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Are Oni malicious? If a party is attacked by them, would they run to steal their stuff or try to kill them first? Do they like to kill and torture, or would they rather just get drunk and fat?

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Probably a question to ask your DM.

Traditionally, yes.

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It depends on what kind you're talking about. The depictions of Oni are very, very different.

Generally, they're the equivalent of Orcs/Ogres. They like to kill, torture and enjoy eating human flesh. (And drinking sake.) Also, they're physically powerful, which makes them rather reckless.

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Yes, to all of them.

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Usually, but not always.

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Malicious and dickish? Yes. World-destroying evil? No.

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Bit from column A, bit from Column B. Some Onis just like to kill fuckers. Others would prefer to fuck fuckers. Sometimes Onis are even reformed and worshiped as deities.

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You never presume anything is malicious, unless it is. My party knows very little about D&D lore, and in a fit of ingeniousness, they lit a bonfire in the mouth of a cave to smoke out its inhabitants, a large dragon came up.

Most of the party prepared for combat, the Alchemist used a potion of See Alignment.

Its a good thing he did, the dragon was Gold.

Same concept. Never presume big+scary=Evil.

Because your DM can and will throw Good orcs at you just because reasons.

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A story I remember from mythology was about some musician with a a harmless, but ugly cyst on his face

He wandered into a gathering of oni, and ended up amusing them with his music so they would spare him. Much pleased with the music, they took the cyst off his face to ensure that he would come back tomorrow night to retrieve it, ensuring another night of entertainment.

Naturally he had no intention of retrieving the cyst, so he went about the townsfolk, joyfully what had happened to cure his uglyness. A jealous neighbor who bore a similar disfigurement heard about the means of removing it, so he sought out the oni that very night. The oni mistook him for the original musician, so demanded he sing. The neighbor was a terrible singer, however, and after a few minutes of his caterwauling, the Oni put the musician's cyst onto the neighbor's face(in their minds, a very generous gesture of returning property) and demanded he get out of their sight. So the jealous neighbor ended up returning to town with two lumps on his face.

The moral of this story is, you can't trust the system!

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Blue Oni or Red Oni waifu?

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No waifu, thank you... but red all the way.

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>not getting tugged around like a ragdoll as they argue who gets to fuck you first

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Back in Hawaii, I watched the 1942 Momotaro film. I think it's funny how the US (and Pearl Harbor) is portrayed as a land of demons.
Kind of an interesting spin on folk story.

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Oni don't wear armor but they have masterwork iron clubs. Why

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...you do know about the bugs, daffy, etc. stuff of the same period yeah?

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Trick question. Double Oni waifu.

One does it rough and hard and one does it soft and knows all the tricks.

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They're too busy wrestling tigers to death to wear their skins to make armor.
Also because they like to show off their abs.

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Maybe they don't need armor. I'm mean Thor could roll around in full plat armor, but there wouldn't be much benefit to it right? A weapon supplies reach though.

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Yeah, but I haven't seen a Japanese war cartoon before so I thought it was funny.
Portraying Husband E. Kimmel as if he was Shadowlord of the Black Mountain was hilarious.

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Japs are weird man, cool story though.

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>They're so strong only the most durable clubs survive.

>They sit on top of excellent mineral deposits but aren't very good at forging

>They're truly excellent at forging but regard armor as cowardly

>They believe armor is a magic trick that swallows a person and steals their body

>They believe armor is what differentiates strong, proud oni from weak, fleshy humans

>It's easy enough to find a club but everything else keeps getting lost when you drink yourself into oblivion every night

>Seeing the flesh of other oni is the only way to tell if they're true battle companions or not; an oni should have no scars on their back.

>Their skin is as tough as iron anyway.

>They don't actually know what armor is and think these demon-masked samurai who keep coming by are another tribe of midget oni who shed their skins.

>They were given their clubs long ago in exchange for a service by a third party.

>They got all their clubs breaking into someplace secret everyone forgot about.

>To properly deface human culture, you have to tear your weapon from the best temples, sculptures and castles. Disgrace civilization by using the finest examples as a big stick.

>Just being gripped by an oni eventually reduces a hunk of metal to a fine weighty core.

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Adding on to this I remember hearing about a giant Oni named Kojin. She had a thousand arms which she used to crush her victims, usually children. But later on she became revered as a protector of children and a Goddess of the kitchen.

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>Kojin y u crush babby? Get back to kitchen, become good mother. Put thousand arm to good work.

>Kojin: Okay.

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As an Oni the thing your fighting most is other Oni.
Oni's favorite weapons are huge ass spiked clubs.
Armor isn't very effective against blunt trauma weapons.
So it's likely armor was never seen as necessary.

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2nd to bottom is my favorite. Scary as fuck

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THe top one is wimpy as fuck. But i like the third from the bottom, longest reach means better momentum. I think.

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>You're an innkeeper
>Oni comes down from the mountains and starts drinking all your booze
>Not eating anybody, just drinking all your stock
>Keeps trying to pay in human bones
>Can't bounce him
>Keeps breaking furniture accidentally
Good setup for shenanigans?

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Is his name Zhong? Can we train him to carry oxen?

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Fuck it,I cast beans and run. Take that, you OCD bastards.

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Depends on how you interpret them. They can be tricksters, bruisers, or manipulators, and they can be either good, evil, orderly, or merely selfish.
Me, I run Pathfinder, so I work within the idea that they're usually evil, but I like to throw in ones who are more like guardians or who just want to have a drinking contest.

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but that's vampires

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Rolled 232, 109, 89 = 430

but thats leprechans

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Well, I play Scion, In there they are Giants, Giants are titan Spawns, Titan Spawns are evil, but they can reform and become good, or at least less shitty. so Would be guessing it depends on the Oni. But most of the oni are shit heads.

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What about tengu?

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RURUUUS Oni waifus

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They're not oni.

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>red skin
>one horn, to horns
>inhumanly strong
>no wings
They may as well be.

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