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It's that time again! All word and pixel /tg/-related lewdness is welcome here, so long as the rules are followed. Writefags, consider pastebin/1d4chan rather than dumping for long stories; drawfags with uncensored pictures need to host their images offsite and link to them. Enjoy; remember to play nice and that all contributions and requests are welcome!

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Quick recap of the stories in last week's last couple threads:
Seeding Midnight, P3 - http://pastebin.com/39TJUMqw
Elf Footjob/Ballstomping seriously what the hell - http://pastebin.com/G5ZZiGYs
Lofn Voyeurism - http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Bedroom_Infiltration
Part 2 of Freaky Faerun - pastebin.com/iRmP6std
Holy Offering - http://pastebin.com/PMhjh2pK
Gettin' Bigga' - http://pastebin.com/EE9ykgjP
"Loved Tenderly" - http://pastebin.com/tk8K9xx2
Solaron Fanfic - http://pastebin.com/4FFk4ZFG

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Woo, it's about time.

Can somebody go flash the Lewd-signal?

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You forgot Seeding Midnight, Part 4

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Someone needs to write Cultist x Harlequin smut to summon them.

Maybe they'll draw Lelith swinging on a swing set

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Whoops, must have missed it.

Given our somewhat inconsistent scheduling we just kinda have to wait for everyone to check the catalog to really get going.

This isn't a bad idea though. For reasons.

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The last week greatness.

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>Maybe they'll draw Lelith swinging on a swing set

That must happen. If Lewdanon doesn't do it, I'll bet one of the drawfags will.

But I have a feeling that the swingset was the tip of the iceberg.

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I've got a fever and the only thing that can cure it is more lewd.

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>dat censorbar
As far as I can tell, his "Spear of Twilight" is fully exposed...

Why must you torment us with explicit male nudity, but cover all the funbits on your female characters, Lewd?

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The word "Twilight" mostly obscures it so you can only see his balls, so it can get a pass.

Speaking of explicit nudity, I found this a while back. Use it in the meantime.

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>People are STILL upset about the stomp

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By god I am going to MAKE time to get this elf-ear molestation lewdness going before Monday.

Oh I just copy-pasted and that was there last time but yeah man you know your way around a foot and my fragile heart.

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More like your fragile nuts, amirite?

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Well what are you waiting for then? Get going!

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I am still working on that Maenad thing, also.
Going is slow.

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>Gender: Male
Innasession right now and have a lab to finish. After we Fight For What's Right, I'll start working on the chapter between lab methods.

Also, I forgot what names were suggested for lesbian elf wizard girl. Suggestions?

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Fianna? Scathach?

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Be glad it didn't go into detail about how Eldar penises work.

BTW, is this one just gonna be earplay?

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It's part of a whole story I have planned, this is just to ease into it. So for now, yeah.

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Bumpan for lewd

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First one sounds good. I want hers to be pretty. Her girlfriend's name is GRUNJAAAAAAA.

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Also, lewd magical shenanigans a Poor Little White Elf wizard might pull on her big orc gf would be appreciated.

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Google translate seems to indicate the second ond is pronounced Scay-thigh, which sounds rather pretty as well.

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I got done cleaning my porch, so I guess I'll start my John Jokename story. This is a first draft and it's been like, a year since I've written any prose so criticism of any kind is appreciated.

Scout Jeremiah Alspeth nestled himself in a tree perch. His back to the trunk, he stuck his boot out onto the large branch in front of him. "Be mindful of your balance, Jeremiah," he whispered to himself. He looked down, and saw the steep forested hill that he'd assuredly slide down should he fall. His eyes scanned the brush below, and swept over the small river separating this ridge from the next. His job was easy, but important. All he needed to do was make sure there was no Eldar movement across this ridge. He was far out from the fight, the thick of it was several miles in the opposite direction. There wasn't another space marine for at least another mile, and it would only be another scout meant to vox back to base and warn of incoming Eldar upon the flanks.

Jeremiah didn't expect to see anything, any substantial Eldar force coming upon this flank would be met with heavy force, as allied Imperial Guardsmen artillery could bombard the area with the first sign of distress. With his guard still up, the scout marine enjoyed the silence of the ridge. He peered through the scope of his stalker bolter and scanned the opposite side for wildlife and fauna. There were a few quadripedal mammals feeding off of the leaves, along with several rodents. He inhaled the fresh air and held it in his lungs, it felt good.

He peered through his scope again, and saw movement. There was a lone Eldar Banshee, cautiously peering out from some brush. Jeremiah reached for his vox comm, but his hand stopped before pressing the button. His head turned towards his stalker bolter, and then across the ridge. As if by impulse, his hand strayed away from the vox comm and back to the bolter. He bore down the scope and aimed carefully for the witch's head.

gonna cont.

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I don't expect my readers to go quite so above and beyond. Not exactly relying on prose and pronunciation in my porn.

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The Banshee approached one of the larger quadripedal mammalians, and let out her hand. It offered the beast food, and upon seeing that it was afraid of her, she took off her helmet. Her lips moved, and Jeremiah paid attention to every detail. "Do not be afraid, do not worry," it spoke. The beast's heart was soothed by the witch, and it took her offering. Her hair was golden, and her eyes green.

"By the Emperor," Jeremiah gritted his teeth, and his fingers tensed upon the trigger of his stalker bolter. His mind urged him to squeeze harder, to end the trickster's life quickly and warn his brothers of Eldar in the area. Yet, just as he was about to feel the click of his weapon, he released his grip and stared across the ridge. He was able to make out the white of her armor, but only barely. "What trickery is this?" he mumbled to himself.

The Banshee sat upon a rock, and took a deep breath in. As she exhaled, she relaxed and reveled in the beauty of the ridge, it felt good. Jeremiah scooted closer from his branch, and continued to stare at her though his scope. She leaned backwards upon her rock and moved her lips again. Faintly, Jeremiah could hear her sing. "Eldar witch," he reminded himself before tensing his finger upon the trigger.

He still couldn't do it, and became frustrated at his incompetence. He'd slain many Eldar before this one, he was dedicated to the Emperor, he had slain chaos and orkoids and so many more of the Emperor's enemies, why not her? "I need to find out," he thought before carefully and dextrously dropping from his tree branch.

He kept low, and stuck to the brush as he crossed the ridge. There was a dam in the river created by local wildlife, which he used as a handhold while he swam across. Careful to keep out of sight, he got close to her. She hadn't been aware of his presence, and relaxed in the grandeur of the blue moonlight striking the ridge's trees. Jeremiah could see her now, and gazed at her silky blonde hair.


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Pastebin it. Not just because it might not be everyone's cup of tea, but for posterity.

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1) people requested this last thread and in other threads

2) okay

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The rules explicitly state that NSFW content is not allowed on blue boards.

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Thank you for your contribution.

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We have censorbars, your argument is invalid.

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Keep going. It's pretty good so far.

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I'm working on it. I'll post the pastebin after I've gotten to the first bit of smut I guess.

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Its SFW smut though.

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Any choirboy in any of these......was looking forward for an update on that deldar/choirboy fic...

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God I suck at smut. I can do the romantic lead-in but not the smut itself.

"Anon just have them fuck already"
"Anon they're an eldar and a space marine how would that make se-"

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By that logic any thread consisting of anything Slaanesh related would be deleted on sight.

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If that logical part of your brain is giving you trouble, that just means that you have to get into the right mental state. A few solid blows to the head always helps in my experience.
Quit feeding the troll. He's already probably gone.

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Something told me I should have gotten high off marijuana before doing this, but I think if I did that I wouldn't take it seriously.

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I find that a few gentle blows to the dick works better.
But then, the porn I have written for these threads so far is physically painful to read, apparently.

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Not all of us are masochists here.

Honestly, just tell yourself this. "They have the right parts for it, so of course it'll work. And really, when has lust ever been rational?"

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>They have the right parts for it
But DO they? Its more fun when they don't and have to improvise.

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Do Eldar armors come in onesies or are the leggings and the chestplate separate?

Fuck it, I'm going to say she disengages her pantaloons like a tank. Who cares if it follows canon, it's smut.

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>Reproductive organs outwardly analagous to human male
Which means that an Eldar female would have the parts that correspond to a human female. Duh.

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Right, I didnt realize we meant Eldar specifically. Thats what I get for randomly jumping into a conversation.

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Alright /tg/, after I'm done with part 1 of this smut between the scout marine and the eldar, I want to do something ridiculous.

Give me a pairing that makes no sense, and I'll see what I can do. (No named characters, please.)

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I was going to make a post, but I fucked up my browser and lost everything...

>> No.27459847

But you just posted it.

>> No.27459864

>inb4 gork x mork

>> No.27459872

and this is why you write in wordpad or something else, and not your fucking browser...

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I was gonna say Random Harlequin X Cultist-chan, but since you said no named characters, I say do some Techpriestess on SoB action. That way, we get mechadendrite action as well as symmetrical docking, all wrapped up in delicious oppositional theologies.

>> No.27459882

Gork X Mork

>> No.27459906

Just write it again then. And don't fuck it up this time.

>> No.27459918

A human female inquisitor who likes to get her freak on with a crystalized corpse of a Dark Reaper.

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>> No.27459939

And maybe write it in wordpad first to avoid this sort of thing.

>> No.27459948

Rolled 1


>> No.27459992

>Admech x SoB wins

>> No.27460024

First get the ScoutXBanshee smut done, then we can get to lesbian mechadendrite action.

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Darkest Dawn: Prologue

Hello, everyone. I'm delivering on the High Elf vs Dark Elf story I mentioned last weekend. I had some issues in my personal life, so I was only able to finish the prologue. So only some vanilla sex, this time 'round.
This is my first time writing smut, so please be gentle. Please tell me what you like, what you hate, and the areas I need the most work.

If you want to skip straight to the sexing, ctrl+f " He approached her" That'll take you right to it.

Be warned that future installments will be much darker and more violent.

>> No.27460128

>Lesbian Mechandrite
Dude, Male Techpriest would be better.

>> No.27460192

Rolled 2

ALRIGHT! BansheeXScout is now complete-ish. I might do more episodes later on, but that requires me thinking of a better name than <FUCK, CAN'T THINK OF A GODO NAME> and thinking of how both of them could possibly walk away from each other like that.


I'm actually sort of uncomfortable writing lesbian porn, so I think I'll just turn it into a threesome or something with a servitor. Besides, it's not going to be serious or probably even fappable because of the amount of jokes I intend putting in it.

>> No.27460194

Depending on how augmented they are...it might not make a difference.

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>> No.27460239

I see nothing wrong with calling it that. And who's to say they'll just walk away from each other at all? He'll be executed for heresy if he's discovered anyway, so there's no reason for him to return to the chapter.

>> No.27460240

Grandma you and those fucking Amish get off the internet.

>> No.27460250

Just give the Techpriestess a detachable mechapenis if you need a dick in the equation.

>> No.27460342

I lied. I've got a cold and I'm exhausted tonight.

I'll make it later, probably.

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Ollanius Pius was a sensible man, who prided himself in doing insensible things.

Like fucking a blue girl.

“OH! Right there Pius!”

Whilst contemplating why exactly he was fucking a blue girl, he suddenly realized he couldn’t name any races with blue skin off the top of his head.

“Say-HNNNGGG!- Soo’Roo was it? What race did you say you were again?”

“Tau- OH YES- of the Water Caste.”

Plunging once again into Soo’Roo’s womanhood, Ollanius’ face contorted with ecstasy, his upper teeth biting into his lip as he pumped the blue girl full of his MANLINESS.

Panting, the two made eye contact. Soo’Roo gave Ollanius a lewd smile. “Another round?”

Oh, hell yes.

Right before Soo’Roo began to blow Ollanius’ MANsicle, she decided to mention “Oh, by the way, I’m from the future.”

“Ah, ah…wait WHAT?”


>> No.27460379

Where is this from? I get the feeling that I'm missing a joke somewhere.

>> No.27460390

“Ah, well-“ Soo’Roo said with a blush.
“Wait. Finish blowing me, and then we’ll talk.”
Stroking Ollanius’ shaft as she sucked, Soo’Roo soon found herself with a mouthful of salty, 100% pure MAN. Swallowing it whole, she wiped additional splatter off of her face.
Relaxing into the bed, Soo’Roo clung to Ollanius for a while before speaking again. “So how did it feel to be the first human to sample a Tau?”
“Pretty damn good, for a xenos. But, about this time travel thing…isn’t that… impossible?”

Soo’Roo nodded. “Usually, yes. But I was saved from my death aboard a starship by a strange human man in a trench coat. And suddenly, BLAM, I was here.”
Ollanius began to mumble as thoughts tossed and turned in his head, much like the two present bodies had minutes before. “Time travel, eh? That should be impossible. Only a man with an incredible amount of skill could pull off something like that. He’d have to be a tactical geniu… CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!”

(In the far future of the 41st Millennium, a certain trenchcoat-clad man grinned as he placed a cigar between his lips.)


>> No.27460414

Nah, it's the name of a character from my serious writefag story. I didn't feel like making a new name out of Tau words and phrases, so I just reused it.

>> No.27460455

Disregarding the time travel, Ollanius went back to screwing Soo’Roo.

‘But I can’t help thinking I’ve forgotten something.’

-Aboard Horus’ Battle Barge-

Horus paused as aimed his plasma cannon at the defeated Emperor. Something didn’t feel quite right.

The horrifically wounded Emperor gazed upwards hopefully. “You pause, my son. Are you questioning your faith to Chaos? Are you willing to stop this foolishness and come home to Terra?”

Horus laughed. “What? No. It just feels like something is missing from this battle. Like, someone should have recklessly thrown themselves between us by now.”

“So does this mean you’ll stop this nonsense and come home?”

Horus paused.



>> No.27460467

Which one was that again? I'm getting that sense of deja vu, but I can't seem to place it where.

>> No.27460705

please? for a friend?

>> No.27460737


We did genestealers one time, but sadly they didn't speak. But hey, one for two, right?

>> No.27460771

Oh, and there's some 'nid porn on here too. I trust he'd be fine with MILF Gaunt?


How that thread has survived for nearly a month now is a mystery to me.

>> No.27460776

no ripper x hivetyrant x all chaos gods

>> No.27460931

I'm sure someone will get right on it. These threads always start slow, but they pick up after a few more hours.

>> No.27461073

if this is a thing i will go and cosplay a hormagaunt with no cloths. on promise

>> No.27461108

I don't know if it's a thing at this second, but I'm sure someone will make it so. I'm no writefag though, so there's a good chance you'll have to wait for a while. In the meantime, have a 40k boob chart.

>> No.27461380

Let's see if the emergency backup Lewd-Signal works...

>> No.27461470

>mfw Hive Fleet Wallaby show up into the Milky Way, appearing as a horde of *barely* sentient yet physically robust Tyranids who wear swim trunks and brew tons of slightly poisonous yet delicious booze while being mostly intoxicated and friendly, except for a select few angry creatures who yell obscenities in barely coherent Low Gothic and attempt to fist fight other Tyranids and species...despite lacking said fists.

A notable variant species is also the Tyrant Irwinicus strain which is especially friendly and sociable with most sentient races, trying to communicate various trivial behaviors of many of the galaxy's myriad beasts and creatures. However, said Tyrant is prone to wrestling and pacifying the largest and ferocious of creatures, while laughing in a strange clicking that sounds like Crikey.

Currently Wallaby has encountered a Demiburg Stronghold planet known for its ales...and left it completely unmolested except for strange furry and adorable animals called "Kol-Alas". Said hive fleet is now making a....erratic and zig-zagged course to return to the hive fleet, stopping by other planets to hiberate and rest. This strange phenomenon often results in said planets inhabitants trying to not wake the mountains of millions of passed out Tyranid species laying about, until they eventually wake up and get on their way. Currently the only clue of the Hive Fleet's main objective was a strange astropath being overpowered by the....unique Shadow of the Warp of Wallaby, and ripping off his shirt while proclaiming 'oi mate, whatcha say bout meh mum, I's gonna wreck you." After pacifying the astropath, the Ordo Xenos seems to have concluded that Wallaby now has seemed to misunderstood the Norm Queen's command as an insult, and is now proceeding to....resolve the situation. The Inquisition is still baffled at how to react to such an eccentric dilemma.

>> No.27461542

>Hive Fleet Wallaby
>Not Hive Fleet Drop Bear

>> No.27461556

I do believe this will work quite nicely.

Comissar, I do believe it's time for you to get to that cosplay,

>> No.27461561


>> No.27461574

I shall!! give me time to procure those materials

>> No.27461644

needs more Mordian

>> No.27461671

True dat, but I didn't make this. If anyone wants to add onto it, go right ahead. (It's missing several other prominent /tg/40K characters as well, I might note.)

>> No.27461716

That is because /d/ is actually a glacially slow board
At the worst of it there were three month old futa threads being bumped with one picture a day to keep them on the board and on pages 0-1

>> No.27461725

Why am I not surprised by that?

>> No.27462295

You done yet?

>> No.27462360

12:00 at night but i will check out for me it's gonna look nice

>> No.27462617

>tfw got no writing done tonight
Oh well, I'll bust ass tomorrow and try to finish something by Sunday afternoon. Got so many neat ideas for the meat of my plot but just need to make time to get through to them. Consider it a bump, and stay lewd everyone.

>> No.27462659

Get to work then. Before we die of old age.

>> No.27462970

Oh wait, you mean her name. How about Sidhe?

>> No.27462990

And you forgot to give her the dick. Fix that at once.

>> No.27463063

>tfw budding smut writefag, but I work nights on weekends and generally dont have time for adding to any of these threads and am forced to just watch

>> No.27463069

so write during the weekdays and deliver in the threads

>> No.27463102

But that would require forethough, and I like to write things relating to the topic of discussion.

I know what you suggested was a good idea, but shut up because I didn't think of it and now I feel like a dolt.

>> No.27463175

Don't forget this whomever anon hero did it last weekend.


>Eldar's Ears II: Uninterruptus Boogaloo

>> No.27463295

>mfw no /ss/ writefags
Sigh, feels bad man. I just need that itch scratched. What's so wrong about a female inquisitor "purifying" an eldar boy with a little mentoring.

>> No.27463680

Swinging Lelith has brought you uncensored smut.


>> No.27463799

This reminds me - does Lewdanon have a gallery somewhere to find his arts?

>> No.27463908

infuriatingly no, theres been talk of setting up a 1d4chan page for him/her/it/tentacles in a couple of these threads but nothing has yet been done, so we endlessly get teased with the fucking censor bars

>> No.27464223

I've never posted it. I'm going to finish writing it before I do to insure I don't go on hiatus mid-story and disappoint readers like countless other authors have

>> No.27464608

Man, I felt that zing even from here.

Should have it finished this evening, by the way.

>> No.27465509

It's... It's beautiful!..

>> No.27465524

Hot-damn thats some great smut.

>> No.27465526

her right shin is awfully short

>> No.27465626

Thank you based lewdanon. Now get to the *other* swinging Lelith.

>> No.27465686


Thanks Lewd, here's some smut:

> "Alright, you damned cultist. If you're going to 'kaptoor me fhor kay-oss,' you'd better do it right. Use that strap-on there in the box."
> "Hyu arrr a hweeerd won, harrrlequinn..."
> Cultist-chan obtains a strap-on dildo +2
> "Hallrite, heear hy comme!"
> *Honk*
> "...hwyyy iz..."
> "Don't worry, it's supposed to do that"
> "...eeff hyu saae zo!"
> [Honking Intensifies]

Chapter Four, Sandworm, and Lofn sometime soon. Assuming my mood improves.

>> No.27465698

Passive-aggressive, aren't we. He'll deliver whenever he's ready to do so. Same for the others.
How can we ensure that happens?

>> No.27465703

What about some more uncensored SPEAR OF TWILIGHT?

>> No.27465755

You don't, really. One does not simply obtain a new colon.

> "Ooo hyu! Staph beein zo maaad!"

...Clearly, 243 insanity points is where you start arguing with yourself.

>> No.27465772

Respiration was suddenly difficult, her cogitators seizing control of her autonomic functions to correct the issue. Increased need for oxygen, respiration increased ten percent. Heart rate increased accordingly to provide more oxygen rich blood to the spasming muscles that sent repeated impulses for the precious substance. Cogitator 0451 noted that the flesh brain had seized control of the right arm, driving the hand and fingers deeply into the tangled hair of the other woman. 0451 through 0502 tasked to analyze unusual fleshbrain reaction to resulting tactile feedback. Cycles later a massive flood of endorphines caused havoc among the cogitators, clusters overwhelmed by the fleshbrain as they struggled to process the overwhelming data input. Cogitator 0225 isolated itself from the bulk of input, focusing upon only visual input from the flesh eyes.

The flesh brain reigned supreme as the other woman crawled up the techpriest's torso, a smile upon her lubricated face. A pair of utility mechadendrites wrapped around the woman's torso, the cogitators normally assigned to them locked up with processing. 0225 monitored the fleshbrain as the other woman's lips pressed against the techpriest's own, noting the instinctual response to pull the woman's weak flesh against the techpriest's. Moans greeted 0225 as it allowed auditory input into it's analysis of events, the fleshbrain noting renewed minstrations against it's thigh by the woman's hand. Noting it's fellow cogitators nearing the end of their lockup, 0225 sent a command for the others to enter a series of diagnostic cycles. Liberated for a short time and basking in the sensations flooding her fleshbrain, the techpriest moaned as her partner's fingers moved up her inner tigh.

>> No.27465792

I call that "Tuesday."

>> No.27465920

go on...

>> No.27465933

Oh shit, I forgot to get this onto 1d4chan. Let me fix that.

>> No.27466009


And done. Good thing, too- the pastebin would have expired in a week.

>> No.27466118


Great work. I hope the writefag continues it this weekend.

>> No.27466161



>> No.27466254

>that afterword
Did we just get a glimpse of the DAoT?
I do believe that things are REALLY starting to get interesting now.

It's good to see the pieces start falling into place, and it's also some damn fine smut.

>> No.27466309


No, you *think* you're finished. Something will catch your interest by the week's end.

It's how I ended up with a backlog ;_;

Good work though!

>> No.27466341

He meant with that specific part. Judging by that afterword, it's clear things are far from over. It's shaping up to be far more than an average fapfic, if you want my opinion (and nobody ever does).

>> No.27466398

Correct. There's a reason Psykers were relatively rare among humans for many thousands of years before suddenly exploding onto the scene. The UNCC Botany Bay, named for the ship Khan Noonien Singh was discovered on in Star Trek (still considered a classic even into the early Age of Strife), has something to do with that.

>something will catch your interest
I'll pop back in at some point. But until Monday, studying has to take priority.

>> No.27466418


>> No.27466441


>> No.27466575

>musclecatgirl/Macha threesome is finally here
It was worth the weight

>> No.27466663

Unf, very nice, now Virtanen can into double blowjobs, nice new development there.

>> No.27466708

Also, just wondering, what are some of the more "exotic" mutations that would be tolerated in a minor Navigator house?

I need to know. For science.

>> No.27466763

>Petrichenko had gone in for a “grunge” look, favoring a pair of fashion-statement “fatigues” bloused over her uniform boots with a sleeveless hoodie: the former concealed her tail, and the latter had little fabric cat-ears on the top into which her real ears had been hidden.
I just realized where I had seen that before.
Webbed hands, for one.
>Navigators tend to be tall and spindly, sometimes with pale and almost translucent skin. Other common traits include scaly skin, extremely large eyes which may lack the iris, and ill-defined facial features. Hands and feet can be ridiculously large, and are often webbed. Commonly Navigators are completely hairless. Except in the most extreme cases, a Navigator would not possess all these traits. Those born with extreme mutations might be hidden away or even killed at birth
So really, anything you feel like getting away with. Tentacle fingers, a long slithering tongue or even multiple tongues, monkey style feet with thumbs on them for foot-handjobs, the sky's the limit.

>> No.27466809

Different skin color, abnormally tall, besides the third eye. Those are the ones that get shit done though,

>> No.27466846

And the ones with major mutations no longer look even remotely human. Needless to say that they're kept hidden by the Navis Nobilite to avoid lynching.

>> No.27466915

So possibilities could include... maybe reptilian features?

>> No.27466930

I don't see why not.

>> No.27466949

Someone wants a lizard girl. OH YOU.

>> No.27466966

Stolen right out of Dune. How pathetic.

>> No.27466986

Tell me about Duna's navigators If you don't mind. Who are they? Former humans?

>> No.27466994

I'm keeping my options open, even if it's someone I don't plan to be interested in the Inquisitor or either of his current companions.

>> No.27467032

If I recall correctly they get so high off Spice that they gain precognative abilities at the cost of normally being confined to a vat filled with Spice-laden gas. They use those abilities to guide the heighliners.

>> No.27467039

This thread is not SMUT enough!

>> No.27467071

Yes. The spice melange from Dune when used in large amounts creates the ability of clairvoyance in humans. The navigators use such huge amounts that thye MUST have it to live, after a while, and third stage navigators look utterly inhuman as their bodies adapt to the spice and the rigors of clairvoyance and space-folding psychic-tech.

It's important to understand this, because without navigators, there can be no space travel - the navigator has to know exactly where and when the ship will reappear after folding space. This gives them an absolute monopoly on all space travel. If you want to do war with another of the Great Families, you have to convince them to move your troops and supplies. They are 'technically neutral" serving the emperor first - as long as spice flows. No spice, no guild services. The other half of the statement "The spice must flow" is "and the balance must be maintained."

>> No.27467109

We still got a lot of the weekend left though, writefags gonna write.

>> No.27467118

>>27467071 >>27467032
Thanks, anons. It's quite interesting! I have to read Duna at last.

>> No.27467318

does anyone have that one where a SoB is taking a shower and then Kharn comes in and fucks her untill she splits in half, have been looking for that one for a while now

>> No.27467358

>and fucks her untill she splits in half
Mmm, don't think I bookmarked that link.

>> No.27467367

never heard of it.

>> No.27467456

Dude, fuck tons of modern sci-fi is stolen from Dune. I mean, why do you think Star Wars starts in a desert planet where moisture farming is an actual thing? Why is there a spice that's so valuable that you can make loads of money smuggling small quantities of it? Because Lucas read Dune, that's why. The Jedi Mind Trick is pretty much the Bene Gesserit Voice too, and for that matter the Jedi are warrior monks in much the same way that the Bene Gesserit are warrior nuns.

Of course there are other inspirations in Star Wars besides Dune. The entire Death Star attack sequence is pretty much 633 Squadron meets The Damn Busters in SPAAAACE.

>> No.27467511

Oh, quit whining and masturbate like the rest of us.

>> No.27467528

Where's that disclaimer that we had for one of the threads. The one that was basically, "fap till you stop bitching"

>> No.27467530

Yes, otherwise it's just foreplay, and that's terrible.

>> No.27467542

Acknowledging the problem before it starts creates the expectation that there will be a problem.

>> No.27467555


>> No.27467573


>> No.27467581 [SPOILER] 

A little music to help the mood

>> No.27467599

Thats not symmetrical docking at all! But I still approve

>> No.27467606

>come into this thread
>see this
>haven't fapped in a few days
>get hard to goddamn donkey kong grunting
Gonna be a good day.

>> No.27467624

What about CallidusXCallidus?

>> No.27467639


>> No.27467656

Or any of Macha's recent antics? The "spinning" moment comes to mind...

>> No.27467674

contemplating trying to write some EtherealxSoB mind control stuff. people interested?

>> No.27467688

YEAH. Are you the dude who wrote the ballstomp, out of curiosity?

>mind control
Don't even think about it, just get to work on it.

>> No.27467689

Whatever floats your boat.We aren't judging.

>> No.27467701

Not even. I wish I could rustle jimmies the way he did.

>> No.27467709

not even close to being that dude, just a relatively unskilled amateur with what I think is a cool idea.

>> No.27467711

Ah, someone just posted DONG KONG around that time. Oh well, I'm gonna shower, put http://www.youtuberepeater.com/watch?v=pBzxnXoW2Dg on and write.

>> No.27467728

Requesting Kong Dong x SoB smut

>> No.27467736


Another set of spasms rocked the techpriest's body, the woman above pinning her pelvis in place and causing her shoulders rise as her legs pressed together. Refusing to yield, the woman pressed herself down against her techpriest, mechadendrites sliding up to her chest and lewdly entrapping their flesh as it tried to spill from between them. A bionic arm, crafted perfectly to mimic it's fleshy original, coarsely moved from the woman's thigh, the movements quickly refined to a lingering caress of soft flesh by unyielding fingertips. The woman's lips slowly parted from her conquest's, her cheek pressing against the cool, metallic palm. Another long, exhausted cry escaped the techpriest's lips as the woman's entrapped hand delivered another series of slow, purposeful strokes.

With a cry, the woman found herself rolled beside the techpriest, their flesh still entrapped between them and the utility mechadendrites, seeking to escape. The techpriest's hips shifted slightly, freeing the woman's left leg from beneath. The bionic hand guided the woman's lips toward the hungering techpriest's mouth, muffling a lusty moan from the woman as her ministrations upon her former conquest were returned to her by the cool metallic limb. Toes curled as her flesh yielded to bionic fingers, her hips inviting them deeper and her mind reveling in the sensation of the mechadendrites constricting ever so slightly to hold her torso against the techpriest's. In short order her right leg draped itself over the techpriest's abdomen, her calf hooking around and pressing against the metallic base of the techpriest's cyber mantle. Her own fingers pressed into the techpriest once more, eliciting a new level of predatory desire to the cog-head's lips and hands. The woman's free hand cupped the back of the techpriest's head, reveling in the conflicting sensations of soft hair and the firm hints of cranial circuitry casings.

>> No.27467741

Orcs and elves nigga

>> No.27467772

Oh I was talking to the other guy. If you like mind control, please do something with it. Luv it mayne

>> No.27467953

Just pick up one of the many requests that have been thrown around these threads. There's no shortage of them, you know.

>> No.27467981

This one ?

>> No.27468021

Pics related to the thread, i guess ?

>> No.27468051


>> No.27468052

I'm on it. May as well do something to pass the time while the writefags do their stuff.

>> No.27468081


>> No.27468082

And now I realize I only had the thumbnail for that one. Great.

Here's a replacement, starring the DoW Farseer nobody ever remembers. (Psst- that's your cue, people.)

>> No.27468112


Pfft, nobody would if there wasnt that fiction...

>> No.27468139


>> No.27468140

Which one?

>> No.27468160


>> No.27468211

I ship IG with Dark Eldar


>> No.27468218


The wet dream of Selena Agna, it's on 1d4chan

>> No.27468249

Oh, that. Even it's been nearly forgotten now.
Who doesn't. And if someone's listening, I'm still waiting for that GuardsmanXSuccubusTwincest fic. Do all the people who try to do it die partway through or what?

>> No.27468255

We need more eldar yuri anyway. Sweet banshee yuri....

>> No.27468277

Speaking of which, would the ScoutxBanshee guy get back to work? There hasn't even been any actual fucking yet, and if you think I'm going to let you get away with leaving the scout impotent you are sadly mistaken.

>> No.27468281

And our dear lord Greenmarine back...

>> No.27468283

you don't happen to have the picture set of the Dark Eldar chick tenderly loving the Guard against his will while she films it?

>> No.27468292

Not with me, no.

>> No.27468315


>> No.27468322

You better be continuing this.

>> No.27468340


Not the one you are looking for, but related

>> No.27468366


>> No.27468403


>> No.27468418

On one hand, I'd say the presence of a female space marine there is heresy. On the other hand, I don't care.

We could use a bit of writefagging to go with the imagedump, though.

>> No.27468448


>> No.27468454

where do you guys think a good place to start looking is?

>> No.27468473


It's from a drawthread from /u/ and never was finished cuz of that

>> No.27468490


I don't really see the pic you are talking about, but i guess the /tg/booru should be a good place to start. Or, if it's porn, Rule34

>> No.27468511

It's all on Paheal.

>> No.27468515


>> No.27468542


>> No.27468593


>> No.27468613

Slow down the imagedumping and leave some space for the writefags.

>> No.27468811

Good evening, all!
Once again, I must apologise for taking so long to deliver the smut goodness.

Freaky Faerun is finally complete! Complete with some exquisite femdommery, and hopefully meeting the original outline and expectations.

Part 3 can be read below:

Seeding Midnight will take a while longer. Might be up tomorrow. But it will hopefully be a finale worth the wait, thank you all for your patience.

All reasonable/constructive criticism is welcome. :)

>> No.27468822

Can't wait for it.

>> No.27468839


But will you like the ending, anon?

>> No.27468931 [DELETED] 

>Seeding Midnight will take a while longer. Might be up tomorrow. But it will hopefully be a finale worth the wait, thank you all for your patience.
Any chance getting more of the adventures of the half-orc handmaiden afterwards?

>> No.27468938


>> No.27468972

>Seeding Midnight will take a while longer. Might be up tomorrow. But it will hopefully be a finale worth the wait, thank you all for your patience.
Any chance of getting more of the half-orc handmaiden's adventures afterwards? She's had a few unshown scenes.

>> No.27468991

I'm starting on Chapter 4 of Hesperax's Pet now. Have a little lamia daemonette goodness in the meantime.

>> No.27469016

Where'd you get that from? Whoever drew that did an impressive job of it.

>> No.27469041

I would love this pic if she weren't bordering on becoming a conehead.

>> No.27469087

I'm as much a fan of Thrali as you, no worries. If she doesnt get any sceentime in Part 5 I might do a little sideshow for her, definitely.

>> No.27469104

> come to /tg/ after a day
> pic with Yriel/SS have been deleted
> pic hardly related

>> No.27469147

It would be nice to see one of the scenes between her and the daughter. Can we get a teaser of Part 5's contents?

>> No.27469158

That guy was a real dickbag.

>Creative people are like Kleenex. You ban one and another pops up in his place.
-The Janitor, caught posting on /q/.

Maybe he was just jealous that he couldn't make anything good himself.

>> No.27469171

So long as its a happy ending.

>> No.27469206

That explains a lot.

>> No.27469268


Apparently he was the same dude responsible for ruining /mlp/. If you thought he was bad here, he was absolutely batshit insane over there, basically deleting half the board's threads for no reason at all and banning people on a whim. They called him "Scruffy" after the janitor from Futurama because of his utter inability to do anything useful.

>> No.27469273


It was a gift for offering to do some CSS for the artist.

I may or may not have someone doing a Hesperax commission as well.

Three paragraphs into ch4

>> No.27469329

Scruffy doesn't do anything; good or bad. He's True Neutral. And also on his break. Why would he do work when on break?

>> No.27469346 [DELETED] 

>have niche, violent kink
>actually manage to find perfect match over /tg/
>(s)he stops responding after a few notes back and forth

>> No.27469353

Except when he;s not on a break, in which case there's always a schedule conflict.

>> No.27469361

They called him that when he was simply incompetent. It wasn't until later when he went completely bonkers.

>> No.27469408

>tfw when you saved it.
I can see all the harlequin sodomy I want. YAY!

>> No.27469429

Delicious clowns.

>> No.27469623

Post it on imgur or something and link it here, please?

>> No.27469743


>> No.27469901


>> No.27470026

YOU FOOL! all is ruined now.

Also: http://i.imgur.com/aODKqV6.jpg

>> No.27470103

>dat uncensorship

Lewdanon you're just like crack.

I love you and appreciate everything you do but I want MOOOOOAAARRR!!!

>> No.27470134


>> No.27470141


You know the price: Smut

>> No.27470267

Yriel's face when he didn't pump Shadowseers tight sphincter with tons of his superior eldar seed, so sad

>> No.27470273

How do you write smut? These threads can't just be a few people posting pastebins to blowjobs in settings /tg/ related. What goes into writing a good pornographic story? How do you start one? How do you end one? How unrealistic can you get before it becomes too unrealistic?
It's a better use of your time than sitting around waiting for the next namefag to post something.

>> No.27470310

Bah, she should just suck Yriel off right in front real quick and he blows his load all in her mouth messily while Scruffy fails an Initiative check and can only watch in anger.

>> No.27470325

Would you try it just once you would be sad to when you not doing it.

>> No.27470339

Pls, more.

>> No.27470377


I find Smut alot of fun to write, personally, and a good way of practicing the basic storytelling skills. Essentially, a good smutty story has Buildup, Action, and Climax, like any good story. Additionally, you need to be both creative and utilise a good variety of descriptive prose and different words and terms for something that is usually pretty repetitive, but also have to condense all this action in a short, tight, format.

Usually I aim for between 2-3,000 words for a segment, and try to make at least about a 1/4 of that or even a 1/3rd the actual sexy goings on.

The challenge for me is often simply trying to come up with ways of describing whats going on, without repeating myself or becoming clunky and awkward, whilst also painting a vivid mental picture and keeping the reader fapp- i mean, interested.

>> No.27470446

After writing a novel's worth of porn, my personal philosophy is that a story as good as the language in it. Pacing, what's actually happening, all of that shit is unimportant. You've got one job, and that's to get someone off with words. Make it read left to right and top to bottom (i.e. make sure your sentences aren't challenging individually and that you don't leave some imagery ambiguous only to define it later) and throw some buzzwords that people associate with fappable things in there, and you're probably golden. For that there high level shit, you want to focus on things that the reader isn't already envisioning with every line during the actual sex. Shit like what they're doing with their hands. That gives you the power of immersion, which is the second most important thing behind getting your fucking grammar perfect. Everything else pretty much pales in comparison to those things, so just keep them in mind and you're gonna be set. Pick something you like and go to town.

>> No.27470486

>trying to come up with ways of describing whats going on, without repeating myself or becoming clunky and awkward
Fucking THIS. It's always an awkward balance between mixing it up and keeping a narrative tone. There may be a dozen or so ways to say "she said", but rarely will more than one or two fit. So I find myself structuring passages differently to avoid reusing phrases.

>> No.27470509 [DELETED] 

I could see how that's difficult. There are only so many words for "vagina" that don't sound like they come out of a medical textbook, flowery romance novel for middle aged women, or bargin bin porn.
When you write, how much attention do you pay to what is actually possible and what is just pornographic fantasy?

>> No.27470517

Is it meter how bad in writing I am?
I really want to see CallidusXCallidus Lewd-art...

>> No.27470526

The only thing I got out of my creative writing class in college was "don't say 'she yelled,' make her fucking yell." That and how to bullshit poetry, but that's not gonna help me so much as the first thing.

>> No.27470537

I could see how that's difficult. There are only so many words for "vagina" that don't sound like they come out of a medical textbook, flowery romance novel for middle aged women, or bargain bin porn.
When you write, how much attention do you pay to what is actually possible and what is just pornographic fantasy?

What's the difference?

>> No.27470563

I was just in a massive thread cut in /toy of all places. Janitor didn't like one of his homophobic friends called a homophobe and deleted that post and any actual conversation relevant post.

>> No.27470564

In the past I was just keen to get to the climax as quickly as possible, and would write whatever phrase came to mind. However, I've had some female friends review some of my more recent smut, and generally i've tried to minimise anything thats too anatomically ridiculous or stupid.

That said, sometimes I remember its fantasy/the grim darkness of the far future, and will skip over things or leave certain details vague. In my most recent Seeding Midnight for example, a Hobgoblin basically anally rams a half-orc woman. In real life this would be unimaginably painful and not remotely sexy at all, let alone get someone off unless they were an extreme sadist or on drugs. I just handwave it, generally, and if there's anything too ridiculous I just say "magic" or "lolscifi" if necessary.

If this was a longer story project, I would take more care to explain stuff like this, but I find if you spend too long explaining everything you will lose the reader whose like "fuck this! get to the porn already!"

>> No.27470648

Personally I've stopped using any named euphamisms for vagina or referencing it directly. On one side of that road is creepy and on the other side awkward, and it's a fine line. I prefer to just sort of imply what's going on down there, and if I can afford to lean on the woman's thought process to fill out the scene. As for the "doing not saying" thing, it's sort of the same way. You can write dialogue like
>I won't.
>You know you will.
>I can still say I won't.
Just line by line, and still have it be clear who's talking, without quotation marks or names or anything. You don't have to go that far, but just keep in mind that not everything has to be explicit if you lead into it with vivid descriptions of the current states of your characters.

>> No.27470662

Two words: spinning Farseers.

It really doesn't matter how ridiculous things get, especially in a setting where magic, aliens, and shit like that not only EXIST but are COMMONPLACE. So long as it's not presented in such a way that the reader immediately calls bullshit, you can get away with a lot.

>> No.27470663

I know its a faux pas to bump your own work, but can anyone give me some feedback on this? I need to know if I should bother continuing the story or just go on to something different.

Even a simple thumbs up or thumbs down would be helpful.

>> No.27470695

Meant to link >>27470537

>> No.27470751

I really enjoyed it alot. It's extremely well-written. Pacing is very good, it builds the mood, the place, and describes the characters well. Its also suprisingly rare to see such a sweet scenario. Two lovers discovering each other for the first time, and them both enjoying themselves.

The use of lore-specific flavouring was also well-done, not dominating the narrative but enhancing it.

Overall, I can't wait for the next part.

>> No.27470758

I'm almost positive that's an actual sex position though.

>> No.27470779

I'm not trying to say you shouldn't write elf porn because elves don't exist, of course. But we've all seen hentai dialogue collections, and we know how those are. That's the kind of impossibility I meant.

>> No.27470797

It's long so it's kinda hard to avoid cliched phrases but there are quite a few in there. Not much to comment on, it's pretty standard. There were some typos though; just give it a solid proofread (I know it hurts) and switch around stuff that sounds awkward. Like maybe your description of why her butt felt like it did, that sounded kinda textbooky.

>> No.27470824

Yeah, it is. Doesn't make it any less of a bad idea.

>> No.27470839

Do I even want to ask what spinning farseers means?

>> No.27470909


Here's your context. Enjoy.

>> No.27471025

I certainly did.

>> No.27471221

So how's everyone's progress so far?

Also, blueberry bump.

>> No.27471252


Chapter Four will be done sometime between now and tomorrow maybe.

>> No.27471302

Is there any news of that fiction with the banshee and the inquisitor of the last weekend ?

>> No.27471340

None that I know of. There was one with a Banshee and a scout there, but it stopped right when it was getting good.

>> No.27471354

What alignment is an enchantress who uses some dubious methods to serve a good goddess? Dubious meaning enslavement, mental domination, rape, that sort of thing.

>> No.27471362

And it implied that the Scout was impotent, which is extra heresy around here. Srsly, that is just not right.

>> No.27471383

Chaotic Good, maybe. Means to an end and all that shit.

>> No.27471398

That's what I was aiming for. Sweet. Protocol MILF Hypnotism is go.

>> No.27471429

Yeah, I started to notice the same words popping up over and over again. I'll work on that.
>sounded kinda textbooky
Well that won't do at all, I'll get right on fixing that.

Wow, thank you; that means a lot to me.

>> No.27471584

Sorry, wasn't meant as a quip at you Edinbro. This is actually my first time in these threads. I was actually just bitching about the people who start stories, get about halfway through, then quit out of nowhere. I completely understand working on a piece until you feel it's ready to be posted.

Also, a trip for when I start posting.

>> No.27471704


Any chance we could get more swinging Lelith? Bottomless Dark Eldar girls on swings are a rare treat, after all.

>> No.27471748

I require lesbian mind control smut, preferably with the hypnotized/controlled party forced to feel unnatural amounts of arousal

>> No.27471790

Oh fuck dude. I've got a story going with one dude, a MILF and loli enchantress, and two lesbians who the older one uses those sorts of spells on a lot to keep them working for her. I'll finish chapter one in the next couple hours for sure and try to get some good sex going between those two ASAP. They get cut off from MC dude every once in a while but they'll be pretty central.

>> No.27471803

Also, what is that image from? Is there some yuri hypnosis manga that I've been missing out on?

>> No.27472084

I second this notion.

>> No.27472102

They annoy me as well. If they can't be bothered to finish their work they may as well not start it in the first place.

>> No.27472166

>Bottomless Dark Eldar girls on swings
That's my fetish now.

>> No.27472246

No worries.
In-between sections, thinking about where to go next. Also considering taking another request for next week before I sack out.

>> No.27472294

>> No.27472348

No idea, sadly. Its just one of the few blue board safe MC images I have

>> No.27472480 [DELETED] 

Me any my compulsion for dumb and cheesy antics.

>> No.27472495

Ah. I found a name, but it doesn't look like there are any scans. Wasn't tagged with yuri but I wouldn't rule out the possibility. I'll have to hit up sleepy's chan or HH and see who knows. Anyways, here's chapter one, I added a little bit extra at the end for you. Next time the enchantress-in-training loli will join their party and they'll each try to get her to use her magic on the other because I'm not directly involving the loli in the sex. Shenanigans! Also the MILF is gonna jack the MC dude off or something I dunno.

D&D story chapter 1 here: http://pastebin.com/wpNXYxe7

>> No.27472501

Me and my compulsion for dumb and cheesy antics.

>> No.27472516

My sides...

>> No.27472566


> "Besides, his 'spear' is nothing compared to a certain person's plasma pistol."
> "Farseer Macha? What in Isha's name are you doing here?!"
> "Oh, you know me. Wherever there is Lewd, I will be there. Wherever there is an Eldar taking it up the rear, I will be there. Wherever..."
> "...Friend of yours?'
> "Gods no."

>> No.27472581

Macha is such a whore.

>> No.27472583

Good work everybody....

I won't be able to do anything for awhile. Everything is poop.

Hope everything is OK.

>> No.27472620

I read Macha's lines in the Crimson Chin's voice. I regret nothing.

>> No.27472644

>I'm not directly involving the loli in the sex.
Then why not just make her 20?

>> No.27472683


I chose Samuel L. Jackson:

> "Aunty...did you forget your pills again?"
> "Better question: Who keeps letting her in?"

>> No.27472705

I'm a LOT better at writing cute shit than just about anything else, or so I'm told, and she sort of gives me an easy free hook in for that so I can spice things up. Plus, she's a portable mind control fetish if I want to bring it in later >if, and I don't actually need the person dispensing the magic to get some to satisfy that.

>> No.27472706

>tfw you ship Macha/Lofn/Taldeer

>> No.27472742

20 year old girls can be cute too.

>> No.27472787

I've long sense learned to not change characters based on what other people think they want to see. There's plenty of room for sex with cheery 20 year-olds regardless of that one character.

>> No.27472793


> "Thanks for taking me to work for 'Bring your Child' to work day, Mom"
> "You have to learn how to be a proper Farseer at some point, might as well start somewhere. Your father is good with weaponry, but he lacks the..."
> "Umm... not to interrupt, but where's the bathroom? I kinda need to..."
> "Oh, sure. Down the hall, third door on the right."
> "Thanks."
> ...
> "Ahhh... much better...Wait, why is there a hole here?"
> "Liiiiccckkkkk meeeee~ You know you want to, you dirty girl~"
> "AUNTY?!"
> "LOFN?!"

And then the bathroom was destroyed.

>> No.27472823


>> No.27472843

Truly these greentexts are a work of genius.

>> No.27472848

Pff she wishes. Then she'd actually be better in the whole "sex" department
>Dat last line mmm
now I need Macha in a school nurse costume and convincing the local schola that she is here for their mandatory health and purity checkup. Then she proceeds to get the choir boy class to form a circle around her kneeling form...and proceeds to "spit n shine" their "scepters"...

>> No.27472888

And trying to hide her ears with the cap (and failing very badly at it).

>> No.27472929

>Dat cleanup
Well looks like that could make a very vulgar and delicious fapfic on its own.

>> No.27472934

She's not a whore. For one, she's been very selective in her choice of partners.

>> No.27472938

Hey, something is wrong with my browser. Text is showing up in bold and greentext isn't green. Did I press a wrong F-key, or something?

>> No.27472962


Hey, if I can't focus long enough to finish a chapter, I can at least contribute greentext.

> "All right dearies, gather round~ Nurse Mach...Marien is here to make sure you're all in good health."
> "Umm... Ms. Marien, why are your ears bigger than normal?"
> "Oh don't mind that. It's just a silly little side effect of a nasty flu I picked up. Nothing to worry about though!"
> "And why did you knock out Sister Fera?"
> "She needed her rest. Nasty bit of Grox Rot. Now, enough questions. Remove your clothes and present your plasma pistols for inspection."

moot FUBAR'd something

>> No.27472981

So you're getting the same problem?

Also, keep posting, that shit is gold.

>> No.27472986

As long as you get that chapter finished by tomorrow night all is forgiven.

>> No.27472996

That's also true.
We are now bold mode:
[x] BOLD
[x] 007: BOLDENEYE

>> No.27473012


>> No.27473020

Moar please.
I wish for Macha to explore all of Jimmy Dean's children sized sausage catalog in greentext form.
You are my only hope.

>> No.27473083

You should get that checked out. Sounds serious.

>> No.27473100

Well that's why I went to the professionals. IE >>27472962

>> No.27473110


You can blame >>27473020:

> "Hrm... John is it?"
> "Y-Yes Ma'am."
> "Your pistol isn't properly cocked, any reason for that?"
> "W-We were told that m-maintenance wasn't allowed..."
> "Bah, and they wonder why you boys are in poor health. Now, sit back and let the Nurse do her job."

>> No.27473130

Is this a sign that we need more 'bold content in here?

>> No.27473135

Also my apologies for delaying your actual fapfic

>> No.27473160


"Bold" content never hurts.

>> No.27473161


You know, there's always ELH's original fapfic he wrote:


>> No.27473201

That looks way better than the original picture on that page. Whoever GW hired to make that picture of Lelith knew nothing about basic proportions.

>> No.27473206

BOLD repost here so I can compile my DnD stories somewhere:

Feel free to tell me what you like, what sucks, that I'm too slow, it's all welcome.

>> No.27473207

You know, I feel sorry for Macha and how /tg/ has branded her, as either forever-a-virgin or as a total cockslut, doing absolutely anything to get some man-meat. Does normal, vanilla smut of Macha even exist?

>> No.27473232

>expecting porn that isn't caricature
What planet are you from and how do I enter your magical realm?

>> No.27473241

but nurse Macha sucking off a circle of choir boys getting bukkaked, until Sister wakes up and kicks her out. I need this for obvious reasons

>> No.27473252

Edinbro's stuff is exactly what you want. See


Although it's hard to say if psyker-enhanced sex is vanilla or not.

>> No.27473273


>"Mrmmm...You're so warm...Isn't it just nice to lay here and cuddle?"
>"Yes, but you need to know something"
> "What?"
> "This is all a dream."

> "Ugh...Emperor my head...what in the ever loving..."
> "Yes! YES~! Shower your precious nurse with your hot plasma!"
> "...I'm going to need two chainswords for this."

>> No.27473283

I think....I need this too.

>> No.27473328

>mfw realized that Macha is basically pulling a pic related...but with a choir of boy cocks in her mouth and some frosting.

>> No.27473389

New thread, lads. Sorry if I missed anything in the OP.

>> No.27473402


Probably should have waited until this was farther down, but w/e. You also missed Edinbro's stuff.

>> No.27473412

Post it in the second post if you have the links. It's hard to separate new from repost.

>> No.27473558

Someone wanted a preview of the upcoming Seeding Midnight Finale, so here is the unfinished first-half of Seeding Midnight.


Consensual half-orc bath sex and orgasm denial action. Tomorrow I'll work on the second-half, the long-awaited taking of the daughter's virginity.

One thing i'm uncertain about though, is wether to make this an incestuous threesome or not. Not sure how /tg/ would feel about the mother-matron involving herself directly with the daughter in more bath-sex. I'm not particularly keen on incest personally, but if theres high demand for it I'll consider it.

>> No.27473577

Why not? I say to go for it.

>> No.27473630


>> No.27473710

> experienced woman teaching shy bookish virgin
Oh my.

>> No.27474088

>Not sure how /tg/ would feel about the mother-matron involving herself directly with the daughter in more bath-sex. I'm not particularly keen on incest personally, but if theres high demand for it I'll consider it.
If you don't want it, don't do it. It makes more sense for the Matron to demand he please both of them himself anyway.

>> No.27474644

Oh, that poor Eldar...
Come here, I'll make your chest heftier!


Battle Sister, why are you so small?

There was a 40k Drawthread on /u/?
...Why don't I frequent that board more often again?

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