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Vibrating sex toys.... are machines.
Which means, they have Machine Spirits.


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Only in M41.

And nobody masturbates in M41.

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Where does the Mechanicus draw the line between "machine" and "not-machine", anyway?

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They're all too busy fucking.

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They don't.
There is very little constant in the Adeptus Mechanicus.
Though, I suppose once a power source is introduced might be a pretty good standard to use.
Those decried as deviants and Tech-Hereteks may be lauded as devout servants of the Omnissiah decades later.

"Put three of them in a sealed chamber and you would find no less than five factions and two secret sects. I swear to you, I believe I have met Tech-Priests whose left brain and right brain belonged to two different splinter groups"
- Rogue Trader Choras Donagal

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Non-biological structures with moving parts that perform tasks.

The more complex a device, the more complex and important its machine spirit, but even a door has its own spirit, albiet it's akin to a microscopic lifeform.

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But what about important doors? Is it rape if its blasted though?

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It's desecration. So yeah. A techpriest is more likely to convince the door to open... seduce it, if you will.

Machine Empathy is a powerful thing.

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>dildos in the 41st millennium

Handled by the "Adeptus Vibratus" branch of the Admech?

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What does this mean, anyway?

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It's a Japanese emoticon. The O are big eyes, the w is a cat mouth.

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I can only imagine what its like to work on the inside of a land raider.

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Do you not regularly maintain and pray to your vibrating sex toys?
>get a load of this heretek

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There are some bio technicians who see the organic as non metalic machine as well. They aren't popular, but belief that body is a soft machine is not foreign to them.

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Honestly, it's the only way they can fill all those guardsmen ranks.

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