavy Psycannon
-Nemesis Doomfist and Greatsword

Nemesis Dreadknight
-Heavy Incinerator
-Two Nemesis Doomfists

>> No.27526336

>I bet you'd flip your shit that I painted my Protectorate blue instead of fucking white.

If you called them Cygnar and said they shot lightning I'm sure a lot of people would.

>> No.27526356

How fun are Deldar? Do they perform well against tau?

>> No.27526619

Fun, but hard to play and not for beginners.

Whether you perform well against Tau is depending on the amount of LOS-blocking terrain

>> No.27526658


>> No.27526681

Are Minotaurs the proper way to trollcounter a space marine heavy meta?

>> No.27526705


>> No.27526726


>> No.27526746


Yes. Your butthurt opponents will try to say that you don't get the chapter tactics anymore though until FW puts out an FAQ because "Combat Tactics" no longer exists so Molloc cannot replace them with Preferred Enemy.

>> No.27526774

Welcome! As you can already see, you've decided to join a great hobby with a bunch of shitheads.

Do what you want. Its a pretty cool idea. Remember you can proxy units and do conversions, and if you use based chinaman those conversions don't have to be absurdly expensive. Mix and match army types until you have what you want (allies table plus using eldar/dark eldar interchangeably) and just try to have the weapons and wargear accurate.

>> No.27526789

>bunch of shitheads
>buys bootlegs


>> No.27527071

I really dont get all the hostility. It's just a reskin. As long as the models are about the same size, and distinguishable between themselves, it doesnt really matter what rules he uses, so long as he actually follows them and has fun.

Play with rainbow painted paper mache turds for all I care, so long as I can tell who has the combi weapons.

>> No.27527106

Don't worry, i live in germany.
We're used with stuff suddenly changing names (for example, relentless was translated as weapons expert for some reason in 5th, but was translated properly suddenly in 6th - no one gave a fuck after the first 2 seconds of confusion)

>> No.27527447

>> No.27528618

i lost it... just... what the fuck...

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