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New player here.

Does chaos affect any of the other races? Why aren't we seeing any chaos orks or tau, etc?

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Totally happens in the fluff, just not in the official rules.

If you want chaos tau or what-have-you, just add blood, dildos, and spikey bits.

>Kroot eating chaos cultists go slaaneshi.
>Ork Waaagh on a Khorne Daemon World just keep fightan and respawning.

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Oh I wasn't necessarily going to start a chaos army. I'm just reading up on the background when I can and that got me wondering.

Chaos orks or necrons coming out of the eye of terror might be fun though.

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I don't think there's been an instance of Chaos Necrons. Ever.
There's Chaos Orks a plenty' though, stormboy cults and nurgle orks.

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>There's Chaos Orks a plenty' though, stormboy cults and nurgle orks.

Just keep in mind that other Orks feel Chaos Orks to be unorky so they attack them on sight.

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>There's Chaos Orks a plenty' though, stormboy cults and nurgle orks.
oh shit more info on them?

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Storm Boy cults are old fluff, but they start out as young orks that desire discipline so they eventually start worshiping Khorne.

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Says a lot about orks when worshiping a god of chaos makes them more orderly.

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wouldnt it be Slaanesh?

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Gork (or possibly Mork) would bash da ead in ov any chaos git dat tried to corrupt da orks.

Their warp signature is apparently the size of a flea, so aren't very tasty to daemons.

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Well they were rebelling against their orkish kultur.

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No, it really wouldn't.

Order is more likely to be Nurgle or Khorne.

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Eldar souls that actually hit the Warp go straight to Slaanesh and get consumed/tormented 5ever

Orks have their own set of gods (Mork n' Gork) that keep them away from, say, Khorne most of the time.

Necrons have no souls. This means no souls for Chaos to corrupt. It also makes them sad robots.

Tau have "small" souls that don't show up very well in the Warp, which is why they don't have any psychics. Reality-twisting psychic powers can still harm them, but it makes corrupting them sort of unfeasable.

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Well I thought Slaanesh treated Combat as an Artform and tended to be more calculated and restrained.
Where as Khorne was all BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!

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Here's all you need with regards to Orks and Chaos.

Khorne even slightly resembles an Ork.

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Khorne also has domain over honorable combat and other such domains. Being Khorne doesn't necessarily mean being a crazed berserker.

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>Where as Khorne was all BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!

Say that to my face and not on the internet and see what happens, loyalist dog.

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>calculated and restrained

I see no overlap. Especially not with restrained.

The deamons of Khorne, for the most part (Skarbrand is notable exception but fuck that tard), are extremely strictly ordered when not on the field of war and march in inhumanly well disciplined regiments.

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Khorne is the god of war, so according to how you were before starting worshipping him you can go full berzerk or starting to make the military ideal your everyday lifestyle. In the end you will go full berzerk anyway, though, at least during fights.

Slaanesh is the god of art, so anything you practiced before starting worshipping him can become a form of art.

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Khorne is as much honor and glory as he is blood and murder. That's why Khorne dislikes sorcerers; passive aggressive nancy faggots only good for when you need to have your chainsword be on fire for inexplicable reasons.

If there was a sorcerer with half a testicle worth noting he wouldn't use his magic for anything but being good at fighting, and at that point becoming a Khornate would let him gain those benefits without sorcery.

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Thats true
I suppose thats just what is the most common type of Khorne Worshiper

All Chaos Gods are cool in their own way calm down

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Orks aren't effected by Chaos much since the lure of Chaos is in rebelling.

Orks that rebel don't last long. Orks don't get sick so Nurgle is out. Orks already are doing what they love (ie fighting) so Slaanesh is out. Orks don't desire knowledge (and it comes to the ones that do anyways) so Tzeetch is out. Orks might be susceptible to Khorne, though it's not like he can push them much further.

I even recall reading a fluff piece about a bunch of Bloodletters that had possessed a band of Orks. They were essentially trapped in the Orks and couldn't exert any control because the orks already had voices in their heads that were telling them to do all the stuff the demons wanted anyway.

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>dat pic

>sweating Astartes

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>orks organized by khorne and rebelling against ork culture
>+1 to bs
>5+ proper armor
>access to plasma cannons

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> Tau
No souls. No warp presence. Only one chaos Tau, and that was Kais from Fire Warrior.

> Eldar
See Dark Eldar.

> Orks
WAAAAAAAGH and BLUD FUR DA BLUD GOD are pretty much interchangeable, but Orks are incredibly single-minded.
Gork and Mork may well be Khorne and Tzeentch, though.

> Necrons
No souls, again.

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>Orks don't get sick so Nurgle is out.

Where do you guys come from?

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Except as you fall further and further to Khorne you become more and more of a crazed berserk.

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I'd say Slaanesh is more like a god of hedonism than art. But I guess it can include art

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Seriously, ignorant Ork fans crawl outta the woodwork like pests.

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you can still have honor as a crazed berserker. You give those who show a bit of balls the honor of a real fight and a warrior's death, cowards get to suffer a more painful and bloody end as punishment for their pitiful existence.

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I fucked up that reply. I meant to reply to

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We guessed, s'coo brah.

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>Dark Eldar
I'm not very familiar with their fluff, but aren't they trying to resist Chaos?

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>Orks don't desire knowledge (and it comes to the ones that do anyways) so Tzeetch is out.

Orks can ambition and ambition summons the tendrils of Tzeentch.

Example, this Tzeenchian possessed Ork Warboss.

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Sort of. They're in the "if we keep offering souls to the Devil he might let us keep ours" mindset, but it makes them all the more Slaaneshi as fuck as they fall to their desires and madness and turn into sadistic fucksticks.

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They made a Deal with Slaanesh. Basically if they keep sacrificing souls to him Slaanesh wont steal their souls and rape them for eternity.
Its why they are known as Slavers and Pirates

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> Orks might be susceptible to Khorne, though it's not like he can push them much further.

Oh yes, he can.

>I even recall reading a fluff piece about a bunch of Bloodletters that had possessed a band of Orks. They were essentially trapped in the Orks and couldn't exert any control because the orks already had voices in their heads that were telling them to do all the stuff the demons wanted anyway.

Another example of Ork fanboys making stuff up. Typical!

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I love how static and dull the poses are, it's like they aren't even fighting.

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So we got...

Nurgle Orks
Khornate Orks
Tzeentchian Orks.

All that's missing is Slaaneshi Orks. Since the Orks embody desire and excess to the EXTREME, they are bound to show up sooner or later in the fluff.

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Ork fanboy here, the "orkz cannae be chaos" kids are faggots by our standards. Don't lump them in with us proppa boyz.

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But wait, didn't the necrons as a race transfer their conscious into the robot bodies? Or were they all sadly mistaken and all they are now is soulless AIs?

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"Orks in service to the Chaos Gods, or even succumbing to the corrupting influence of the Warp, are so rare as to be essentially unheard of. Simply put, Orks aren't easily tempted to Chaos and they're far mroe resistant to the warping influence of Chaos than humans, for reasons that nobody has been able to accurately define. Consequenly, Orks don't gain Corruption points. -Rogue Trader, Into the Storm, p.61 on using Orks as characters.

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Kults of Speed already exist. Warboss Wazdakka is best example.

Always going as fast as he can and has not slept for the last eighty years because of the amount of drugs he has been taking.

Slaaneshii in all but name.

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No true Irishman, eh? You don't speak for anyone but yourself. I personally think they can, but not in amounts worth considering given Orks natural inclination to alienate and make war with unnatural pockets of corruption by instinct.

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Chaos androids.

They used to be a thing.

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Fuck, I don't know how horns, pale skin and digitgrade legs can be so sexy.

Fucking Draeni and Daemonettes man.

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The best way it was explained to me was that each individual deviation might be erotic on its own. But slaanesh combines them all because she's over the top like that.

For example, three tits might be sexy in an exotic way to someone. A claw hand as well to someone else. So a daemonette has six boobs, two claw hands, horns and fangs

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i remember reading somewhere that orks will sometimes ignore weaker humans because they won't put up a fight, is that true

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I'd still hit it like the Wrath of the Blood God.

Someone remind me, are daemonettes stuck the way they were made or can they morph themselves over time like Slaanesh. So you either got the abominations from the dawn of the Age of Strife or the purple babes with long flowing hair and a random claw?

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I think orks enslave those who don't fight. Which sucks in every imaginable way.
I think the same goes with Khornates minus slavery. Though that might be fantasy. After a while Khorne just started getting angrier as time passed and he stopped caring about "from where the blood flows"

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Depends on the ork.

Gazkakull Mag Uruk Thrakka spared the life of Commissar Yarrik because he put up such a good fight and good enemies are to be treasured.

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>>Ork Waaagh on a Khorne Daemon World just keep fightan and respawning.
they didn't become Khorne followers, they just spent the rest of their existence fighting a demon.

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They can change. They are chaos.

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>that extremely shitty drawing

I can't believe people got paid for drawing that. I find much better artwork on sites like DA.

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and quarians

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>Based out of Avitohol, Grimtoof is seated upon an ornate throne made from the armor and weapons of his enemies, surrounded by chained foes he has bested in battle. These include a Dark Eldar Succubus and Imperial Guard Marshals.

-Only War

Sometimes they loot them.

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So very much the case.

Dat accent.

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Khorne has their souls.

If he wills it, he can turn them to Daemon Orks.

>> No.27485534

Consciousness =/= soul

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>Which sucks in every imaginable way.
If you're clever enough you still can make your way to the top and become the warboss' favorite, though.

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I thought Tzeentch was the god of change
Does that mean a Daemonette just seduces some Tzeenchi Sorcerer into changing her appearance to match the styles Slaanesh is introducing?

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So what? Orks don't play nice with their pets and they forget about other races inabilities, chances are he'd have you arm wrestle a Nob and have your arm ripped off, or attmept haveing a Dok put your brain inside a Boy so his favorite Humie can be Propah Ork Like

>> No.27485638 [SPOILER] 

Thats usually how they seduce.

See what you like the most, dial it up to 11 and turn themselves into it.

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Well it was their minds rather than their souls, and either way 99% of necrons are warriors that are 0.01% of thier former self, and even right up to Immortals and Destroyers, they're barely capable of action without direction.

If any Necron would turn it would have to be a cryptek or lord.

>> No.27485676

>attmept haveing a Dok put your brain inside a Boy so his favorite Humie can be Propah Ork Like

50/50 chance of success.

Rises to 75% chance if the Dok is sober.

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I did a double-take when i saw this post because the first time around I didn't even notice their blades were crossed for this exact reason; I thought they were just posturing from a safe distance.

>> No.27485679

Well... yeah.
Say, becoming the favorite of a Mek?

I was thinking about old fluff bits taking about ork bosses having humans counselors, but they were more mercenaries than slaves, I think.

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>implying ork in the bottom right isn't extremely badass

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Damn heretical.

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more sexy Slaanesh stuff?

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>implying Khorne chicks are not /fit/ girls

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Some were actually Imperial agents trying to manipulate orks.
Worst job ever.

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Another aspect that screws over chaos is that the Tau don't expose themselves to the warp on a regular basis (they don't use warp drives) and their society is so stratified and organized that the very nature of chaos (rebellion) works very poorly in the established system.

Even Farsight uses the same social structure as the original empire, and is perfectly fine murdering the fuck out of demons on a regular basis.

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>(they don't use warp drives)

They do. It's a shallow drive though. They sorta skim across the surface rather than diving headlong in like humans.

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This is the best picture of a Slaanesh Daemonette I have seen

Its obviously Daemonic and evil but oddly Arrousing
Most of the time I think "Why would anyone be attracted to this" But here.
I get it

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That's the "negotiating with Necrons" job.

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Not being a heretic must be suffering

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We could post slaanesh pics orrrrr I could just start dropping some sweet first edition orky material.

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That is not the picture I posted

>> No.27486046

Nothing like fucking up a good image dump

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Fuck sakes, one more time

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Why does that seem like they got universe and galaxy mixed up?

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Me and my friends always called them Rave Marines

just them constently doing every drug imaginable administered directly into their bloodstream from their suits.
And pumping Dubstep on Max in the MP3 players in their helmets.

why not both?

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It's probably them trying to see what's beyond the stars but with the teleportation and the warp in mind, I wouldn't be surprised if the Orks were already in a lot of other galaxies

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>you will never be a Slaanesh Champion with a Cadre of Daemonettes to be your slave as aReward from Slaanesh himself

>> No.27486306

sauce on this?

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Yup. Safer in the long term, but slower.

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That was not the most fucked up thing in the comic by a very long way. Prepare for mind fuck.

>> No.27486397


Heavy Metal comic. Not sure which issue.

>> No.27486398

Mindfuck you say? So should I put on my Megadeth or Slayer playlist?

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>> No.27486542

>> No.27486550

Prepare to he purged mother fuckers

>> No.27486565

Reqiuem Vampire Knight by Pat Mills and Oliver Ledroit. One of the later issues, #9 or #10 or so.

>> No.27486579

Both simultaneously.

>> No.27486593

Says the guys who use sorcery and daemon weapons.

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>> No.27486756

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You're confusing Chaos with disorder.

Chaos is the unformed prima imateria in the vast abyss that is the warp.

The four powers of Chaos are order, because they define the Chaos in particular ways. Yes, even Tzeentch.

>> No.27487004

According to the Chaos dex, all the disorder and mayhem in the Warp is caused by the Chaos Gods Great Game. If it ends, the Warp will be a calm stillness.

Seems to me they are not elements of order as you imply.

>> No.27487013

Chaos never changes.

>> No.27487022

if the orks did get organized the entire galaxy would be fucked

>> No.27487064

If Necrons united.

If Tyranids arrive in force.

If Chaos took things seriously

If the Emperor got up on his haunches.

If If If.

>> No.27487074

If it ends, it will be because one of them as won. They will have brought stability to the warp, because there will be nothing but themself.

Well, either that or all the higher warp-connected lifeforms in this galaxy (at least) die out, so there's nothing causing the ripples.

>> No.27487094

>United Necrons
Distinct possibility
>Tyranid invasion
Absolute certainty
>Emprah getting up
Possible, but not likely

I'd like a scenario where Stormboyz unite a large part of the orkz, the emprah gets up, the silent king reclaims his throne and the tyranids arrive, all at the same time.

>> No.27487143

They're both. They're born from the primordial mess who organized itself into them. But the calm didn't last long because the four entities didn't like each other and started doing shit with their powers.
Separately, each of them is an entity of order.

>> No.27487160

Legend of Tuska


>> No.27487178



This would be done by now if the post counter was still 30 seconds

>> No.27487224


A way to look at it would be four different colours. Together they mix and form gradiants, patterns and swirls, creating complexity.

But if there was just one, there'd be no differences, no mixing of ideas. There's just a single overriding colour. Or emotion in the case of the Chaos powers.

>> No.27487246


Basically if anyone in the 40k universe got their shit together they'd be prepared to fuck the rest of the galaxy up the ass until they came out on top.

Apart from the Tau, the whole reason they can threaten anyone despite being absolutely tiny relatively is that they already sorta got their shit together.

>> No.27487287

Chaos effects both Humans and Eldar.

Older additions did have instances of Chaos Orks, but for the most part the Orks' psychic gestalt protects them.

Tau have no warp presence so are practically but not literally immune.

Tyranids are hivemind and extragalactic, so you'd only get Chaos Tyranids if an entire Hive Fleet fell to Chaos at once. I'm pretty sure their relationship with the Warp is weird as well.

Necrons are inactive most of the time, have no souls, and answer to a power at least as powerful as Chaos.

Really it boils down to only Humans and Eldar having the right mentality, Warp presence, and societal factors for widespread warp corruption. Both of them encountered mass Chaos corruption as a singular initial event, and anything since then has been the result of interacting with their Chaos counterparts. Ork and Tyranid society and mentality make provoking such an initial corruption event unlikely, and Tau and Necrons don't have the warp presence for Chaos to give a shit about corrupting them.

>> No.27487290

Too bad the Orks already won

>> No.27487306

Dispute being a flea on the Imperiums back the Tau are already starting to fracture, with Farsight and that.

>> No.27487358

But doesn't Farsight still act for the good of the Empire even though he doesn't follow the Greater Good and the Empire disowned him?

>> No.27487362

Ghazzy and the Ork Gods disagree.

>> No.27487388

He acts for the good of the Tau and that may include leading a rebellion against the Ethereals.

If doesn't come for the Ethereals, the Ethereals will come for him.

>> No.27487400

He works for the Greater Good as he sees it but disagrees with a lot of the decisions of the Ethereal Council.

He has seen the horrors of the galaxy and they have not.

>> No.27487405

>If the Emperor got up on his haunches.

Hell the Imperium wouldn't even need that to conquer the whole place. All they'd need is a complete and intact STC machine to give Mars a kick up the backside and get the technology back to Great Crusade level, at which point the sheer resources of the Imperium would probably be able to crush anything.

>> No.27487429

In the 41st millennium, there is only war

>> No.27487436

Of course, that'd only be likely to happen if the Imperium knew the Mechanicus had it.

Otherwise, we might see a schism, as the Mechanicum rises once again.

>> No.27487441

Farsight is following the Greater Good as he sees it, but despite what the Ethereals say what's good for the good isn't always good for the empire.

>> No.27487470

Right, knew it was something along those lines.

>> No.27487485

Because Khorne made it that way.

>> No.27487528

True, the Imperium can at the very least send in the Spez Marins (who have their own tech guys), which I'm pretty sure a rebellion by the Mechanicus when they start building the fancy new toys they'd find in there would warrant, so it'd come down to can they nip it in the bud fast enough and bring the tech priests to heel?

Plus I'm pretty sure that unless the Mechanicus were ultra-secret and killed nearly everyone involved before they could take it back to Mars then at the very least the Inquisition would catch wind that something was up.

>The Void Dragon wakes on Mars and leads the Mechanicum to rise again in a rebellion that aims to overthrow the Emperor and establish a machine theocracy in place of the Imperium.

Shit that'd be cool.

>> No.27487567


>> No.27487583

Mechanium already has a lot more than they let on to the Imperium. Hell, a few of their heavily augmented "sevitors" might actually be full on AI.

Mars is keeping the best shit for themselves. Wait till the Tyranids show up in force, then they'll suddenly be a shitload of "recently discovered" weapons and vehicles being given out.

>> No.27487648


>> No.27487668

Isn't Mars basically a hellhole infested by mad techpriests, necrons and machines that date back to before the age of strife at this point? Outside of a few places of course. Plus the whole "Big ass machine controlling C'tan" thing. So while the Mechanium is incredibly powerful on the surface of it their homeworld is basically a shitstorm waiting to be bombed.

>> No.27487695

Mars is like 90% shit yeah, but the remaining 10% has so many factories and labs that it still manufactures like 75%+ of everything in the Imperium, and all the advanced research is done there.

>> No.27487704

Well, apart from the fact the Marines arn't exactly subject to the Imperium.

Like the Mechanicus, they're separate but allied forces.

And some chapters, like the Iron Hands, would be far more likely to sign on with a reborn Mechanicum than they would be to aid the backwards Imperium. Especially since the Mechanicum has the greatest hostage of all, their gene seed.

>> No.27487733

Every time someone talks about stockpiles of gene-seed I immediately think of huge barrels of semen.

Or in the Iron Hands case, robo-cum,

>> No.27487754

Think of it like a hive world.

Sure the bits outside the cityfactories are utter wastelands patrolled by renegade murder servitors and filled with toxic waste, but those arn't the parts making your tanks.

>> No.27487806

Ah, true, the Mechanicum would be basically able to destroy any chapters they didn't like. Though I doubt the space marines would take kindly to being made to fight a schismatic war against the emperor.

The whole gene seed thing does open up a slightly more dangerous and potentially crippling option though: they could in theory just grow their own Space Marines. Though if they control the seed of the Grey Knights too that's about x1000000 times more dangerous because it's supposed to be the Emperor's own.

>> No.27487855

Hey, they don't need to get the marines involved. They can just say "Stay out of this fight, it's not your battle, and if you get involved our cities might be leveled, which would include the storage facilities of your geneseed. So it's in your best interest to focus on protecting the Imperium from outside threats."

>> No.27487972

I don't care what written in it. The fluff says Khorne is the reason behind there is bloodshed and war across the entire galaxy and that's that.

And that's that. Don't you dare steal his credit!

>> No.27488150

Some races are more or less immune to the effects of chaos. Remember that the chaos gods were created from human emotions.

Necrons can't access the warp at all, and the C'Tan are threatened by the warp, they tried to cut off the material plane from the warp during their war with the old ones.

Tau are simply immune to the effects of the warp, which leads some in the imperium to think of them as a chosen race of "blanks".

Tyranids are similarly uneffected, maybe because of their psychic connections to a hive mind.

>> No.27488197

wait tau are organics in mechanized suits
how do they have no soul
it was mainly due to no warp presence

>> No.27488267

Tau have low warp presence and that's it.

Also being organic doesn't mean you have to have a soul. See the Pariahs as an example. However, you need a soul to experience positive and strong emotions.

>> No.27488276

>Remember that the chaos gods were created from human emotions.

Nope. Slaanesh was the youngest and it was created by the excess of the Eldar far before humans existed.

>> No.27488282

Too bad Khorne is just an extension of Gork and Morks influence on the Warp

>> No.27488283

Isn't there well established fluff where grey knights are battling chaos corrupted tyranids, as well as that iron warriors book where they enslave an entire tyranid space creature and use it as a titan pen?

>> No.27488308

A "soul" is the layman's term for the conduit between the materium and immaterium found in most creatures.

The Tau, as a whole, have far less potent conduits, and their thoughts and emotions do not create any serious ripples within the warp.

>> No.27488328

no worst job is a tau trying to diplomacy

>> No.27488339

> it was created by the excess of the Eldar far before humans existed.

unless GW relentless retconning has changed it, I was under the impression that Slaanesh was born in like M20, which caused the whole humanity fracturing into millions of mini-empires?

>> No.27488346


It does, we just don't see all that much of it because 40k focuses as lot on the human element.

>> No.27488351

>Slaanesh was the youngest and it was created by the excess of the Eldar far before humans existed


>> No.27488371


Back in am old White Dwarf, to test out the "Adversaries" rules when Codex Daemonhunters was first released, Adrian Wood made a sample army of Chaos-corrupted Orks. They were seduced and mutated by a Great Unclean One - it was so green, it had to be orky.

>> No.27488394



...business as usual for Orks, then.

>> No.27488545

>> No.27488632


...fun as usual for Orks, then


>> No.27488904

>chaos gods created by human emotions
Retconned. The older three are Old One bullshit.

>> No.27488949

Source? I'd be very interested to know, as I'd much prefer that.

>> No.27489195


Basically, all the warp storms that spelled the end of the DAoT were the birth-throes of Slaanesh. Once she/he/it was fully born, the warp storms or less died down.

However, the immaterium having only a faint dalliance with linear causality, Slaanesh has always been there. Just very draining to push past his/her/its birth.

>> No.27489332

Orks can be corrupted by Chaos, but it's difficult due to how pure they are. I know that sounds ridiculous, calling an Ork pure, but I'm talking about their intentions and desires rather than their souls. The only thing they ever want to do is fight. It's difficult to manipulate such a single-minded species.

Tau have no presence in the Warp. They are without souls, and thus cannot reap the benefits of traveling it nor are they generally subject to its horrors (not that a group of Traitor Marines or Daemons or whatever wouldn't fuck them up, it just doesn't happen as often as it would to other races because they're simply not worthwhile targets for Chaos).

I'm not 100% sure on this, but I don't think Tyranid can be corrupted by Chaos. At least there's never been a reference to it that I know of. I think this boils down to the whole "purity" thing that the Orks have going on. The Tyranid is really just one massive consciousness subdivided into many different meat sacks, and all it thinks about is eating and fucking (or however it is that space bugs reproduce). They cast a "shadow in the Warp." Take that to mean what you will. I do not believe Tyranid have souls.

Eldar and Dark Eldar are harassed by Chaos constantly.

Necrons used to not have much to do with the Warp, but with the new fluff that might change, what with the introduction of individual personalities among the more powerful examples of their species.

I think that covers everyone.

>> No.27492079

>Tau are simply immune to the effects of the warp,

Not true.

>> No.27492101

The four Chaos Gods are the most powerful beings in the warp, so Khorne would need to be a pretty big extension since he's more powerful than Gork and Mork.

>> No.27492114

No source, just faggots who can't account for Human master race forging the most powerful gods in the universe.

>> No.27492131


Slaanesh was pretty explicitly created by the Eldar raping their civilization out of existence.

>> No.27492153

Chaos orks are mentioned in the old Rogue Trader fluff for them as well as recent Black Crusade fluff. They in very rare occasion fall to Khorne. Such cases are pretty much universally shunned by other orks and in Black Crusade 'blood boys' don't contribute to the morale of other orks and other orks don't contribute to their morale.

Frankly, I wonder why Slaanesh never tempts orks. Sure, they're violent, but violence to them is an expression of joy and pleasure. I can totally see them pursuing violence as their depraved indulgence.

>> No.27492178 [SPOILER] 


That's some grade A heresy right there.

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