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Shadowrun general.

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I forget. Which ones are those supposed to be again?

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Gothloli is an assassin full of bioware. Rest are elf mage, orc gunslinger adept and troll technomancer.

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>Arkoblocks, aqua technology and underwater engineering
>trans-genetic environmental adaptation

Has anyone ever used a run against Proteus as a setup for a Bioshock campaign?

Just something I realized could be done when I was reading through the Corporate Guide.

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What's the point of Woad? Is it just a role-playing thing, or am I missing some positive effect?

As far as I can tell, all it does is cause you to attack the closest enemy, but doesn't actually give you any stat benefits.

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Went to pixiv and I gotta say I like their toned down designs.

and their Orks are cute but that's besides the point.

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Gas Grenade/s + Woad + Ventilation = Room clearing itself out.
Load it into a victim's food/drink and watch as he takes a swing at Big John, the cybered up troll that takes zero shit from anyone. It'd be funny at the very least.

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I mean thats an ork right?

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Yeah, but they list it as a Combat Drug. I just figured it might grant some kind of decent effect to a given user.

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Maybe it could counteract something that PREVENTS you from attacking? Some spell or terror effect or something?

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That's true. It's basically just a cheaper version of Guts, in that case. And I suppose if a fucking Shadowrunner is in the market for Combat Drugs, they can usually afford better than the basics.

It is probably more for punk-ass gangers and other trash.

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So I'm playing in my first ever Shadowrun campaign, and I'm making a Satyr Adept with a Cat mentor spirit (houseruling it in for fluff reasons). My inspiration is a semi-goofy phantom thief character modeled slightly off of tuxedo mask but with the ridiculous charisma of a luchador. Taking exclusively skills like unarmed combat, inflitration, climbing, etc. He's also a pacifist, which I think plays well with the Cat's "downside".

My question is this: as there's an absolute shit-ton of stuff in the Shadowrun books (more than I can realistically go through by the time we start playing), what would be some interesting things I could do with this character that are unique to the resources available to me in this setting? I want him to be low-tech (somewhat as a foil to our technomancer and drone rigger), and I want his theft streak to become hilarious and legendary.

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That's clearly a shota Oni, man.

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So the Gothloli is a bioware-based Street Sam?

Also, I'm surprised there are no humans in the party, especially since Japan in Shadowrun is supposed to be HUMAN STRONK.

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The girl with the china dress and two guns is an ork, and she is indeed cute.

and jesus, lookit those thighs.

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>Also, I'm surprised there are no humans in the party, especially since Japan in Shadowrun is supposed to be HUMAN STRONK.

Eh, the different language versions usually come with a lot of supplements to make playing more interesting for the natives. For example the Germans have sourcebooks for all three german-speaking nations which prolly much paint a different picture from the blurb the countries have recieved in the US material.

Plus we're talking about the japanese underworld here. Even these days the joke goes that their right-wing mobs are made up of ethnic Koreans.

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Gothloli is human.

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I thought she was a dwarf because of how short she was. Never mind.

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Is there an urban brawl game on that nobody told me about? Jackpoint is almost never this slow.


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1 much important question
Are there powers/uits/mechs in this game and how hard are they to obtain

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Electric sheep-chan is surprisingly big when compared to a human.

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> mandatory "Please check my character" post
My group uses the "Street level" house rule (13 starting karma, less money, max karma spent on / gained from qualities = 13).

Char description (copypasted from my txt draft file, excuse shitty spelling and formatting):
German descent. Ex-Special forces (infiltrator / demo expert, some sniper training)
was recruited into special service.
after a few missions, daniel was told to infiltrate and blow up some mansion. does mission without asking questions, turns out it was important politician.
(superior tried to get someone into office who would promote him in order to achieve more power)
police hunting him, he flees to seattle (hides on cargo plane to NYC, meets Rin, they get along and travel to seattle. she does the talking, he does the stealing)
daniel won't do a job without enough background info due to paranoia now.
starts stealing shit because money for food has to come from somewhere.

upon arriving in seattle, he and rin try their usual "rin distracts / woos man, daniel steals his stuff".
that guy was a fixer, though. he discovers his fridge empty (hey, dan hadn't eaten in a while so taking food was the highest priority) and decides to contact them.
daniel spends most of his off-time taking care of his guns (obviously, being es-SF and trained in weapon usage), working out (that strength doesn't come from nothing after all), watching trid (mostly porn) and surfing early 10's internet sites (he was never big on the whole matrix shebang so he prefers to browse oldschool internet site archives. that's where his pop culture knowledge comes from).

running name is "schatten" (german for "shadow").
Fake SIN is that of a German infiltrator allowed to use demolitions. Sounds familiar, huh? The implication is that he's working for Saeder-Krupp or German officials.
lives in Brier Hotel (Brier Road & 236th Street SW)

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4th or 5th?

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goal is to get revenge on his ex-superior, clear his name and/or get employed by some megacorp as an operator (because he's operator as fuck, obviously). preferably all three.

to do:
- get gecko tape gloves
- get sniper rifle
- fuck that SOB that set me up, up
- acquire currency
- fornicate with females
- get hired by ares or some shit
not necessarily in that order.

5th edition

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Wait, so she's a troll?

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My Trolls can't be this cute.

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Yes, the artist seems to think that high charisma = cute.

I'm totally going to be using masks as foci for a shaman.

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Do the Japanese have different mentor spirits? I assume they're more well-versed in their own folklore. Or do you just refluff, say, Raven to Tengu?

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No idea, but personally I would refluff Raven to Kitsune, because it's a trickster spirit (at least in 5th, I think that there was a separate trickster in 4th ed). I would replace Thunderbird with Tengu.

The one Japan only sourcebook seems to paint Japan rather differently when compared to the American sourcebooks, not that I can't blame them, because I'm sure that German sourcebooks would make some drastic changes if all of Germany had reverted to being Nazis in the American sourcebooks.


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don't mind if I do

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I don't know how they did with 4th edition, but there were original Japanese Shadowrun sourcebooks that removed all the mentions of racism or Japanese metahumans getting sent to camps, as well as removing the whole Japanese Imperialism angle. From what I've heard, even Japanese gamers think that's retarded.

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Speaking of Japan, did you know there's a Japan-only SR videogame?

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i like these toned down pixiv designs more than Kuro's designs of lol, i dunnowatimdoin

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Does anyone have pictures by that one Japanese guy who did a lot of Shadowrun? He also drew lots of Warhammer Fantasy stuff, and /tg/s beloved "Warhammer puppets".

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Mind you, some parts of the german books were goddamn retarded on their own, even without plying up the nazi angle.
> Hah, those hicks in Bavaria, they're so stupid. In fact, they are SO stupid that they can cancel out magic simply by being in the same area.
Yes, bavarians have retardiation-based antimagic. That is canon.

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It's not canon, it's reality.
Can you guess where I'm from?

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Would you happen to have any of his pictures so I would have something to begin with in searching his other pictures, because I'm rather new to Shadowrun and "Warhammer puppets" doesn't ring any bells.

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http://www.rollspel.com/andrarpg/shadowr.htm There's a pretty decent if very bried unofficial Swedish SR article where the prime minister is literally an animatronic puppet and Stockholm is full of vampires. At least it's more interesting than the official Sweden from the 4th ed Europe splatbook: Sweden is an eco-friendly, sparkly utopia, with little need for shadowrunners, and no polluted sprawls and such. In other words, dull as dishwater.

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I've lost all the pictures by him, which is why I asked since once upon a time his pics got posted in a lot of /tg/ Shadowrun threads. He used to be practically the ONLY Japanese artist who drew Shadowrun, as far as we knew.

Also these are the "puppets". http://1d4chan.org/wiki/War_puppets I'm gonna try some reverse image searching, but it could take a while.

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I have some inkling of an idea, yeah.
No, but in all seriousness, most of the german sourcebooks were great, Anarchic Berlin and the SOX in particular, but there was some silly shit in there. Like the tank shaped like a caterpillarwith wheels, said antimagic, and the fact that everything of any importance seemed to happen in the north.

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Nope, found nothing.

I don't even know if he has a pixiv, but he's easily recognized as "literally the only guy in Japan who draws both Shadowrun and Warhammer Fantasy".

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Are any of the Berlin splatbooks in English decent? It would be kinda nice to run in a city that I actually know in real life, unlike Seattle or other American cities.

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Wo in Berlin bist du?

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No idea, haven't read them. Didn't even know there were any english releases of the german stuff.
If they are anything like the german versions, they'de be good, though. Berlin is, or rather was, an amazing setting for SR.

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I'm actually Swedish, but I have a brother in Berlin so I've often visited him and his family. Which is why I'm asking if there's decent Berlin splatbooks in English, since I can't read German.

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Seems like the sort of thing you give gangers or child soldiers to get them in the mood to kill someone.

It's hard to represent the psychological part mechanically though.

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I see.
I actually live in Berlin but would prefer English splatbooks since all my core books etc are in English too.

I once played a campaign in German. Chargen was terrible because I had to translate the names of all the qualities and skills and if I used a different word everyone was confused.

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I don't remember seeing anything resembling that when I went through the pics tagged with Shadowrun in Pixiv, so he might not have an account in there which is going to make searching him much harder.

Pics tagged as Shadowrun:

Pics tagged as Warhammer and Warhammer 40K if someone wants to go through them:

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I feel your pain. While there are plenty of Swedish RPGs written in Swedish, none of the foreign games in English get translated (not counting a couple of translations of D&D and Star Wars d6 back in the 80s when RPGs were still targeted towards young teens. Also the big Swedish fantasy RPG, Drakar och Demoner, started out as an adaption of Runequest, but that's another story), which means that every Swedish roleplayer must eventually try to run a game is Swedish, using English books that he translates on the fly, and peppered with English words that can't/shouldn't be translated. For example, I'm running my Dark Heresy game in Swedish, but a lot of the words simply can't be translated (like The Warp. The closest thing is "böjen", the bend. That's ridiculous on several levels). Which is awkward as hell, but the alternative is that all players speak broken English constantly, which is confusing for other reasons.

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Nope, he's not there. Thanks for trying, anyway. He had a pretty cool troll that kinda looked like a SR version of that guy from Ghost in the Shell. Also female Chaos Dwarf.

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Amen brother.
According to dict.cc warp can be translated as "Verzerrung" (distortion) or "Verkrümmung" (something that is crooked). It'd sound pretty stupid running a game that way, but keeping things like that untranslated results in some kind of pidgin German/English mix.

Sci-fi is especially bad. Early Star Wars books translated most of the words. Blasters were called "Strahler", which sounds more like a squirt gun or maybe a powerful flashlight. In the original translation of "A New Hope" (the book) lightsabers were called, literally "Lichtsäbel". The first thing you think of when hearing "Säbel" is a crooked blade, not one of the fencing sabers used in sports today.
Oh and The Force was not called "Die Macht" (literally power, as in "political power") as in the movies, but "Die Kraft" (someone who can lift a lot of weight would be described as "kräftig").

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There's really no good word for for "distortion" or "something that is crooked" in Swedish, at least none that I can think of. Keep in mind though that Sweden is all about subtitles, we only dub movies and games that are made for small children, meaning people are kinda used to translating everything in their heads anyway.

Lightsabers translate quite naturally to lasersvärd (laser sword) or ljussabel (light saber). The latter is more "correct", but doesn't roll off the tongue as well. The Force has always been Kraften (literally The Force).
Names are left untranslated, although I remember an abridged audio version of the first book that for some reason translated Chewbacca (Tuggbacca). That was... weird.

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So does anyone have any advice for someone who's only played SR4 about SR3?

I've played a fair bit of SR4 before, but I've just joined a shadowrun 3 campaign and I'm not quite sure what to expect. I'm generally aware of the setting differences but I'm not sure how significantly the rules differ. Are there any significant traps to avoid?

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I don't know a huge amount about shadowrun but I might be playing 3rd edition soon. I was wondering if it would be possible for a dwarf magician to use a bound air elemental or something keep him suspended on a carpet, as per aladin.The idea is that he's a street performer who does gimmicky shit as a sort of minor day job/cover.

How possible is this in 3rd (or other editions)?

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So, my character has the Wanted negative quality - he pissed off some middle-management from Aztechnology.

He has a couple different Safehouses, and I want to booby trap them. The first is a single-room efficiency apartment, the second is an abandoned maintenance room in the sewers.

Would it be possible for me to make an explosive that, when triggered, would cause a disposable Commlink to send an alert to my own Commlink?

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Don't get fucked over by the old matrix rules.
Use as much lingo as possible.
Always geek the mage first.
Bring a bucket for your dice.
Automatic fire is worthless, stick to burstfire.
Ares Viper Slivergun is THE shit when modified for regular ammo.
Never ever use grenades. Your GM will hate you.
Rigging will take up most of the session. Always.
Same goes for decking.
Vehicular combat is a bitch.
DMSO is your best friend.
0.001 Essence means you are above 0, so you're good to go.
A ammo belt with a thousand bullets will last any runner for his entire life.
All elves must be lesbian stripper ninjas, no exceptions.
Get some initiation going. You can get a feat that allows you to give permanency to your average levitation spell. Done.

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Any good? Artwork gives me kind of Silent Möbius vibes.

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Living in Sweden, I can _tell_ that's hogwash. Don't be fooled by the glitzy exterior, Sweden has plenty of dark sides aswell, from being one of the biggest weapon manufacturers and exporters in the world to slowly depopulating the (sometimes rather productive) countryside in favour of cities (with less work) and small villages having their own inbred, hundred+ year feuds.

It's just, you know, somewhat better overall than a lot of places in the world. It's even dropped a little. Get a proper socialist government back in power, someone who knows how to use economics to influence society rather than just keeping a neat bookend and a few corporations happy, it might become better.

But of course the uneducated are blaming the immigrants again.

>> No.27434704

Not sure why you're assuming I can't tell apart fiction from reality. I never said it was like utopia in real life (Svensk här), just that it's the way it is in the Shadowrun future: Sweden doesn't have the polution problems that the rest of the world in the 2070's have, and has a top economy. Compare that to Norway, which turned into a third world country hellhole after people stopped using oil.

Of course there's a few lines about there surely being a dark side to this gleaming exterior, but it's still a Noblebright nation in a cyberpunk setting. Which is dull.

I prefer the older fluff, where Sweden had pollution just like everyone else, and also giants and reindeer shamans.

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Haven't played it, but here's a review: http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/shadowrun/shadowrun2.htm. The verdict seems to be that it's okay. At least it's not the FPS.

>> No.27434877


Eh, the Swiss are kinda like Sweden.

And in the setting they're basically one of the few places that's still actively searching for a "cure" or some other means to revert metahumans back to regular humans and I think Basel is basically an Arcology that has been erected over the glowing remains of Old Basel.

They also have a national drug-problem as simstins are tolerated, I think. Can't remember the rest of it on top of my head.

I heard that Secret Societies are really popular in Sweden - you could play that aspect up.

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Do I need a battlegrid for combat in this

>> No.27435086

The FPS was a fun game, just not very shadowrunny. If you could play that game in a multi player campaign it would have been awesome.

>> No.27435098

You can use one, but you don't need to.

Despite the game being quite crunchy the combat is fairly cinematic so I find using a grid detracts from that somewhat. My group generally doesn't use a map, or if the combat situation is more complicated we just use a basic layout of the area purely to keep track of where people are and judge distances.

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Can someone explain to me what the fuck Shasdowrun Online even is? I've been watching all of the videos on the kickstarter and I'm not sure if this is supposed to be an MMO or some kind of online campaign tool or something else entirely

>> No.27437866

Was there any Japan exclusive material released? Would be interesting to see what sort of toys the Japanese got to play with that we in the US or in Europe do.

>> No.27437884

I've heard a lot was crap, at least according to Japanese Shadowrun fans.

>> No.27437941

Well, now I'm curious.

Do we have any Moonspeak experts who have their mitts on this material to toss us some info?

>> No.27437984


How does it ends

Does he gets the five million dollars?

>> No.27438255

OP pic, for one. The video game mentioned earlier in the thread. Some other replays as well, probably some homebrew in Role & Roll magazine over the years. I've never read any of it though besides the SegaCD game (which is sort of interesting but not really that good, in my opinion)

>> No.27439108

Is there a translated version of OP's replay out there anywhere? It seems vaguely interesting

>> No.27439113

Hey, /tg/, what's the best set of 'ware you could get on a non-bunraku prostitute in shadowrun? cyber, bio, gene, and nano open, nothing past alphaware, feel free to dip below one essence, don't worry about cash?

>> No.27439641


Well, here's what I've got for you. It's a little expensive to fit everything in, but you can even do it with a legal starting character, money-wise.

Attention Coprocessor (rating 3), cyberears (rating 3) with ear recording unit, soudn link, damper, balance augmenter, icnreased sensitivity, and audio enhancement (rating three). Cybereyes (rating 4) with eye recording unit, image link, flare compensation, smartlink, thermographic vision, low-light vision, vision magnification, vision enhancement (rating 3), microscopic vision. Olfactory booster (rating 3). simrig. Smart articulation. Taste booster (rating 3), and then breast and penile implants, and top it all off with a pair of rating-6 cyberglands The attention coprocessor, olfactory booster, and smart articulation, are all standard, everything else is alphaware.

For bioware, take clean metabolism, dietware, enhanced pheromone receptors (rating 3), genetic optimization (charisma, get this through genetic heritage to make it free), reception enhancer (rating 3), sensitive skin, silky skin, tacticle sensitivity, and tailored phermones (rating 3), all standard.

Got 1.91 essence left after all that, enough to fit in a couple other things. Gotta go 50 BP into Nuyen and grab In Debt for it, though.

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... /tg/ what.

>> No.27442592

Does the adapsin genemod apply retroactively or only to new cyberware?

>> No.27442684

What edition? Give yourself a penis, chem gland and chem release. Now your fem-spunk is hallucinogenic.

>> No.27442761

You can modify a slivergun for regular ammo?

>> No.27442985


Technically only to new, but you can take out and put back in cyberware to have it apply to it. A GM could technically then treat it as secondhand, I guess, but who'd be that dickish?

>> No.27443041

One could also argue the same point for the Ronin advantage from Way of the Samurai, but you should also keep in my that doesn't stack with any other essence-loss reducing mods or advantages.

>> No.27443054

In Shadowrun 3e, apparently you can. Not sure about 4 and 5, my guess is no.

>> No.27444299

Took four ranks of Gremlins on my shaman. Never seen it used before. How fucked am I?

>> No.27444376


Not quite optimized.

Tailored pheromones could go to 4
No Eye Light System
Biosculpting from augmentation is more social dice

Second-hand drug glands(not cyberglands) are also hilariously affordable and essence-cheap.

No data filter?

And ways to reduce cost: Born Right for 60bp in cash, and Black Market Contacts for 10% off.

Also, if you're getting cyberglands, you may as well get a Cybersquirtgun(augmentation) to give it some RANGE.
Just sayin.

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Elf Biker Ganger Unarmed Combat Adept

A -- Attributes -- 24
B -- Adept -- Magic 6 + Rank 4 Active Skill
C -- Skills -- 28/2
D -- Race -- Elf (0)
E -- Money -- $6,000
WIL 3*
Ed 1
Ma 6
Gr 2
Es 6
In 13+4D6!
+10 Loss of Confidence (Bike)
+5 Distinctive Style (Gang Insignias)
+5 National SIN (Tir Tairngire)
+5 Outspoken Bias (Hasidic Jews)
+3 Mild Bias Against Trolls (Spikes)
+7 Bad Rep (Violent +3 Notoriety)
-5 Mentor Spirit (Shark)
-3 Quick Healer
-7 Natural Athlete
-9 Toughness
-13 Initiate Level One
-16 Initiate Level Two
-19 Initiate Level Three
-2 Force 1 Qi Focus (Knucks)
15 Increase Willpower from 2 to 3*
2 Active Skill @ Level 1*
2 Active Skill @ Level 1*
2 Active Skill @ Level 1*
5 Active Skill Group @ Level 1*
5 Active Skill Group @ Level 1*
5 Active Skill Group @ Level 1*
ADEPT POWERS (9 Power Points Worth)
PP Adept Power
0.0 Killing Hands (free with Shark)
3.5 Improved Reflexes Level 3
0.5 Improved Physical Attribute (AGI)
0.5 Improved Physical Attribute (STR)
0.5 Improved Physical Attribute (BOD)
0.5 Improved Physical Attribute (REA)
0.5 Critical Strike (Unarmed Combat)
2.0 Combat Sense Level 4
0.25 Danger Sense Level 1
0.25 Improved Sense (Olfactory)
0.25 Missile Parry
0.25 Kinesics Level 1
2 Outdoors
1 Firearms*
1 Stealth*
1 Influence*
10 Unarmed Combat (Carramoleg)
4 Gymnastics
4 Intimidation (Interrogation)
4 Pilot Wheeled Vehicle (Bike)
4 Perception (Scent)
1 Automotive Mechanic (Wheeled)
1 Throwing*
1 Computer*
1 Hacking*

>> No.27445788

2 Street Gangs (Ancients Elf Biker Gang)
2 Sprawl Life
2 Black Market
1 Law (Bounty Hunting)
1 Police Procedures
N Sperethiel
8 English (Speaking)
2 Russian
CONTACTS (Cha X 6 = 24)
7 Notable Fixer (C:6/I:1)
7 Local Ancients Gang Leader (C:4/I:3)
Ideas for contacts include:
Beat Cop
Dive Bartender
Bounty Hunter
Tir Tairngire Doctor
Gang Banger(s)

$500 Squatter Lifestyle (1 Month)
$5 Standard Credstick containing 2d6x40
$900 Lined Coat
$90 Ganger Clothing (Full Attire)
$50 Rappelling Gloves (Stylish & Grippy)
$50 Rating 1 Respirator (Covers Smell)
$50 Capacity 1 Earbuds with Nothing
$75 Capacity 1 Goggles with Image Link
$100 Meta Link (Commlink)
$50 Subvocal Mic
$10 Crowbar
$10 Knife
$3100 Knucks (Force 1 Focus -- Boost Str)
$400 Ruger Super Warhawk
$150 Concealable Holster
$125 Laser Sight
$100 Speed Loaders x 4
$60 Regular Ammo x 30
$75 Jazz (1 Dose)
$20 Metal Restraints
$10 RFID Stealth Tag (Metal Restraints)
$10 RFID Stealth Tag (Goggles)
$10 RFID Stealth Tag (Commlink)
$10 RFID Stealth Tag (Respirator)
$10 RFID Stealth Tag (Subvocal Mic)
$10 RFID Stealth Tag (Earbuds)
$10 RFID Stealth Tag (Ruger)
$10 RFID Stealth Tag (Credstick)
$0 No Bike (Wrecked)

>> No.27445801

Thanks a lot, highlander.

>> No.27446271

So I realize edgy characters are looked down upon unless the whole group is making such characters and the campaign is specifically tailored to work that way.

But are GMs generally also annoyed by tongue-in-cheek over the top edgy characters?
> studded trenchcoat
> belts everywhere
> fingerless gloves
> leather everywhere
> triple mohawk so rebellious
> makeup
> tear tattooed below eye
> uses katana
> rebels against everyone and everything
> angst angst angst
> cuts himself when something fails
> smokes like a bad balla
> tells everyone about his first kill, slowly torturing his victim to death (turns out it was a frog or something)

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Sutoriito no tenshi-tachi, Angels of the streets.

>> No.27446395

Whelp, after a couple months of work, I've finally finished my shadowrun mission bank. 52 mission seeds spanning ~24,000 words - about 80 pages given my formatting.

Each mission is suitable for one-shot or campaign play and is designed to get you going without bogging you down with unnecessary details. It covers the complete range of job types and pay ranges and includes all of the major criminal organizations, megacorporations, and 'general enemy' types such as blood mages and dissonant technomancers.

And I couldn't have done it without you guys. Though I'm a lurker at heart, your discussions kept me motivated when I didn't have a table of my own to game with, and for that I thank you.

I'm going to test it out and get some criticism at my local university's gaming convention this weekend, then I'm going to float it to Cataclysm, see what their policy on submissions is. Who knows, maybe I can get this thing published.

Just wanted to say thanks again.

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Haha, underbart.

>> No.27446467

>Second-hand drug glands(not cyberglands) are also hilariously affordable and essence-cheap.

They are also worthless. Just get internal reservoir and fill it with poisons you buy. With high charisma you can get them without any serious problems.

>> No.27446491

anyone got any good "scene" pics?
Warehouses, offices, bars and or clubs?

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>> No.27446552


Share! i need this! i just got a game dumped in my lap heeeeelppp ppleeeaasse

>> No.27446574

Det var en sån där kassett med en liten bok. "När du hör ljudet är det dags att vända blad". Nostalgi...

>> No.27446581

Share it, please?

>> No.27446591

Edgy characters are annoying (to me) primarily because they stem from a lack of imagination, narrative perspective and a willingness to remain in the spotlight.
"Over the top" edgy character also unfortunately fall into this category as despite I know the player shares my distaste of all things trite, he's still using it, albeit "ironically".

That's not to say that cliche's are BAD to use, however you should accessorize them, not have them as a central focus of your character.
A trenchcoat is functional because it's hard to see what's underneath it, and should be worn in situations where that is appropriate.
A katana is a good melee weapon, but when you're not using it for either combat or intimidation, just stop talking about it. It doesn't matter how many fucking times it's folded if some Elf-Stripper-Ninja-Adept wraps her Mono-Whip around it.

Ironically using a cliche is still using a cliche, except that you're probably bringing even MORE attention to it through making it over the top.

>> No.27446599

Possibly kind of similar mission pack.

>> No.27446607


Sorry guys, don't want to go public till after I hear back from Catalyst. Don't want to ruin what could be a shot at publication.

I'll keep you posted going forward though.

>> No.27446656

do let us know what they say, i'm curious how much they give a shit about sr4 now

>> No.27446700

Also, you could try Redneck Runs to get the runners out of their element.


>> No.27447103

I need to make a run that is a trap for an npc that is with the players. I want the players to get away but the npc shall remain behind to get killed.
Any ideas?

>> No.27449306

>> No.27449528

In my experience this is 80% unlikely to happen. It'll help if you make them a colossal asshole who the runners won't want to save.
It'll also help if you offer them a big pile of cash to leave them behind.

>> No.27450205


Something bad happens and the NPC stays behind to cover their retreat?
NPC has a special skill that ends with them being seperated? They need to stay covering or operating something in a particular area forcing the team to move foward?
Security activates and a door closes, seperating the party and the NPC?
A lucky bullet simply killing the NPC?
Some sort of speciality specific issue? Black ICE for a hacker, bad Drain for a mage, etc.
A duel between the NPC and some other NPC that ends with the party NPC dying?
The NPC getting poisioned by the Johnson in the post-run debriefing?

I had a few as amusing background NPCs. I had a few crews of Runners often with a theme that'd occasionally be seen in the game. One of them was dominated by RPG cliche pastiches, including the edgy dark cliche.

>> No.27450773

Hey guys, I'm running a campaign soon and I'm kinda confused about how hacking works in 4E. So the wireless matrix means that hackers are able to use their commlinks to hack into wireless systems via "augmented reality" overlays but I guess they still have the option for regular decking "virtual reality" too? Is that just for private/secluded terminals that don't have connection to the wireless matrix? Does AR hacking still take place at the speed of thought like the VR matrix does? Is a hacker still mentally connecting to the matrix when he's using AR, or Is it all on his commlink? Are IC programs/other hackers still potentially fatal for a hacker using AR like they are for a hacker fully immersed in the matrix? If so, why, since the connections are all wireless now?

>> No.27450913


They hack via conventional-esque methods. The -interface- is Augmented Reality. No point in having a keyboard and mouse and screen when you can just use haptic interfaces and project output onto your optical nerve directly.

They do have the option for VR, all you need is a simsense module. Modded for hot-sim if you want hot-sim immersion.

VR is faster. It's still not total time warp as it was in 3rd, VR cold and hot just give you extra initiative passes in the matrix, and hot gives you some other perks like better matrix perception as well. Stuff like probing attempts are significantly faster in VR as well.

In practise though, VR is twice as fast as AR, Hot Sim VR is three times as fast as AR.

Augmented Reality is literally just having something like Dead Space style interfaces. Rather than a LCD or CRT screen, the icons and desktop and interface buttons are just sort of 'floating' there in mid air. Just like a modern browser. And with AR gloves or feedback clothing you can 'touch' the icons. No need for a mouse. -If- you are in VR however, rather than -that- interface you've got a more intuitive mental-orientated one. In that case you can literally think your way around. Of course a lot of interfaces will have stuff like buttons etc for a more intuitive user experience.

AR has no mental component. So you're totally safe from Black ICE. Cold VR, you can only be knocked out, whereas Hot Sim VR, certain programs can actually kill you.

They do not kill you through sending electricity down the line. Wireless doesn't stop what it actually sends, which is damaging neurofeedback signals. In VR everything's been sent into your head wirelessly, appropriately parsed via your commlink. Appropriate software can send stuff into your head that your brain interprets badly and causes you to undergo braindeath, or seizures, or schcitzofrenic fits, etc etc.

>> No.27452551

Since there's no Shadowrun Returns General on /vg/, I hope you don't take too much offense to me bringing it up here?

Are there any modules out for that game that are good/recommended/passable?

>> No.27452729

At what size does Biosculpting bioware for breast size go from Minor to Moderate? (That is, start costing Essence)

How does the weight apply towards Lift/Carry limit, if at all?

>> No.27453978 [DELETED] 

So, /tg/ if there were a hypothetical war between CAS/UCAS/PCC versus Aztlan (assuming at something along the lines of a ceasefire is in place in Amazonia) and Western Europe backed by S-K against Eastern Europe/Russia backed by Ares and Evo

>> No.27454014

So, /tg/ if there were a hypothetical war between CAS/UCAS/PCC versus Aztlan (assuming at something along the lines of a ceasefire is in place in Amazonia) and Western Europe backed by S-K against Eastern Europe/Russia backed by Ares and Evo, whom do you think would come out on top in those two wars?

>> No.27454044

There's no written rule because it has no mechanical game effect to balance. You can become 99% tits.

>> No.27454122

I can't tell if you're shitposting or if you're actually serious.

>> No.27454344

Aztlan loses, SK wins. Every time.

>> No.27454573

> implying the Azzies wouldn't lolbloosmagic everything.

>> No.27454883

One of my players has bought an Ares Excalibur what do?

>> No.27454972

I've adjusted my biker elf build, and will probably build another to get into a lower-level game eventually.... if our group ever meets. I was told tonight, but it looks like we're still on hold.

>> No.27456445

Give it some fairly decent Battle Rifle statistics.
However count it as having Gremlins at rating 4.
Stacking with the user's Gremlins Quality (if he has it)

>> No.27456610

The smarter move would be to use covert operatives in a disinformation campaign to leave CAS and UCAS in to much of a territorial pissing contest to do anything effective, them hit the PCC with everything you had.

>> No.27456639

Since those were supposed to be it's selling points, it should have a higher than normal ROF and recoil comp.

>> No.27456912

CAS and UCAS are pretty buddy-buddy although you could maybe get them both to turn against PCC, because filthy injuns.

>> No.27456934

You realize Greats are still killable right?

>> No.27456977

Most of the time, maybe. Introduce doubts and questions about who's going to get what land and resources after the fighting's over, and the knives come out.

>> No.27457010

Or it could become a rallying thing, with the end result of reunification.

>> No.27457093

Even mentioning reunification in the south's pretty much political suicide, so the odds on that scenario are pretty long.

>> No.27457114

Well, so are the odds of a war between those parties.

>> No.27457188

Only scenario that comes to mind is that Aztlan (or rather Aztech) goes after the PCC as the first step to settling that old grudge they have against the NAN in general for not backing them up on some landgrabs early, and the UCAS joins because of diplomatic agreements and the CAS because they can't resist a chance to kick some Azzie ass.

>> No.27457216

Also, Aztlan wants LA.

>> No.27457243

And the rest of Austin.

>> No.27457275

Although, now that I think of it, with Sirrug's attack devastating their food supply, and them still bleeding from the fight with Amazonia, Aztlan's on possibly the worst war-footing they've ever been, so them messing with Anyone in the next few decades is highly unlikely.

>> No.27457297

Aztlan controls like 75% of the worlds food supply.

>> No.27457304

They'd want all of Texas if they could think of a way to pull it off.

>> No.27457306

Hey shadowrun general.

What do you think of including more monstrous and unusual playable races?

In the D&D, I had players who were all the time lizardmen or kenkus or nagas or whatever else. One was considering being a mobile tree, but lost interest.

>> No.27457331

>Implying Shadowrun needs more special snowflake options

>> No.27457357

Well yeah, obviously. I was thinking more unambitious goals.

>> No.27457371

>implying it's special when everyone does it

>> No.27457388

Their main soy and krill harvesting sites in the Carib were toasted. While there isn't expected to be an ouright famine, food prices the world over are going to skyrocket.

>> No.27457406

Have you read Runner's Companion? There's a shitload of special snowflake stuff nobody uses.

>> No.27457429

I might do that. Probably won't have anything I asked about though, given your attitude.

>> No.27457444

Centaurs already have an established place in the shadows, though they tend to stick out like a sore thumb. Pixies and naga are also an option, though they suffer from equipment restriction. Shapeshifters and infected I'd be cautious about, since one requires good roleplaying and the other can have a hard time getting along with people.

>> No.27457452

I know for a fact Nagas are in Runner's Companion.

>> No.27457463

But anon, what are they infected with?

>> No.27457466

I am reading through the 4e rules and I'm a bit confused.

Can mana spells only target astral forms, or also living beings that merely have auras? From the wording it seems like they can only target astral forms...

>> No.27457476


>> No.27457484

that's pretty damn neat. And yeah, no doubt they stick out like sore thumbs, I imagine that's generally one of the penalties they have.

>> No.27457502

They can target any living thing.

>> No.27457537

ok thx

>> No.27457554

>>27457444 Sort of under-states just how rare they are.

>> No.27457559

MVV, metahuman vampiric virus, a desease which causes people to either turn in to various flavours of vampires depending on their metatype, or ghouls if it's the Kreiger variant strain.

Some strains of vampire and a signifigant portion of ghouls suffer extensive brain damage during their infection, turning them feral, and even if they survive with minds intact, they still have problematic dietary requirements, vampires needing blood from a live donor and ghouls dead flesh from a sentient species.

There are still some parts of the world there's an open bounty on them.

>> No.27457565

I don't mind most of the stuff from Runner's Companion, SURGE, Metavariants, Sasquatches/Centaur, A.I., Free spirits and to an extent, Shifters, can be decent characters if you hand them to a reasonable player who you can trust not to fuck everything up.

There are however there are a few things I cannot stand, and I shall list them for your benefit.

Pixies, Vampires/Banshee/Nosferatu (at character gen), Naga, Powergamed SURGE (which is why I enforce that the GM chooses the negative qualities), and Drakes.

But worst of all, the absolute worst that should never, ever, EVER be considered...
True Drakes *shudder*
If you don't know about them. Good. Stay that way.

>> No.27457582

>bounty hunting vampires and ghouls
>probably with some kind of stake-revolver
Why, exactly, does nobody use these books?

>> No.27457587

Human-Metahuman Vampiric Virus. HMHVV.

>> No.27457588

True Drakes and Drakes aren't even really viable.

>> No.27457596

but now I want to know what a true drake is.
And how that's different than a normal drake.
And how both of those are different than dragons.

>> No.27457624

HMHVV is an outdated term, even if it still shows up in the crunch. MVV was adopted as a more politically correct name sometime around 4ed in the fluff.

>> No.27457630

Most of these are ok if you know the books inside out and can quote each and every relevant section - like the one about pixies being too small for guns. (I still hate pixies, though)

>> No.27457640

Ah ... no. 4th ed uses HMHVV.

>> No.27457651

"Drakes (Homo sapiens draco) are an extremely rare species. What little is known from the few individuals tested is that they
appear to be normal metahumans who have the innate ability to assume a small dragon-like form, called dracoforms. How this is accomplished and how this puzzling and dramatic ability was introduced into the metahuman genome is a mystery that continues to elude researchers. All indications suggest an innate magical ability to fully transform from one being into another; externally similar to the ability of certain Great Dragons and shapeshifters to assume metahuman form. Unlike either of those, though, these are not paranatural animals with the ability to appear metahuman, but metahumans capable of magic transformation.Drakes remain exceedingly rare and are a recent phenomena; many dragons, corporations, and other organizations have shown a great interest in studying them or recruiting them—whether this interest is benign and scientific or serves another purpose is
difficult to say. What we can state is that little or no data has been shared with the wider scientific community by these parties.
Scientists have tentatively categorized drakes as the rarest of SURGE mutations."

>> No.27457658

I can understand the problem with those, or don't know what those are, in all situations but naga. What's your specific problem with those?
Is it a mechanical one, like that they don't fit into cars? Or a narrative one, in that you just don't want one in your game?

>> No.27457672

And it also has at least one instance of the Jackpointers arguing that the new term MVV was the correct one.

>> No.27457695

Unlike the drake metahuman character in Runner’s Companion, true drakes are dracoforms created by great dragons through a difficult and complicated magical ritual that imbues them with abilities, knowledge, skills, and a metahuman form. Only a very few have been created in the Sixth World, though stories persist among the dragons that one or more of the greats kept their true drake servant(s) alive in hibernation during the magical down cycle, and these drake(s) still serves their master(s). Yet other rumors insist that one or more exercised their free will and have ventured o on their own. True drakes possess all of the modifers from Drake Quality (p. 65, Runner’s Companion) with the following changes: True drakes may add the following Powers (by either extending their list of Powers or replacing existing Powers; for each added power, add 5 BP to the base 125 BP cost): Astral Armor 6, Dragonspeech, Hardened Armor 6, Magical Guard, and Regeneration. True drakes begin with Essence 8, and have a maximum Edge Attribute of 8 regardless of their metahuman form. True drakes cannot accept any augmentations that cost Essence, nor can they be infected by any strain of HMHVV. True drakes can never possess the Resonance Attribute.

>> No.27457707

Ok. Point to a book / page number.

>> No.27457723

These seem entirely too rare to be a viable player race.
I mean, they need to at least show up on the census, I would think, to be common enough.
That's not even getting into whether or not they're actually good.

>> No.27457726

Drakes are meta-humans who have a mystical ability to turn into a draconic form. They're all awakened, and have fancy (but mostly shitty and useless) abilities in their dragon forms.

TRUE drakes, are creatures who are created by Great Dragons in an ancient and arcane ritual which irrevocably binds them to the will of their patron dragon. Only Lofwyr, Alamis, Ghostwalker and Lung have been known to make them.
In addition to the crap that normal Drakes have, they also have the option for Astral Armor 6, Dragonspeech, Hardened Armor 6, Magical Guard and REGENERATION.
They have an Essence of 8, and a Maximum Edge of 8, something which shits ALL over humans being the only race to be able to achieve that.

>> No.27457748

They're meant to be speshul snowflakes.

>> No.27457756

I still remember getting trolled in a SR general a few months back by someone claiming that since the pixie/gun and naga/armour issues had never been outright mentioned in the crunch, they didn't really exist and Tinkerbell with a modified Barrett was still valid thing.

>> No.27457778

well there's your problem.
You need to make them way more common retroactively if a player choses to play one.

Am I the only one that does this?

>> No.27457799

I have no idea what either of these contentions are.

>> No.27457803

They're borderline unplayable at 400BP and even with 500BP you can still do much, much better.

>> No.27457817

SR fans are real sticklers for stuff like that. You should see the dumpshock threads on being infected by ghouls - the fluff says direct contact by ghoul / ghoul fluids with open wounds, but the mechanics say the disease is contact vector. (which means any touching)

>> No.27457822

He's one of my players.

>> No.27457831

that part I can't handwave away with retroactive population numbers, no.
I was trying to argue specifically about how populous player races should be.

>> No.27457840

Drakes are meant to be very rare though.

>> No.27457858

Running Wild, p45.

> I hear NeoNET has also made customized armor for their pixie employees and that SK has a line of armor designed for centaurs. But no one has yet figured out how to make usable armor for naga that doesn’t impede their movement … Ditto with guns for pixies; the little buggers are too small to use conventional firearms, and miniaturized guns don’t pack enough of a punch to do much damage.
> Clockwork

>> No.27457870


>> No.27457882

there's a difference between "very rare" and "quite literally almost impossible to ever see".

Very rare should be you see one on the bus every month or so.

>> No.27457886

It's stated in fluff that no corporation has so far managed to make usable guns sized for pixies or armour for nagas that doesn't unacceptably impair their movements

>> No.27457893

> dat shopping bags
I love it when it's a part of SR character illustrations.
Runners aren't rich enough to afford anything more than convenience store takeout.

>> No.27457910

He might be a complete asshole, but he knows his tech.

>> No.27457911

I see no problem with either of these things. From whence arrises the contention?

Though, personally, I'd allow them to armor their upper torso the same way a human would. It just, you know, is only useful if you're popping in and out of really solid and big cover, because otherwise they can just shoot you anywhere else.

>> No.27457923

Splats should be taken with a grain of salt.

>> No.27457944

They're meant to be things that the normal person, or even most runners won't ever see.

>> No.27457959

But that's wrong.

>> No.27457978

Just so you know, a Shadowrun naga isn't a snake-taur. It's a just a large snake with human level intellegance and (generally) magical abilities.

>> No.27457987

Naga are... Difficult for people to play, and for every other player.
Firstly, they have no hands, which means for them to actually be able to act in any significant way with the world they need to be Magicians with the "magic fingers' spell.
Secondly, they're goddamned massive up-to-10-meter long snakes. I have a phobia of snakes, so imagine how every single person who sees this massive armoured snake is going to react, especially considering racism is even stronger with such groups as Humanis out murdering metahumans on a weekly basis. How on EARTH are they going to be able to follow you to a Johnson meet?
They're dual natured creatures, which means every single god damned ward in existence is going to be annoying to them.
They are stupidly recognisable...

And then there's the ability for them to be milked for their venom each hour. Imagine a 9 hour "working" day where once an hour they're milked, working 5 days a week for a month.
That's 9*23*800.
By sitting on their ASS, milking their own fangs and watching trid, they can make 165,600 Nuyen worth of deadly venom each month.
Even considering the 30% sale value to a distributor or corp, you're still making 49,680 Nuyen a month.
And that's even before you attempt to make your Negotiation deal with your contact to increase the price.
Also I just can't understand why a giant fucking SNAKE has a Charisma of 2/7 (10) when a Troll is limited to 1/4 (6).
The fuck?

>> No.27458008

Fucking saved, thanks for that.

>> No.27458021

So what you're saying is that Shadowrun doesn't have monster girls?

>> No.27458041

ah, good old fashioned naming problems. Where would I be without you?
I'm surprised they can't use armor but somehow apparently can use guns. Unless they can't use guns too.

>> No.27458058

Would anyone mind if I played shadowrun with monstergirls?

>> No.27458062

You can make some kinds of monstergirls with bioware and SURGE.

>> No.27458068

Not that I'm aware of. As I read things, he was an accomplished rigger well on top of the latest developments in his own field, as well as other technology. No Smiling Bandit, certainly, but hardly a luddite.

>> No.27458070

That's what cyberarms are for.

>> No.27458083

if they can get cyberarms, does that mean they can in fact wear trench coats and pretend their top half is TOTALLY just a dude in a coat with a shady hat?

>> No.27458104

but no natural ones.

>> No.27458107

No.I'd play the shit out of that campaign

>> No.27458120

Well he's wrong. Dead wrong.
Running Wild pg. 45
It was mentioned by Clockwork
"I hear NeoNET has also made customized armor for their pixie employees and that SK has a line of armor designed for centaurs. But no one has yet figured out how to make usable armor for Naga that doesn't impede their movement... Ditto with guns for pixies; the little buggers are too small to use conventional firearms, and miniaturized guns just don't pack enough of a punch to do much damage."

>> No.27458124

What a shame that's sort of what I was asking about. My players are all about the monster people.

>> No.27458127

Formori trolls, SURGE'd catgirls, and those four-armed human variants from Idia I can't remember the named of come instantly to mind.

>> No.27458153

None of which are monster girls.

>> No.27458181

I think it all depends on what you call natural.

>> No.27458186

SURGEd is natural you twat.

>> No.27458205

It sure does.
If you consider a SURGE III lady with a Cephalopoidal Skull, Critter Spook, Webbed Hands and Toes, Underwater Vision, Nasty Vibe, Gills, Blubber Dermal Alteration and Claws, to be a monstergirl...
I do...
Mmmmm, Lady Cthulhu

>> No.27458222

too bad they're apparently super rare in a low mana environment.

Which means I'd have to homebrew in double-haleys comet or something.

>> No.27458242


>> No.27458276

Well really, all it takes is the right class of schoolgirls getting caught on a mana storm on a fieldtrip to Australia, and BAM, anime of the year.

>> No.27458306

Shut up and take my money.

>> No.27458323

The best part is when they have to finish their shadowruns before curfiew or the parents will FLIP!

>> No.27458344

You aren't taking it fast enough.

>> No.27458384

now to make a campaign about this and try to get some players.

>> No.27458407

My e-mail's in the field, if you actually do it.

>> No.27458428

>That hotsprings episode where Heiji confesses to being a technomancer

All of my feels, dude.

>> No.27458429

So anyone make an Order of Engagement list yet?
For me the mage goes first followed by the maid, the troll and finally the orc.

>> No.27458434

Added to the list of potential player contacts.
Though I'm a shit DM, so who knows if it will really happen. Well, more technically, I'm told I am a good DM when I do my first session, and then I bolt.

>> No.27458505


>> No.27458539

So /tg/. In a short list what corps are the most dangerous to fuck with?
The ones you just want to not mess with or else?

>> No.27458542

Don't foget the one where the exchange student Roberta has to meet her Humanis-member father for the first you after the incident, and all the other girls go along for moral support.

>> No.27458554


>> No.27458589

Maybe Horizon too.

>> No.27458596

Headed by a dragon. Decent military power.
The Cartels except magical and they don't even have to bother with the pretext of law abiding.
Heavily armed, highly trained and with a love of firearms that makes America look like Britain. Third only because they tend to only kill you and won't get inventive like the other two.

>> No.27458608

Don't forget Firewatch teams.

>> No.27458620

Saeder is top.
Probably Aztlan after then, because crazy ass bloodmages and all sorts of insane shit.
Ares comes in pretty close, with Horizon behind it.

>> No.27458641

>Three in a row with the same rankings

>> No.27458654

Is that idiot really wearing a Maid outfit?
And what in the nine levels of hell is the other one wearing?

>> No.27458663

Off the top of my head?

Mitsuhama invented the concept of "zero zone" facilities, as in "zero infiltration, zero escapes." You're not getting in, and in the rare case you do, you're not getting out. They don't practice it at every sight, but enough to require caution.

Aztech WILL betray you sooner or later.

Horizon has the PR tools to make sure you never get another job if you piss them off.

SK? Lofwyr is basicly Kayser Soze in dragon form.

>> No.27458667


>> No.27458678

A business suit. I mean, I know he's a troll, but that's pretty obvious.

>> No.27458682

No one screws around with a dragon.

>> No.27458688

No the elf.
The OP post. The maid and the elf.

>> No.27458691

>Any Japanacorp
Get with the times omae

>> No.27458703

Saeder-Krupp isnt just headed by any dragon, its headed by Lofwyr, wiliest of all the greater dragons. Which is quite an achievement considering the sheer levels of political and corporate dickery great dragons get up too.

>> No.27458711

>No mention of Ares
>Horizon is mentioned
>PR skills
Goddamn it my sides

>> No.27458715

I'd dispute that he's the wiliest, it's really that he get's most of the attention.

>> No.27458726

It's Japan. They probably have maids running around so much they don't even notice.
Otaku do tend to have money

>> No.27458768


I'm hoping Texas manages to get some footing to call for an attack on Atzlan what with the terrible state Atzlan is in.

>> No.27458770

Daily reminder that the Bundeswehr has killed a Great Dragon.

>> No.27458778


Nobody uses? I've personally seen every single one of the character options save the non-human, non-banshee vamps used by players. I've seen basically everything ever used by GMs.

>> No.27458781

Plus in the 2070's, steampunk is a mainstream fashion trend in most of the world, so it's pretty plausible.

>> No.27458799

Its stated Lofwyr is the reason for teh idiom "never cut a deal with a dragon." His whole character point is being, as anon stated before, dragon Keyser Soze.

>> No.27458802

So /tg/ do you have any in-character tips for combat?
In the vein of Geek the Mage and the like?

>> No.27458809

>CAS sticking it's neck out to help Texas.

I like you, you're a funny guy.

>> No.27458813

Actually as of 4E, steampunk is going out of style again.

>> No.27458823


>> No.27458826

That doesn't really rebut the argument.

>> No.27458837

I can only hope that Noir thing devgrrl mentioned catches on, that sounded a lot more interesting than "it's the 1980's...AGAIN!"

>> No.27458850


>> No.27458857

Wouldn't get your hopes up chummer.

>> No.27458881

>Implying Shadowrun doesn't more closely resemble post-cyberpunk

>> No.27458905

Notable Japanese subculture. Actually I think it fits Shadowrun very well.

>> No.27458923

I have got to get my beaner ass to mexico
Can I bring my gun?

>> No.27458933

Hell, it makes a point of sometimes outright mocking cyberpunk conventions now, what with the whole "Yeah, we all love your black trenchcoat and mirrorshades. Now put them in the close and never look at the again" thing Attitude did.

>> No.27458955

If you've got ridiculous charisma grab Commanding Voice. It's a fourth of a power point, has a lot of cool possibilities, and can be completely hilarious.

Just don't abuse it too much and you should be good.

Gliding and wall running open up some interesting movement possibilities, although now that I think about it great leap might fit better for anime-style cat leaps.

>> No.27458969

Ignored it.

>> No.27458983

Aztlan airport security will come down on you like a metric ton of bricks if you try smuggling it in. Better off just buying a new one when you get there.

>> No.27458998

>Good guns in Japan
If I wasn't so sad I'd be laughing.

>> No.27459012

Why? It's probobly one of the better written books in 4e.

>> No.27459019

Those runners are doing some shitty runs.

>> No.27459029 [DELETED] 


>> No.27459035

Sir, I think you may be mistaken as to what part of the world we were talking about.

>> No.27459057

Japan has pantsu on head retardedly strict gun laws

>> No.27459058 [DELETED] 

>Actually look at my own goddamn comment
I wrote Mexico instead of Japan!
Fuck that's embarrassing.

>> No.27459075

>Read my comment
Oh shit I meant Japan not Mexico

>> No.27459079

And we're talking about Shadowrun Mexico.

>> No.27459091


>> No.27459137

How is the crime situation in the Shadows over there,
Japan I mean.

>> No.27459158

You realize most places have fairly tight gun control laws in the Sixth World, right?
All kinds of stuff what with Moonrune politics, the Yaks, and whatnot.

>> No.27459159


>> No.27459169

Have some connections with nearby rebels, farmers and runners. It'll be a rusty pile of crap left over from the Euro Wars, but it'll still shoot bullets.

>> No.27459174


>> No.27459183

>Still being able to find cased ammo.

>> No.27459236

Yaks are dominating on by sheer momentum, the Vory and Traids are trying to get a foothold and failing, Salpula Rings stick to the margins, and street-level gangs consist mostly of thrillkillers or bosozku.

>> No.27459397

So /tg/ where are your characters based?

>> No.27459446

Used to be Cali. Moved over to Seattle for the work.

>> No.27459456

Montreal, which made the city coming to back to life in 4e pretty damn handy.

>> No.27459480


>> No.27459544

You can just take modern-day Japan and just transplant it forward into Shadowrun, as suggested in >>27459158
No embellishment required! Japan has that perfect cyberpunk vibe of an outwardly ultra-hygienic and "safe" society with a brutal criminal underbelly and corrupt if not outright incompetent police.

Look at the Lucie Blackman case (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucie_Blackman) - a foreigner down on her luck with debt starts working as a hostess, goes on a paid date, disappears. ONE YEAR later the police finally find her body, just a few hundred meters from the perpetrator's residence and the area from where she last called.

>> No.27459596

Still better then Mexico

>> No.27459653

For the record, you Can legally but guns in Shadowrun Japan, they're just all loads of shit that wouldn't penetrate a paper target, never mind someone in armour.

>> No.27459668

So what you're saying is, you can't buy guns.

>> No.27459677

Africa is better then Mexico at this point.

>> No.27459704

You wot m8?

>> No.27459716

I think what he's saying is that there's a market for better guns in japan just waiting to be exploited.

>> No.27459722

Africa is on the rise friend. The Union is doing some rather broad improvements.

>> No.27459770

Except that the entirety of Central Africa is still, and will continue to be, one giant Charlie Foxtrot omae.

>> No.27459808

Logisticly speaking, you'd be better off importing Hi-EX and APDS ammo that would turn the local peashooters in to something worth using.

>> No.27459834

Mexico has got Las Zetas.
And are a bit more media friendly. It's a lovely place really

>> No.27459848


>> No.27459874

The only place in Africa even close to having their shit together at the moment is Asamando, and they aren't even recognized as a country yet.

>> No.27459912

Kenya and the Anzian Confederation sorta have their shit together too.

>> No.27459938

Where there's a will, there's a way, and where there's a profit, there's a team of shadowrunners willing to gun their way through customs and any law enforcement checkpoints between them and the certified credsticks.

>> No.27459945

Ammo's easier to smuggle than guns. Set up a good route, bring in only a handfull at a time, and you could make a killing. Kick back 85% to the Yaks for protection and you could still make a decent profit.

>> No.27459963

Yeah, you enjoy that squad of JIS marines that'll come when you get busted.

>> No.27459991

I think you're seriously underestimating how draconian Japanese firearms laws are.

>> No.27459997

After your first Ares run shit like that don't mean much.

>> No.27460010

Shooting your way through customs is ametur hour. Dump the cargo at the edge of international waters, sell the location to the highest bidder, let them worry about getting it on shore.

>> No.27460075

It does when you're not armed nearly as well, and they've got air support.

>> No.27460091

So just ask for it to be stolen and to have a pissed customer come after you

>> No.27460112

I was looking for the op

>> No.27460180

That's pretty good. Would force you to bring down the price like a motherfucker though, considering the amount of risk you're placing on the customer. Since they're taking care of the difficult part of transport they might as well buy from the source and ship it the whole way themselves.

It does however make for a bretty good series of runs: finding the location of the drop and then collecting the goods before they buyer shows up.

>> No.27460183

You're not thinking like a pirate. You steal the goods, sail in down there, find a buyer, then blow the living shit out of anyone who's not paying you for it. If someone else does grab it, vanish to the other end of the world with your advance and resuming hustling.

>> No.27460197

OP here, you have a question?

>> No.27460215

Also dumping it underwater runs the risk of the ammo itself being compromised.

>> No.27460224

I meant the picture but do you know if there are any translation of the replays

>> No.27460245

Airtight containers are pretty much standard at this point.

>> No.27460262

Things can always go wrong with those, espically when you're dumping them in 100m+ of water

>> No.27460277

Not to the best of my knowledge. Japanese gamers are pretty insular, even if you savvy moonspeak.

>> No.27460334

>your propellant isn't self oxidizing and can survive a bit of water exposure

>> No.27460336

So you quintuple-bag the goods before dropping. Or better yet, find an uncharted (or at least unsupervised) island offshore and put them there. Or if you're smuggling something small like chips, you have the crew stash in in their "special" smuggling compartments and waltz on shore like in ain't no thing.

>> No.27460382

>Shadowrun devs
>being able to into guns
At this point it seems like it'd make more sense to just avoid Japan and make money easier elsewhere.

>> No.27460427


>> No.27460438

Can't you just set up a manufacturing operation in-country and avoid all this trouble? Ammo is hardly complicated to produce, and you can probably steal the more tightly regulated components from someone else.

>> No.27460440

Thread's past bump limit.

>> No.27460464

For all the pain in the ass in might be, you can get away with a 600% profit or better on weapons and ammo, even after accounting for pleasing the local middlemen, so yeah, worth it.

>> No.27460479

Then start a new one, cockjuggler.

>> No.27460496

I don't see what's stopping you.

>> No.27460603



Fine, dick.

>> No.27460610


Here you slags

New Thread

>> No.27460649

Well shit.

>> No.27460710

Thread deleted. You pic's still meh, dude.

>> No.27460725


>> No.27460788

I...it's not like I like I like you or anything, SR General, geeze, get over yourself. I just wanted to keep the thread going you melon head.

>> No.27463716

Paracritters and sea dragons. This plan has holes I could drive a bus full of ANFO through.

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