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>Starting ERP threads
>Talking about ERP
>Talking about ERP players
>Never actually starting ERP

To get started
>Pick F-List or IRC or both as your preferred method
>Go to #1001LewdNights on Rizon for IRC
>Make a character and jump into /tg/ chat under "Private Channels" for F-list
>Post contact info
>Get help from friendly old hands
>Be awesome
>ERP like a maniac

Let's get the ERP train rolling to close out the weekend, shall we?

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Behind the scenes edition!

Spending hours mulling over F-List!

my face when creating a bunch of custom kinks and still feeling like I am not fully expressing myself. You'd think this would get easier after having done it several times before.

Tongue-tied suffering.

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Reposting this from the last thread

>I have a custom kink in my "No" list saying "The usual suspects: Scat, vore, snuff, you all know what I'm talking about"
>I also have "No furries" in my profile
>Some furry dude randomly messages me to tell me that my 'usual suspects' note is vague to people who don't already share all my fetishes
>Kind of an undercurrent of 'you should be embarrassed'
>Check his profile
>He's really into bloodplay and death
>So that's why he's so mad. Still not remotely into that stuff or him
>I tell him thanks for the advice and that I'll take it under consideration and close the window
That was weird. Tell me, /tg/, do I need to make myself clearer, or was he just making a mountain out of a molehill?

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>interested in ERP
>always wanted to try
>scared shitless
>try to write some kind of ERP character
>can't even a word

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No, he's just awful and wanted to guilt you for not being into what he's into.

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fuck characters
post fetishes, find partners, pick hair colors to tell them apart, then stick things in holes

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He was being PA, so you should've gotten A.

>Oh, I thought it was explicit enough to exclude you.

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So don't. I mean, that's not what I do!

Write a regular character, who just happens to enjoy (or doesn't, if that's your thing) sex.

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>tfw the catgirl that you were gonna talk to a few threads back completely disappeared

Aw...that sounded like it was gonna be fun...

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Oh, hey there baby~. I've started exiting the main chat when I join so I stop getting messaged from people like that, or Big mcLarge Huge a couple days.

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Same here, I wrote my character like I would for any RP. Just so happens lewd will be involved.

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I'm usually up for ERP whenever, message me if you're interested.

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I like to listen in on /tg/ chat~ So I get a few weirdoes from time to time.

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S-Sorry, I'm really new to this sort of thing and I don't want to clog up the thread with my newness

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Being new isn't a problem. Go throw together an F-list with the stuff you like, get some example images of characters you might want to RP as, and post it.

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>Exit the 'main' chat
>Choose a decent new 'main' chat
>Click the 'Save Channel Tabs' button in the upper left
I haven't even accidentally entered the default room in weeks.
It works pretty well, IMO. Plus, also in my opinion, making a character suitable for non-ERP makes them more interesting than just building a fuckbot.

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>Agathian faggot
Wow look at you, you sissy.

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Very similar boat, anon.

Very similar boat.

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Passive Agressive.

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Add me on steam I'm a slut:


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Are you sure that's the right IRC channel? I thought I remembered it having underscores or something.

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Not my style~ I try to be polite but firm with everyone, unless they're actually aggressive. I've actually been told a few times that I'm apparently uncommonly charming and polite.

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I'm trying to remember who you are, because I remember the "Usual suspects" thing but cannot put my thumb on who you are.

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It's the best edition.

Now, tell me your stories, good or bad experiences because I love reading them.

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I'm pretty sure you are right there, depth is more interesting after all.

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Here you go.

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I-if you want some o-one to play with I-I'm always here...

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Gryphon writefag porn when?

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Heya, /tg/


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I know you are, hon~ You're still my favorite~

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Since all the cool kids are doing it


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What're you into?

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I really need to get around to making a similar 'just a guy' profile.

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>compliment a guy posting a Pokemon related ad for a cute concept.
>tell him I'm pondering making a Pokemon character and that I've bookmarked him
>mfw I wake up to an alert that the character is deleted.


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Oh, I've got a much better one
>Spend two evenings planning out something with someone
>Little details already established
>Log in one morning
>1 message, 1 note
>Note just reads "I'm sorry."
>Message is character deletion

Oh,. Okay.

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They might have gotten cold feet, seems a sad trend.

>> No.27368260


This is such a simple profile, but really, really hitting some sweet spots for me (especially 'dat cute profile picture with the tousled hair). I'd recommend filling out your fave kinks more and maybe some more custom stuff?

>> No.27368261

Sorry that it's a bit generic? I'm still new to this and still horribly nervous. I want to refine this into something a bit more elaborate than "Shy nerd girl with glasses."

>> No.27368279


Made this one a bit ago. Any criticism would be nice.

>> No.27368282

Yeah, definitely!

>> No.27368302

Not the anon you replied to, but making "average Joes" is a great starter and offers bigger canvas to characteristics and personalities. And it's obviously better than Darksword McBloodGrim (sounds like a Liefeld character, damn).

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Speaking of stories, do you have the pastebin link for mine I posted? I accidently everything a few days ago.
Catgirl beastmen beastiality rape
Also a short review from you so far? I know there is a distinct lack of proper bondage which I'm sure is one of your main kinks.

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Oh, okay.

I guess I'm just a bit sensitive. I did actually get some hate from someone saying that I was just a lazy tease.

>> No.27368478

One of many.
Lucky I saved the link. http://pastebin.com/LYYDJYkU

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You could add some more stuff on your character, though. Wouldn't hurt to flesh him out a bit.

>> No.27368492

Is this Mami, or are you just using similar art?

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Let me guess, said person where not from /tg/ but from the flist community? Because very many of the latter are elitist snobs and their opinions are irrelevant.

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Sex, kinks, wants?

>> No.27368531

Oh, no, that's not what I meant at all!

The only characters that I have profiles for thus far are fantasy-based, which sort of prevents me from playing with people like you.

I wasn't bashing your character. Far from it!

>> No.27368535

And since last time, I've not had the time to read more of the story, but I know I'll enjoy it.
I'll let you know more once I had the time.

>> No.27368594

>not erp general

Cute pic but nigga please

>> No.27368605

As long as you don't have any hopes for proper bondage you should be fine. And repetetive language.

>> No.27368631

Her. But yes, I could flesh her out. I intend to make her a bit more interesting.

Also put more in the adaptation section, just so I can open up who I play with besides other modern characters.

Yes. I put myself as looking, and after a few minutes, that happened.
That and something someone shared in /tg/ chat killed my mood that night.

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>Want RP with E in it.
>Everyone want one night stands where they meet, fuq, and leave.
>Not wanting to build a relationship through the fires of hardship that strengthens the bond between us truly inseparable, no matter how difficult the struggles of the unknown future and the demons that haunt their pasts may try to bring us down, our love will always prevail, in life or in death.

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>Want to do something like pic related after another anon posts about the idea
>Nobody shows any interest

>> No.27368687

>nobody shows any interest
But my dick is currently proving you wrong, anon.

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After the terrible fuss caused a couple of threads ago, I'm not attaching any identity to my posts until I have a working F-List. No, I'm not anybody, not until then.

>> No.27368690

>>Not wanting to build a relationship through the fires of hardship that strengthens the bond between us truly inseparable, no matter how difficult the struggles of the unknown future and the demons that haunt their pasts may try to bring us down, our love will always prevail, in life or in death.
This seems to work best if you personally contact people from these threads, rather than going through F-List. I've found a couple by following this advice.

>> No.27368695

This makes me moist.

>> No.27368703


I don't want to play as the girl, anon.

>> No.27368707

But...thats exactly what I want to do, Anon.

>> No.27368714

The Pareto principle is in effect concerning the f-list community. Roughly 80% of all good RP's come from 20% of the community. The rest is terrible.

>> No.27368715

I just want kung-fu dragongirls. Is that too much to ask?

>> No.27368718

I know that feel. I'm wondering if "Worldbuilding" as a fetish tag would help.

like, "nah, we aren't actually gonna fuck this session. Like, 3 sessions down the line, after the characters are established."

>> No.27368743

>RP on Steam since forever
>God bless /me tags
>Few months ago
>"Lol people dunno that blue text doesnt mean its from steam staff so they gib password, lets remove it hurr"
>They remove it
>Have to resort to // for actions now

Also, how do one properly set up a 3 person RP without it going haywire? I really want to do it with the 2 people I usual RP with, but the times we tried, we couldn't continue since all the plot progression is placed on one person who does 80% of the work and the other 2 just goes with it.

>> No.27368744

Isn't it more along the lines of "80% of everything is shit"?

>> No.27368760

Just take turns describing things, and migrate to IRC which has a /me function?

>> No.27368765

Are you looking for the customer or the catgirl, anon?

>> No.27368774

Steam has /me, it's just that the others are retarded, from his description.

>> No.27368781

Looks like you've got some customers lined up already, anon~

>> No.27368782

That's Sturgeon's Law

>> No.27368800

Ah, my bad then.

>> No.27368801

>Steam has /me
Had. They removed it because people fell for someone changing their name to Steam Support and then typing out a "/me Please send your username and password in the chatbox or your account will be terminated in 3 hours." and ignoring the "Don't give your password to anyone." warning, they do and they get their accounts stolen.

>> No.27368806

Don't know if my opinion is valid since I don't have an account or ERP'ed myself, but I've browsed a few accounts and yours seems to be at the same level or above them.

>extensive kink list
check, maybe a little bit more
>character description
che... huh? Seems like you missed the description of the younger. You might want to add that.
2, check
>ooc info on how you want to rp
>plot hooks
Might want to add those, but I don't see them as necessary, especially with fantasy characters. I'd guess they function mostly as "do want to play" scenario.

8/10 would ERP with, solely based on look of profile. You're doing good.

>> No.27368808

thats what I want

>> No.27368821 [SPOILER] 

I would but we're both girls

>> No.27368828


>> No.27368829


>> No.27368834

Sturgeon's Law is 90%, not 80.

>> No.27368836

Oh, there's the thread!

Posting profiles, comments and critiques are welcome.


>> No.27368844

Thanks to RP, I lost count how many times I used ~ and Alt+3, and I have to physically stop myself from ending a sentence with ~ typing papers now now.

>> No.27368849

No, sorry. I'm Sam.

>> No.27368850

Hey, maybe some of you guys should post either F-List profiles or contact info in the thread and get started on some story-driven ERP.

Y'know, if you actually want to do this.

>> No.27368852

Not that anon but maybe something could be arranged? Do you have an f-list?

>> No.27368860




Just leaving these here. Shoot me a note or whatever, if you want to play.

>> No.27368876

I am potentially very interested.

Let's get some details!

>> No.27368877

I do get the ~ one, though. That shit has been creeping into everything.

>tfw you send a good morning/hello message to a friend you've known for like 10-12 years with "Hey there~"
>you're both guys
>they aren't one of your ERP partners and its awkward as fuck

>> No.27368879

>Partner mentions they hate something in casual conversation
>Realize you do this something
>Realize that it IS horribly repetitive
>Stop doing it, not only with them, but with everyone
>Feel like I'm a better ERPer now.

>> No.27368897

Well, the /tg/ IRC does have a room for public stuff like this...

>> No.27368898


I laughed because I've experienced similar. Luckily he is gay so its all okay.

>> No.27368903

Fiinee, have my hud profile.

>> No.27368909

>She will never come back online.
>You will never get the chance to play.

>> No.27368913

Just act like you were joking, is it that hard?
I do gay shit with my friends all the time.

>> No.27368914

>tfw shirley's still dead

>> No.27368920


>> No.27368925



>> No.27368941

>>27368860 Here.

I should mention, I am way into RP with E. I like to build up to the fun a lot of the time. But I'm also way alright with just a hump and dump.

>> No.27368942

Oh hey, I think I've seen you before. Have a bookmark.

>> No.27368943


>> No.27368956

No, any of the four people that I've talked to about playing in the last few weeks. I think that I might be poison.

>> No.27368981

Thanks. And I hadn't noticed the lack of description with the younger sister. Must have been one of those things where I've thought of the description, but didn't actually put it on paper/in text.

>> No.27368984



>> No.27368986

I just made a profile on F-List today, and i've nly just found these ERP threads yesterday. Like I said, I only just made a profile, so this is kinda... barren, to say the least.

>> No.27369007

You could always talk to me, Anon. I-if you want, that is...

>> No.27369024


But seriously, was someone super creepy to her again? She was very nice...

>> No.27369037

Oh fuck you.

I really do hope she actually comes back, though. Seriously, the scenes were really enjoyable.

The waiting keeps making me think that I fucked up hard and somehow caused her to rabbit...

>> No.27369046

You mean besides everyone in this thread right now? It makes you think she is the first coming of Jesus Christina.

>> No.27369056

You might want to add some more kinks, you have the basic stuff listed there, I personally would add some kinks I would like to try/include when possible, since I think it's easier to attract people who would like to include the same stuff.
Not speaking by experience, though.

Then I have done my good deed for the day.

Good night /tg/

>> No.27369066

So many bookmarks, no messages.
I-I don't bite.

>> No.27369084

I might also have your skype, if I'm remembering who you are correctly? Apologies if I'm thinking of a different person.

>> No.27369088


Nah, that's not it. She had some issues with stalking last time, so I wonder.

Doubt it. If anything it was someone really toxic. Same thing happened to Mugi, way back.

>> No.27369111

It doesn't seem to be creepy as much as people being sort of legit worried about her just...disappearing. Everything was looking great and other scenes were planned, and suddenly poof.

I really hope that I didn't somehow fuck up. Things seemed nice and like we were both enjoying things, and then...nothing.

>> No.27369117

>Enemies to Lovers
>Belligerent Sexual tension
10/10 would bookmark and never work up the courage to message.
Seriously, though, I'm incredibly interested and will be sending you a note in the next few days.

>> No.27369118

That might be nice. What are you into?

>> No.27369121

Maybe, I have a few people who tapered off after the initial brainstorm stage on my skype. My schedule doesn't help matters.

>> No.27369152


Requesting comment because my partner says they're bad at starting and once tried to start a scene by emulating howtobasic(seriously)

>> No.27369159

I'm fairly open to things, honestly. I'm...still quite new to everything, and everything is all exciting and interesting right now.

I think it might be more polite to the people in the thread if we take it to something a little more private, just to be safe.

IRC: Lem_

>> No.27369163

I know this is a long-shot, but I was wondering if that girl who wanted to roleplay as 'a businesswoman who has been conditioned by her hypnotherapist to become uncontrollably aroused while at work' is in this thread?

Is never got a chance to get your F-list when you were posting in a thread last week.

>> No.27369172


I'm guessing that's what's happened. I don't think anyone could fuck up with her by accident. Didn't seem like her.

>> No.27369177

Any feedback? I've ERP'd before but I could always use pointers.

Also where did the >>27368850 people go?

>> No.27369178


>> No.27369188

I see you just randomly post that name every now and again in these threads, what's with that?

>> No.27369197

Oh, man, this is going to make me sound like such a dumb-ass, but I've never used IRC before and I have no idea how it works. Do you have an F-List account? We could chat there.

>> No.27369200

Well, I finally got around to making an F-List, so maybe we'll work something up again.

>> No.27369220

I do have an F-list, but I'm not much of a fan of it honestly. If you want, I could hop on it and we can talk, and see how things go from there.

>> No.27369221

Then it must be more than one because last time I posted that name must've been at least six months ago.

>> No.27369223

There is nothing, NOTHING as good as "I-can't-admit-I-love-you" style hatefuck.

>> No.27369257

It seems to worm into most of my legit RPs because it's just too much fun for me. Love that shit.

>> No.27369271

Anyone interested in something long term?

>> No.27369277

Very much so, yeah.

>> No.27369292


Got an F-List?

>> No.27369304

I'm sorry, but that'd likely be faster than me trying to fumble my way through IRC.

>> No.27369327

What are you into?

>> No.27369347

Hmm. That Kryie looks interesting. When I get around to finishing my profile, I'll send you a message.

>> No.27369364

No need to be sorry. We'll see how it goes~


Keep in mind, this is just sort of a fairly bare profile to give a rough idea of what I'm into. I'm fairly open to other suggestions/ideas.

>> No.27369387


Almost anything you can think of.

Something warm and fuzzy maybe?

>> No.27369394


Profile time. Long term, one shots or even first timers welcome for consensual stuff.

>> No.27369418

We DEFINITELY need to RP, then.

Just need to clear the queue up a bit.

>> No.27369439

>> No.27369443

Oh, man, I'm so sorry; I don't know that we're going to work.

>> No.27369460

Whys that?

>> No.27369464

If you mean like Furry type stuff, then no.
If not then I don't know what you mean.
http://www.f-list.net/c/sam%20pryor I just made an F-List, so its pretty undeveloped.

>> No.27369484


God no. I hate furries.

>> No.27369519

>Playing a necromancer/dark wizard who kinda uses his powers for gaining more power and building a harem rather than world destroying
>Kill a slave taker because he fucked with me, steal his women, including a few rare as hell prizes, a unicorn, an angel and a Baphomet.
>Angel calls me an evil dick and I get the joys of being sarcastic at an angel with 'Yes yes, I'm such a monster, excuse me while I free all these slaves'
>Leave her wondering if I'm such a bad guy
>Just did a sandwich with an innocent unicorn girl who knows nothing of sex, and a feral Baphomet girl who rode me like an animal, to show unicorn girl what sex looks like.
>Angel girl walks in and assumes I ravished the goat-demon girl and the unicorn girl.
>Calls me an evil dick
>Continues to call me an evil dick and be haughty for ages, won't let up.
>Give up on it, rape her since fuck it, I am kind of evil and why not; she keeps cockblocking me. Literally every time I go to even kiss a girl she kicks the door in and goes 'Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaastaaaaaaaaaaaaaard'
>Now have a slutty angel who hatefucks me while claiming that she's trying to save my soul by 'rewarding' me when I do something kind, which is most the time.
God its good to be bad sometimes.

>> No.27369527

I'm heterosexual.

I'm sorry, I really didn't mean to lead you on; it's my fault for not being more specific.

>> No.27369531

>Somebody else looking for consensual
Oh good!
>A fellow straight male
WELP. Good luck to you, brother.

>> No.27369537

No problem, anon. Good luck with your search!

Unless...you want me to try and play a girl for you~

>> No.27369541

Is anyone still in the F-Chat? Girl half-elf tryin to meet some nerds in here. (Though I can be other things if you need me to be)

>> No.27369549

Ok, good.
You mean warm and fuzzy in the other sense. Yeah, sure. Message on F-List and we'll talk.

>> No.27369555

>Kink of the week: Lactation!
This is great, I'm going to steal it shamelessly.

The kink of the week idea, that is. And lactation as well because why not.

>> No.27369557

Post a profile link.

>> No.27369559

Thanks for the offer, but... it's just... it wouldn't work for me. I'm sorry.

>> No.27369581

Just think about that the next time you play with a "girl"


>> No.27369586

Oh well, I suppose. I hope your search goes well.

>> No.27369594

>You can see on the front page that she's online.

>She hasn't answered your note.

You know what, I'm just gonna stop; I'm getting clingy.

See you folks around, it's been fun.

>> No.27369596


Sorry there's not much to it. Literally just made it. never heard of this sire before this thread

>> No.27369610

Not that anon, but most of the partners I met are either legitimate girls or really, really devoted to the illusion.

The funny thing is I don't even care if I'm ERPing with a guy.

>> No.27369620

Don't do this to me, man.

I really am sorry. You seem nice, but it's something I've tried before and it just doesn't work.

>> No.27369632

Ignore the other person, they're a jackass.

>> No.27369634

Well, I went quite a while with just poaching people off of these threads for roleplay via email or skype or whathaveyou.

Eventually I just bit the bullet and made a profile of my own after seeing too many interesting people who didn't provide alternative methods of contact.

>> No.27369635


Who did?

>> No.27369657

Whoa, your description does it for me.

Any chance Alyssa might like to run afoul of a half-ogre?

>> No.27369658

>slightly chubby half-elf girl with glasses

>> No.27369673

Anyone else find F-list's login being a bit buggy?

I can enter my user name and password perfectly, but it won't take me to my dash. I have to keyboard smash some random fake login in to get an error about incorrect login/password and then I'm magically logged in on the proper account.

>> No.27369675


Um both of you message me and I'll try to find out how to read them and reply on this site.

>> No.27369677

Damn I want to get a hold of you, but I only ERP on IRC and use F-list as a kink list.

>> No.27369685

>Earplay under "No"
Well that's new. Did you get a lot of requests for ear stuff or something?

>> No.27369689

My take? He was being rude, certainly. But all furry butthurt aside, it might not hurt if you were willing to list out your no's explicitly - least in the description for the Usual Suspects, if nothing else.

>> No.27369691

Will do! One half-ogre, coming up!

>> No.27369722

Oh I just misclicked that. I'm generally okay with it, but I'm not super into it.

>> No.27369750

Anyplace I can watch? I like to watch before I take any sort of action myself.

Also I like to watch.

>> No.27369753

Aaand sent.

>> No.27369760

I'm not really one for /tg/'s huge fetish for elf-ears, but I do like ears as sensitive areas for foreplay and stuff.

>> No.27369783

The /tg/ IRC has a room for public stuff, but its been pretty dead lately.

>> No.27369789

I've got a huge thing for ear stuff mainly because my real ones are incredibly sensitive.

I've been tempted to make an elf character JUST to exploit /tg/'s Elf-Ear fetish.

>> No.27369791

head for the /tg/ chat or the /tg/ bottle room. The /tg/ bottle room in particular is basically constant sexcapades. Go to the main page of f-list, then scroll down until you see the underlined hyperlink for "experimental chat", not any of the buttons.

>> No.27369811

...That works for me actually. I may not specifically have a fetish for ears, but I do have a massive fetish for stimulating sensitive areas (assuming it's wanted).

>> No.27369832

>long time f-list user
>been reading this general the last couple of weeks now
>only profile I recognized was Lisa Herrts
Why so vanilla, /tg/?

>> No.27369847


I don't think you know what vanilla means.

>> No.27369848

Because, contrary to the meme, most people do not find babyfuck to be awwwright.

>> No.27369875

>half of me wants to ERP
>half of me wants to play Metal Gear Rising

Ever have that feeling?

>> No.27369883

No, fuck you.
That profile isn't a thing.
That was an abomination.

>> No.27369895

Linking to this post again just to see if any if anyone else wants a piece/is interested

>> No.27369917

This. People need to stop acting as if vore, incest, egg laying, and pedophilia are normal kinks.

They're not. They're the fringe of the fringe kinks. Illegal or impossible.

>> No.27369920

Wanted is a funny term.
Provided the right person is doing it, having my ears teased the right way will make me want it.

>> No.27369921

So ERP Metal Gear Rising.

Problems solved!

>> No.27369938

>set up three different f-list chars over the last couple weeks
>always set them as private
>join several chatrooms, feel awkward, leave after a couple minutes without saying a word
>actually get a few messages during the short chatroom time
>read profiles of the messagers, feel intimdated by their elaborate descriptions and plot hooks
>never answer them
>tfw you know you'll never be able to play out your fantasies because you're timid as fuck

>> No.27369943

Fair point.

I just meant I'm not a fan of the rapey stuff. Starting up something stimulating and having them happily melt into it is another story entirely.

>> No.27369947

ERP as Jetstream Sam fucking random bitches. Look at this dude, no women can resist him!

>> No.27369958

>Open profile
>Crib slut
>Killer sex
>Close profile

>> No.27369967


>> No.27369970

Just bite the bullet and do it.

I know at least I don't judge if my partner's a bit less eloquent.

>> No.27369975


Crib slut? What's that?

>> No.27369988

I still can't stop laughing at crib slut.

It's completely horrifying, but jesus christ is it out there.

>> No.27370011

Quote: "For those rps where Lisa is REALLY young. Her partner either molesting, cumming, pissing or fucking her in her crib or on her stuffed toys."

>> No.27370012

What >>27369970 said.

I've also found that the right partner can boost your confidence and writing skills exponentially. I can bang out a paragraph or so and it's all right, but there is one fantastic player (who's never online, sadly) who I'll match beat for beat and description for description just because she sets the perfect rhythm.

>> No.27370018

> having them happily melt into it is another story entirely.
This is basically how it works.

Also, unf.

>> No.27370027

>some random person posts requesting someone to do a one-on-one psuedocampaign between an elven dragonrider and her 'mount'
>tentatively contact them
>our tastes seem to match perfectly
>exchange like fifty emails fantasizing about where to take it and what to involve and comparing ideas
>get started
>falls apart after two or three weeks due to scheduling difficulties, other person stops returning emails
I don't even know what I did.

>> No.27370041

>Age: 23000
>Fav: Older Partners
Okay, I lol'd. Nice, profile, though. If I wasn't such a big fan of pussy over the occasional indulgence in anal, I would totally be all over you.

>> No.27370061


I'll try anything once. Just give me a try~

>> No.27370074

Huh, so the dragon's only taken it in the ass before?

>> No.27370100


No! Where are you getting this? I'm confused!

>> No.27370127

Well now I think I owe you at least a bookmark in case you're ever interested.

Have you made a profile yet?

>> No.27370156

updated based on advice from before~

>> No.27370161

Ouch, man. Never experienced that myself, but I sympathize.

>> No.27370212

Already posted myself in this thread. Look for ear play in favorites. Hint: also look for glasses

Happy hunting!

>> No.27370259

...If you're who I'm thinking then I'm already talking to you.

If you're not then I want to make sure I DO start talking to you. Can you point me there directly?

>> No.27370342

If you mean RIGHT now, than no, because I'm not in f-list right now.

If you mean in general, and you're thinking I'm Alexis, then you're on the nose.

>> No.27370365

Yup, just found you
>Also have multiple orgasms, sex toys, and exhaustion in favourites
I could not be sold any harder on this.

>> No.27370409

>Cuddling is there too
I was wrong. I am now sold even harder.

>> No.27370427

I remember when these threads were about finding players for actual games, and discussing the effect erotic content has on playing an RPG and the relationship between characters, NPCs, and the players in the group.
I remember when games were started, when people game together.

I remember when it wasn't about quick hook-ups, bitching about partners, and F-list-by-proxy.
I'm ashamed to look now on what I once defended and nurtured.

>> No.27370433

Note me, or look for me on the chat.

And feel free to just throw your idea at me.

>> No.27370453

Don't have any specific ideas, just generally want to make her cum herself silly followed by affectionate snuggling, kisses, and pillowtalk.

>> No.27370475

I blame the content shift in the opening post to being 95% "How to F-List".

>> No.27370526

Well if you want that; my group is doing a Kingmaker game in which our future would-be-king has seduced Kressle (A female bandit you fight early on) and turned her into his right hand woman; she now has a massive crush on him and they're kinda fuck buddies.
The twist? She's pregnant and he doesn't know yet that he's going to have to choose between his Kingdom, and a woman who sees him as the only good thing to ever happen to her, who loves him more than life itself and who, when she thought he'd been killed, hatched her way through an entire raiding party in a berserker revenge.
The crown, all his dreams and hypocrisy. Or the woman he loves, his honor and giving up all he has ever worked for. All because of a pregnancy roll gone bad.
Fun fun fun.

>> No.27370538

It wouldn't be particularly hard to get the original topics back, the OP would just have to work at providing a subject for discussion aside from "how to hookups" and do their best to contribute to actual discussion instead of hookup stuff.

The people who want to hook up (possibly due to actual likeminded discussion) can post that stuff as needed as the thread progresses.

>> No.27370561

...Not that guy, but I don't suppose you have a space for an extra player?

>> No.27370568

We need more posts like this one, yeah.

I don't mind people hooking up in these threads. I do mind it when these threads are just "F-List general" under another name. They should primarily be for actual discussion.

>> No.27370610

Haha, awesome. Is the would-be-king a PC? What about Kressle? What's the rest of the party like?

>> No.27370622

Sadly not but;
I'm also the guy that posted >>27369519
Evil overlord harem games are the best games.
Seriously. I just got a ship that sails across the sands.
And I live in a desert kingdom.

>> No.27370623

Hopefully the quality will rise now that we're back to weekends-only.

>> No.27370633

The king is a PC, the bandit is an NPC.
Kingmaker's about being handed a vast swathe of wilderness to colonise so that the new colony might one day become a rich ally of the kingdom that sent you, IIRC.

>> No.27370642


Well, the f-list does have a few actual ERPs running.

I do plan to run my own soon as well. It'll be an anachronistic sort of medieval RP where it's basically knights, guns, internet, as well as the other fantasy traits of dragons and monsters. I've been told to use FATE, but I'm not a fan of it. I would like some other suggestions for something that would fit something like my idea.

>> No.27370684

Would be king is my PC.
Kressle is an NPC.
Other PCs I can't tell you about since some visit /tg/ and don't know about all this yet. System is obviously Pathfinder though.
For more fun? The character is Tomb Tainted after a particularly horrific past involving being an undead slayer and might have an incoming harem of undead who are convinced he is their enemy-waifu, destined to rule at his side.
Naturally nothing could possibly worse than the wight queen, She of Masks (Lich), the Countess and the shadow touched dancer, finding out about each other. Since it'll either end with them killing each other, or agreeing a penis time share plan and teaming up to take him back.

>> No.27370689

Give us some more details on the setting, that's not much to go on.

>> No.27370732

Woah, sauce on that .gif?

>> No.27370746

You know, for a bunch of sexual deviants, /tg/ is pretty prudish when it comes to erping "in public". I don't get it. After being shamed for it multiple times though, I'm done. (Although I hold out hope for some /tg/ rooms with specific kink themes, Marzipan's little shop comes to mind.)

>> No.27370783

Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade.

>> No.27370784

Oh my god everyone I'm ERPing with is literally the slowest typers.

>> No.27370801


If you're writing to him like that, I couldn't be fucked either.

>> No.27370806

Egg laying? Oviposition is pretty common, I find. Especially among vanilla females. Most people into it seem not to be jerks about it, though.

>> No.27370810

You want to get nasty with Miss Mavis Beacon, son.

>> No.27370819

Who are you?

>> No.27370829

>pretty common
>only ever in japanese hentai and furry porn

>> No.27370836

I've seen a lot of egg-laying, especially if they're playing a monstrous race. Basically it happens if it seems like it'd make more biological sense than live birth.

>> No.27370839


Are you the same guy that keeps posting Homestuck reaction images?

>> No.27370860


Well, the setting has a lot of magical elements to it, but not actual magic itself.

It's a world where there's a pretty good chance you'll see a Knight riding a motorcycle rather than a horse, and during Jousting competitions, the challengers wield sniper rifles rather than lances and try to shoot each other as they gallop forth - on maybe even segways? There's still all kinds of monsters, like Trolls who will actually troll people. It's basically medieval fantasy Europe with some aspects of modern technology, as well as even futuristic technology.

Basically, just imagine a bunch of knights with assault rifles in like a Toyota.

>> No.27370864

Eggs coming out of human women is a hell of a lot less common, yes.

An egg being laid by a bird-monster or snake-monster or fish-monster or something? That's true more often than not. Though it's usually less "jesus christ how hot is this" and more treated as just a normal fact of their biology.

>> No.27370891

>sniper rifles
>while riding TOWARD each other at high speeds
This still makes no sense. Shotguns or bayonets, maybe?

>> No.27370897


Well, okay. Some magic, but not too much.

>> No.27370911

Egg laying for monster characters is a given. Egg laying for a sexual kink is an oddity among the majority of people, even among people who enjoy sex with their RP. F-list is skewed due to how off the wall furries tend to be with what gets them hot n bothered.

>> No.27370947


It's not really supposed to make sense. It's silly.

It's basically a quick drawing sniping competition where the guy who shoots accurately first wins. The segway or whatever is just meant to purposely mess up the person's aim if he can't shoot his opponent down immediately. It's shenanigans.

>> No.27370980 [DELETED] 

Someone say my name?

I set up the profile and chatroom late last night and will continue making little changes throughout the week. I'm currently "hiring" people to help me run the chatroom as channel operators, too, so send a note if you're interested (newbies and OOC volunteers are also welcome, by the way). And yes, I have some ideas for non-ejaculating customers, too, not to worry.

Not sure when I'll have the grand opening since I'm on f-list sporadically. I was considering doing Notes as well for private transactions, but the public aspect of the concept is what really entices me. It's very meta.

>> No.27370992

>quickdraw snapshot competitions
Go full-hog and use revolvers. That also extends the "motorcycle as horse" metaphor, as it's now evoking knight AND cowboy imagery.

>> No.27370995

Postin' profile:


Female, consensual, long term adventure/romance, etc. etc. Would probably end up tsundere. Only catch is it has to be in Forgotten Realms.

>that feel when "I like your profile but I don't know enough about FR" messages

>> No.27371024


Gonna need sauce

>> No.27371031

>that feel when "I like your profile but I don't know enough about FR" messages
That was me, this morning.
In my defense, I said yes anyway.

>> No.27371034


Hmm.. that's not a bad idea. I like it.

>> No.27371046

>Forgotten Realms

This restriction may negatively affect your search beyond the degree that you expect.

>> No.27371059


No, there've been more since that.

>> No.27371062

>that feel when "I like your profile but I don't know enough about FR" messages
Hasn't there always been a lot of dimensional travelling in that setting? So not knowing much about it shouln't be a problem.

>> No.27371138

jajala on pixiv

>> No.27371158

My new pet peeve is people who message you with: "Hey, I like your profile! I have no idea what to RP, my profile is mostly blank but think up a scenario for me and rp with me?"

>> No.27371213

Well, maybe I should have said "more common than I would have expected in vanilla human females with nothing else particularly strange in their kinks". And usually, they do play it up for "ah this is so hot'. Just my experience.

>> No.27371248


I'll go a little more into detail about my world in the meanwhile.

It's not very serious. It's the kind of setting where after church, the peasants would go outside to the open firing range and practice for two hours with pistols, grenades, and mortars. The King himself would often send very badly typed out text messages to his knights, or hired mercenaries, about quests... but they'll still be using hay to wipe their asses with. There's also the fact to never get into a land war with Asia because they wield glowing swords, and one of Julius Caesar's personal consultants is a Japanese teenage school girl. It's just a little eccentric world I find funny, and I think it'll be fun.

>> No.27371258

I was the person who hung out in the room with you for a while last night. I hope you don't mind me dropping your name.

>> No.27371267 [DELETED] 


I'm not seeing any results here...

>> No.27371294

So, I think I'll create a character in F-list and try this thing. Help me /tg/, should I be a boy or a girl?

Usually I have more fun roleplaying a female character, but there's always an overabundance of those and girl on girl after a while gets repetitive... It's better to try with a male character?

>> No.27371325

>Help me /tg/, should I be a boy or a girl?

>> No.27371335

If you have any sense, just don't use F-list.
Either use the IRC and put forth some effort, or wait a few months for the collosal influx of shitlords to die down.

>> No.27371337

If you have more fun playing female, go female. I see more submissive dudes than anything. You can always try futa or make a male profile if you change your mind.

>> No.27371364

Anyone want to do something like that?

>> No.27371375

Hey. No badmouthing each others' rooms.

>> No.27371380

You can make up to 30 characters. Both if you like.

>> No.27371394 [DELETED] 


I'm not seeing any results on pixiv here...

>> No.27371396

Hey, the entire community is going to shit lately.

>> No.27371400

Not a problem.

>> No.27371422

Do you even booru?

>> No.27371454

>Spend 2 minutes deciding on what I'm gonna type
>3 minutes trying to think of a word that's like moist but not as negative in connotation I swear there was a word goddammit what was it
>2 minutes rereading it and making sure it actually makes sense
>2 minutes being nervous about whether I'm typing enough or too much or if I should be using more or less detail
>15 seconds reading "%user% is no longer online"

>> No.27371473

Daily reminder that no one cares about putting IRC in OPs anymore because of things like this.

>> No.27371474

I've got a pretty basic profile, but I usually message someone with a concept and a bit of flirt, and I have /never/ asked someone to come up with a scenario for me. Usually it is the bitches on the other end who want to lay back and just "receive the lewds". I swear, the next time someone goes "why don't you just write me a nice 12-16 line into, honey~? I'll be sure to make some noises every few paragraphs, mmmk?" I am going to raise an eyebrow and remind them that I am looking for significant contributions from them.

>> No.27371481

Nice, problem solved then!


Yeah, my idea was to use it just as a quick way to store characters anyway. IRC seems the better choice, I like my ERP with actual RP in it and not just casual mashing of genitals.

>> No.27371497

>collosal influx of shitlords to die down.

Let us know as soon as you leave the IRC chat, shithead.

>> No.27371552

>Play a cute teenage shota trap on F-list
>Get nothing but a few extremely creepy responses
>Make it extremely clear the character is intended for straight use
>Some giant bear furry thing come to me and say "My, what a cute little faggot"

I'm deeply disturbed. I'm afraid to even find out who has me bookmarked.

>> No.27371557

I feel you, Anon. I feel you.

>> No.27371574

I can take almost 10 minutes to type a post, but usually only one we're really into it. I can put out strong posts every 3 minutes if I'm going really hard, but I've had girls ask me to slow down so they can get off more between posts, so I tend to post every 6-9 minutes, Am I super wrong for doing this?

>> No.27371582

Yeah, even if you don't use its community, f-list has great tools for character references and storage.

>> No.27371600

No, the pleasure and enjoyment of all involved parties is the first priority.

>> No.27371615

Met an anon called Koshi-o on the IRC. Let's set up what we planned last time, about the beegirl.

>> No.27371629

>Be female
>Put down "Bi" and not "Bi - female preference" because I like dudes too and don't want people to think I'm a closeted lesbian
>95% of the guys I talk to are really freaking creepy, only a handful are worth ERPing with
>Have tons of fun with girls
Guys...guys...I keep worrying I'll need to turn in my bi card. What do I do? Besides dudes.

>> No.27371630

Heh. Was not expecting that twist. I wish more guys (and girls, quite frankly), could be this polite, productive, and useful in lewds.

>> No.27371660


Do really girly dudes.

>> No.27371669

Something like this.
>Decide actions
>Probably look up a synonym or two
>Spell check

>> No.27371672

Sometimes I guess I just wish I could find one of those people you here about, who like taking care of you, and will type walls of hot sex at you when you're about to finish, and then cuddle and love after. Not to take advantage, or anything. Just... it's a little discouraging to always be the giving one in a partnership.

>> No.27371675

So any RP campaigns with E in them on F-Chat?

>> No.27371688

Hey, I know that person. I think she's tied up with some irl stuff for a couple days. What's you're nick? I'll remind her not to forget your date.

>> No.27371714


I'm TheBizmo on IRC. Thanks.

>> No.27371732

Good move on not putting "Bi - female preference", in my opinion. It just one more barrier to guys approaching me, I find. Better to explicitly state what kind of wholesome, uncreepy male you are looking for, and/or spell out what kind of creepy male shit you want to stay away from you. Good luck finding the guys you want.

>> No.27371746

>Trapped as foreverDM, or have such severe jealousy issues can't get involved in group game

It hurts.

>> No.27371775

Gosh, now I'm embarrassed. I'm sure you're much better.

>> No.27371776

>jealousy issues
Then just set yourself up in an established couple and have it agreed that nothing should ever threaten that. (And if the DM does threaten it, said threat is to be purged by the party with extreme prejudice)

Just talk to your fellow players, man. They want you to have a good time, too.

>> No.27371795

I do the same. Hate people who want instant responses. I want to make a QUALITY post. Give me space to THINK damnit!

>> No.27371803

>Just talk to your fellow players, man.
Either no one is interested in what you stated ("That's too boring!" and "It's not fair to the others") or I fuck up asking for it and look like an ass.

>> No.27371818


I just want a relatively normal partner with a decent character to roleplay with.

Then I just get all these... People who are just weird and clearly didn't bother to look at my profile at all. Sounds like you get the same.

It is awful.

I remember one guy came to me with a blank profile saying "do you want my dick" and nothing else. Uuugh...

>> No.27371841

Let's not also forget that most of the games up for players are already in progress, so that suggestion/requirement is additionally asinine.

>> No.27371845


I remember one furry starting off by instantly doing an IC introduction in where he smiled and then spat on me in the same sentence. He then went on to blabber about his dangling big cock.

>> No.27371867

I've almost my writing skills up to where you are; 9 minutes is pretty much my average. The hard thing for me is letting go of each post, not polishing and refining it once it's good enough to get off to. Just post it, goddamn it! She is NOT going to care if the sentence is a run-on, or has too many descriptives, or is lacks proper flow punctuation for each thrust. I blame my day job.

>> No.27371871

>get on F-List once
>answer an ad
>we talk things out
>slow typing from the other person
>trying to gradually figure out our scene
>more slow as fuck typing
>almost ready to roleplay
>"just let me finish this"
>three hours later
>"So what are you doing anyway?"


>> No.27371902

Well, personally I can type and jerk at the same time, so I'd prefer if they pumped out posts at the same breakneck speed. But I understand that's pretty abnormal and I'm pretty much a freak. That, and what Mama wants, Mama gets.

>> No.27371913


>> No.27371922

Am I the only one who doesn't jerk it while ERPing? I either get off when the rp is finished for the night, or read the log later for fap fodder.

>> No.27371926

I do. I mean, I'm starting to see where the stereotypes of straight males on F-list comes from. My favorite was
>Guy notes me for ERP
>Politely turn him down
>He PMs me, we chat
>Very politely in my case
>Hey, this guy's not so bad, I guess, maybe
>Couple hours later
>Admits in the last 5 minutes before signing off that he did all this basically just to get into my e-panties
>All that tepid goodwill vanishes in an instant

>> No.27371927



>> No.27371945

Shitlord has been co opted by SRS.

>> No.27371947


I don't give a fuck if they use it on Reddit or not. I've never even been there. Piss off.

>> No.27371972


I don't either. It ruins the typing.

>> No.27371990

Do you remember the original ERP threads and how they turned into walls of censues about DO YOU LIKE SUCKING KNOTTED COCKS IN YOUR MOUTH Y/N?

And how those threads started getting nuked?

Swathes of useless fetish lists, one after another and more, most unread, just filling up space to show off your sexuality and hoping someone is bored enough to give you a good time.
The posting of F-list profiles is the exact same hookup type behaviour (and quite a few of the same people posting their F-lists over and over again).

I would like to make a plea, please. Instead of being a lazy bastard/bitch and just posting your F-list over and over (whether you're getting hits or not), post something of content that you're into - for example "So... What do you think about... Mad scientists planning on doing all sorts of experiments and strangeness on your willing body?"

Or "I've been thinking of a scene of an elvish princess dominated by an orcish chieftain... But with a twist, that the elf is in fact a succubus in disguise! What other twists might you think up?"

I applaud the folks actually suggesting fun stuff like the shop idea and payment in semen, but profile-spamming encourages others to do so and brings nothing of use to the board in terms of discussion in itself and is selfish like that. Could you at least put some effort in?

>> No.27372001


... Eesh. Yeah. This is why I don't trust anyone I have a bad feeling about. If they aren't straightforward and can't talk like a normal person, I ignore them.

If they make :) faces, I shudder and ignore them even harder.

I especially ignore anyone that doesn't take no for an answer.

It is a lot worse with my female characters. The responses I get with them... Just... WHY.

>> No.27372014

I usually stay away from my naughty bits while the ERP is still running, too. Maaaaybe a bit of subconscious touching here and there.

>> No.27372029

This might have been me, with a little exaggeration on your part. I would have apologized, if you had expressed any unhappiness with it. I really, didn't mean to offend, that's just what passes for flirting for a lot of people. I've had some very nice girls nearly give up on a scene suddenly because "you didn't seem to really want in my panties at all. I figured you weren't really interested." I'm not sure I blame them either, since I enjoy female partners being all over me in chat. But don't worry, if I get something lukewarm from you next time we chat, I won't bother you again.

>> No.27372044

>quality post
>in an ERP thread

>> No.27372048

>Be mostly interested in nudity, stripping, etc, softcore stuff
>People pretend to listen, then skip right through undressing and right to sex, then wonder why I am so wonky with it


>> No.27372052

I wonder if somebody would be booted out of the store for wanting to give Marzipan a quick kiss on the cheek after blowing his load inside her.

>> No.27372089

Sorry you've had sub-par partners.

>> No.27372091

>get off when the rp is finished for the night, or read the log later for fap fodder.
Oh I do this too, I just do it while erping as well. Turns out this has caused some demand for my actual orgasms, and some of my partners will go through quite a bit to get it.

>> No.27372092

This needs to go in the OP from now on.

>> No.27372099

No, I fap like a motherfucker. I feel my writing is more passionate that way.

>> No.27372114

I don't know, I think it's cute when the typing starts going to shit a little, especially when I've finished posting something I think is particularly hot.

>> No.27372131


You're a fucking creep.

>> No.27372160

I somehow doubt it was anyone on /tg/, but for future reference that comes across as more creepy/douchebro than flirty.

>> No.27372165

I agree with you in principle, but tone it down. Putting more effort into generating interest before posting your profile just makes sense, people need to learn that but it's probably better not to scare them away, either. It's scary enough getting to know yourself and your innermost hidden kinks, putting yourself out there and all that crap. They'll fall in line, just be patient.

>> No.27372191

>hate smiley faces
Why, exactly? I mean I don't do it, but it doesn't exactly make me grit my teeth either.

>> No.27372197


That's why - I - don't do it. I like making others do that instead.

>> No.27372220

I should note that suggesting specific ideas or scenes are more likely to draw enthusiastic folks in compared to lukewarm people simply bookmarking you and just vanishing. It's a win win thing. Be a bit more proactive than just copy/pasting "here's my new profle f-list.com/c/fuckmaster2215 rate my profile if you like it".

>> No.27372258

See, this? This is unacceptable.

Somehow I don't see how "looking forward to trying out some of these idea with you some day" translates to being the worst person on earth, but what can you do. My regulars seem to like me, and I hope you find someone you like, too.

>> No.27372266


If you're a dick, you can just get actual girls. Don't bother ERPing.

>> No.27372272


Remember that person advertising his F-list playing a toddler or 7 year old or whatever that wanted his character raped brutally by diseased cocks, murdered, tortured, and all sorts of other horrible fucking shit?

His advertisement post had a :) in it.

I've noticed that many really creepy fucks use that face in responses and so on.

So it just makes me uncomfortable and sets off red lights in my head. Maybe it is just nonsensical to be like this, but I don't care.

>> No.27372279

Tips are always appreciated. Kissing is listed as one of my faves.

>> No.27372281

He didn't say that, so I doubt it was you. It was a lot more direct than that.

>> No.27372300

Don't try to spin it. You're a piece of shit and no woman worth her spit would ever waste time on you.

>> No.27372331

So guilt by association? I guess that makes sense, to me anyways. But creepy people are creepy because of the creepy things they do, not because they use smileys or little hearts or tildes. But I guess if I was burned enough times, I'd hate it to. I wonder how many people actually actively dislike smileys, and how many just don't do it because of the prevailing wisdom?

>> No.27372348

I always liked using smileys to convey emotions during conversations over chatrooms. I wouldn't use them in the actual RPG or in ads for my char, but a little :P here and a little :/ there shouldn't be too much.

Then again I'm currently trying to set up a warhammer Gor on f-list, so the hell do I know.

>> No.27372371

I've only jerked twice during ERP since re-entering after maturing.

Once was just so I could feel and describe an orgasm. I couldn't really come up with the words from memory, so instead I just jerked it until I felt and found the words.

The other was a weird experience. My partner asked me to do it. Told me, in so many words "I'm going to start typing out a blowjob post by post. I don't need input from you, so just enjoy. I'll stop when you cum."

>> No.27372401

Can you be specific? In the interest of teaching people here how not to be a dick. And if that person can figure out it was him, all the better. He'll leave you alone, and won't waste effort developing a scene for someone who would rather watch him bleed out in a ditch than speak to him again.

>> No.27372434

I don't do it because I don't want to get ostracized (not that I do it much to begin with, but sometimes it fits). I've found being a little understanding has lead me to some of my most cherished partners.

>> No.27372471

I can't remember exactly since it was a while ago and I was falling asleep at the time, but IIRC it was something like "I have to admit I did all this to persuade you to erp with me haha" or some silly shit. I'd need to go back to check the logs to be sure. But the lesson to draw here is, if a lady says no, take it as a no and don't try to turn it into a yes. And I'm not the one saying he's scum, fyi, I'm more amused and confused than upset.

>> No.27372498



>> No.27372500

> I'll stop when you cum
> Never tell her you've came
> She has to describe an infinite blowjob.

Welcome to ERP Hell.

>> No.27372509

Huh. Now I wished I'd saved that chat, so I would know the exact words I used. Well, I guess it doesn't really matter if it was you or not. The person I talked to seemed very nice, friended me, then has pretty much ignored me since then. It was jarring enough that I'm not really interested in rping with them anymore.

>> No.27372524

I was actually planning on using that as a nickname for his private parts.

>> No.27372543

While I understand the whole "no means no" thing, the absolute hottest rps I've had have resulted from guys I turn down sticking to it, and really impressing me. Maybe I'm just a bad person, I don't know.

>> No.27372557

Ah, alright then. I suppose that gives me a reason to finish my profile in time for the grand opening.

>> No.27372562

The hammer is my penis.

>> No.27372567 [DELETED] 

Coward. It's lazy, easily discouraged guys like you that made me change to girls only. Have a fucking backbone.

>> No.27372604


>Dick Edition

>> No.27372628

Did you ever consider you were falling asleep, and maybe overreacted just a little bit? Maybe you're the type who doesn't get confused and bitch at 4am, but that's definitely me. Add to that I like to have more than one session going at once, and it can add up to a lot of typos and misunderstandings / hurt feelings if me and my partners weren't prepared to tolerate a little clumsiness in the wee hours.

>> No.27372675 [SPOILER] 


>> No.27372676


Too late to see if anyone is interested in RP with this character tonight?

>> No.27372696

It's quite possible, yeah. Also, this whole subject is making me feel like a total bitch, so if it was him and he's still there, feel free to message me and we can try it again from the top.

>> No.27372706

Son, you got some reading up to do.

>> No.27372714 [DELETED] 

Wait, I'm a dick or he is? I don't think it's too unreasonable to only rp with people who can do it for you. In the end, I erp and not something else for a reason.

>> No.27372722

>That feeling when you associate Flynn the name with the quester and are pushed away each time you see it

sorry man

>> No.27372735

>Coward. It's lazy, easily discouraged guys like you that made me change to girls only. Have a fucking backbone.

Ask again.

>> No.27372746

As far as the profile just being a fetish list there is a cahracter there, with ideas - Should I just repost those ideas here or work up new ones?

Sorry. He doesn't have to be named Flynn Its just the name I used that I liked.

>> No.27372763

I have this character bookmarked, but don't feel I have anyone to play against him..but the concept is hot.

>> No.27372778

Then make a character just for that.

>> No.27372786

I'm very happy to work out something we'd both mutually enjoy. I'm very friendly. Just send me a note or chat here, whichever is fine. I don't judge anyone on what they want.

>> No.27372799

Honestly, don't feel bad. You're not a bitch and it's not a big deal. That said, I don't know if I'm going to message that person again (probably not even you) unless they message me first. Some of the things people have said in this thread have really made me think hard about how I treat my partners. That, and if they aren't you and just haven't had a chance to message me since that incident, I don't want to make things weird.

>> No.27372858

Sorry, anon. Reading it again, I really didn't mean to bite your head off like that. Still, try and remember that there are people on both sides of that particular fence. Please don't forget about use for fear of offending them.

>> No.27372891

I have an urge for a bumbling, failure of a demon now.

>> No.27372932

>One of my most common characters is a demon as old as war itself, who loves fighting, fucking, and drinking

Man, I love playing demons.

>> No.27372940

Hey, just want to support the middle part of >>27372858. It's good to be considerate of people, but don't go too far in the other direction please. I really like funny, charming, stubborn, persistent men.

>> No.27372962

Just to spice this up, heres Flynn in a nutshell and a few ideas I have for him.

Flynn is a male fantasy priest who I seek story based ERP with - I don't want pure smut, but I do want some delicious action to go with romance, drama, maybe even action.

A few more ideas!

1) Flynn is working in his temple at night when he must suddenly offer a criminal shelter from brutal guards, and she decides he enjoys his company.

2) Flynn begins a rapport/relationship with a maid of some form at the temple. Maybe the maid is a second class citizen like a monster girl/catgirl/demon in disguise?

3) Flynn is pressed into working with a demon hunter or someone who would be seen as intimidating, are they truly that bad or do they have a softer facade?

I'd like that very much! Note me or tell me more? I don't bite, promise.

>> No.27373004

How does
>Flynn is sent to deal with a demon - who is philosophical, good in general, and kind, agaisnt expectations

>> No.27373013

This is very much in my interest.

>> No.27373043


You know I appreciate you two noting that. I should be more willing to include bi - female preference in my searches, because one of the best ones I came across was that and it's more a case of being selective in the male partner than just "I rarely will ever want dickings".


Unfortunately due to the volume of guys you're bound to run into more bad ones than good. But they are out there.


You can make your profile invisible, I think.

>> No.27373051

If I send you a message on F-list, will you accept me not having that character written up as my profile? I have a lot and tent to only drag them out when situations fit.

>> No.27373064

I feel you, bro. When I first joined F-list a couple months ago, I got a lot of positive feedback, but lately I've started running into people that really, just... don't like who I am sexually. Not my kinks, or anything, just the hard-to-define attitude stuff related to your post. At first I was really torn up about it, and tried to be more like those people wanted. But I came to a realization. Not everyone has to like you. Not everything turns into a rewarding partnership. Sometimes things are beautiful, and sometimes those beautiful things don't last or turn into what you want them too. Them's the breaks, don't bleed for someone who won't bleed for you. Just like real life.

>> No.27373073


It does not matter if you lack a profile for the character as long as you are willing to tell me about then, show images of what they look like, and can give me kinks you like in an RP. I don't need you to have a profile for that character but I like knowing what you like in general!

>> No.27373097


Yes, very vague, very woman thing to say.

>> No.27373185


Looking for a good time~ Anyone care to have some fun?

>> No.27373199

Bookmarked, honey.

>> No.27373218

> I should be more willing to include bi - female preference in my searches
I don't know, seeing that makes me skip pretty fast unless something else jumps out at me. It's like seeing "Nonsexual RP" in faves and no sexual kinks listed. Sure, they may be a tiger in bed that just wants to be convinced, but after an extended phase where I always put myself out there and tried my best for girls who wanted to see me jump through all these hoops, only to find out that they weren't even very good at rp... I'm a little more careful of who I will put effort into. I'm not trying to judge anyone, I hope everyone keeps on trying and doing what works for them, just had to get that off my chest are reading some of the stuff in this thread.

>> No.27373263

Finally, a bug girl that gets me hard.

>> No.27373289

One of these days I'm just going to throw up my hands and join you guys here. Sounds like you occasionally have quite the time with each other. A core group of friends who're comfortable with such is good, but restrictive. Sometimes it's nice to be able to branch out, even if I am utterly stuck in the whole "always a cat-girl" general character concept. It has a surprising amount of leeway to expand upon... On another note, I have the unfortunate distinction of remembering F-List, or a similar site, as it's been quite a while since I investigated the scene, how it used to be a decade or so ago. It appears to have changed quite a lot since then, though the whole bit with soliciting strangers seems a lot more awkward than it did back then. I guess what I'm ultimately asking here is whether there's a market, so to speak, for doing one specific thing a vast multitude of ways? I have long been spoiled by a reliable source of stimulation.

>> No.27373334

I'm pretty sure F-List, with its insistence on basing your profile around a character, is more or less wholly designed for that sort of thing. Make a catgirl character and go "I will happily modify this general concept as needed to suit your preferences", or some such thing

>> No.27373397


Well Anon, if you do want to play a bumbling failure of a demon who tries to corrupt or do something with Flynn, let me know. I'd love to talk with you if you have me bookmarked.

No pressure, I understand if you don't wish to.

>> No.27373435

Ahh, I thought someone else was about to pounce on you with the idea. I admit I'm looking through images right now for a character idea.

>> No.27373482

I'm always happy to talk to people wanting to RP with me or people who have me bookmarked. Also happy to share an image album I have with you if you desire - might have character ideas there since there are a few demon girls in it.

I'd prefer to send that as a note though.

>> No.27373600

I play a catboy and have a lot of fun so yes. I would also be interested in a catgirl so there you go.

>> No.27373665

So it's not quite as polished as I'd like it to be, but I thought I'd pop in to show the new character I've been working on, just in case anyone was interested or had some feedback for me. It needs a good bit of work, and there are a few things I'd like to rewrite and flesh out more, but it's a start, at least.


>> No.27373675

This whole thing has grown a great deal in complexity since I was last involved in things. Or maybe it's just my perceptions of it that have changed. All in all, I find myself glad things are currently anonymous, to a degree. At least F-List has gone wholly to the concept of characters, instead of the mess it had been previously. Though it seems a lot more needlessly, creepily specific than it had been. This will be an interesting process...

>> No.27373726

I would recommend trying it out with a patient, open mind. I have only one character that plays one kind of thing an infinite number of ways, and I absolutely love it. I find it's a cleaner way to keep my online erotic life separate from the rest of my online life.

>> No.27373778

I just had a session with Alyssa.

We didn't plan too much before getting into it, but it was a lot of fun!

>> No.27373867


>> No.27373901


>> No.27373920

What you do? Better yet, logs

>> No.27373966

Bit of advice for people: if someone PMs you and you're super busy, just take a second and tell them so, even if it's just "busy". Then you can ignore anything they type until you feel like reading it. I used to get too engrossed to do anything but type and touch and read my partner, and since switching methods I get a lot more follow ups. The people who do follow up are more mature and understanding people, too.

>> No.27373985

>That moment when you realize you are typing "hold on" in a fucking note


>> No.27374017

I don't have logs, and I wouldn't feel right about sharing them without her okay regardless.

She was playing a sorceress, I was playing a half-hobgoblin ogre.

Sex ensued, and it was fun.

>> No.27374060

>find someone with a fucking perfect kink list
>start PMing, hit it off like crazy
>in the afterglow, start talking, get sloppy
>turns out it was my old rp partner that I lost contact with and haven't seen in like, 6 years
>get on cam and blow each other's minds

>> No.27374091


>> No.27374101

Mood whiplash:
>Meet friend on Gaia like ten years back
>Eventually things turn to ERP
>Introduces me to several kinks
>As time passes things get more heated
>Suddenly admits to asexuality and doing everything for my benefit
>Drops off the face of the 'net.

>> No.27374211

Oh honey. I'm so sorry, that sounds terrible. Maybe they are in a relationship irl and it just to too real for comfort.

>> No.27374432

You want to go? Right now?

>> No.27374468

That's amazing!


>> No.27374535

That is incredible. Congrats, honey!~

>> No.27374569

That's not all you blew, right?

>> No.27374586

If thats true, then thats pretty awesome.

It isn't, though.

>> No.27374631

Can't blame you, I don't believe anything I read here either. Just wanted to crow a bit.

>> No.27374692

Well, if it is actually true then I hope you have a lot of fun with them.

2/3 of the people I've done anything with have disappeared off the face of the earth, and it has me terrified that I'm the one fucking up. I don't want to be alone, damnit.

>> No.27374725

It's not you, anon. Most people in online roleplay disappear, period. It's the downside to a largely anonymous online community. The best you can do is keep going, though, because there are gems out there, and you'll find them if you keep looking. They're worth it, and you are too.

>> No.27374781

But they were gems, anon. They were...and I miss them.

>> No.27374857

Is it remotely possible to get anything done in three hours?

>> No.27374860

The good ones always hurt the most. Still, at least you know there's good people out there. Some don't ever get anything but shit. Keep looking and you'll find something new. It's better than the alternative.

>> No.27374880

Depends, what do you want to get done?

>> No.27374895

So is there a middle ground between quivering, high-strung, oversensitive new people with less-than-stellar writing skills, and jaded veterans who just can't get expressive about anything?

The first kind ruins it because their plain talk is so formal and stilted, you can taste the fedora. The second kind is cold OOC, almost bored sounding, even when the rp is hot as hell. I don't know how long I can take bouncing between these extremes.

>> No.27374925

I have no idea, I'm new to this. A decent erp?

>> No.27374932

Seriously? That's an hour to plan and two to rp. If you can't get the point across in two hours (assuming that's all you have), then, well. Maybe you should try a different hobby.

>> No.27375037

Probably. If you don't have an f-list yet, advertise a broad outline of what you're interested in here in this thread. See if someone is around who wants to pick it up with you. From there, set some ground rules and do a bit of planning, then let loose and have fun through the medium of your choice. I've seen people have cool adventures or sexy liaisons completely off the cuff, so it's definitely possible. You just need to find a partner.

>> No.27375057

So, on a side note, how do I stop myself from coming up with, on F-List, a massive list of "I don't do this thing" that ultimately turns off anyone looking to do anything with me by sheer intimidation? There are a ton of things on here that I'd never have even considered before I began to read through the list.

>> No.27375069

That sounds reassuring.


Would anyone be interested in, say, a female elven ranger and her dragon or gryphon mount? A female traveler or caster captured by lizardfolk/minotaur/halfdragon raider? A poor tiefling girl serving as a prostitue for a wealthy adventurer?
Willing to do either side, probably.

>> No.27375080

Don't list them. Ignore them.

>> No.27375093


You don't have to click all of them. Just a general list. If you put no to light bondage, for example, don't put a no to Extreme bondage.

Otherwise just ignore it and don't worry about it. With a custom "No" or "Yes" saying "Not a definitive list."

>> No.27375095

Put a custom kink with a title of "The extreme stuff" or something with with a description listing all the stuff you don't do.

>> No.27375107

I've still got one person, and I like them quite a bit. But I'm just a little sad that the others disappeared. I hope they're alright.

>> No.27375171


Uh, I can't tonight, but I've love to bookmark your profile for tomorrow.

>> No.27375197

Yes, but two things must being going on
1) You must both be focused and working on replying quickly
2) You must already know where you're both going with it.

>> No.27375199

You can not list them, but personally I would. When I find a partner, I just look at their no's, and don't do any of them. It's rarely a dealbreaker.

That said, if you have too many no's for someone to scan, that's bad. I can't keep track of 60+ things I'm not allowed to do in the rp, so it kills my ability to write with flow.

>> No.27375249

Okay, thanks.

Don't really have one, and tomorrow may or may not be as good for me. Sorry for being unhelpful. Would email work?

>> No.27375287

>Bumbling demon girl hasn't said anything in a while.

Oh welL! I'm still looking for more with Flynn.

>> No.27375364

>craft a quality post in record time
>read and re-read it for content and spelling
>looks good, post and feel good about yourself
>there's only one "t" in butt
I shouldn't be so hard on myself concerning the little things.

>> No.27375455

No, that's not at all unhelpful.

Feel free to leave your email and I'd be happy to get back to you.

I do suggest that you make an F-List eventually; it makes these threads easier.

>> No.27375491

Are you me?

I'll write a post, notice something minor, and then wonder if my partner thinks that I'm a fucking moron.

>> No.27375524

I'm really leery of doing anything more solid than making extraneous email or skype accounts, to be honest.

>> No.27375558

Well, no pressure.

Thanks for linking the email - I'll try to send something off tomorrow.

>> No.27375618

.This is all very much more confusing than it needs to be. I am utterly lost at this point. I feel like an old person rummaging about in places I used to frequent but have irrevocably changed over time. I can't help but feel the entire F-list thing is superfluous. I'm thinking I may just muck about with IRC. The alternative is living in a world I don't quite get.

>> No.27375653

IRC seems to work just fine for me, though F-list is nice to have as a possible "I like this".

Personally, I kind of prefer actually discussing it with people instead. Having it listed out feels...clinical. Cold. Detached.

You...wouldn't be interested in playing something like that picture, would you?

>> No.27375776

Yeah, talking it out is pretty much the best way to do things. Gets you comfortable with your partner straight off the cuff.

Playing something like that picture is literally all I do.

>> No.27375832

I'm not gonna be around for all that long, but I should be around for like an hour or so still. If you want, I'm in the IRC and we could talk.

Lem_ if you're interested.

>> No.27375898

I remember when I knew how IRC worked. Those were the days. Also, am I just being terrible or is there no one in the IRC channel? I almost feel embarrassed to ask.

>> No.27375963

Are you on the correct network?
Rizon network, #1001Lewd_Nights

>> No.27376022

If you just made one character even if it's completely blank and jumped into the chat I'm sure someone would be more than willing to help. And fuck you.

>> No.27376086

Shall we start a new thread?

>> No.27376241


Probably a good idea. The night is still young.

>> No.27376267

Probably the last one until next weekend since babies loved to cry about daily ones.


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