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Sup guys,

let's have one of those. As we all heard the release date has been delayed.

What are your thoughts on the current development of the project, your hopes and your fears?
I also heard that many of you got to back for Kingdom Death, while being newbs to tabletop. Most peculiar, how did you even find out about the project and what made it stand out for you?

Mandatory bitching Jesus freaks complaining about rape culture always welcome. It's become a tradition already.

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>It's become a tradition already.
Indeed... some would say it's become a traditional game...

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What's your favorite model so far?

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Wet Nurse. Because fuck you, I like the giant tit-monster birth-demon thing.

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Dragon Sacrifice in every thread.

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Brass knuckles made out of prey. Badass.

I think it's a very interesting design, but similiar to the giant baby Gorm it's a bit obvious that the miniature is one of the older products.
In comparision the Wet Nurse is just a bit too statical and her pose seems very artificial. Just my opinion

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You are objectifying that object, you rapist!

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>jesus freaks complaining about rape culture
>not social justice liberal faggots

I wounder who could be behind this post

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I regret not getting Simba the Lionking

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board designs

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Never heard of this, but this shit looks tight.

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Wait why should I be crying?

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Project delayed to first quarter 2014.

First quarter being Jan-Mar, not Aug-Oct.

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I have no idea, but in every kingdom death thread there are multiple people who feel offended by scantily dressed tabletop miniatures and start insulting everyone involved as a virgin or psychopath.
Just wait some more minutes, you will see.

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Er, NVM.
OP meant the people who come in and scream about objectification, rape the board game, astroturf, and pinup models.

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At least its a shorter wait than for dark souls 2.
On a board with multiple daily ERP threads? Really?

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God damn I wish he had released that in a wallpaper suitable size.

>What are your thoughts on the current development of the project, your hopes and your fears?

Honestly, having bought some of his pre-kickstarter products before and given poots dedication to a quality product, I don't really have any worries, just that it isn't going to get here sooner.

>I also heard that many of you got to back for Kingdom Death, while being newbs to tabletop.

Was never really a noob to tabletop, just a newb to miniatures I guess. I remember seeing some art floating around for some of his older products on /tg/, did some clever internet searching, found his site and was just fell in love with his vision and setting. Checked back a couple of months later and saw he was starting a kickstarter, I dropped $700+ on it.

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this art looks like the nes Zelda art

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I think that's why I like it.

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That was probably the inspiration, and it looks amazing.

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You can check it out, very interesting board game, imo.

I hope they do something good with the spidiculous

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I dunno. Objectification, sexism, whatever. Am I the only one who thinks it's just... kind of gross for the sake of being gross?

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>On a board with multiple daily ERP threads? Really?

Yes, seriously.
Some feminist blogs had vagina cramps over the pinups and /tg/ jumped right onto it, focusing on alien designs like the Wet Nurse. Big drama everytime.

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Yes, you are.
Most monsters aren't even gross, but just unusual designs. I also get the feeling that it's part of American culture to find nake boobs more gross than mutilated guts or something alike.

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I was more specifically talking about the Sunstalker Infant.

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Dude what?
How is that even remotely gross? I think he's a pretty cool, happy fellow.

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He's literally got a waterfall of vomit coming out of him.

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He's nurturing the babies, silly. How do you get scared by that.

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Probably a reference to spirited away and that bath tube scene

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That's to cover up the stubby little penis he had poking out from under his belly in the early art.

Vomit is nature's censorship.

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>I also get the feeling that it's part of American culture to find nake boobs more gross than mutilated guts or something alike.
As an american, yeah it pretty much is... Blood, guts, gore, and fat men in a bannanna hammock is perfectly acceptable! But you shouldn't show anything less than a bikini!

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I don't know how I am supposed to deal with this heresy.

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I like to imagine all the faces talk to each other, like "aw shit dude, those two humans are totally going to fuck on top of me, this is awesome!"

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Don't mind me, I know nothing about the game, I'm just lurking for the cheesecake.

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It's obviously rape though.

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Sit on my face and tell me that you love me? Is that what you're getting at?

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Yeah yeah, I hear your bitching. I just wish you would just shut the fuck up for just one second!
Alright, FINE! Have my Kingdom Death folder, geez!

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She looks like she wants the Descartes to me

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What else is there for a stone face in a nightmarish hellscape to look forward to?

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There's no bubble saying 'Yes you can have consensual sex with me now, since I'm completely aware of my actions' , so it's rape.

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Zelda? More like Berserk.

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I think you're right.

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>Implying that would stop feminists
She was obviously culturally indoctrinated into saying that by the patriarchy hurrr durrr

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>My screencap is in there
Here, have the edited version.

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That red hair, that feather...
Uh oh, how did Poots kidnap Cordelia from Nintendo? That's obviously rape, since the other guy isn't Chrom.

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So, all sex is rape in their mind, unless it takes place between a man and another man or a shark.

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>So, all sex is rape in their mind

German Feminazi Alice Schwarzer actually said that.

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But if all sex is rape, and all men are rapists, but men cannot be the victims of rape, then does that make man on man rape some sort of feminist paradox?

The answer is no, they just masturbate to it.

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No, man on man sex is obviously an oppressive display of raw, masculine, female-excluding dominance and perceived superiority, which makes it misogynist. Do you even check your privilege?

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I really hope he release a scenery set sometime. Basically just loads of those creepy as fuck stone heads in various sizes and shapes.
Anyone remember if the full package deal thing included those basing piece inserts?

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From the looks of their faces, it must be fucking awesome to be part of the Lion Knight's harem.

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The biggest rapist.

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Of course, he is the alpha male other ladies are looking for their whole life time.

>you are the club
>this guy slaps your girlfriend's ass and she smiles back
>wat do

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Talk about my extensive agricultural and social advancements so he'll leave.

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>Mandatory bitching Jesus freaks complaining about rape culture always welcome.

Twas not I that was butthurt. Blame yourselves or blame Tumblr.

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Why would I blame myself?
Also they started the 'so edgy atheist' thing a couple of times, that's why I supposed they were hip Christians with not so hip 1920s morals.

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>Also they started the 'so edgy atheist' thing a couple of times

Sounds like someone wanted to flood the general with Guaranteed Replies shitposts, dude.

I hope you guys get a good clean discussion and ignore that shit.

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You can't prevent shitposters/mangina social warriors from shitposting no matter what you do.

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Dude, the Lion Knights harem is pretty fucking empowered. They are the most intelligent women in KD:M, having access to the vast knowledge the Lion Knight collects, have unlocked the secret of immortality, and have one of the more powerful beings in KD:M guarding them at all times.


Its fucking AWESOME to be in his harem.

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I wonder what their rules will be. Don't look like they're very fighty.

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>Christians complaining about rape culture
But Christians are one of the strongest bastions of rape culture.

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>can't prevent shitposters

Dude seriously. Why?
We have had very reasonable discussions in these threads in the past, and every time it DOES devolve into shitposting, its because someone linked to one of the RadFem blogs that even actual feminists don't take seriously, OR someone started getting overly defensive before someone even mentioned anything, so people just keep building on that because THATS HOW TROLLS FUCKING WORK DUMBASS.

Just talk about the damn game. Its not that hard. If you don't stir up shit, others won't shit post. HUGE FUCKING REVEAL, I KNOW.

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I'm guessing standard JRPG boss node things, conferring some bonus to Simba while they live. One that heals, one that boosts him and one that saps the players maybe.

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I've noticed that the number of shitposts on 4chan have increased drastically ever since moot posted the news post about shitposting.

Not sure if its just me noticing it more after reading it, or if people are just being idiots because of it.

Doubt they will have any. They were a stretch goal to just add onto the base of his model. Its just there for fanciness.

They might play a role in the campaign though, if it all goes well when you meet the Lion Knight and he DOESN'T try to rip out the innards of everyone in your settlement.

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Such class minis for what is obviously a mature game for mature gamers.

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How about, you win the lion knights favor and he gives you a groupie.


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can someone please explain what the fuck kingdom death is about? I mean other than the figures and pics that make me harden more than a thousand metapods?

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Monster Hunter meets Civilization in the setting from Dark Souls.

Kill monsters, shred the corpses, use those resources to make new armor and discover new shit to get bonuses, build up a settlement, then cower in fear and die a bunch and more and more monsters get attracted to your growing settlement, leaving you trying to win a battle of attrition.

Here are the gameplay videos that the creator posted. First one is of combat, second one is of building up the settlement and hunting down a monster, as well as building upon character creation and combat a bit more.



If you plan on playing the game IRL, it will be another half year, and cost you $200. $1k easy if you want to get the expansions. Which is why I'm gonna work on putting it in VASSAL, Lackey, or OCTGN (still undecided, but leaning towards VASSAL. Maybe Lackey if it gets some better support for campaigns)

>> No.27407351

oh god this sounds awesome. can you at least set traps around your village?

and whats the deal with the lanterns?

>> No.27407380

>If you plan on playing the game IRL, it will be another half year, and cost you $200. $1k easy if you want to get the expansions.

I think it's important to note that in the vanilla game box you get /a lot/ of stuff.

Ignore the last two boxes near the bottom as those were only for the kickstarter pledges anyways.

>> No.27407449

Traps.... thats a verry good question. No comment from the creator. Probably could with the right innovations though?

Also, lanterns seem to be the equivalent of souls. There is no natural light in the setting. The settlement is built around a horde of lanterns that the survivors discovered, and your starting characters each have a lantern. But if you LOSE a lantern, its pretty much a death sentence.

Quite a few of the monsters also mimic lantern light, to lure in people to attack them.

I think its important to mention that that ISN'T the vanilla game box. You still get a LOT of stuff, but not nearly that much.

>> No.27407463

wait shit, didn't read the full post. You already mentioned that that one had extra stuff. Nevermind then.

>> No.27407482

>I think its important to mention that that ISN'T the vanilla game box. You still get a LOT of stuff, but not nearly that much.

Aside from the Survivor pledge level bonuses and the obvious holiday gift? I had figured that that top list is what was actually coming in the retail version of the game, can you provide a source that says otherwise?

>> No.27407500 [DELETED] 

Haha, disregard my comment then, misunderstandings abound.

More cheesecake instead.

>> No.27408317

Just a reminder to everyone, the cards in the game are dominion sized. Something to keep in mind if you plan on sleeving cards or using custom storage.

>> No.27408406

Wait what? Since when?

>> No.27409270


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for all we know he could have baby hands does anyone have measurements?

>> No.27410704

He specifically said he was using FFG Eurogame sleeves.

But yeah someone in the KS comments had measurements, let me go find them.

>> No.27410775


>> No.27410831

I understand saving money but tiny cards drive me insane

>> No.27411496

Smaller cards probably wouldn't actually save him in production costs, honestly.

Its less material, yes, but they aren't using "standard playing card" sizes, which would hike up the cost a bit, in all honesty.

Which just makes me wonder WHY he would use euro cards in the first place.

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>Thong showing
Muh Dick

>> No.27411658

"This is what I was wearing when I was raped, I didn't ask for this"

>> No.27412896

*tell me I asked for it!

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>> No.27413461

Is there more of this hot guro action?

>> No.27413990

Vaguely cheesecakey models mixed with some fuck ugly monsters all of which are in a scale that isn't compatible with other games, and are only used for a mediocre to shit tier boardgame. So many people I know who pledged for this are having major buyers regret.

>> No.27414054

Even if the game turns out to be shit, I have plans to use these for tabletop RPG games and I think it'll work out well. I still get my moneys worth in badass miniatures.

>> No.27414409

>Vaguely cheesecakey models mixed with some fuck ugly monsters

Those monsters are awesome. Creative, detailed and intimidating designs that capture very well their outlandish nature.

Scrub. I'm sure you are just upset they didn't release 'generic minotaur number 48237'

>> No.27414434

>fuck ugly monsters

>> No.27414504

>Creative, detailed and intimidating

>Hey Poots how many penis metaphors can we squeeze into this one.

>Oh I dunno all the boobs and or hands are getting in the way of adding a third penis with a face.

I'm not prudish by any means but that's almost every monster in the setting, the outline of a generic monster, made a bit more horror themed then add in a mass of hands, penis and boob.

>> No.27414512

I just want the slutty minis.

>> No.27414554

>Hey Poots how many penis metaphors can we squeeze into this one.

>Oh I dunno all the boobs and or hands are getting in the way of adding a third penis with a face.

The only monsters present in the kickstarter that have crafted genetalia are the gorm, the scribe, and the lion god. That's three, three monsters out of nineteen.

The hand thing may get out of hand, but if you don't like the design or setting, then why are you here?

>> No.27414650


Oh are you offended already.

>I'm not prudish by any means but that's almost every monster in the setting

Yes ,you are. You were even so outraged that you developed a highly selective view. As a anon pointed out, in Kingdom Death: Monster there are actually very few monsters designed with genitalia (which is not a horrible thing to do per se btw). The majority lacks any sexual iconography.
But hey, I guess you don't wanna hear that. Your opinion is irreversible and you wanted to share your anger about some tits with us.

>> No.27414728

>If you don't love it you can't have an opinion.

Real logical, some of the miniatures are indeed very pretty, however for the most part I'm not a fan and I certainly don't think the game itself looks good.

Might pick up some of the more ornamental models at retail to paint and display but that's as far as it goes with the setting for me.

Oh also the sunstalker definitely has a massive penis out the front, and some semblance of monster boob. I'm not too sure what the other 15 are though as they don't seem to be showing on the pledge calculator. Unless for some reason you're counting human form dragon king and the man hunter as monsters which is clearly just trying to make the proportion of these monsters work in your favour.

>> No.27414746

Oh please you're just trying to pigeonhole me into that niche so you can discount a very fair point, if nothing else the hands thing alone is too much by itself. Even someone else who clearly loves the setting can see that:
>The hand thing may get out of hand

>> No.27414816

>Oh please you're just trying to pigeonhole me into that niche so you can discount a very fair point,

Nope I refuted your point and made a guess why you make claims that are obviously untrue.

> the hands thing alone is too much by itself
You lost me here , I don't get it

>> No.27414831

>Oh also the sunstalker definitely has a massive penis out the front
Four, four!

>and some semblance of monster boob
Things have nipples, oh the humanity.

>If you don't love it you can't have an opinion.

I never said you couldn't have an opinion, however, seeing as yours is mostly negative and based off of general ignorance and a general dislike of well... everything about it, I'm failing to see why you're still here.

You're welcome to have your opinion, this game obviously isn't going to appeal to everybody and that's fine, but there's better places and better ways to express it than further derailing the pretty rare kingdom death thread with your shitposting.

>> No.27414895

Let's all just get along (´・ω・`)

>> No.27414910

and post more cheesecake.

>> No.27416301

Honestly it looks like the cheesecake is the problem 9/10 times. Very few people seem to dislike the game, but the cheesecake and wet nurse cause shitstorms without fail.

Manhunter IS a monster though. Its hard to count a ten foot tall, faceless creature, as something other then a monster. Human mode dragon just counts as the same monster as dragon king though. Its just a proxy piece to my knowledge.

Sunstalker, Gorm, and Lion God are anatomically correct. The scribe is as well, but all those pieces are optional bits.

But those are all expansion monsters. The CORE GAME is very good at keeping out T&A, if your problem is the sexual horror, just dont get the expansions that display it. Or dont get the game at all, if you dislike it that much.

But complaining about it on a message board where your opinion doesnt even have a name tied to it to associate with it, instead just being a bit of hate towards the game floating around, is kinda silly. mind you! you are a lot more articulate then most of the people who come in here just to post how much they dislike the game, so thanks for that.

>> No.27416592

>the cheesecake and wet nurse cause shitstorms without fail.

I don't want to say that the game was founded on cheesecake, but sexuality seems to be a core aspect of the games setting. Not that sexuality is a bad thing in any sense, but people seem to equate it to sexualization, objectification, etc. and start vilifying it.

> mind you! you are a lot more articulate then most of the people who come in here just to post how much they dislike the game, so thanks for that.

Agreed, I just wish people would do a little more research into what they are arguing about before complaining about it. It's okay to not like the game, but it's not okay to dislike the game and then publicly debase it based off of ignorance or some perceived notion that every model is covered in dicks.

>> No.27416639

>I don't want to say that the game was founded on cheesecake, but sexuality seems to be a core aspect of the games setting.
This is very true. But all of that, at least as far as I have seen, have been through the monsters. Humans display very little sexuality, and when they do, its from mimicing a monster (like the dragon armor).

Thats why the pinups aren't canon. The humans we have seen just don't dress like that in the setting, with the exception of white speakers, which are heavily implied to be working AGAINST other humans, and thus probably fall into the 'monster' category.

And yes, having the people trying to detract from the game be able to form sentences properly is very refreshing.

>> No.27416644

Tit Bitz

>> No.27416687

Yeah, a lot of people (mostly those saying that this game is exclusionary by way of the pinups) seem to forget (or just didn't research) the fact that the pinups have absolutely nothing to do with the game, and that shit is frustrating.

>> No.27416713

Fem-mahreens, here I cum!

>> No.27416728

I know what else is hard.
"This fucking sword, Jesus it huge!"

>> No.27416911


dat lantern

>> No.27416970

and latern bitz

>> No.27417273

So, is there a place where I can look up on the lore this game?

It looks pretty interesting with the faces everywhere and all.

>> No.27417308

Most of the lore is being kept under wraps until the board game is released. Everything else pretty much descriptions of the miniatures he sells on his site, you could probably piece together stuff from that and kickstarter pages to get something vaguely tangible.

>> No.27417331

Here's something for you to read

>> No.27417354

There is a scribd somewhere that has all the current info. Other then that its all kind of scattered. Offhand comments in interviews, product descriptions, and some leaps of logic based on stuff we already know.

>> No.27417373

Oh, someone already linked it. Nevermind then.

>> No.27417380

Fuck off, everyone with a brain knows the only cocksuckers that whine about social justice are the fucking cancercunts from /pol/

>> No.27417402



>> No.27417412

So looking at the art, I'm getting a major Berserk vibe. Would that be accurate?

>> No.27417422

I have no idea what you are talking about. I'm pretty sure you are retarded.

>> No.27417464

There is a Guts mini, and it was stated to be one of the major influences, along with Dark Souls and Monster Hunter.

>> No.27417498

Those aren't people who feel offended by scantily dressed tabletop miniatures.

Those are cocksucking false-flagging Male Right "Activist" cocksuckers from Reddit, /pol/, JIDF and Stormfront trying to rile "Anonymous" up because "ANONYMOUS IS LEGION XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD XP ANON GONNA DEFEAT FEMINISM LOLOLOLO XDDD XP CHANOLOGY ZOMG SO COOOL!"

>> No.27417930

The pinups may not have anything to do with the game, but they *do* feature heavily in the promotional art, and weren't some of them stretch goals?

You're slightly misconstruing the criticism, which is never about the game itself, but the presentation/advertising of it. How frequent are the pin-ups used as the lead-in pics?

>> No.27418022

THAT is a valid complaint. KD:M has been called the "Evony of tabletop" a few times and... its honestly a pretty good comparison. The game is fairly clean but the promotional stuff paints a poor picture of it.

However, there ARE people complaining about the pinups, as if they were canon. And thats just downright silly.

>> No.27418032

He means the pinups don't have any rules and are not canon of the setting. And there were many pinups in the stretch goals to secure more and more pledges.

>> No.27418094

I get this huge spike of vanity every time someone uses my stuff as reaction images.

>> No.27418111

I actually use it as my skype avatar.

>> No.27418232


I still fail to understand how you can get so upset about sexuality and sexual fantasies, considering the fact that most fantasy settings are power and killing fatasies.
Maybe that's because I'm not a American raised with plebeian ethics

>> No.27418306

>How frequent are the pin-ups used as the lead-in pics?
About as frequently as an image of a sexy girl is used as a lead-in for every other thread (read: all the damn time)

Frankly, I don't even see the problem if they're canon, which they sometimes are. I guess that's just how it is when you completely lack the SJW mindset.

>> No.27418365

It comes from a multitude of places I think. What underlies most debates on political correctedness (I dislike calling it "social justice", as it's nothing of the sort), is the idea that the definition of what's socially acceptable can be changed - and generally, should be changed in such a way as to avoid causing harm to people, whether emotional or physical. Of course, the fundamental sticking point is on what causes harm? But it essentially comes out of a positive wish to help people, which is why it's pervasive (and why it's sometimes vocalized so self-righteously).

>> No.27418412

That's one fucken huge sword and the handle suggests that it's MEANT for one handed use.

>> No.27418447


I'd give her the L.

>> No.27418501

>no based Chosen

Already have mine coming in the post.

Only 119 left.

>> No.27418551

Damn shame it wasn't in the KS and damn shame I don't have any money, because that's a fantastic model.

>> No.27418744


>dat duckface

I'm glad they made a tribute to the almighty zyzz who sure is in heaven now. RIP

>> No.27418781

Owl Flower Knight.

>> No.27418811

Slaanesh is pleased.

>> No.27418905

So, is she pregnant or does that belly just store her coiled up shark penis?

>> No.27418935


I think she has sex with human sacrifices and gives birth to some kind of middleman between the gods and the humans. Bites of the penis , too.

But I can't remember it correctly.

>> No.27419131

>Bites of the penis
I'm guessing this isn't consensual.

>> No.27419155

She has a metal womb made to be able to birth monsters.

>> No.27419205

It's not, but it's okay because it's happening to a man.

>> No.27419219


Still got to be the lion knight, I was so happy when Poots added him into the kickstarter because the resin model had just sold out about 2 days before hand..

>> No.27419345


She's pregnant with one of these guys>>27418501

>> No.27419540

>Crying Christians

>> No.27419596

As a Christian I find nothin wrong with the lore I have read. Its a fantasy land, of courseits going to follow different rules than our own.

As a gamer though, I'm not that much of a /d/m to allow penis monsters onto my table. That stuff is just weird. My group got uncomfortable when I made a "Thespian"/Lesbian pun

>> No.27420742

Reminder that if you email poots you may be able to get your pledge manager unlocked.

>> No.27420794

Well, not that I would bitch about naked people, but I think it is a bit stupid to have a fairly dressed and well-protected man, but the woman has to show her belly and her tight.

I don't know, it just get old and boring. It's all I say. But I mean, I'm not looking for him to change it, it's mostly the essence of the game, and I would be lying if I said I'm not aroused by it, it's just... I mean in the long run, you know? On a general point of view. One game with it? Cool. Every fucking shit out there doing the same thing? Lame.

>> No.27420938


Come on, don't act if this was comparable to a platemail bikini in any way.

>> No.27420959

I think the female KD models, the pin-ups, look too anime style. Kinda retarded.

>> No.27421045

Uhm, no, it's not platemail bikini. It's actually not that bad on human miniatures on this game, but those pin-up models are a bit retarded. But if you think about it, thats the sole purpose of those models, so I see no problem on it.

But it still bugs me, you know? Why the hell did he though she needed to show flesh? They are in an apocalyptic world in which fucking lions and giant babies are out there to eat you, and she decides to show flesh instead of protecting herself. I repeat, is not that bad, but it's still a bit stupid. That's why I think he would have done it better if he also had men doing the same, so it's not just women being retarded, but instead the tone of the entire setting.

Coherence. That's what I mean.

>> No.27421112

While she may need to protect herself, it may be fluff wise that she shows skin - the sexual nature of this game is pretty obvious. Perhaps even in battle she must be able to attract a mate? Perhaps a mate she is hunting with so they can breed strong hunters?
Who knows man.

>> No.27421115


He did.
The armor is highly improvised and there are a lot other armor sets for male characters who are suboptimal from a armor effectiveness perspective as well.

>> No.27421181

You see, that's what I need, some explanation, some fluff behind it, something besides just showing things because the mini looks better.

This thing was still expensive as shit, wasn't it?

>> No.27421252

>This thing was still expensive as shit, wasn't it?

What thing?The game?

>> No.27421278

I didn't even spend much compared to other anons
(I also got Dragon King)

>> No.27421280

I'm the guy with the chosen in the mail. Wasn't too expensive. Hardly cheap though.

It's the small, high-cost models that're overpriced.

>> No.27421331

wiat, you can still get kickstarter-like rewards for this?

>> No.27421332

Yeah, I suppose that If you get it full, it will be expensive as hell. But, which is the minimun price? Just the basic game, I mean. Because I love the game idea and mechanics and all, but the price is setting me off. I play 40k too, I have enough expenses on my own, and I don't know if this game will be easy to get people to play with.

>> No.27421355

Base game on Kickstarter was 100$.
With the change to hard plastic he projected the game may cost around 200$.

>> No.27421390

Holy shit. That's like almost a whole army from Zanchui.

Well, I suppose I could save some money to get it on a far future.

>> No.27421424

Yeah, the cost is a bit rough, but most board games with minis cost around 100 and use cheaper materials. Poots is going to be "premium" stuff, supposedly.

>> No.27421442

The Lion God is anatomically correct? From pictures, it looks just like the White Lion. What's the difference?

>> No.27421469

Not to mention that there's practically "a whole army" in the core box.
32 survivor miniatures and 7 monsters, in addition to the other game contents. It's a bit expensive, but that's really why I bought it all at once during the kickstarter.

I've got strangely high hopes.

>> No.27421963

Totally, almost 50 miniatures of such detail has to be expensive. Hell, Descent cost 80€ and have poorly detailed minis. But 200€ it's too much: not that is not worth it, it's just too much money.

>> No.27422397

Guts? Is that you?

>> No.27423968

Lies and slander!

>> No.27424065

I wish the model kept the sneer. The model feels rather lifeless compared to the art

>> No.27424355

I don't see it either.

>> No.27424576

See, the funny part is, KD:M has some of the more tasteful female armor, compared to other fantasy roleplay games.

But people see the pinups so they judge the actual mini's more harshley when they are REALLY FUCKING TAME. The only one that actually 'shows' anything is the dragon armor, and that actually has decent plot reasons, and is just as exposed on the males as well.

>> No.27424609

Get on my level, scrub.

>> No.27424625

Puh-lease, 600 is the bare minimum to get all the expansions.

>> No.27424636

Tentacle penis tail. I meant he has a dick somewhere on him, not necessarily that he has a dick between his legs.

>> No.27424660

I think that's more 'anatomically hung' than 'anatomically correct'.

>> No.27424666

Don't talk when ya ain't nothin but a chump yourself.
I'm not even on the level of some people.

>> No.27424687

>shirt XL
Son, I am disappoint. You better be like 6'5'' or something.

>> No.27424715

>You better be like 6'5'' or something.
Yeah. I am.
Exactly 6'5".
Are you watching me right now?

>> No.27424745

I'm 6'1 and I wear XL.
I'm about 20 pounds overweight though and try to hide it.

>> No.27424763

$200 not €200.
its about €120.
The box just WEIGHS 200 lbs.

>> No.27424773

Pic related?
Sounds unpleasant.

>> No.27424788

Yes. Stop touching yourself.

>> No.27424803

>tfw S/M

>> No.27424804

Oh man, that's really creepy. I didn't know I had a stalker.
At least it means you're close. We'll have to play when the game is shipped.

>> No.27424828

Nah, Obama's just not too careful about locking up his drones.

>> No.27424837

Is it just me or does Kindom Death stuff look like unsubtle copies of Berserk monsters. Even some of the concerp art looks like it was done by Miura.

>> No.27424848

This again?

>> No.27424856

XL here. New pajamas
Its been mentioned multiple times that it was a huge inspiration for the setting. Check out >>27423968 and >>27417422 which is his tribute to it.

>> No.27424861

Do we still have *anything* about the gameplay? We've had zero info about whether the game is actually fun since the very first announcement. I'll grant the minis look great, but...

>> No.27424883

We have two videos of basic game-play concept. It's a light skirmish minis game with civilization building bits. I think it'll be fun to roleplay as the actual survivors, making decisions based on their knowledge instead of ours-even if it ends up getting more of them killed.

>> No.27424896

There's always been quite a bit of information, it's just that none of it was specific. See >>27417331
since it's a pretty big collection of it, probably the majority of what we know.
There's a lot there, especially if you read in between the lines.

>> No.27424904

Videos are earlier in the thread.

He has also been giving one paragraph playtest summaries in the KS comments.

>> No.27424921

>He has also been giving one paragraph playtest summaries in the KS comments.
Well, I know what I'm gonna be doing for the next hour(s?)

>> No.27424923

Oh, good. I haven't checked the comments in a while.

>> No.27424940

Well thats kinda the point, now isn't it?
Survivors die frequently. And those that don't die are too crippled to use again.
I'll go grab some screenshots. Not hard to find them.

>> No.27425044


>> No.27425185

>Losing people to sex
Only in Kingdom Death

>> No.27425232

So how does Kickstarter work, exactly? Is the game unavailable for pre-order unless you donated on KS?

It looks like the lowest donation at which you can even get the game anymore is $155 but I don't know if it's available anymore since the goal has been met.

>> No.27425272

Kickstarter is to fund production of the game. This kickstarter is over, so you're out of luck until the game enters production and is shipped to all of the people who backed it.

Even then, you won't be getting the discount, so pretty much everything will be twice as much.

>> No.27425275

Sorry bud, it has long been over. You'll have to wait for retail

>> No.27425286

Or the scanned Vassal/rolld20 version.

>> No.27425333

Speaking of that, I know I'm going to start scanning things as soon as my copy arrives, regardless of what anyone else (Scanner) is doing.

Maybe it'd be best to collaborate. Oh, well.

>> No.27425335

Kickstarters are made to run a set period of time. The creator can make multiple "pledge" levels that people are able to back at, but people can also pay MORE then that, if they wish.

Once the time runs out, if the creator has reach the funding goal they set, then all people who backed it are charged however much they pledged. If they don't reach it, no one gets charged. After that, no one is able to back it, and it is up to the project creator to set up a means of sale, using the funding of their backers.

Official word on the matter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/poots/kingdom-death-monster/comments?cursor=4311853#comment-4311852

>> No.27425351

Yes, and then we can work on the official, unofficial, /tg/-inter-intra-settlement game game.

>> No.27425450


So it's not so much they literally fucked up fucking they saw no point in living and decided to commit suicide together.


>> No.27425480

I'm still going to imagine them getting megaAids.

>> No.27425507

Depressing... or romantic?

>> No.27425516

If someone else has a better scanner, I would welcome others to provide said scans. Collaborating would be kinda dumb though, cause then you end up with cards at different qualities.

THAT SAID, if you wanna go about scanning the rulebooks/playbooks/scenariobooks/one-shot challenges/board/hunt track/what the fuck ever is in the game that isn't a card, that would be awesome.

Maybe.... maybe they ran off to live happily ever after...... thats a thing that can happen in this game..... right?

>> No.27425548

>cards at different qualities.
As long as they're both scanned by a decent scanner, it should be easy enough to just match color and contrast either way, since those things will need to be adjusted anyway to make something that looks good on a monitor.

>thats a thing that can happen in this game

>> No.27425612


No, it's not. Technically, after years of grueling combat against horrible monsters leaving numerous people in your village maimed and scarred, you have the opportunity to kill the one horrendous monster that does horrible things to your people specifically, but the most likely thing then is for some other horrible monster to come in and rape and murder/eat/enslave/all of the above your village at a later date.

There might be a small chance that your people are only plagued by horrible giant invisible spiders or something that are too stupid to actively oppress and do horrible things to your people, or maybe even the Lion Knight will roll in and treat your people like fun living Barbie dolls or whatever.

>> No.27425613


The terms "Romantic" and "mutual suicide pact" tend to preclude the use of the other.

>> No.27425645


>wat is romeo and juliet

>> No.27425666

You've heard of 'exploding head syndrome'?
They both died of 'exploding genital syndrome'. It's more literal. Imagine a massive orgasm literally ripping your groin apart, eviscerating you in the process leaving you and your loving bleeding out in post-coital bliss.

>> No.27425674

A comedy

>> No.27425725

Shakespeare, pls.

>> No.27425753


A bad situation contributes to a unfortunate series of misconceptions which leads to two young people committing a mutual suicide. That strikes you as romantic and not depressing or foolish or just plain sad?

>> No.27425780


> being this mad

My, how absolutely bigoted of you.

>> No.27425804

The only difference between Shakespeare's comedy and tragedy is number of casualties. Romeo and Juliet makes it to the latter group (if barely).

>> No.27425826


this is what I get for leaving a tab open and forgetting to refresh it

>> No.27425867

The whole trail of unfortunate events started with their mutual desire to get one's penis into the other's vagina. They never actually got to do that, therefore it's romantic by definition.

>> No.27425875

So you're telling me erotica isn't romantic?

>> No.27425891

i think you and the entirety of the human race vary greatly on the definition of "romantic"

>> No.27425941

>Romance or romantic usually refers to Romance (love), love emphasizing emotion over libido.
it fits

>> No.27425975


So by the fact that there was no sex it's romantic?

Come on dude, let's not open this can of worms and avoid delving into a debate on our personal opinions on what is considered a romance.

>> No.27426020


You're quite wrong.

The difference between any classic comedy and tragedy is where things end up. Ancient comedies also had to think about where they started.

Ancient Grecian comedies were about small men becoming great through fate, and their tragedies great men becoming small through defying fate.

The forms evolved over time, particularly in how people got from good to bad or bad to good. Fate was no longer compulsory as the cause. Theatre stopped being a pure religious-moral lesson and became more and more for entertainment. This also meant that stories became more powerful emotionally, because this became their goal.

By the Shakespearian time a comedy more or less meant a show where circumstances leave the main characters better off. They also tended to be absurd, and over time the absurdity became the meaning of the term. It is only in very recent years the word comedy has meant 'funny'.

Tragedy was far more resilient, and meant a great man becoming small, usually through hubris, even for most of the last century. Despite furtive efforts earlier, it wasn't until Death of a Salesman that changing the premise was generally accepted, in that case taking away the great man falling low and replacing it with a small man failing to achieve anything of worth and then losing everything anyway.

So the difference between the Tragedies and Comedies is that they are tragedies following the tragic forms and comedies following the comic forms.

>> No.27426030

Just because it's emotions over lust doesn't mean you can't get busy with it in the story.

>> No.27426043

Jesus, ever time I see that picture it looks not like teeth, but a big, meaty vagina.

>> No.27426140

big meaty vagina with teeth?

>> No.27426384

So you use glue to assemble the pieces, eh? Are you not supposed to disassemble them, then?

>> No.27426402

Yes. People have argued about recasting for extra parts, or pinning, or magnetizing limbs.

>> No.27426441

They are not legos.
>you're now considering the idea of lego survivors

>> No.27426471

And to no avail, at that. That's the true nightmare of Kingdom Death, especially if you've got OCD.

>> No.27426543

He conisdered making the limbs use snap joints, but at that scale it was too easy to damage them, so he went "fuck it. This hobby is clever. They can figure something out. They always do"

Recasts are more time consuming, and require you to remake the mini entirely every time you want to change it, but there is less room for error. Likewise, magnetizing is much quicker and requires you to only prep each piece once and then you can swap it out in seconds, however, it has more room for error and you can destroy minis if you do it wrong.

thats why you recast everything once, then magnetize the recasts, leaving the originals as display pieces

>> No.27426567

Right, but what about changing equipment? I suppose that if survivors are dying fairly often then you don't really need specific figures per survivor--just figures for each equipment set.

>> No.27426575

That's my plan. Also I think one could recast around magnets (held into the mold by paperclips) so as to cut out a step and reduce accidental limb loss.

>> No.27426721

>does that make man on man rape some sort of feminist paradox?
"man on man rape"? What's that? I know the words, but they don't make any sense in that order.

>> No.27426805

Far more difficult and wouldn't be as secure without super glue.

WYSIWYG doesnt apply to this game. But the target audience is hobbyists who regularly green stuff their own stuff to customize minis. The real fanatics after the most high quality stuff out there.

So you dont have to change the features EVER. As long as each figure is unique enough that you can tell whose is whose.

But of course, with the target audience what it is, people WANT to play in WYSIWYG mode.

>> No.27426816

Prison and feminism are bigger.

>> No.27426861

WYSIWYG? What's that?

>> No.27426871

Wouldn't the resin cast around to magnet, molding it into the part?
What You See Is What You Get

>> No.27426875


Well what order works better for you?

Rape, man on man?

Man rape on man?

Rape man on man?

Rape on man man?

On man rape man?

>> No.27426911

>Rape on man man?
A man who rapes women with them on top? Truly, no form of sex is safe from men.

>> No.27427009

You would likely either get a insecure fit where the magnet would get ripped out, or overflow where it will completely cover the magnet, and prevent them from sticking. Although... If they DO stick through the resin, that could let you stealth magnetize them which would be really fucking neat. But in general you want a perfectly flat and flush area to magnetize, for the best "grip"

>> No.27427050

Hmm, well I will have to experiment. I'll need practice with recasting anyhow.

>> No.27427104


That's inaccurate. Rather, no form of sex is safe from rape. All penetration is rape, and even the least penetrative sex (tribadism) still involves penetrating the outer labia with another woman's labia.

Despair ye rapist, child of rape, rape victim and rape propagator.

>> No.27427119

man her stomach does not look cool with whatever is going on in this picture

>> No.27427135

You don't she has the glow of pregnancy around her?

>> No.27427232


How happy would you be if you were a big hunk of metal designed to replace some chick's womb for the express purpose of nurturing a burning monstrous angel (with the secondary purpose of holding dudes eaten testicles like you're a bee's womb or something)?

Don't answer, actually. Knowing /tg/ I guarantee that's exactly your fetish.

>> No.27427301


>> No.27427313

But anon. Being a big hunk of metal designed to replace some chick's womb for the express purpose of nurturing a burning monstrous angel with the secondary purpose of holding dudes eaten testicles like you're a bee's womb or something IS SO LAST YEAR.

Its all about lanterns now. Didnt you get the memo?

in all seriousness the lantern thing is getting kinda old and I hope people tone it down. Its getting to the point of homestucks and buckets. Can we just... NOT do that? Instead of doing that?

>> No.27427323

No, I don't catch the teeth first glance.

>> No.27427342


No, people judge Kingdom Death by its pinups because the pinups are like half of the goddamn kickstarter.

It's like saying people go to Hooters for the delicious food, and the waitresses in tight tank tops are just kind of accidentally there.

>> No.27427387

Fun fact. The EXPANSIONS, not even the game itself, sold almost DOUBLE what the pinups did, according to poots.

The game was 300% funded before the first pinup was even offered.

Go ahead. Say more bullshit about the pinups being "half the goddamn kickstarter"

>> No.27427412


How many naked pinup models come with your other minis games?

>> No.27427456

The same number that I have coming with this game.


>> No.27427465

Unless you count old war hammer stuff, in which case, a few actually.

>> No.27427478

Oh, you decided not to get the Illuminated Lady when they added her? I went ahead and did that, since I remember something about her potentially being part of the game.

>> No.27427527

Potentially. Meaning rules later, if at all. Meaning PDF or re-release, possibly both. I can proxy something in if it comes to that, and can just download the important parts once he actually releases them.

>> No.27427529


The core game isn't creepy and full of cheesecake.

The Kingdom Death brand is creepy and full of cheesecake.

>no, seriously, I come here for the buffalo wings

>> No.27427551


>implying that counts as cheesecake

Whatever bro, different strokes for different folks.

>> No.27427578


No, that's the creepy.

Though the naked slave girls are certainly cheesecake.

>> No.27427594

>i dont like the companies other products that have nothing to do with this game thats how i know this game is bad.
Thats like saying you dont like how DnD 4e handles powers, so thats why you don't play Magic The Gathering.

Which is to say, you sound like an idiot.

>> No.27427628

>nothing to do with this game
You know, I think the people trolling the game because "Waaah, boo hoo I'm offended!" are retarded, but when people defend games as zealously as you are, that's kind of what's attracting trolls.

The content is there, it's simply not problematic.

>> No.27427691


Yeah, I don't actually care that the game exists--or the titty-tentacle-monster miniatures that are a TOTALLY UNRELATED PRODUCT DO NOT STEAL. But I do love how angry their backers get whenever someone mentions the hentai monsters and titty figures.

>> No.27427720

i know it attracts trolls. And I'm not zealous about the game. I just really like arguing. Helps me blow off some steam.

But really, they DONT have anything to do with the game. They are there because the sculptor can pretty much leave at any time and still get work, but he likes titties so poots keeps him passified with fan art, which the guy then sculpts, and poots sells for extra funding.

They aren't included in the game. They don't exist in the games canon. They are a completely seperate product line. They don't have any game rules. They cant be used in the game in any manner other then a proxy piece, or as some kind of homebrew. They aren't even compatible with the other armor kits or each other.

They have exactly as much to do with the game as a fucking 40k space marine mini does.

So again, if someone is using them as part of your argument against the actual game, then they are a god damned idiot.

>> No.27427819

I don't know, I feel like you're right and wrong at the same time. On the one hand, you've got the majority of the pinups, and on the other hand, you've got things like Nico, Lantern Festival girl, and Dragon Sacrifice which are most certainly part of the game's world, despite not having rules.

They're certainly not as unrelated as a 40k miniature, or as different as 4e and Magic, but more importantly, they're simply not a problem. That's just my take on it, but it's a little tiring seeing people argue from that angle.

>> No.27427929

It has been stated that they are not actually canon, but Poots has made room for them.

The normal armors themselves have a nearly religious theme of 'becoming the monster' to them. It's why the dragon king armor has an exposed chest, among other glaring flaws in armor sets.
The pinups have plot room as festival, parade or other event costumes or a kinky shit you make your girlfriend wear. Because we have that in real life too.

>> No.27428148

Nico and the dragon sacrifice aren't canon. Where did you hear otherwise?

Nico is wearing a canon outfit, which is standard for all white speakers, but regardless they aren't part of the game, to our knowledge.

Dragon sacrifice is just... Not canon at all? I don't know WHERE you got that info.

>> No.27428158


>> No.27428249

This... reminds me of the old Zelda: Link to the Past Player's Guide artwork!

>> No.27428315

Not with the way that stuff's being colored. Look up the old LTTP player's guide.

>> No.27428453

Oh, is that typical of these little models? You assemble them from many small simple cast pieces?

>> No.27428613

I always kind of figured they had some fancy casting process that turned out these complex shapes as one piece.

>> No.27429852

This must've been the longest running Kingdom Death thread since the kickstarter ended.

>> No.27430444


Those exist very rarely. The majority of plastic casts are released like this for a couple of reason.
You can create much more customization and stances within the miniature range like that and it makes molding easier.
For Kingdom Death the customization part is crucial.

>> No.27430517

Op is very flattered

>> No.27432500

Someone might want to add the Mask Maker shop to the Scribd post

>> No.27433739

So any idea where the monsters are coming from and why? I know there's some sort of Sun God and that everyone is fighting in the ruins of some ancient civilization but what is the deal?

>> No.27434135

See the baby-slippers guy at the bottom? He's the boss. He is THE boss. He is the god of the setting and everything happens because he simple wills it into existance. The players start out waking up in a pitch black nothingness, knowing nothing and can't even speak (speech is an invention once you can research once you have a settlement). The ground they are standing on are covered by stone faces, stretching out in every direction. Everyone only has a piece of cloth and a lantern, the latter is supposedly their soul or a representation of it. The objective is to survive, which is a hard task as the humans are at the bottom of the food chain.

Monsters lurk in the crushing, infinite darkness, ready to pounce, kill and devour any humans they come across. If you manage to kill a monster you can tear up its corpse and fashion equipment, weapons and armor out of it. There is no 'natural' source of metal to mine. Every scrap of metal comes from extinguished lantern hoards or from certain defeated foes. Bone and leather have to suffice to start with.

>> No.27434418

Rolled 1902

>*will include optional shirt
my sides

>> No.27434601

Anyone else see those two tits on the top hump of the wetnurse as eyes, and the two tentacles arcing back as ears?
You can't unsee...

>> No.27434627

Duh? It's the first thing one see's. It takes many checks until you see the real face.

>> No.27434719

I remember hearing that the Golden Entity made them to worship him, but since he didnt have a physical body, the monsters had nothing to worship, so he made humans instead, stripped them of free will, infused his will into them, and used them to build an empire the monsters can worship in proxy of him.

you are not that group of humans. You were just a bunch of meat sacs he dropped in the middle of nowhere for monsters to eat, so they dont get hungry and start eating his precious worker drones. I'm guessing you weren't SUPPOSED to survive, and that you did is why the watcher is after you. And why if you beat it, you get out up against REAL humans, which are terrifying monstrous fuckers.

>> No.27436992

See this?
It's the so-called Grand Mother. Her womb and the rest of her innards has been replaced by god-metal, and inside her new womb is a burning hot furnance of monsterous creation. The penis dentata she is sporting eat other guys junk to impregnate her again and again.

>> No.27438802

Pretty good magnetization tutorial for those interested.

>> No.27438831


>> No.27438837


>> No.27438846

Fuck I forgot to actually link it.


>> No.27438954

The unfortunate thing is that a broadside is going to be fucking ENORMOUS compared to any of these miniatures.

The two biggest problems are going to be the small size of the miniatures, and the fact that the magnets needed are pretty weak. That video of the guy who magnetized one of the KD minis, while he did it relatively successfully, you could see how the arm would just spin around really easily, and was generally loosely attached.

>> No.27439005

True, but that was a pin-up, if I recall correctly. Plus the arms of the various armors will be made to sit in one pose very well.

>> No.27439091

It was a pinup, but the size of the joints will still be fairly small. Also, it's not really the pose that's the problem, it's the fact that two small magnets have low grip on each other. Even with something like magnetizing crisis suit weapons, with relatively large magnets, still slides a bit at times if it's not completely perfect.

I'm not saying it won't work or can't be done, it's just touchy.

>> No.27440781

But women can't rape women.

>> No.27441096

>fat men in a bannanna hammock is perfectly acceptable
Um, what? Male nudity is considered much more offensive than female. You can show boobs and camel toe before you could show even a concealed schlong.

>> No.27441252

The key word there is 'fat'. If it's a fat man in a speedo, it's humor. If it were a regularly-bodied, or fit man- or (dare I say) a young boy, then it'd be too scandalous for out precious American eyes.

>> No.27441476

Thanks for making this thread so longlasting and worthwhile,


>> No.27441576

>About as frequently as an image of a sexy girl is used as a lead-in for every other thread (read: all the damn time)
You mean, men are drawn to images of attractive women? It's almost as if we're mammals, or something.

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