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According to Illic Nightspear (Aka Last Hope of the Eldar, Traveler between the Planes, the Warder of Rhana Dandra), the threat of the Necrons far overshadows any other foe to the Eldar race and the galaxy. To him, not even Chaos and She who thirsts scale up to the soulless evil of the Necrons.

I have read the Necron fluff and I just don't see how they are all that threatening or scary. So is he exaggerating or what?

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Nightspear was probably referencing the oldcrons. The newcron fluff isn't nearly as badass as the old fluff.

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Nope. Fluff just changed, that's all. Necrons used to be in the "will help you shed the itchy flesh of existence" level of evil, and have gone into "muh character" derpy undead grandpas.

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Chaos is leprosy, Slaanesh is your rapist cellmate, and Necrons are the guillotine waiting at dawn.

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>Necrons used to be in the "will help you shed the itchy flesh of existence" level of evil, and have gone into "muh character" derpy undead grandpas.


Fucking faggot newcron fans. You know some idiots actually feel Tyranids are too similar despite the hive fleet differences? Wacky newnid saturday morning hijinks incoming.

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Damn, now that you put it that way...

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Ward thinks the Oldcrons were just Newcrons with damaged programming.

I believe it's the other way. Hopefully MW meets with a woodchipper that ruins his voicebox and shreds his hands so that he has no choice but to impotently sit back and watch as actual writers fix his decades of mistakes.

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This. Their new fluff sacrificed that whole "other tyranids" thing they had going on in exchange for a more enjoyable tabletop experience.

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what are you talking about, that is a terrible analogy. The guillotine at dawn part works but not the part about slaanesh and chaos. After they get executed at dawn they get sent back to their cell with slaanesh?

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>implying he won't dictate his future codexes with one of those robot voice boxes

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Slaanesh is okay with necrophilia.

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>"other tyranids"
Hah, yeah... if by "other tyranids" you meant "Wants to extinquish life from the galaxy because it's a illogical and troublesome, and would rather harvest your souls and snuff life out of the galaxy because they're colossal dicks".

But no, the Ward/5th Defense Force just always falls back on "C'Tan did it", or "'other tyranids'", because it never wants to actually read the fluff beyond what /tg/ regurgitates all the time.

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Necrons weren't other Tyranids they were reverse Tyranids. As in completely reverse. Necrons are an internal, dormant threat. Tyranids were an external, active threat. Necrons were inorganic, Tyranids were organic. Necrons destroyed, Tyranids consumed and created new life.

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I think he meant "other tyranids" in a FUCKHUGE threat kind of way. Like the galaxy would either end at the hands of soulless robits or hungry dino-bugs.

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Oldcrons shouldn't have been a playable race

you can't have "super evil mystery" and make only vauge talks about there awesome tech because people want models of them but explain shit and what those are would take away the "mystery"

so its a catch 22

also the old C'tan were 2d lovecraft knock offs, in a universe were people pants lovecraft knock offs every other week

Hell the Dark Crusade RPG has a normal woman EAT three greater daemons

Also who cares what Alaitoc thinks they're massive failures

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>>Also who cares what Alaitoc thinks they're massive failures

>Home of the BEST FARSEER

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But Eldrad lives on Ulthwe.

And thanks to the timeline retcon in the CSM 'Dex the 13th Black Crusade hasn't happened yet so he's still alive.

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It was as early as 5th edition that the 13th Black Crusade was reset to just starting with no end in sight.

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I meant her, Elenwe the BEST FARSEER!

She single-handedly saved Ulthwe from certain destruction by the cold metal hands of the Souldark.

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Newcron fluff is not as bad as people make it seem.

I get the feeling that most people complaining about it have not actually read it, and just jumped on the bandwagon. You can still play oldcrons, if you want to. It's all about how you fluff your necrons.

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>matt ward lore
> don't see how they are all that threatening or scary
Read oldcrons, its really sad to say it but Dark Crusade has better necrons than tabletop right now due to being oldcrons

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great bait mate. Unlike what you think, posting deliberately wrong information makes you look retarded, not cool. By other tyranids he means an unreasonable alien intellect guiding monstrosities who seek to kill everything, and you're not quite sure why or how to stop them.

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What's so funny, Lord Abaddon?

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That's not Idranel.

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The oldcron fans are just really, really insistent. Plenty of people are fine with newcrons.

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Was this thread started by the one person who always brings up the Nightspear Rhana Dandra thing, this time pretending to not consider the Newcrons a threat?

I think it was.

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Why, though? What was the point of having two tyranid factions? And why can't they fluff their crons like oldcrons? The entire point of changing cron fluff was to allow players to fluff their own armies.

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Now we have like 3 Empires who have fallen from their glory days and are desperately trying to reclaim what they lost. So what's the point of that?

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Eh, they just like oldcrons is all. De gustibus non est disputandum.

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Well, to be fair the setting was pretty stuffed already when they added the Crons. They were always going to be treading on someone's toes. Personally I'd rather they didn't exist at all, but since they're already a thing I'll take Newcrons as they're a bit less Yet Another Horrible Doom Confronts The Galaxy.

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If I remember correctly, it was one of the C'tan that gave Eldar the fear of death. This lead the Eldar to seek to enjoy life more which was a slippery slope for immortal creatures with nothing to do but get freakier and freakier. Eventually this lead to Slaanesh being born and dooming the Eldar race.

So the Necrons did beat the Eldar

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the oldcrons fluff is the Nightbringer brought fear of death to everything minus orks

no word on Newcrons so there's no reason that has change, I mean its the same fluff minus the Necrons turning on the C'Tan

you notice how all of the Oldcron fluff is form OTHERS pov?

also people go read Hammer & Anvil Newcrons are great in it

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The problem here is that they are ''Yet Another Horrible Doom Confronts The Galaxy'' while being, well, Newcrons.

Pretty jarring when the fluff says they are terrifying horrors from beyond the grave and then we see them act like...LOONY TUNES!

It does not work.

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Now why do you think that?

Seriously, anon, could you cease being so overly suspicious and paranoid. It's unbecoming of you.

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FFG also has some great Newcron fluff. The Crimson Scythe and his Dynasty are simply badass.

Dude soloed the Eldar Gods and killed one of them!

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I have yet to see Newcrons as being great in anything but the tabletop. And your description of old v. new fluff is weak.

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They got a device that can blow every star in the galaxy.

That's kinda great...I dunno.

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Best crons were the ambiguous super robots before all the C'tan bullshit.

also everyone talking about how Newcrons aren't a threat are talking out of their arse. They're obviously referencing a scenario where all the dynasties are united under the triarchy, making them the necron equivalent of a galactic Imperium.

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>So is he exaggerating or what?
Rhana Dandra is sort of a big deal. A big deal in an Eldar Ragnarok kinda way. A big deal in an "all the phoenix lords fucking DIE" kinda way. "The final battle against chaos". "The immaterium and materium will be destroyed in the fighting". Shit's sort of significant even if only a prophecy.

This is the first time it's been expanded on ever, and supposedly the Necrons are going to be the spark that starts that whole shebang.

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as is the reason for why oldcrons are better

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What I hated about the oldcrons and the c'tan by extension was their lame attempt to create some kind of cartoony 'order vs chaos' nonsense by declaring that the necrons are somehow EXTRA MATERIAL which makes them anti immaterium. Lame and dumb.

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>also everyone talking about how Newcrons aren't a threat are talking out of their arse. They're obviously referencing a scenario where all the dynasties are united under the triarchy, making them the necron equivalent of a galactic Imperium.

It's as likely as the Orks uniting in a single Waaaagh!

Before they can unite, they need to go through a ''Game of thrones'' style conflict which would see many Necrons destroyed. Also even in their own codex the Necrons are dreading the coming of the Tyranids.

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Oldcrons were united.

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No, they weren't.

The C'tan hated each other.

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Not that anon but in universe crons of way back were united under the Triarchy. That's what the Praetorians are trying to do. Bring everyone back into line under the Silent King.

So there's actually a possibility that they might unite, although too many phaerons are either too insane or too individualistic for it to happen.

Plus united and full powered Necrons would probably steamroll everyone else with the vague hints of crazy doomsday weapons we get.

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>the Necrons are going to be the spark that starts that whole shebang.

I fail to see how. Necrons are building the Pylons which are holding back the tide of the Warp. They are safeguarding reality from Chaos.

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Fucking with cosmic powers surely won't have unforeseen consequences.

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>Not that anon but in universe crons of way back were united under the Triarchy.

Thanks to the Command Protocols. The Silent King got rid of them.

Now each Phaeron wants to be king and it will only end in blood (or oil..whatever the Necrons bleed).

The prophecy of Alaitoc sees them tearing apart the galaxy in a third War of Secession. So it's very unlikely that the Necrons will ever unite, from what we have seen so far.

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They fought when the Old Ones had been driven off and the galaxy was theirs to play with, but when the counterattack came - millions of years later - the survivors reunited and began the Great Work. And after a few thousand years of making sure its brethren stayed asleep, towards the end of the 41st millennium the Deceiver decided it needed the others' help. Then the Nightbringer woke up. Funny that.

>> No.27497672

Yeah, sure the Deceiver would have an easy time convincing the Nightbringer to join him.

It's not like he is responsible for the loss of the Nightbringer's precious ''scythe'' and later his humiliation at the hands of the Ultramarines.

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I prefer Tomb Kings IN SPAAAAAACE! over Cyberdalek Terminators with no Doctor to counter balance them.

Seriously, it was fucking depressing fluffwise, and not in the good way. As, say, the Guard you just had to get used to the fact that you canonically couldn't do a single fucking thing to the 'crons without throwing an entire system's armored forces at a single planet. And even then you'd probably lose.

Tyranids could be deflected, stalled, or starved. Chaos can be rooted out. Orks can be exterminated. Eldar can be flummoxed. Space Marines can be killed. Guard can be slaughtered. Tau can be decapitated. But Necrons have no morale, teleport to be healed when damaged, and will end your shit almost regardless of armor or weaponry.

Forget the 'nids, the Necrons were the real threat.

>> No.27497731

I really doubt that when leaking intelligence to the enemy the Deceiver would also leave a note saying "And tell them Mephet'ran sent you."

>> No.27497784


Exactly how much more are they TK in Spaaaaaaace beyond the addition of dynasties and personalities in the upper echelons?

I mean they've always had the egyptian thing goin' on. And always been space undead.

>> No.27497805

>Egyptian thing
No, they've pretty much always been Cyberdaleks. They don't speak, they're a hivemind, and they plan to exterminate all life. Unless you can point me to an archaeological dig showing Egyptians as architects of global omnicide, I don't see it.

>> No.27497810

I've never liked how Necrons fit into 40k.

Oh well.

>> No.27497827

>plan to exterminate all life

>> No.27497834 [SPOILER] 

Of course not, he would switch to his Alter Ego before doing that.

>> No.27497836


He's talking about an Egyptian theme, not actual Egyptians.


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I still don't even know what the newcrons are exactly. So I'm not even at the fitting-in part. Space Tomb Kings aside. They seem to have character now which is the antithesis of a collective goal. The fact that they're machines seems to have been swept under the rug, too. Character seems like something that would be long gone at that level of advancement. But I'm just thinking about this too much. I should really just appreciate key jingling when I see it.

>> No.27497859

You can have a hivemind as a group of CPUs linked together, you know. We've actually created some rudimentary AI that does JUST that.

What Egyptian theme, though? The armor? The weapons? It's a bit Egyptian, sure, but it could just as easily be Assyrian, Babylonian, or Phoenician.

When we describe Orkz as being akin to Britain's most homicidal soccer fans on the universe's greatest barcrawl, we have a reason for that.

>> No.27497876


Just look at the original necron lord. The scarabs, the flying fucking pyramids.

They've always been subtly space egyptians.

>> No.27497883

Read the 3E necron codex. Those actually were an overwhelming threat that would have eventually wiped out all life in the galaxy and even shut the Warp off from the materium.

>> No.27497885

>The fact that they're machines seems to have been swept under the rug, too.

They alternate between people who just happen to be made of metal and lolrobots.

>Far beneath the surface of the bay, in a vaulted stone chamber, two enthroned Necrons watched a holographic recreation of Skullkrak’s demise. Rising, one banished the hologram with a dissatisfied wave of his hand. ‘Combat efficiency remains at seventy percent of acceptable parameters. Further data is necessary to complete the required optimisation.’

>‘Indeed,’ replied the other, also rising. ‘Recommend activation of mindshackle cluster XD11101 – humans will provide a suitable comparator.’ The first Necron nodded to indicate his assent and issued the necessary interstitial command. ‘It is done. If the subject performs as expected, we have three months to prepare.’

>‘Our armies are the most finely crafted of all our machines, and like all machines, each component, however small, has its function. Act within established parameters, and there is no force in the galaxy that can stand before you. Operate outside them, and you concede defeat.’
>– Imotekh the Stormlord

>> No.27497890


Current crons can potentially obliterate the entire universe.

>> No.27497906

>You can have a hivemind as a group of CPUs linked together, you know. We've actually created some rudimentary AI that does JUST that.

Some Lords retained their own minds to varying degrees, even if it was years before GW themselves actually made use of the idea (beaten to it by Black Library and Relic, the shame).

>> No.27497914


The reason GW has been playing around with how 'people' necrons are is really an insane attempt to explain away how Necron warriors don't all have FNP and immunity to poison.

>> No.27497932

Greatest of all Phaerons. Ruler of the richest and most powerful Dynasty. Great ancient warrior and commander of a advanced race of impossible SCIENCE!

Still can't fix his limp even after millions of years. Such is the tragedy of Imotekh the Stormlord.



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The old rules actually handwaved it as the enemy altering their weaponry or whatever to fight the Necrons.

>Fighting the Necrons
>Necrons are largely mechanical creatures, and as such it might seem inappropriate that weapons such as sniper rifles, which normally use poison to achieve their effect, and agonisers, which work against an enemy’s nervous system, should be effective against them. In practice, anyone using these weapons against Necrons would make adjustments to counter the Necrons’ defences, for example, using acid rounds instead of poisoned rounds or altering the charge from an agoniser to affect the Necrons’ power systems. Because of this, Necrons do not receive any special immunities in this regard. In the Warhammer 40,000 universe there are many troops with an equal claim to special immunities, such as Tyranids and Daemons. It is therefore logical to assume that weaponry will keep pace to maintain fairness and avoid unnecessary complication.

And that's why Dark Eldar are invigorated and empowered by feeding on the souls of the soulless machines.

>> No.27498000

Oldcrons weren't soulless.

Soulstorm said that the metal forms of the Necrons contain souls.

>> No.27498038

It's just as bad as Orkz using Tau blood to pain their vehicles to go faster.


>> No.27498046

I was commenting specifically on 5th edition DE rules + 5th edition Necron fluff, with a 3rd edition rules/fluff justification. And though it's backed up by GW in this case, I really wouldn't cite Dawn of War as proof of anything. Though I know that hasn't stopped you before and won't stop you now.

>> No.27498073

Anything it takes!



>> No.27498147

Were the C'tan really that hated by the 40K community?

>> No.27498217

Hard to tell when complaints are coming from a majority or just grognards who can't handle change. Tau, the other new alien codex released around the same time, attracted plenty of rage as well, and Dark Eldar were 3rd edition too but seemed to get off since people were barely aware they existed.

>> No.27498234

>thinking they're the same person

>> No.27498246

Yeah, they're actually Alpharius (or Omegon) and Omegon (or Alpharius) respectively. It'll all be revealed in the Horus Heresy novels.

Also, the Fall of the Eldar was engineered by the Emperor.

>> No.27498274

>The Eldar couldn't tell them apart
>The same mischief and trickery attributed to them both
>Nobody ever saw them in the same room together

You are free to think whatever you want, sheeple. Only I see the truth!

>> No.27498290

Illic is a complete retard why would you believe him?

>> No.27498313

Because he's the eldar's greatest hero, the galaxy's only hope, and yada yada Rhana Dandra.

>> No.27498325

> as said by Alaitocs farseers
Ahaha oh wow

>> No.27498388

Do you have something against the Wanderers?

>> No.27498389

>Only I see the truth!
You and all the other trillions of screaming zealots who make the same claim.

>> No.27498396

I am pretty sure that was the joke.

>> No.27498406

The Eldar of Alaitoc hate the Eldar of Alaitoc. And with good reason.

>> No.27498409

They are incompetent.

>> No.27498424

Y'all mon'keigh are just jelly of the Starstriders.

>> No.27498428

That doesn't make them unique among the others of their kind when their whole faction suffers from the same affliction.

>> No.27498434


Y'all postin' in a mon-keigh thread.

>> No.27498442

Alaitoc is a breeding ground for suicidally incompetent Farseers, Outcasts, and filthy snitches and squealers.

>> No.27498450

Being the BEST all the time is too hard on some people.

>> No.27498467

The Eldar campaign was hilarious. Half the plot could be summed up as "stop hitting yourselves."

>> No.27498539

They are shit.

>> No.27498562

But the Necrons will wipe out all souls...

>> No.27498876

Says the Craftworld responsible for Macha!

>> No.27499116

Says the Craftworld responsible for Elenwe.

>> No.27499260

Elenwe succeeded. Macha did not!

>> No.27499318


>Illic Jobberspear
>Having anything to do with Rhana Dandra outside of Black Library trash

Leave it to the codex approved Phoenix Lords loser.

>> No.27499364

The Codex itself says he does!

>> No.27499399

Whats the worse thing Necrons can do to Eldar? kill them?

Its not like Newcrons even care too much about Eldar, they are just another upstart race.

>> No.27499405


>Fear of death
>An immortal race

Eldar stayed immortal well after Necrons lost The War in Heaven. Nightbringer utterly failed in achieving anything when he got curb stomped by Khaine seeing as threatening a reincarnating race with death is about as useful as a chocolate ashtray.

Necrons players claiming to have "won" by getting beaten into a coma for so long only to regain consciousness just in time to see a completely unrelated enemy of the Eldar's own creation push them to the brink of extinction makes the farseers of Alaitoc look downright competent in comparison.

It really shows how shitty cron fluff is when they have to crib the achievements of others.

>> No.27499423

>Its not like Newcrons even care too much about Eldar, they are just another upstart race.

Not really. Some, if not, most of the Necrons want to see them destroyed due to them being the Greatest of the Old Ones servants and them taking the galaxy that was rightfully theirs.

>Whats the worse thing Necrons can do to Eldar? kill them?


The Necrons are capable of something more horrible than all the tortures and damnation Chaos has in store for the Eldar.

The Necrons are capable of destroying souls and this is the horror of horrors for the Eldar.

>> No.27499439

I'm not sure if that is supose to be an insult.

>> No.27499454

Didn't the Necrons foresee the fall of the Eldar race and that's why they choose to retire?

The Necrons had doomsday weapons bloodied by the their use of the C'tan. If the Necrons turned their weapons of the Eldar instead of slumbering, then I doubt the galaxy would have survived.

>> No.27499457


>the craftworld so bad they're only famous for people leaving it in droves to be rangers


>> No.27499490

>Didn't the Necrons foresee the fall of the Eldar race and that's why they choose to retire?

Newcron fluff ladies and gentlemen

>> No.27499502

They are the only Craftworld that actually remembers the brutal cosmic war that shaped the events of the galaxy and still do to this day!

You know, second most important event in Eldar history.

So they have a +1 for that, at least.

>> No.27499505


Illic's codex entrey has a single ambiguous sentence in his fluff saying "his acolytes whisper" that he may be helping stave off Rhana Danra. Basically that his notoriously incompetent fans reckon he's important. Multiple Phoenix Lord entry mentions in unequivocal terms that they will be the ones throwing the preparations for the party and specifically that Fuegan is the host. It's been that way since forever.

Whatever relevance Illic has to Rhana Dandra it's oblique at best seeing as it's a battle against Chaos, which Necrons have absolutely nothing to do with.

>> No.27499538


>Didn't the Necrons foresee the fall of the Eldar race and that's why they choose to retire?

In the same way Alaitoc foresaw the eventual retreat of the Imperium. i.e an asspull to make their defeat seem less embarrassing.

>The Necrons had doomsday weapons bloodied by the their use of the C'tan. If the Necrons turned their weapons of the Eldar instead of slumbering, then I doubt the galaxy would have survived.

If they could do that they would've done it rather than waiting for a millennia in the hope Slaanesh would do their work for them.

>> No.27499546

>See the future by looking at burning spheres of gas

This is all kind of wat.

>> No.27499573

They must have read last edition's Codexes.

>> No.27499591

>Whatever relevance Illic has to Rhana Dandra it's oblique at best seeing as it's a battle against Chaos, which Necrons have absolutely nothing to do with.

I am glad Black Library expanded on it and revealed his value to the Eldar storyline!

>> No.27499602

They did?

>> No.27499603

Alaitocii Pride!

>> No.27499608

It's science, I ain't gotta explain shit.

>> No.27499611


Necron fluff is like someone went through every other 40k faction's characteristic and went 'I'll have that, and that... oh and they can do that too!'.

They're as ancient and mysterious as the Eldar and they have the Eldar schtick of predicting the future! Oh and they're a vaguely understood Gothic horror like the Tyranids! There isn't a single thing unique or original about them and everytime GW try to emphasize their relevance and place within the universe they just steal achievements and details from another faction.

'Tyranids are in the galaxy because of Necrons! No wait, The War in Heaven is all Necron's doing! Also, Rhana Dandra? That's not about Chaos anymore it's Necron business! Also, The Eldar fell because Nightbringer made them scared of death. What do you mean it makes no sense for a reincarnating race to be afraid of death? SHUT UP, WE'RE IMPORTANT! 40K WOULDN'T BE THE SAME WITHOUT US.'

>> No.27499617


As are you.

>> No.27499619


>Black Library

Into the trash it goes with all the other C.S. Gotos!

>> No.27499627

No clear distinction.

>> No.27499628


Yet /tg/ loves Ward and the Newcrons just because "they arent the oldcrons"

Wait until they justify it with "HURR 40K FLUFF IS SUPPOSED TO BE RETARDED"

>> No.27499639

A wild oldcron fan appeared.

>> No.27499651


>Oldcrons any better than Newcrons

Oldcrons served the same purpose as the Tyranids and Newcrons steal most of their relevance from Eldar. They are both shit. One is simplistic and shit, the other is convoluted and still shit,

>> No.27499663

They did but some folks for reasons beyond my comprehension (>>27499619 >>27499318) refuse to acknowledge that Illic is the future savior of the Eldar and everything that ever was and will.

He is basically a Space Elf superhero!

>> No.27499666

No one loves, likes, or even tolerates Ward. You're mistaken in every sense of the word.

>> No.27499693

ITT: People refuse to accept changes to the fluff.

>> No.27499697

Necron fluff is what happens if you shoehorn a new race in via retcon. Late 2nd edition, I seem to remember. It's a bit of hit and miss with new races. Tau make sense, as a fairly localized threat at the edge of the galaxy. Dark Eldar are so-so, but they still make some sense. Necrons, on the other hand, were introduced via all out retcon.

>> No.27499707


Erm, no Biel-Tan actually win quite alot. They curb stomp orks everyday and reclaim Maiden worlds that actually help the race replenish. Alaitoc produce rangers, the single elf type most susceptible to the predations of Slaanesh. Good job you useless fucks. Maybe if you weren't such a shitty craftworld people would stay to be an aspect warrior rather than fuck off to lose their soul in some backwood that is still preferable to Alaitoc.

Name more than 2 battles Alaitoc won.

>> No.27499708

>What do you mean it makes no sense for a reincarnating race to be afraid of death?

I don't get this complaint. Yeah, they had no especial reason to fear death, but that doesn't matter when a reality-warping space god literally *forced it into them*. If anything, the fact that they could reincarnate just increases the impact, since they get to live out that fear again and again and again.

>> No.27499741


>Rune of Craftworld Altansar

>Thinks I'm Alaiatocii

You're so Mon'Keigh it's not even funny

>> No.27499750

so do newcrons now qualify as one of the "good guy" races like the imperium and eldar (i know the imperium/eldar aren't good guys but they qualify relative to chaos, dark eldar, ect)? there isn't really a difference between them and the imperium at this stage. they're both just imperialists who don't much care for xenos. in fact, since the necrons have a clear idea how to kill the chaos gods, they might qualify as the true heroes of the setting.

>> No.27499758


>It's reality warping. I don't have to explain shit

By what logic does dying again and again make you MORE scared of death? Things get dull with repetition. You would get bored as shit of dying even if you weren't already aware it wasn't permanent. It doesn't make sense, because it's a laughable effort to put a spin on a Necron defeat and shoe horn them into the universe.

>> No.27499763

Typical Biel-Tan stupidity. They're only good for banging their maidens.

>> No.27499769


Then name 2 battles Altansar won. Pro-tip: you can't.


>Only good for repopulating our dying race

No need to thank us. It's just what we do.

>> No.27499778

No, you use protection with a Biel-tan Bitch. You don't want to make offspring with a dumby. It would dumb down the race.

>> No.27499803

It doesn't necessarily get more scary, but the point is that it was imprinted into their minds on a fundamental level. They would fear death and carry on fearing it even if they didn't have a logical reason to do so.

>> No.27499807

That's pretty stupid. Even for 40k.

>> No.27499823


So what you're saying is that it doesn't make sense. I agree.

>> No.27499844


>Implying all the fine exodite pussy doesn't crave our aspect seed

They're just so thankful we protect their fertile planets all the time that they build shrines just for dickings in our honour. It's the least they can do seeing as we safeguard maiden worlds, AKA the only source of Eldar birth rates.

Kill a little greentide. Get some sylph ass in return. S'all good when you're the BEST craftworld.

>> No.27499856


I know, right? I don't want my child to be little better than some Mon'Keigh ape or Greenskin - always spoiling for a fight, even when there's no need to!

Wait, do you reckon they actually ARE Greenskins? And they just hide it with that green armour?

Because that would explain SO much.
I bet Isha weeps upon seeing how low some of Her children have fallen.

>> No.27499866

It's no more stupid than any other terror weapon - chemical or psychic, fictional or real, whatever - that causes victims to feel fear despite there being no actual threat to them. This was just on a more massive scale.

>> No.27499882

It hasn't happened yet somehow it happened just enough for the fluff about Maugan Ra bringing Altansar back from the Eye of Terror being included in the codex.


>> No.27499885

But the reason real-world terrorism works is because you only get one life to live. That's why the threat of having it taken from you is so dire. When you reincarnate that becomes meaningless. If the eldar were really afraid to die, wouldn't they stop being warriors altogether and try to hide? Obviously that isn't the case so not only does that tidbit of lore not make sense logically, it doesn't even make sense in the logic of the 40k universe.

>> No.27499900

>always spoiling for a fight, even when there's no need to!
>not Saim Hann

>> No.27499912

I'd imagine it'd go something like this.

>> No.27499914


>"Protecting" fertile lands
>Uses Void-Spinners


>> No.27499942


I thought the entire point of the necrons was that they have no FEELS, not that they have no SOULS, Chaos needs feels because the warp is made of feels and thus like souls for their feels but the adamantium skeletons don't let the necrons feel feels so they have no warp signature.

Dafuq you bringing souls into a feels thread son?

>> No.27499944

Biel-Tan's also one of the Craftworlds that flew into the fucking eye of terror and killed so many daemons the thing receded.

Altanasar owes its entire existence outside of the Eye to Biel-Tan and Saim-Hann, bro.

>> No.27499946

Biel-tan would be like the military-industrial complex of the United States. They'd say they were doing it for freedom and to win hearts and minds, but in reality they'd be doing it for the oil and weapons manufacturing contracts.

>> No.27499954


Except it is way more stupid. Terror weapons like Helmlocks work because they threaten the very soul. Nightbringer threatened them with the thing that has no effect on them.

The only way you can make sense of that fluff is because it's from the Imperium perspective and therefore very likely to be wrong seeing as they have the worst book keeping skills of any civilsation ever.

>> No.27499965

Necrons used to be more VC than TK. They had space vampires, space necromancers, space skeletons and space wraiths.

>> No.27499972


>always spoiling for a fight, even when there's no need to!
>Implying that fertile Maiden Worlds aren't number one priority for a dying race
>Having to make up accusations of orkishness

You're looking pretty green yourself, green with ENVY.

>> No.27499975

>still retain knowledge after 10000 years
>worst book keeping skills of any civilsation ever

>> No.27499979



Bitch please, we LIVED inside the damn thing for millenia. And we did it without devolving to barbarians.

>mfw I realise Biel-Tan is the USA of the Eldar

I knew it.

>> No.27499985


>Allowing ork spores to spread

Are you retarded or just jealous you don't have void spinners?

>> No.27499991

I hate it when fluff writers place so muck emphasis on one faction. It makes the other factions feel worthless.

>> No.27499995

You mean all that technology that was lost forever to the Imperium from their golden age that they'll never regain?

>> No.27500014

Its just Illic holding on to old prejiduce.

Or could be the fact that the other races are actively fighting chaos and the nids and nobody seems to give a rats ass about the cron as a threat except the eldar. If the eldar dont keep the cron in check who will?

>> No.27500016


>Actively forgetting how to make your weaponry
>Tech getting worse everyday

This is a civilisation that prays to tank because they don't remember how they work.

>> No.27500017

what's the thing in the background of this image? not the ship, the big creature

>> No.27500023

a raider

>> No.27500025

Talos pain engine

>> No.27500029

They still retained more knowledge and information than anyone else, for a timespan that's longer than all our recorded history

Saying they're losing shit doesn't disprove this

>> No.27500030

Talos Rain Engines

>> No.27500035



>> No.27500045


>Bitch please, we LIVED inside the damn thing for millenia. And we did it without devolving to barbarians.

Except you devolved to the point you barely speak and refuse to remove your helmets. No wonder you're jealous of maiden pussy. You iz probably butt ugly from chaos.

And what have you accomplished other than getting trapped for 10,000 years? Don't see you saving reclaiming maiden worlds.

>> No.27500048

And? We don't know how they fuck some civilizations built some of their stuff too

It's fucking normal

>> No.27500056

The eldar can still make the same weapons they used thousands of years ago unlike some of the human weapons.

>> No.27500074


>They still retained more knowledge and information than anyone else

Wut? They pale in comparison to Eldar and Necron knowledge, both tech and lorewise. I don't see Ahriman trying to steal any of the Imperium's primitive scribblings.

Even Imperium codices remark on how chaotic and slow Imperial bureaucracy is.

>> No.27500081

The Eldar don't come up with new stuff since the fall, the Imperium does. What are you trying to prove here?

And we were dealing with book keeping. You know, the single most important thing that kept the Imperium together

>> No.27500091

>The Eldar don't come up with new stuff since the fall, the Imperium does. What are you trying to prove here?

That's the exact opposite of what this conversation is about. How does coming up with new technology mean they have better record keeping? What the fuck are you smoking?

>> No.27500092

I was talking about human civilizations there anon, of course I don't put them in competition with fucking immortal robots

>> No.27500096


>The Eldar don't come up with new stuff since the fall, the Imperium does.
>Asurmen utterly reinvented their ENTIRE military doctrine with the aspects.

You fucking idiot....

>> No.27500105

I'm not the one who brought tech into this, you're repeating what I just said

>> No.27500108

>You know, the single most important thing that kept the Imperium together

The only thing keeping the Imperium together is they have lives to spend.

>> No.27500114

>one change in all of their history

go back to dildos macha

>> No.27500125

Without the book keeping those lives would go nowhere

>> No.27500131


>"They still retained more knowledge and information than anyone else"
>I wasn't talking comparing them to anyone else!

What point are you making then? Because compared to any civilisation other than orks, the Imperium are forgetful as hell. All they ever do is lose records and their tech sucks because of it. The mechanicus has to take it on faith that their stuff will work because they misplaced the instructions.

>> No.27500132



I apologize for caps because that's how it was in the books and I'm too lazy to retype it.

>> No.27500133

People can expose themselves to life-threatening situations while still fearing death. But the fear was made a part of their race and would always be there.

Barring of course those individuals who through whatever means become able to remove that part of their nature, since there are always exceptions to this kind of thing. For instance, becoming so insane you stop fearing anything. Now there's an elegant solution.

>> No.27500147

So they're more afraid now than they were before, but their attitudes and actions haven't changed at all because of the fear.

That's a really powerful weapon the necrons have. Yep.

>> No.27500151

Did you even read the post you quoted? I specifically said to what I was comparing them

And Eldar retain knowledge by having old dudes that were alive back when shit hit the fan and Arlequins going to theaters to perform historical shit, I hardly would call that book keeping skills

>> No.27500184

Come back to me when you have a black library of your own.

>> No.27500192


>One change
>Warp Spiders
>Swooping Hawks
>Striking Scorpions
>Fire Dragons
>Howling Banshees
>Shining Spears
>Dire Avengers
>Dark Reapers
>All their respective gear and tech
>One change

The Scorpion claws, Reaper targeting systems, warp packs, Banshee masks, aspect armour and Hawk wings are all one invention are they?

>> No.27500199

That's not open to any Eldar, Harlequins keep it. They're a faction on their own

>> No.27500207

It was all stuff they already had, or are you saying that PL were going around naked before that?

>> No.27500209

Bullshit. That's like saying the space marines are a faction on their own compared to the imperial guard.

>> No.27500214


So what point are you making then? Comparing it to human civilisations was never the context. Jumping into a conversation about 40k by saying it's good compared to the real world is fucking pointless.

And since when is the black library not book keeping? They have an entire culture and craftworld dedicated to remembering and protecting knowledge.

>> No.27500227

The original post stated "worst book kiping of ANY CIVILIZATION EVER", so how is it wrong to talk about human civilizations?

>> No.27500234

Hes smoking something that makes him go out on a limb so he doesnt need to appear wrong on the Internet when he clearly is.

>> No.27500236


Aspects didn't exist before the fall and Asurmen didn't start training the PL's until after. How about you learn the basic fluff?

>> No.27500243

So the basic fluff says that they didn't have weapons before the fall? Point me to it please

>> No.27500247

Someone who's afraid of dying will be more easy to influence than someone who isn't afraid. A post-Nightbringer Eldar may hesitate to face danger where before he would have charged on without a second thought. He can learn to suppress the fear, but it requires extra work where none was needed before.

>> No.27500253


>Point out Imperium book keeping is so bad they forget how to make shit
>hurr what does bad tech have to do with book keeping

Imperium bureaucracy being the shitpile it is is precisely why they have the worst tech next to orks.

>> No.27500255

The war mask completely invalidates that.

>> No.27500263


>Eldar have no weapons outside of aspect gear

Are you pretending to be retarded?

>> No.27500278

You're still not giving sources for your calims that all aspect gear was invented afterwards

They could have it before and just decided to equip the temples

>> No.27500286


>Would hesitate even though he has no reason to fear death

It still doesn't make sense no matter how you try to twist bad fluff.

>> No.27500305

An Aspect Warrior in Aspect mode is completely incapable of feeling fear?

>> No.27500321

Pretty damn close. Exarchs certainly don't feel fear.

>> No.27500339

The Vypers, Wraithlords and Storm Serpents are all explicitly stated to be post-Fall inventions. A lot of their other technology had to be drastically changed as well, becaues before the Fall it didn't run on souls. Infinity Circuit being used as a portable heaven is a new invention as well.

>> No.27500348

Dumbest argument of the day award.

Be proud; you guys earned it.

>> No.27500349

He doesn't need a reason when he's essentially programmed to be afraid of dying. He can know he'll be reborn but he'll still be afraid, because the Nightbringer gave the Eldar a race-wide mental illness.

>> No.27500356

It would have been a lot more badass if he did something practical like not make them able to be reborn as quick or at all or something.

>> No.27500370

Actually, the Harlequins are a completely separate sect of Eldar. They are not under the jurisdiction of Eldar authority, they don't worship any god but the Laughing God, and don't live on Craftworlds. There's also fact they frequently help out Dark Eldar and have on some occasions allowed inquisitors and Space Marines access to the Black Library.

They're about as much Craftworld Eldar as Dark Eldar.

>> No.27500375


The fucking codex is the source. Any of them post 1st edition. After the Fall and fragmentation of Khaine Asurmen trained the Phoenix Lords who then founded their own aspects. There weren't any Banshees until Jain Zar who was his first student who is directly attributed with their creation as is each phoenix lord with their respective aspect.

If you're going to make the retarded argument that the Eldar had banshee masks lying around pre-fall, but only thought use them afterwards then the onus of proof is on you.

>> No.27500388

Tyranids had their design.

Necrons became a mismash of chaos and Tyranids.

Your entire army are nothing but puppets of retarded gods? That sounds familair.

Oh but your gods are retarded star vampires, and they're the only personality your army can have

>> No.27500389

I'm saying that we don't have details about this, no one can prove anything

>> No.27500404

Then we'd just have more complaints about C'tanwank. Even though it was the 'C'tanwank' fluff that showed them being beaten by the Eldar gods. They didn't even really defeat the Old Ones before; the Enslavers ended the war by appearing everywhere and Enslaving everyone, so the Necrons and their masters withdrew to their tombs to wait for the whole thing to blow over.

>> No.27500408


>We don't have details
>It's specifically stated Asurmen created the aspects post-fall

Get a fucking clue and learn some basic fluff about the aspects.

>> No.27500411

You just said "eldar." Now you want to start making distinctions between craftworld eldar and dark eldar.

>> No.27500412

The power sto destroy planets at the fingertips of mad kings.

Thats NOT a terrifying horror?

>> No.27500421


>Doesn't need a reason

He does if he wants it to make sense. It makes no sense for a race immune to death to fear. Just admit it's bad fluff that couldn't think of way to make necrons fit into the setting in a meaningful way.

>> No.27500423

>they're the only personality your army can have

Not true; they're ripoff tomb lords now instead of just quasi-tomb lords in space.

>> No.27500429

Holy shit dude, are you doing this on purpose? You said yourself that he's stated to have trained the PL, where is the gear mentioned?

>> No.27500432

You don't remember 40k before the 3rd edition Necron Codex, do you? They had to retcon a fuckload of stuff just to cram "C'Tan did it" into every aspect of the setting (for example, there suddenly being two Wars in Heaven, which were called the exact same thing for no goddamn reason).

I, for one, welcome the change back to the previous status quo. The whole "everything is C'Tan" thing was incredibly forced, apart from the Void Dragon being imprisoned on Mars, which was actually pretty cool.

>> No.27500436


>Harlequins don't count as Eldar

What is this? Is it 'I can't admit I'm wrong Day' on /tg/ or something?

>> No.27500442

>They're about as much Craftworld Eldar as Dark Eldar.

They're not either. That's the point. They serve the laughing god and whatever eldar that happen to be there from circumstance. Likening them to only the dark eldar is a massive fallacy.

>> No.27500445

He got rid of some command protocols.

The "Bring the Necrons to glory" command protocol is still active.

>> No.27500452

It didn't happen yet Vetock gave tau THE ENTIRE THIRD SPHERE EXPANSION. So, if you're gonna complain about something....
I mean really, Eldar win the global campaign and their reward is Eldrad getting his soul eaten....

>> No.27500462


As I mentioned before you utter retard, if you are going to make the retarded argument that they had aspect gear before the aspects exist, the onus of proof is on YOU.

Assuming that they had aspect gear before aspects even existed is one of the most desperate attempts to avoid admitting wrong I've ever seen.

>> No.27500476


You keep saying that, but NO ONE of us can prove the other wrong because we have no knowledge about this shit

>> No.27500508

Mental conditioning to feel something when you otherwise would not makes sense; here it was simply done to an entire species. Hell, in real life people can feel fear for no reason just from taking drugs or other substances. You seem to be saying it's impossible to mess with people's heads to make them think or feel illogical things.

>> No.27500510

Vetock sucking blue dick while leaving the dark angels book entirely a rehash made me go chaos.

Literally, all my DA are now chaos marines.

>> No.27500548


I am claiming that aspect warriors did not exist pre-fall.

I back this up with the codex.

You are rebutting that aspect gear could have existed before the aspects.

You are backing this up with nothing.

Now I don't need to carry the argument further, because you are the one who needs to evidence his positive claim, but here's evidence that specifically counters your unsupported claim:

>"Jain Zar's astonishing swiftness and mercurial temperament are echoed by her howling banshee daughters, and it was she who first perfected the Scream that Steals
>"Mask of Jain Zar - First and greatest of all Howling Banshee masks"

There's a reference to Jain Zar, a character who didn't exist prior to the fall, being the first to use a banshee mask. Page 57 of the current codex.

>> No.27500655


Here's more evidence you colossal faggot.

According to page 60 Baharoth is the "first exarch to master aerial combat" meaning there could not have been such a thing as pre-fall Hawk wings if the first person to master them didn't come until after.

Furthermore, the next page specifically says Maugan Ra "fashioned weapons of occult nature" directly attributing Reaper tech to his own creation.

Wasting my time on some asshole that has to keep squirming rather than admit he's wrong.

>> No.27500667

Not who you're replying to, but anti-grav technology could have existed prior without it being used for combat. Airplanes weren't used for combat right away.

I agree with you, though.

>> No.27500782

You wanna go m8?

>> No.27500799

What is problem here?

>> No.27500815

The Ultramrines and marines in general? They are doing a good job at it.

>> No.27500885

Problem is, as stared in the damn codex, each Necron lord and character has his own definition of glory.

The Stormlord's definition differs from the Infinite's definition and so on. This will cause conflict between them.

>> No.27500886


3rd edition necrons were just metal tyranids.

>> No.27500894


They always had that. He didn't change nothing.

Sucking blue dick by stealing away their FTL?


>> No.27500909

5th edition necrons are just metal Eldar.

Which is WORSE!

>> No.27500920


You mean Tomb Kings

Which is not bad at all.

>> No.27500929

>as likely as the Orks uniting in a single Waaaagh! Before they can unite, they need to go through a ''Game of thrones'' style conflict which would see many Necrons destroyed. Also even in their own codex the Necrons are dreading the coming of the Tyranids

You REALLY can't seen the Egyptian theme? Scarabs, Pyramids, even their lords armour ect... is very Egyptian themed, you are being purposely dense

>> No.27500979

>Tomb Kings
>No Nagash
>No Arkhan
>No Settra

Nope, they are bad.

>> No.27501124

Mad Kings who are sinister and imposing, yes.

Goofy and ridiculous, heck no!

>> No.27501168


I say they're good.

Your word against mine.

>> No.27501327

Would someone here kindly provide an explanation of the difference between oldcrons and newcrons?

>> No.27501342


oldcrons were metal terminator tyranids

newcrons are tomb kings in space

>> No.27501391

What do Tomb Kings in space look like? I've never played Fantasy.

>> No.27501399

Skub and no Skub.

>> No.27501417

Look at a Newron Overlord. Imagine him with bone and rotten flesh instead of metal.

>> No.27501433

Fucking this

>> No.27501438

Old-Crons were terminators, out to strip the life from the bones of everything living. They wanted to make glorious undead metal kingdoms of robots, purely out of life-hating spite.

Newcrons are like a bunch of old-people upset that Country Kitchen Buffet isn't open anymore, and unable to come to common agreement about what should/shouldn't be done about it. All in the effort of adding 'character'.

>> No.27501470

The bitching about this is never going to end is it? can't we just all enjoy Necrons together?

>> No.27501483


Until they bring back the Oldcrons....

>> No.27501487

the former is still perfectly valid fluff for your army, we just have room now so people can do other shit without being too speshul snowflake

>> No.27501501

they never left, they just moved to the side to make room for newcrons, you can still play old crons, you just need to look a bit closer.

>> No.27501506

How about a not-biased version of that? So far it seems like oldcronners are just a bunch of old people upset that the country kitchen buffet is closed but not in agreement about what to do about it

>> No.27501551


There are no C'tan worshiping Necrons. The Command Protocols and ''Anti-C'tan'' Protocols made sure of that.

The closet thing to the Oldcrons are the Empire of the Severed. But they are lame.

>> No.27501562

Calling the Olcrons metal tyranids is pretty biased, if you asked me

>> No.27501570

>'Anti-C'tan'' Protocols
I read of no such thing, Shard worshiping Crons can totally be a thing

>> No.27501586

and this is why this summation >>27501399 is the most accurate

>> No.27501591

>How about a not-biased version of that?
>Hurr here's a biased counter
Really? The whole oldcron vs newcron debacle is nothing more than bias on both sides. Some people like emotionless killer robots of classic sci-fi. Others like silver mustache-twirling evil league of evil, who've just decided their name should be "Monday Tuseday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday..."

One is humorless grim dark. The other is more tongue in cheek. Neither's better, they're just both fucking terrible examples of how 40k handles a faction's fluff, and then retcons the fucking hell out of it.

>> No.27501601

Try War Zone Damnos and the new Apocalypse book.

The moment a free C'tan appear, the Necrons engage the ''Anti-C'tan'' Protocols. That's why you see the C'tan destroying the Necron rather than just enslaving them

>> No.27501605

There is no way for the fans of the oldcrons to enjoy the newcrons. Hell, they even downgraded the warriors and made Immortals into the "the old warriors".

>> No.27501615

and you're implying that there is no good version of necrons, to hell with you!

>> No.27501629

and whos to say they ALL have those or that if they do, they are all still working right?

>> No.27501640


This is why I enjoy Tau fluff. There is less drama there.

>> No.27501660

The final command of the Silent King is still working isn't it, then so would the Anti-C'tan protocols.

The Silent King would have made sure of it.

>> No.27501684


Not really, they were only obsessed with destorying all life, like tyranids and terminators do.

it is a blunt realization.

>> No.27501694

not him but see what your doing? You are trying to sabotage your own venues of fun for the sake of winning a stupid argument, he's offering you outs so you can enjoy your oldcron style army and you're smacking it away so you have an excuse to stay angry

>> No.27501711


The Oldcrons served the C'tan. The C'tan desire life to feast upon. The Necrons were meant to enslave it and farm it for the C'tan.

The reason the Oldcrons and C'tan slept was to wait for new life to emerge after the Enslavers nearly killed everything.

Think before you post, anon!

>> No.27501736

There isn't even a good version of fluff for the rest of 40k's races! What makes you think either the old/new-cron is any better from the other? The old-ones were mindless automotons commanded by star-vampires and looking not too unlike Vampire-Counts... IN SPACE! The new ones are fucking Benny-Hill's Evil-Fun-Time, and are barely a threat to anyone.

>> No.27501762

>they were only obsessed with destorying all life,
>like tyranids
Tyranids aren't obsessed with destroying all life. They're a predatory drive to consume and be the only life.
One is man vs. machine.
The other is man vs. beast.
Thinking they're one in the same is idiotic.

>> No.27501774

Because if it ain't bulletproof, then someone else would smack it down.

A Newcron Dynasty which is enthralled to the C'tan in the fluff would be swell. It would set a precedent to build upon, but no! Ward didn't give us even that.

Just more walls with each release. DAMN YOU, WARD, AND DAMN YOU, SZAREKH

>> No.27501787

if you hate everything about the setting then why are you even here?

>> No.27501850

For the characters.

To see how it all ends.

Lots of reasons.

>> No.27501878

You just answered your own question. If I hated everything about the setting, I wouldn't be here.

>> No.27501934


He was pretty honest. I think you're just realizing Necrons are terrible.

>> No.27501957


>They're completely different!
>One wants to destroy everything and the other wants to eat everything

Oh gee, what an important distinction...

>> No.27501968


>To see how it all ends.

>> No.27502015

>To see how it all ends.
You just went full retard and beyond.

>> No.27502070


Nothing lasts forever.

>> No.27502117


>Static setting
>hurr muh storyline

Things will never progress past the 13th crusade. The setting is designed for the players to decide what happens next.

>> No.27502172


Medusa V happens after the Black Crusade and the Cain Novels go a hundred years after the Black Crusade.

>> No.27502212



>> No.27502274


If you take it like that it can be said for EVERY 40k faction ever.

>> No.27502407


Not at all. Imperium operate under a fascist religious doctrine that due to their misinterpretation of the Emperor's Will mainly involves aggressive policy towards anything that isn't them.

Eldar are the ancient race that wish to rebuild their lost empire and reclaim their souls from Slaanesh.

Dark Eldar are crack fiends for pain and will shank a nigger to buy himself an extra day from Slaanesh's rape dungeon.

Orks just love a good scrap.

Chaos is a force of nature profiteering from the perpetual war of 40k.

Tau are a naive race seeking to unite various aline factions under their rule.

Tyranids are the all consuming threat that can only be defeated if all the factions ally together.

Necrons are also that. They're also the ancient race that wish to rebuild their empire.

Really, it's just Necrons that don't fit in without stepping on other faction's toes.

>> No.27503456

So Necrons are all the worst traits of both the Eldar and the Tyranids.

>> No.27503602

>Not scary
Do you even Oldcrons friend?

>> No.27503620

>Implying, aside from the C'Tan, the Oldcrons aren't just the Newcrons from everyone else's perspective.

>> No.27503644

No. Necrons winning is usually more than a random occurrence.

>> No.27503647

The Oldcrons were not scary. They were scary when we knew nothing about them, but since their codex explained everything, they stopped being scary. The C'tan were a less interesting version of the Chaos Gods. The Flayed Ones and Pariahs came across as "trying too hard". Chaos does Lovecraftian better than the Necrons and C'tan ever did.

>> No.27503649

Still, Medusa V and the conclusion of the 13th BC have been retconned out of canon, and I believe that ADB mentioned that the Cain books would have been set/published in-universe earlier if they had started later, after BL's "rules" were laid down.

>> No.27503663


>Not at all. Imperium wants to destroy everything not them.

>Eldar range from wanting to cry in a corner to wanting to destroy everything not them.

>Dark Eldar want cocaine.

>Orks want to fight everything, and/or eat everything.

>Chaos wants to destroy everything not worshipping them.

>Tau want everything to get along, particularly under it's rulership. And want to destroy everything that doesn't want to play along.

>Tyranids want to eat everything.

>Necrons want to destroy everything not them.


>> No.27503681

Newcron fluff is the non-Skub in this case, then?
I'm leaving it ambiguous as to whether I'm pro- or anti-skub

>> No.27503688

>Nothing in 40k is scary.

>> No.27503708


>Imperium want to destroy everything no them

Nope. Tau and Eldar are occasional allies.

>Chaos want to destroy everything

No, then they'd have no source of power.

>> No.27503750

Allies of Convenience, if the necrons, and tyranids and orkz were dead, and chaos was contained, the Imperium would turn on the Tau and Eldar in a heartbeat.

To be fair though, same goes for the Tau if they were in the same position and the Eldar.

>> No.27503761

Only as much as you choose to let them be.

>> No.27503769

The warp is the realm of the impossible. Once it consumes the materiel realm, they won't need it to survive anymore, since only the realm of the impossible will remain.

>> No.27503782

Not that guy, but:

>Nope. Tau and Eldar are occasional allies.

Usually when a bigger threat shows up, like the Tyranids or Chaos. After that's dealt with, it's right back to "Die, xenos scum".

>No, then they'd have no source of power.

What Chaos wants to do is basically consume the galaxy, turning it into a giant Eye of Terror. Mortals will be trapped in the overlaps between warp and realspace, completely at the mercy of the daemons and the Chaos Gods. And then the Chaos Gods will go right back to fighting each other.

Pretty much.

>> No.27503819


I think Dark Eldar are pretty scary.

>> No.27504370

>Shard worshiping
There's your problem right there. I want my immortal beastly evil soul sucking bad motherfuckers back.

How the fuck does "shard of the deciever" work anyway, seeings how he was a fucking trickster and not a "in your face murdermachien" like the nightbinger, where it makes nearly no difference if he is a slave that destroys shit or a god that destroys shit.

and 4+ saves as standard? FUCK THAT

>> No.27504502

I figured that was just for Necrons a C'Tan hasn't potentially taken over.
That's the interpretation I'm going to continue to use since homebrewing opportunities are always the best.

If it is all Necrons, fuck you too Phil Kelly

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