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What's the best system to make an XCOM type of game?

Is there an XCOM homebrew already? I've just got XCOM on the brain and waiting until november for Enemy Within is really hard.

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>waiting until november for Enemy Within is really hard.

Damn right it is.


Imma cyborg my soldiers up so good.

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I wonder if they'll have the new resource in terror missions. I mean, I basically just overwatch the entire time on Impossible, but I might get a little frisky if that's the case.

Otherwise, bump.

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I'm not a fan of the game itself but when it comes to combat scenarios like there are in X-com, it fits.

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>Liking NuCom

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They're fun too, but I can only enjoy older games for so long before I need to take a break. At least it's not the bureau.

I particularly like Terror From the Deep.

Look at it this way, at least the franchise isn't dead, and the genre isn't dead. Every game out there is either shit, an FPS, or a surprising jewel, and in a cadre of shit, XCOM remains mostly true to its predecessors while not requiring people to be as autistic enough as the older games required you to be.

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a PnP or a table top game?

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Think there was discussion some time ago of an Only War hack or Dark Heresy hack (if you've got a more investigative/X-Files style bent to it). Certainly there are some thematic elements that are shared (baseline human grunts going up against nightmarish alien monstrosities), so perhaps that might be a good jumping off point.

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Delta Green (Basic Roleplaying), Conspiracy X, Savage Worlds, Storyteller, Dark Heresy, any system you feel comfortable with o homebrew what you need.

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Either one. Both is great.

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If you think old X-Com required you to be autistic to enjoy, that tells me everything I need to know I was right.

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>not enjoying it

I enjoyed it quite a bit, but to have any kind of sales these days, there needs to be some pandering to people who just don't have the higher brain function to keep track of everything that the older games required you to do.

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Stop being mad that they removed your ability to utilize the 25 rookie suicide bomber train tactic.

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Thanks mang.

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happy to help

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My biggest gripe with the new game is the fucking encounter mechanic. Enemies can't attack if they see you on their turn, and enemies get to cover instantly if you see them on your turn. Therefore, the best way to play the game is to be passive as fuck because it's the most effective use of your action economy. And I don't really like that.

But otherwise? Game is fuckin great November can't come soon enough.

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The lack of an active AI that hunts you is kind of depressing. It would have been a great way to differentiate between different aliens by how aggressive they were and effective they were at counter-sweeping and setting ambushes.

The bigger thing that bugs me in the new game is that it's sized around 6-man squads. The two-move mechanic is an elegant way to simplify handling a large platoon, but then they remove the possibility of handling a large platoon (and thus providing some more granularity/sophistication in tactics).

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It would also be nice if hitting the end turn button (backspace) put all remaining troops with actions on over-watch. That would also help a lot with managing larger squads.

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Honestly thought the game from a gameplay perspective was a step up from the original. The change of how throwing items and psi powers is a great step. As neat as it was the first i figured out how to hot potatoe something, it really didnt make sense to do it with a live grenade.

It plays alot more like a table top game now and if you were to transfer it to a tabletop, it would run pretty smoothly.

I have some gripes here and there. But honestly, when I get the urge to play Xcom, i dont fire up the original, I'd rather play the new one.

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Fast and deadly. Genuinely scary once the rolls start and limbs fly.

Check out Wild Talents.

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The logic is that, as being out of cover in this game means that you're dead, if you're able to catch enemies out of cover then you can wipe them out before they can react, which is true. In the game as it is now you can use ghost armor/battle scanners and squad sight snipers to attack enemies before they're activated, and doing so means they're ridiculously easy to kill.

But yes, it would be nice if they came up with a way to fix some of the problems of the current method. As it is you can't catch aliens with their pants down, and you also don't need to care about cover when their are no active aliens, as they can't attack on their first turn.

At the very least they could standardize the button mapping. Rookies start off with Fire (1), Overwatch (2), Grenade (3), Hunker Down (4), so putting an entire squad on overwatch is as easy as hitting 2 four times, while hunkering everyone down is as easy as hittin 4 four times. When you have a full squad of high rank soldiers everyone has a different button mapping.

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Xenonauts, xenonauts anyone?

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Call me when it's finished. I'm not paying to be a beta tester.

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> In the game as it is now you can use ghost armor/battle scanners and squad sight snipers to attack enemies before they're activated, and doing so means they're ridiculously easy to kill.
2 sentences later
> As it is you can't catch aliens with their pants down,
But i think thats the point. being able to catch them flat footed devastates aliens so they kept it sorta rare.

I'd like to see the patrols the enemies take be less random. It's still not as bad as looking for the last sectoid but is a bit annoying.

>At the very least they could standardize the button mapping.
I heard there was alot of problems with the PC UI. Maybe try hooking a controller up? It's actually quite smooth.

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>2 sentences later
It is possible to surprise the aliens, but you can only do it when you have squad sight snipers, ghost armor and a pretty good idea of where the enemies are anyway. Unless you save scum, you're lucky to be able to pull it off at all. I should have said "It's barely possible..."

>But i think thats the point. being able to catch them flat footed devastates aliens so they kept it sorta rare.
Then problem is that it has side effects. It means that being aggressive is suicide, and it also means that enemies can't attack if they see you on their turn.

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I do like that they balanced psi powers but still think that the remake suffered the same problems as the original: as you progressed up the tech tree, the game became so lacking in challenge that most missions felt so routine and a bit boring. I'm worried that The Enemy Within will give even more upgrades and features without considerably amping up the alien threat.

The version I'm playing is fairly complete, although I'm not sure how much more content they are planning to add. There are still a few placeholder pictures and I wouldn't mind seeing more alien races and weapons but it still feels like a full game. I wouldn't say it's quite as good as the original x-com but I am enjoying it. I especially love the air combat sequences- it adds so much more suspense than the dogfights in the x-com games.

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I wouldn't call it suicide. It's viable once you're squad is level up and has some legit gear.

The enemies not being able to attack on the turn the spot you was done for balance. Imagine your first encounter with chryssalids where a patrol gets spotted and they move in and drop 2 squad members on the spot.

I remembe Jake SOlomon saying he wanted to get rid of the parts in the original where an alien could fire from the fog of war. That's why the spotting mechanics work they do. Did away with:
>alien fires from fog of war
>kills xcom trooper
>your turn and move forward
>can't spot him
>more fire from fog of war
>another dies
From a realism perspective, it does happen like this. however most table top games try not to do this because it leaves you with little control over the situation.

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So which XCOM alien would you like to have sex with the most, and why? Any version of the game, if it makes a difference.

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Yeah, I know what you mean. That is a great feeling though, when you realized your squad has gone from being meat for the butcher, to being the butcher. But it does get sorta boring when you're squad is god. Guess thats how you know to go do the last mission.

I'd sorta like a late game escalation units to unleash on you (after base raid).

I also wouldn't mind a single player campaign thats story driven like Final Fantasy Tactics or Valkyria Chronicles.

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I would definitely cuddle a Chryssalid, if it consented.
Otherwise it could get a bit messy.

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Oh, sweet, sweet tentaculat!

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Who needs consent when you've got mind control? Gonna need a mind shield to get though those bugger's will though.

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Conspiracy X?

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Nah mang, hypno ain't mah fetish. I wanna come home from work to a happy, loving Chryssy wife, make some dinner, snuggle up on the couch with a movie, watch her cut a man in half for foreplay, then fuck sensually in the missionary position.

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>Hey guys. I know what this new game needs
>a cryssalid that's faster than a cryssalid
>and also it can fly

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I remember the first time I played the game and met those fuckers, I think I lost everyone in my squad and stopped playing for the day there.

XCOM is great fun, probably the game i've enjoyed the most for the last few years.

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Move forward, Overwatch.
Move forward, Overwatch.
Move forward, Overwatch.
Move forward, Overwatch.
Squadsight Snipe the big alien baddy
Gz mission over.

The game is really fun, up until halfway when it becomes grind.

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>And in certain missions, about 6 of them drop from the roof at once.

I fucking loved TFTD.

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I've been enjoying it recently.

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wasn't that bad. they were aquatic only. no cases of them breeding up a terror mission populance

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my main gripe with it. doesn't help that we have set maps. the expansion bringing more of that is swell, but is there anything else to enhance the game ... like geoscape changes?

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Run no snipers. My teams consisted of 2 assault, 2 heavy, 2 support, and revolved around violently rushing the enemy and then smoke grenading, or using rawkets.

Shit was fun.

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Infinity Ruleset

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I'm actually wanting some fatguys for a delta green XCOM game based on "team work and individual role playing"

This game will need 4-8 agents, 1 commander, 1 lead scientist and 1 lead engineer.

The idea is the commander runs the base operations, divides funds and is the general logistical brains. The scientist and engineer look after their respective areas, within bounds of the logistical support given by the commander. The agents will be given missions by the commander, using their allocated funds (plus those scrounged from the field) to purchase equipment and training, which will be used in the field for a range of missions.

Any of this make sense/sounds appealing

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Squadsight double-tap with two crits = Dead uber ethereal.

Was so satisfying to end it that way.

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Bumping for possible interest?

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You'll need some more details on how the officer stuff would work, on top of a better time, to get the required level of interest.

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Did someone say Delta Green?

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You mean, mods? Yes.

In Ennemy Within, it will be:
Move forward, Overwatch.
For five turns
Meld cans explode, enjoy your no ressources.
Also, invisible space poulp. Sniper is dead.
Mission over.

Would be nice. How do you intend to do that?

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Oh gods am I so looking forward to enemy within - but the whole premise of Meld is instantly putting me off of gene modding my best troops.

Fuck that noise - give me a squad of 5 hot female MEC troopers and their adorable comedy side-kick SHIV, blasting aliens, taking names and RAWKET PAUWNCHING aliens into oblivion.

10/10 would play all day.

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like what kinda mods?

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There's three kind of mods: small fixes, Warspace-likes, and Long War. Check them here: http://xcom.nexusmods.com/mods/searchresults/?src_order=2&src_sort=0&src_view=1&src_tab=1&src_cat=7&page=1&pUp=1

If you play on XBox, you can stop reading now. And take a 9mm aspirin.

>Small fixes
Just that, a couple adjustments over the original game

>Warspace-likes (Warspace, Merciless, Terror from Space, YAXO)
Includes bug fixes (you know, the shit Firawis was supposed to do) and big overhaul of the strategic game (less centered around Engineers and Satellites) and tactical game (more items and generally more lethality). Some solve the end game problem by buffing aliens over the course of the game (Merciless is known for Sectopod that have more HP than what the game can display). Not all of them are alive.

>Long War
Loosely based on Warspace (since EVERY mod is based on Warspace) but it's so different it may be a whole new game. As per the 2.0 version, they have a longer game (around Marathon length) that deals with panic and increased difficult by allowing to retake countries (with a base assault, so more than one possible). Also known for massive amounts of soldiers (you quickly find yourself cycling 4-5 teams of 8 agents each), alien research (kinda like the ongoing upgrade above but you can slow it down) and increased amounts of aliens (particularly, Terror Missions hate you and your men). Still alive, so new versions and betas come out regularly.

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2.0 is out? Hell yes!

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Yep. It's quite a change from 1.92 but it's a nice one. It also includes a partial fix for the teleport bug, which I find quite impressive.

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The thing where they teleport around in the fog of war even when they would logically need to pass right by your squad? I'm honestly more hyped for 8 man squads.

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I had two squadies mind controlled, two already dead, I ran up with my last assault thinking "I'll at least take one of the bastards with me", fired, got a crit, killed him, and won. I was only killing him out of spite, I didn't realize he was the trigger for the mission-end. Felt heroic as hell.

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That one yes. They remove the teleporting part, so you still get aliens that sprint accross half the map to get you, but at least they activate and take cover instead of magically teleporting in your ass.

Also, the increased squad size is awesome. Less the 8 max than the starting 6 by the way. You'll need them, since the aliens have reinforced numbers too. They start at around 12-15 per mission and go up from there.

Protip: don't go into Terror Missions without a SHITLOAD of shotguns (so Assault, Infantry or Engineer). You'll need to kill fast and rifles are too slow.

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It is intended to be run with group play and emails. Almost like a TBS meets PnP RPG.

At the beginning of the week the Commander will be awarded money, scientists, engineers, other resources based on his effort in throughout the previous week. The commander will be in charge of all logistical decisions, as well as dealing with UFOs, base advancement, infiltrators, other interesting happenings as I think of them.

The scientist will be working on research, which will include a vast majority of choices. Ability to think outside the box is a must, as there is no limit to "what can be thought of". Careful though, theory and practice are far and apart, and the boys in engineering might not be able to make your plans a reality.

Engineers will be working on repairs, manufacturing, and advancement of all the current equipment. Here the boys can tinker, toy and create to their heart's content. As well as test runs for new equipment, your boys will be charged with making sure the boys in the field have what they need when they need it.

The agents, well this is self explanatory. You will receive missions which can be undertaken solo or in a group. Teamwork is greatly recommended as most times you'll be outaliened and outgunned. As well as missions, you can train, recruit squadies (high-level soldiers), request equipment, as well as scouting areas of activity and personal errands.

The game will be be heavily based on the cooperation of the XCOM personnel, both on a department level as well as personal.

Good Luck.

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the problem is with losing the ability to hit whatever you want.

Back then you can solve this kind of annoying shit by blowing the entire fucking place up with grenades and rockets, thus ignore the need to even find the fucker.

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Also, in case there's interest after I fall asleep, email is [email protected]

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>Not going after that hard Lobsterman sneak attack

Get on my level.

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>At least it's not the bureau

Is it really that bad? I got it on prepurchase because steam had a deal where you got all previous xcom games for it, but only played the very beginning of it. I liked the aesthetic, even if the actual mechanics felt a little bit clunky (I chalked it up to just being something new, though).

What's bad about it?

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If you're talking about a possible online game, I know two people who would be way interested in it.

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Its pretty much all battle focused and you might want to S&L to change what missions and request you get because that's basicly the only income source for you now.

No more 2nd base, no more additional carrier, manufacturing don't give you free cash, can't pick mission time yourself...

I miss when I can land 2 fully loaded avengers in a mission then carpet bomb the entire fucking map, purging all xenos.

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Personally I like the story on that one. It has the X-Com flavor but has a different feel to it. I liked it. Still have TFTD sitting in the corner, giving me nightmares by existing. I might play it again some day.

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He was talking about The Bureau, not XCOM: EU.

Also, mods fix a part of what you said. Which is sad because, due to the very mod-unfriengly nature of the game right now, "modding" is more "finding what Firaxis coded but cut from the final release, and then reactivating it in the shape you want". I'm still baffled by the amount of shit that didn't made it.

>exploding UFOs
>damage reduction
>infiltration missions
>abduction interception
>selling weapons

Not to mention Second Wave.

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open source, you can mod it today.

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Nice one.

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Did you know Y on the keyboard is actually always Overwatch? I hit X one day wondering if it would change weapons like the XBox version and when it did I tried Y too and what do you know.
Fucking no clue why they never actually tell you that. Seriously speeds up some turns.

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>What's the best system to make an XCOM type of game?


Only War. It got the bases covered, it'd be comparatively easy to make up additional stuff (hell, there's already everything covered when it comes to weapons, you just need to adjust damage values as needed) and the thematic fits like a glove. You even get quasi-NPC redshirts for all your rookie-carnage needs!

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