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>Spoke to Cruddence @ Games Day re SoB asking if the digital version is his WD dex. He confirmed it is, hes been involved in the writing of the warlord traits was the impression I got. He also told me they've looked at the scaling issue for faith points and that there's been 'minor' point tweaks. Release date is for next month (October). Interestingly he said it'll probably be treat like a supplement in that if it sells well as a digital it's probably get a physical release. Spoke to someone from the digital editions stand and they confirmed it'll be for Android aswell as Ipad.
>He also told me they've looked at the scaling issue for faith points and that there's been 'minor' point tweaks.

This is honestly more than I was expecting.

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>Space Marine Supplement - Sentinels of Terra

One Space Marine company gets more attention than you.

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>10 witch elves are £35
>9 bolter sisters, 2 special weapons and sister superior are £42

Would plastic sisters even be cheaper?

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>using the British prices
It's the rest of the weorld that got hit harder with those witch elves, I think.

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It's nice being on the other side of the price screw, for once.

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Yeah, don't care. I'm just excited to see that they're getting some proper attention instead of being hate fucked by GW's accounting department.

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Anyone else see the resemblance?

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Madonna. Also, Alejandro.

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Yeah, but Sisters have been around longer. Guess she just wants to be one?

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Everyone is okay with that.

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>proper attention
>white dwarf codex: The Reprint

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I've said it before, I'll say it again: Sisters of Battle on square bases, play them as Empire in Warhammer Fantasy.
Exorcist=Steam Tank

Flamers=ranged, Bolters=melee. Base type indicates what their option is.
Dialogus=wizard, Hospitaller=Priest.
For cavalry, just put a Sister from the waist up on the legs of the rider and greenstuff armor.

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White Dwarf: the UPDATED reprint.

Also there are other rumors that point towards things starting to look up for Sisters finally.

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There's still more named male character options in an army compromised of billions of women. Just saying.

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This is just a stopgap until the plastics are made.

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>Space Marine allies

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The WD codex was far from perfect in a lot of ways.

I'm hoping that we'll get some Canoness special characters next codex. Praxedes might be nice, the whole being dead thing aside.

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Yeah, I want the named Canoness characters to come back but I'll take what I can get.

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Either her or one single named character from each of the 6 Orders.

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Yeah but Sisters are Bretonnia in space.

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Lets us put in a Xeno fucker in the dex to highlight the purity and devotion of the Sisters to the Emperor!

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>billions of women
>there are actually less Sisters than marines
>implying missionaries aren't the greatest heroes
>playing SoB because they're the female army

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Actually, her own fluff states that although the Ecclesiarchy has it in for her, Sisters are grateful when she shows up and lend her full support.

They think she's an agent of the God Emperor.

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>the whole being dead thing aside.

Just like Celestine?

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>there are actually less Sisters than marines
Uh, dude? That's wrong.

The only group that outnumbers the SoB in the Imperium forces is Guard.

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Nope, check your sources.

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I'm just hoping for a points adjustment. The 6+ invul does NOT make them worth 1 point less than a chaos marine. They need to be 10 points (gw is probably going to adjust veterans+carapace armor down in points when Guard get a new codex anyways). They also need to have squad sizes of either 5-10, or 5-20. Dropping the minimum lets them field troop choices under 100 points a squad like EVERY OTHER ARMY in the game. It is also important for ballance and money reasons.

Ballance: They have NO long range shooty, and they DEFINATELY don't have enough short range shooty to table the enemy in 1 or 2 turns. After said 1 or 2 volleys of fire, they can count on being in close combat, and having a minimum squad size of 5 lets them take more veteran sister superiors, which makes sisters decent enough in close combat to win if they soften the enemy up enough with their shooty. They need that extra attack and the wargear options. (space marines already do this to make their predominantly shooty army decent in close combat)

2. It would let players field an immolator for EVERY squad, which would equal more money for gw as sisters players start buying up immolator kits. Additionally, the easier it is to START an army, the more likely that player is going to spend more money on additional units.

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True, but they don't really lend themselves to the strategy (that being said, an army of Sisters on horses bearing awesome heraldic flags while some derpy looking Guardsmen flee from the battle is neat).

Sadly, Ultras are more the Bret force.

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But she never stops bring devoted to the Emperor. She just goes with the Eldar because he's the only one offering her help when she's on the run with powers that she doesn't understand.

Though I agree that it might be awkward having her as a character. But as that Dark Vengence map showed, it seems that The Ecclesiarchy is fine with ignoring the Inquisition and liking her anyway.

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Most SM forces are limited in their numbers, the non-Codex ones pull from a limited number of planets.

Sisters are pulled from ALL planets as orphans, and they also count the entirety of the Ecclesiarchy in their numbers as well as all the resources that brings.

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There have never been more than 23 thousand Sisters. Marines number over a million.

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On a related note, Sisters of Battle had a Dreadnought back in the day.

We need that back.

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Don't forget that cheaper troops=more troops sold.
Cheaper vehicles=more sold.

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We don't need a second character from the Order of Our Martyred Lady, Celestine is enough.

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This. It's a very, very common misconception.

That bring said, their current numbers are far too small for the size of the Imperium.

There's cathedrals devoted to her in dark Vengence. It's the Inquisition that hates her.

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No they didn't.

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Welcome to five years ago!

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Sadly this Anon is right. Becuase GW can't math we've got maybe 30,000 Sisters TOPS in the Imperium.

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Isn't that what Penitent Engines are?

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Celestine's death was retconned, she doesn't die in the current fluff. Becomes unkillable, in fact.

Penitent Engines exist.

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Maybe it'll be retconned in their next codex? We can hope, anon.

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This existed alongside Penitent Engines.

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Someone is assuming things incorrectly. Check the image.

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Oh well.

I'd rather avoid getting too close to Marines. I prefer the Sisters to be more distinct.

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Thinking of wanting things back, I want the Drop Pods filled with Heavy Bolters back.

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Nothing in 40k can be taken as full canon.
They can and probably will say there's 10,000 BTs in Space Wolves, and 100,000,000 in Ultra, and 12 in Tau.

Any time exact specifics are given, it's probably bullshit.

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It'd be neat as a hero option, where you can only field one.

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I was thinking as an idea, that thos Sisters that are exceptionally skilled w/ bolster/melts/flames joins a specific squad that uses only those. The Bolter unit would use Assault bolters.

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>Dark Vengence map showed


>> No.27488462

>Assault bolters
You mean Storm Bolters?

Honestly though, entire squads that just do one thing would be a good specialty for the Sisters, since that's pretty much the one thing no Marine army does.

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Ephrael Stern is so Sue that she's measured a TeraDraigo.

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>unofficial, vehicle design rules

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Naw, Draigo is still worse.
Stern fucks up. Draigo incorruptibly runs around the Warp contradicting all canon about it and pops out to save the day then disappear again. He's also this guy's gay lover.

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I just remembered some stuff I ran across recently about the number of Sisters:

>>It's been a long running tradition that there aren't that many Battle Sisters in the fluff (about 100K total Sisters...maybe.) So a friend and I sat down and decided to crunch some numbers (for the purposes of the exercise we lowballed most of these numbers to try and feel out a low number that we could expect) with the goal to work out how many Sororitas (and then how many Battle Sisters) there should be in the Imperium as we agreed that due to the size and scale of the Imperium, the Ecclesiarchy and the scope of the duties of the Sisters their numbers just weren't high enough at 100,000.

>>To keep the numbers reasonably low we worked off the following rules:

>>1% of the entire Imperium meets the very basic criteria to be considered for becoming a Sororitas.
>>1% of those complete their "basic" training successfully
>>1% of those are on active status at any time (the other 99% have been deactivated for any number of reasons). This last one was to really just push the number a lot lower based on the "gak happens" quotient.
>>50% of the final total is Militant Orders, the rest is divided into the various Non-Militant Orders (which makes each of those smaller than the combined Militant Orders).


>> No.27488520

>>So running some basic numbers we figured that from the Hive Worlds (all 32,380 of them) had a rough average of 50,000,000,000 (we went with 50 Billion a Hive, which is about the middle of the range (10-100,000,000,000), and 10 Hive a planet, which is a bit lower than half as the range is 5-20) 16,190,000,000,000,000 people on the hives.

>>To keep the math easy we went with an average of 5 Billion people on average on every other planet in the Imperium (working from 1,000,000 that means 967,620 worlds) which is lower than our current population on Earth. That gave us another 4,838,100,000,000,000 more people.

>>This gave us a total of 21,028,100,000,000,000 people in the Imperium on a lowball math run.

>>Of these 210,281,000,000,000 meet the very basic criteria.
>>Of those 2,102,810,000,000 complete the basic training.
>>Of those 21,028,100,000 are on any kind of active duty.
>>Of those 10,514,050,000 are Battle Sisters.

>>So in short we think that about 10.5 Billion Battle Sisters makes much more sense in the fluff, or the Sisters have an attrition rate that makes even the Imperial Guard look conservative. Either way I wanted to share just to see what people thought.

Also so much for keeping it clean on that other post. Should have realized it'd do that with those numbers.

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>or the Sisters have an attrition rate that makes even the Imperial Guard look conservative
Pretty much this.

>> No.27488546

Just GW being retarded. Just like the "Only 10.000 Storm Troopers, pinky swear!" bullshit.

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File: 3.63 MB, 1701x1536, The Ascension of Balthasar map.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Ooh! I've seen how this ends, it's really shocking!

>> No.27488578

The really shocking thing is the final number is .00005% of the population in the Imperium. To make that easier to chew on, imagine it applied to the US: you'd have 6 Sisters to a State.

I think that's still pretty damn elite sounding then.

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The scale of 40k is to some extent difficult to comprehend. 10k storm troopers makes sense on a planetary scale, but it becomes quite absurd when you take into consideration just how big 40k is.

>> No.27488697

Yeah, sorry about that.
The idea was the sister superiors would carry a better version (heavy Bolter, multi-melta, and this flamer I came up with, which is just a heavy flamer with torrent). Also, for X points, the superior could upgrade her armour to Y armour, giving her relentless.

>> No.27488738

> GW decides to give SOB a new walker
> It's a Penitent Engine within a Penitent Engine
> With a gatling Flamer

>> No.27488762

Maybe something along the designs of a dreadnaught, but alot more onate and less punchy fisty.

The Reliquary engine. a Stern counterpart to the Penient engine. The Reliquary engine carries the entombed remains of a Half-Matyr. A Loyal Sister of battle whos body as by all intents be slain, but her divine spark still clings to the body, urging it on to greatness for the Imperium. The Engine harnesses this spark, suffusing the great limbs and weapons of the mighty engine to stride across the battlefield, blasting surmons of fury and weapons of holy flame onto the enemy.

>> No.27488764

Actually, gatling flamer could be a cool idea. A gun that shoots multiple torrents per turn to cover a large area.

>> No.27488786

How about making those heavy support sisters able to be relentless?

>> No.27488792

10k stormtroopers is incredibly low on the planetary scale. USMC has about a thousand special forces combat units alone.

>> No.27488802

The Penitent Penitent Engine: Penitent Engines that somehow fail in their duty may be placed into a Penitent Penitent Engine, forced to repent for failing in their penitence to the Emperor.

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Sisters still without a plastic box.
>mfw I would start a sisters army

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Do you mean retributors?

>> No.27488843


Make them Relentless, and maybe even give them a 4+ armor save or some shit.

Retributors should be wading into the enemy battle line, heavy guns blasing a hymn to the Emperor

>> No.27488865

Give them the option to spend a faith point to become either Relentless or give their armaments Rending for a turn

>> No.27488873

I'd make them get a Faith power that makes them slow and purposeful for a player turn when activated

>> No.27488879

Definitely not.

Plastic sisters would be double that price, because
>all those new alternate arms for units you'll never use

>> No.27488897

>Stop gap
>Talking about making physical copes

>> No.27488898

Remove Dialogus, add giant robot saintly preachers?
Fuck yes.

>> No.27488913

Low, but workable, particularly if they're far above the human norm in terms of skill. Some of the less competent earth special forces might only qualify for veteran squads by 40k standards.

>> No.27488916

GW does monopose models now.

>> No.27488918

>We need to be even more like Space Marines


>> No.27488938


Doubtful. GW's numbers for the Imperial have been fucking retarded since the beginning. 1 million Marines is a joke. 400 Marines conquering planets by themselves is just shit writing. And 30k SoBs in the whole galaxy is just a number thoughtlessly plucked out of the air by the GW fluff hacks. Despite all that being objectively true, those figures will be here to stay.

>> No.27488957

Right, because if it sells, then obviously people want to buy it, so they can make more money with a physical release.

Plastics will herald the real update. Since those are now possible, this is just to start selling their rules again, since they're now sure that the Sisters have a future.

>> No.27488982

Because a Sisters Dreadnaught is cool.

It has nothing to do with "HURR DURR LETS BE SPESS MAREENS", nice strawman though. Keep it up, it helps you tread water while you learn how to make a proper argument.

>> No.27489000

>Plastics will herald the real update.

>Implying there'll be plastics or a real update this edition

They handed you a shitdex and then put out the same shitdex with warlord traits rather than putting out a proper codex. This is not a good thing.

>> No.27489007

>optimism is bad and i am right

>> No.27489022

I agree with him, though. We already have a dread with nice fluff, let's just improve that instead. This pretty much is just taking something that is iconically a Marine thing and slapping some Fleurs on it.

>> No.27489023

>blind optimism is an acceptable substitute for evidence or reasoned arguments

>> No.27489031

>Because a Sisters Dreadnaught is cool.

How? Why do Sisters need to be more like Space Marines?

>> No.27489032

In comparision, the US Army has about 7500 soldiers in active special forces groups with a grand total of 26,000 soldiers under Army special operations command.


>> No.27489050

>But the detail is so crisp!

So the new plastics are all monopose now? Wow, that's disappointing. I assumed that the new stuff was following the grey knight / necron / wraithguard/wraithotherguys model, which shows when the last time I checked up on anything was.

>> No.27489086

Just DE spearmen. Because they are fucking spearmen, so people bitch when they don't rank up properly.

But now fucktards scream "muh posability!", because it's not GW if you don't throw a fit about it.

>> No.27489090

What about something like Centurion armor?3

>> No.27489099

And Terminators and bikes too!

>> No.27489107

Sassy fat women that don't need no men?

>> No.27489109

It's not that I'm all that optimistic, just that he's am really pessimistic. Or acting like it.

It's the same stuff. People come into SoB threads, preaching the most negative possible outcome as fact. It used to be squatting or being rolled into something else, so at least this is an improvement.

No, they handed us a digital release. And since it needed major reformatting, might as well update the rules a bit.

The devs have been saying for years now that plastics were what was holding them back. They wanted to do them, but the moulding problems held them back. Now they can be done, so it's time to start selling the rules again.

>> No.27489119

I'm willing to bet it's just one guy who think's it's le epec top lel to get us annoyed at him.

>> No.27489120

Dreadnoughts aren't automatically Space Marine any more than Sisters having Rhinos is.

Not to mention most of the Imperium has the same damn tech.

>> No.27489132

Actually, all the new stuff.
All HE and LM stuff was.

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Stern really needs to be in the game. Alpha class psker, it would be a good opportunity to make up for the lack of an ending in the comic.

>> No.27489144

Actually a considerable amount of conversion would need to be done to make it all fit into the digital codex format properly.

>> No.27489171

>alpha+ psyker on tabletop
>"so, I roll for psychic test and re-roll until I pass it"
>"Passed! Remove this table and all the minis on it. No save."

>> No.27489181

Centurion armor since it's in-universe supposed to be the poor man's Terminator armor used by SM chapters to bolster their Terminator units or in place of them since Termies are supposed to be rare. Bikes would just take up a fast attack slot.

>> No.27489183

>No, they handed us a digital release.

They handed you another "stop gap" and stop gap from the last stop gap. Of course they've said that Sisters were coming for years, they're not just going to tell the fans to fuck off, they've said it and will keep saying it, and rumor people will keep saying it to string you along because you'll buy it every time.

Enjoy your £20 White Dwarf codex by all means, but don't prance around pretending it's the second coming.

>> No.27489206

Did you cite wrong? I agree with you, we got those tweaks because it was a lot of work to make the WD codex into digital format.

>> No.27489219

Make her like Doomrider for Sisters of Battle.

Non-competitive, made for pure fun.

>> No.27489222

I see nothing wrong with her, well maintained equipment, minimal damage implying she's skilled at dodging and she's even got a satchel charge ready for tossing

>> No.27489239

>Dreadnoughts aren't automatically Space Marine

Yeah they are, they are quintessential Space Marine units.

>Sisters having Rhinos

This is a problem, Sisters are basically dragged along on Marine coat tails, they should be sewn on further, they should try and find their own identity.

>> No.27489254

They're not that powerful, back in 4e you could use them on the TT in kill team missions.

>> No.27489261


>A kit that GW doesn't expect to sell a lot of
>A kit that contains at this moment the only troops of an army
>Thinking they will be anywhere near the same price

Does anyone on /tg/ even attempt to use their brains anymore or is just easier to spout /pol/ maymays

>> No.27489286

I think Sisters would be priced about on par with the new Tact Marine box.

>> No.27489287

By that logic they should remove bolters, the essential Space Marine weapon, from the Sisters.

>> No.27489294
File: 814 KB, 670x554, _tg_- GW stories_20130727-171707.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Makes you wonder how much different 40k had been if the God Emperor and the Space Marines were all female, and instead we had Brothers of Battle (formerly Husbands of the Empress).

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File: 46 KB, 459x364, pullingouthair.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>people been after cheaper, posable plastic sisters for a decade
>latest GW plastic releases are ridiculously expensive and monopose anyway with all uniqueness lost thanks to everything being dual-kits
>plastic sisters will be more expensive than the metal ones and still be static, unposable with 3 poses repeated over and over again throughout the entire army

>> No.27489300

We keep going down this road and we end up with Imperial Guard.

>> No.27489301


And replace them with something that shoots fire.

I like the way you think.

>> No.27489304

And you're conveniently ignoring the fact that the devs have been saying that modelling issues were to blame, and that they said that they now had the technology to do them.

I guess your next move is to accuse all the developers of lying for all of these years, then.

>> No.27489309

So the exact same thing, for the exact same price, but with a worse material.

At least GW abandoned finecast.

>> No.27489316

I wouldn't be against that, but at least bolters have been with them from the start, they have been too like Marines from the start, but they don't need to dig that hole deeper by stealing even more from them.

>> No.27489321

Your model count is wrong. There are over 50 different models in the army. The Bolter Sisters alone have 7 different models.

>> No.27489335

Rhinos aren't so bad. It's just one unit, and the Sororitas one looks far more swag.

>> No.27489345

the only ways they've been "like Marines" was the power armor, bolters and Rhinos. Outside of that they've been a force of a different flavor and playstyle.

>> No.27489346

Helm vs no helm and chain sword vs power sword in the exact same pose is not noteworthy.

>> No.27489355

Who cares? By the point GW will fucking finally release new SoB, Raging Heroes will have finished its kickstarter full of better and cheaper models.

>> No.27489368

By that logic than we have pretty much 2 or 3 different Marines.

>> No.27489372
File: 33 KB, 318x472, Sororita_change_poster.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yeah I personally don't mind sisters sharing rhinos with the other human(ish) factions, it seems like the standard... thing.

What I really want to see is a Sororitas attack helicopter dumping napalm on people while blasting church music from laud hailers.

I have no idea why the one air unit the Sisters of Battle have is a goddam anti air jet.

>> No.27489383

But everyone has Rhinos, it's all they're allowed to have.
Unless the Ecclesiarchy commissions it's own AM recruits, and builds new designs completely running over established orthodoxy and pissing off the rest of the Imperium...
>Gives legit reason for everyone to always attack SoBs
>Get new swag GW can market for high prices (and Chinaman can cast)
>Machine Cult minis in 40k, plus more AM/SoB fapfics

Works out well for everyone.

>> No.27489403

SHUT UP, don't jinx us on the fact we might get 10 helmet heads and 10 helmetless heads to use as we will.

>> No.27489418

And they will all have MANFACE.

Even the helmeted ones.

>> No.27489422

>Sisters are basically dragged along on Marine coat tails, they should be sewn on further, they should try and find their own identity

Well, the SoB are kinda weird right now anyway, and barring any overhauls, will stay that way.

Why do they have access to rhinos, but not any of the variants, like the predator or vindicator? Why wouldn't they have access to other marine tanks, like the land raider and land speeder and dreadnoughts and whatever?

They have bolters and power armor, but no version of heavy armor (terminators, centurions whatever). What about heavy weapons? Who took away all the rocket launchers and lascannons and shit?

They live on earth next to mars, it would make sense they get elite marine-level shit to play with.

But they're elite humans, not supermen. So they started to get some IG stuff too in the witch hunters codex, access to platoons and assassins and chimeras and sentinels and shit. Sort of makes sense, if they're not space marines they have more common human army stuff, and exotic humans, cyborgs and shit. The sentinel and penitent engine very vaguely could be descended from the same design.

But now, they're an imperial army borrowing 'iconic' things from other imperial armies. They need their own gimmick, and I can't see that happening. The space marines and IG and mechanicus essentially prevent the SoB from having a distinctive 'imperial tech but not borrowed from anyone' vibe.

>> No.27489424

Yeah, we've all heard "can't get the hair right" "can't get the sleeves right!"

But then if the problems had been sorted, if they were valid problems to begin with, then they wouldn't been repackaging the White Dwarf codex, if something was actually coming soon, then they'd have held off.

>> No.27489425

I'd like having enough to have my entire army with the helmets. They look cool.

>> No.27489465

Dunno, Everqueen/Handmaiden and the new Dark Elves looked fairly nice.
There's mixed opinions on Sisters of Avelorn.

>> No.27489480

They don't live on Earth actually, that's a retcon. They have their own planet.

>> No.27489482

Sisters don't use weapons outside of the Holy Trinity (Bolter, Melta, Flamer), that's why they don't have missile launchers and lascannons.

Some kind of new option would be nice though.

>> No.27489483

>But everyone has Rhinos, it's all they're allowed to have

That's poor show. Imperial Guard don't have to mooch off the Marines, they use Chimeras instead of Rhinos, Russes instead of Predators.

Sisters meanwhile are just the most half assed faction possible, looking like they just take what they can get from the Marine junk yard.

>> No.27489506

The hair was also cited as a problem. And it's a valid issue, they need to get the arms posable and the hair looming good for plastics.

And the problems are sorted, just recently, though. And it's not a simple thing to redo an entire army in plastic. They can't just do that on a whim, anon. It'll take time to make every unit a model, then they'll need to wait for the best time financially to relaunch them all. Until then, might as well sell their rules, since now GW knows that the Sisters have a future.

>> No.27489511

There was talk at Enter the Citadel about issues casting them and when you look at the designs and the number of undercuts and detail that can get stuck in the mold (which can not flex like the rubber ones used for casting metal because it's made of steel) and it makes sense. That's been fixed though.

Actually they maintain half of their orders on Terra the other half on Ophelia VII. That has never changed.

>> No.27489515

Convent Primaris is on Terra.

>> No.27489527
File: 865 KB, 716x1094, 1373525580955.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



Sabbat helms are badass.

The rebreathers as well.

>> No.27489530


Yes, we've all heard that there was some kind of problem with the plastics. What was it? Problem with the robes or something, that none of the robed space marine plastics have? Oh, perhaps it was a problem with the heads, which no unhelmeted fantasy model has?

I'm being cynical, and I want to believe that the mysterious problem has been solved, but I have serious doubts about seeing plastic sisters with any of the vaguely mentioned problems 'fixed' rather than 'missing altogether'.

>> No.27489545

Fuck yeah space sallets.

Half of the Major Orders are based on Earth, half on Ophelia.

> Exorcists
> Immolators
> all of that swag
Is this nigga for real?

>> No.27489554

Casting issues was the problem stated at Enter the Citadel. Again, the models have a lot of small details and undercuts now, and I can bet that plastic ones would make the issue worse before they worked out a way around it.

>> No.27489560

I wouldn't mind seeing more missiles or maybe an artillery piece. Nothing fancy, just something like a mortar or thudd gun.

>> No.27489581


>latest GW plastic releases are ridiculously expensive and monopose

They're fucking monopose because it's FANTASY, which if you didn't know makes a bit of a fuss about making sure your models are lined all nice and tidy.

40k figures don't have to work about standing right on top of each other so GW has more room to work with in that regard. Plus just because they're monopose doesn't mean they all have to look the same, the recent WD clearly shows how for example you can at the very least make the DE crossbowers look like they're either aiming or reloading their weapons.

As for being more expensive, the only kit being seem to be throwing a tantrum over is the WE/SoS (Which by the way are actually $10 dollars cheaper for ten now than when they were finecast) because no one seems to get that it costs money to make things. Now do you get money by making things? By selling a product. GW knows that the DE spear/sword/crossbow kit will sell hand over fist which is why it's only $35, meanwhile the WE/SoS kit has to compete with the aforementioned DE kit, Corsairs (A popular unit), Dark Riders (Getting a new kit next month), and Harpies in the Coreslot and a bunch of other things in either the Rare and Special slots. To me this suggest that GW priced the WE/SoS kit the way they did because they figured the kit will not sell enough to justify a lower price, got to make back the money put into those plastic moulds somehow.

>> No.27489582

Oh, I know the holy trinity thing, I was speaking from a purely gameplay point of view.

Especially with the allies table, what exactly is the purpose of removing (let's say roughly) half the existing weapons options the imperium has? Is it just to sell more allied marines and guard to do what the SoB have removed 'for flavor'?

The new option is what I'm talking about too. And with this in mind:


If the IG doesn't depend on Space Marine tanks, then why do the sisters? I assume all the robots are being saved for the maybe someday mechanicus. What's left for the sisters barring a ton of new and exclusive STC vehicles? ('exclusive' - look how well that turned out for the immolator)

>> No.27489592

The robed Marines aren't like the SoB sleeves. You couldn't make those look weird by loving the arm around. SoB robes, on the other hand, wouldn't be posable, they'd look weird if you loved the arm.

I'm interested to see how they've dealt with it.

And the problems weren't mysterious, the GW devs have been very open about it every time they've been asked. Goodwin said it in 2011, Kelly said it this year. Really, guys, it was modelling issues. There is no evil conspiracy at work.

>> No.27489599
File: 489 KB, 1487x2285, 1377325681810.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Here's a rebreather, and a Hospitallar too so double points.

Would really love to see more of them.

Badass elite torture medic religious fanatics.

Though I have no intention of running an IG army I think it would be badass if you could take one or two hospitallars with them under ally rules.

>> No.27489602

I don't mind the loss for flavor, I just want more over the top things that fit into that instead of chucking it out the window for convience.

>> No.27489717

As for me, I just want to know why, as mentioned previously, the SoB get rhinos, immolators(/razorbacks) and exorcists (all clearly rhino-based) but not other things like the predators or vindicators. I don't even want those tanks, I'm just saying it's weird that they have the marine's main tank famous for being tweaked to fit any role, and they don't bother tweaking it, not really. And then they're sitting there going "wow, planes suck, I wish we had missile launchers / autocannons / whatever, oh well, those don't exist!"

What I'm hoping is for a more streamlined concept, the way Eldar and DEldar have similarities but their technologies have gone down different paths. But what I'm sure we'll get is just more stuff borrowed from the marines, but none of the particularly good stuff, just the basics.

You can always ally if you want good stuff in your army!

>> No.27489770

Holy Trinity has been fluff enough for me on why they don't take that stuff.

Gameplay wise, since when does every army need the same stuff? If Sisters start cribbing of Marines any harder they'll never really get their own identity in the eyes of the general public and that's an issue.

>> No.27489819
File: 167 KB, 560x1126, sister_of_battle_by_kill_stereo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck yes!

>> No.27489844

>only $35

This is the problem.

>> No.27489869
File: 203 KB, 786x1017, hospitaller.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The day the Hospitaller model has a hat and face like this is the day I buy more models.

>> No.27489871

Yes, but look at the robed cultists - single pose.
And look at robed marines - sleeveless.

Assuming they had sleeve modeling issues that have been solved, why can't they be applied to other armies?

My money's on sleeveless or monopose models, personally, and when (if) that happens, I'll still wonder exactly what the problem was.

If they don't just get rid of the sleeves marine style, they could have gone with the split sleeve thing and had the arms poking out of fairly monopose torsos with molded sleeves, like the heavy weapons blisters the SoB currently have.

While they're very eager to tell you "we would but it's impossible to make those models", I'd be less suspicious if they had pictures or something showing the problems, progress, or solutions they've come up with.

I mean, last I heard it wasn't sleeves or hair, it was some kind of new wedding veil thing the sisters were getting.

>> No.27490117

Fantasy models are largely designed to be monopose to facilitate ranks in a uniform formation. Comparing HE, DE(lves), LM to Eldar, Tau, SM is not a good comparison for range of motion/pose.

>> No.27490172

But Shadow Warriors are skirmishers, they don't need to move in formation and they're monopose.

>> No.27490452

Nobody talked to Cruddace about C:SM?

>> No.27490456

skirmishers still need to be ranked up if they get charged.

>> No.27490555

Nah, I'm pretty sure they're being honest about there being problems. A reliable source did tell us that they attempted to make plastic Sisters in 2011, if memory serves, but weren't happy with them. That shows that they really do want to make plastic Sisters, but also want to make them right.

The veil thing is from a fairly unreliable source, and was probably of a prototype anyway if true. I wouldn't place too much faith in it for now. I for one am hoping for lots of Sabbat helms.

>> No.27491772
File: 81 KB, 512x874, 1209674353500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

since the admechs make every ones tanks, why DON'T the imperial factions share tanks? I'd REALLY like to have Russ's in my spess muhreen army. I'd like dreadnaughts for my guard, but I can see how that might be a space marine only thing in the fluff.
If your Russ's and chimeras and Landraiders and bainblades and rhinos all come from the same forge worlds....

>> No.27491840

Allies fool

>> No.27491861

Allies, bro. Just ally in whatever vehicles you want and paint them up as being from your main army.

>> No.27491893


Fluff wise, I've been curious about this too.

Obviously, gameplay / allies wise, it's to sell more marines.

>> No.27491895

As for the Sisters, they have unique tanks because they have a monopoly on the designs. The Ecclesiarchy got an exclusivity deal on the Immolator, and the Exorcist was made for the SoB during Good Guy Goge's time. The other factions might have similar situations with their tanks.

>> No.27491972

Well, its because they all have different dimensions. A Space Marine would have a VERY hard time fitting inside a Chimera, and likewise a normally proportioned human would not be able to reach the controls in a predator without sitting on a couple of phone books. And they can't just slightly modify the designs, as that would be tech-heresy.

>> No.27492007
File: 172 KB, 368x679, 1210640241246.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


speaking of that, why haven't sisters gotten the hellhound flame tanks cannon on ANY vehicle? I could see a new kinda sistas only rhino variant with THAT beautiful template throwing gun on top

I can totally imagine all of the battle sisters getting a little hot and bothered whenever imperial guardsmen drive a hellhound past them.

"So the other day I was bleaching my hair white when...."
"I heard it too Nisa kun."
The two battle sisters looked around anxiously, hoping to get a glimpse. They stalked through the bushes, and there it was!
Maria waved over to the guardsman.
"Heey! That looks sooooo hot!" Maria shouted.
"You think so?" Guardsman rick responded, puzzled since he was fully clothed head to toe. He took off his helmet, breather, and goggles just to be sure.
"Oh yeah!" Nisa responded. "Do... do you think I could touch it?"
"Wait... what? I thought you battle sisters weren't aloud to? Well... I don't see my commissar around..."
"Oh thank the Emperor!" Maria cheered. The two battle sisters walked right past Rick with a spring in their step, and began stroking the hellhound flame tank parked right behind him.

>> No.27492018


During the Great Crusade they used to share vehicles, but they stopped once the Legions were broken up in to Chapters and the Imperial Army in to Regiments.

I believe that a lot of the SM vehicles only go to the SM because there aren't a lot of them to go around, Sisters get them because the Ecclesiarchy is rich. I recall something about how during the Great Crusade the Rhino was the basic transport for both the Legions and Imperial Army.

>> No.27492026

Oddly though, Marines ride in Chimeras just fine. Infact, TERMINATORS can ride in Chimeras.

>> No.27492042

Well that and the Melta Cannon would be a good addition.

I want the Avenger Bolt Cannon mounted on a light tank as well. Or a Predator Chassis.

>> No.27492068
File: 131 KB, 704x645, wardcuntpuntsister.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so, sistas are getting excited about a new codex eh?

>> No.27492087

Ecclesiarchy IS rich.

Surely we can somehow use that to make a new vehicle.
How about...giant golden thrones. FLYING giant golden thrones. In an effort to become closer to God Emp, some Sisters are partially lobotomized and strapped to one. They then fly around shooting lasers out of their eyes at things.

>> No.27492094

0/10. Ward has shown he can write Sisters fluff just fine and in the end I can't even be mad about the Bloodtide anymore.

>> No.27492103

He did really good with High Elves and their Sisters group.
I'm optimistic.

>> No.27492121

L-look, man, we- we don't want any trouble!

>> No.27492123

Source then?

>> No.27492130


He's also the author of the new DE army book and I've heard good things about the Iyanden supplement.

Fun fact: According to the recent WD, Kelly is the author of the Farsight supplement.

>> No.27492174


Are you referring to the GK Chimeras or something?

>> No.27492181

Grey Knights codex. They can ride in the Inquisitorial Chimeras.

>> No.27492194


Nigga ogryns ride chimeras

>> No.27492207

So they ridin'... but are they hatin'?

>> No.27492208

Here is an idea, make them all about buffs/ debuffs
So they work on debuffing the enemy and buffing themselves.

>> No.27492239

Sisters of Battle aren't actually confined to a vow of chastity. It's just that most sisters don't have an opportunity to actually pursue a man, what with all the grimderp wars going on.

>> No.27492249

Buffing themselves, yes, definetely. But debuffing the enenmy? Not so much. The Sisters are pretty brutal, they want to charge in and purge the enemy with bolter, flamer and melta. They don't generally take the more subtle route of debuffing the heretic before they burn them.

>> No.27492252

That was the point. Someone claimed Marines couldn't fit but models that are bigger than them somehow can, which makes that original claim wrong.

>> No.27492268

Well that and the only ones who get to even talk to outsiders have a lot of rank and are so focused on their faith, training and mission that sex isn't even a thought anymore.

>> No.27492308
File: 190 KB, 1024x509, 3ecorerulesthepurposeof.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sisters of Battle aren't actually confined to a vow of chastity.

Going off of codex fluff, they most likely are. Pic related, do these sound like people who aren't into chasity?

>> No.27492321


You mean the same rumors that haven't panned out for over a decade?

>> No.27492329

Indeed. From the Codex Imperialis:

"The Adepta Sororitas is a penitent order where constant hardship, deprivation and arduous work are part of an unrelenting devotional regime. Its members are fanatical in their commitment. The slightest deprivation from approved stricture leads to the most severe chastisement."

>> No.27492344

We've never been told by the devs that plastics are possible, before. Previously it was just them saying that plastics were causing problems.

>> No.27492366
File: 267 KB, 510x868, animusister.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


chastity as in the concept, or as in Sister Chastity, who made the pen in that story you posted?

>> No.27492399
File: 388 KB, 1024x1910, fleur_de_lis_by_nicklausofkrieg-d4lper1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ha! I didn't even notice that. How fitting.

>> No.27492411

More recent ones actually.

And less rumors and more statements made by developers at Enter the Citadel.

>> No.27492432

>Pic related, do these sound like people who aren't into chasity?

It sounds like typical zealots, preaching as hard as they can but always hiding little sins that they always commit, like affairs or some other indulgence

so yeah some sisters may be into sister chastity

>> No.27492491
File: 261 KB, 409x672, sisters-lifestyle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I do remember some piece saying that sisters are chaste, but I've misplaced it. Have to keep looking. And seeing they're into self-denial and all that shit, it seems no snu-snu is part of the deal.

I fail to see the logic in "Sisters spend all day praying and flogging their sinful flesh, while denying them all comforts, but doesn't say they're chaste, so convents must who total slutfests."

>> No.27492550

Self-denial isn't the same as a vow of chastity though. One is denying those actions willingly, the other basically gives you a crutch to do the same.

>> No.27492567

Ah! That was the fluff I was looking for, it very nicely shows their mindset. Thanks.

> I fail to see the logic in "Sisters spend all day praying and flogging their sinful flesh, while denying them all comforts, but doesn't say they're chaste, so convents must who total slutfests."
The logic is that some people are aroused by the idea of Sisters going at it, so they'd like that to be what actually happens.

>> No.27492591

> extreme-self denial
> having sex
Pick one.

>> No.27492627

Sisters are chaste because 40k runs on rule of cool and people who are too much into killing to care about fucking.

>> No.27492667

You're missing what I'm saying then. I'm saying that them not taking a vow of chastity but still refusing to give into those urges/needs/whathaveyou is BETTER than if they had. It shows greater willpower and dedication to their faith this way.

>> No.27492729

I would view their lifestyle, the rejection of all self-indulgence as an implicit vow of chasity anyway.

But yes, I did misread what you said. I agree with it.

>> No.27492807
File: 38 KB, 720x480, paddlin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Being a Sister is devoting your life to the Emperor. For everything else, pic related.

What exactly is the difference between denying everything and denying a specific thing? How is a vow of chastity more effective than a lifestyle of having none of that?

>> No.27492858

I was saying that chosing to live that life willingly everyday without a vow (as Sisters -can- retire into other things if they so choose) is more impressive and awe inspiring of how awesome they really are.

>> No.27492880

Okay, but that Sister in Cain in still nonsense.

>> No.27492929

Willingly and willingly. Do they have a choice? Are vows forced upon you, or do you take them willingly? How is it different if you break your vow or fail to live up to the lifestyle you have chosen? I'm pretty sure having sex either way is a paddlin' from the head mistress.

>> No.27492957

>an exclusivity deal on the Immolator,

>why haven't sisters gotten the hellhound flame tanks cannon on ANY vehicle?

The hellhound tank is (secretly) reverse engineered by martians from the immolator STC pattern. Not surprisingly, they managed to improve it in the new IG codex.

The Baal, meanwhile, the martians want access to but can't get their hands on.

>> No.27492964
File: 110 KB, 560x637, uk04_40k_single_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>For cavalry, just put a Sister from the waist up on the legs of the rider and greenstuff armor.

that mite b kool

>> No.27493049

No shit. I get so tired of her being paraded around as if that's the only proof needed that all Sisters are apparently naughty nuns who just want someone to spank them.

I like the lack of a vow, because if taken with the fluff it's cooler than if they just had it shoved in their lap.

1. I doubt paddlings are used as punishment. Sisters take the Vow of Repentance to make up for their serious transgressions, not under cohesion but voluntarily. One Order has the issue of pretty much every Sister seeing themselves as horrible sinners so they'll take the Vow even if they didn't fuck up that bad!
2. The point is the intent. If someone tells you not to fuck then you can rely on the fact you were told to get you through any "rough spots". But if you make the choice of your own free will everytime it takes a hell of a lot more willpower to do so. The blame is still firmly on the Sister in either case, but it's a deeper betrayal of what she stands for when she makes the choice to betray her own faith, not some rule that was forced upon her like a yoke.

>> No.27493060


>can't make a Baal Predator
>can make Razorbacks which are essentially a Baal Predator without sponsons but with transport capacity

>> No.27493062

That's a female Inquisitor model, but cool idea.

>> No.27493225

Actually discounting AdMech forces the biggest Imperial Force is the Arbiters.

Oh, and as someone who owns 120+ Arbiter models and whose best friend has like 200 Genestealer Cult models fuck every one of you whining SoB players, fuck you all.

>> No.27493324

Really is this the first time GW had the same guy wrote both the good and evil counterparts of something?

>> No.27493340

Oddly enough as a Sisters player who doesn't spend my time crying, I agree. I too am tired of whiny Sisters players.

Though you really should be yelling at the Templar players. Those fucks surpass the privilege of every other player now.

Oh and unlike the two armies you mentioned Sisters have had some kind of codex list since 2nd. Your armies never made it out of "Chapter Approved" so aiming your hate at Sisters is a bit silly. We're not the ones who killed your army, and really we've been in the game longer.

>> No.27493359

Kelly did Eldar and Dark Eldar, but I think this is the first time they had the author tackling both sides of the coin at the same time.

>> No.27493378


They did? That's great news to me at least, I didn't know

>> No.27493600

>Thus proving to GW forever that no one wants to play sisters and they were right to plan to squat the army all along.

>> No.27493664

Well technically the Blood Angels get flamethrowing razorbacks too.

My point, which I suppose wasn't clear, is that sisters rely on the technology of other armies. Even when they get their own thing, the admech are able to take it, (secretly steal it), improve it, and then give it to someone else. Because those improvements happened in secret (I suppose also in heresy) the originators of the info, the sisters, don't benefit.

Meanwhile, spess mareens are able to account for every baal tank in every battle ever and keep secrets from the entirety of mars forever.

In summary: Classic marines.

>> No.27493715

More like douchebag marines.

>> No.27493717


>Meanwhile, spess mareens are able to account for every baal tank in every battle ever and keep secrets from the entirety of mars forever.

which is serious bullshit because BA successors also get Baal preds, and at least half of the BA successors are unstable as fuck and might as well change their battlecry to "blood for the blood god! skulls for the skull throne!". how the fuck are they able to keep their Baals locked up?

how do the BAs do it when they lost 95% of their dudemans on a single space hulk?

>> No.27493771


The truth behind the Baal Predator and BA vehicles are that the Predator is merely a normal Predator but with a shitty BA garage chop shop turret and sponson swap. The reason their vehicles are fast is because they're painted red and the residual Orkish WAAAGH field of the galaxy makes them go faster. They're also powered by Death Company on bicycles.

>> No.27493800


I'm guessing they had him do it because Ward's favorite Fantasy army is WE and because the HE and DE are so intertwined. The WD interview with Ward and advertisement for the DE army book go in to this, how HE and DE are basically two sides of the same coin, how there will be events in the HE book also in the DE book but told from the latter's point of view, giving insight as to why DE act the way they do, etc.

>> No.27493898
File: 628 KB, 538x708, smilinsister2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Yeah, this hellhounds got MAD flow. You know, if you girls are interested..."
But then the two battle sisters stopped stroking the imperial guard tank when they heard the engine of another vehicle approach.
"Later!" Nisa said, and the two battle sisters ran off!
rick just had to see what got them so excited. He followed through another thicket of forest, towards the sound of.... a blood angels variant Predator.
Maria and Nisa were all over the baal predator like an axe commercial.

>> No.27493941

Hi matt ward how are you today?

>> No.27493977

>rick just had to see what got them so excited.

It's like I'm reading Brazzers.

>> No.27494029
File: 125 KB, 400x600, 400px-The_Steadfast_Pewter_Sororitas_ending.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


He really might be Matt Ward. Did you see the names of those sistas? We all know how this story ends.


>> No.27494116

Think you mean "coercion" and also: Peer pressure. Sure, you don't HAVE to, but it's a quite a statement if you don't. Might give people the idea you're not that into the Emperor. Wouldn't want that, now would we? Nasty things happen to people who are not into the Emperor. Ever heard of the Sister who wasn't into the Emperor? Exactly.

>> No.27494241

you... you bastard. you made me remember that thread...

Also a friend of mine called gw and they told him every army would get a hardcover book before the next edition, SO, sob are gonna get a full update (hopefully) at some point before 7th edition.

>> No.27494278

Shouldn't be too hard. If you have 4 years between editions and release a codex every 3 months, and there's 15 codexes, updating each during that edition should be easy.

>> No.27494311

Causing fear in their ranks, demoralizing them?
What a way for GW to pay back Sisters players after all the shit than to give them the ability to make Bloodletters piss themselves on the charge.

>> No.27494375

On the topic of chastity: reproduction is greatly encouraged.

>> No.27494386

Slaanesh and Sigmar disagree.

>> No.27494398

How do I make this?

>> No.27494438
File: 34 KB, 470x612, img508ad5f04a048.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello ladies.

>> No.27494447

That's fucking wrong though, now that there's no more Morheim, those Sisters get bought up as Sisters of Sigmar.

>> No.27494514
File: 113 KB, 800x673, TankCommanderMultiview2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Baal Predators

Single file, ladies.

>> No.27494581


White skinned normal eyed salamanders...

The fuck is this shit?

Not pitch black skin with blood red eyes!

>> No.27494585
File: 192 KB, 800x1086, salamander_and_sister_by_1mpact-d5bo7t0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, Sisters are quite fond of Salamanders.
Especially Argent Shroud.

>> No.27494587

Genestealer cults were in 2nd edition Tyranid codex.

>> No.27494598


This too...

They're not space africans...

>> No.27494606

Plus it's a assault cannon instead of a twin linked heavy bolter. But google was being a little stingy, so for the sake of a lame joke, I went with this pic anyway.

>> No.27494617

I don't see the Salamander symbol anywhere on it, just those weird bubbles. Might be another fire loving green chapter?

>> No.27494625

>Argent Shroud
>picture is of a Martyred Lady

>> No.27494644


Dude that's sallies... Don't even try that shit.


It's fine I was just saying.

Is it bad I get bugged by that stuff?

My god... I think it is...

>> No.27494651


Say, there was a pile of Salamanders on Armageddon, right?

I've been wondering who I could sneak in a couple allied squads of into my SoB for a little variety. I don't know why I didn't think of this before.

Probably because I liked the crimson fist colour scheme more.

McDarki Francis
Captcha just named the terminator captain.

>> No.27494696

Eh. If it is bad, then raging so hard the floor becomes lava every time someone mentions ork tech is magic probably makes me worse.

>> No.27495009

its a nice paint job too bad he fucked up both the cupola by mounting the guys to the top instead of the underside.

>> No.27495035

I think being angry because of the retardation spouted about orkz is okay.

>> No.27495343

On a related note, Orks should be able to ally with Sisters.

Although it's an odd alliance, Orks respect Sisters are the only 'oomiez that are Orky. Orks would consider Sisters joining them against Chaos as just another WAAAGH! joining the fight, and when Sisters light them on fire too then it's all good fun and still Orky.

>> No.27495374

Only one Ork considered them as ''burny'' as his boyz. Don't go and imply all Orks think the same about the Sisters.

>> No.27495441

Well, there's precedent.
He also admired the Seraphim.

Maybe when he dies and his spores seed, there'll be an Ork clan who think they're Sistaz of WAAAGH!?

>> No.27495697

Some day I will finish my fan codex with customizeable non-sc living saints and suicide vests as an upgrade to certain units so they can be martyrs for the emperor and enjoy 72 shotas in paradise.

>> No.27495752

Something simple for SOB that would be cool would be Super-Heavy Weapon Teams.

Like, one SOB can carry a heavy bolter without issue and use it. 2-3 could man an Avenger Bolt Cannon.

It would be a simple replacement for those Centurions that's relatively low tech but very effective.

Avenger Bolt Cannon and maybe 'Can overwatch at full BS' as a faith power or something.

>> No.27495804


I'd give them a more limited version of the Tau overwatch trick. So they can overwatch (Maybe at BS 2 rather than 1) for any unit nearby rather than the entire army can overwatch for the rest of it.

>> No.27496210


You have to admit, a sister manifesting her god's will through miracles must look very much like an orky display of waaagh magic from a weirdboy. Plus they love burnin' and dakka.

>> No.27499072
File: 228 KB, 561x1016, baddassbattlesister.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you know what sisters need? They need a mount. Not a horse (though it would be awesome to make all kinds of jokes about how they always wanted that pony when they were a little girl). Something metal. They need to ride some kind of monster! hmm... dragon? Dragons are metal! It needs to be this wicked horned evil looking lizard thing! They could dress it up with livery that makes it look all holy and whatnot.... FOR THE EMPRAH! Besides, there aren't any flying mounts in 40k. Heck, this could even take the place of a skimmer! First Close Combat Skimmer in the game! You could have 2, no 3 sisters riding it with melta guns and heavy bolters, and it could breath fire and maybe have angel wings instead of bat wings and.... *and so, that anon immediately succumbed to the calling to go to the closest dragonforce concert*

>> No.27499103
File: 79 KB, 466x698, ozzydiscouraged.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


oh god.

>> No.27499119


>> No.27499141



>> No.27499161


it would be even MORE metal if it was a robot dragon, covered in fleur de les and wings made from mechadendrites and a heretic nailed to it's chest.

>> No.27499327

This is why I would be embarassed to be seen actually playing Warhams. I'll stick with the books and vidya, thanks.

>> No.27501824

Its just one of those dumb things. Like how all Stormtroopers came from one planet. God I hope they changed that

>> No.27501948

During the Heresy, MUHREENS had a shortage of Land Raider and Rhino variants. Emprah thus decreed that until further notice, they were no longer to be supplied to the Imperial Army.

Of course, then Horus made a funky operation on the Emprah, who was quite unable to reverse this order even after the Heresy was over. So though even Arbites gets to ride in Rhinos, Guard is not allowed them because Emprah's holy words.

>> No.27502012

Why are you all talking about dreads like they are another kind of tank? They are a freakin SM in a huge armor. How can you lend a holy SM to the Imperial Guard or the Sister of Battle?

>> No.27502094

Well I'd prefer the chimera myself anyways

>> No.27502293

Because, as mentioned, Sisters have had a Dred. It's just a body wired into a walker and suspended in a kind of life-preservation tank.

>> No.27502839
File: 50 KB, 447x678, 1379625989775.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Salamander captain
>named McDarki
>and Francis (Drake)

>> No.27502873

>Sisters should have an Heavendrake

>> No.27502918
File: 167 KB, 579x1270, 1210252792425.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



I didn't even think of a name for it! Heavendrake sounds awesome!

>> No.27502940

If wish I could hate you to death.

>> No.27502979
File: 824 KB, 1000x703, 1210642495078.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


would it really be any more random than a church organ that fires missiles out of the organ pipes? Especially since it is a manditory unit that breaks the flame-bolter-melta trinity? Atleast it's not a Penitent Penitent Engine Engine Titan.

>> No.27502999


Don't give Games workshop any ideas (even if they desperately need some).

>> No.27503096

No sense not trying.

I'd personally settle for a second troop choice at this point.

>> No.27503118
File: 116 KB, 580x450, polish-flame-tank.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If they HAVE to go down the silly road, I want a flame tank.

I want a 40Kified 28mm Palnik Flame Tank.

>> No.27503947
File: 62 KB, 800x680, infernus1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Malcador Infenus?

>> No.27505098

It's -almost- burny enough.

>> No.27505303


An interesting quote from the old 2nd edition codex is that the Schola Progenium strictly separates males and females members to maintain purity.

>> No.27505317

Among other things. There were "issues" during the Reign of Blood.

>> No.27505321

Guys, guys, you're on the wrong track. What we need... Is a cathedral tank.

>> No.27505326
File: 1.00 MB, 500x213, napalmisfuckingawesome.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Am I the only one who wants a napalm dumping SoB heli? Maybe a bomber jet? Napalm firing artillery?

I feel few things, if any, express the power of fire as well as napalm.

I just love the idea of an attack helicopter with dual linked heavy flamers under the nose dumping holy promethium on infidels while blaring the holy word of the Emperor through its laud hailers, and all the sisters watching this spectacle on their hands and knees crying tears of joy at such beauty while shouting praise for the Emperor.

>> No.27505361

I want a deep striking church (that scatters like a drop pod) covered in iconography, heavy bolters and fire breathing Aquilas!

>> No.27505376

I've said it before that they should have a jet in the shape of a fleur de lis.

>> No.27505405


Looking at that gif, I'm remembering that Dark Eldar plane that hits everything under where it moves. Could be a basis for 'Napalm Bombing'

>> No.27505493 [DELETED] 

Too subtle. This is the Ecclesiarchy we're talking about. Look closely at the attached image. That's a massive cathedral on tracks in the background.

THAT is the level of stuff we need.

>> No.27505528


True but we are talking about selling brainwashed young girls as sex slaves in a setting where slaving and brainwashing people is a ok.
And all members are separated which would include the pupils.

>> No.27505529
File: 1.44 MB, 2362x1637, Churchtank.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Too subtle. This is the Ecclesiarchy we're talking about. Look closely at the attached image. That's a massive cathedral on tracks in the background.

THAT is the level of stuff we need.

>> No.27505751


...it does have tracks. I've had that picture as my background for over a year and never noticed the tracks.

Wow. THAT I want to see as a SOB Superheavy.

>> No.27505821

>SOB Superheavy.

Id prefer if it was a fortification that could move like a heavy vehicle

>> No.27505822

It'd take up half the table and look AWESOME.

>> No.27505911

Also be the fastest Apoc Deployment: 1 model with everything else inside.

>> No.27506071


Either or. It would be hilariously awesome to put down on the field.

>> No.27506139

AV16 on all sides, and move as if it where a vehicle with the Heavy special rule.

>> No.27506397
File: 151 KB, 800x790, 1372945566711.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27506465

It's a good start, but needs to be bigger. Like 100x bigger.

>> No.27508717

Uncontained, Alpha-Plus psykers represent an immediate and catastrophic threat to the Imperium. In theory, there is nothing that a trained Alpha-Plus psyker cannot accomplish through force of will; from snapping a Titan in half to summoning a legion of Greater Daemons. Representing such a great danger, the Inquisition usually executes Alpha-Plus psykers on sight unless the possibility for capture is nearly assured.

>> No.27510188

lady gaga style buddy was Alexander Mcqueen and he was a huge StarCraft and Warcraft fan... and probably Warhammer as well.. so that's why she looked that way FYI

MCqueen did a entire collection based off World of Warcraft fucked up textures of armour. Really sad hes dead now thou :(

>> No.27510410


Honestly. Just one fucking model.

>> No.27510447

Stern riding atop Celestine.

>> No.27510482


I'm imagining a Fortress Shrine with a super shield of faith that just has the rule 'Shield of Faith Saves may be taken against destroyer hits within X of the Shrine'

Though Destroyer hits as a whole are rather poorly thought out.

>> No.27510593

How about a giant moving building that you can garrison Sisters into who can attack without being attackable?
You literally just get it closer to enemies and shoot at them. You can dump off troops whenever you want, you can literally just drop Exorcists like eggs.

>> No.27510601

I use a Stormlord for Apoc. It was the most fitting thing I could find.

>> No.27513636

Sorry guys if this has been answered, but I didn't want to read the entire thread for it.

When are we supposed to get this digital codex?

>> No.27513868
File: 995 KB, 590x865, SoB Titan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How about a Titan that looks like Pic related.

I'm also in favor of the Cathedral Tank.

>> No.27513878

Do SoB get techpriests?

They had to have somebody maintaining their vahicles and weapons.

>> No.27514453

Do you know that people don't always tell the truth when faced with inconvenient questions?

>> No.27514574

>Sister Chastity, what IS that?
>Oh!It's an.. umm.. pen! Yes, a pen. It's a gift for you. It's not like I would use it for spanking myself or anything.

>> No.27515958

Dammit GW! Release the digital codex already!

>> No.27516120

Yes! Give it to us already, you bastards! I am poised to give you my money twice for the digital version and the physical version! Fuck!

>> No.27516438

I'm painting my Sisters again because of this release. The least GW could do is give me the book so I can be excited and plan what I need to add to my army.

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