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...Stupid Sexy Sauron

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And so, Melkor seduced Sauron to the path of darkness..

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Sauron was actually able to change his shape to become an beautiful man before he was cursed forever. He did this to deceive men, elves, and dwarves.

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I probably would a Sauron

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Actually, no, that was Morgoth. Morgoth took the shape of a strong beautiful man. Sauron could shape-shift as well, but he used it to shift into creatures like werewolves and snakes.

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One of Sauron's old monikers was "Sauron the Fair".

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eh, i'm sure he could shapeshift into whatever form he wanted, but i don't remember reading about it in the Silmarillion and couldn't find it quickly on google.

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Both of them could. Morgoth lost the ability to change into beautiful things after he got badly scarred by Fingolfin and Thorondor. Sauron lost it after he got Numenor destroyed while he was on it.

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And then he became Sauron the Power Bottom

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Oh bahahahahahahha.

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This would've been pretty good if the artist had left out the memes and sub-par jokes.

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aaron diaz what have you done?

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Is this where we dump our Melkor/Mairon pics?

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Anybody have more pictures of Turin? I only have a few.

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I have this one, but that's it.

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If I ever publish a book, I will enforce a strict rule in copyright that anyone producing works based off of mine must do so in the form of fangirly yaoi bait

Can I do that?

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Hm, I'm unsure whether the eye was any kind of symbol to Sauron before he lost his form.

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It's in the chapter of the Silmarillion about Numenor.

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Can Bill Moe join in too?

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Manwhë -- a racist? It's more likely than you think.

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If I join Mordor, do I get a chance at fucking Sauron?

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Copyright will eventually expire however. Remember, though corporate brainwshing may make it difficult, that copyright is an exception, a temporary stay to the general rule, stating that you have a limited-time exclusive right to your own work so you may make profit with it.

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No. He and Melkor are monogamous.

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I fucking hate you some days /tg/

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Goddamn, I hate the tumblr comics sense of humour.

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>mfw this becomes the common depiction of the Dark Lord of Mordor on forums

I love the guy's art and all but I fucking rue the day that blond jackass ever graced the internet.

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That shit's beautiful. I'd read that comic.

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That be when you patent shit. A copyright runs out like 80 years after you kick it.

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Yavanna fairest of maidens.

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Ugh, what a bother

I guess I'll just post everything for free on the internet and kill myself when I can't stand my minimum wage job any longer, leaving a suicide note that says "Plz draw fanart of my stuff"

But secretly I'll fake my own death and hang around as a hobo for another decade, checking the internet at a library once a month to see if my last request was ever fulfilled

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If I ever end up in a tolkien campaign, the character motivation is gonna be to fuck Sauron.

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you would have to have a very MMRDM then...

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I think I might be drying up. The rest is mostly stuff with other characters.

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Will melkor eventually break free from that?
would be hilarious if he also turned "good", with anger issues but "good".
>Did you blown up a continent?
>Im fucking trying, but that wench call me ugly

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My Magical Realm Dungeon Master
to allow you to play out your fetish and to have a fuckable sauron, just... I shudder at the play through. Even if you mean you just want to go and fuck the giant flaming eye, still it's so... yikes

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I wasn't aware that beautiful meant female. Why does he look like a girl in all this faggots art?

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IIRC, Melkor is not coming back until the final battle between good and evil, which he is destined to lose.

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The artist likes effeminate men.

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Genderbender artists. The plague of the internet son be glad you have never hit the dark side of the internet.

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Then why bother to fight it?

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He has no clue he will lose of course.

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Because he's not into choir song.

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>No tulkas, the strongest there is

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because he thinks he is in the right.

one of the major themes in Tolkien is that winning or losing doesn't matter, so long as you fight...all the good factions in lotr, for example, are almost certain they will lose the war against sauron they very nearly did. ditto the first age peoples versus morgoth himself. its also something of a theme in old norse and/or A-S stuff. though it tended to be seen as hubris in that (ofermod)

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>everyone but Madoka is now male
>Homuhomu and Mami are now extra creepy

Good job, assholes.

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I will admit that i haven't read up on the LotR lore lately, but isn't Melkor and Morgoth the same guy?

Or am i completely wrong?

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yeah, they are one and the same.

people tend to build up a stable of names in arda. though tbh morgoth is more of a title or epiphet than a name. ditto sauron actually.

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Some battles are worth fighting for, even if you know the result beforehanded.

He's going to fight to make a point, that he has free will.

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>dat Saruman

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Melkor is his actual given name. Morgoth is the name/curse that the elves gave him for killing the two trees.

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Sauron, you mean.

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>dat Eönwë

>> No.27498122

Curunir is Saruman

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>Year of our lord 2013
>Not faping to Male homu

Son is there something I should know about?

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This one's for you.

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Beautiful as a description of physical attractiveness is generally associated with femininity, just like handsome is generally associated with masculinity. Both words are also usually used to describe facial looks rather than body, so it's rare you'll see an attractive man described as beautiful unless he has some feminine aspect. Just a little quirk of language stemming from societal norms, not really any preference on the artist's part.

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Dammit, you're right. My bad.

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Just thought it would be funny to have some guy ready to throw aside everything to bang Sauron, preferably in his girly physical form. When the world then falls into darkness because he brought him back, he's all "Doesn't matter, had sex."

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Homuhomu is the best, though. Super romantic.

But yeah, guy Mami on regular Madoka is kind of weird.

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In this particular instance I think it might be partially because of the artist's preference. The guy really likes effeminate men, although he does draw some nice bearded and burlier ones, too.

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Yes. Romantic like Twilight. S/he stalks her /through time/.

...is that chick Homu or...

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>I am gonna prove I have freewill by marching to a defeat/death preordained by fate


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Well Sauron as well but he's always described as beautiful pre-Numenor, but you always think of Saruman as Christopher Lee (or at least I do).

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He doesn't know he's going to lose.

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Homu has more reason to stalk other then OMG I LUV you and more personality.

Chick Homu because I'm the anti-yaoi. Yaoi fangirls wither around me.

Fuck your right. I don't imagine any of the characters like the movie one, other then him.

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Rolled 9696

No, curunir is another of sarumans names

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One of the bits in the tale of Beren and Luthien is Sauron being the ruler of werewolves on some tower in old middle earth. He even runs around as a huge werewolf as well. It also has Beren and Luthien changing themselves into a wolf-man and a bat-woman (hurr hurr) to infiltrate Morgoth's stronghold.

I cannot for the life of me understand why, with all the horrible furry artist nerds on the net, nobody has ever made fanart of this.

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Nobody would accept him back. He was chained up, his body slain, and his bound spirit was cast into space. The Valar don't want him back.

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>Yes. Romantic like Twilight. S/he stalks her /through time/.
The sarcasm went over your head, I see. I don't blame you, sarcasm is hard to detect sometimes.

Also, that pic is girl Homu, yes.

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That artist is really good. She manages to be the only one I've seen who can Genderbend Madoka and not make the guy look like a pussy that would get beat up every morning for his lunch money before getting NTRed.

>> No.27498238

>I don't blame you, sarcasm is hard to detect sometimes.
After spending enough time online, it's hard to tell sometimes.

>> No.27498242

Because the Silmarillion has some very dumb things that would've been edited out if Tolkien had actually wanted to publish it and the less we talk about those dumb things the better.

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>dat moment when you realize you might not be as heterosexual as you may have thought

>> No.27498256

>Werewolves in lotr
They're evil spirits that take the form or a vicious, undead, and hideous mutant wolf.

Also bat-mens in lotr are giant creepy and ugly as fuck shadows with bat form.

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Could you take your deviantart homo fanwank elsewhere, please?

>> No.27498272

Did he ever deceive women?

>> No.27498283


And Sauron and Melkor weren't a pair of homoerotic prettyboys.

What's your point?

>> No.27498291

>And Sauron and Melkor weren't a pair of homoerotic prettyboys.

>Citation needed.

>> No.27498298


nice, are these watercolors with ink? really cool

>> No.27498305

Yes they were, until they lost that form.

>> No.27498371


Tolkien's beauty standards was rugged men. Even the elves were, it's just later D&D-inspired depictions that landed us with girly-man Legolas and similar.

Feanor was the hottest elf-dude ever and he was described as MANLY AS FUCK

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>> No.27498407

>Beauty elves
wut? Your sense of aesthetics is srly damaged

>> No.27498495

What are the little people doing? Why is that one girl covering her ears?

>> No.27498527

>blond jackass

>> No.27498722

Did Melkor ever manage to get laid?

>> No.27498786

>get laid
He has way more important things to do, like assemble and paint an army of beast men and orks.

>> No.27498822

It's okay, he's drawn with female features.

>> No.27498856

So where's the actual rule 63?

>> No.27498960

>all dis Sauron

>> No.27499031

This is a girl, if you think that counts.

>> No.27499081

Trap Sauron is pretty okay.

>> No.27499583

When did Sauron turn into a cute-looking feller?

>> No.27499604

>Melkor post-Silmarils
>Still good-looking and not horribly twisted

>> No.27499612

Is it wrong that I would fuck Sauron senseless?


>> No.27499633

He looked like that to start with.

>> No.27499634

>Using the one ring as a dick ring and fucking Sauron senseless

>> No.27499652

Well, I'd serve Sauron then.

>> No.27499654


But then he couldn't see what's cumming

>> No.27499691

>Not wanting to be gently loved by Sauron
>Not wanting Grond violating your prostate

You're not gay, are you?

>> No.27499706

>Implying that Sauron is ever, ever the top

>> No.27499729

Only if grond is this big and has the same form, any other way would be too gay.

>> No.27499730

Considering the way Sauron works, he's probably constantly flirting and teasing and talking you up so you'll pound him like crazy while he moans like a whore once he finally lets you into bed.

And then he makes sure you can't stop thinking about having that again, and he starts exploiting that...

>> No.27499759

I thought I was hetero

>> No.27499765


He always was, in fact! It's only after he crafted his One Ring that he both lost his ability to polymorph, and that his ineer obsession/corruption became visible.

>> No.27500149

Sauron is very good at seduction and manipulation.

He specializes in looking harmless and beautiful and submissive.

>> No.27500201

Not the other guy, but damnit new fetish.

>> No.27500230

Sauron's basically the type to suck off your ego continuously so you don't notice what he's actually up to.

"What, harmless little me? How could I possibly get around the notice of a big, strong, clever one like you?"

>> No.27500269

this is how i still see Sauron


>Middle School was so magical

>> No.27500275

>implying fem tops aren't what's best in life
What a fag

>> No.27500281

He eventually ends up like that.

Pre-Fall-of-Numenor Sauron was a seductive little bastard.

>> No.27500293

Sauron likes being put in his place and making you feel like a big strong man (so you'll do what he want later).

>> No.27500296

Wait a minute, I got it!

No wait thats new age music, and I'm still oblivious

>> No.27500420


Oh hell, don't stop now

>> No.27500459

>Suddenly anon heads over to the ERP thread, desperate to find someone to roleplay as prettyboy Sauron

>> No.27500473

Aww, shit yeah.

>> No.27500492

>No Vana
>No Olorin

>> No.27500557


You aren't completely wrong...

>> No.27500572

Is this a LotR thread?

If so, are the 'Named" Ringwraiths from GW canon or not?

>> No.27500586

Hey, just link to this thread as a demonstration of what you want.

>> No.27500587

>everything withers right next to me

>maybe thats why I cant get a gf

>> No.27500594

how can you be so sure that the Madoka in that picture isn't actually a guy

>> No.27500603

>HAHAHA, screw the sun! nighttime for all!

>> No.27500620

>Hey evil guys! Fight harder!

>> No.27500648

So, were Sauron and this Melkor real wizards or what

I'm asking the high fantasy kind of wizard not the Gandalf kind of wizard

>> No.27500654

He always was. As a tempter, he appeared in many beguiling forms, taking names like gift giver

>> No.27500664

Do you really want to see Gandalf bishified, anon? Ask yourself that.

>> No.27500675


It came only after he lost the Ruling Ring.

>> No.27500700

Melkor was a Valar aka god.
Sauro was Maiar, an angel? somekind of lesser god?
They don't "cast" shit, they use that shit in the same way you breath.

>> No.27500707 [DELETED] 

Sauron, no! It's a trap!

>> No.27500715


But did they stop time, raise the dead and/or cast fireballs or not?

>> No.27500729

Umbar represent!

I image he would look like Kakashi from naruto

thats actually friggin awesome now that I think about it

>> No.27500738

Do you think he knows?

>> No.27500739

Valar and Maiar are essentially Archangels and lesser angels.

There's only one God in this setting, and he's completely omnipotent.

Hell, the opening chapter of the Silmarillion is all about God taking Satan's attempt at rebellion and going "This was part of my plan the whole time".

>> No.27500758


>> No.27500763


Maybe he knows and likes it

>> No.27500779

The word god can be used for omnipotent and non omnipotent beings, the Abrahamic god is a god, but also Hermes.

>> No.27500787

Stop time? depends, time works different for them.
Raise the dead? yeah
Cast fireballs? pretty much yeah, without the cast, they don't "cast".

>> No.27500790

Melkor essentially made the world into his phylactery, just as Sauron would later tie his experience to the One Ring.

>> No.27500811

Yeah, but YHWH and Hermes aren't in the same pantheon.

When the omnipotent sort of god gets involved, everyone else gets demoted.

>> No.27500838

If being gay were actually like this instead of the hell my brother and his friends live every day, I would trade in my clitoris in for a swag phallus and a tight little asshole. In a second.

>> No.27500851

what about Ungoliath, she wasn't created by Eru, ergo Eru isn't omnipotent

>> No.27500858

Who says?

>> No.27500928

It is for me though, babygirl.

>> No.27500954

That... Wasn't the war of the ring?

I thought shit was pretty Kosher on Middle Earth for forever after, after that?

>> No.27500956

What, you don't already have a tight little asshole?

Is the female anus inferior or something?

>> No.27501004 [DELETED] 

This anon knows what's up.

>> No.27501013


It's been too abused already, I can just slip my hand in.

>> No.27501014

The eye of Sauron sees all.

>> No.27501037

It must be, else why wouldn't gay guys just fuck women in the ass and make their lives easier?

>> No.27501040

And you think the same wouldn't happen to your male anus?

>> No.27501084


Yeah, but I'd get to start again. Unf.

>> No.27501106

It'd probably happen even faster, considering you're now missing the other hole.

>> No.27501169


I know, I love it.

>> No.27501182

>are the 'Named" Ringwraiths from GW canon or not?
One. Khamul the Easterling existed, but he's the only named one. Except the Witch King obviously

>> No.27501197

So you specifically just want to get your asshole broken again?

Alright then, I guess.

>> No.27501229

Witch King sounds more like a title though.

>> No.27501249

This thread now.
"Lord of the Rings: The One Gay Ring".
Also anal talk.

/tg/ in a nutshell.

>> No.27501263

We all want to bone Sauron.

Is that so wrong?

>> No.27501291


So wrong its good.

>> No.27501301

huge turn on long as I ignore the feet

>> No.27501309

> I don't want to be a spirit!
Now I feel kinda bad for the guy.

>> No.27501330

What's wrong with the feet?

>> No.27501362

Probably sees hairiness as masculine.

>> No.27501375

So cute.

>> No.27501405

>> No.27501555


Dammit. Now I'm going to have to look for a story about a woman aching to her asshole fucked, stretched, and wrecked voluntarily. And that shit isn't easy to find, much less anyone who can actually write.

I hope you're happy with yourself, miss.

>> No.27501565

>implying it's actually a woman

>> No.27501583


>> No.27501594

>implying its not possible
>implying me or my erection care either way

>> No.27501623

I know that feeling.

>> No.27501692


omnipotent doesnt mean what you think it means bro.

if we were to be technical, then the term that your understanding corresponds to would (approximately) be omnigenitus.

>> No.27501764

Eru is omnipotent. Eru can do anything and everything. That doesn't mean Eru has done everything, even though it is within his power to make it so.

>> No.27501790

I wish I had the Feanor advice-macro saved which is just tourettes swearing and demands for the return of the silmarils

>> No.27501819


>> No.27501869 [DELETED] 

Shy little Batu, I can relate.

>> No.27501931

What would it be like to have sex with Sauron, I wonder.

>> No.27501952

Dark, Hard and Hot.

>> No.27502002

Which Sauron? The gay fantasy in this thread, or the dark lord portrayed in the books?

>> No.27502127

>or the dark lord portrayed in the books?
Someone didn't read the Silmarillion.

Both Melkor and Sauron started off as incredibly pretty.

>> No.27502199

Surprisingly enough, I can easily imagine Sauron as a cute femme trap that would dance around and tease and seduce you until you hold him/her/it down and pound its cute butt to countless orgasms.

>do you think the one ring could be used as a cock ring

>> No.27502226

>after the day to day stress of being an evil overlord, running several armies, trying to kill all the good guys and trying to not die, Sauron likes to turn into a girly twink and be a total doormat bottom

10/10, would cuddle and plot the death of Middle Earth with.

>> No.27502246

Sauron doesn't hit "evil overlord, running several armies, trying to kill all the good guys and trying to not die" until after he can't twink it up anymore.

His twink days were back when Morgoth was the boss and he was biding his time.

>> No.27502262

Would you cuddle with spiky, dark, burned up Sauron?

>> No.27502284

With the "desperately wishing I had a penis" part I assume it's a woman.

There are lots of really perverse female-types on /tg/.

>> No.27502303

That Sauron is a much, much worse flirt, so probably not. He seems to have lost all of his seduction skills.

>> No.27502312

To be fair, that applies to those with a Y Chromozome as well

>> No.27502316

It's someone pretending to be a woman most likely.

>> No.27502352


This thread gave me a new fetish, Thanks for the new perspective /tg/! I never thought of Sauron as possibly being an effeminate boi, but I think I like that thought.

>> No.27502353

This is the reason being a Paladin can get freaky.

Its like, BAM, broke down the door, wears that evil so I can smite it................

And then I walk in on the BBEG getting his ass pounded by elf slaves while laying on a bed of flowers.

Its like sure I'll still kill him. But fuck if it doesn't feel weird afterwards. I came to fight a 8'10 guy in black platemail, not a 5'6 sub crying that I should hit harder.


>> No.27502417

I like to think Sauron was a rebound after Melkor and Manwe had their tragic falling-out.

I also like to think pretty-boy Sauron and edgy jock Gothmog used to scrap for Melkor's attentions.

>> No.27502425

>walk in on BBEG getting his ass pounded by elf slaves while laying on a bed of flowers
>crying that I should hit harder

Oh god, my sides. I'm laughing, I'm aroused, I'm confused. All at the same time.

>> No.27502455

If you don't like the crying, you have something to fill his mouth with, after all.

Whether or not you want to look down while he sucks your cock and watch his silky hair spill over his shimmering green eyes as he meets your eyes, clearly getting off on the humiliation as much as the elf slave in his ass.

Looking that elf slave in the eye might be a bit awkward too. But hey, did you want to save the land or not?

>> No.27502460

Good. Now you know how Kaldor Draigo felt.

He goes through this whole hell dimension to find the horrible god Slaanesh and stab what he probably assumes will with a massive crab monster with tons of boobs and sadomasocist shit, and instead he finds a little kid dancing around making Kaldor question the benefits of being pedo.

Isn't enough napalm in the world for this shit.

>> No.27502532


>> No.27502606

>you will never be a bbeg who is fucked and humiliated by the righteous hero
I-its not like I get off on this, Hero.

>> No.27502627


Who are the girl and the diablo-like lady on the right ?

>> No.27502668

The top one is probably Gothmog.

>> No.27502699

My evil overlord can't possibly be this cute.

>> No.27502741

>No Oromë The Huntsman of the Valar

That's bullshit.

>> No.27502796


>Then 'Murica fly over the horizon on giant bald eagles of justice with BRRRRRRT mounted on them
>To support free will and freedom
>To put an end to the racism and the oppression orks have to endure everyday at the hands of the elves and the humans
>This is the 5th age and "Melkare" is finally voted and applied everywhere in the united states of middle earth
>Orks have a thriving culture, their latter achievement being "Bubble Butt" featuring big bottomed Uruks and goblins
>The arabian east is still shit though

This... this is beautiful anon.

>> No.27502828


It sounds even more gay since it sounds like you prefer muscular bearded men over effeminate men which is also gay so you sound super gay.

You faggot.

>> No.27502938

It's more likely than you think.

>> No.27502960

Who the hell is the artist for half these comics and pictures? I love them.

>> No.27502982


Know what ? This is a serious question.

>> No.27503015

>that's not a girl cosplaying

>> No.27503044

I think Sauron became my husbando in this thread or something, thanks a lot /tg/

>> No.27503051

Also in the lay of Beren and Luthien, where Sauron and Haun duel on the bridge and Sauron shape-shifts to get out of the hound's teeth. Doesn't work, and Luthien gives him his freedom in exchange for mastery of the tower holding Beren. Girl was mad in love with that bro, yo.

>> No.27503057

goes by phobs.

>> No.27503073

Do you mean the artist of >>27497321? It's a Russian animation student who goes by Phobs.

>> No.27503085


More like "Lord of the Rings: The Two Tiny Towers."

>> No.27503097

Same. I'm not usually into traps, but I'll make an exception just this once.

>> No.27503105

>giant evil spider
That's my fetish too.

>> No.27503112

>that feeling when you want to dress sauron up in a slutty nightie and slip him the d

Feels shameful man

>> No.27503136

>that entire post

>> No.27503138


I think my penis could break the one ring right about now. What's the cosplayer's name ? (the stocking one, of course)

>> No.27503166


>> No.27503169

Jackson thought he might made sauron appear in human form. She was planned to have that role.

>> No.27503189

And that would be good casting.

>> No.27503235


>I image he would look like Kakashi from naruto

That is cool AS FUCKING FUCK, dude. Like, really cool. And sauron's eye is a giant sharingan. We are fucked then.

>> No.27503281


>> No.27503304




He's totes uggo by then, though.

>> No.27503315

Man, this takes me back to the days of my army of Moria Goblins. Good times. LotR models can always make me smile.

>> No.27503330

I thought Jackson casted Benedict Cumberpatch as The Necromancer/Sauron.

>> No.27503356

For the Hobbit movies. Tilda was cast for the LotR trilogy.

>> No.27503379


Before the hobbit.


Do you have any evidence for that beside having a huge fetish for boys that corrupt every picture you see on the internet ?

>> No.27503400

Well, being a literal demigod, i assume it would be awesome.

>> No.27503408

Oh, didn't know that. Anyway, you think Cumberpatch'll work?

>> No.27503424

sadpanda is always a good place to look

>> No.27503429

Yeah in the hobbit.

Silmarillion TV series when.

>> No.27503447

Welcome to /totally gay/, anon.

>> No.27503472

Only Khalmul the Easterling and the Witch-King of Angmar.

>> No.27503626


>Silmarillion TV series when.

Made by the same guys that do game of thrones. My dick is mithril.

>> No.27503660

Your corrupt soul will be purified with girly orgasms, foul blackheart.

>> No.27503675

We all did at some point.

>> No.27503691


You'll never now what Gandalf did to the poor balrog after they fell.

>> No.27503763

Shit. Now I wanna play a game where a noble paladin purifies the corrupt villian trap with his dick until the evildoer finally gives up on her nefarious schemes, weds the paladin in the temple he once despised, and the two live happily ever after.

>> No.27503768

Impale it with his dicking staff so that he could carry it up to the mountain top?

>> No.27503786

You want to play a rapist who weds a trap suffering from Stockholm Syndrome?

>> No.27503796

Lawful Good.

>> No.27503798

Not really.

I could go with either character, really.

>> No.27503827

I'd totally like being the trap.

>> No.27503831

Isn't she the one who played Gabriel in the movie adaptation of Constantine?

>> No.27503843


>> No.27503848


>> No.27503851

You don't?

>> No.27503876


Yes. Sexy as hell, but that must be my fetishy side for androgynous boys and girls.

>> No.27503899


I want to play as the Lawful Good Paladin who is slowly corrupted by the cute trap bbeg until he falls, purposes to her, marries her in a dark version of marriage rites, then consumates the marriage by pounding her to orgasm over and over.

The he steps onto the evil throne and becomes a BBEG, with the girly trap as his queen.

>> No.27503918

She's the one who gave me my fetish for androgyny/traps.

>> No.27503922

That would also work. Really, just so long as they end up together.

>> No.27503933

>Not David Bowie

>> No.27503943

She does that.

>> No.27503966


Why wasn't it ever stated even in "serious" fantasy books about evil heavily sexually attractive demons that you must fap before the encounter because the risk of being to aroused to think straight is too great ?

>> No.27503989

You can't really blame him for that. It's often said that she bears some resemblance to Bowie. Hell, I'm kinda bummed that she hasn't played Bowie on screen.

>> No.27504004

I wonder, does she realize how androgynous she looks or get comments on it or anything.

>> No.27504008

>the corrupt villian trap with his dick until the evildoer finally gives up on her
So, is self-delusion fun?

>> No.27504024

Goddammit anon, that whole thread... I seriously blame /tg/ and /jp/ for giving me the gay. It's your fault I made my cute blond hairless childhood friend cum again and again in shivering orgasms !

>> No.27504032

Holy shit, that costume looks amazing.

I'm jelly.

>> No.27504033

No, the whole idea about the trap is the illusion. You use female pronouns up until someone starts fapping, then you whip out the
How new are you

>> No.27504037

Maybe he intends said trap to be transsexual.

In which case he's just being polite using the female gendered pronoun.

Or maybe he means it in a degrading way.

>> No.27504060

Not him, but it's much easier to refer to traps by 'her'. They generally have a female appearance, aside from their cock and balls.

If it looks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, you will probably call it a duck. Nothing delusional about it.

>> No.27504076

>not this guy

>> No.27504087

I'm not sure you know how this fetish works.

I meant it in the polite way. Though if the trap got off on the degrading way, I could do that... but I'd rather not.

>> No.27504095

>calling a trap her
>self delusion

Come on, why do people say this? I'm pretty sure everyone who jerks off to or likes traps can admit that they are bisexual at the very least.

>> No.27504096


We like it for the dick, balls and cum. Can it really be called self delusion when you actively and openly admit loving the male appendage ?

>> No.27504101

She knows. It's come up in interviews.

>> No.27504119

Yeah, her resemblance to Poison is uncanny.

>> No.27504136

I was talking about Sauron there.

>> No.27504182

>just admit it already, you are on your way to light pink
>it'll be fun

>> No.27504187


That's stocking, not poison. And if that's a boy like some people already claimed (I highly doubt it though) it is the most perfect person on earth ever and I'd do nasty thing to her.

>> No.27504215

>if that's a boy... I'd do nasty things to her
It's okay to be gay, but at least don't delude yourself about it.

>> No.27504218


Masculine features are still gross no matter what. (And I tried to be gay, I swear)

>> No.27504253


It looks like a girl I call it like a girl. And by nasty things I'm such a faggot I meant me sucking the D and not the other way around so it's gay enough for me to not say him.

>> No.27504261

>autism intensifies
It's not deluding yourself. She has a cock and balls, yes, so its gay.

However, the rest of her (and more importantly, what 99.9% of the rest of the world sees) is an attractive woman.

>> No.27504266

I like how that chart presupposes that you're in the closet if you're not a cumguzzling cockwhore.

>> No.27504287

>Fuck 5 African guys
>Get aids
Nothing of value was lost

>> No.27504296

>I'm light pink
>but only in my head
>nobody in my life can ever know what a wanton whore I would love to be
Trust me, I would love nothing more than being an absolute, total slut and cumdump. It's just too unsafe though.

>> No.27504302

Green is an insurmountable wall for me, unfortunately.

>> No.27504338

>> No.27504342

I don't understand anon. What is it that your attracted to in traps then if not the idea of a female body with a penis?

>> No.27504345

We would all love to have insane and awesome orgies for when the mood strikes, but not all are that fortunate. And you're not getting happy until everybody can be happy.

>> No.27504356

>please let this be a lewd comic or some sort

>> No.27504363


>> No.27504381

I'm attracted to traps DESPITE the penis.

>> No.27504387

Oh boy, here we go!

>> No.27504396


>> No.27504405

I'm confus.

pls explain your logic. or if there isn't any logic, try and explain it anyway.

I mean, if you don't like penis, why not just fap to biological women?

>> No.27504413

That is the most adorable thing I have seen all month.

>> No.27504428


>> No.27504473

Make Elephants, get worshipers

>> No.27504475

Melkor made an elephant?

>> No.27504496

That's no elephant anon. Look at the size difference.

Seems to be a Mumakil or whatever they were called.

>> No.27504517



Tolkein has just been resurrected and shown this thread. What would be his reaction?

>> No.27504525

I remember when I started using the internet stuff like trannies or gore were total boner killer, now 90% of the porn I watch/read is that kind stuff.

>> No.27504561

"Hitler was right."

>> No.27504564

I don't get it.

>> No.27504580


>> No.27504587

The Internet is the ultimate BBEG. She slowly corrupts you over time until what you would have thought of as depraved, you think of as "mmm".

>> No.27504592

That is the anthem of warhammer40k threads

>> No.27504614

Are you using "trap" to mean transexual? That's not what trap means.

>> No.27504690

Hot Lawful Dickings are the best.

>> No.27504770

>too aroused to think straight

>> No.27504838

>Seduction of Men
Well that comic was disappointing.

>> No.27504875

>Not be seduced by an oliphant
Anon you are the disapoint

>> No.27504965

Seduction just means something was attractive or tempting.

Bitches love Oliphaunts.

>> No.27504982

>> No.27505082

>only girls can be hedonists
>dat terrible art

>> No.27505156

You know, that ram is built in IMITATION of Morgoth's Hammer.
Hell. It isn't even magical.

>> No.27505330

>only girls can be hedonists

I have no idea what that picture is doing in this thread, but the text above each example is from that game Cursed, the life sim where you play a guy who got cursed by a witch, turning you into a woman. So you have to learn to be ladylike, if you really want to.

Each of those examples is from a different range of your ever increasing Femininity / Inhibition meter.

>> No.27505556

>> No.27505557

Yes, now I see the appeal of serving Sauron in LOTR. All praise the most evil and affeminate of all the dark lords.

>> No.27505637


>> No.27505752

Can't we do the love and cuddle first, then rip and tear?

>> No.27505776

Remember when you didn't knew much about Lotr and you thought "wow sauron is such a badass bad guy" when watching the movies ?

Me neither. Now I think of sauron as a cute girly boy. Fuck you /tg/.

>> No.27505834


Silly, that's not how you use a sword!

>> No.27505892

What's wrong with Sauron?

>> No.27505926

I mean, I like big badass girly evil overlord Sauron.

>> No.27505975

A lot.

>> No.27506106

> Oh, Eru... What did we do last night?

>> No.27506144


>> No.27506629

Man, now I want to play a LOTR game where you play as Mordor fellows.

>> No.27506690

>those faces
So tsundere, Mairo-chan~! :3

>> No.27507138

Guys, guys, guys, guys.
I propose this.
Can you imagine, for just a second: A Lord of the Rings AU where everything is the same EXCEPT…(except)…all combat is fought in mobile suits?

>> No.27507345


Was he ever a lady? With boobs and stuff?

>> No.27507392

Never described to take a woman's form, but Sauron is frequently described as "beautiful" or "fair" when he wants to be.

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