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Is it acceptable to have an adventuring party of children? What adventures would they go on, what creatures would they face?
Is it more dealable if they all have some template or race to carry them until they get good at things?

I'm thinking of running a campaign out of an orphanarium.

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Might have different subject matter.

Stealing pies and robbing candy stores instead of taking dragon's hoards and killing dark lords.

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yeah, that's fine. I was thinking of -maybe- having them deal with some kobold thieves at some point too.
I am really hoping it winds up with them strongarming the kobolds into a hide and seek game.

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Depending on the system, there may be a campaign already written for you.

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Step 1: Watch every single Studio Ghibli movie
Step 2: Have ideas

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Go watch Adventure Time, Peter Pan, the Goonies, etc.

Tell the players to play that kind of game.

Laid back, childish, silly adventures, with little to no killing.

My PC is a game right now is 12, and he's going fine.

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You might be onto something.
Wait, is he the only kid-character? Or are all the other players too?

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Does the Dungeon Master kidnap them from their homes, preventing them from returning until they complete all his dangerous tasks?

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I would, if I was GMing such a premise, use The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury as inspiration.

Eight boys go out trick or treating, only to notice their friend, Pipkin, missing. A man named something something Moundshroud helps them find him. Sounds nice and all, but they go through time learning about death and how we humans interact with it.

Basically, at the end they find him but each of the eight kids have to give up a year of their lives to have Pipkin live again. Moundshroud promises he will come to each of them when their appointed year comes

Point is; that was a really good story.

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There's a variant of 4e to run 0-level campaigns. The intent is that the level 0 part of the campaign is "how the characters became adventurers."

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My PC is the only kid character in the party. Well there is one other, but he hardly shows up.

I'm an artificer-kinda kid who rides a minimecha powered by his emotions.

I apologize.............

For nothing.

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Look up a book called "Little Fears".

I was gonna post it, but apparently 4chan thinks it's spam or something.

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Like this.

Alternatively, my DM played a game in a place similar to narnia.

It was a game board that was enchanted to be a real world.

Instead of dying, your child got kicked out of the world and had to make another character themselves.

Basically, it was us, roleplaying kids, roleplaying.

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It's probably not suited for a full campaign, and there are some potentially broken things you can do if you play as a Human (due to the feat), but it's pretty manageable.

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I see no problem with this.

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The kid is smart and techy. He lives in a medieval setting, son of a clockmaker. He forged together a hunk of metal, clockwork, pullies, etc, into a Leonardo-Davinci style mecha about 8 feet tall. Then he installed magic stuff into it so it'd run smoother, and be powered by his emotions [when I roll high, the robot gets stronger, when I roll low, the lower get weaker].

And while the robot is fighitng, the pilot can use bardic style buffing. So I just yell loudly and roll high and the mecha becomes godlike.

My mecha is literally powered by hotblood.

The PC designed the mecha, because he was kinda Quixotic and wanted to go on adventures, but knew since he was only 12 he'd get himself killed if he went alone. So he made the mecha.

It flies, can turn its hands into drills to dig/burrow, and carries a large wrench as a weapon.

So far the kid has obsessed over chocolate milk, made the author-basher with a dead kid sad by comparison, made by Noblewoman PC annoyed to no end, and smashed up some shadow monsters.

Good times. Kid PCs are fun.

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That's good, but who wants to deal with the hassle of giving everyone a familiar?

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Hey, what system OP?

Because... that's kind of default characters in old Changeling. D&D has little actual problem with younger characters, and level 0-1 adventurers probably aren't all that amazing really.

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D&D's default, I would have to use CLOUT to get another system tried.

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Too bad this one is just a side character on this comic. The rest is just a generic as hell shounen that ends with all characters growing up and becoming regular adults because you know, adventures are for kids and retarded man-children.

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Depends on the setting, in my opinion:

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>Is it acceptable to have an adventuring party of children?
Gold sky stories.

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Will it be d&d rugrats?

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This video made my month thank you kind sir.

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Of course you can. That's what Monster & Other Childish Things is for. Little Fears too.

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>Is it acceptable to have an adventuring party of children?
Why it woudlnt.
Childrens arent allowed to exist?

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Is this made by the same guy whose making The Starbarians?

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Why was my first thought diapers of holding?

I've had too much /tg/ today.

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Everything Harry Partridge makes is top quality material, and most of it is hilarious parody of Saturday Morning Cartoons.

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that is slightly -too- young.

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Not for pedobear.... but i think that belongs on /b/.

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look, we can't use pedophiles as a standard of when a character is or isn't too young to be an adventurer.

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But I mean... the rugrats took on paris in a mechagodzilla rip off.

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Dude, Diapers of Holding are weapons of mass destruction. Don't joke around like that.

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Just have them all get lost in a forest together. Party building!

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Is it acceptable to have an adventuring party of pets?

>Dog is the Paladin, Cat is the Rouge, Bird is the Bard, Lizard is the Ranger and Mouse is the Wizard.
>Quests involve escaping Humans' contol, fighting off pests, raiding a house's refrigerator or accomplishing tasks given by Humans.
>Dangers such as roving bands of Wild animals, cars, and dangerous Humans.

Is there a game like this?

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I have a feeling they might be a rival adventuring party of the children.

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See Little Witch Academia and Gen'ei Taiyou Kakeru.

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>Is it acceptable to have an adventuring party of children?
No, OP. That's unacceptable. All of your party must be adult. Furthermore, you may only adventure in fantasy settings, and the only races you may play are elves, dwarves, and humans.

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Do you even Huckleberry Finn?

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what about halflings...
they're the fourth typical underdog race...

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I know there is, but I can't remember the name of it. I think it was a Japanese game translated to English.

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Stop misusing ellipses.


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>monster girl orphanage

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You mean the videogame, Tokyo Jungle?

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No, a tabletop game.

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Pets: the Shedding?
Probably before your time.

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monster girl orphanage ADVENTURE!

I'm considering whether or not to have various guildmembers go on down to the orphanage for various reasons. The thieves to look for talent, clergy to try to counter the efforts of thieves, mages to gather reagents, etcetera.

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I would play the SHIT out of that.

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Would you play one of the children, or the matron slash retired paladin?

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the current proposition is a party of orphans, though doing it from the orphanarium manager perspective might be fun too.

If you're lucky, after an adventuring career, the orphans will eventually wrap back into matron/retired paladin.

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It's the only thing he can do.

Nobody knows why.

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I wouldn't really call San and Ashitaka "children", and child PCs caught in a war between humans and the spirit world is a little less whimisical Ghibliventury and a little more child-soldiery.

Nothing wrong with that, just a different tone.

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Nigga do you even need to ask?

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What are some plot hooks orphans could theoretically have happen?

A. Tiny little guys being all "You must help us, great one!" Works for turtle knight scenarios AND ratmen undercivilization scenarios.

B. Getting lost while playing. Self explanitory. Can go to many locations with this.

C. stowing away somewhere. Dangerous. Would send the campaign off... somewhere.

More plothooks. More!

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Historically, what kinds of orphanages were there? There's the monastic kind, I think, where you were all brought up as little monks. Then the kind where some mean lady shovelled out gruel. I am terribly uneducated on this subject, but it seems that if there was some purpose to the orphanage, there would be more purpose to the adventuring.

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they were basically mini child labor camps if i remember correctly.

nobody really started adopting until after the 1700th century

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>Adventuring party of children

Like, conventional ye olde fantasy style? I no idea. I imagine the system would be irrelevant as long as it was somewhat low leveled, "kiddie," and you just said "alright everyone is a kid, deal w/ it"

If you want to branch out, there's lots of fun systems for that kinda thing

Mutants and Masterminds 3e could be fun for a Teen Titans style game. It could ostensibly pull off a fantasy setting game, but you'd have to keep a pretty close eye on everyone's character sheets to make sure they fit in thematically. Superstrength in ye olde fantasy land doesn't make a lot of sense more often than not

Monsters and Other Childish Things is a fucking awesome system that could easily work for adventuring kids, though things kind of depend. By default, they either have an insane raving powerhouse of a friend and the game assumes that you're more trying to keep that friend in check than go out slaying goblins or whatever, or everyone's a "Weird" kid, basically some kid that has something really fucking off about them to the point where you make other normal people uncomfortable. It could really work out nicely for a game where your protagonists are social pariahs or normal kids just trying to make sure the crazy all-powerful Genie that became their best friend doesn't kill a bully and his entire family because holy overreaction, batman

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well, that at least sets the stage for numerous "get the hell out of this place" adventures. And makes it something close to a prisoner game.

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>protags are social pariahs
>monster orphans
That sounds like it works perfectly

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In terms of heroic fantasy, Dungeon World could probably work really really well as long as you keep everything within a somewhat defined level of "kiddishness." Your protagonists can't stand up to an Orc or Dragon, but maybe their teenaged bully equivalents are mucking up the village and you want to make 'em stop it. Dungeon World is fairly abstract as part of its nature, so I could definitely see it working

I can't think of any other systems that really spring to mind when I think "kiddie adventures"

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>Superstrength in ye olde fantasy land doesn't make a lot of sense more often than not

>> No.27491379

At what point to child adventurers graduate to taking on ACTUAL adventures? Or is it more of a necessity-begets-child-soldiers thing?

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why wouldnt it be? it's actually a pretty cool idea.
you could totally tom sawyer that bitch, OP.

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You're probably thinking of Golden Sky Stories.

>> No.27491394


Also to elaborate a little on that, all "Weird" kids have something distinctly off about them as a consequence of what's more or less a "Mutation" of some kind. In-universe, it could just as easily be fluffed as them being a Monster Race like a Lamia or some really inhuman style race like that, but otherwise it assumes that they're just somehow corrupted or mutated in some way. Anyway, pick up the Monsters and Other Childish Things book, it'll make more sense when you read about it


Hey good for you buddy you read a few old books, but we're talking kiddie adventures here, alright? If you want to go making the son of Zeus in a kiddie adventure game, that's your business, but most people would say that reeks of Gary Studom, so keep your autism in check and take a look at context, wouldja?

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What about a game where Tonnura-san would be a valid character?

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Is no one else gonna point out that the term is orphanage, not orphanarium? Nice Futurama reference doe.

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my power level is too low to know who that is

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>Adventuring party of children

No thank you.

>Adventuring party with children

Yes please.

Nothing helps a campaign like the party Paladin teaching his daughter how to live off the land, barter with merchants, speak with nobility, and slaughter the enemies of your Order with righteous fury.

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Paladins: The class statistically most likely to pick up a few kids.
Them and bards.

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Talking cat. Very good social skills. His brother is also a talking cat who is extremely physically skilled and uses just his tail. He should be playable too.

>> No.27491598

They both are in Exalted. Cat-totem Lunars are, after all, a classic.

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Tenative plot idea: Things are idyllic in the orphan-dome, until such time as the matron comes down with some form of sickness. The replacement/assistant matron is cruel and unkind.
Travel through the local forest to collect enough soothing tea to make the matron feel better!

>> No.27491637

But Exalted is shit.

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Okay, step the fuck up, anybody here ever play Kidworld? It's a setting where every adult is blind and every kid is fucking insane, to the point of having character flaws based on how stupid your kid is. And they go blind when they grow up.

It's... it's dark fucking stuff.

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Damn you for posting the most adorable picture. Now I need to go do something involving cute monstergirls, but all I have is porn, and I don't WANT that!

>> No.27491750

You don't want cute monstergirl porn?

>> No.27491796


>You will never have a cute lamia daughter to train as a sneaky ranger.

>> No.27491811

Sometimes, I want Adventure! Not porn!
Or Science! or Paranoia! I have the -least- fun with monstergirls when they're in porn, it's way better when they're doing other things, like economics.
I've wanted monstergirl shadowrun for a long while, but it doesn't exist.

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>You will never have a little minotaur to help you carry crates and bales on the farm

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Speak for yourself. I'm going to inherit a couple million dollars, and genetic engineering is getting more advanced every day.

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>orphanage owner is an old, apathetic wizard who's long since stopped caring about the orphans
>the campaign goal is to take him on an adventure and restore the kindness in his once-warm heart.

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Macguffins include:
A pretty flower
A macaroni painting
A get well card
Home made "breakfast" in bed
A beach party

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The wizard is named Robert Kelso

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I would do it like Gundam: the kids are forced to be adventurers.

>> No.27491949

that's kind of a high difficulty level there.

>> No.27492006

elaborate, for those of us who aren't gundameers? Child soldiers?

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That cat is way too OP to use in a kids lvl game. An awaken house cat with a 16 str score that can talk and spam "charm person" at will is not something to joke about.
more than just that. any woman and a few guys that rub and/or touch his belly gets charmed and nearly pass out from having an orgasm. can even do that when rubbing up agienst others too .

if PC use this... well, i don't have to discribe where it can easily lead too.

>> No.27492128

>elaborate, for those of us who aren't gundameers? Child soldiers?

Every version of gundam revolves around the same themes; war is bad, hey lets show you how war is bad by throwing some kids into giant robots.

>> No.27492143

Their artificial satellite is attacked because it has the Gundam. Most of the people who survived the attack are unfit for combat, the rest are kids.

>> No.27492151

sounds to me the same shit plot, reused every year with only new mecha models tossed in to make a sale. damn Japan, i thought you could do better than this.

>> No.27492195

>Damn you for posting the most adorable picture.
This whole thread is adorable picture(s) waiting to happen.

>> No.27492224

But there are monsters in Shadowrun and they can be girls.

>> No.27492244

and yet nobody can tell me of a time they've seen monstergirl shadowrun.
It's almost criminal
Fishing for storytimes

>> No.27492248

I feel it would be good to bring up Zambot 3, an earlier show by Gundams creator. Turns out war sucks, and if you put kids in the cockpit of a giant robot lots of people are going to die, including them and their dog.

Yoshiyuki Tomino made it when he was in one of his moods.

>> No.27492332

>be famed writer of monster hunting guides
>own monster orphanage
>play games with them and determine their weak points, care for them and learn their sleep cycles, all sorts of shit
>make the money
>get the women

>> No.27492425


This is pretty much how a children party will go down.

Now look at that ass.

>> No.27492577

Tomino's "moods" are always great for that kind of thing

>> No.27492760

That's not a child.

>> No.27492796

-Children must find a cure for loved one
-Stray cute and cuddly animal needs return to forest home. (Harsh education in the circle of life and basic predation optional)
-Someone's filching supplies from the kitchen.
-Rumours of a bogeyman stalking the orphanage halls at night
-Ghost hauntings sighted; ghost actually just wants to be friends. (alternately use another spirit being)
-Ancient golem discovered in an old basement. Very strong but extremely gentle around children; can you discover whatever secret it guards, or how to return it home?
-Harvest festival; orphanage must put on a play
-Absent-minded wizard has lost several components around town
-Various "fedex" tasks - running messages and packages. These could easily spin off into much bigger scale adventures.

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Historically in Europe most orphanages were set up as an extension of religious institution (i.e. the Church, whether Roman Catholic, Orthodox, or otherwise). The eventual aim would be to settle the orphans into a household as an apprentice or the like learning a skilled trade.

>> No.27492926

If you just want to justify adventuring though, this is pretty easy: A wealthy retired adventurer founded an orphanage. He was an orphan and wants to make places where kids in similar situation can learn the skill she used to survive. To this end he teaches combat, magic, and the vast array of little practical skills that befit a rogue or ranger. He also brings in buddies from time to time, who help teach, and he's on good terms with the local artisan's guild, although the PCs are not the sort to go that route unless you feel like writing a crafting system.

>> No.27492941

>> No.27492990

Not nearly as heartwarming in context.

>> No.27493055

The context is it worked.

>> No.27493075


The context is she summoned it to begin with.

>> No.27493197

She made a problem, and then she solved it. Sums up most of the comic really.

>> No.27493467

What if their adventures varied wildly from the mundane to epic?

The implication being that any 'serious' encounters are the kids using their imaginations. You wouldn't even need to make a distinction between what was real and what was fantasy, and most of the time, their experiences would be a blend of the two.

The story could climax at a point where a plot device that the players would assume is make-believe turns out to be real.

>> No.27493488

Kinda the idea.

>> No.27493577

surprise twist:
It was ALL real.

>> No.27493606

Start with World of Darkness: Innocents and turn that bitch into a Changeling game.

>> No.27493622

If you're going that route, then they need to find out right before they go to face the final threat, and the fate of the world is on the line.

>> No.27493927

I don't understand the idea, then.

>> No.27494085

I don't know about orphans, but running an adventurer's guild would be fun, and orphans are perfect to train into adventurers. Monster or not.

>> No.27494183

Ender Wiggin plz go

>> No.27494672


>> No.27496533

Aw hell yes. Cross-generational games are awesome.
>PCs hook up with each other or NPCs
>start families
>Get kids
>Teach kids
>Kids are new PC in the new campaign.

>> No.27496645

I dunno doin some cute stuff

>> No.27498854 [DELETED] 

Children adventures?

Why, Bliss Staage of course.

>> No.27498903

Children Adventures?

Why hasn't anyone mentioned Bliss Stage?

>> No.27498927

Because Bliss Stage isn't cute kids going on cute adventures, it's about serious traumatised child soldiers.

>> No.27498935

I guess we've been playing it wrong then

>> No.27498955

Weren't those fairies?

>> No.27498976

Inevitable Bliss, the aliens and threat of death - /cute adventures/?

>> No.27498984


>> No.27498994

You got some fucked up definition of 'cute'. Stop presuming that other people share your crazy.

>> No.27499022


one on the right has a rather unique bulge.

>> No.27499073

I imagine early teens, like 12-14. They're apprentices set out to prove themselves, in a world where few people become adventurers instead adventurers are a social class. As such adventuring starts early, in the mid teens for most races and late teens for Dwarves and Elves. Most adventurers are born adventurers, however orphanages make up the rest. Apprenticeships begin very early, about the time the person can walk and speak.

Fighting types are given wooden swords and taught the basics on fighting styles. Magic types usually go through rigorous studying, unless they're a sorcerer. In which case they're left with magical care to make sure they don't kill themselves or others. Religious types study scripture of their gods, as well a bit of sword play for clerics, while paladins train like fighters but also schooled in basics of the church. Thieving & stealthy types are taught how handle a knife, pickpocket, open locks and the other basics before left to fend for themselves on the street.

Then around early teenage years most adventurers go out on their first adventure. They team up with other young adventurers, most likely childhood friends or siblings. Most never make it back, but adventuring is never easy.

>> No.27499531

Monsters are super diabetic. too much candy puts them in temporary comas. Last time the monsters were awake, they ate so much sugar that they are only now waking up.

PCs are children going trick or treating. Adults believe monsters are just elaborate costumes. players can either beat the candy out of the monsters, give the monsters some of their candy as an "offering"to make them leave, or out-do them in a bet/game.

player alignment is tricks vs treats and candy vs violence. A tricks/violence character can either beat the shit out of a monster or something similar. treats/candy would be nice to the monster, offering it candy or a game to get it to leave. treats/violence would be an older brother protecting his sibling by beating up the monster. tricks/candy would either try to find a way to profit off the monsters our deal with them in traditional Halloween horror - razor laced candies or such.

>> No.27499620

*only now waking up, hundredsof years since the last time they appeared.

character stats

Costume: renown amongst monster and character level

Cunning: charisma/inventiveness

Brute: Physical strength

Brains: Intelligence, lore on different monsters (ie: oni count thrown beans, dullahan/vampires can't cross running water)

Belly: pain resistance/constitution

>> No.27499681

I smell the scent of lolis so I came here.
>Is it acceptable to have an adventuring party of children?
Sure, if all the players agree to it and have no problem.
>What adventures would they go on
Those first level quest would work, exploring the deep basement of a tavern and hunting evil giant rats. Finding the chicken lost in the forest, while a few high level adventurers watch them from a far and keeping high level monsters away from the childrens.

>> No.27499699

after reading your post, all i can think of is the children's crusade

>> No.27500628

>Ducktales the Duckening
Fund it.

>> No.27501554

One adventure could be them having to deal with 'home invaders' that the adults think the kids are lying about. Yeah, it's a cliche, but it could be an interesting thing for them do in-game. See how the players approach it.

>> No.27501633

Kids finally taking things to their own hands and dealing with the vampire in the closet that father doesn't believe.
0/10 father, wouldn't born again

>> No.27501643

Kingdoms of Light, by Alan dean Foster.

Read it immediately.

>> No.27501677

>What adventures would they go on, what creatures would they face?
Isn't physical battle a little traumatic for children? I mean, adult soldiers get PTSD and shit, imagine what it's like for children to be regularly staring into the eyes of death. I mean, I get that adventurers don't go crazy (because all murderhobos are crazy by default. Also, suspension of disbelief and all) but aren't using children taking it a bit too far? Why do shows, games, books etc. do that?

>> No.27501708

Just go full Costume Quest with it, where the act of getting candy from a house or finding a lost doll is treated like an epic adventure.

>> No.27501789

Kids should actually handle it better than adults. If you've lived a decent life then get thrown into a blender of battlefield, it's bound to knock you off your rocker.
If it's all you've known from as early age as you can remember you don't really mind since you just don't know any better.

>> No.27502878

also, if they are orphans, we could include escape-style adventures, and hobo-style pie hunting.

>> No.27503129


Aye, the bottle fairies were fairies

But childish and had little-scale adventures

>> No.27503186

Sure they're cute when they're young, but they still never get adopted. This is because feeding one alone is like feeding an entire household. And entire household who eats mostly if not entirely meat.
Peasants can't afford that shit. Hunters maybe.

There's a reason why adult lamia are always either A. holding a bow or B. in business style attire. Gotta put the bacon on the table.

>> No.27503311


>Children get the average of the mom and dad's stats + d6 (or something similar.)
>Children are Gestalt.
>Opportunities to enhance their attributes, skills, abilities and such abound during the raising process.

You came for the adventure, you stayed for the breeding programs.

>> No.27503332

I always thought a game like that would be interesting.
Rogue legacy is just not enough.

>> No.27503363

Running it in Pathfinder.

With Mythic Tiers thrown in as they struggle to take over the world from their powerful and utterly corrupt and monstrous parents.

>> No.27503389

I would say, more they're AD&D style multiclassing. They level both up by splitting their xp between classes.

>> No.27503418


It wouldn't even be hard to do.

Run a campaign, get to level 8, have a lengthy denouement where people settle down and then use the stats of whoever they settled down with to make a new character for the next campaign.

If you've got a consistent group that enjoys a particular setting, you could go through 4-6 generations before calling it quits, probably after they're established as one of the ancient families in the world, the maker of Emperors and Kings or renowned for their immense wealth, knowledge and power.

>> No.27503419

You had best be including monstrous family lines.

>> No.27503451


Wouldn't this mean that someone who hooks up with a demon, angel or dragon would have an INCREDIBLY powerful character for the next campaign?

>> No.27503477

yes or no, depending on how ECL and wizards are handled

>> No.27503514


3.5 or Pathfinder shouldn't be used for this, maybe 5e. However keeping it out of DnD would help.

>> No.27503533

oh, well, if you're keeping it out of D&D, then no problem at all!

>> No.27503539

People who do dangerous and difficult things (successfully) get correspondingly worthy rewards.
Obviously, in a campaign like this, the GM should be making it quite difficult to seduce those creatures.

>> No.27503593


If we were trying to go all Eugenics on this, the best creature overall to settle down with would be the Nymph.

Their strength isn't all that special, but they have amazing Dex, Charisma, and pretty good Con, Int and Wis.

>> No.27503906

Advanced Race Guide is my friend.

>> No.27503919

Nymph+Dryad=Beautiful tree baby girls.

>> No.27504417

Instead of going fulleugenics, I would simply take the opporotunity to shack up with monster girls. Several of them. Like that one bard.

>> No.27506802

Monster orphans has been tossed around a lot, but I've only seen it ever happen as a one-off joke NPC.

>> No.27508303

>Children get the average of the mom and dad's stats + d6 (or something similar.)
Terribad system

Joe and Jill are two humans
They are both physically frail, sickly, mentally retarded individuals
Their stats are 8s across the board.

Every one of their kids is above average.

Tim and Tinna are both humans in the top tier atheletes. 17 in physical stats. Most their children somehow manage to far surpass the maximum score their race could hope to achieve without magic, somehow.

Also, the minimum score of 3 in a stat thing? After 1 generation the new minimum score is 4 (both parents had 3, and child rolled a 1 on a d6).
Next generation the minimum score is 5, etc.

>> No.27508386

something more realistic would probably be an average of the parents +or- a value, or some kind of Roll-between-parental-attributes thing, where you get anywhere from one of the parent's attributes to the other, with a chance of + or -.

>> No.27508459

Is it just me or are her horns really shitty CG? What is even the point of that?

>> No.27508802

just throwing it out there.

>> No.27508878

I haven't watched the anime, but I do know that in the manga she does not have horns.

>> No.27508969

they're meant to look a little fake. They're actually just a headband

>> No.27509634

>You will never have a little arachne to take over the family tailor's shop

>> No.27509834

>You'll never get a hand made silk bathrobe for father's day

>> No.27510113

Bring along a Silver Dragon, they're perfectly happy to live like the middle class. Plus, the most exotic food they'll ever demand is macaroni and cheese, which is usually their first meal.
>You are now manually imagining a woven basket full of eggs hatching into mewling silver whelplings who toddle their way to a giant bowl of macaroni and cheese, one falling in, as two silver dragons in human form hold each other watching the happiest moment in their lives unfold.

>> No.27510316

>you will never have a lamia daughteru who curls around your arm and rests her head on your shoulder
>you'll never have a centaur daughteru who can walk to you clumsily on the day she's born to hug you
>you will never have a harpy daughteru who attempts to fly but lands on her butt each time
>you will never have a spider girl daughteru who weaves a picture of you out of web
>you will never have a slime girl daughteru who covers you in her entire body as a hug
>you will never have a mantis girl daughteru who brings you whatever she hunts for your praise
>you will never have a cow girl daughter who you caress gently as she milks for the first time
>you will never have a lizard girl daughteru who you need to help peel off her old skin
>you will never have a cat girl daughteru who purrs whenever you hug her and pat her head
>you will never have a dog girl daughteru who just wants to rub against you
>you will never have a caterpillar daughteru cry and cling to you for a whole day because she needs to leave you for 7 months to become a Butterfly daughteru
>you will never have a dullihan daughteru who you break up fights between the head and body
>you will never have an alrune daughteru who smiles gently as she blooms and says she loves you for the care you've given her
>you will never have a vampire daughteru who you cut yourself to give her blood to ease her hunger for it
>You will never have a scylla daughteru who you need to change because she keeps inking her panties when afraid
>you will never have a kitsune daughteru who you help her brush her multiple tails
>you will never have a wyvern daughteru who you rub her upset stomach as she develops her dragon breath
>you will never have any monster girl daughteru

>> No.27510361

Fuck you anon. Just fuck you.

>> No.27510492

I think I've seen that copy pasta on /a/ before.

>> No.27510505


>> No.27510705

>You will never procreate with a horror from beyond this feeble reality and raise the infernal spawn.

>> No.27510801


>> No.27510835

That is pure adorable.

>> No.27510877

You hurt me, anon.
You hurt me in my heart.

>> No.27510904

We all hurt Anon.
We all have that horride hole in the core of our very being, that eats away at our dreams.
It called us here.

>> No.27510926

Meanwhile, at a nearby fantasy orphanage, adventurers have created another orphan.

>> No.27510936

Governor Cthulu will mindrape and consume Spanish pirates and drop taxes.
Plus, his wife bakes fantastic bread and his son is adorable.

Truly it is a good time to be a loyal colonist.

>> No.27510948

seriously, fuck pirates.

>> No.27511071

I heard some countries actually employ them and rename them privateers

When I heard that, I was just like, you've got to be squidding me

>> No.27511129

Sir Francis Wyrm is NOT a pirate. He's a Spanis-eater. But why let the ship and valuables go to waste?

>> No.27511156

Meanwhile, at a nearby fantasy orphanage, rich eccentric folk have adopted another orphan based on which year of the Chinese zodiac it is.

>> No.27511172

Hey, better than most ends.

Do they adopt a new orphan EVERY year?

>> No.27511200

Chinese dragons: making a better world.

>> No.27511236

>Do they adopt a new orphan EVERY year?
The rate at which some singers/actors were doing so it sure seemed like they were going to.

>> No.27511245

The first Star Wars makes a lot more sense if you imagine all the good guys are teens.

>> No.27511403


You got bullied in high school today, your parents are yelling at each other again, and you're sitting in your room, staring at the d&d poster on the wall, just trying to tune it all out.

Then this fucker pops up on your windowsill.

"Would you like to go on an adventure?"

>> No.27511428

well, at least for things on the zodiac.

>> No.27511459

All the core races count for "monkey"

>> No.27511463

Didn't that end REALLY FUCKING BADLY in Tales of Graces?

>> No.27511510

Yeah you WISH that's what she was learning.
Half of that goes in one ear out the other, but she's been picking up quite a bit on the subject of sleight-of-hand and picking doors sometimes.

Her favorite uncle always gets her presents after all.

>> No.27511515

Adapt Fortune Summoners

>> No.27511540

One almost... almost managed to avoid this in a great way. 00, first season. Where the main characters are like "fuck this shit. you wanna unite the planet, we're gonna terrorize the fucking globe until they hate us so fucking much they fucking love each-other".

>> No.27511559

Twist: Their father was *also* in the closet

>> No.27511560

she had better damn well be learning to live off the land, hunting makes raising her SO much cheaper. Imagine buying all that meat at the butcher. My god.

>> No.27511585

Yeah except it's so much easier to slip a few golds here and there and then just buy good food on the way out.

Hadn't you wondered where all that cheese comes from?

You don't hunt or gather cheese.

>> No.27511597

>snake child
>living off cheese
That had better not have long term health issues

>> No.27511626

Their father is the vampire.

>> No.27511646

The father is a seasoned vampire hunter.
The reason there were convenient stakes and crosses and silver weapons around was because he knew about the vampire.
He just wanted his kids to deal with it.

>> No.27511662

That might also explain why their new closet was a coffin with a vampire inside.

>> No.27511732


It was created by a Paladin who picked a third option when it came to the question of what to do with the babies of the monster she'd just killed.

Once in a while, a grim-faced warrior would come along, and all the little monsters would go and hide, because they sometimes have sad dreams about fire and blood and men in shining armor. But sometimes when the scary man left, there'd be a new friend for them to play with!

>> No.27511823

She might make an excellent mouser.

>> No.27511830


I have a shocking lack of cute monstergirl pictures, but I'll see what I can do...

>> No.27511858


make a jump check.

the floor is lava.

>> No.27511880

Oh paladin man, you're so terrifying.
I wonder who the hell he gets to run the place. You'd need some seriously on the ball staff, with antitoxins and hazmat suits and silver children's harnesses and who knows what else.

>> No.27511933


you monster.

>> No.27511937

WIZARDS and people to keep him grounded.

>> No.27511959


>Indian Lamia

Why is this so cute.

>> No.27511977

The orphanage is run by the procurement branch of a wizard guild.
Ever wonder where they get all the troll blood, harpy feathers, and mermaid scales they need for various magics? Now you know! Kids are -all the time- dropping various fluids and parts all over the place. Just need to sweep/scoop it up.

>> No.27511994

I still maintain that it is because the mother has sick tats.

>> No.27512027


>Lamia belly-dancer
>They're all belly

>> No.27512100

everyone immediately goes to belly dancing for them.
I suppose it's only natural to assume.

>> No.27512255

>mage run monster orphanage
While that's adorable, am I the only one worried about putting children in close proximity to mages, and the generation of magically-educated people that would produce?

I mean, a FEW wizards is too many.

>> No.27512284

It takes a wizard to keep a wizard in control.
Do you really want ONE wizard in a land of bards and clerics?

>> No.27512322

Man I hope I at least have a daughter bro. That shit would be dope. Imma buy her the prettiest frilliest dress ever.

>> No.27512352

I keep hearing Cthulhu going "HARUMPH HARUMPH HARUMPH" when his son wants to be a doctor instead of a writer.

>> No.27512861

retired paladins.
Having dealt with the adult forms they'll not have much trouble with the kids

>> No.27512981

>killing adults is harder than raising children, and uses the same skill set.
I think I might go out on a limb here and say that you probably don't have much experience with children.

>> No.27513118

No i mean if he's already dealt with the breath weapon of an adult dragon several times an immature ones shouldn't really threaten him.

I'm not saying that experience at killing the adults makes them good at raising kids. Just that experience fighting the adults will equip them to deal the dangerous aspects of the children, how to deal with bites/stings that sort of thing. If they've survived an adult form trying to kill them with that they can probably survive the inexperienced and less sinister applications of an immature monsters abilities.

>> No.27513227

Oh, alright. I wasn't thinking of that.

>> No.27513265

you've got to take into consideration these things. It's all fun and games until your foot is smashed by a minotaur hoof.

>> No.27513548

No, I want none. The clerics keep each other in check, and bards are too busy rubbing their dicks on everything to cause any major problems.

>> No.27513835

Wait. Do you mean they procreated with a monster and abandoned the resulting infant? Or that they actually murdered the parents and made the child an orphan?

Is that what your adventurers do in in their free time, /tg/? Murder demi-humans and abduct their children, to raise them as their own?

>> No.27513852

That is adorable as FUCK

>> No.27513952

the career of an adventurer can be measured in monster orphans made, one way or the other.

>> No.27514283

You'd think that, but the damn thing refuses to put down the rattle

>> No.27514602

We posting cute shit?

>> No.27515424

apparently not much

>> No.27515484

A normal teenager is hard to deal with, but a catgirl? Good lord

>> No.27515496

>carries a large wrench as a weapon
So basically you made the bastard child of Gurren Lagann and Gunleon? I approve.

>> No.27515502

Dangerously cute.

>> No.27515510

They're aloof to the point of being entirely self maintaining from an early age.

>> No.27515538

Everybody loves ghosts until they start haunting you
They're still rebelious as all hell and they ruin your furniture. Also they can pout for months on end

>> No.27515584

Do you have the source for that animation?

>> No.27515608

I forget the name, it's french. Try a reverse Google search perhaps?

>> No.27515738



>> No.27515764

Feng Shui, have one adult on the team as a babysitter who gets dragged along on the crazy adventures the kids have.

...fuck, that actually sounds like a good game.

>> No.27515786

We once played a party of juvenile chromatic dragons. It was great fun.

>> No.27515793

For a child, almost anything can be an adventure.
I vividly remember me and the other kids from the neighborhood having "adventures" in the nearby woods.
Once, we got kind of lost, and ended up in a nearby junkyard. That shit was fucking exiting back then. We even found some abandoned computer parts in the woods, and dragged them back to our "base" which was an old tree.
Fun times, would relive again if I could.

>> No.27515817

You should check out Monsters and other Childish Things then. Especially the Road Trip campaign.

But as somebody who has played the adult as part of the same dynamic: It really depends on what the player characters are like. It can honestly become whack-a-moley rather than GETTING DRAGGED INTO ZANY ADVENTURES which isn't very fun.

>> No.27515826

That child reaper is cute as fuck

>> No.27516670

Maybe because the mental image of all that shiny henna paint and dem scales glimmering in the lowlight as lamiamom slithers and belly dances through the night is simply too good to ignore.

>> No.27516683

>Fantasy Brad Pitt and his Fantasy New Orleans mansion full of adopted monsterkids
Welp, I just found a new npc.

>> No.27516784


You could have one Orphan who mistook a Lich's Phylectary for a pacifier and accidentally switched souls with it, a Child in a Liches body and the Lich in the childs body trying and failing to take over the world.

The Liches followers are out for the kids, Team rocket style

>> No.27516826

/tg/ did that already.

>> No.27516897

Never said anything about little girls.

Just a babe who now has the soul and mid of an evil diabolical lich inside of it who was moments away from enacting an evil rule the world plot with his coven of necros

The necromancers in question are now at a loss for words as the babylich uses it's powers to warp the lands into a sick twisted undead childs playground.

some poor necros were poorly polymorphed into fleshy rattle toys.

>> No.27516923

>to warp the lands into a sick twisted undead childs playground.

Why would it do this?

The lich's body is child-like, not mind or soul. If anything it would just look for a workaround to mitigate the problems that arise with being inside a childish body.

>> No.27516995

Well, if a baby is in an all-powerful Liches body then it'd probably try to turn the world into it's oyster.

As for the Lich in baby, he'd be stuck under the supervision of a retired Paladin babysitter who he once clashed with in the heart of a hoyl city who's out for his ass.

Que antics.

>> No.27517185

And then, at the end, the lich refuses to give up his new body. "This is my second chance at life! another chance to find love! To experience real family! "

>> No.27517607

did anyone else notice that the centaur and the scorpion woman are hitting on each other? Because they definitely are

>> No.27517634

are you sure they aren't just talking about their kids fighting?
because when you take the yuri goggles off it looks like two embarrassed mothers apologizing for their kid's behavior.

>> No.27517677

>mfw I remember what this thread reminds me of.

>> No.27517724

.....why would I want to take the goggles off?

Besides, given the expressions (mainly of the scorpion woman) and the intimate placement of that tail....

>> No.27517843

Another picture has them making out, so I would say its a fair assumption that they're a little lesbo.

>> No.27517871

The Y.R.I. radiation produced by the YURI goggles can cause permanent vision damage. If you experience temporary blindness, sharp pains behind the eyes, or you begin to see YURI everywhere whilst not using the goggles, please contact your doctor immediately.

>> No.27517900

I stand corrected then

>> No.27517904

Their posturing and the blushing certainly implies flirtation, and the artist likes to draw lesbians almost as much as he likes to draw his self-insert fuckin monstergirls.

>> No.27518012

Heck just watch a bunch of Gummi bears episodes and you are good to go

>> No.27518128

Like, they shorten their lives by a year or Moundshroud is making them vanish for a random year, or is he putting them into indentured servitude for a year?

>> No.27518174

Moundshroud is death. They will each die one year sooner.

>> No.27518193

is supposed to be responding to

>> No.27518259 [DELETED] 

No, they are totally into each other.

>> No.27518282


>> No.27518319

>Another picture has them making out
Huh... source? For scientific reasons.

>> No.27518407

>Sonic underground parody
i quit life...

>> No.27521200

Poke for awesomeness.

>> No.27521738

No, fuck you, I like my soul. I wish he didn't exist and that I also had a sundae. In fact, I wish he was now and always had been an eternal, non melting, regenerating sundae.

>> No.27521865

You still have your soul, just it's in a soul gem, that slowly gets corrupted turning you into a horrible monster. Just don't lose your head.

>> No.27521912

Bisexual monstergirls, that's hot.

>> No.27521913


Probably in his archive somewhere.


>> No.27521925

It always comes down to the sweet tats

>> No.27522032


You know, I've been wondering. If Kyubey turns girls into liches, does that mean it was made by Vecna?

>> No.27522145

Makes sense to me, Venca made cute little cat things to serve as his vessel, to fight off "Entropy" of the Universe. By making little girls who're emotionally damaged, wish for something they really didn't want, then fail to tell them that they're loliches that turn into the stuff they fight eventually. Oh and promoting girl love, but that's wrong.

>> No.27522211

where is that from i saw that somewhere before but i cant quite remember

>> No.27522289

It's definitely acceptable in Japan; it's the entire basis of the Mother series.

>> No.27522290

>Comes from some mysterious other place
>fights Entropy
>attracts people to him, and then ruins them
Is Kyubey an excrucian?

>> No.27522341

Not only that, but don't forget that Ni No Kuni is easily the best JRPG in the last 20 years.

>> No.27522380

Google Final Fantasy tactics advance and Shadow Star/Narutaru


>> No.27522441


Sorry, no idea. I got it from here.

>> No.27522449

I did think of mentioning that, but it's technically not a full party of children - there's two children and a young adult, plus a bunch of monsters. The party setup is kind of Pokémon-ish in that regard.

In terms of the tone, though, you're absolutely right - Ni No Kuni does deal with the drama of a child in a sword-and-sorcery fantasy world, working through his real world issues and problems as he adventures and grows.

>> No.27522483

>monster orphan-zone
>gets burned down by the tragic backstory assurance crowd- generally bandits
>monster orphan adventures are go

even if it's just "rebuild the orphanage", they have a reason to go adventuring.

>> No.27522530

Persona disagrees with you on the "easily" part.
Especially P3. I cried when Chihiro died

>> No.27522621


Children in nightmare worlds or worlds they know are spiritual/etc could work.

Not a drop of blood, but pleanty of nightmare fuel.

Or if they are young adults, you could go the battle royale or Dangan Ronpa route.

Generally having a kid character does make it harder to kill being some players may react poorly. Having something with a child's mentality (construct, robot, ghost, etc) something that can't die could be a work around, but they can still cease existing by other means, which may be harder for some players to stomache.

>> No.27522721


Pic related.

>> No.27523124

Am I the only one who would watch the shit out of that?

>> No.27523202

That's some foul shit.

>> No.27523288


From day one it was about manipulating the players, rather than interacting with the game.

Pure metagaming, even, that sucked everyone up into it, and whose cue to end it came from out of game.

Also fake as shit, but quite a story.

>> No.27524842

>inb4 Kender

>> No.27524873

What is Gunleon? But yes, I made a mildly restrained version of a Gurren Lagann as a PC [the mecha, not the personality of the Kid. The Kid is more "Lets fucking adventure!", then hotblooded hero, or shy Simon].

>> No.27526957

Actually I think we might make it through with none of that.

>> No.27528642

The 1000AD Three in Chrono Trigger were all teenagers, I think.

>> No.27532590

Most adorably depressing thread on /tg/.

>> No.27532602

Even knowing what this thing is I'd be down for it.

>> No.27532604

Children with Monsters always works

>> No.27532614

Little Fears was MADE for this kind of setting.

>> No.27532616

>implying I don't already have a sweet, innocent murder machine that brings me dead things so I'll be proud of her
>well, I used to
>my cat's dead now

>> No.27532667

That's pretty good evil, stalk a girl for no reason for all that time, then as the party starts to care, you sweep the rug from underneath them.

>> No.27532750

this is why you want monstergirls, anon. They outlive you. And eventually gain their own career so you don't have to care for them.
Hopefully something more profitable than showbiz.

>> No.27533175

That would be adorable as fuck in a rather dark way.

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