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What do the good people at /tg/ think of Love in WH40K?

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Not canon

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Love is the most miserable, GRIMDARK tragedy in human existence, it fits right in.

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>Not canon
>Implying this is meant to involve canon

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What the fuck is with those nipples, yo?

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Either for comedic purposes, or extreme, violent and really fucked-up.

All the rest is completely irrelevant and out-of-place.

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Why do they both have really obvious nipples?

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I wonder how it starts.

"Commissar.....I uh.......wanted to let you know before I got out to die......."

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love isn't tragic, tragedy is about nobility, not weakness, and love (modern romantic love) is a weakness.

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If there isn't a follow-up pic to that where they have sex then I'm going to be vaguely disappointed.

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how do their nipples show through their armor/heavy clothing

those are like super radiation nipples

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In the grim darkness of the far future, Joel Schumacher still finds work as a wardrobe designer.

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"What is it Private? Is there heresy nearby?"

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"Sir, the heresy...it's in my pants"

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it bothers me.

i'm bothered

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Your /fa/ joke escapes me.

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"In.....your pants? Slaanesh worship!?"

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it's a /tv/ or /co/ joke.

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Schumacher was the man responsible for pic.

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The edge...it hurts so bad.

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What if.......Space Marines fell in love?......I smell Blood Angels in that idea.

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I wanted to say something sarcastic, but I just pity you too much to be mean.

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it Can Bloom

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I thought they already could.

>Fulgrim and Ferrus
>Loken and Torgaddon
>Torin and Haegr

Search your feelings. You know it to be true.

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I was thinking Space Marines and women.

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Why did they have to draw the nipples.
Admech wears goddamn loose-fucking-robes.

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How else would you know they're both aroused?

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I'm sure it's a thing even in the grim darkness of the far future, but it would make a rather boring wargame if they focused on it in the fluff.

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>what are Salamanders?

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You seem to be mistaking her tuning dials for some kind of fleshy contrivance.

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Well the Imperium is always huge in numbers. So some worlds out there do participate in a lot of sexual activity. Is it love inspired ? Perhaps. Perhaps it's just having sex with a girl you never met under an icon of the emperor once a year , every year to ensure huge birth rates. Nobody really knows since this is never the focus of the books.

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Spess mahreens love the emperor too much to concern themselves with the flesh of female, unless they're slaneshii space marines then it's pretty much >rape. Also the fact that space marines are probably sterile and impotent after all them steroids injected to their asses while being trained..

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>falling in love with a commisar
I miss the littlest krieger

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Why I ought to go full /fit/ on your heretical ass.

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Naturally, /tg/ takes it upon itself to correct that, with results that can be...unusual at times.

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I always saw Fulgrim mountain a fenrisan wolf for some reason.

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So again.....on the topic....how does it start? What's it like?

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Captain Johnathan Jokename stared across the ridge, keeping watch for Eldar witches. At the slightest sign of movement he'd open fire, and his battle brothers would follow suit.

He peered down the stalker bolter scope, and spotted one of the vile witches. He lined up the scope to a Howling Banshee's skull, and carefully began to squeeze the trigger. No longer than a microsecond before the shot was fired, he felt a twinge somewhere deep within his power armor. He felt a warmth, a beat within him he hadn't felt in days, weeks- years! He released his finger from the trigger and stared at the banshee as she sat upon a rock and stuck her blade into the dirt.

She took off her helmet, and John Jokename felt the beat from within his armor again. In confusion and concern he released his eyes from the scope, and stared across the ridge. After a few moments of silence, he returned to the scope and his spying. The Banshee opened its mouth agape, and began singing.

"Eldar trickery-" John Jokename started, stuttering in disbelief. He was enthralled. The impulse to shoot the vile Xeno was fervent in his mind, but his beating heart forbid him to pull the trigger. The Banshee communed with a nearby deer in her song, John prayed that it would not be loud enough to wake his brothers.

He would wait for the next one before he led the charge, for this one cannot be slain by his hands.

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Go on....

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I would but I need to do shit and make an outline

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>dat pic

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gave me a great laugh

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Even Chaos Cultists and Ultrasmurfs can love. Pic related.

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Unusual yes but also hilarious

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Somebody post that batman concept art for the new movie...

The one where it explicitly states a few times that Ben Affleck does not want bat nipples no matter what.

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Does Amberley love Cain or is he just her boy toy?

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It all depends on your own preferance. You could make half your space marines female, have Khorne go *full* tsundere on Slannesh, and worship the Empress of mankind. Warhammer 40k is our game, I dont think GW has much of a claim over it aside from a legal point of view.

What could be disturbing enough to remove the two Legions from history? The Primarchs were women and the geneseed only worked with women. Whatever puts a smile on your face. Never forget that this grimdark game of doom and gloom is a parody.

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She is preserving his memory, commenting on his every heroic feat.
Guess what.

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Most imperial citizens live normal lives

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By their standards or ours?

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The entire series is a self-insert fanfic?

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That has come up as a crack theory.

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Squad Broken

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Has he ever designed any wardrobes? And what do furniture have to do with the outline of nipples?

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You forgot how Russ was totally tsun for Lionel.

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Fulgrim and Horus together are as gay as one guy getting DP'd while sucking the dick of a fourth guy.

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You know, how many of those sappy love stories has /tg/ actually completed? Bloomwriter died, Krieger got banned, I think the admech/commissar one similarly died before the end. Has there even been one complete 40K love story from /tg/?

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So. Fucking. Saved.

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Normal in the sense that they live and work. Some of them supposedly also get married and fuck to keep up birth rates, in no particular order.

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Challenge accepted, John Jokename will def. get some banshee heart love

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Krieger and admech/commissar are both alive and well. Saw them a few weeks ago, along with Xombarg's Storyteller. XS in particular mentioned that she'd be working on some new stuff for the smut threads.

Speaking of which, John Jokename's story is exactly what a bunch of people wanted there. So thanks for that.

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There was that IG/unsanctioned psyker story that had its own pictures. The techpriest/psyker one made it to the end. They never boned, though, since neither of them knew how to

So apparently, psykers are the key to a successful 40K love story.

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> love in 40k
> no Lewdanon's pics in the thread
/tg/ I'm dissapoint.

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This is about love in 40K, not lewd in 40K, Though, I have one picture by him that covers both subjects.

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>dat filename
I can't stop laughing.

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What's the difference? One turns into the other quickly enough.

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I'm imagining a Sister of Battle and a Ecclisiarch Crusader having a pious and loving relationship involving lots of Xenos and Heretic bloodshed and no one can stop me.

Also /r/ing that comic edit with Black Templars singing love is battefield

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You still working on this?

>> No.27455150

I can't work on it until tomorrow, I have to clean my back porch.

>lives in rustic area
>mom says "clear all the spider webs"
>literally entire deck is spider webs

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Oh god brotherhood of steel would have brain orgadms at the sight of techpreists.

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I cut myself reading that. I need a band-aid.

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Tragedy is about people making stupid decisions because of their weaknesses, you fucking idiot. Look at any Shakespearean tragedy play- Hamlet was indecisive, Macbeth was pussywhipped, Othello was jealous, and so forth.

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You sir are like a human blade

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>What do the good people at /tg/ think of Love in WH40K?
That it is Heresy!
No, literally.
I think one of the Chaos Gods even feed on it, I just don't remember wich one.
I think it was Slaneesh.

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That's lust, not love.

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Nurgle. I'm to drunk, good night.

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Your average 40kid can't handle it, so they're going to scream HERESY and EXTERMINATUS, until they either rage quit, or you do.

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Familial/parental love. Close, but not quite.

Love implies selflessness, and the Chaos Gods are as selfish as they get.

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I'm waiting for when GW makes a race that does nothing bur revel in joy and happiness which spawns a shoegorath flavor chaos god of happiness and dopamine.

>armies that happy enemies to death

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If you're still there, post the end result on

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Hmm......writefaggotry about a Space Marine who falls in love with a Commissar?

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So is everyone in the imperium
so was the emprah
before he died

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if your lover is not something that you can kill an ork with your doing it wrong

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Romance and love are part of the human spectrum of emotions, it happens in 40k, no one cares to make it a focus though because that's not what people read/play 40k for.

It's not a cheesy harlequin romance novel (though 50k can certainly cover that as well). It's the grim darkness of the far future where there is only war. If love is covered its to provide even more edginess to something else.

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Nurgle loves like an abuser does his battered wife, he gives diseases so that you only have eyes for him. He ruins you so no one else will like you, he is probably the most selfish and manipulative of his subjects on an individual level

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Like it does in real life, and like it is in real life.

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I like to think that somewhere, someplace, there exists a portal between Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy.

>Ship Teclis with Macha
>Ship Sisters of Battle with Sisters of Sigmar
>Ship Khaine with an army of Khaine sex dolls
>Ship Russ with Tzarina
>At some point, Lofn rides a chimera with a unicorn head
>Two Cultistchans meet, Dranon and viking Dranon suicide by killing each other
>Alarielle the Radiant heals the God Emperor of Mankind, and they have tea (pic related) while Tyrion and Tidus (pardoned by GE himself of course) spend the day killing Orcs/Orks, then shooting hoops and ending the day with a beer

Does /tg/ approve?

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it exists. it's in the far corner of the Fantasy Daemon codex' map of the Warp, where rests the Eye of Terror.
by all daemonic accounts a really shitty piece of real estate and anybody who's anybody ignores it in favor of fucking around with more interesting places.

even the Dark Gods think 40K is shit and fantasy's more engaging. admittedly when you look at their armybooks you start to see why.

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I have delivered, if you didn't notice.

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Technically the Order of the Argent Shroud are Sororitas of Love. They fight not out of hate but out of compassion for others. My cleric in Dark Heresy was the same.

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speaking of Cain what about those two gay guardsgirls who show up on occasion in his stories.

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does anybody have that one story with the imperial guardsman falling in love with a psyker?

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Love in 40k serves the same purpose as it does in Paranoia: It serves to make some interesting drama, with a bit of silliness too, but in the end it's going to end in a tragic, hilarious bloody mess.

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