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Mutants & Masterminds thread? Mutants & Masterminds thread. Discuss whatever. Character ideas, villain ideas, campaign ideas, power ideas, et cetera.

On my end, I'm working on a character for a campaign I'm in who is a devout Catholic who ended up turning into a demon or at least something that looks like one. Still trying to determine the cause of it, whether magic or science, so suggestions there would be cool.

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I've only ever played 2e. Is summoning still ridiculously broken in 3e?

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I actually don't know, since I've never made a character who has it. How bad was it in 2e?

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Can't be an M&M thread without the M&M 3e "hero package." Contains:
>Hero's Handbook, the core book
>Gamemaster's Guide, with extra info and characters for GMs to use
>Supernatural Handbook, the "horror book," good for adding the weird and bizarre
>Threat Report, the supervillain encyclopedia
>A few varieties of character sheet
>GM's kit, allowing fast and easy block-by-block chargen, good for when you need a hero/villain on the fly
>Quick reference tables you would see on the GM's wall
>All 39 published Power Profiles: official packets that detail power themes and what they may involve

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From what I understand, Summon was one of the powers that got nominally rebalanced. Purportedly, it's a lot harder to break it open, but it can still happen.

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I'd say a relic decided to give the Catholic a "test of faith" by giving him demonic powers and see what he does with it: reject it, use it for good, use it for ill, whatever. If he "passes," he gains greater power.

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Not a bad idea really. The heavens have done worse to test someone's mettle, though they usually do it by handling how people act when they get shit taken away.

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That picture offers a thought: what's your best not-so-super hero? He may not have powers, but he still gets equal billing.

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Is it possible to play as pic related in M&M? A guitarist who selld his soul to the devil for mad skillz? What powers would you give a M&M ersion of Robert Johnson?

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In M&M, you're building the end result of whatever powers you may have. A Ranged Damage is either eye beams or an arrow or a gunshot, but it's all the same effect.

That said, what do you want your demon-possessed guitarist to do? The how can influence the what.

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I had a couple ideas. Maybe a minor hellhound-summoning ability, the ability to inspire crippling despair and fascination in my enemies, a moderately-powered sonic attack?

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Damn it Superman, why were you such a dick back then?

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For the purpose of convenience, we'll assume you're using M&M3.
>minor hellhound-summoning ability
That falls under Summon, easily. You'd have to build the hellhound yourself, but it shouldn't be a problem.
>the ability to inspire crippling despair and fascination in my enemies
That'd be an Affliction power: the more effective the attack, the more severe the degree to which you can affect an opponent. You might take the extra that makes saves against your fascination power cumulative, making it harder to resist over time.
>a moderately-powered sonic attack
Ranged Damage. Just add the Sonic qualifier to it so people know what it is.

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Why does this game attract all sorts of That Guys?

Nothing here, but over at AtomicThinkTank its a race to be the creepiest powergamer

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So this theoretical build is feasible? How effective would such a character be, o wise sage?

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Probably wouldn't be bad. The thing about M&M is that adventures are generally written or built around what the players can do, so that you can theoretically build and use any hero you'd like.

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Ah, I see. That changes things considerably. Out of curiosity (and since you and I seem to be the only pople in this thread), given the abilities I mentioned previously and according to the fluff of my proposed character, what other sort of supe's would yo u think provide a suitable accompaniment to my powers?

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M&M is notoriously easy to break, so people want to make either busted characters or preexisting characters.

The thing about M&M is that you're not creating a build. You're creating a character. You need a strong concept in order to properly create something in this system. "Mechanical mastery" differs in definition here than in other games. In games like D&D and others, it refers to making the most powerful and mechanically efficient character you can for maximum effect. In this game, it's about creating the image of your character as faithfully and comprehensively as possible. You don't need to make things efficient because that's not the point of the game. It's about narrative more than it is mechanical efficiency. The game is a love letter to its source material (comic books) and it shows all over the place. It knows what it wants to be.

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That was a different anon in >>27461662, compared to >>27461569.

Dunno. Ask your fellow players. What you should keep in mind is that you're supposed to build the character you WANT, not the character you NEED. You want to make a character that, presumably, you actually want to play. It's the hero that you would read comic books or watch Saturday morning cartoons about.

That said, maintaining a consistent setting and tone is important, since supers can vary wildly in theme and nature. That said, "guitarist who sold his soul to the devil" has a bit of leeway to it.

tl;dr - I can't tell you how to play your character, since it's, y'know, YOUR character.

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>You don't need to make things efficient because that's not the point of the game.
I enjoy your idealism, but this has not been my experience with M&M games.

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Well, yeah, there will be issues. Mutants & Masterminds is a game that you do NOT introduce the powergamer too. This is a game based on mutual consent, meaning everyone playing (including the GM) should be on the same page about what people are playing and what should be expected.

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Eh, I've heard people harp on and on about caps. Thing is, capping is not bad or powergaming. Being the asshole who takes reaction damage is.

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Care to share?

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I can dig it, brah. I was just asking your hypothetical opinion. Truth be told I'd be surprised if I ever get the opportunity to play M&M, as my group are all 3.5fags.
As I mentioned, my group plays mostly 3.5 I've mostly learned to powergame out of necessity. I suppose a sys like this would break me of that habit, huh?

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M&M is d20 at its core; this, in fact, was the primary reason why my group was able to latch onto the system so quickly. If your group plays 3.5 and whatnot, they already know how to play half the game. Powers are different, damage is different, and the focus is different, but it's still d20. People say M&M is probably one of the best d20 games out there. In fact, if you take away the superhero trappings, you actually have a strong generic system. There's the story of a group that converted its high-level D&D campaign to M&M, and the fighter felt like an actual god of war for once.

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Fascinating. I'm surprised I haven't seen it yet, as epic threads are kind of my thing. You wouldn't happen to have the sauce handy, would you? I'd be mighty interested in reading it.

I'm considering broaching the subject of changing systems for my group now. They've expressed an interest, and their new enough to be open to new systems.

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No, I don't. It was just a small anecdote used as proof-of-concept that it can be done.

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Bah! What a shame. Still, if it's a simple as you say I might consider making the switch. It would be a mighty palaver if our group could be costumed adventurers for a spell.

One more question. In a hyporthetical group of mixed power levels, how effective would a street-level air ace-type character be when paired with slightly more powerful character. Not superman-level, but not exactly Bush League, either? How the sake of argument, let's say sustained flight would be a distinct possibility with said grouping.

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>mixed power levels
Generally not a thing. Everyone in the group (indeed, the campaign as a whole) is presumed to be at the same "power level" for mechanics and fluff purposes. How you spend your points is up to you, but ostensibly, everyone at PL10 is at PL10.

That clarified, I don't understand your question.

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Well, I had another idea for a character: basically an rich, eccentric WW2 buff who buys a small fleet of period aircraft and outfits it with period-to-scifi level arms and armor. Would such a character be able to "hang with" more traditional supes? Or would be be a case of Green Arrow trying to keep up with Captain Marvel?

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And again, I can dig that it would all come down to pointbuy and what the GM allows. I'm just asking for your professional opinion.

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Well, for combat purposes, I imagine that as long as you have your plane(s), you should be okay. Of course, a character isn't just combat potential. You've got skills and advantages (feats by another name) to think about.

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It depends on whether you want to render your plane(s) as a Device or as Equipment.

A Device is a consistent standby of your character, effectively something they are never seen without and is a major crux of their abilities. The Green Lantern's ring is a Device. If something says they lose their device, they are never without it for long.
Equipment (bought as an advantage at 1PP = 5 equipment points [EP]) is slightly less permanent but is still an important part of your character's arsenal. It's more likely to be lost/damaged, but it can be readily replaced given time and resources (unless you want to recover it yourself).
Then there's mundane stuff like regular guns and whatnot, and those are the easiest to lose or have broken.

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I played a character who summoned shadows in 2e.

When you can summon 1000 soldiers, all with as many power points as you have at power level 10, with any configuration you want, all in a single round...

I still wanted to play a summoner so I willingly gimped my character and gave him a shadow summoning theme, along with the ability to bind creatures using their shadows and to create darkness (which eliminates the shadows he could summon). It was really awesome thematically, but it was very scary, even with only being limited to summoning one creature a turn, since I still technically had the ability to host up to 1,000 shadows. Combine that with modifying the ability to persist summons beyond incapacitation and you've got a really broken power.

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I was asked to make a detailed background for a character, so I put together a really sort of Starman-type thing, 90s but with a classic, Silver Age background type feel. I had to come up with a bunch of NPCs and an antagonist that would later be brought into the main plot.

The game started with all of the heroes being in civilian identity aboard a plane. I could fly, but I didn't really want to buck the plot, so I went along with this. The plane was then hijacked. My character was, within half an hour killed by the other PCs because they all hyper-specialized and powergamed into power builds that didn't work well in a cramped space. The brick ended up splitting the plane open while the blaster filled the entire interior with a massive fireball. We had a nullifier character who accidentally caught me in his AoE of power nullification, so I then fell to my death while on fire.

All of the other PCs were very "points efficient."

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Oh, of course!Well-rounded characters are sort of a point of honor for me: I can't stand minmaxers!

Well, my group rolls around tomorrow afternoon, I'll run the idea past them and email them the .pdf's. You've been a huge help sir. Have an amusing .gif for your trouble.

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My condolences.

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Misleading covers. You'd buy the comic to find out what was happening, then find out Superman was trying to save her from poison gas in her air tank or some shit.

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By your explanation it would most likely be equipment: I'm kinda seeing him with a B-52 armored as a heavy bomber/transport, and P-51 for interceptor missions and dogfighting. But I'm also thinking he would be sauve (if somewhat histrionic), and a capable gunslinger/boxer/face. That seems like so much, when I say it..

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Shit like that is why I made Tim, who had immortality maxed out and a LOT of skill at guns, but was otherwise an average joe

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I find it interesting that when given a very open system, some people will want to make the most well-rounded jack of all trades they can, and others will minmax to a laser focus.

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I want to make Bob. Immortality at highest rank, a ton of skill at drive and computers, and laser eyes.

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Yes. It's not quite as bad as 2e, but it's still a game breaker.

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Summon is very powerful, so they'd be be pretty effective. Afflictions are a weak, but as long as you have some Damage to back them up you should be ok.

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That's not really the fault of the game, that's the fault of the stupid as hell players. Using a fireball in a plane? Using an area nullify when your allies are around? Jesus.

Playing M&M with stupid minmaxers would be pretty bad, I must admit.

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Can you make a character in M&M that is completely indestructible?

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Yep. It costs 140 points though, and the normal starting character has 150 points to spend.

There are a few ways of doing it. Immunity (Toughness effects), Immunity (Fortitude effects) and Immunity (Will effects) makes you immune to anything that targets any of your saves, so you're indestructible. You could also take Immunity (Dodge/Parry effects), Immunity (Area effects) and Immunity (Perception range effects) so you're immune to anything that can hit you. You could also take high Immortality and use some combination of flaws so that anything that hits you automatically kills you.

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That established, it begs the question why you would. Who's your character?

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I just had this amusing character concept floating around for a character with no special abilities except being absolutely and completely impervious to all harm, as it would be fun to play and interesting to see people work around, i.e baddies focusing on trapping or restraining instead of killing you, elaborate supervillain traps suddenly make sense, carrying stashes of thermite around to free yourself because this happens all the time.

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Marvel's Butterball says hello.

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This but without the epic meh motif.

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For that you'll want the first way of running immunity. The second way means that nothing can hit you at all, so you can't be trapped or restrained, at least not in any way that would allow any kind of save.

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If you take 20 ranks in Immortality, every time you die, from anything, you simply get back up six seconds later completely unharmed.

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That's essentially the Devil's whole job in the Bible.
He's actually not a bad guy, it's just that his job is to be a giant dick and test people.

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The best not-so-super hero.

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I remember I built a character who had this sort of power... except he was a quadriplegic. His sidekick used him to block things.
>All shall tremble before the might of THE HUMAN SHIELD!

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Reminds me of that one spiderman villain who is a wall. A brick wall, to be precise. He obstructs justice.

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Who's that? I was looking for new, appealing manga to read.


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Why is Pater going to a Mets game in costume?

Why was that contractor using the exploding mutating cement for his wall?

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Peter's going in costume just in case he has to stop any D list villains.

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One Punch Man
It's a comedy about a dude who trains to the point of being an unstoppable murdermachine... and then realizes that being unstoppable is, well, really fucking boring.

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>mutant cement
That is clearly radioactive cement.

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A hero-killer with nullify and lots of guns could be a nasty thing for powergamers to meet.

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