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new to 40k, so I was reading some lore and then some person made some fanstuff Story:Love Can Bloom

did that stuff become canon or semi canon?

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It got a reference at one point actually.

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that is pretty cool, thought gw would send them a lawsuit

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Oh that story...I think the smut fags are writing a ton of LIIVI-Taldeer fapfics now. Nice to see nowadays.

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no not even remotely fuck you no

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Meh, non commercial fanfiction generally doesn't get sued because:
1. The actual legalities involved are pretty murky
2. You really aren't getting harmed by it (which makes suing more difficult)
3. Suing your fans generally isn't the best business strategy, especially given 1 and 2.

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I want to read it but it might be heresy? what do you say brothers?

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it is not even the SLIGHTEST bit canon

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I feel like there was a mention of it in some sourcebook, just like the dark heresy story about the knife wielding priest who killed daemons out of sheer luck.

Quick google search and tvtropes confirmed it, but no picture and I'm too lazy to go dig through books.

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Stop being a fag. That's what they should tell you, unless they are also fags.

It's kind of ambivalent. FFG seems to think it's canon.

Dark Heresy: Ascension.

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What? where?

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Shit sorry.

On the phone I thought the thread just started.

Refreshed and found out.

Thanks anyway!

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...It's a long story.

By the by, why the fuck has this shit persisted for SIX YEARS?

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It's just nod to fans. How does this make LCB canon?

Seems to me the assassin is gonna blow the Farseer head off as he should.

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He took the time to get to point-blank range ON A TELEPATH WHO CAN ALSO SEE THE FUTURE, just to blow her brains out using a gun that is notorious for it's long range?

Are you really that retarded?

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From that close?

And the farseer doesn't have a helmet?

But yes, it's just a nod to fans. Not canon.

Although amusingly enough, the weight for the exitus rifle in the fanfic and in the stats page of the FFG book are both 9kg.

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Bonuses for Short Range and Point Blank, dog.

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>implying Vindicators don't count as point-blank any-fucking-way.

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There is no canon in 40k. Just things that GW hasn't contradicted yet.

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He pursuing the target and since when do the Elderp foresight have worked as intended?

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A lot more often than your grammar does.

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Then they are DOOMED!

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...Is it on 1d4chan?

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Why has no one taken it up on themselves to finish this damn thing?

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that is were I read it

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Nobody feels like they're up to the task. Sort of like Kafka and The Trial.

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So did Boone and Grendel. And Xeno, in a roundabout way.

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Theres even one where Lofn is spying on them going at it.

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Half-eldars were canon for a while, so its got that going for it. And Farseers are known for making terrible decisions, like falling in love with an autistic monkeigh sniper.

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Her hair is the wrong color, though. I'm surprised no one ever points that out.

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Somebody was willing to take it upon themselves to produce Macha losing her virginity, surely someone could do this?

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If I remember right the writer actually finished it. It's just no one ever recorded it, I could be off however.

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So people claim.

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That, and there's sort of a hesitancy to add to things that aren't yours.

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>And Xeno, in a roundabout way.
Pics or it didn't happen.

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That's totally different. We're talking about adding something completely new to a beloved work of writefaggotry which could go wrong very easily and is likely to stand out from the rest of it like a sore thumb. Plus, there's the existence of several spinoffs that in many cases are mutually irreconcilable and as such ould be bound to annoy someone if one set or another was deemed non-canon. Best not mess with it unless the original writer returns (and the chances of that are near zero).

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