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Sup /tg/.

I hope you don't mind me interrupting- I come to ask for some thoughts on something I've been thinking about.

I haven't been lurking much recently but I love this board, and you're by far the best people for me to ask for advice on this because not only are you well versed in writing your own /tg/ related stuff, everyone is also right about you generally being a friendly board as far as 4chan goes.

Anyway, for a while I have wanted to do a fanzine about cats on the internet, and i collected loads of my favorite photos and gifs and burnt all the gifs to a bunch of CDR's and got a load of photocopies of the snaps done. But it just felt a bit lame taking other people's photos, many with captions, and putting them straight into a zine without any work on my part.
Most of my Cat Snaps are from /wsg/ and /b/, and it got me thinking that maybe I could bring the board that I spent so much time on for a little while into that mix by using the Cat pictures I was going to put in the fanzine as illustrative pictures for a CYOA booklet- gather a bunch together and figure out how they could all fit into an adventure and write the words around the pictures.

>Then buy loads of those awesome mini dice and baggies (I've got the best patterned small baggies ever) and include them stapled inside the back cover by the CDR.

tl;dr CYOA fanzine using pics of cats from the internet as illustration/ inspiration for situations&words- What think?

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It's still not really /tg/. Go find some fanzine tutorials online.

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No I know how to make the fanzine.
It's the Choose your own adventure, turn to page 8 to go right, page 21 to go left part that I wanted to talk about.

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I should have mentioned the Lone Wolf threads on here too, It's that sort of thing I was thinking about writing, but it being based mainly on caturday snaps.

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Shamless selfbump.

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Come on /tg/ this is my first ever thread.

All else I've got to do tonight is my first play through of MassEffect3, and I fucked up my character import so my Shepard is so much less hot than I made her in 2. The Weeps.

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/tg/ doesn't really into cats. Unless they're the kind that shares traits with little japanese girls.

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/tg/ totally intos cats.

It just doesn't tend to do them as dedicated threads, or at least, not as dedicated threads if that was the topic of the OP.

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Hey, man:
1. /tg/'s a rather medium-to-slow speed board. It's certainly much slower than /b/; you might need to be a bit more patient.
2. Your OP is a little misleading: it sounds more like you're asking for help finding cat pictures or creating some kind of cat magazine (which, in case you need help on either of those, are likely cases for /an/ and perhaps /lit/, respectively), as opposed to writing your own wacky cat CYOA.
I'd suggest letting this one die, and then make one that's more about creating your own CYOA than it is about making one related to cats.
Best of luck.

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I, uh, sure?

I'd need an example of the CYOA.

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>first play through of MassEffect3


Get Citadel and nothing else. Then be depressed that Robin Sachs died.
Stop SP before the beginning of Cronos station.
Play some MP and then put the game away.

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Ok, I fucked it, thanks guys. Ill start another thread another day.

1. I did totally forget about the post rate of different boards, I used to spend happy hours on a /tg/ thread that didn't progress much past a few dozen posts over the whole evening, I just forgot and was thinking in /b/ time, and thinking in anything /b/ is /b/ad.

2. I didn't realize it came across all backwards, I'll re-write it, Thank you very much for all your help dude.

P.S. Wicked Skelly Pic, I collect those, and that ones awesome.

>Saging so as not to waste anyones time.
>Pic Related trying to style out of thread.

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