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I'm genuinely excited. what does /tg/ think of the new dark elves?

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>That 80's hair

Fucking metal.

At least someone at GW decided to keep the awesome sauce alive. Too bad it's in Fantasy for some reason.

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Cauldron of Blood looks like another ridiculous 'mega-chariot'. But meh... it works.

Shadowblade's cloak looks blocky and detracts from the model, in my opinion.

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i'm pretty happy they've gine with a more nautical/mereman theme this time round.i hope we get the option to use slave sin games.

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"hello my baby hello my honey ,hello my good time gaaaaaall."

And now that you have imagined that hydra singing ,you shall never unimagine it.

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What the fuck are you talking about. It's just sitting there. It just croaked.

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At first I thought they had human teeth......

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I'll be posting what images I have as 4chan allows. theres a new hydra variant and a cauldron alternative. plastic spear-men and witch elves, which im guessing is a duel kit with another half naked female unit.

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I can just imagine a hydra spontaneously start singing stuff like this


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Whenever they make 'different but similar looking units in one box', it always seems like a cop-out to me. As if they're saying "here's a head-swap, with entirely different rules associated to it."

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so i'm not the only one who thinks it looks like its singing?

I need to get one ,just so i can give all the heads a bow tie and boater hat.

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Well, at least they're not as bad looking as the plastic daemonettes turned out to be.

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Hydra looks stupid, Kharibdyss looks fucking horrifying.

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seriously, i don't know if start them or not.
i just want a corsar army with cool magic....

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So are Sisters of Slaughter, like, pirate witch elves or something? Because I'm trying to figure out the difference other than masks and chain whips.

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Dark Elves are and have always been the edgiest faggots in town.

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Somebody help me out here. Is that like an evil mermaid that the witch elves are stabbing?

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>that statue of Khaine

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from this really bad WD pic they appear to be skirmishers of some sort.

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>so i'm not the only one who thinks it looks like its singing?
nope. It kinda looks like the heads are doing some old Doo-wop or surf rock song

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It's a gorgon, and it looks like it's bathing in the blood of the shrine.

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It's a Naga.

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hey tg

how comes in warhammer

its awlays the evill faction that gets the sexy girls

while the good factions usually dont get girls at all


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yea, there's a 40k player my lgs that plays a eldar/deldar list and he loves the avatar so that will make one hell of a deldar avatar model.

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That's kind of the point.

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Well they are going to provide me two C'tan shards in one box so I like them.

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If this pic (again bad WD one) is to be believed it may be a new hero/ moster

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I want just the mersnakewoman .the rest of the kit is meh ,but i really want that model.

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That's the least intimidating hydra I've ever seen. The almost toothless mouths make it look absolutely harmless, and it constantly has an expression that says "I have no idea what's going on here, or what I'm supposed to do". It doesn't help that the scales around the mouths look like flat molars, like it's more suited for chewing plants than biting into flesh. Incredibly lame.

The Kharibdyss looks menacing as fuck, though.

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People still use Avatars?

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Choas is the definition of super edgy.

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I know, it's just amazing how over the top they are designed. Every gothic teen must get a instant orgasm.

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Now all we need is a bunch of witch elves on the stairs mirroring each other and give Khaine a white suit, cane and a top hat.

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>I want just the mersnakewoman


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yep, right now he has the original metal model, about the size of a current termie.

It's not the best monstrous creature but it is immune to anything melta or flaming

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dunno, but I'm definitely converting them into dark elf blitzers for my blood bowl team
is that cauldron (just the blue statue holding the cauldron gonna be sold separately? I hope so!

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>Some of them still have the monkey fist.

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close up on the merlady/ gorgon

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The same can be said of anything in any GW game. From social outcaste teens wanting power-wank fantasy, to edgy teens wanting "kill maim burn" to express their angsty feels.

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go google gorgon ,you know what you'll get ,not the fucking dark elf miniature you cock.

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I picture it already: /tg/ will become obsessed with that new miniatures for long, long months...

Woe is us.

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>We're gonna steal warmachine's stuff.

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>totally original, do not steal

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The druchii have snake people? Fuck yes!

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>I am high as fuck or am 12 and don't remember GW products from the all-metal days.
Goddamn they were ugly.

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>What are wood elves?

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This isn't much of an improvement...

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Because in fantasy, sexy = evil.

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I think he refers to the last edition of Dark Elves. I too thought they looked much better than this

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>those waists.
>those pushed out chests.

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can you still get the Finecast Hydra?

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Anon, are you seriously saying you like the new plastic daemonettes better than the old metal ones?

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I'm so fucking pumped. I've always loved Dark Elves and I just hit a decent windfall so its a Dark Elf army for me!

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I remember the old 40k snapfit paintkits That came with like 5 spacemarines, damn the way They were posed it Was like They all had to take a huuuge dump.

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Anon are you seriously saying you like the original Destroyers over the current ones?

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why is she dripping red

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Although /tg/ likes to say otherwise it's a pretty hard stretch to declare the IG as a teenage power fantasy. The standard IG trooper basically is the only one who really portrays the horrorrs of war, being underequipped and left without a chance.

So the pandering is at least less obvious and direct and most other armies.

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I like.

Lots of fun stuff for my Dark Eldar.

I like the classic look of the hydra as well.

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Are you seriously gonna harp on that one thing for all eternity?

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This is what IG players actually think. Even though in their own heads "IG is the real tough guyz army, they's just mans in a mad galaxy, IG STRONK" is all that plays over and over.

Just so you know (and this applies to all of you) I fucking hate Guard players. Get over your bullshit.

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why hello ladies, how about you come inspect my Dark eldar kabal? bet ya, you gonna fit in just fine.

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Because the HURR SEX IS EVIL GAIZ! indoctrination embedded in Christianity.

and thus if SEX = EVIL then EVIL = SEX.

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Those fists are 5th edition worthy

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well ,once a month ,a meresnakewoman will bleed from her special place....

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Why would you ever hate someone for choosing an army they like in a hobby about choosing things you like to play with?

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But nobody believes that iconography these days

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Lol - no. They are MILES better than the current kit's ham hands.

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you can't like what i don't like.

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Pretty much everything from the Storm of Chaos era releases was great. Personally, I don't like the style of the new daemonettes, but the quality of the models is far better.

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I dunno. Eldar also has a lot of horrible thing happening to them and they get to suffer coherently for eternity once Slaanesh get their souls.

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Yeah but every warrior ever has weapons which have been 'folded a million times' and they are super agile and intelligent (just like teens like to see themselves).
Also their technology is based on hippy crystals and they get eternal life living in crystals...probably have crystal condoms.

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So, how many pairs of naked titties are you expecting to see in the new army book?

>> No.27400250

i ..kinda of want crystal condoms........i think.....

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I feel like WFB has become higher fantasy than it was back in 6th. Though 6th was somewhat lower fantasy than previous editions. Not a bad thing, but it's definitely different to get back into.

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Rolled 4

My new Hive Queen.

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None - that goes against GW's family friendly policy.

>> No.27400273

I know.

Just saying that the GW authors enjoy making Craftworld Eldar drop the soap in the shower a lot.

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Has Morathi been covered up?

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I feel the exact same way and I miss that design philosophy.

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>dat Francis Bacon influence
Who says Warhams aren't classy?

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I'm still amazed by how well the current LoC holds up.

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warhammer has alot of classy influence ,we're either used to it or it's been covered up in grimdark.

>> No.27400355

It's one of the better models GW has produced.

>> No.27400367


new ghazghull is bland
2nd edition ghaz had more character

old KOS was better, and its an epic scale model anyway

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Not all IG players are like that, in fact maybe the minority but there's a load of vocal 'HUMANITY STRONK IG STRONK' guys who are the worst of any faction fans.

>> No.27400380

>pic related: family values

The last two army books have had fair amount of naked titties in them. And 7e army book was released after the Chaos Daemons one, which put some clothes on the daemonettes.

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>2 out of 10,troll fail.

>> No.27400398

If you dont do this, I will

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Bacon's pretty grimdark hisself.

>> No.27400412

why don't we both?

>> No.27400414

So, your problem isn't with people who play IG, it's with assholes.

And then you make it about people who play IG, thus making yourself an asshole as well.

>> No.27400419

That thing looks like a dick sucking machine

>> No.27400422

I don't think that's a troll. I agree about Ghaz, is cheeky grin is great.

>> No.27400424

As someone who does extensive conversion work, kits like that make me stiff.

>> No.27400433

oh i know ,i wasn't denying it.

>> No.27400446

No. They aren't. The outright worst are the excessively vocal "humanity stronk" marine fans.

>> No.27400455

We get those dumbfucks in all camps. Just bringing up Space Wolves on /tg/ summons the whiny crowd that goes on for 200 posts how it's unfair that Space Wolves gets away with to much stuff and how everyone that likes them needs to leave the hobby.

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Oh, you're right. I totally forgot about those guys, and you're right.

>> No.27400466

>Although /tg/ likes to say otherwise it's a pretty hard stretch to declare the IG as a teenage power fantasy.
I wasn't talking about IG.

>> No.27400481

>put some clothes on the daemonettes
Not muh Daemonettes!

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40k. A game for dumbfucks in all camps.

>> No.27400532

Plastic satrix raiders . Thanks GW giving me alt models .

>> No.27400536

just talking general sense there

Dark Elves are probably one of the more panfering armies, but I don't judge that

>> No.27400541

>40k : In The Grim Darkness Of The Future There Is Only Dumbfuckery

>> No.27400544


It's a game designed for sperglords to obsessively collect 1000 little plastic men, how could there not be a dumbfuck in every camp?

>> No.27400552

Yeah, I miss Orks having smug grins. The latest Gashkul is a bit fitting for a legendary Warboss, though.

>> No.27400566

I wonder, if it gets broken in battle, do the dark elves send a mechanic or a carpenter?

>> No.27400570

Dont be stupid, everyone knows that Dark Elves will get a new anointed of Khaine, the Naga queen. Not sure if she will be a special char or not though.

>> No.27400581

Any info on who the writer is?

>> No.27400592


Wow it's a staircase on wheels, that's an effective machine of war alright

>> No.27400599

At least dump the whole set.

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>> No.27400643

Actually, bretonnian lake hoes are kinda sexy. Also old queen of high elves, Alarielle was her name I believe. There are also pretty vampire whores. Pic related.

>> No.27400646

I want to modify that into an RC car so I can drift race it against a War Altar

>> No.27400679

Also, this.

>> No.27400693

Those are fugly. Fucking black lines.

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>> No.27400710

...and this.

>> No.27400771

>bretonnian lake hoes
Goeth sodomize thyself, canaille!

>> No.27401023

She's not your waifu.

>> No.27401104

I like everything up now but the warriors.
They look outdated and bland as fuck. I was hoping for something more like the kabalites

>> No.27401188

their kit is meant to reflect the old metal models from the days of yore. they can be built as crossbowmen too. and rumored as swordsmen,

>> No.27401255

S-shut up! Our love is pure!

>> No.27401260

girl's not your she.

>> No.27401268

I hope they leave cold ones as they are today. It's one of the better attempt at this unit in comparison with older minis (not to mention fugly lizardmen cold ones).

>> No.27401365


I'm a bit sick of GW models nowadays reflecting older designs - come up with something original plz

I'm also sick of /tg/ defending bad models just because it looks like an older design

>> No.27401369

The warriors leave some things to be desired. I kinda prefer the old ones, honestly.

>> No.27401438

10/10 would raid Bretonnia with, and I don't even play FB, much less Dark Elves.

Going to pick up Witch Elves for converting, Cauldron looks like I could use the cart and stairs as a base for a diorama I have in mind (as in the cart and stairs are exactly what I've been looking for), but would sell the cauldron itself and monstrous bits.

>> No.27401533

I don't mind it that much but I found the daemons getting regressed to classic design to be a mistake.

>> No.27401572

it looks fucking cool
the heads

>> No.27401587

And when GW wheels out something completely new, it's shit upon even harder.

I don't see what's the problem is at updating the looks of models while still keeping their style.

>> No.27401624

I rather like that it has snake heads instead of dragon looking ones.

>> No.27401627

female models that look hot AND wear skimpy clothes.

Making an aerobics-themed wych cult is now a tangible possibility.

>> No.27401644

stop saying things that are obviously wrong.

>> No.27401649


They look perfectly fine to me, Daemonettes are not succubi no matter how much neckbeards want them to be.

Anything that pisses off the HURR SLAANESH = SEXY TIMES XD morons is a plus in my book.

>> No.27401654

Am I the only one that gets reminded of the primordial snakes from Dark Souls? They had this big teeth too.

>> No.27401669

They'll look perfect next to Whats-her-ass, Lelith.

>> No.27401711

I thought the older ones looked do much more elegant, slicker and I liked their devilish grin.

The plastic ones just kinda look like transexual Orks with chicken legs.

>> No.27401713

that thing will be unpossible to transport

>> No.27401719

We need to remove 2 heads and make it a one-hydra barbershop quartet.

>> No.27401734

Its a trend with GWs new kits that you almost need a new case for each one.

>> No.27401740

Those are rather lips than teeth.

>> No.27401743

I know right.
I only need to file down their clothes and green stuff them into proper workout gear. A bit a of kitbashing with wyches and there we go!

>> No.27401758

I'm having difficulties suppressing my urge to nitpick this model. I like it, but there are some things I would want to be different. But that would probably result in a somewhat bigger model, and I realize they can't make these things much bigger.

>> No.27401761

As they were always meant to be.

It's CHAOS, not your average JRPG.

>> No.27401801

David Bowie?

>> No.27401802

I don't give a shit about that. I simply liked previous generation of them a lot more. To me the plastic ones are just boring to paint.

>> No.27401812

You need to rig a Raider to blast this for the whole game:

>> No.27401815


>> No.27401826

That looks dead 'ard anon

>> No.27401845


>> No.27401850


>> No.27401856

I like where this is going.

>> No.27401857

Bowie never had really long hair.

>> No.27401865


>> No.27401876

I was more thinking about Let's Get Physical.

>> No.27401896

I don't even play WFB, and if I did I wouldn't play dark elf, but DAMN I'm gonna buy that only for that gorgonthinggirl. I need her!

>> No.27401920

>the stairs are shaped like a giant vagina

>> No.27401925


>> No.27401971

So are there actually any male units in the Delves anymore?

>> No.27401986

Everything but the Wyches and Sorceresses you stupid fucking faggot.

>> No.27402003

Warriors, Corsairs, Executioners, Black Guard, Assassins, Knights, Champions, Lords, etc.

>> No.27402005

The new plastic warriors still have males.

>> No.27402016

Because all the characters, the sisters and the elves on the cauldron and shrine are male, right?

>> No.27402055

The sisters and elves on the cauldron and shrine are Wyches too you fucking mongo.

>> No.27402056

Haha, time to make Demonettes that doesn't look like shit!

>> No.27402073

>Witch Elves

>> No.27402180

But seriously, i've been thinking of starting a Deldar army, these look like great conversion bases for wyches. But that's pretty obvious.

I don't really like the current wyches.

>> No.27402198

How long will it take from release until chinaman makes casts do ya think?

>> No.27402200

No. Their 40k equivalents look like dudes.

>> No.27402211

They're still fucking female, you spastic. I didn't fucking ask who were witches or not, I asked about the male models because the only ones I'd seen so far were dread spears.
How autistic can you fucking be?

>> No.27402215

Welcome to 2001. Converting Witch Elves into DE Wyches is something a fuck-ton of people have done before you, in the days when the DE kits were shit-looking and the wyches were really terrible looking metals.
Admit it, you just want a unit of all-female wyches.

>> No.27402217

would definitely buy. at least for my Legion army.

>> No.27402220

I'm going to use the Witch Elves as Harlequins.

And you can't stop me.

>> No.27402239

Stay mad.

>> No.27402265

It's not JUST that, but i think the wych kit makes the females look real butch. They stand out from the succubus and what'sherface, the special wych.
And no shit, people have made Witch Elves in to wyches, they looked absolutely disgusting before the deldar update.

>> No.27402272


>> No.27402305

The new hydra is so ridiculously fucking ugly.

>> No.27402313

Shadowblade is a dude.
And at least one of the herders are male as well.
Anyway, you're still an angry moron, that other dude said that only Sorceresses and Witches are female, and beside shadowblade/hydra/spearmen, they are the only ones shown. There will be dudes. Glorious, spiky elfdudes.

Hopefully a new model for Malekith is in the making, that'd be sweet.

>> No.27402315


>> No.27402329

All the GDs from 6th look pretty cool, IMO. Yes, even the Bloodthirster and the GUO.

>> No.27402331

nice work with the proteus head. i've gotta get myself one of those and a carnifex kit sometime for a cthulhu beast.

>> No.27402355

So why do you play if its not for the power-wank or to kill-maim-burn?

>> No.27402367

honestly, i don't hate it. sure, i'd use it for lizardmen, but it's certainly better than the last hydra.

>> No.27402392

GW has acces to military grade nostalgia goggles.

>> No.27402412

Better than the old old one? Yeah.

Better than the current one? No.

>> No.27402458

ehh, i disagree. the current one is pretty bad. unrealistic heads on skinny necks kills it for me.

>> No.27402470

You guys know that the new witch elves are $60 FOR 10 FUCKING MODELS JESUS SHITTING DICK NIPPLES NIGGER CHRIST right?

>> No.27402473


Are these WHF models compatible with 40k models? I might try converting some of those into deamonettes. Finally some female models that don't look like complete shit.

>> No.27402486

I disagree, i like the heads, but the skinny body puts me off. Shame it's so expensive, or i'd buy one, cut of the heads and stick 'em on the new one. At least that way it wouldn't look quite like a barbershop quartet.

>> No.27402493

fantasy humanoid infantry is smaller than 40k humanoid infantry in general but then again so are demonettes

>> No.27402503

Goddam, my nerd boner just died

>> No.27402511

See, that one actually looks like a vicious monster that causes terror.

The new looks dopey as fuck and more likely to cause laughing fits in enemies.

>> No.27402513


>> No.27402517

Prof that a good paintjob can't make a bad model look any better.

>> No.27402523


>deamonettes aren't attractive at all
>Slaanesh isn't about seduction, amongst other things

Sure, kid. Now fuck off.

>> No.27402535



>> No.27402544

$90 i think

>> No.27402559

and they are a core unit now...

so have fun buying 40+ of them

>> No.27402573


This always gets me. I understand the whole Sexiness =/= Warrior debate that's going on with the "new" Daemonettes. It is just that there are so many piss poor design choices going on that it hurts.

>Legs are way over scaled for that body
>Faces are bland abstract shapes that inspire neither fear or desire. Hair is slapped on poorly
>armour is over stylized, and yet this is supposed to be a move away from 'sexy', so why all the corsets?
>1 boob

I can understand the concept of "War Faces", like the vampire count lamians put on. But this is just utter shite.

>> No.27402578

i've seen enough hentai to know where this is going...

>> No.27402586

>Buy a box at 25% off
>Cast the rest

>> No.27402600

Yeah it's cool that with the money that a single unit of Witch Elves will cost I could buy AN ENTIRE ARMY for another game.

>> No.27402606

nah I am going to use these

gogo nuns of Khain

>> No.27402607

to each his own.

>> No.27402609

>implying this isn't the best hydra there ever was

>> No.27402619


Basically, a step back rather than a step forward.

>I know this paint job is fuck aweful, but the idea is there.

>> No.27402655

Like no one ever was
To catch them is my real test

>> No.27402659

Weeeell, you do realize 40k and WHFB use the same daemon models, right? And plenty of people have used WHFB models in 40k from Chaos Knights as base for Marine conversion to using Bretonnians and Empire for IG.

>> No.27402670


Educated guess as to what they might do in game.

The Sisters of Slaughter look to be equipped with a whip sword/whip and a parrying shield thing. So maybe some kind of "Armour piercing/but shields can only be used in combat" scenario.

Witches are witches yo

>> No.27402685

Is that a Slaaneshi symbol subtletly shown in the mirror?

>> No.27402687

Chaos tau?

>> No.27402698

speaking of daemons, why didn't the demon codex get the slaughterbrute/mutalith vortex? it's the coolest demon model i've seen and it's only for WoC.

>> No.27402711


One thing we know for certain is that they will be changing the blood magic for the DE. So with the new split kit it could be a VC scenario where the khaine alter provides a bonus to casting of some kind, whilst the snake mirror thing just detracts from the opponent/buffs units/or something equally horrible.

>> No.27402722

Apparently they negate enemy rank bonuses.

>> No.27402727


>> No.27402728

>shaped like a vagina
>cauldron of blood

>> No.27402739


>> No.27402746


I think it was a balancing thing.

Hell they had already taken a god damn 40k model, slapped a base on it, and given it to the daemons. Why bother giving them anything else

>> No.27402753

Don't forget the little man, though he's not in a boat.

>> No.27402754

Ah, so like always, one option is the clear better option, while the 'face-swap' alternative is the "haha, sucker!" option.

>> No.27402758


If they negate all, fucking harsh.


I...never saw that before. Thank you for that image

>> No.27402767

Ayup. Cult of pleasure represtent, motherfucker!

>> No.27402771

I always thought it was more of a mutated/possessed animal than an actual daemon.

>> No.27402780

holy shit!

If that was intentional it's hilarious and terrible at the same time.

>> No.27402787


It's a guess, at any rate we won't know until either more images are released (with like rules and shit) or next month rolls around and they are Actually released.

Whether or not either would be fielded is a valid question, as I've seen far to many players were I live not bothering with any of the new gribblies

>> No.27402788

I think it's supposed to look like there's some depth to it. Almost as if it's a tunnel.

>> No.27402789

because technically it isn't a daemon
it's just a random monster of the chaos wastes on warp steroids

>> No.27402791


>> No.27402813

>pussy wagon
welp, can't ever unsee that.

>> No.27402819


>> No.27402820

Ok, we all know that you don't like new Daemonettes, even if they are more coherent with daemonettes on lore and since the dawn of time. Now let's go back to Dark Elves.

>> No.27402823

>tfw the disney version was scarier.

>> No.27402830


It has a bunch of swords stabbed into it, and I get the feeling that it's more of a ritual beast rather than a daemon directly. Kind of god-neutral, as while it has elements of the different gods, it's not serving one specifically. (yes I know about the tentacles, we all know about the tentacles, stop bringing up the the tentacles god.)

unless they're planning on butt fucking the fluff entirely and saying "THE GODS INTERBREED NOW BITCHES" and having Tzeenchian Khorne beasts, and Slaanesh Nurgle hybrid monsters.

>> No.27402851


>coherent with the lore since the dawn of time

Yup, sure it is


>> No.27402875

Is that a claw in his tummy?

>> No.27402880

actually it's extremely relevant and meaningful.

Medicinal alchemy often involved reproducing the process of life generation, hence why the crucible was often compared to a womb, and why many "recipes" to create the panacea involved using menstrual blood.

GW has referenced alchemy multiple times in the past, here, it makes perfect sense.

>> No.27402886


When your a kid, yes.

Looking at it from an adult's point of view, it's horribly exaggerated.

Best Hydra reporting in

>> No.27402897

it's pretty lame as it goes.it's just a staircase, leading to a kinda cool statue, with a pot of blood. on wheels.that's it.

>> No.27402904

saying the truth in a sarcastic tone won't turn it into a lie.

>> No.27402913


I think it's a collection of claw-like barbs, or spikes. If you think Chaos Spawn kit you can see what I mean.

I'd prefer if it was just plain, or plated, but fuck it it's not exactly difficult to convert from the looks of it.

>> No.27402915

GW website:
>A Slaughterbrute is a hulking monster of muscle and aggression. Such a creature cannot be broken by conventional means, and those foolish enough to try are torn apart and eaten for their efforts. A Mutalith Vortex Beast, meanwhile, is an utter abomination of nature. It is a terrifying fusion of monster and magic, a creature mutated beyond all reason by the power of Chaos.

So it seems they're just creatures of the Chaos wastes warped by magic and "tamed" for the use of the hordes of Chaos, not daemons in any shape or form.

>> No.27402916

>Gifted with disturbing beauty, Daemonettes are the Lesser Daemons of Slaanesh.
>Daemonettes are possessed of the alluring beauty and hypnotic glamour for which all daemons of Slaanesh are abhorred.
From my old HoC codex from 6e. Might not be legit anymore, but I'll leave it to you guys to sort that out.

>> No.27402928

>awesome-sounding description
>"it's pretty lame"

>> No.27402929

whaaaaaaat is this? a SDE ork?

>> No.27402932

But it appears as the symbol of Slaanesh, look at it.
Cult of pleasure is in!

>> No.27402942


I was implying that your idea was full of shit whilst using humour.

There will Always be this debate whether or not the Daemonettes are supposed to veer more towards succubi or punishment beasts.

And if you want the deal breaker, just google daemonette. Oh look, your "Warriors" have tits

>> No.27402946

beauty is compatible with ugliness.
Their beauty lies in their grotesque yet cohesive attributes, and in the delicacies of their details and most minute shapes.

>> No.27402952

Well, in shape and form they are.
They are technically not daemons, but they sure look the part.

>> No.27402953

i didn't mean terrible in a bad way. just surprised they had the guts to do it that way.

well, it's not a coincidence i picked the DISNEY version to compare the GW sockpuppet to...

>> No.27402961

I know you were, the problem was that my idea is not, in fact, full of shit, but rather completely true.
Hence my remark.

>> No.27402964


He's going by model representation.

Honestly I think if they tried to stick any more bits on there it would look too busy, and distract from what it is.

>> No.27402967

well, look at it. it's just a mobile staircase and statue. it reminds me of a fantasy version of pic related.

>> No.27402969


>> No.27402985

Didn't see any pictures of the old Cauldron of Blood posted, so here. For comparison.

>> No.27402989

tfw GW finally puts out a new Avatar sculpt...on a Dark Elf chariot.

>> No.27402994


Alright faggot, Prove it.

"It's in the fluff" Good, go dig it up and come back where it says 'thou shalt not have breasts and look like bitch ugly men.'

>hurf durf exaggerating and getting butt-frustrated. 0/10 Why don't you fuck right off with your 'It's fact, period' bullshit.

>> No.27403005

just look at the miniatures, their poses are pretty stiff, but the curves of their hair, pinchers and legs are really fucking pretty, plastically speaking, also they combine several textures (leather, thin skin, carapace, chainmail, scales, hair, tentacles....) in a very tasteful way.

No, it's not "just" a mobile staircase and a statue, it's an awesome-looking staircase and an awesome-looking statue, covered in blades and naked babes, with an alchemical symbolism, and finely-sculpted.

>> No.27403010

They were always in. Some plebs thought they were out, but they were secretly in the entire time. The Cult of Pleasure is the cool people's club.

>> No.27403011


Keeps it mobile. The old one is a little...static.

Dwarves get an update, mark my words, chariot anvil of doom.


That fucking statue of khaine.

>> No.27403017

so much better.

and another thing i just noticed; there's nothing pulling it. if they had gone the extra centimeter and added on 4 cold ones to drag it along it would have made just a little more sense.

>> No.27403021

>which all daemons of Slaanesh are abhorred.
here's the point
other slaanesh daemons include fiends and steeds
they too are described that way
now you should get it

personally I prefer a mix of monstrous and beautiful ones

>> No.27403024

Read the RoC, it says right there that they have ONE breast, as opposed to no breasts like you claim that they do.

also they're supposed to be oddly androgynous, which they are.

>> No.27403033


>> No.27403035


I can see where your coming from, from a modelling perspective. But honestly I find they have too many glaring design flaws to be considered an improvement.

If anything they work because they're no longer made of metal. So buying like 50 doesn't break the bank buying 3 at a time

>> No.27403037


>> No.27403040

>That fucking statue of khaine.


>> No.27403045

back to >>27403017, no method of moving it. let's face it; it's got some cool pieces (on the stairs, blades statue, and alternate model) but as a whole it feels unfinished.

>> No.27403053

>you can see where my coming from

the only design flaw they have is that their pose is way too static and stiff.

>> No.27403064

Just because it looks like a daemon doesn't qualify it to be in the daemon army book.

>> No.27403068


how do you think the previous version moved?

>> No.27403077


I claim they have a full bust, not none outright. And this trend of just having one is disgusting. Super Boob

there is a difference between androgynous and outright pig-ugly. Just look at those faces, that's a sign that a designer either improved in the next set, or got fired.

I'll just go and download the Realms of Chaos then

>> No.27403094

No wheels on this fucker! Just the backs of slaves and some druchii incentivizing.

>> No.27403112

I miss that book. I liked having all that goodness in one neat package.

>> No.27403115

Dat ass is a fine incentive.

>> No.27403117

No, no, of course not, and i accept that. You just said that they are not daemons in shape or form. It's shaped as a demon. Shape and form is pretty much the same thing.
Anyway, let's drop it.

>> No.27403121

>there is a difference betwen androgynous and outright pig-ugly
of course there is, it's about the same difference as between "small" and "necessary".

I find that pretty hot.
Slaanesh is all about a dialectic of attraction and disgust.

>> No.27403125

Daemonettes are only attractive to their mortal foes. We the player see what they truly are, which are grotesque horrors.

I'll admit I did prefer the previous metal design of them, if not just for the less human like face. Not a fan of the new banshee look.

>> No.27403138

wait. this fucker >>27402985 moved? that goes one step beyond retarded. it's a statue, not a golem. i don't see casket of souls moving around.

>> No.27403139

Is Khaine doing a "come at me bro" pose?

>> No.27403142

>> No.27403177

i'll grant you that. the unfortunate thing is that it looks more like a terrifying demon than anyhing in the recent book. for shame.

>> No.27403189

>Slaanesh is all about a dialectic of attraction and disgust.

Okay now let me be the first one to put it bluntly.

Demonettes should basically make you go "Ew, shit! I'd still hit it though." Kinda like, you know they will rip your dick off, but you want to stick it in anyway.

There. Now we can get back to the discussion about the DE.

>> No.27403192

It's an expression. You know, "in no way, shape, or form." as in "not at all," "not in any way at all," etc.

They're not daemons nor are they possessed by daemons. They are magical, but not daemons or having anything to do with daemons.

>> No.27403200


Daemons are the Disney Pixar army now

A shame because they actually were scary looking in 6th

>> No.27403201

that's kinda what they do to me, actually

>> No.27403204

Is that a turd from where a bunch of dragons are growing?

>> No.27403210

Does WHFB not have a sort of Allies rules akin to what 40k got in 6e?

>> No.27403213

I was just trying to make a snide comment, it backfired on me. Off to bed i go.

>> No.27403216

where do i get this beautiful monstrosity?

>> No.27403224

Why are you telling the perfect opposite of the truth?

In 6th they had goofy proportions, awkward poses, blunt horns and spikes, and lacked the entire imagery that distinguishes them from generic fantasy monsters.

>> No.27403231


mierce miniatures but its WIP

>> No.27403239

6e is my headcanon edition.

Storm of Chaos never happend, though.

>> No.27403246

only for tournament 2 on 2 play. to my knowledge

>> No.27403247


You know what, I'm sorry.

You're right, you're absolutely right. The Slaanesh daemons of the RoC StD era did have a single, nasty ass breast. Oh man, they must have been getting all the cultists, being more repulsive than god damn nurgle.

here, I've done your fucking work for you. 3 pages of that book all defining single boobs being the norm.


>> No.27403250

Yes, but they (wisely) kept it optional. Whereas 40k is using it as a crutch to keep outdated or 'not as well liked' armies viable.

>> No.27403256

It looks like an animal being poked and prodded onto a battlefield. I think it looks good. It's got a lack of awareness/understanding of the situation while retaining it's "i'm going to eat anything that gets close because of instincts" thing going on.
Like you would expect of a reptilian. This fucker looks wildly reptilian.

>> No.27403277


>Oh god, so sexy, I'm gonna go worship slaanesh now

Arguably 2 breasts on that rider lower left.

>> No.27403280

so, i could feasibly play an army using the WFB allies rules?

>> No.27403306



>> No.27403307

>This fucker looks wildly reptilian.
looks like a bouquet of snakes. one of the worst monster designs i've ever seen tbh.

>> No.27403335

Exactly. In Eye of Terror some dudes were enthralled by a daemonette posing as a woman, and they were all in her raptures, even though her arms turned into jagged pincers and she squeezed the life out of them. All they could think was "more" while their bodies shook in pain.

Pretty succubus thing is but a cloak, an illusion. Don't Slaaneshi daemons get to take Shadow magic? Anyway, the thing is that the pretty things lure you in, until you're looking Cthulhu's ugly hick cousin in the face and want to stick your dick in it while crying "why do I want this so bad?!" And once you're jaded even by that and have to snort coke off a dead hooker's ass while sucking off a horse just to feel normal, you'll welcome death as the final release, but only find cold emptiness in it and realize you've wasted your entire life for nothing.

>> No.27403395

I liked the poses... They were more alive than what we have today or had before. Even the new Horrors look more speedy and in motion than those super market mannequins.

>> No.27403399

>And once you're jaded even by that and have to snort coke off a dead hooker's ass while sucking off a horse just to feel normal, you'll welcome death as the final release, but only find cold emptiness in it and realize you've wasted your entire life for nothing.

this is how i feel after masturbating

>> No.27403406


>> No.27403480


The kit makes two units, Witch Elves and Sisters of Slaughter, you're going to have tons of bits left over.

People need to stop acting like they're paying $60 for a bare bones kit with the same three poses repeated.

>> No.27403505

>People need to stop acting like they're paying $60 for a bare bones kit with the same three poses repeated.

doesn't mean you have to pay for two units either, if you can actually just build one.

>> No.27403547

It's cheaper for GW to produce them like this as well.

>> No.27403560


>number 4 was a comment on the very early nature of Realms, and how, you know, you could become a skeleton of chaos.
>No one lifts a finger about the old "Slaanesh HATES Khorne" rules and their equivalents for nurgle/tzeentch.
>Just 1boob/2boob/1/2/1/2/1/2/1

all day erry day

Stay classy warhammer

>> No.27403592


correct me if I'm wrong, but from the look of this kit (like every other duel kit past, and the others hinted at here) there will only be multiple "swaps" parts for the two different units.

You guys make it sound like you can make two entire units of the two variations from the same box.

i.e a box of 10 makes 10A or 10B
not both 10A and 10B

>> No.27403594

Don't think rules have been posted.

>The Sisters of Slaughter are rares: enemies is base contact with them lose rank bonuses.

>Hydras are specials can upgrade to get a strength 4 breath attack, no regen but can regrow heads (recover lost wounds) just like the slann can with his discipline.

>The kraken thing has a special ability that triggers when all 5 of its attacks hits ( gets an extra attack that inflicts additional hits) has a scaly skin save and causes terror. Enemy models in base contact must re roll successful leadership tests. Both use the monster and handler rules.

>They have 2 signature spells just like High Magic. One of the spells goes off on a 8+ and grants a unit +1 strength and then you gain D3 power dice but if you gain 3 power dice this way the wizard suffers a wound with no saves allowed.

>The army has Always Strikes First.

>Murderous Prowess: models with this rule re roll 1s when rolling to wound.

>Wizards casting Dark Magic add plus 1 to their casting attempts.

>> No.27403659



>no regeneration on the Hydra. Wut

>is that successful hits or just when rolls to hit? if it only has 5 attacks and it's the former, expect to see this ability 0 times ever.

>power from pain and all that.

>What. Seriously What. That's the high elf shtick. So no Eternal Hatred? What was it too good?

>clearly not as good as hatred.


>> No.27403887


>>What. Seriously What. That's the high elf shtick.

I'm not extremely well versed in Fantasy lore, but I was under the assumption that Dark Elves were just High Elves who broke away and have their own culture.

DE not having ASF just seems like an easy way for them to show that they're different from HE. Kind of like how the minute a SM falls to Chaos they lose ATSKNF.

>> No.27403912

>You guys make it sound like you can make two entire units

>you can actually just build one.


the point argued was that gw's pricing was justified by the kit offering two options on how to build them, two which i replied, pointing out that no matter what you can only ever build ONE unit.

>> No.27404009


>An ability that existed after the DE codex was written, in a more recent edition.

Great comparison there.

Point is the dark elves are different from the high elves, that was always the point. The two armies played differently. Every bit of kit for the HE was defensive, as suggested by their isolationist fluff. DE units emphasized speed and aggression as emphasized by theirs.

HE - Always strike first
DE - Eternal Hatred.

>We will strike you down to prevent you from destroying the world
>You had better not miss, as I won't

Doubly so considering the similarities in Initiative, meaning HE won't get their re-rolls, Only striking first.

>> No.27404040

>kit with the same three poses repeated

True, it's 60$ for the same 5 poses repeated.

>> No.27404048

>The Sisters of Slaughter are rares: enemies is base contact with them lose rank bonuses
Does that include steadfast? Because if so Dark Elves just became extremely OP.

>> No.27404079

Old warriors look better, IMO.

>> No.27404090


Miss read it then, but from >>27403480
It sounded that way

"The kit makes two units" and your "doesn't mean you have to pay for two units either, if you can actually just build one."

But I get it, you were commenting on the pricing.

>> No.27404121


>what are repositioning arms
>what are conversions
>what is creativity and individuality

Jesus this isn't WarmaHordes, you know you can actually change how the model looks.

>different arms/heads/parts
>Multi-kit, multiple possibilities

>> No.27404140


They have that, High Elves but with spiky bits, feel.

Like they took the Island of Blood He and just slapped on some evil.

>but the shields are nice.

>> No.27404148

>Jesus this isn't WarmaHordes, you know you can actually change how the model looks.

not even playing warmahordes, but you can convert anything you want. but that's the point i guess some people don't want to convert things.

>> No.27404186


Just checked the 4th Edition SM codex, ATSKNF is present but strangely absent from the 4th Edition CSM codex, I wonder why other than it being a quick and cheap way to show how "different" the two armies are.


They're repeated across the two units of course, but within the same unit remains to be seen.

This is an example of what I'm talking about.

>> No.27404203

It's a bit hard converting chunks of metal.

>> No.27404230

did you play 40k in the 90s?

>> No.27404244


I thought they had a zero-tolerance policy? A permanent WYSIWYG in effect to limit issues in game?

40k has that mind set a bit, but for the most part people just resolve it before the game starts This is a plasma gun, that is a heavy bolter. Model has a flamer and a rocket launcher

Just assemble the model.

I'm not sure it's even possible to make identical models, mass repeated, without using snap-click or incredibly simple pieces like space marines.

Sure models will look similar when seen overall, but damn throw on a different paint scheme and some Dark Eldar parts and your good to go.

>> No.27404288

>I thought they had a zero-tolerance policy? A permanent WYSIWYG in effect to limit issues in game?
>not even playing warmahordes

i wouldn't know. but if you are playing with your buddies and especially with just a handful of minis i'd expect there to be a lot more conversions than in the average 40k army.
unless you count kitbashes as conversions, in which case gw is hard to beat in terms of compatibility within their range of miniatures.

>> No.27404301

Somehow the fact that twenty years ago there was no other thing that shitty monopose metal has anything to do with today multipose easy to convert plastic kits?

And no, I didn't play 40k in the 90's, because I played the superior WHFB.

>> No.27404337


> I wonder why other than it being a quick and cheap way to show how "different" the two armies are.

But it's not comparable because the rules weren't written in line with the fluff, but after it.

Take Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts. Graveguard have Greatswords, Tomb Guard have Halberds. Yes that is a "Look guys, totally different right?" but with the HE and DE it is different.

I think the only unit that comes to mind for the two armies, where you can say "That is That but a different colour and under new management" is the Bolt Thrower.

They play differently, and I think that's enough.

>> No.27404344

>Somehow the fact that twenty years ago there was no other thing that shitty monopose metal has anything to do with today multipose easy to convert plastic kits?

no just pointing out that st one point gw also only had "shitty monopose metal" and it didn't stop pepople from converting.

>And no, I didn't play 40k in the 90's, because I played the superior WHFB.
good for you. you still play it?

>> No.27404383


I believe WarmaHordes converting requires a lot of pinning, what with direct metal to metal contact not being as strong a bond due to the weight involved.

But like everyone else, I don't know because I don't play WoW the Tabletop Gaem

They are releasing plastic kits now, or resin, or something.

>> No.27404415

Shitty resin models and shitty pvc plastic models.

Resin for the larger shit, like their notTitans.

>> No.27404434


They've renamed the brand haven't they? it's all "COLOSSUS" now or something

>> No.27404436

> $60 kit with only 5 poses
> "dude don't complain just do conversions bro man dude"
> you can buy 10 great looking VC skeletons from Geedubs for $25 that are more poseable, come with a bunch of tomb stones to use for unit fillers or on other models, and have plenty of extra heads and arms/blades that you can use to make like 10 extra skeletons coming up out of the ground.

Brets can convert KOTR into grail knights. Every VC player converts Blood Knights if they use them so that their wallet isn't raped. I don't want to have to get my wallet raped for the "privilege" of getting to do conversions to make models look better when you can just buy cheaper models and do the same thing with other armies or other games.

>> No.27404444

What I was implying is that PP is 20 years behind GW technology-wise.

>you still play it?
Sometimes, but I prefer the hobby part.

>> No.27404532

>Sometimes, but I prefer the hobby part.
me too. the whole "we are releasing bigger monsters each month" thing is going on my nerves though. kind of a weird direction to take the game in.

also the slaughter brute is on par with the fw chaos spawn price-wise. which just makes me wtf harder.

>> No.27404533

>I don't want
>to do conversions

..you know, there is still that other game called Hero Click..

>> No.27404538


All we've seen is some pictures from WD, cool your jets and wait until they go up on Saturday.

>> No.27404560


If your talking about these dude bros, then your right and wrong.

Yes they're great, and can be made into like 20 million different forms.

>but you don't get any tomb stones.

In this case just but Dark Eldar wyches and use those on fantasy bases

Because your a scrub

>> No.27404562

there's a huge difference between going the extra mile and buying outright crap.

i love to do conversions, but i get people that don't want to do them.

>> No.27404607


It's a cash grab.

Hell, could be worse

>> No.27404645

Fact: people who cant enjoy painting, converting or glue togheter a model are simply in the wrong hobby.

Now if you want to go for a cheaper model, or one that suits better your likes, thats a whole different story.

>> No.27404685


It's the stompa argument.

When it was released me and my friend had differing views.

His point;
>The stompa is good because it allows players who would otherwise be unable to make the unit (through kit-bashing, converting a flower pot, and so on.) and use it in their game.

My view;
>The stompa is a bad idea as it stifles the creativity that was unique to that concept up to this point. Before this model, Every stompa was different, as Every stompa had to be converted and have time and patience put into it. The issue with these new super units, is that rather than making it by hand and having the reward of taking the time to do it, now you can simply buy it.

>But that's a good thing

and so on. I've since changed my views, as the kit is wildly convertible and fun to build regardless.

I only feared what I call the 'baneblade' effect, where once released you'd see nothing But stompas used in Apocalypse, even in armies that couldn't take it. "It's a converted warhound titan/tyranid/chaos and so on."

>> No.27404710


>majority of people collecting this hobby do so for the game, and damn the hobby side of it.
>go in a store, what do you see
>it sure as hell isn't 20 people gathered round a table painting/converting.
>maybe 5 at most.

I feel that though. I'm in it for the converting, but damn if it isn't just about the game now though

>> No.27404863

I don't get why on earth would you go to paint to a store instead of in your own home. You go to the store to play with other hobbyists.

>> No.27404884

I think your friend was right there. It is not that some people don't want to convert and get it easy, is that some people CAN'T. You are denying them an unit because they can't figure out how the fuck build it up themselves from scratches using spare parts, which is freaking difficult.

I mean, having an actual model doesn't make those out there that want to actually build their own model not do it. My own army, a DE army, have Ravagers made out of Raiders; Wracks made out of Daemonettes, Bloodletters and spare parts of a Talos and Chaos warriors; and will have an allied force of SM Raven Guard, but instead of actual assault marines and Tact Marines, I will buy Scourges and Dark Elves Corsairs (or any new unit that feet), and build Requiem-like Space Vampires with Swords and Bolt Pistols. Because I want to.

>> No.27405174


To get advice. Why else do you go to a store to paint? they can help you with it.

Or they used to.


My fear was that once the kit was released, you'd never find anyone taking the time to convert one ever again. Sure that's ludicrous, but considering the baneblade idea, it wasn't a stretch of the imagination at the time.

Everyone and their mums bought a baneblade. Everyone. Even armies that could never field it. It just had to be had.

I'm not sure that's how it should be.

>> No.27405305

Nah, they would. I started doing this because of money: it cheaper to buy some raiders, and use spare parts to build a ravager from one of then, than actually buying a ravager. Same with wracks. I'm sure someone would prefer to get some spare parts, and buy 1 vehicle to convert into that thing, that actually pay for one.

>> No.27405793

Oh, wow, I got quoted. I've never gotten quoted before.

>> No.27405905

It star happening the more you post.

>> No.27406090

Dark Elves are getting ASF and reroll 1's on wounding.

No more army wide hatred.

>> No.27406141


It really doesn't make sense. I understand it's toned down from "Re-rolling to hit every round of combat", but damn they strike second so there is some kind of balance.

I'm gonna miss being able to say "Only the Dark Elves have Eternal Hatred"

>> No.27406218

uhm, actually it's a rather big upgrade as ASF grants reroll on all rounds if your initiative is equal or higher and then rerolling wounds (if only 1s) on top of that, with out any of the negative sides of hatred (that only granted you a reroll in the first round of combat).


Now that's all just a rumor, that everyone seems to agree with though. Have no idea what the Eternal hatred special unit will get..

>> No.27406239

COURSE details of this might all change in 9th edition as things gets recalibrated and they might have already taken that into account.. Though knowing GW, they probably havent.

>> No.27406251

>Dark Elves are getting ASF
>and reroll 1's on wounding.

Is this some kind of Elven arms race?

>> No.27406655

i guess they don't get the martial, extra rank, rule and instead they get that reroll 1's.

i expect the wood elves gets ASF and perhaps reroll 1's on range? but we'll have to see, and i'm starting to get that earlier rumor of the three elf books having had some common rules and been worked on side by side.

>> No.27406682

>perhaps reroll 1's on range?
or something of the sort, ignoring movement difficulties or if they give that to special units or what not, something something.

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