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Here's the new Warmahordes general

RULE ONE: Since the last thread got shitposted pretty hard, which started through the usual autistic khador whining, we'll just don't talk about khador in this thread.

Don't mention the faction, the guys who play them and don't talk about khador tactics.
We can have this thread which will hopefully turn out good and shitpost about khador in the next general.

Let's try this idea and see if something good will come out of it.

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Here's a link

This site tells you a lot about all warmahordes units and is pretty helpful.
But try to ask some guys here if you are unsure since battle college is known for sugar coating even the worst unit

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These are some of my models, Czech em!

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The scheme is neat, but holy shit thin your paints.

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I'm thinking about starting trolls.
All I know about them is that they have a lot of auto includes and that they have bad ranged units.

I know I should pick up a Krielstone Bearer but what else should I pick up?

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If it's one thing I'm not proud of on those models, it's the cannon on the destroyer

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if we can manage no khador, this could be an amazing thread.

Fucking around with lists last night. this is a for-fun montador list.

Broadsides Bart +5
* mariner 7
* mariner 7
* galleon 18
* galleon 18
dirty meg 2
* 4x buccaneers 12
Dougal Mcnaile 2
2x min press gangers 8
2x sea dog deck guns

75 points.

we'll call it "A fist full of deckguns"

mariners stock to Bart as escort, galleons be galleons, buccs under meg drive forward and get assault knockdowns on important targets

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>which started through the usual autistic khador whining
No, it started in the OP mentioning it which in turn brought the subject up and turned the thread into shit flinging as people started whining about the people whining. Honestly, the complaining about the complaining is probably worse since it turns the thread into shitflinging, whereas the Khador whining is at least on topic.

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What would you like to see as a fifth Hordes army?
Personally I would really like it to some non humanoid monsters.
I know many monsters in hordes are bipedal because it's easier to design with the open fist and weapons rules but I still want some real monsters.

Just copy the Monster Hnter designs and earn tons of money

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I know that Warmachine/Hordes is a close combat focused game but is there a faction which can go shooty?

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I have only played for a few weeks but I think cygnar has decent ranged capabilities.

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best faction or BEST faction?

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Man I played my new tourney list at 35 the other day, and if not for scenario, would have got rekt.

System: Warmachine
Faction: Retribution of Scyrah
Casters: 1/1
Points: 35/35
Kaelyssa, Night's Whisper (*7pts)
* Banshee (10pts)
* Phoenix (10pts)
Mage Hunter Strikeforce (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
* Mage Hunter Commander (2pts)
Stormfall Archers (Leader and 3 Grunts) (5pts)
Fane Knight Skeryth Issyen (5pts)
Ghost Sniper (2pts)

I know I need something, but I am too busy PGanging up my FLGS that I have had time to troubleshoot

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Is Herr someone who played the new edition of the IKRPG?
How is it? Is it rather complex or simple?

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Heavy Beasts: Mauler, Bomber, Earthborn Diretroll
Light Beasts: Pyre, Impaler, Axer, Slag
Unit: Kriel Warriors/Fennblades with appropriate UA, Long Riders, Burrowers
Solos: Fellcaller, Janissa stonetide, Runebearer.

You won't likely use all of them at once, but something in this list will pop up in every list.

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One tournament veteran told me to always focus on the scenario when playing retribution because people become obsessed with you assasinating them that they make mistakes by attacking wrong targets

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It's simple enough. Pretty good that all characters made in it are usable in WarmaHordes, albeit only in casual play with mates. Does mean you can set up tactical scenarios where the GM runs his whatever army and you each run your characters to see how hard you can violate the army or be violated or whatever?

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A monster hunter-esque faction with giant wyverns, reptiles, and other monhun style monsters with their warlocks and solos armored and armed in the bones of their personal warbeasts would be fucking awesome.

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You can probably drop a jack for max Sentinels and the UA. Just trade both jacks for Discordia.

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Sounds like you are thinking a Zuu or Totem Hunter style faction.

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I was thinking Zu, but I would really like them to be human instead of totem hunter race because theres no human controlled hordes faction besides Shitboros

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This makes me want to paint Khador Jacks in the theme of a football team.

Ray Lewis Devastator would be pretty baller.

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Yeah I could see that.

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I need to play MH3U since I got it on sale. I just think the monsters look really good. I picked everblight because they were the only Hordes faction with real monsters I thought.

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See, I actually love the Totem Hunters design and would love to see a whole army of them. I can't help but imagine they would be a lot like Skorne though.

I would actually kind of be happy if, instead, they just put out a huge Minions expansion where just Pigs and Gators got a whole bunch of new units and beasts. As it stands, minions are structured a lot more like wholly separate factions than Mercs are. They have very little overlap like Mercs and are more like Dwarves (whom could also use an expansion) where they are relatively exclusive but they can lend out units to other factions.

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>Real Monsters
>Not Finding Trunkless, Earless Elephants horrifying.

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They're scary but still bipedalhumanoid

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Aye. It would be cool if Circle beasts were more like giant deformed animals then humanoids. They would be like the gods from Princess Mononoke but slightly twisted and messed up.

Pigs should get some "daddy" Razor Boards whom are just giant boards that act like the Ghordson Basher and just slams the shit out of stuff.

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I'm eager to buy Father Lucant for epic showdowns between him and Mortenbrah, but what is he good at?
I've mulled over his spells and stats and can think of now particular synergies or what sort of force I should build around him.

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Watcher is really ripe for abuse. So a 3ish heavy battlegroup isn't out of the question.

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That would be great. I'd much prefer that over Werewolves and Golems.

>Orboros: Twisted creatures and spirits of nature. Giant Treants, wolf, boar, beasts, Griffons, maybe some water and desert based monsters.

>Trolls: Fine the way they are since they are trolls.

>Everblight: Fine as is.

>Skorne: More gladiatorial beasts. Giant predatory cats, strange and exotic animals whipped into battle frenzies, some some wyvern type monsters.

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I ran a campaign last year, it was loads of fun. I will tell you about it if you want to know. Some pretty good stories.

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Just got my Prime Axiom today. I can't wait to see if I can pull off the 7 MAT11, PS25 drill attacks on Syntherion feat turn against my friends who aren't aware of it yet. I know it will only work once but it will be so much fun.

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I hear there's a new Hordes faction in the works. Any idea what they'd do? I'd love to see a Savage World Dinosaur faction but Skorne covers a lot of that. Maybe insectoids or something?

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No clue. My guess is either insects like you, or sadly more humanoid monsters. I'd really like to see something unique but its a longshot.

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As someone who was posting hard in that thread, Khador bitching wasn't the problem. It was the general carebear attitude of "I can't immediately think of a counter to this strategy, so I'm going to call it broken and whine about it on the internet, and never play those people again." That kind of bullshit mentality ruined 40k and the fact that most WMH players don't exhibit it is the saving grace of the game.

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I didn't see much if any of that in the last thread TBH.

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>7 attacks at MAT11 PS25

What the fuck?

>> No.27508792

synergy up the fuck man. Synergy up the fuck.

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I had to bail on it to make dinner, maybe it was only a 2-hour subset of the thread.

Feat turn, everyone gets weapon platform so I can make ranged attacks and melee in the same activation.

My other 5 jacks go, and tap something in melee for 5 ticks on Synergy. (This is his Tier list at 35 points so I have 6 jacks total).

So now the Axiom is effective +5 STR, +5 MAT.

I load him with focus and charge for free, 1 drill attack. Before finishing my initials I pop the harpoons on whatever I need to, getting another 2 free melee attacks, then one more initial melee. Then 3 focus for 3 more attacks.

Obviously not going to happen (infantry screening heavies to prevent the harpoon pull, other jacks missing to not tick synergy, whiffing the harpoons entirely, just plain running out of targets) but a funny possibility.

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>people still think Syngergy is a good spell

>> No.27508833

>Not casting a spell you can upkeep for free

>> No.27508871

The worst I saw was someone getting buttmad because someone said they had a second shitty game because a dude shot him with molik. Said booty busted person went OMG YOU DIDN'T LEARN ANYTHING YOU JUST BITCHED WAAAAAH

Are you him?

>> No.27508913

It is with evyros, this is mostly due to how good and cheap griffons are with him, and he's the only person with the spell who can realistically anchor the chain and get there.

>> No.27508946

I was out at that point I think, but if I were there I'd probably have said something along those lines.

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Skorne really should have some more "animal" light warbeasts. Things like big gladiator style lions and stuff. If Basilisks were more lizard-like as it's name suggested, I think it'd like them more.

>> No.27508974

The guy who lost to Molik shot on his second wasn't even bitching, and the buttmad guy just jumped down his throat.

Yeah, i'd love it if they had more animal style warbeasts. It would be cool if they had a lesser warlock like the beast mistress to run them - A gladiator skorne. It just seems like a big gap.

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The most important thing to do in any game is to remember your mistakes, so you don't repeat them. It's even better if the mistake results in something catastrophic.

For example, repeated failures is the only reason I remember to allocate focus, upkeep spells, activate my Choir before my 'jacks, keep my order of activations clean, etc. It's frustrating, but the practice is at least enjoyable.

>> No.27509002

How bad of an investment is Tiberon? I'm running Xerxis, and I'm interested in only taking one or two warbeasts and the rest in infantry.

>> No.27509005

>Not thinking it is under Syntherion

>> No.27509017

I don't think you should go easy modo on new players (being a new one myself), but I do think outright crushing them and not saying or giving advice on why they lost/what they could have done is lame.

Tibbers is a good warbeast for anyone and Xerxis.

>> No.27509030

The only person it is good on is Vyros, and even then it is a mediocre trap spell that encourages the use of mediocre warjacks.

>> No.27509069

It's not that the spell is bad, it's that up until Vyros2, PP had considered it so good that they gave the casters NOTHING else besides Synergy.

Then Vyros2 and Syntherion came along, after PP realized that Synergy hasn't ever made a caster OP in the history of ever.

It's a decent spell, and I can't argue with its effectiveness, even if you don't build around it and only use it to anchor your caster after 1 or 2 jacks.

>> No.27509110

I'll never advocate going easy on new players, but there's something wrong about dropping Deneghra on someone, or hitting them with a cross-the-board Molik Missile, or playing any tournament level list.

I mean, show them a good time, but at the same time, don't outright crush them unless they ask for it. I have had newer players tell me to go all-out with tourney lists just to see what it feels like, and then I drop my Kreoss2 tier list, or my Harbinger, and drink their tears.

>> No.27509111

>Tibbers is a good warbeast for anyone and Xerxis.
But is he good as the single warbeast in the army? If I were going to run only him, xerxis, cetrati and incendiarii, would I be hurting myself extremely?

>> No.27509117

It's pretty versatile too, and opens up the strategy of bashing low-defense dudes with your lights just for the sake of giving fully loaded heavies insurmountable MAT/damage buffs.

>> No.27509149

Take a Krea for a fury battery and dat paralyze. Will definitely help your Incendarii hit worth beans. It's usually a big part of a Xerxis brick, but then again I'm no Skorne player and my friends don't like Xerxis. I'm pretty sure that I face the only Zaal player in existence.

>> No.27509155

Thats basically what I mean. Play to win always, but don't play to win like an asshole. Play to beat them, but play in a way that they can learn why they got beat.

I wouldn't suggest one beast for hordes ever - at least 2-3, even if the 1-2 extra are just lights.

>> No.27509176

so what, you aren't gonna use free upkeep hit and damage buff in a faction that can focus around to start it off easier than ever and boost, along with magnetic hold for even easier initiation, and on a faction with jack with a pow 20 to start from? There's no reason, not to cast the stuff when you are playing Syntherion, especially considering the best way for Syntherion to play is the tier with shitload of vectors

>> No.27509191

Sure, there is no reason not to cast it, but that doesn't make it a good spell.

>> No.27509275



>> No.27509286

>free passive accuracy and damage buff is not a good spell

>> No.27509327


Actually Zaal is relatively common. His tier list builds a really bad ass anti-hordes shooting list.

>> No.27509341

it's better than most. It's the fact that it's a battlegroup wide upkeep spell that actually lets you improve your combat stats.

Almost all battlegroup wide combat buff spells are non upkeep and it severely cuts down into FOC usage. Full Throttle, Guided Fire, Broadsides, Unearthly Rage even is a hard spell to cast at times because how expensive it is and how you don't have the FOC to actually pump multiple jacks to do make greater use of it.

Synergy is one of the rare battlegroup wide spell that you will keep forever the entire game. it's good.

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I play a ranged troll list. Their not nearly as bad as people think they are, they just require a completely different mindset and playstyle than that of normal trolls so I think its a very difficult transition for most. I started off ranged-troll so for me its hard to go the other way.

>> No.27509507

page 5 and all that. i agree. my first non-house game wiped the floor with me. i didn't like to lose it, but i learned a lot, and certain things should not be brought against khador. and never underestimate the usefulness of forests and snipers.

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>eSorcha player ranging me with Conquest, trying to stay out of my initiation range.
>I walk up my 1pt arc node solo and mag-hold the conquest
>Syntherion feats
>Diffuser tags it for another 2 inches
>Charge with 2-focus cipher into 3 focus prime axiom, leveling conquest

>> No.27509884

to be fair, 3 jacks with 5 focus spread around them tend to wreck a lot of shit.

Good show with the sudden +4 inch threat out of nowhere. pretty dang good manuever.

>> No.27509943

It's one of those tricks that only works once, though. After that he was smart enough to screen with infantry.

The Axiom is a fucking hard target though with Syntherion thanks to that hardcore threat range. You need to expose a lot of shit to try and take it in one turn, and if you don't he will turn around, get repaired, and fuck up anything that got close enough to fuck with it.

>> No.27510088

that's why i like warmahordes. the models mean nothing, the skill of the player and utilization of resources are the thing that does.

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>> No.27510574

Yo /tg/, Cryx of Cyriss, who has less-gay robots.

>> No.27510631

So, /tg/, what's your most embarrassing defeat? The one you look back on and slap yourself for.

For me, it was a loss at a tournament against eLylyth. The reason it was embarrassing was that the entire reason I lost was my own stupidity. It was round two and I had just Boundless Charged a bonded and fully loaded conquest into a pair of ravagores on eSorscha feat turn with the obvious results. The only other thing he had that could possibly deal with the conquest was Typhon who was at that time sitting in the middle of a forest surrounded by Iron Fangs. I had a WGDS taking up most of the zone and my Conquest within walking distance of pretty much everything he had, warlock included Things were looking pretty good except for one thing. I didn't want my Conquest's charge to get fucked up so I had moved my Winter Guard out of the way, only I had moved them a good inch farther than was necessary so they weren't blocking LoS to Sorscha. eLylyth walks over, staying just out of the Conquest's melee range, pops feat and shoots Sorscha to death.

Worst part? Had I won, I would have come in second at the tournament (my opponent and I had the same win/loss ratio when we faced off in the final round and I had more control points). I had fun, but it's still something I really kicked myself for.

>> No.27510738

>playing eFeora
>burninate shit all game
>feat, get like 6 extra focus
>charge/Fire Step to pButcher
>proceed to never roll higher than a 5 on 3d6, spend all 10 focus and barely scratch him
>Butcher activates, feats, oneshots me

>> No.27510915

I played this pthagrosh army Friday during my stores steamroller practice night
(beside open and league Wednesdays my store holds free mini steamrollers for practice) and it was pretty fun, I played to rounds and won one lost one, the one I lost should've been a win but his troll caster made his fucking tough roll. but it was a good game otherwise, tough on a caster is just bullshit though.

pThagrosh +5
Archangel 20
Carnivean 11
Angelius 9
Warspears 8
Warspear Chief 2
Succubus 2
Forsaken 2
Shepard 1

for 50 pts

It was pretty fun to play and for once the Archy didn't suck balls. This was also the first time I really used Thags.

>> No.27511016

Top of Turn 2 assasinated by an eFeora with two Reckoners when playing Kromac. I don't know why I wasn't even thinking - left him in human form with no transfers and no screening.

>> No.27511049

E Grissel tier vs Morghoul during a monthly store tourney

Perfect storm of shit onto camping and feated Morghoul. Knockdown with slammed posse from the impaler, horthol charge. Down to 1 transfer. Bomber is sniped and I toss a mean one forcing a transfer.
>ok, got this shit
>how close are you?
>within... 10 inch.
no forcing, so no second shot.
FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUU why did I stand so close?
Gets my ass fingered by Morghoul's fingers next turn.

>> No.27511060


Zerkova vs. pVyros. Influence'd Sentinel capped me.

>> No.27511118

So, just wanted to double check with yall...

If a carnivean THTs on Rhyas' feat turn, it teleports to the landing location, correct?

>> No.27511180

First time against eDenny. Didn't really register what her feat did, Completely underestimated it. So turn two i sit on my thunbs while he wipes my field and captures the scenario points for victory.

>> No.27511251

Might want to check the rule forums but I'm pretty damn sure that would be invalid. Thrown models suffer thrown damage, not melee damage (Prime 54), and her feat requires melee damage to occur.

>> No.27511618

I went to a Highlander tournament this weekend. Brought out:
max Pot

Before I tell you how it went, allow me to lower the bar a bit. It's been over 8 months since I played Legion and 4 weeks since I last played warmachine/hordes in general. Most of us have been playing high command. It sorta showed heavily in my play. For some reason I wasn't taking the fury off for upkeeps in maintence. instead i was doing it in my casters activation. Then there was the fact that i opened my box and only had about 12 fury tokens (evayl needs 8 right there). There was also 7 minute turns so I ended up doing the fury things in my head and at the end of the beasts activation i woudl throw it all on him. But people were cool with it and really nice.

>> No.27511643

My first opponent was Cygnar
Epic Nemo
Black 13th

The scenario was a scenario that was easier for a caster kill than actually going for that.

First turn is just the typical positioning stuff.

Second turn, i managed to down the hunters cortex and the B13 member that does the AoE. Then he got the jump on my angelius with the centurion and killed it. locomotion + feat. Ouch. I forgot about that. Then his stormclad came in on the scythean but missed its attacks. When he did that i was able to admonition my seraph up on him a bit.

My turn, the scythean ripped apart the stormclad. Vayl popped feat, shot the centurion with obliteration, moved, slipstreamed the scythean and put admonition on him, moved again into some ruins. Seraph didnt do too well in shooting against the hunter. So i ran the afflictor in melee with the hunter. Next turn he went after the seraph and afflictor with the centurion, but missed 2 attacks. Hid Nemo by a wall. Since the squire was out of focus he ran him into melee with the scythean.

Now the tricky part of passing 3 threshold checks. Shitty thing was I needed to pass all 3. Unfortunately only the afflictor passed his. Make matters worse the scythean whiffed against the fucking squire. At least he'll be def 19 from shooting now (standing on the wreck of the stormclad). So my turn was quick and ended with me gritting my teeth. Fortunately his centurion whiffed 2 more attacks at the seraph. Shifted nemo a bit and started gritting his teeth.

My turn. Vayl jumped out of cover. Sent a boosted shot into the squire and killed it. Thus freeing the scythean. Then the seraph slipstreamed the afflictor out of melee with the centurion. Afflictor does a boosted slam on nemo and nemo crashed into a B13. Scythean rolls up and does the rest.

In case you were wondering, throughout this game my spawning vessel was crapping out lessers now and then but nemo and the b13 were killing them.

>> No.27511689

Next was against Cygnar again:
Silverline Stormguard

Another scenario that wasn't a big issue. Kill Box was in effect though.

Typical first turn positioning stuff.

Second turn, the seraph rolls up and blasts hole into the stormguard. Then the afflictor rolls in and kills one, creates an incubi. Incubi then kills another. His turn, he moves the rest of the stormguard to kill the afflictor and incubi. Moves up the stormwall a bit.

My turn I send in teh angelius and seraph and they mop up the stormguard. Angelius refuged into the center area. Eye ball where the scythean is at and assume he's safe. Hold Vayl back with 4 fury and stealth on her. Well the scythean wasn't safe. Stormwall got to him and squished him. Caine was stuck in a bad position. The angelius was in the center of the board and because of kill box would be able to get Caine from almost any where. So he upkept blur on Caine, camped 2 focus, and ran him to the side of Stormwall right in front of Vayl.

All Vayl here. Pops feat, Purification. Caine is down to def 17. Boosted Icey Grip and he's down to 15. Boosted Obliteration and boosted damage does 11 to Caine. Hard cast and boost to hit another Obliteration and he's corpse token.

Afterwards the cygnar player was saying he couldn't do anything to vayl cause he'd need true sight to shoot her and she'd have 4 transfers. Then he said what he should have done was 2 turns earlier cast true sight on caine and upkeep that instead of casting blur. I dont know about that really. Seems like monday morning quarterbacking.

>> No.27511726

Final Round vs Cryx
Satyxis Raiders full + UA
Pistol Wraith

Scenario was to to hold an objective. If you destroyed your opponents you'd get 2 points. There was 2 on each side of the board.

First turn typical movement positioning.

Second turn I afflictor and angelius smashed into the Satyxis. Killed quite few. But I was mostly holding back so I wouldnt be able to get feated on. But Skarre was able to get in. He covered his battle group, vayl and the angelius. Scored 2 points

My turn was pretty bad. Not much to do so i pushed everything forward a bit. Scythean contested. But the game was already lost. He smashes the scythean and grabs up 2 more points.

After the game he said I should have just mobbed up his objective and tried to prevent him from scoring, use the rough terrain + admonition to hold him from catching one of my beasts.

>> No.27511785

In the end I got 2nd place. Cryx player took first. Stormwall player got 3rd. Everyone was really cool and was a lot of fun.

Fun facts:
6 people showed up. Kinda shitty turn out but still good people to play with.

In the second game I tried having the spawning vessel crew kill eachother. They missed alot and 3 of them failed to damage eachother.

I didn't lose a single deployment/turn roll

Admonition can trigger off admonition. never knew that.

Cryx player came in 4th in Gencon Masters and 1st in the Gencon tier list.

>> No.27512438


opinion bump

>> No.27512520

>I dont know about that really. Seems like monday morning quarterbacking.

Well considering he wasn't really shot much the Blur turned out to be useless outside of forcing Vayl to purify. Ultimately that made no real difference. If had used say True Sight, he might have been able to peg her a bit or even feated on her. 4 Transfers isn't hard for Caine to bypass assuming he feats. But the cut from casting True Sight would leave him unable to really make an impact. Its more like noting an area you really fucked it.

>> No.27512857

I thought they where cygnar/10

>> No.27512958

It's more about he didn't know I was gonna put up stealth until I did it. So instead of upkeeping his best deterrent of me from coming after him, he should have put up True sight two before I put up stealth that may or may not have been put up.

See how that sounds kinda off? Yeah, that might have won had i never reacted to it, but it's not the most prudent course of action you do when you can't see the future.

>> No.27512967

it's silly, but hard to judge. 75pt lists are almost unplayed.

How are you having 4 buccanneers on meg? Marshals can only have 2 warjacks on them.

>> No.27513083


On higher levels of play switching defensive upkeeps onto the warlock or warcaster isn't that uncommon. An assumption that at some point in time you would Occultation eVayl (especially against a ranged assassin) would be not too far out. Furthermore, like I said earlier, Blur failed to save him. Regardless of whether or not you went after him, you'd still be boosting to hit. Blur wasn't going to change that. Literally he just wasted focus with it. Had he cast True Sight and just upkept that, sure you coulda reacted, but he'd have wasted far less considering that Blur literally did nothing. He'd have least gotten True Sight. His train of thought doesn't have to be equated to butthurt.

>> No.27513253

I'm not saying he's butthurt. I'm saying I don't think that extra focus would have saved him with Vayl sitting on 4 fury, 16/15, and a potential quick draw.

>> No.27513349

I like big stompy units normally and elite stuff, not much models.
What should I play?
I was thinking of legion.

>> No.27513395

Legion has the low model count but we tend to get squished easily.

>> No.27513402

what then?
I really love the whole "big monsters, big wammies" deal.
Or having a deathstar of shit.

>> No.27513465

Legion does big monsters well, but you just have to play smart.

>> No.27513484

Also if you want a deathstar, Khador has a ton of units, a few big stompy jacks and strong solos, but they are a mass infantry army.

>> No.27513628

not deathstar of "many units" but more like what menoth does of deathstar with a jack+support.
Also I wanted a hordes faction since they run more big monsters and legion looks really cool.
Already own khador.

>> No.27513654


derp. I don't into marshals often (ever) as primarily menoth player. in that case just shift 2 to mcnaile, because pretty much every pirate its a marshal

>> No.27513674

Well really if you want fast moving, plenty of monsters that are a bit fragile but fuck shit up you go Legion. If you want a few absolutely big ass, killer monsters backed up by infantry, so skorne with Molik and a bronzeback.

>> No.27513682

Mcnaile is not a marshal. Most pirates aren't marshals man.

>> No.27513702

So, which faction appears to be the most overplayed?

>> No.27513725

Cryx, Khador in my experience.

>> No.27513753

Really? I figured it would be Cygnar, since they kinda have that "standard good guy" feel to them. Of course, it probably varies from location to location.

I ask because I'm considering starting up an army, and I'm somewhat torn between Khador and Cygnar. As well as Orboros and Everblight, if I start a Hordes army, first. Not really sure which.

>> No.27513761

Talk to your local game store people.

>> No.27513774

What >>27513761 said. We don't know the demographics of your shop man. Even if something is overplayed in many places there might only be 1-2 players at your store(s).

>> No.27513859

the end of that last thread wasn't bad at all.
In fact there was a small consensus that netlisting was crap and that decent players can win with any list (as long as it isn't stupid)

>> No.27513865

I say NO to facsism !

>> No.27513873

ppl keep talking about cephalyx, but idk, that sounds about as plausible as a rhulic forcebook.

>> No.27513890

Grind is actually a darn good game.
It's a pity there is no follow up. If it had pushed the campaign system a bit more it could have been awesome. Like Monpoc.

>> No.27513953

hear hear.
This credo should be applied all the time, not just to newbs.
I don't mind losing, in fact some of my best battles were lost, but they were the best because so close.
I particularly don't like when the opponent gloats, but it's just as bad when they whine about bad dice, no luck etc.

>> No.27513980

Synergy is a good spell, but it's knowing when not to use that is the key.
You don't just use synergy turn one and just expect the game to roll out, you gotta determine if your synergy chain is going to be worth it every time, always remember retaliation next turn.

>> No.27514010

Well at least you'll never do that again.
This is the best way to learn WMH, once bitten twice shy.

>> No.27514029


>> No.27514038

I thought highlander meant "only one of each" like 1 beast, 1 unit, 1 solo, 1 caster?

>> No.27514042

not really. if you upkeep it, it's always gonna be worth the 1 Foc you are putting into it long as one thing hits and another is there to benefit off of it.

Only reason you ever drop Synergy is when you are playing Amon and going for the feat. There's almost never any real reason not to use synergy.

>> No.27514063

the spess mahreines of WM/H they are edgy kewl bad guise with moar banez.

>> No.27514074

A lot places ammend that to include any number of jacks and beasts cause it really fucks hordes up badly.

>> No.27514093

I've been playing Amon a bit, and it can be a bit of a trap, because like you say, you have to commit at least 2 jacks to get minimum returns.
So if you do go for a minimum, you can leave your army/caster exposed.

just saiyan
because it is a fuck awesome spell. in mah Amon list at 35pts i have 7 jacks, so when it comes to party time, that's a max +8 finale on the synergy chain (usually only +6 though, because not everything can be in the right place in the right time) the last thing to go is usually a fully loaded dervish that side steps to the opposing caster.

>> No.27514114

I'm a bad man if I want to run a eGoreshadow tier 3-4 list?
With many, many bane thralls.
The zombies kill zombies rise thing it's hilarious.

>> No.27514168

I've always had more of a passive look at synergy. Unless there's something really wanted, synergy's usually just a passive bonus that a person happen to get when they play stuff normally.

Do you run the stereotypical dervish spam? I've always though a templar was great for him, but no one ever uses the templar.

>> No.27514437

When I got into this game everyone said it would be balanced and I could play a non-minmaxed tourney list and still have a decent chance of putting up a fight.

Turns out a lore-friendly Kara Sloan tier list sucks so much balls it's not even funny.

Tier 4

Sloan *6
Hunter 6
Defender 8
Defender 8

Long gunners (10) 10
Long gunners (10) 10
Rangers 5
Meckaniks 2

Junior 3

Reinholt 1

47 points if my math is not shit. Will lose to any Menoth list. Cannot crack open Khador. Gets eaten by everything hordes. Shit sucks. It's not just my skill either, I've asked experienced cygnar players to play with this list and they've not managed to make it work either.

>> No.27514473

Well most tier lists sorta suck. Theyre slowly moving away from that. I think most tier lists arent supposed to be taken past a certain tier. Like I remember pLylyth having good benefits at tier 1 but after that its a lot crap you don't really need.

>> No.27514624

B-but I need my daily dose of shitpost (and my bane to be buffed, they suck balls right now, like your mom).

Posted via my Iphone.

>> No.27514670

I only have 2 dervishes in the list.
It's Castigator, crusader, devout (to save amon's ass) 2 dervish, 2 repenters (because no one expects SPD 7, RAT 7, POW 14 flamers)

>> No.27514984

>everyone suggests me to buy Black 13th because how useful they are in almost any army
>hate the idea of owning them because of the sculpt
Why PP
Why did you do this to me

>> No.27515047

Buy Arcane Tempest gun mages

(Alternatively) sculpt special details like frilling on them

Paint them with black coats like the 13th


Alternatively, search the internet for other greatcoat victorian gentlemen and ladies and give them GW pistolier guns.

Problem solved.

>> No.27515112

use proxies, refuse official PP guidelines.

PP sees drop in tournament players
PP resculpts shitty models

profit !

>> No.27515760

>(and my bane to be buffed, they suck balls right now, like your mom).
I don't know why I laughed so hard.

>> No.27515856

>Posted via my Iphone.

>> No.27515909

If I charge with my reckogner, does the ranged attack he's allowed to make count as an initial attack ?

>> No.27516382

Tell me everything you know about Skorne.

Lore, tactics, bad/good units, who plays them etc.

>> No.27516828

Angry honor-based warrior race of desert people who torture four-armed giant elephants into being their engines of destruction. Were in one side of the desert, Vinter showed up, unified them, tried to conquer Cygnar with them, got overthrown by Makeda, now trying to kill all the things.

Very melee-focused, kinda slow.

>> No.27516839


>> No.27516850

>When I got into this game everyone said it would be balanced and I could play a non-minmaxed tourney list and still have a decent chance of putting up a fight.

That's the main cultural difference between 40k and Warmachine: the take-on-all-comers list. Because armies are so small in warmachine, you don't need to make a balanced list. You decide what combo you want to try out and build your list around that. 40k has a much greater degree of separation between casual play and competitive play.

With Warmachine/Hordes, the whole game is built around minmaxing.

If you were a MTG player, would you just have one deck? No, you'd have a shoebox (or more) full of cards and you'd build the deck you wanted to play that day against that opponent. Warmachine is the same way.

>> No.27516926

>who plays them

basically, no one. Easily the least commonly played faction in either game, not counting incomplete factions like Minions/Cyriss

>> No.27516964

Alright, looking into getting trollbloods. Word on the street is the battlebox is kind of shit, so I'm not gonna start with that. I was thinking of starting with Borka Kegslayer, because he's fucking awesome-looking and I like the idea of a bunch of drunken trolls.
So where do I start with him? Rök seems fluffy, but I don't know if he's worth the points. I was thinking of having a list of the following (is 25 points a good entry into the game?):
Borka Kegslayer
Dire Troll Mauler
Troll Axer
Max Fennblades + Officer and Drummer
Fell Caller Hero
Stone Scribe Chronicler

Thoughts? Critiques?

>> No.27516971

Where are they on the tier list? I've head they're pretty good, just tricky, and I've also heard they're shit.

>> No.27517089

Aren't skorne more popular than trolls, though?

>> No.27517116

That's a very good way to start. I can't really think of a better starter list.

>> No.27517440

now that's what i call shitposting.

u r a merit to this communitee anon

>> No.27517550

Idk, I agree that it's like magic in that you have several ready made lists.
But that's because each list depends on your caster, an Amon list will be very different from a Harbinger list, indeed they won't have the exact same combos either, but again that isn't because you are trying a gimmick combo to win, it's just the way your caster rolls.

>> No.27517571

25pts is a good start.
The only thing that list needs is practice.

>> No.27517672

What's a good way to start Trollbloods with Madrak Ironhide and Gunnbjorn?

Something like a 25 point list, but what should it contain? All I've got is the warlock models.

>> No.27517928

I'd grab the Dire Troll kit, an Axer, maybe one of the elemental trolls, some warriors, and then useful solos. Fell Caller Hero is always great with Trolls, as is the Chronicler. Go for some toolbox utility.

>> No.27518124


>> No.27518220

Here we go guys

The age old question

That has been asked since the beginning of the first complaint

The question when answered will rock your foundations

How do you beat Electroleap? On a Warpwolf?

>> No.27518294

probably more tourney represented.

My general actual experience with more casual encounters has been that everyone owns trolls, but no one plays them. Those butthurt with their faction always shift to skorne for some reason.

I have never seen people go Skorne as the first faction ever for reasons I cannot comprehend, unless they are really japan/persianphile. I use those terms because skinny weaboos tend to go Retribution.

>> No.27518922

What are the most awful starting boxes in the game?

>> No.27518987

Circle is shit tier, other then GOD AMAZING FERAL WARPWOLF. pKaya is the worst caster they have after Cassius and the Argus are useless in 90-95% of lists. And they aren't even good in the other percent either.

>> No.27519011

Trolls (Not HORRIBLE in all ways like circle though)

What are the best battle boxes? hardmode: Can't pick Cryx

>> No.27519035

Khador, 2 OP jacks and the best warcaster with OP feat.

>> No.27519056

Khador is tough to beat in how good it is.

But don't you just mod the destroyer into ivan anyway?

>> No.27519061

Hey, hey now. Grayle and Cassius is the worst. lets not go crazy and call Kaya horrible.

Legion probably. All the contents can be potent

>> No.27519068

>But don't you just mod the destroyer into ivan anyway?
I sold both of them to get more infantry.

>> No.27519104

You sold Khadors extremely limited Cortexes? You are not for the motherland.

I would keep both since a juggernaut and Ivan can be good jacks.

>> No.27519125

honestly no one uses a juggy. It's not that he's bad, Khador runs 2 jacks max and at that point you might as shell out for a character one.

>> No.27519161

I suppose. Its a shame that my favorite khador jack design is the Kodiak, which just seems outclassed by every other jack they have.

>> No.27519163

Actually I didn't.
цчангед тче МоЖ фор анотчер девастатор, тчеы'д невер кнож..
I personaly dislike the MoW, won't be using them and at least I have a massive boner for BIG ROBOTS.

>> No.27519176

>Not fucking great.
I love the kodiak.

>> No.27519192

i hope you khador guys get a really good jack caster soon.

>> No.27519193

Been play testing the Earthbreaker.

Downright nasty with Durgen. Easily the best jack for him by far. Earthbreaker, Basher+Thor, Kayazy, Ragman, Reinholdt was the team I was trying.

Sorta underwhelming with Gorten. Outside of the 24 str claws, it isn't too fantastic with his feat. I do want to try a Triple Earthbreaker Gorten list at 50, though. Just to see.

Ossrum was less impressive than I hopped. Without energizer, you don't have the hopping gun line I was used to with the other jacks, and fire for effect and snipe have much much better targets than the Earthbreaker. And its so SLOW for his list.

>> No.27519231

I'm sorry, but I have no technical ability and this gif needs to be altered IMMEDIATELY to make it so that the spider is putting on a pair of sunglasses.

>> No.27519253

>Jack caster
Harkevich, Kar-
hahaha. No.
Khador isn't a jack faction.
And it'd never be other than a combo thing.

>> No.27519255

I agree, but I know of no one who can do it.

>> No.27519271

>I do want to try a Triple Earthbreaker Gorten
FA 2

>> No.27519275

Has the stat card been released yet?

>> No.27519277

That's what I meant

Cassius<pKaya<everyone else<eMorvahna

>> No.27519290

Gortens tier list would let him run 3

>> No.27519314

I'll save it and maybe do it one day, after I finish this one.
AKA never.

>> No.27519337

I'm so fucking miffed that PP couldn't be arsed to add some shield arms to the jack kit so we could have a plastic Kodiak.
Can't argue. Spriggan and Kodiak are probably the best non character jacks for us.

meh, We probably won't get anything better than Karchev. Unless Khador gets a jack version of E Doomy and can "goad" the jacks for more killing power once stuck in, I don't suspect Khador ever coming out of the 2 jack rut. Even Andrei just means that 2 jacks are still taken, just in different battlegroups.

>> No.27519365

Why is butcher getting his ass kicked by sword knights?

Why is Butchers legs so tiny? Did he fucking skip leg day?

>> No.27519378

Dude, Kodiak is fury efficient and has a bomb-ass chain attack. It can have some trouble cracking higher armor, but why crack it when you can THROW IT AT THEIR WARCASTER

>> No.27519389

To be honest what I really want in khador is an eKarchev.
I don't care he's shitty and can only run gimmicks list.
i fucking want to see a karchev in motherfucking big-ass custom jack, full of anger and ready to roll.
>Those orsus legs
someone didn't pass basic perspective at school.

>> No.27519390

>Fury efficient warjack

>> No.27519394

Maybe they're Mark I Sword Kniggas. Or he's just waiting for next round so he can Flashing Blade.

>> No.27519408

Heavy Boiler and a Chain Attack. About as fury efficient as it gets for Khador, man.

>> No.27519411

He ain't casting shit with baby legs

>> No.27519413

is this krueger giving you trouble?

cygnar can all but ignore electroleap of course.
So what are you playing?
Actually it doesn't make much difference; against electro leap, space models out, or get them close to his models so it jumps to them.

>> No.27519427

Yes, if you can't use fury you tend to be efficient when not given any.

>> No.27519447

Oh, fuck off Cao Cao.

>> No.27519452

juggy is relatively cheap, so you could "spam" jacks and like have 2 whole jacks at the same time !

>> No.27519456

Being a khador warcaster means your "focus" is just the general butthurt of your army.
Why you think they bring so many infantry?

>> No.27519464

the thing is that 'zerk>juggy for spam since it isn't really focus hungry.

>> No.27519466

That is possible the worst use of cyrillic i have ever witnessed. Don't do it komrade.

>> No.27519491

it was to make a joke, but it didn't work, I'm too sleepy for this shit.

>> No.27519509

You would honestly place Gra- I have stormrager but Circle doesn't have multi attacked solos for cheap, how I wish we had a manhunter- yle over P Let me alpha strike you again and again Kaya?

Hell at least Cassius is fun when you can get him off. Grayle just charges and sprints about like a retarded rabbit.

He charged a castle for a week, undermanned, under supplied. Also mk1 sword knights. The story is hilarious, all the sword knights just stand there staring at him because if they go within 5 ft of him, they die. Sorcha Speedwagons out of there cooly thinking Butcher's gonna die fixing her daddy issue. NOPE.

>> No.27519512

you already get 4 jacks from the plastic kit where everyone else only gets 3.
You khadorans are never satisfied are you? next thing you know, you'll be invading llael.

>> No.27519534

I'm saying that Kodiak should've replaced the Decimator. No one gives two shits about the decimator anyway.

>> No.27519542

is the girl the one he lost?
Was butcher a family man?

>> No.27519553

because no one dies in the warmachine story. and even if they do, they come back to life.
It's magic, we don't gotta explain shit.

>> No.27519576

Lord of the Feast is Grayle's best friend, and yeah I think he is just slightly better then pKaya.
At least he doesn't have an epic version that does everything he does except better.

>> No.27519590

no the girl who Butcher "saved" after she nursed him back to health. Girl needed therapy after that incident.

Butcher wasn't a family man, but he was a surprisingly white knightish kinda dude when it comes to little girls.

Only if you have a model.

>> No.27519592

The more we talk about khador using jacks like they ought to, the more i like the idea and want to play khador.

I'd try both, a double juggernaut in one list and possibly a warjack + 2 zerkers in another list.

I'm gonna play with forwardkommander a bit

>> No.27519628

I just imagined butcher teaching her the ways of BUTCHER.
that means many lifting, singing Katyusha and killing stuff.
and why you say she needed therapy?
Is that story the eButcher one or what?

>> No.27519643

to be honest the best way for that is Karchev/vlad (lmao rage/signs for pseudo mass boost) and spam zerks, since zerks have that hilarious rule of "this bitch boy can and WILL charge/run without focus, also when it's low on HP you can make him blow up"

>> No.27519684

She was being beaten and Butcher went all white knight up their faces. people under the age of 13 (I think that's when winterguard trainings start nationally) should not witness Butcher at his calling.

I really wish the explosion thing was not random. Zerkers would actually be really great, if gimmicky jacks if it was more reliable.

>> No.27519704

It'd be good it was something like
>Either make a roll to not blow up
>Or give it a bonus in exchange of 100% probability of blowing up.
that'd make a good elite cradle for an imposible eKarchev.

>> No.27519727

System: Warmachine
Faction: Khador
Casters: 1/1
Points: 25/25
Zevanna Agha, the Old Witch of Khador (*3pts)
* Kodiak (8pts)
Great Bears of Gallowswood (5pts)
Winter Guard Infantry (Leader and 9 Grunts) (6pts)
* Winter Guard Infantry Officer & Standard (2pts)
* 3 Winter Guard Infantry Rocketeers (3pts)
Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist (2pts)
Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich (2pts)

Not sure if bears or just ironfangs/Kayazy.
Also not sure in gorman.

>> No.27519729



>> No.27519795

yes to Gorman for the prowl, also keep the bears in.

Old Witch has no hard armor cracking in her kit. She needs hard damagers more than she need ironfleshed chumps. She can already do amazing on scenarios with her feat anyway.

>> No.27519817

System: Warmachine
Faction: epic Goreshade - Heresy of Shadows
Casters: 1/1
Points: 24/25
Tiers: 3
Goreshade the Cursed (*5pts)
Bane Thralls (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
* Bane Thrall Officer & Standard (0pts)
Bane Thralls (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
* Bane Thrall Officer & Standard (3pts)
The Withershadow Combine (5pts)

Not sure what jacks should I put in, any recomendations?
Yes it's a tier list.

>> No.27519859

System: Warmachine
Faction: epic Goreshade - Heresy of Shadows
Casters: 1/1
Points: 25/25
Tiers: 3
Goreshade the Cursed (*5pts)
Bane Thralls (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
* Bane Thrall Officer & Standard (0pts)
Bane Thralls (Leader and 5 Grunts) (5pts)
* Bane Thrall Officer & Standard (3pts)
The Withershadow Combine (5pts)
Bane Lord Tartarus (4pts)

this is the other option.

>> No.27520185


>> No.27520405

yeah screw the WGDS, take another jack.
just been checking out the khador forcebook, I thought you guise said khador infantry was good? rifle corps are the shittest of shit tier.

>> No.27520418

yeah u gotta have tartarus.

>> No.27520421

they are fine as secondary infantry. Their suppressive fire is good for dissuading enemy jamming units rushing in. After the lines get engaged, you plop the templates in their lines and force them to eat free strikes or die from the template.

>> No.27520468

To be honest all khador has is
1. Winter
2. Iron fang
3. ????
4. dudes in horses.

>> No.27520484

How's this ?

Sorscha - tier 4 Mechanized Infantry 35pts

pSorscha (+5pts)
* Beast-09 (11pts)
* Juggernaut (7pts)
Battle Mechaniks (Leader and 5 Grunts) (3pts)
* Berserker (6pts)
Winter Guard Infantry (Leader and 5 Grunts) (4pts)
* Winter Guard Infantry Officer & Standard (2pts)
Winter Guard Infantry (Leader and 5 Grunts) (4pts)
Winter Guard Mortar Crew (Leader and Grunt) (3pts)
Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich (0pts)

So I got jacks, capacity to repair them, two tarpits with stupidly powerful solo for free, oh and a mortar.
Maybe could get that piston fist jack instead of the jugger, but crit freeze will be funnier, or will it, maybe chain attack on a frozen model would be funnier ?

picture not related.

>> No.27520490

>get boosted ranged attacks from joe
Yeah okay.

>> No.27520512

You are a god amongst mortal anon.
may the internet be with you, always.

>> No.27520515

he's probably mad he's lost to some WGDS list.
Just use Harby.
also, grunts can't be more than 5 inches away from their leader or was inches=cmd?

>> No.27520524

but, but, RAT 5 with no CRA ?
8pts to put a shitty template on the table ?

OKay about kovnik Joe, but won't he be busy making the WGDS ?

>> No.27520528

Man, screw the rifle corps. Have you ever been on the receiving end of the Winter Guard Death Star? It's kind of obscene.

Here's how it goes. Around a dozen men with hats almost as furry as their beards come barreling down the board at you. They've got Bob And Weave, Iron Flesh, and a few other buffs that even your opponent can't always remember the names of up. You can't hit them with unboosted direct fire attacks, half the time blast damage doesn't work, and they're Tough to boot. Their turn two they're up in your grill. Three of them are lobbing rockets at your semi-hard pieces, while the rest are just splooging POW 10 sprays on boosted attack rolls all up and down your lines, turning your infantry into so much red mulch no matter how hard you try to defend them. And now, assuming you somehow kill them with whatever's left to you, you still have AT LEAST a Warcaster and a one of those big blocks of impenetrable steel that Khadorans call warjacks between you and victory.

That is their most basic infantry squad. I'm not even getting into specialists like Doom Reavers or Demo Korps. Don't talk shit about Khador infantry, they will find you and they will fuck you.

>> No.27520556

then you drop a cataclysm on them and take away 50% of the unit

>> No.27520571

Nah, I playing a Harbinger T4 list at the moment, so far WGDS stays as far away as possible from Harbinger or are getting tied up against impervious wall paladins, yeah crazy shit i know.

all models in a unit must stay within the command range of the leader model.
command range is equal to the CMD stat in inches.
So obviously in a CMD 8 unit, all the dudes have to stay within 8" of the leader.

>> No.27520579

DO NOT marshal Anything under the mechaniks.

they will die. so very very fucking easily.

you don't play scenarios/tourneys at all do you? templates are not shitty when they are free damage and deterrent against jamming and point holding. They are significant time savers during hardcore type format as well.

>> No.27520586

you forgot the part where they yell insults in some slavic language while throwing you dirty bombs, all of them bearded (even the women) then you realize those are 13-20 years old khadorians.

>> No.27520606

Even a Vanquisher with a vassal is going to make a mess of that unbeatable strategy.
Or pFeora, lol u on fire, at lesat u not cold anymoar wintar gardse.
dolan plz go

>> No.27520659

I think Dwarves could use a Kovnik Joe/Tyrant Commander/Piper style solo that gives units speed when charging, or gives a unit moneyshot. The moneyshot would make Highshields and even Assault Corp more desirable, while speed buff would make a great unit better - which is fine for dwarves since they're so limited already.

>> No.27520666

Template can be useful, true.
cygnar, everblight, Cryx can all put down numerous templates and make moving around a pain.
But one single template? Not sure it will be enough bother. It can't cover an entire zone, and well some things will walk through it anyway.
It's like the Harbingers feat, if your caster is now in charge range, you'll happily take POW14 so you can kick her ass back to Menoth.

again, pic unrelated. i could say it's a color check, but that would be mean.

>> No.27520677

Who the fuck plays P Feora?
Fire goes out easily enough anyway. Also Joe should be toughing everyone. It's not like Protectorate is hard to hit when the caster doesn't have Defender's Ward.

if you want to spout WGI rape, at least step it up with E Feora, bonded Judicator barrage.

>> No.27520682

You know, people would play Skorne if they had more interesting warcasters and cool units.

Right now they've got two types: pauldrons mcpauldron, slicey slicey emo dicey.

They've also got just a shamefully static and bland warbeasts repertoire. Only the Titan Sentry, Tiberon, Molik Karn and a the Cyclops shaman look like they've had any effort put into them. The rest look either bland like cheap chinese action figures or have a retarded (see Titan cannoneers "I pooped" face) expression on their face.

Skorne needs more plastic models with actual detail and character to them. Maybe THEN they'd be more interesting.

>> No.27520717

shit i missed the mechanics marshalling.
Now I can see this makes them a juicy target, but then again the zerker ain't really expected to survive.
and if they're trying to hit mechanics, they aren't hitting anything else.
like the warjacks or sorscha, and they're the important ones in the list, the rest is pretty much expendable, the rest is bait.

>> No.27520738

Nah, that ain't how I roll. But you're right eFeora is always better than pFeora. Hell she's better than a lot of casters.

>> No.27520773

I would have liked to fit in one of them jack boosting solos, what are they kold 'uns or something? don't they give a free focus, like cryx war witches?

Dayum wish we had something like that in the protectorate.

>> No.27520796


>implying Menoth needs MOAR jack support...

>> No.27520817

well, at that point it just comes to retarded point/ability usage. Why would you place it in front of something that can walk through it?

Same with Harby's feat example
>I'll be safe withing charge distance long as I have my feat popped
>Aw shit baby gurl Jesus, wat u doin?!

Most models in the game tend to fall into a niche, but they are only bad when they suck at that niche. You can't blame a model for not operating outside it's design niche.

Mashalling a zerker is bad. If you have the zerker on a caster, you can at least go for the big bomb drop.

>> No.27520896

I told you rifle corps were bad.
To me they look a bit like Deliverers; they should be good, but they just aren't.

zerker bomb could be good, yes.
But a free "not focus" from being marshalled means it won't ever blow up.

The list can't have a koldun though, because it's sorscha's tier list.

>> No.27520973

It's my belief that people should take the berserker only if they were ready/expecting for the kaboom.
If cheap beastick was all you wanted, you can't seriously go worse than the juggernaut for 1 pt more.

>> No.27521055

That's a good point. It was just a case of finding that extra point though.

>> No.27521092

They're a jack of all trades faction, stats and mechanics-wise, except they're solid at everything. To balance that, many of the stronger Skorne abilities or gimmicks exclusively work to the detriment of other strong tricks.

This is called Skornergy, and is one of the big things in the faction.

The trick is, knowing your match-ups and knowing which of your tricks to use or not.

Out-speed trolls, out-brick Cygnar, out-shoot Cryx, outlast Circle, etc.

>> No.27521100



>> No.27521161

Skorne actually have a decent shooting game now due to the dirt cheap slingers, raider, and mammoth. Also extoler eye lasers were also a thing.

>> No.27521168

>high command

Hey, How is High Command? No one at my shop has played it yet (and some of those reviews on BGG are less than charming).

>> No.27521339


He and Lord Arbiter hexeris are the only good looking warcasters in the entire fucking faction. I mean, what the fuck.

The rest of the faction looks like a cast of masked actors from the set of the film "They came from the Planet Ballchin."

>> No.27521421

So, just for funs, i want to do:
20x Harrier

How funny/dumb/retarded would this play.

>> No.27521443

>not liking His Royal Fatness

Son, you dun goofed.

>> No.27521449

extra retarded when E thagrosh would retard you better.

>> No.27521521

Why would ANYONE like a mordibly obese blob of fat?

He's like GW's Greasus Goldtooth, only even worse looking.

He doesn't inspire the player in any way. He's not "heroic," he's not "badass," he's not "threatening," he's not "imposing," nor does he look magically gifted. He looks like a clappistani trolley retard being hauled around by little niggers to the next donalds.

Not exactly inspiring fun or immersion with this thing.

>> No.27521535

>He looks like a clappistani trolley retard being hauled around by little niggers to the next donalds.
that's why americans like him

>> No.27521674

He is being carried by agonizers.
That alone is awesome

>> No.27521679

i agree with you.

>> No.27521695

I like it. But i play it really casually. Its like Dominion. I also like that isnt like Magic where they try to get you to keep buying more cards.

>> No.27521715

Okay, that's one interpretation. But here's what I see; I see a guy who has managed to get enormously fat in a culture that punishes physical weakness with torture and death. A guy who knows how to take his pleasures and gives no apologies for doing so, who is surrounded on all sides by angry warriors who think that having iron nails hammered into your joints is a worthy pass time. And despite this he has managed to accumulate enough power and influence not only to stay alive, but to have literal armies at his disposal. Fucking everyone hates him and would gladly spike his fat head and have done. But they can't do shit about it. Not because he would kill them with mind bullets (and he would), but because he has made himself indispensable to the war effort of an entire empire of soldiers.

Would I want to be him, or even spend time in his presence? FUCK no, he's a vicious corpulent asshole and probably smells like ten kinds of ass. But I still admire him; because while everyone else was trying to win the great game that is Skorne society by force of arms, he did it with nothing but wits and balls the size of a pair of Bronzebacks.

>> No.27521756

>not wanting to play the Hedonism Bot

>> No.27521772

So a pretty standard deck builder then? I guess I'll try and pick it up on sale.

>> No.27522250


Damnit! I got my hopes up for Legion of Everblight. Oh bother.

>> No.27522389

So are Warders any good? They seem to fill sort of the same role as Fennblades or Kriel Warriors, except they don't get any UA's.

>> No.27522411

good, but they don't fill those roles at all. They are too slow for that. They are a reach heavy hitters that will take forever to kill.

Think Bastions.

>> No.27522465

So have them behind my Fennblade tarpit and Heroic Ballad them once the Banes arrive?

>> No.27522472

Anyone up for a small-ass battle report?

>> No.27522509

Sure. Who was playing?

>> No.27522520

basically. You don't really have a choice in the "staying behind" part anyway. Reach and weapon master should nab you a lot of things.

>> No.27522533

System: Warmachine
Faction: Protectorate of Menoth
Casters: 1/1
Points: 15/15
Harbinger of Menoth (*5pts)
* Repenter (4pts)
* Repenter (4pts)
* Reckoner (8pts)
Choir of Menoth (Leader and 3 Grunts) (2pts)
Vassal of Menoth (2pts)


System: Warmachine
Faction: Khador
Casters: 1/1
Points: 15/15
Zevanna Agha, the Old Witch of Khador (*3pts)
* Berserker (6pts)
Winter Guard Infantry (Leader and 9 Grunts) (6pts)
* Winter Guard Infantry Officer & Standard (2pts)
* 2 Winter Guard Infantry Rocketeers (2pts)
Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich (2pts)

casterkill objective.

>> No.27522540

Anybody else here who use eMagnus ? And if so what do you think of him ? I think he is pretty great against armies with a more melee focus, but struggles against armies with lots of guns.

>> No.27522575


They're supposed to be the absolute tits. I caved and order me a double box last friday.

>> No.27522593

How are Trolls? I currently play Cryx, Cyriss, and Everblight and was thinking it might be fun to try a beefy melee-centric army instead of a glass cannon or bag-o-tricks faction.

>> No.27522720


I think they're a ton of fun. Very strong buff layering theme. Set yourself up for a wombo combo then lay down the hammer on your poor opponent.

>> No.27523054

Or bring pHexy for an obscene anti-infantry feat. Banes? Wat Banes?

Makeda3 is kinda nifty looking with her bodyguards.

Also, it seems that every time she levels up she becomes a worse leader.

>Follow me! To Victory! I got tons of buffs, a feat to keep you all alive, and I'm powered by your belief in me!

>Infantry? Meh. I'll keep a dude alive every two games or so. I like to sling one or two warbeasts for an assassination.

>Hold my beer, I got this. *wipes half an enemy army personally*

>> No.27523347

she don't have to prove her self or nothing anymore.

Bitch please, I do what I want.

>> No.27523469

Posting in general what happened.
menoth does standard formation block

Khador goes for a cluster of
and a massive shitstorm of drunken russians on the side.

Khador does some buckshots to menoth, nothing of importance, menoth shots and almost kills the scrappy, fails a charge with zerk, which gets wrekt, the WGDS is on the side, searching it's opening to charge when Harby pops feat, moves forwards and cancels spells and shits stuff up with her spells and MASSIVE focus.
After a turn of no movement khador goes, with harby out of possition, right in range for a mortar shot, which takes around 30% of her HP, then, khador sends the scrapjack running in, which promply uses his arc node skill to cast the atraction, which barely hits, and moves harby 6 inches towards it.
After that a quick combo of unseen pasage next and in the back of harby, gives old witch two attacks which hit for around 16 in total.
Basically harby went all coockinsh "I want to hit them with my sword" mode and baba yaga just magic'd her towards her, yelled "Я съем тебя хахаха" and ate her alive.

>> No.27523488

she wants to be butcher.

>> No.27523536

I haven't been playing for very long, but this seems to be the case, balancing skornergy and being meta-aware seems to be a thing. skorne generally has unimpressive casters, strong but not outstanding infantry and strong but not very fast heavy beasts. The real strength of skorne is in the support/specialist elements (solos and light beasts), and knowing which ones to use for any given matchup, since they are generally extremely specialist in purpose this makes skorne very meta-sensitive, and knowing your foe and doing your homework is required
(at least against people who knows how to avoid the Molik missile, because that thing is cheap).

>> No.27523737

Yea Kruger makes me made. I relatively new and traded my Khador for Cryx [regrets(miss the bros)].

I have exactly:
System: Warmachine
Faction: Cryx
Casters: 1/1
Points: 25/25
Warwitch Deneghra (*5pts)
* Defiler (5pts)
* Defiler (5pts)
* Skarlock Thrall (2pts)
Bane Thralls (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
* Bane Thrall Officer & Standard (3pts)
Bane Lord Tartarus (4pts)
Pistol Wraith (3pts)
(Helldiver to switch in when I get baord)

After losing over and over I feel that I'm pretty bad and that my list could use some adjusting. Originally I thought bane lord and Banes could deal with any heavy I faced. I've only played against kruger (over and over again) and one game against trollbloods. So I thought I could proxy Nightmare in at some point. also noticed that I could use another Pistol Wraith to guarantee the Death Chill and two Defis was a terrible idea at 25 pts.

on another note what do you think I should proxy in for later games? General thoughts on my pleb list? Should I go back to my bros?

>> No.27524128


>> No.27524185

Don't listen to this guy.
bringing infantry against the almighty infantry raper himself is stupid.

proxy in some heavy jacks. You need something that can cross his shitstorm relatively unscathed and stand toe to toe with his beasts.

>> No.27524205

it was a joke.

>> No.27524239

So I just bought the Convergence of Cyriss Battlegroup. I have two questions.

Where should I go from here?

And why didn't they include instructions on how to put Pyntherion together? Seriously, this dude has so many tiny ass parts.

>> No.27524259



>> No.27524287


>> No.27524324


Hey, thanks!

>> No.27524661

What's the story behind Cyriss being limited edition?
Are they never going to get any codex updates, ever?

>> No.27524667

Stalking me swear to god

>> No.27524702

They aren't currently in the roster of factions getting updates in the anthology books. That's because they're getting through all the initial army releases for them before they introduce any new shit. They will get new releases in the future.

>> No.27524800

very rare updates.

>> No.27524887

>WGDS at 25 points

FUCK how do I dealwith it? This is thesecond time the almost exact same khador army wrecked my shit. I just can't deal with Iron Fleshed Bob and Weaving fearless/tough infantry with rockets at that point level as everblight!

>> No.27524903

AoE attacks are your friend.
Remember they have a laughable arm 13.

>> No.27524928

Arm 13 but tough and fearless. I might have had better control of the situation if I didn't have my Raek at the edge of attack range. I just think that at that level they hard counter everything I bring to the table.

>> No.27524962


>> No.27524966

Just think of it this way.
if you go 50p he'll eat shit.
Khador has very good infantry.
but that's it. It has ONE very good deathstar.
not various, he can only support one of them.
At 25p, he's pretty fucking strong, try something with a breath weapon or similar.
Or something that cancels upkeeps.

>> No.27524967

Carnivean, if fucks with everything.

>> No.27524999

I should probably try those next week. Maybe replacing my Angelius with a Ravagore is just better at this point level.

Khador does have other good infantry, or am I being lied to about Ironfangs?

>> No.27525064

No, khador either buffs up it's WGDS or it's IFP.
The thing is that IFP can work without buffs and if they're shielded they walk around with shit like arm 18 or so, they aren't AS effective as WGDS, but they make a really fucking good support unit.
Then you have it's riders, which make an extremely good flanking and smiting unit (beware of the charge from behind, they're REALLY fast).
Their jacks are crap, watch out for the special attacks but most of the time they need shit like 10 or so to hit non-heavy jack units.

>> No.27525077

I was just wondering if they would eventually be squatted. So long as they receive basic rule updates I could care less if they get new units.

>> No.27525089

>forgetting about Kayazy

>> No.27525115

they're there, but they're so sneaky you can't see the message.
>Mfw a bunch of angry slavs with knifes take down a big-ass metal plated jack

>> No.27525134

Well, none of the factions get rules updates. They just get new models and units released.

>> No.27525155

I've learned never to underestimate Gang. Mat 9, P&S 12 is nothing to sneeze at, especially if you can get the charge.

>> No.27525181

>mfw iron fleshing eliminators
just TRY and touch them faggot

>> No.27525458

Old witch, winter-star or something else?

>> No.27525495

I don't mind the jacks so much as the WGDS at that level. When I can't even get to the jacks and am eating rockets and combined ranged attacks that steadily kill my heavies, I just can't do shit against that when i'm all melee.

>> No.27525501

For Old Witch, Kayazy or Nyss are my go to targets for Iron Flesh, though Winter Guard are good as well. You also want some hard hitters with her as well since she lacks a damage buff.

>> No.27525513

MK 1- MK 2 everyone got new updates.

>> No.27525519

System: Warmachine
Faction: Khador
Casters: 1/1
Points: 25/25
Zevanna Agha, the Old Witch of Khador (*3pts)
* Berserker (6pts)
Kayazy Assassins (Leader and 5 Grunts) (5pts)
* Kayazy Assassin Underboss (2pts)
Winter Guard Infantry (Leader and 9 Grunts) (6pts)
* Winter Guard Infantry Officer & Standard (2pts)
* 3 Winter Guard Infantry Rocketeers (3pts)
Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist (2pts)
Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich (2pts)

Yes or not?
Maybe change gorman for a 8p jack, like kodiak.

>> No.27525522

What caster? Irusk, Butcher, Old Witch, Sorscha?

>> No.27525526

The first time was PSorcha, the second I think was E3 butcer? The Butcher with the argii.

>> No.27525537

Oh no, you didn't get it.
Khador jacks will hit kinda hard.
but they have ABYSSAL to hit stats.
Just try not to let them charge since a pow 19+bosted+charge if hits, hurts.
they're hard to kill, just lock them in combat vs something with high def and go for the squishy dudes.
Try using enviroment/clouds.

>> No.27525564

That was a complete overhaul of the system, not faction specific updates. There's also no plans for any new rules editions.

>> No.27525571

doge butcher=3utcher

>> No.27525600

I know they hit hard. Its just if my Angelius and Scythean charge and hit - they'll die. Armor 10 against a POW 14 attack and then 3 PS 17 attacks should wreck almost any non character/Colossal jack. As it was my Angelius crippled his Kodiaks movement system with just one attack, but that was the most damage I got onto one of his jacks.

>> No.27525695

>but they have ABYSSAL to hit stats.
MAT 6 isn't bad, just extremely average.

>> No.27525773

do you go balls deep no pivoting?
how would you act here?

(black=mountain, green forest, grey wall)
big red=deathstar, medium jack, small caster

>> No.27525867

Ideally i'd try to keep my caster (Saeryn) around the mountain or wall for concealment and keep my heavy beasts around the forest (Flight/PF), use a Harrier/Raek & spell martyr to try and blight bomb the death star, and try to lock down/eliminate the heavy I guess and hope I can set up enough for either an assassination or take out infantry and wound the jack.

>> No.27525906

to be honest If i was you i'd try to somehow trick them around, into following you (poker face here), then drop the most enduring beast against the deathstar, enrage it and rush the caster.
Maybe you need to practice more.
AKA, git gud.

>> No.27525944

I'm still learning. The map this time had no forestry/hills/mountains - it was open field with the most terrain being a few small walls.

>> No.27525970

terrain makes a GREAT difference in gameplay.

>> No.27526063

what is a good caster for the rapemachine deathjack is?

>> No.27526127

I know, I wish there were forests in that match, since they would have given my Scythean and Angelius better defense.

>> No.27526139

Where I play we only play no anything final destination when playing a new game.

>> No.27526154

But theres no fox.

>> No.27526226

>No caster
>No locks
>No jacks
>No beasts
>No units
>No solos
>No terrain
>No table
>No players
>Final Destination

>> No.27527555

Mortenbra, Witch Coven, 3sphyxious?

They seem to have decent 'spells. Mortenbra seems to, especially with the repair.

>> No.27527737

>3 warlocks - each part of the others battle groups.
>Got Plylyth Pthags Saeryn and Pvayl

What can I do thats good with these?

>> No.27527756

Rather, 3 warlocks/warcasters, no other units/solos/etc.

>> No.27527979

So, I'm hopelessly in love with eHexeris's Black Spot, but I am also new to the game and am having an awful time figuring out how to best exploit it. Would anyone care to advise me on the subject?

>> No.27528128

Ranged attacks.

>> No.27528261

So, when do you guys think PP will get around to making mk3?

>> No.27528293


>> No.27528316

When was mk1? 2009? That sounds about right.

I wasn't around for mk1 to mk2. Was there a huge change? Just how butthurt were people?

>> No.27528335

There were a lot of changes but nothing that was super different and completely unheard of from what i've seen. I also recall it being pretty embraced once the apprehension wore off.

>> No.27528475

my apologies. I know people that actually believe this to be true so I was fearful.

>> No.27529294

wait so theyre all part of the same battle group?

That reminds me of the old MK1 1000 point Hordes games where Saeryn can make about 4 Angelii immune to melee and Vayl would make them chase you every time you moved a model.

>> No.27529421

same battle group, but its just the three casters you pick. No one else. It kinda feels like Hordes/warlocks would get gimped in this tournament but im thinking of trying it.

>> No.27529517

Legion got ALOT of changes.
General -
- frenzy is 1 boosted attack and damage roll
- Wings no longer made you immune to free strikes
= Eyeless sight still good
+ can remove fury after frenzy
- wings
- ravenous (move 3 inches after a kill) replaced with overtake
+ animus got better. Old animus avenging angel cost 2 self. if a friendly model is destroyed it gets to make an attack
+ serpentine grants knock down immunity
+ crit fire on gun
+ cheaper
- wings
= gained serpentine, can't slam, but cant be knocked down
- Strafe nerfed from D6 to D3+1
+ heavy warbeast. gained +1 fury +hp +arm
= slipstream still good
+ attack buffed up
- costed as a heavy
+ spray was increased to 10 inch spray (target in melee for sprays is gone)
+ lock jaw gone (couldnt buy attacks with jaw)
+ gained thumbs so he can throw
+ spiney growth damage works vs jacks
- lost reach
- lost pitch (could force after hit to throw!)
- lost point of rat
- lost point of speed (during field test was sp 7)
- regen D6 is now D3
+ gained gunfighter
+ sprays work better
= glide (i can't remember totally what glide was but i remember him getting flight being better)
- lost the ability to turn to face anything that engaged him
= animus stayed the same
- lost point of def
- lost pack mentality (+1 to hit for each shredder that already hit. stacks.)
+ lost the rule that forced shredders to attack other shredders if they frenzied
+ rabid gives a speed buff instead of movement

Those are some of the changes to some of our main models

>> No.27529633

- lost mind ripper (range 10 pow 8. causes D3 damage per fury/focus. got around armor!)
- feat's place effect only works once (used to place after every attack)
- feat works off damage not hit
- lost swordmaster attack
- lost invisibility (after killing something she ends activation and gains +4 def, can't be targeted by spells or ranged)
- lost to hit buff off critical decap (used to give an additional die to-hit to friendlies within command after killing a model with a crit)
+ occulation
+ spirit eater
+ sprint
+ mat increased to 8

Rhyas is Legion's Batman. She took the blame for all of Legion's broke casters so they gave her all the nerfs.

>> No.27529904


>* Berserker (6pts)

>Kayazy Assassins (Leader and 5 Grunts) (5pts)
* Kayazy Assassin Underboss (2pts)

I dont like it.

Dont know if i would run old witch at anything less than 35 to be honest.

>> No.27529991

Agreed. She can't fit in what she wants at anything less than that. You could probably sqeeze something in at 25, but 15 straight up doesn't work.

That said, most 15 point lists are pretty shit.

>> No.27530033

In your opinion, who are the two easiest locks/casters to learn your faction/game with?

>> No.27530046

Which faction?

>> No.27530165

Your favorite

>> No.27530181

Probably pBaldur and Kromac

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