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Exalted General thread.

Exalted is a game using a D10 system. It is a product of White Wolf, a company also known for creating World of Darkness.

Old thread


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The Neverborn created the great curse and are able to remove it, like they did when they made the abyssal exaltations out of solar exaltations.

Is there any way for another group to remove the great curse?

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dragon blooded flamboyant gay hair dresser.

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It's >implied that the Yozi have the power to do so, or at least swap the Curse out for their personal fucked upness.

Some literature claims that Lytek, with his full toolset, could also do it, but similar literature also claims that Lytek can pull Exaltations out of still-living hosts and put them into new ones, so grain of salt.

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>Is pimping illegal in Exalted?

>Only if you make it illegal in your kingdom. But most places have legal brothels anyways, making that pointless.

Do the brothels have man-whores or just woman-whores?

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The more I think about it the more it seems like creation is fucked up because it depends on the continued existence of all the exalted to not be slowly consumed by the wyld and the great curse has sabotaged the Solars ability to adequately fulfill their duties.

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All kinds.

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Except for sexbots, the dragon blooded don't trust them since they are first age tech. Although since some of there were stated to be made to be indistinguishable from living organic humans some may still be kicking around in the age of sorrows.

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>and the great curse has sabotaged the Solars ability to adequately fulfill their duties.
That was kind of the idea behind the Neverborn's dying Great Curse in the first place...

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can you capture a Lunar and just keep re-amputating there body parts to sell as herbal remedies?

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Probably not. Something bad would happen.

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This is not a very smart plan.

You're better be off with a one dot manse.

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Capturing Exalts for any extended period of time is notoriously difficult without the use of questionable Artifacts and the ability to remove their ability to stunt.

You're better off finding a Lunar that actually is into that.

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So undoing the great curse should be on the To-Do list of any well informed group looking to stabilize or reverse the downward slide of creation. yes?

The Lunars are mostly still around and the sidetherials are as well but the solars are broken by the curse and dwindled by having some of their exhalations stolen

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>You're better off finding a Lunar that actually is into that.

your right that IS a better idea.

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To put things in perspective: The second Lunar laerns Emerald Grasshopper Form you have a very angry mosquito that will someday bite you in the ass with Yozi venom.

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"well informed" being the tricky part, since even knowing the Curse exists is a campaign's worth of effort in of itself.

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Most of them probably browse 4chan.

>your bigbad uses /d/ as a resource

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Man, playing as a Dragon-Blooded on an adventure to honor his House's name seems pretty cool. Cooler than Solar adventures, even if they aren't something like "Undo the Yoiz, kill the Neverborn, reverse the world, etc" adventures.

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>So undoing the great curse should be on the To-Do list of any well informed group looking to stabilize or reverse the downward slide of creation. yes?
Well, yeah. You need to remove it to get the Best Ending.
Problem is that almost nobody knows about it. Having those that do to cough it up is also very problematic. Especially as you don't know they need to cough it up.

Why not just go to the Forest of Arms with a sack?

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That's because THOSE Solar adventures lose all semblance of plot and devolve into a kiddie-grade playing "I do that cool thing! I do this cool thing! YEAAH I'M AWESOME!"

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Basically, The Neverborn, the Yozi, Lytek, and the Maiden of Secrets know about it, and each have their reasons to keep silent about it. From the player side it's seen as "whelp, he's having that breakdown again."

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Getting to that point should be epic end-game content, and really reflect how far you've come from newly exalted.

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Oh, but you see, it's never presented that way when discussed. It's not talked about "hard path from newbs to throttling the yozi". It's always posited as "throttling the yozi NOW, RIGHT OFF".

The cool parts are discussed without getting into the future yozi-pwnage, they are discussed as "after some playing I got these cool twin bodyguards made of light and shadow". Not how you plan on punking Malfeas, but as what you have now.

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Still obligatory:
>tfw no DB gf
>tfw no Red Panda/Corgi/Chinchilla Lunar hugs

Exactly. Early Solar content should be more focused on survival and character development. Building contacts and allies, carving out a power base, accumulating resources, making investments, and occasionally, embarking on Shadowruns against the Realm.

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>Shadowruns against the Realm.
Watch your back.
Conserve Essence.
Never cut a deal with a dragon.

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And geek the...wait, whom do we geek first if they're all capable of magic? The bitchy ones?

>> No.27383730

Geek the Sorceror first.
(Because seriously, Shape Sorcery actions still leave you wide open for cold, hard love.)

>> No.27383746

Earths. Those are the guys with the War charms.

>> No.27383869

Eh. Smart sorceror is gonna be behind a bunch of demons. And probably shooting you ass from afar with a bow.

>> No.27383901

>Behind a bunch of demons
>Shooting from afar
And this is why every Solar team needs a ranged guy.

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When did we replace the traditional red panda lunar DB gf starter with this viral looking garbage?

Also, Desus for emprah.

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A couple threads ago some anon bunched up how the picture of the old sig circle was not indicative at all and somebody produced a bunch of pics like OP's.

Then the threads dies down and now are being started by dem newfags. Don't even know how to do a subject.

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Gotcha covered in the red panda department.

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Any new Exigent news yet? I'd like to get to crunching out ice cream Exigent charm trees.

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It's going to be the second splat after DBs, so you'll have plenty of time with it.

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>Year of our lord 2013
>Thinking that we will get exalted news before year of our lord 2022

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Theoretically, Autocthon could do it, since he designed the Exaltations and most of the rest of Creation. But he's in a coma, so he can't do jack.

The Yozis could, but they won't unless it's to screw with the person even worse, like implanting a demonic sub-soul into them.

Theoretically, Lytek COULD, as in has the power to, but he's a god and thus incapable of disobeying his creators, and the Neverborn/Yozis/Primordials probably included a standing order not to reverse their direct work in the core coding of Creation, or in their decree that made the great curse.

Technically, a powerful Unshaped fae could, but it would require the character to submit to that fae completely and let the fae Shape him.

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Welp time to mindrape the shit out of a unshaped. brb.

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One catch: Nobody who has the Curse can know that they have it. They're all blind to it. If someone tries to explain that their behavior is being affected by a curse, they'll reject the idea as impossible.
>How dare you imply that I am being influenced by Creatures of Darkness! I torched that orphanage because they would have grown up to be corrupt bastard beggars and thieves!

>I can't be wrong because I'm infallible, and if I'm infallible then I can't be wrong about anything, therefore I'm not wrong.

>"Oh, no, I just got a little carried away is all. Sure, those kittens were cute and didn't deserve to be lit on fire, but it's not like anything IMPORTANT was harmed, I was just having a bad day!"

So the only beings that can even know the curse exists are ones that aren't subject to it, and are free from and control by the Yozis or Neverborn. So Fae, Abyssals, Infernals, and Alchemicals. Everyone else is boned.

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What would Asura, be? Solar? Infernal? Abyssal?

>> No.27385324

Pssh, no. Unshaped, having a real effect on an exaltation? In their fucking dreams, but not in reality.

>> No.27385325

Alchemical, most likely.

>> No.27385339

Infernals can use a charm By Rage Reforged to grow extra arms made out of brass. And in general entire charm trees based around RAGE.

How more Asura do you need shit to get?

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But if the Sidereals' curse is to make fucking awful decisions and fade out of existence, could they fade out of the view of the curse and make the awful decision to try and find out about he curse, which they think clearly does not exist?

>> No.27385495

They fade out not because of the curse, but because they made a VERY VERY bad decision to break the metaphysical concept of causality and deception. Arcane Fate is their own damned fault. But they're still tied to Fate. Their exaltations are, anyway. That's how they pass from one host to the next. It's why everything they do causes more fate errors to crop up, they're both in and out of fate.

>In their fucking dreams, but not in reality.
Exactly. If you entered an Unshaped's dream out in the Raw Chaos, where absolutely no laws of 'reality' apply, they can do anything and everything, affect anything. But you'd have to go in completely unprotected.

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Does anyone have any idea when this thing might actually be published? Or what forms it will be available in? Or is it just another kickstarter phantom?

>> No.27385516

No, their curse is twofold:
A: they cannot divinate a truly good result, just between flawed actions
B: the more that get together for A, the worse the outcome.

The arcane gate thing they did to themselves so they'd get away with the Usurpation.

>> No.27385518

You are never completely unprotected. Exaltation is inherently a piece of Creation, a very fucking powerful piece at that. Fae can't do shit about them.

>> No.27385526

Straight up Solar.

>> No.27385535

Behind all the promises? Hopefully December or January.

And no, it's not a "KS Phantom". It's just on Valve Time

>> No.27385543

It'll definitely be published. Too much of a real company not to. I don't see it coming out intil October & December 2014 though.

>> No.27385565

If I remember correctly, the Fae have something similar to the Demonic Investiture charm, that allows them to strip the free will from a creation-born, if they freely submit to it. Just as the Investiture charm grants the Yozi or Demon the power to reshape everything about the subject, so too does the Fae version place the subject completely within the Fae's power.

>> No.27385619

The problem is that outside the Neverborn & the Yozi, only Lytek & Jupiter know about it. Neither has stored the information anywhere outsie their own head and they aren't likely to - Jupiter because she's not in the habit of giving up secrets, and Lytek because Jupiter will bitchslap him if he does.

Carjack has been ogling the loom for millenia trying to figure out just what the fuck happened to the Solars, chances are if he hasn't figured it out, it'll be a couple of stories and Elder Essence before your group is ready to take a crack at even finding out about it, and a few more before they're up to breaking the Curse.

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"Valve time" meaning "often rumoured to exist, but never coming into existence". Thanks for the heads up, I'll just move along to something that'll actually exist.

>> No.27385658

>so too does the Fae version place the subject completely within the Fae's power.
Nope. They just eat up Virtues and Willpower until they're at zero. And they can't even eat a Virtue below 3 for Exalted because that would invalidate the Curse.

Fae, even unshaped are far, faar below Yozi and akumafications in power.

>> No.27385692

See, all that came out. EVENTUALLY. It's that kind of Valve Time. Not Ep 3 kind.

>> No.27385714

>Carjack has been ogling the loom for millenia trying to figure out just what the fuck happened to the Solars
But he's subject to the curse, so even if you wrote out the coding on a slip of paper and showed it to him, with illustrated flow-charts, he'd just see a blank page or jumble of meaningless numbers.

>> No.27385781


> Lytek because Jupiter will bitchslap him if he does.

More like Sol would be like "What the fuck man?? Why didn't you tell me this earlier?"

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>Sorry boss. Thought I could fix it without givin' ya a heart attack.

>> No.27385820

How would you get out of that situation.

Sol is mad as fuck at you, so much so that he's stopped playing the GoD for 5 minutes. You have time to make him suppress 1 Virtue before he turns you into a cloud of motes and snorts you off Venus's ass.

Which do you pick?

>> No.27385878

He's gonna mote me no matter what at this point, so I may as well get on Venus' ass in the main time.

>> No.27385880


Only real option is temperance. In theory one could get on the knees and beg for mercy and Sol would have to say yes unless he represses compassion.

>> No.27385932

By not mentioning it in the first place.

It is a couple of thousand years too late for Lytek to speak up about the Great Curse without getting terminated, and so he - quite selfishly - continues to stay silent, hoping to solve the problem on his own before somebody else figures out its existence and gets him a Terminal Sanction for failing at his job.

>> No.27385984

>the only winning move is not to play

Congratulations. You have both exalted as Dawns for your calm and sound judgement in a deadly situation.

>> No.27386041

Fuck yeah, free Great Curse!

>> No.27386152

>Why not just go to the Forest of Arms with a sack?

they said there using the body parts to make "herbal remedies to sell". Maybe its gotta be LUNAR livers or fingers or whatever to have, or feel like it is having, the proper effect?

>> No.27386196

You must be rich as fuck to be able to afford Chimera liver.

>> No.27386202

Currently the status is waiting for all the art to be done.
All the rules are writen, pages mostly laid out, and so on. Only thing they are waiting on is the art so they can do the page layouts. It's got about another month or 2 before it moves again. The official catalog of releases they just published says October/November. Rumor that is is delayed to December.

>> No.27386222

>bunched up how the picture of the old sig circle was not indicative at all

>bunched up

what does that mean man?

>> No.27386237

>calling others newfags
>thinks it's okay for the OP to be a tiny image

>> No.27386287

Um. Eh, w/e, lame attempt at half heard slang somewhere.

Basically, an anon made a fuss about how he couldn't tell that it was exalted thread by the picture.

Wait, it's a thumbnail? I didn't even check it.
Goddamn, it sucks even more than I thought.

>> No.27386353


If a solar has multiple personalities none of them are capable of realizing solars are cursed? Even if the personality in question does not think IT is a solar exalted? I'm asking because my solar is currently has about 3 personalities (one of them is somewhere between alive and dead) and only one of them knows/thinks it is a solar.

>> No.27386410

No. Nobody realises that there is a great curse because Limit Breaks are seen as normal part of Exalted. Simple. As. That.

>> No.27386437


Technically I"m fairly sure if something told you you should know about the curse. It's more nigh impossible to figure it out from the inside like someone who has depression or something you can't really see how it acts on you instead thinking you just had a breakdown from stress or something.

If say lytek popped up and yelled about the curse you should know about it.

>> No.27386439

>You must be rich as fuck to be able to afford Chimera liver.

which explains why its profitable to sell it if you find a lunar kinky enough to let you do that to them.

>> No.27386499

>Basically, an anon made a fuss about how he couldn't tell that it was exalted thread by the picture.

Well... that IS a valid complaint.

>> No.27386511

No it isn't. He found the thread, all was well.

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So Solars ARN'T forced to not belive they are cursed as part of the curse. That explains why the vision of gold was even a remote possibility.

>> No.27386559

Yeah, the "curse will make you magically unable to comprehend it's existence" is some dumb headcanon. You /are/ likely to declare bollocks on "neverborn are driving all exalted crazy" but you are going to comprehend the idea.

Lytek discreetly getting some Exalted to look into the problem is the only real way to start a Curse plotline.

That's why there is mention of "Exalted General" in the post. Preferably in the subject so that it will be findable in the archive, but OP failed that.

>> No.27386568



I found that one example of an exalted thread. it was the first one I found in weeks.

>> No.27386570

Yes, it is not a direct part of the curse. It's just part of hubris of getting super mega powers that you believe that some barely not dead shmucks that you beat just couldn't pull something like that off.

>> No.27386571


Even if you know the Curse exists though, you'd have a hell of a time identifying *when* it happened, in yourself or others.

>> No.27386581



>> No.27386585

We didn't have any for some weeks because discussion died down.

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do you need to know WHEN it happened to get rid of it?

Do you even need to know it IS a curse. Maybe you decide "these *description of limit breaks* suck! We would be better off if we found a way to get rid of them!"

>> No.27386669


embarks on an epic quest for the mental health of solars.

>> No.27386680


Well, it's not as though the Exalt knows that their LB is Berserk Anger, so them deciding to try and cure their bouts of anger (which, mind, are a part of their personality, so far as they're concerned) specifically would seem weird.

Why not also try curing his greed, or his fetish for shoes?

>> No.27386706


Now I'm imagining a Solar sitting on the ground with t thousand yard stare mumbing to themselvse "fuck... I AM crazy.. oh god, oh god, oh god..." after doing something either destructive/hurtful or something minor and no big deal by itself that leads to this rather painful epiphany.

>> No.27386755

>Why not also try curing his greed, or his fetish for shoes?

In the time before therapists people TRIED to do shit like that. Usually it just resulted in more trauma or madness but exalted have MAGIC and shit and some of them are pretty smart so they may have some better ideas.

>> No.27386757


Honestly I could see this happening if it was a very rational exalted.

"Wait why do I seem to fly off in a rage so much?"

Things like say greed doesn't seem to grip him as hard as his limit would and having a fetish really wouldn't matter because no one really cares about that compared to him flying off the handle.

Be really hard to pull off though. But should let a hint of the curse go though once he realizes he literally can't stop himself from limit breaking.

>> No.27386765

This is really the issue. The Limit Breaks aren't really supposed to be outside of yourself.

The Exalted are prone to great passions, but that's not necessarily something that they're going to recognize as external to themselves. Some of them might DENY that, for instance, their bouts of berserk anger are really a part of who they are. But, most people are going to see them as just fooling themselves.

Indeed, if you wanted, you could easily make a case that there isn't actually a Great Curse. Tons of the messed up shit that the Solars did in the First Age, for instance, had nothing to do with the Curse in the first place.

"Wait, you mean, I'm cursed? But my curse is that I cry now and again? Not the gardens of cooing flesh?"

>> No.27386823


very well put.

I wonder how much of a struggle it would for them to get any kind of support if they decided that this was something worth investigating and finding a way to overcome/eliminate/identify.

>> No.27386887


Nigh impossible. Like to pull it off I think someone would need budda style introspective abillity and then would need to notice how much passion is there then experiment on a guess to realize he literally has no emotional control over it.

Thinking the only real help that would be possible in a decent time frame is solars you trust with your life and they auto trust you on anything.

Or the sidereals since they would have the info base to know this is possible. Issue there is their curse.

>> No.27386924


Can Lunars who have spent a long time around Solars as well as mortals and others suspect it or relatively easily come to believe what this introspective Solar is talking about?

>> No.27386928

And you're forgetting one thing about them Breaks:
They FEEL GOOD. You're on a super high when Breaking and afterwards when you're overdosed on Willpower.

>> No.27386943


sounds like an interesting game.

>> No.27386948

No, anything Lunars can do, Solars can do better.

>> No.27386962

Solars can't shapeshift better than Lunars.

>> No.27386980

Perfect disguise charms.

>> No.27386983

There is a special place in Malfeas for people like you.

This place is the torture rooms. The really horrible ones.

Just next to the dancing room.

>> No.27387027

Resistance Charms.

>> No.27387045

That's a disguise. You don't actually turn into a badger or werebear. You just look like one.

>> No.27387104



>> No.27387107


Yeah I honestly think that is the key that would clue in a introspective Solar budda.

Train entire life to barely feel anything. But then when he gets angry/feels he did too much against his morals/ he is on super high.

>> No.27387120

Why would I want to? I can look like one and have their abilities with better Solar charms.

>> No.27387122


ignore the bait

>> No.27387143


I hadn't thought of that.

>> No.27387183

Unless he has Heart of Flint as his Flaw, then he'd just not feel anything, and he'd believe that Limit Breaks where him touching true Vulcan-esque enlightenment.

>> No.27387371
File: 440 KB, 512x512, She wants your attention.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can exalted have gravity defying boobs?

>> No.27387398


Heck, to some degree, Limit Break is awesome!

Before the great curse, when you hit ten limit, you lost a point of permanent willpower for a month. That's not huge, but it still kinda sucks.

With the curse, though? Full Willpower refill, and you can even go above the willpower cap for the duration of the limit break. That's fucking awesome! And all you have to do is something you want to do anyways (remember - you're supposed to choose a limit break that's a natural extension of your personality, not something totally random).

I can see a Solar going "Eh, I can handle it" in response to being told about the great curse, because he doesn't WANT to lose that power.

>> No.27387399

Umm... duh.... You're new to this game, aren't you? Where else will girls store their motes of essence?
Take a wild guess where the guys store theirs...

>> No.27387415

Their mighty thews?

>> No.27387424

The gods like to party and debauch. Can they actually get drunk high?

>> No.27387441



>> No.27387448

I think that's the ultimate key here. Limits to me always seemed like an extension of the character's natural personality. Hence Red Rage of Compassion being a "fuck you for killing all those homeless people I grew up with!", or Heart of Flint being a "I've steeled myself against emotional distraction... "

>> No.27387451


Oh yeah, they can. Hell they even have Celestial Wine and Celestial Cocaine to get high on, for going to levels that would make a mortals head explode.

Mechanically speaking, though, alcohol and drugs are poisons, and gods aren't immune to those.

>> No.27387482


You are joking about mote storage.

>> No.27387487
File: 154 KB, 950x476, bf7e90_4589610.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic very related...

>> No.27387503

not all gods, anyways.

But yeah, they get fuckin' RIPPED.

>> No.27387508

Yes I am.

>> No.27387535

Yes. Though I thing "Mote Balloons" might make a good flaw. You store your motes in a physical part of your body, such as the titties, causing them to permanently glow as a level 1-3 anima. If a called shot against your luminescent mammaries hits, you lose motes equal to the levels of damage suffered.

How many points would that be worth?

>> No.27387583

Depends on your cup size.

>> No.27387672

Most Solars can't infiltrate, steal, or spy as well as all Lunars can.

Desus had a split second of that after his rages, just before instinctively, magically convincing himself and everyone around him that "no, Desus was totally in the right there and it was the victim's fault."

>> No.27387715

Appearance 8

>> No.27387747

You kidding me, she's barely a 3

>> No.27387863

Both wrong.

Appearance 3
Charisma 2
Manipulation 10

>> No.27387876


This is a related thread and apparently they are looking for help with advanced defence and offence of the unstoppable/unparryable varieties.

>> No.27387934


Yeah, it shown in one of the flashbacks in Relic of the Dawn.

"Oh shit I broke her fingers -- Oh, honey, you know you shouldn't walk up behind me like that. Anyway, I've been getting a strong feeling that something bad's going to happen, so I'm going to start caching artifacts for you and Little Bro in case something happens to me. Next time you see him, make sure he's been practicing his ciphers!"

>> No.27387951

Sounds like a great reason for EVEN MORE TRAUMA AND MADNESS!

>> No.27388753


this thread sure got going didn't it.

>> No.27388862

It's not the image I have a problem with. It's the text. It contains none of the traditional call-outs, and reads like a fucking wikipedia entry, like someone on the White Wolf payroll had to make the thread himself and be generic as possible so as not to get called on it..

>> No.27388939


honestly I did that because I was sick of threads being consumed by butthurt over the current and new rules. I figured if I didn't give them anything to latch onto they would be less likely to get started. Also I usually post whatever I'm looking to talk about right AFTER starting the thread.

>> No.27389228

What would the stats for a red panda be?

I want to take one as a familiar.

>> No.27389728

What's the most fun Exalt type to play?

I think I'm getting bored of solars.

>> No.27389811

>inb4 everyone says every other Exalt type

>> No.27389821

Heroic Ghost. You only live once.

>> No.27389882

Completely Ordinary Mortal.

How horribly they're about to die and in what way determines what they Exalt into.

>> No.27389944

I want to play an Alchemical with Solar Hero Style so I can have sick rocketpunch grabs and anti-gravity suplexes.

>> No.27390015


Post errata, I'd say either Alchemicals or Sidereals

>> No.27390039

But does he get anything to equal the Infernal's famous Kick-A-Guy-So-Hard-He-Lands-Ten-Miles-Away-And-Goes-Off-In-A-Nuclear-Fireball-That-Eternally-Blights-The-Land-And-Gives-Nightmares-To-Those-Who-Sleep-There Kick?

>> No.27390045

but infernals are for hipsters who think solars are too mainstream

>> No.27390077

g9 b9 m9

>> No.27390109
File: 58 KB, 614x600, 3 barrel revolver triple.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not an assassin, dad, I'm a grazed gunman.

Well the difference is one is a job and the other is a Way Of Life!

Unhinged exalted are fun to play.

>> No.27390111

Rocket Chokeslams.

>> No.27390135


I want a pair of plasma tongue repeaters with a cylinder and 3 barrels like that.

>> No.27390145

I believe it's possible to kick someone so hard it takes 5 days for him to land in Malfeas.

>> No.27390146

Only NEW Infernals.

Infernals Classic could have actually interesting motivations and plans beyond "WAAAAH! I WANNA RULE DA WORLD AGAIN! WHY DOESN'T EVERYONE OBEY ME WITHOUT QUESTION? WAAAAH!"

Do the Rocket Chokeslams involve the vault of heaven in any way?

>> No.27390171


>> No.27390181

Does he starve to death on the way down?

>> No.27390184

Every Exalt is unhinged in some way, it's part of the Exalted condition that you don't quite think in the manner of a normal human being anymore.

>> No.27390199

It always takes 5 days to get into or out of Malfeas, unless you use Ink Monkeys bullshit.

>> No.27390201

He'd be more likely to die of thirst, actually.

>> No.27390523

>tfw some Infernal becomes a Malfean travel agent a la Manny Calavera
>Passengers file onto a carriage loaded with provisions and entertainment for 5 days
>A team of Infernals kicks them to and from Malfeas for a small fee

>> No.27390617


More likely an Infernal rounded up a few Akuma or something/

>> No.27390626


But can hate someone so much that whenever he impacts them, the opponent's body bursts into radioactive green fire made from pure hatred?

>> No.27390652

Why would I want to hate people?

The people of creation will help friend Autocthon

>> No.27390686

>Solar sees this
>decides to compete
>uses identical Solar Charm to ferry people to the Underworld, Yu-Shan, Raksha freeholds, and select cities in Creation
>develops enough capital to send people to Malfeas
>uses social Charms to convince customers his deliveries are faster

>> No.27390696

can destroy the minds of the deathlords so they are useless empty shells?

>> No.27390711

I'm going to do this.

But with Pizzas.

And lots of craft charms to make them the best fucking pizzas.

>> No.27390732

Who created the USC? Ebon Dragon.
Who created Fate, and therefore the Maidens? Ebon Dragon.
Who's responsible for 6 out of 7 Incarnae rebelling against their masters? Ebon Dragon.
Who surrendered first at the end of the War? Ebon Dragon.

It's like everything that has ever happened has been JUST AS PLANNED.

>> No.27390736

Ghosts already ARE the useless empty shells, even more so for ghosts powered by the useless empty shells of dead demons.

>> No.27390766


Infernals classic were also raped as a hazing ritual.

There was nothing good about them. Move on.

>> No.27390769

>An amazing run of 10s causes the Unconquered Sun himself to avert his eyes from the Games to feast upon the Perfected Pizza and smile once more upon Creation

>> No.27390772

are there rules for the effects of devouring souls?

I want to make a character who plans to absorb all the souls in creation, then the underworld, then everywhere else and then remake creation in their own image.

But first they have to discover that it is possible then learn/invent the means to do so.

>> No.27390773

>Who created the USC?
Several primordials.
>Who created Fate, and therefore the Maidens?
Primordials didn't make the Maidens, they came out of the Wyld.
>Who's responsible for 6 out of 7 Incarnae rebelling against their masters?
All the Primordials.
>Who surrendered first at the end of the War?
All the surviving Primordials except two.

b8 harder

>> No.27390783


Go talk to Malfeas.

He'll be MORE than happy to tell you why he hates you.

>> No.27390799


>are there rules for the effects of devouring souls?


>> No.27390802


then why are they dangerous?

>> No.27390809

We got Creation Calzones, flavor in every direction.

We got Wyld Wings, where the sauce can change mid-bite.

>> No.27390816



>> No.27390833


Oh BOY! that means we get to homebrew them!

>> No.27390843

What does it take for a mortal to get awakened Essence, and then learn Terrestrial Martial Arts? I understand mortals can reach up to Essence 3 without turning into a god.

>> No.27390871


This is a hostile motivation for a PC group, as if the other PC's find out you'll probably be killed. Just a warning.


A few ways:

1) Plot
2) Wyld Questing to get Awakened Essence
3) Certain charms of Celestials or Gods can give a mortal enlightened essence
4) Have your daddy or mommy be a spirit
5) Join the winning side by becoming an Infernal, getting a huge mote pool and look damn, damn good doing those MA's

>> No.27390907

Roll on the table:
>Upset stomach
>Angry stomach
>Furious stomach
>Food poisoning
>Possessed organ syndrome

>> No.27390936

>Possessed organ syndrome

I want to know more about this.

>> No.27390973

The spirit survives and takes possession of a random organ in your digestive tract. Strange things ensue as your gallbladder begins to talk or as your rectum rapidly clenches and unclenches.

Why? Because Exalted!

>> No.27391001

Is there no way for a mortal to achieve awakened Essence without outside help from a spirit, Exalt, or the Wyld?

>> No.27391033


Let's see... Spirit-Eating Technique lets you absorb motes from hurting spirits, in addition to killing them permanently

I see no reason you couldn't upgrade it to apply to mortals as well.

>> No.27391034

I am now working on this and shall return with a first draw. If I do not, please consider me lost in duty, trapped staring at pictures of red pandas.

>> No.27391042


Yes. Straight-up ascetism and effort can awaken your internal Essence, but that's hard work and therefore rare as fuck.

>> No.27391056
File: 1.85 MB, 320x180, Lunar Ambush.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I await your return.

Take this.

>> No.27391058


There are references to being able to achieve it through hard work and meditation, but no hard and fast rules for it. I'd actually imagine this is the most common way of achieving it, though.

Mechanically, it would probably be "pay a number of xp equal to the mutation cost of Awakened Essence when the DM's feeling nice about you".

>> No.27391065

Infernal Adorjan Charms let you sustain your body by eating souls.

>> No.27391073

So you become Margaret Thatcher?

>> No.27391114

Because they're driven by the dominant passions they had in life, the same reason that the neverborn are not the best judges of character.
This is why Eye and Seven Despairs is useless.
This is why First and Forsaken Lion achieved nothing.
This is why Mask of Winters actually does something.

>> No.27391237

>Primordials didn't make the Maidens, they came out of the Wyld.
Someone's been listening to Fae propaganda. It's like you don't even stunt your MDVs.

>> No.27391322


Not even that - they just showed up one day and started working. They didn't come in from the Wyld, but no primordial built them. The best guess was "maybe they came from the future or something", followed by noticing that they had the same geas as the other Incarnae, and telling them to get to work.

>> No.27391335

The Great Curse and Limit Break are things Exalted can never know. The Great Curse because it's in the curses nature to be ambiguous and cause disbelief in it, to outright inability to understand it. Limit Break isn't actually a "thing" no Exalted will say i've hit my Limit, it's a metagame. The Limit Break is a certain behaviour the Exalt undergoes when under great stress, reaching a mental breaking point. A therapist would be able to determine common behaviours and categorize them, but the cause would be seen as intrinsic to being Exalted, not by some Great Curse.

Furthermore, like Morke has said, most Charms aren't actually "charms". You can't just go and learn it. A Charm is a part of yourself that you've either unlocked/developed. There is no scroll of charms, but there may be scrolls of techniques to develop your body with a charms effects. Sorcery, Necromancy, and Martial Art Techniques are taught however.

>> No.27391550

As was asked, what if Lytek told a Solar circle about what he knows of the Curse? Also can I ask for the sources you base your answer to this most important of questions on?

>> No.27391740


Well how I would play him is as a passive god who has been under house arrest for a long time. A peaceful time, but a restrained one, where he tends only to the Exaltations that come back to him, only to clean it and send it out again. He knows of the Curse, and he knows of the folly it has caused. He'd never tell them, because because of the Curse they'd never believe in the Curse.

In the event of some miracle he took a chance and did tell them?They'd likely blame him for being incapable of removing it, or keeping silent about it, the blame would be shifted to Lytek, and not the Neverborn. The sane thing would to go to the Neverborn to remove it, but it's the nature of the curse to only cut the head off the hydra, never actually kill it, so to speak.

>> No.27391804

Shove Solar in Monstrance, resulting Abyssal destroys Monstrance, redeems Exaltation, perfect Solar left.

All of those steps are massive, dangerous tasks.

>> No.27391835


Well considering it requires the death of the Abyssal, then yes.

>> No.27392072

How does it?

An abyssal can reach redemption without dying.

>> No.27392417


>Abyssal destroys Monstrance

That bit there. Destroying the Monstrance kills the Abyssal, said Exaltation is now an Abyssal one running around, since it has no Monstrance to return to.

>> No.27392428

New question: How do Graces work? All I've really heard about them is that the Fair Folk have them instead of Virtues, but the names don't really clue in to what they're good for.

>> No.27392449

Doesn't it go back to Lytek then? Who cleans it and sends it back out without comment because, hell, why not?

>> No.27392480


True, it does, but Lytek probably won't know what to do with it. Since it's fundamentally an Abyssal Spark now, not a Solar Spark.

>> No.27392486


I thought destroying the Monstrance freed the Abyssal, unless you destroyed it by dropping it into Oblivion.

>> No.27392520


Graces are literally the things that make the Fair Folk shaped. They're quite literally items that are an extension of their selves. If one were to get a hold of a Fey's Heart Grace they could practically control them since the person has the Fair Folk's life in their hands. Graces can be creates for non Fey, but it's like removing a piece of yourself, and making it into an item, this is usually done only on request though or if the Fey seeks to control the person by holding their Grace hostage.

>> No.27392521

>Destroying the Monstrance kills the Abyssal
That's a lie the Deathlords tell to make sure their Abyssal servants stay in line. Destroying the Monstrance does nothing, as per the Scroll of Errata, Abyssal Chapter, The Monstrance of Celestial Portion section :

>Destroying a Monstrance
of Celestial Portion
>Though some Deathlords attempt to control their servants with tales of Exalts’ souls held hostage in their Monstrances, such threats are hollow lies. If an Abyssal’s Monstrance is destroyed, the only repercussion for the Exalt is a sudden feeling of hope that replenishes all her Willpower.

>> No.27392572


>Scroll of Errata

Bah. Hogwash.

>> No.27392589

So like Fetters, then? I've seen Fairies statted with numeric Graces. What do those mean?

>> No.27392602


Well then I was mistaken, I guess I have old lore. Still, they're notoriously difficult to destroy, but I do seem to recall if a Monstrance is thrown into Oblivion, it takes the Exaltation with it, meaning there are less Exaltations going around.

>> No.27392642

Yes, but it's an empty threat, because hunting you down, no matter what it takes, is still far more economical in the long run than losing an Exaltation to Oblivion.

>> No.27392664


Yeah like Fetters. The numeric Graces is literally just their Stats which are tied to Virtues. This makes sense since they're just a mishmash of ideas and essence, not an actual being. Graces are both the stats and manifested as an artifact of some kind.

>> No.27392674

This is only true if the Exaltation inhabits the Monstrance at the time it is thrown in the Mouth of the Void. Which means if it currently has a host, it won't get destroyed.

>> No.27392684


You'd rather the deathlords have a "nope, you lose" switch on all your abyssal characters.

Also an empty threat - Exaltations are imperishable. Even if all else in creation was thrown into the maw of the void, there would still be 700 sparks orbiting it, constantly awaiting a new bearer who can never arise.

>> No.27392748


Exaltations are consumed by Oblivion, because Oblivion is nothing at all. This is not an empty threat, this is a very real thing. That said, the Exaltation must be thrown into the Void like >>27392674 said.

>> No.27392763


No, I'd rather have my deathlords have leverage on my abyssal characters. That makes for good roleplay.

>> No.27392824

They can have plenty of that. Their servants have no idea the threat is hollow. THIS makes for good roleplay.

Once they do realise it is, though, a Deathlord looses that particular point of leverage, but still has about a billion others. Your Deathlords can have leverage on your abyssal characters without actually being able to insta-gib them no matter where they are or what they do, so please do not reduce this matter to a false dichotomy.

>> No.27392904


I disagree. A real threat evokes motivation to overcome it. Covert operations, a literal "bomb" on your life. How do you outsmart the man with the gun to your head?

I do agree that the Monstrance is just one method of leverage over an Abyssal, and I need to clarify that tossing the Monstrance is a last resort thing. They'd rather try to turn them back, rather than outright destroy them. Well most would.

What REALLY makes for good roleplay is the Abyssal doesn't even know about the secret behind the Monstrances, and the events that may happen when they figure out it can destroy them.

I guess we just disagree on dramatics.

>> No.27392949

Recent fluff contradicts that, in that an Exaltation will be able to fly out of the Mouth of the Void. Of course, if the Deathlords succeed, that still just means that the shards will be floating in a sea of infinite blackness for eternity.

>> No.27392958

Source on that?

>> No.27393018

Awh, just some Dev commentary years and years ago. Feel free to not buy it, for all I know I could be misremembering.

>> No.27393224

Nah, I remember that as well. It was a fix to the bullshit about Deathlords throwing Monstrances into the void.

>> No.27393226

You'd rather Exalted be a setting with no rules.

>> No.27393282


A dev stated that the following line: "if all else falls into Nothing, there will still be 700 shards left, dancing in the infinite void." is accurate

>> No.27393299
File: 523 KB, 786x1017, HotBloodedTenWinds.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thread is slowly turning into False Dichotomy City.

We need Hot Blooded Ten Winds to apply JUSTICE and proper debating.

>> No.27393322


No, I like rules. However, I think that "exaltations cannot be destroyed, not even by throwing them into the void" is a more important rule than "the void can destroy anything".

There are limits on the power of exaltations that I like - I think that the Dragonblooded should always be a threat to solars. I think that even to a solar god-king of the first age, truly ressurecting the dead should be impossible. I think that a lone solar, no matter how smart and strong, should be unable to rebuild the first age, and he'd get stomped by the realm for trying.

Disagreeing with a certain limit or weakness of the exaltations, doesn't mean I think they should have NO weaknesses or limitations.

>> No.27393376


Ah, found a line: "Still, no force is capable of
destroying a Celestial Exaltation". Alchemicals, p. 222

>> No.27394652

Actually, "punch into Malfeas" is not an Infernal thing. It's a Solar-only expansion to Solar Hero Style.
And you can in fact punch them into Yu-Shan or any spot in Creation. No dice on the Underworld, though.

>> No.27394690

Thaumaturgy! Either slow (as in years) and steady or fast and with a change to die.

>> No.27394742

They are like Attributes that determine requirements for Raksha Charms and are used with Abilities to make Shaping Combat rolls.
Favoured Graces determine what Virtues the Raksha feeds on.
Graces are also embodied into artefacts which if stolen can cause delirious mental effects on the Raksha.

>> No.27396041

>This thread is slowly turning into False Dichotomy City.
It's 4chan, it's always False Dichotomy City.

>> No.27398049

You can snort celestial cocaine and use artifacts that dramatically shorten your lifespan as well.

I like the whole idea of buying or cheating your way to universal one-ness with the cosmos.

>> No.27398950

>There are references to being able to achieve it through hard work and meditation, but no hard and fast rules for it.

Lies. There are thaumaturgy rituals that:

a) unlock it slowly through 5 years of aesetic lifestyle, martial arts training and meditation


b) flood you with so much essence your chakras explode and let your internal essence flow. This one comes with a chance of killing you, and anyone who helps in the ritual.

>> No.27400242

Meditating on an uncapped demesne is a pretty quick and safe way to do it.

>> No.27400624

Could a geomancer cap a demense and build a manse specifically designed to enlighten mortals who meditate inside it?

>> No.27401361

Rolled 5

Demesnes enlighten up because they produce a Wyld-like environment with all the extra essence. A Wyld pocket in a manse prolly could be used for questing for enlightenment.

>> No.27404992

Glorious Solar Medicine!

>> No.27405145

That was actually going to be my idea for my first Exalted character... although, I know of no games in my area, and no idea where to find online games, sooooo... guess that one's all yours, buddy.

>> No.27405206

Starting off a game all as Mortals is a pretty fun way to build character.

>> No.27406371

Yeah, it was always my intention - normal guy, maybe some Exalts came to his village or something, ended up with their party somehow, he's still uneasy about traveling with anathema, shit happens, blah blah... but something happens, and he is dying. Maybe impaled through the stomach? Maybe he's been buried beneath a fallen Manse? Who knows what his death entailed - all he can recollect before his Exaltation was voices running through his head, followed by a rush of emotion and power.

Yaaaaaay~ backstory done in-game!

>> No.27408222

How fun is Solar Hero Style?

Can I perform sweet Zangief moves with it?

>> No.27408554

You can grapple and throw people pretty good, but most of it is about being Gene from God-Hand, where you toss people really far away (or do a ton of damage if you instead toss them into a wall or through a building).

>> No.27408596

Pretty fucking good if you can buy it.

Godly if your a Solar. Seriously, it's got so many extentions you're never gonna buy them all.

Lightning Strikes Twice is a great example.

>> No.27408658

Which one was that again? Was it a damage doubler or extra-action charm or what?

>> No.27409102

You know in Dragon Ball Z when two characters are having a fight and one of them hits the other really hard, sends him flying miles away, somehow gets there before he lands and strikes him once again?

Well it basically does that.

>> No.27409163

Are there any communities out there for playing Exalted online?

>> No.27409370


Of course. I myself am in two of them.

>> No.27409547

How can a terrestrial leanrn celestial martial arts? I see (element) dragon form charm trees in anathema, but even with 5 dots in martial arts, the DB can't learn it.

Which is weird, because it seems like something for them.

>> No.27409581


Exactly, its that bullshit that needs to be done away with. Right now only some kind of artifact can let a Terrestrial learn anything Celestial. Now the new Martial Arts will be Styles, and the type of Exalted you are augments the Style.

>> No.27409587

They need a willing tutor.

>> No.27409614


That sounds pretty cool. I wish WW wasn't such a mess, and they can deliver 3rd edition this year.

Or Q1 of 2014.

>> No.27409695

White Wolf's rules are a trainwreck. They are always a trainwreck. I swear I'm just going to make an Exalt based around illusions and deception JUST SO I CAN AVOID THE HORRIBLE COMBAT.

>> No.27409779

It depends on what kind of Dragon Blooded you're building.

Immaculate Monks have access to the Celestial Innitiation Charms (at the very bottom of the styles list in Anathema), those are Pasiap's Humility leading into Danaad's Moment. Once both of them are picked, you'll be able to buy charms in a Celestial style (typically, the Immaculate Dragon style linked to your DB's Aspect).

For Dynastic Scions, things are a little bit more complicated, as they cannot buy Pasiap's Humility at Chargen. They can only recieve initiation in actual play, and pay for the charms in Experience Points and Training Times. This of course requires that you find a Sifu willing to teach you.

>> No.27409810

Well, uh. Mind sharing?

>> No.27410028


Ah, now I understand. Thank you very much.

>> No.27410029


Not while I'm doing a midterm a paper.

>> No.27410591

To avoid this situation in the future, I recommend Sagacious Reading of Intent. It's a perfect defense against written trolls.

>> No.27411887


I wasn't trolling the poor guy. I just literally am too busy with my paper at this point.

The only thing I can mention is a cliff's cliff's notes. One is a modern Alchemical game while the other is just a vanilla style game only I gave the players 200 or so XP to play with.

>> No.27412043


Can you atleast link to them then so we can investigate ourselves?

>> No.27412090


IRC chat.

But if you're looking for games online, the places I'd suggest are RPG.net and... RPOL I think it is called. Mythweavers could possibly have some games there as well.

>> No.27412202

I found a game on here.

I believe it's full though.

Although I did see the ST throw his Email down in a thread recently.

>> No.27412370

AFAIK, they are mostly played in IRC and the like - chatrooms. Communities to pick up a game are for example right here (I found a game and don't think it's the same as other anon's) and assorted Exalted/WW forums.

>> No.27412998

Okay, I'll take your word for it.

And tell you to get the fuck off 4chan while you do your homework. I almost flunked out of college myself for pulling that sort of shit.

>> No.27413786

Any exalted, god, titan, or yozi could do it (yozis are more like the broken remains of titans; the gods are dicks)
The problem is that the vast majority of creation is not aware of its existence. Specifically, none of the exalted know, if any of the gods know they never bothered informing anyone (too busy with their games to care)

>> No.27413795

When I said any god I meant "of sufficient power". Obviously shit tier gods cannot.
As for the others, could do it does not mean "without effort", all of those things can grow in power over time and as such could eventually become powerful enough, or get enough force multipliers, to do the task. (leveling up is canon :))

>> No.27413983

I was thinking of something more along the lines of a subconscious teaching mechanism, like a Dream Broadcaster that constantly speaks to the subconscious, whispering the basic truths of how essence flows while the excess energies of the Manse (probably a sidereal manse) flow through the mortals and obscure them from the part of the Tapestry that says 'mortals suck and don't get the good toys'.

>> No.27416185

Well that works.

>> No.27416222


Yea by average is 80 so I'm something right.

>> No.27418738

I actually have a Dragon King doing something similar. He's building devices to forcibly enlighten the mortals living near the ruins of his ancient home, as well as his degenerate descendants.

>> No.27420854

So I finally got around to archive-binging on Keychain of Creation, knowing full well that the odds of it coming back are roughly equivalent to the odds of spontaneous world peace at this point...

I've made a terrible mistake. Why? Why the hell did Secret have to be so goddamn adorable?

>> No.27424139


you would rather have not known any of that existed?

>> No.27424148

I always liked Karen more. But seriously, Ten Winds stole that comic hard.


>> No.27424421

once every 6 months the author comes back... not to KOC but to one of his quests on tgchan

>> No.27424705

I've left it in the active list of comics in my bookmarks, just in case...

>> No.27425098

Ten Winds is definitely a good example of how to make a DB in a Celestial campaign work. Backgrounds, merits, and XP up the wazoo.

>> No.27425723


What I want to know is why he doesn't just ask someone to fill in as the artist and stick to writing?

>> No.27425936

You know? That could have really been a simple solution.

>> No.27426127

Yeah. Someone get one of /tg/'s senior drawfags on this. Maybe LewdAnon.

>> No.27426695

Coordinating with someone else can be a pain, and feeling a sense of total ownership can be important for a lot of independent content creators that are doing it for the love of doing it. I don't fault the guy for not giving up half of his comic to someone else just to keep it going.

>> No.27426778

>"Essence pool calculations and Ox-Body Technique arrays are done for all the upcoming hardbacks so they can be implemented into the Antagonists chapter, and that chapter is moving toward completion so it can go to editing too."

So apparently they are being a lot more careful as to how they're going to develop the line in the long term on a mechanical side.

Why does this make me so happy?

>captcha : 89822588 2100
>WTF blizz

>> No.27427003

Because that was one of the biggest problems that cascaded through 2E from the core book?

>> No.27427449

Hope springs eternal. I've done the same for two years now.

>> No.27427688

The latest word on Keychain of Creation (along with the most recent, er, "official content") can be found by searching Foolz for posts by Jukashi. Back in May, he turned up here and said he still intended to start the comic up again, although "not this year" and probably not until he was done with college. As, if I recall correctly, he went back to college the fall after he stopped Keychain; that was two years ago, which means we could be halfway (?, at most?) through this gap, if he does indeed come back.

>> No.27427842

IIRC, he got asked about that on tgchan.
He then asked "Well, ARE there any artists willing to draw for KoC around here?"
Guess what answer he got.

>> No.27428104

People are not actually all that excited to do this sort of work for free. Manse of Ivy comics had to pay the artists they had and are now closing the Agents line due to running out of financial capability to keep doing so (and are searching for a cheaper artist for Scroll)

And just like >>27427842, comments were made "why don't you find a volunteer who can draw it for you for free?" and the writer asked "do you know anybody who will do that?" with no asnwer.

>> No.27430867

>pester random artists to draw your comic for you

>> No.27432714

I'd consider it more putting out feelers for volunteers. Asking if anyone wants to take over the art duties on a public site isn't the same as finding a DA you like and blasting their inbox.

>> No.27432961

asked on tgchan? the chances of a random passing artist seeing it are rather slim.
he should have put up a page on KoC own website that says "looking for artist"

>> No.27433017

>just another kickstarter phantom?
This would be a catastrophically bad idea.

White Wolf is a real company that has to run an actual business. Taking shittons of money and then not producing the product is not something they can remotely afford to do.

They're just really, really fucking bad at accurately predict how long it will take them to finish things.

>> No.27433058

And they've got a good track record with KS, such as V:tM 20.

And the Kickstarter isn't to fund the game itself, that was coming out either way to PDF/POD. It was for the Deluxe book and extra bits.

>> No.27433098

I blame KoC for tricking me into thinking Exalted was fun.

And then I ran into 2e's actual system. And I wept bitter tears.

>> No.27433113

I enjoyed the shit out of it until I had to do anything with dice.

>> No.27433152

I got up to charm trees and went "fuck this noise".

>> No.27433164


>> No.27434714

Many of their kickstarters have been delayed to hell and back, but thus far they have always delivered.

Exalted *is* fun, just more in spite of the mechanics than because of them. The premise of the setting is great, and lets you tell some amazing stories. The powers are over the top and grandiose, so that you can pull off the shenanigans.

The problem comes when you consider "little" things like balance or mechanical elegance, which usually means that the best way to do combat is to ignore it as much as possible.

>> No.27434739

Meh, I got no problems with charm trees.

>Exalted *is* fun,

>> No.27434768

More or less, it's 3.5 except everyone is a wizard (unless you're in a mixed group, in which case only the Solars are the Wizard)

>> No.27435420

So I really want to get into the mindset of Exalted. I don't see my Exalted world having much of anything to do with Anime, maybe with Ancient Oriental cultures and traditions, along with Sword and Sandal and Adult Fantasy lit. I'm reading the Flat Earth series right now, but i'd like to know what stories or movies really encapsulate Exalted for you.

>> No.27435524

Avatar, The Last Airbender certainly is one of my go-to examples when explaining the feel of Exalted to a potential player.

Gods everywhere, superior amounts of Kung Fu, crazy powers and weird animals.

>> No.27435530

Charms are really cool, Exalted the setting is really cool. The mechanics are overall pretty bad, convoluted and confusing.

>> No.27436085

Jade Empire was pretty much Exalted the CRPG (complete with an incredibly bad combat systeme WOKKA WOKKA) and if you like Exalted you should seriously give it a shot. It even had a minor god come down from heaven just to bitch at you for being such a bureaucratic nightmare for him.

>> No.27436352

Honestly the Wheel of Time thread really reminded me of the parallels it had with Exalted. I mean, the main character is a reincarnation of an ancient hero who was cursed with madness by the enemies he defeated, the entire setting is the remnants of a postapocalyptic age of legends, Magic is an applied science, the bad guys have all sorts of grudges left over from the first age that they apply to the reincarnation, supreme magical power is inevitably followed by insanity (if you're a man in Wheel of Time, at least), and there's an order of magical folks dedicated to hunting down said all powerful maniacs while also using their talents to manipulate politics.

And many more besides: I'm pretty sure Trollocs were an artificial race created by Genesis crafting to boot.

If only those books weren't so hard to *read.*

>> No.27439434

>It even had a minor god come down from heaven just to bitch at you for being such a bureaucratic nightmare for him.
I never got that far.

I should get back to my playthrough.

>> No.27439449

I've been using BLAME! as an example of Autochthonia's Far Reaches, but that's a pretty specific subsection of Exalted.

>> No.27439552

Yeah, it's pretty great. You get to interact with him a good deal, it isn't just a one-off gag.

More like a constant series of gags with a useful NPC, but hey it was at least fun.

>> No.27441271

That part was, like, five hours in. Very early in the game.

>> No.27441461

Man ever wondered how fucked up Chinese mythos really is? Their gods are bureaucrats, who push papers all day everyday.

>> No.27441478

Exalted is incredibly 80's fantasy to me and oldschool JRPG. Magical bikini armour for both men and women!

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