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Raise your axe if you are a strong independent Orc woman and don't need NO MAN!

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>don't need NO MAN
But then who will change your diapers?

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They're orcs, they drop their shit wherever.

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Which is to say in their diapers.

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>don't need NO MAN!

I highly doubt an Orc woman would grow up with the kind of culture that gets that counter-response.

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Funny that you mention it. Here is a character of mine, who thought she don`t need no man, but she was wrong, just as all the silly girls are.

>be orc woman
>live at orc tribe, be strong and good at hitting things
>life is shit, orcs treat women badly
>manage getting promoted from breeding stock to low-rank warrior and part-time punching bag through sheer tenacity and ripping off someones cock, which orc chief finds hillarious
>get send out to take part in a raid
>males who are with you take offense to that, fuck you up badly and leave you to die
>get fixed up by Serenrae-whorshipping human mercenary wizard
>hate his guts for saving your ass but also indepted to him for saving your ass
>follow him on his his whacky adventures with his crazy-ass friends
>slowly grow to respect him for his intelligence and power
>he constantly treats you nice and respectful, even when you act like a bitch, CONFUSED FEELINGS
>initiate full tsundere mode
>pic related

Thank god thats in an online game. Could get awarkd at a game table.

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>just as all the silly girls are.
Kill yourself m8.

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Let me compliment you on your sense of humor.

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Did he stay nice after his pelvis was crushed by your strong thighs?

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We have not reached that point yet. Gods have mercy on him though if she ever makes a clumsy attempt to show/tell him how she feels and he rejects her. She will probably murder him and everyone else that happens to be around.

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I imagine something like this

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Especially the part about the stabbed trees. She is chaotic evil and full of rage after all, leaning towards chaotic neutral recently thanks to the influence of the neutral good wizard.

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If he refuses, rape him into submission.

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Not really her style. She is sexually inexperienced, highly insecure about her sexuality and tends to solve her problems with violence.

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I want to hear more.

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tumblr SJW are not known for their ability to detect sarcasm, you know.

And they're fucking everywhere

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>but she was wrong, just as all the silly girls are.
>lesbians are just women who are in need of a good dicking.

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What is this even from? Is it an edit or a parody? because I laugh at it every time

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>Implying any of that is untrue

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This is all fact.

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As /u/'s ambassador I charge you both with being shitters of the highest order

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Calm down, dearest anon.

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>m-muh purest love
>t-t-that's so lewd s-senpai-sama-chan!
>n-n-n-n-n-not there! it's d-dirty!

You faggots are the reason I dislike yuri.

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On what part? Her attitude towards sex? Well the only kind of sexual encounters she had while living among her own people had to do with rape or attempted rape. For her there where no feelings beside rage, shame and involuntary arousal (which she saw as her body betraying her) involved. She has never experienced romance, neither does she truly understand that concept. Hence her confusion about her feelings towards the wizard.

Her tendency to approach every problem with violence is due to her orcish nature. She is a barbarian as you might have guessed.

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>She is a barbarian as you might have guessed.

So she was being a woman on her period.

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I don't get this.

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It has nothing to do with this thread, but the picture itself is pretty clear, is it?

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It took me a while to get too.

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Her wizard.


I love how you talk about her like the character that she is, instead of "my X".

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Not really.

Is it a thing about how a lady loved her soldierboy, so when he died, she follows his funeral procession?

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You're on 4chan, bra. Even when /tg/ is at its most Barry White loving, we're still a hive of trolls and violence to common sense and human decency. Take nothing seriously. Nothing. Especially not when it offends you.

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Why have I never seen a loli orc?

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Cause they all look like all the other orcs.

Orcs are silly

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/d/, just...just go away. I'm not even angry at you anymore, I'm just tired of you. You're like that friend who you share some interests with and could be a really cool guy if he would just get his act together, but he is so fucking socially retarded that he just ends up sperging all over the place.

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idk, maybe you haven't been looking? I've certainly seen depictions of orc children.

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Is it making fun of the fact that it isn't "justgirlythings"?

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>generic tsundere moefaggotry
Nah, fuck that. Orcs are too cool for that noise. They don't give a shit bout your tits, so long as you can rock the axe and loot while you fight you're gold.

Go make a dwarf if you wanna pull that BAWW, PATRIARCHY tsunshit.

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>yet another corrupted SoB

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I'm trying to decide whether your edge outweighs your new, or if your new outweighs your edge.

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I think its pretty disturbing how he made her a shallow caricature of a person just so he could play out his fantasies of a strong, independent woman falling in love with a nerd.

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Try using metric, it's more precise.

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It's making fun of their warped sense of reality. Think of it like first world problem. Here's another example.

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Pathfinder Advanced Race Guide specifically states how orcish women are treated and let me tell you it is not pretty. That is where I got the character inspiration. I wanted to play an orc who still was essentially an orc in a non-evil campaign and so I needed a reason why my char didn`t fit in with orcish tribes. Making my sterotypical orcish barbarian female was the perfect solution. The entire romantic subplot was not planned and might lead to problems in the future, as previously stated.

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Now look at how many corpses there are.
And how many women there are.

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I don't think I should feel bad for laughing at that, but if someone wants to judge me, I'm just putting it out there.

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>I wanted to play an orc who still was essentially an orc in a non-evil campaign
>She is chaotic evil and full of rage
Totally a non-evil, non-orc.

Really though, the whole post is a great example of how to do orcs wrong. Just make em into whiny, submissive godawful animu stereotypes.

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Slut Patrol, a short-lived but brilliant 40k comic.

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You are sitting around a table prettending to be something you try to be yet cannot be/want to be but can't be and is shamelessly trying to act like that with probably 3 or more friends.

And don't get me started on wargames man, there's a fuckton of creepy shit going on.

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Some unsolicited advice: ignore all the fluff text in ARG. It is terrible, which is really only to be expected from a book where the chapters on non-core races open with a picture of core race members killing non-core races.

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That doesn't sound creepy. Maybe a little sad, for some more than others.

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Can I chime in to ask about some good Half-Orc character ideas?

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I`m not sure what you are reading into my posts but you are most definitely wrong. She has all typical traits of a DnD/Pathfinder orc. She is enjoys violence and sees nothing wrong with taking things by force, shows aggressive behaviour in social situation, is boastful and a natural bully. She is neither whiny nor submissive.

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