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Post your dreadnoughts /tg/.
Dreadnoughts are way too awesome to collect dust due to being useless on the table.

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But Brother, how will I be able to grab and smash anything?

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While we're on the subject of dead things put in other things to make them less dead and more killy...

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Enough for anything, really. But enough for this thread? Hell no!

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Alright, here's one

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iron warriors WIP, showing plans for weapon too

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And here's another

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What banner is that?

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chaos knights

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Crimson Fisto

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I'll do you one better.

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Mine would be fully put together, if there weren't hardened resin diarrhea in the waist socket.

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looks like chinaman cast. Can you confirm?

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Being dead is overrated.

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What? Did you not notice the giant resin jersey barriers? Obviously Forgeworld.

And the fact that it's not Chinaman's resin

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Actually, when I ordered dreads from id3, they looked like the same resin, along with the glossiness. Also, despite being blurry, the eagle heads dont look even and the purity seal is too flat against the chest. Looked like detail loss from recasting to me.

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It occurs to me that would be absolutely amazing if piloted by an ork. Falls just short of the mark.

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Shit camera is shit, but this is the only Dread I have left. Pity GW shat all over the FW Dreads, can't even buy a chainfist for a fucking Helbrute.

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aw shit, look who it is! Another whiote scars dreadnought shows up in the latest WD

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>implying WS haven't invented bikenoughts already

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Someone needs to take the Dreadnought sarcophagus, put two wheels and a heavy bolter on it, then put is as a counts-as Space Marine bike.

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Vroom Vroom, that's the same dreadnought as the last time. Can't say "another" when it's "the"

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>They told me I could become anything
>So I became fast

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I once emailed GW about White Scars dreadnoughts.
That's exactly what they told me to do.

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Nah, Forgeworld.

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I meant i3_whip

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>Get expensive awesome FW World Eaters Dread
>Despite multiple leg and arm parts that allow awesome poses, make it as static as possible

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Hey guys do you think you could help me with some ideas I could use for an ork dreadnought conversion. I need some inspiration.

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Looted carnifex.

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Looted carnifex.

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The thought never crossed my mind.. God damm that sounds fun to do. Cheers anon!

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>dishonoring a ForgeWorld vehicle.
And THIS is why I only stick to their infantry.

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Anything is possible if you WAAAGH! hard enough

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Fuck me I wish I was this good at converting..

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I like the full transformable Orkimus Prime personally.

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There's a lot of possibilities. Here's my attempt at doing something a little different.

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That's great man

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I'm confused by the stormtalon in the back. But I'm into it

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I run him as a Daemon Prince with Wings as part of a Chaos Ork detachment to my warband.

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What sets of ork models would you guys recommed for useful conversion parts?

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Trukks. They're god tier for vehicle parts.

Boyz or Nobz kit for infantry parts.

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Cheers anon!

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Slapping a few sheets of plasticard, dred arms, and hydraulics on the limbs is not difficult.

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> using Dreadnought body to fix the Dreadknight's godawful Babby Bjorn problems
You. I like you.

I don't have many pics of my dreads, because most of them are unpainted. But here's a pair of autocannons I smashed together from four or five different kits!

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*onto a gundam action figure

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for general conversions or just dreads? cause a deff dread/kanz box has a good bit of extras that can be used for makin' dreads deff. Besides that, if you got friends who play IG/SMs ask if you can get some of their bits. Remember orks loot a lot of stuff from humans, and they almost always fit something from them onto a vehicle, heck even some of the actual models (see lootas) use pre-converted guns. Besides that, plasticard and a knife plus a little skill will always help.

And to keep with the theme of the thread, here be one of my dreads.

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A bit of both really.. I'm quite new to conversions so any help would be gladly welcomed.

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Also that looks great.

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Look in the l;atest WD. It's there, I just did n't scan it.

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Well, the main stuff I can tell you is make a junk drawer. If you are like me, you'll be rummaging through it all the time for conversions. Besides that, keep EVERYTHING from your kits, sprues and all. I've used the sprues at least 3 times now as framework for a bigger project. After that, if you got buddies who have bit-boxes, see if you can get stuff from them, I'd suggest mostly just getting guns, ammo-packs and stuff like that.

Thanks, that's the black reach dread, with extra bits from my deff-dread box, plus a gun from a heavy-arms model, and some wires.

And another one, this time a kan

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I wish a single assault dreadnaught would deepstrike into every major city in the world, imagine how great that would be.

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That thing looks glorious.

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hahaha I fucking love it. I can just picture an imperial guardsman on the line getting ready for the order to shoot and he peeks his head over the trench and sees this goddamn jankety monstrosity that should not work pounding towards him.

Also lets see a pic of that r2d2 thing behind it

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Thanks for the tips unfortunatly I'm the only one of my friends collect at the moment so grabbing stuff from them is out of the question. But yeah that kan looks great too.

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Scripty you're not hiding very well, bro. Good to see you're still lurking, though.

>Would post my dreads but they would reveal me.

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He's made out of 3 extra killa kan arms, each foot is 2 ork boyz shoulderpads, and 2 ork boyz choppas. The body is actually the shoulder mounted big shoota from a stompa, I accidentally cut off it's support stand when I was clipping it, and I was all "this thing's about a kan's body, lets see what i can do with it."

That's a Forge world grot tank. I haven't got to use them in a game yet. Seem like fun though.

Pic related

If you got a place to play at right now, then I'd look to see if they have a bits box, a lot of places do that.

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Oh, and I named him Squabbles, cause I imagine him scrabbling around the battlefield super awkwardly.

And speaking of awkward, here's one of my Mega Dreads.

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Starting a Spehss Marines army. What chapter is best besides white scars?

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Blood Angels codex lets you field a ton of them.

Alternativly, Blood Angles.

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Some WIP stuff that will probably remain WIP because I am lazy and easily distracted by new projects.

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Iron Hands, Ultramarines with Tigurius or Calgar, Imperial Fists.

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Iron Hands, duh. Six Dreads with IWND. Because fuck you, BATTLE BRIX.

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Another with power scourge

>> No.27475742

How are Imp fists?

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> forever WIP
I know dem feels. My doublewing army supplanted my SM dreadmob, which supplanted my plans for a full battle company, and now I'm postponing all my 40k projects in order to putz around with my Lizardmen WIP (Ripperdactyls out of Gargoyle bodies, Ripperdactyl heads/legs, and assorted dragon-ish wings, godzilla toys as big dinosaws, etc.)

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That's the thing about orks, they leave lots and lots of room for conversions. Someone has a stompa made from a mister potato head.

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These have been benched because they just explode 1st turn in the open.

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You're not fielding enough dreads.

With that codex, you have to cover all Blood Angles.

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i have 3 more dreads. can only field them as elites. but man, they really aren't worth the points. Especially since melee attacks count against rear Armour, of i see your devastator squad managed to punch my dread to death. how imaginative/.

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Y-you realize that you always hit walkers on front armour in assault, right?

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Time to go re-read the Walker section.

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There are some kans in this pic, it counts

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Technically a Daemon Prince but I'm using the Hellbrute as the torso. Only 1/4th done and I've added a few things recently like a cannon into the dragon mouth. The goal is to make it look like an ascended terminator lord by the end (Still gotta scratchbuild the neck and helm).

Inspiration for it came from various places.

I watched a lot of Beast Wars when I was younger.

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Furioso Dreadnought/Librarian
Furioso Dreadnought/Librarian
Furioso Dreadnought/Librarian

25 Death Company marines
Death Company Dreadnought
Death Company Dreadnought
Death Company Dreadnought
Death Company Dreadnought
Death Company Dreadnought


You are not fielding enough dreadnoughts. Consider drop pods as well.

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> libby dreads
Not a fan. Blendertrons4lyfe/

>> No.27476751

I was merely mentioning the option, not so much as suggesting it.

I'd personally convert a counts-as so I could have a jumppack dreadnought.
>pic related

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One plan I saw on another thread was to make it look like they replaced it's brain with that of an Ork's

>> No.27477108

Fair enough. Jump dreads do sound fun. And with the FUCKHUEG turbines of the Sanguinary Guard jump packs, you could probably even make it look decent.

>> No.27477595

Too lazy to paint.

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clever. reminds me of the necrons made from sprues.

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I wanted to make a Chaos army with one of these fellows, but the model is no longer available, or indeed ANY Chaos Dread/Helbrute model on the GW store
Not fond of any of the Forgeworld ones (All legion ones, no undivided), or the Dark Vengeance demon-looking thing (and I wanted to stick him with the reaper cannon). Shame, one of my favourite units from the game, and odd since it's one of the more iconic units of the setting
>This is not life! This is my tomb!

>> No.27477839

Ebay that shit. I have Torsonaught (though, loyalist dog that I am, I used a dremel to take his silly face off and replaced it with a giant book).

>> No.27477866


The image you posted is just a FW Mk IV dreadnought with a chaos weapon arm that FW does sell, and a half chaos star on the leg.

>> No.27477969

Ah yes, this'll do
Some significant differences, the front hull notably, but the overall shape's there
Thanks for pointing me to it

>> No.27478003

Considered buying the older model from there...but...

>> No.27478034

What's wrong with that? It's the one I used as a basis for my conversion.

>> No.27478078


they don't come with a base and are shaky as fuck.

>> No.27478099

>chaos cybot

>> No.27478197


Unstable, hell to re-position and heavy as your own sweet mother. I am an eternal fan of chaos dreads, but it is better to try and convert that look than to buy that model.

>> No.27478221

> don't come with a base
easily solved

> shaky
Pin through bottom of foot and into base. It takes some time, but it's not actually difficult.

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Will they ever come out with a Hellbrute kit?

>> No.27478263


Never, anon. Never. Chaos conversions are best-tier forever.

>> No.27478386

Behold, the greatest dreadnought to ever grace /tg/

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Well since we are posting dreads.. here is my Tzeentch one. And then 6th ed rolled in...
Sorry for bad quality.

>> No.27478866

I like it.

>> No.27479132


It must be a studio in joke that they always have to feature white scars dreads.

>> No.27479198

Would the turret guns off a stalker fit on dreadnought arms?

>> No.27479825


That's scary as fuck.

At least it would run out of ammo

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>Mountains of piled models on the background.

>> No.27480097


My favorite is his full size Green Ranger Dragonzord.

>> No.27480098

They're casualties from a long gone Apocalypse game. It was a dust pan and brush encounter of Epic scale.

>> No.27480658

Dreads are my favorite mini. Just a joy to convert.

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>> No.27480699

This one has since been finished and painted, but my camera recently kicked the bucket.

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>spam plague marines, fuckers take dakka well
>spam dreads, they cover the weakness to melee
>spam more walkers, they hate having to split targets with their high AP
>stress all high ap guns, eat him up with varied units

I remember one game I had 2 dreads eating up gaunts, and a Raider tank shocking his genestealer horde. While my cultists were keeping his carnifex happy since turn 2.

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Hands in the same orientation...

>> No.27481082

That's a freaking cool looking conversion! That's going in my image collection.

In return - magnetic dread conversion with rare-earth magnet pics! Thanks /tg/ for yet another fun thread. Start with your standard parts inventory...

>> No.27481097

Use a small hack-saw or jewelers saw and remove the shoulder tabs to create a flat surface. The flat surfaces are where you'll mount the larger shoulder magnets.

>> No.27481114

Start by drilling a very small pilot hole in the center of the shoulder area. (I tend to draw an X on it to help find the exact center - that way I keep the hole in the center of the bit.) The enlarge the hole with successively larger drill bits or with a Dremel tool router bit if you have one. The opening should be just large enough that you can squeeze the magnet into it. If you do get the opening too large, then you can use epoxy putty to fix it, but it's easier if you don't screw up.

>> No.27481132

The magnets should fit in the opening. In my case I wanted the should surface magnets to stick out a millimeter or two from the plane of the shoulder itself so that the weapon arms would have the ability to make surface to surface contact with the shoulder magnets and not sit at an odd angle due to the upper body of the Dread.

>> No.27481150

I also decided to magnetize the Torso and hip joint so that the Dread could have some dynamic range of motion for those 'Heroic Action poses'. (This is also the reason I use some of the larger rare-earth magnets - that way I don't end up with derpy looking drooping arms, etc.) One can certainly skip this if you're not wanting to do that much work.

>> No.27481160

Just finished my Contemptor last night actually. Sorry for the cellphone photo. You guys have some awesome kitbashing skills.

>> No.27481164

I used a larger magnet in the plate that forms the bottom of the Dread's torso, and now a smaller but firmly anchored magnet in the hip unit. Making sure that the magnets sit at the correct depth inside their respective parts so that they make good contact allows the Dread's torso to remain level.

>> No.27481176

World Eaters? Run Away! RUN AWAY!!!


>> No.27481187

Here's a shot of the hip unit with the magnetic mount complete. I used epoxy and later some epoxy resin to hold the magnet firmly in place throughout the life of the model.

>> No.27481201

From there, it's a matter of assembly and painting to your liking of course. (This 60 second timer between image posts kind of sucks...)

>> No.27481209

Here's a shot of the Dread painted up in 'Omega Legion' colors (Ultra's successor chapter - part of a Crusade Army in a local campaign).

>> No.27481234

And with the close range arms swapped out for the long range weapons from the default plastic kit. It's very nice only really having to paint one model and having a lot of options for a kit.

>> No.27481245

still incredibly WIP, But im liking it so far.

>> No.27481260

is that black dreadnought.... dancing?

>> No.27481261

Then there's always the option to go nuts with Forge World (or Based Chinaman Bro) if you want more options. I think I'm just missing the Grenade Launcher arm and I might have to pick one of those up on Ebay...

>> No.27481290

You're damm right it is

>> No.27481295


He likes to singa. About the moon-a and the june-a and PURGING HERETIC SCUM

>> No.27481296

I also picked up several of the plastic AoBR dreads and converted them with magnets. Inexpensive upgrade that allows a lot of options and 'Heavy Metal' goodness on the table top.

>> No.27481298

>Wings to add more speed

>> No.27481311

What grenade launcher arm?

>> No.27481314

Purging (Fooking) Xenos and Heretic Scum - WITH FIRE!

>> No.27481321

>What grenade launcher arm?
It's one of the B.A. Dreadnought options IIRC

>> No.27481332

For simple 'quick and dirty' conversions I don't think they came out too badly at all.

>> No.27481336

Oh the frag cannon? Thats not a grenade launcher its a rapid firing howitzer IIRC

>> No.27481403

Opps! Spot the guy who doesn't play B.A.

>> No.27481517

he painted all that and couldn't even drill his barrels.

>> No.27481528


>> No.27481538


>> No.27481589

>he painted all that and couldn't even drill his barrels.

I know. Fuck! Next thing you know they'll expect you to routinely use your imagination while gaming, not be a total auspie fuckwad, and <shudder> take showers! FUCK THAT! I'm going to live forever! (In my parent's basement...)

Never change /tg/! Never change.

>> No.27481600

So, can anybody tell me if the FW arms for SM dreads (contemptor and otherwise) are good for both arms? As in, if they make a weapon just for say the right arm, am I able to take the actually arm bits, not the shoulders obviously, and slap them onto the left arm if I feel so inclined?

>> No.27481645


Yeah, pretty much, for contemptors at least. Which arm it is depends entirely about how you construct the elbow joint.

>> No.27481651

If you look at Forge World you'll find they make left arm versions of most of the weapons. About the only one's you don't routinely see are right armed versions of the missile launchers, and left armed versions of the assault cannons. That said, you could remove the end of a right arm ass-cannon and place it on a plastic left arm missile launcher if you wanted to field a dual ass-cannon wielding Dread.

>> No.27481678

Thanks Bro! Found it and now must acquire it. That way I can field a 'Not-B.A.' dread and try it out some game.

>> No.27481713

Alright, thanks.

>> No.27481714

Kinda the mode I was goin for. Didnt wanna have the whole "weapons forward, rawr" kinda pose. I wanted more of a natural villain pose. Makes him look more like hes used to having a human body. Glad I got the point across

>> No.27481766

Not mine but i really dig this one

>> No.27481781

It's pretty good in my opinion, kills the everloving shit outa horde armies.

>> No.27481784

All of my want - this one is damn skippy cool!

>> No.27481801

Which is funny since my other armies are Nids, IG, and Orks. Go figure.

>> No.27481831

Emperor's Guard Dread?

>> No.27481834


>> No.27481845

Murica! Fuck yeah!

>> No.27481860

My God! It's full of Bees. BBBEEEEEESSS!

Some bro spent a lot of time on this...

>> No.27481892

Stayin' Alive - pic related.

>> No.27481924

The colors on this one don't grab me, but there's some damn fine technical skills displayed on this piece.

>> No.27481929

When did Abaddon get a dreadnought?

>> No.27481957

I like this ven-dread conversion. Dual ass-cannons *AND* a giant power Glaive. Somebody's gonna get shot and shived to hell and gone...

>> No.27481971

"Even in death my body is a temple, your argument is invalid!"

>> No.27481983

Iron Hands Mofo! Nuff said.

>> No.27482014

Can't argue with that.

As for the regular plastic Ven-Dread. I just cannot into. No matter how well painted, in it's unconverted form it always looks like a giant angry wedding cake to me.

>> No.27482040

Looks fancy.

>> No.27482115

Isn't that the old metal dread?

>ornamented oldie

Can't argue with that, captcha.

>> No.27482206

That looks great.

>> No.27482577

No, the old metal dreads look like the stand plastic dreads with assault cannon and power fist - just thicker and heavier. The wedding cake Ven-dreads might have a metal body too - I don't have one.

>> No.27482747

Currently painting a Raven Guard Ironclad.

Will try using weathering powders to make it more interesting.

>> No.27484129

Fuck, now I can't unsee it.

>> No.27487335

>quick and dirty

>> No.27487657

moar wraithlords?

>> No.27487829

looks terribad but haven't photo'ed my zombie-brutes yet.
why must hellbrutes suck so bad!

>> No.27487856

Like the chapter, solid and reliable.
Tank Hunter on a good unit can never go wrong, and rerolling your main weapon is pretty nice.

>> No.27487948


Conversion with a few DE pieces. I'm tempted to try this conversion out one day.

>> No.27488021

It looks so flat and dull, especially on the metallic parts and the HUGE empty field of flesh on the back (which defeats the organic look you were going for). Put some wash and then some highlights on the metal.

>> No.27488333

Guardians of the Covenant Contemptors, WIP

>> No.27488474

Metal VENERABLE dread. The new one is plastic, but the one in >>27482014 is the old metal venerable dread, not the plastic one.

>> No.27488516

Fucking wrong pic.

>> No.27488540

Jesus man, clean up your washes.

>> No.27488563


>> No.27488791


>> No.27489587

It's actually dust that's gathered from standing op a shelf in a dusty room.

>> No.27489615

dreadnought thread?

>> No.27489658

>Knowing what defenestration means, and making a joke about it.

You. I like you, despite the typo.

>> No.27489931

The guns on that hurricane bolter are crooked.

>> No.27494089


>> No.27496852


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