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What kinda of Faye kidnap children and replace them with simulacrum?

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The ones who have unwanted half-fae catboy children.

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The best kind

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Pretty much all of them, you have to realize that we are nothing more than pets or resources to them.

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I'm specifically looking for German Faye that snuck to America stowed away amon German immigrants. The story is that it has been stealing children for nearly 200 years, replacing them with faries.

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The changelings are the ones who are replaced.

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Actually, a DM I had ran a campaign where the point was to explore why fae kidnap children. The end result was that all changelings basically fulfill some sort of function fulfilled by machines in the human world.

elemental changeling heat buildings and provide utlities

Beasts provide entertainment and sport for hunting or fighting

fairest are concubines, art decorations and toys

Wizened are living references and information storage

Unfortunate changelings are made into clothing or objects that move to their keepers will

the list goes on. It was pretty sickening when you infiltrate the fae and find a closet begging for death before it becomes complacent with slavery and broken like the poor clock in the corner. Or the art sculpture that is kept sane so they fae can torment it.

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The worst thing was that after a while they had lived their changeling lives longer than their human ones, and forgot who they were, or if it was real at all.

The "lucky" ones escaped and were taken back as true fae once they fully broke under the strain of their true nature and new lives. Or perhaps that was the point to begin with. Some of them are turned to true fae for the fun of it.

the fae can rarely reproduce on their own after all

the DM had the fae society be post magic caused apocalypse. They had conquered death, starvation, and given all of themselves the ability to warp reality according to their will. The result was a magic blasted wasteland/wonderland called Arcadia where a few held godhood and the others could barely hold onto reality. Humans are blessed with their stability in the universe where the Fae barely hold on to their senses. They live forever like this and their race would stagnate and die if not for the infusion of changelings every now and again.

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grimdark man, grimdark

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Plot twist. You were the DM.

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>The fae can rarely reproduce on their own
Humans might be able to help them in that

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And cold iron is the most anti-magic material possible? or did they stick with the whole "Contract with iron" deal that humans royally fucked when they discovered smelting?

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I played a changeling the Lost game where the characters first played as mortals being hunted by the true fey.

they were the fetch all along. The true fae were actually changelings trying to get their old lives back

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All of them, baby stealing bastards.
Seriously, fuck the fae.

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