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How well do Eldar transfer skills learned along one path to another? If an eldar were to spend a few centuries as a howling banshee before becoming a striking scorpion instead, would she remember techniques of swordplay learned as a banshee and be able to apply them as needed? What if she were to become a warlock instead, would she follow the howling banshee's school of swordplay when using her witchblade?
Also, how easily can Eldar switch between paths? If an Eldar were to spend some amount of time as a dire avenger before following the path of, say, the bonesinger, and his craftworld were to suddenly need every able body it can get for a fight, would he be able to go back to being a dire avenger for the duration of the conflict, and return to the path of the bonesinger when he was finished? would doing so cause him to lose progress along the path of the bonesinger?
Also, have a warlock.

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It talks about it a lot in the Path of Warrior/Seer/etc books. I've only read Warrior so far and he was on the Path of Artisan before becoming a Striking Scorpion, and before Artisan was a dreamer. From what I read none of the skills he gained in Artisan/Dreamer translated very well to Scorpion. I also remember that it talks about how usually the only Eldar that go from one warrior aspect to the next are Autarchs, otherwise many would become lost on that path and not be able to take off their war-mask.

But yeah, the Path books are good and I'd recommend them

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I doubt they get amnesia, they just have to change habits developed over centuries.

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You eventually become an Autarch after you walk more than one path. If you start down a second, it inevitably leads to walking down multiple paths. In the case of the warlock, you start down a path and realize your potential as a psyker. Once you start down the path of the warlock, you stay on it, eventually returning to your old shrine to support your aspect.

I would kill for a warlock/aspect warrior HQ that would let me field warlocks in aspect warrior squads.

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I'm not well verses in Eldar fluff, why can't they take off their masks?

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they become their war-self
either they cannot think outside of it or they cannot do it without risking a breach in their discipline (experience emotion without restrain)

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It's an eldar thing. Eldar tend to get obsessive about stuff for long periods of time. This is why they end up following the paths.

Sometimes an eldar gets stuck on a path permanently. This is how you get an Exach.

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It's a state of mind they learn to enter when they become an Aspect Warrior. It's like a state of bloodlust and when the fight is over they can take off their war-mask and dissociate themselves from the killing that they've done. So if they can't take it off, they become Exarchs and are forced to stay at their shrines to train other aspect warriors until times of war.

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If you're leaning on the skills you picked up along your previous path, then you aren't completely committed to learning the lessons of the path you're currently on. Depending on your past experiences is a crutch, and it nullifies the whole point of the life path system. The whole objective is to approach each new phase of your life with a blank slate, with no preconceptions to get in the way of the new lessons that you must learn.

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Okay, so the mask isn't stuck on, they just can't bring themselves to remove it?

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yeah, but i sure wish GW changed that to allow for things like: >>27355762
>field warlocks in aspect warrior squads
at least for dire avengers

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yup, the mask becomes their face, psychologically speaking

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Their helmet isn't literally stuck on their head, "war-mask" is a state of mind

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I just couldn't wrap my mind around a super advanced alien civilization that can engineer a god, but can't take off a helmet.

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Shit. Now I'll never be able to think of eldar without thinking of pic related.

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Their masks are what seperate their 'civillian' lives from their 'war' lives. Aspect shrines are actually incredibly small things, there may be 50-500 aspect shrine warriors on a craftword of a few million... Civillians become guardians when war calls. The 'mask' is literally a device that creates an 'alternate personality' that is you at war.

Aspect warriors rarely leave the path, but it is *possible* for them to do so by taking off their mask and going back to somewhere else. An exarch becomes lost on the path and will *never* leave it.

When someone does leave a shrine to join another, they generally continue to walk even more paths until they become an autarch.

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I don't think an ex-aspect warrior would jump back into their Aspect Temple during wartime.

From what I remember of the PotE books walking the Warrior Path is, ironically, anger therapy; a Craftworlder is consumed by anxiety as the result of some violent anger (in PotW, the protagonist goes nuts when his lady friend doesn't want to maek baby and describes an overwhelming need to "hide" from his anger, hence becoming a Striking Scorpion), and in order to come to terms with it they express controlled violence through a combination of ritualized martial art and entrained dissociation of actions committed under the influence of their "war mask".

Either they get their negative emotions out naturally, or they do something so excessively violent that their horror puts their shit in perspective and drives them back onto the non-killy paths.
Those who are unable to get over their issues take the only alternative: going full Exarch.

An Eldar individual who has been through an aspect path and stepped off of it again would probably be actively harmed by forcing themselves back into an aggressive mindset. Putting their current path to its optimal use (singing vehicles and wargear together, healing casualites, etc.) or otherwise suiting up as a Guardian/non-Aspect combatant would make more sense.

Though Warlocks are an interesting exception to avoiding the war mask while off Khaine's Path.

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It's an obsession. They segregate their conciousness so that the 'mask' is pretty symbolic of who they are when they're at war - Putting on the mask allows them to be a murderer without compassion or mercy. Taking off the helmet returns them to being 'normal'... It's a pretty great way to avoid PTSD for a psychically disciplined mind.

Exarchs lose the ability to take off their 'war personality', even if they *can* take off the helmet.

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> there may be 50-500 aspect shrine warriors on a craftword of a few million.
If you go by the Path books, there are only ever a few hundred aspect warriors on ANY of the craftworlds. Even the biggest ones.

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Depends on the path really

if they were a shining spear and then become a crimson hunter it would work well

no eldar lock there path skills away in there head that's why guardian are super skilled fighters despite being normal dude

no he would just be a guardian or most likely sit in a support role and repair tanks

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I'd take any specific numbers with a grain of salt.

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or follow anyone else

each craftworld has a dozen million at least with the major ones in the billions

so I would say at least 5000 per shrine with the main ones

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>Few hundred aspect warriors per craftworld

So now I can be even more satisfied when I table an aspect-heavy army with my totally expendable IG sandfriends.

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>Question: How many Tallarn guardsmen does it take to kill an exarch?
>Answer: It don't fuckin matter. We'll breed as many as it takes.
>Alternative Answer: One with a plasma gun

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Well, according to Gav Thorpe, combining the war mask with witch training as a Warlock is already serious mojo. They return to the shrine to borrow its reserved Warlock gear, but they are explicitly not joining up with the squad again.

They call on Khaine's power and violence, but they use it to boost their combat and psychic skills directly rather than using the specific aspect form to contain preexisting negative anger.

That's what this page from Path of the Seer appears to be telling me, anyway.

So I'd say without the whole of their aspect training being recalled, their abilities are better used in a generalist deployment instead of derping around boosting or reducing armor saves while their attached Fire Dragon squad is trying to focus its collective focus on turning the nearest armored formation into slag.

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Anyone got any PDFs for the books?

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>Implying your shoddy excuse for plasma weaponry won't do the work for me
>Implying a squad of scorps won't kill your entire platoon.

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Bump. Pls.

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>his lady friend doesn't want to maek baby

The whole fucking race is going extinct and they're having reservations about making babies? God damn Eldar, get your shit together.

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What if an Aspect Warrior's mask somehow gets knocked off due to battle damage or something?

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The mask is made in their mind... also its a full head encasing helmet, so chances of it getting 'knocked off' are unlikely.

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>whole fucking race
>going extinct

Stay vanilla, craftworlder.

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Would probably take a knock as they'd lose their murder boner and be less focused. The mask of Khaine is basically a kill switch that makes Eldar go 'goodness look at the time it's MURDER O'CLOCK'.

I don't see their entire helmet getting knocked off though.

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Damaged enough to expose their face or something, I mean. I would assume that would be enough to disrupt the mask.

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The mask is mostly psychological. But then again, Eldar do have a tendency for being retarded when and where it counts, so I don't know.


>Implying our hydras won't blow up your entire shrine

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>Implying our hydras won't blow up your entire shrine
>Implying there isn't a scorpion under your bed right now

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Kind of downplays the skills of the scorpion's ability to infiltrate when their opponent is just fucking sleeping.

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Nobody likes you. Also you fuck Mon'Keigh, pervert.

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And hes already killed 11 of them.

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I assumed he was posted there for 11 days.

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>implying he wasn't shooting small animals while he kill time
>'man, nothing ever happens at this outpost. Guess I'll take a nap while the commissar isn't looking.'

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Jokes on you, xenos! Coordinates locked on this position!

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Did you even look at the fucking picture? He's killed nine. Nine of what? Let's hope it was Shining Spears

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>Implying your sleeping mooks aren't already dead

Better get to the choppa sarge.

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Like you don't. Hell, one of Eldrad's daughters is married to one and the other shacked up with one a little more than a month ago.

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I just looked again and who the fuck scores like that
You cross when you have got the fifth kill.

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What IS that?

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What, you've never seen The Mask before? (The one with Jim Carrey, that is.)

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Why is everyone always so mean to us?

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You'd be a bit careful too if you had She Who Thirsts looking at you constantly, just WAITING for you to give in to your urges.

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It's funny when the main character of Path of the Warrior starts slipping into his aspect and is out with his friends in a restaurant and says something to the effect of "Need to kill some time" but in reality he has really said "Need to kill someone" and everyone within earshot goes silent.

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Tell that to Macha. At the rate she's going at she might actually replace Slaanesh completely.

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I have no daughters. Or feet, apparently.

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Shouldn't you be peddling your god-awful fanfiction somewhere else right now?

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I have no daughters. Or feet, apparently.

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Eldrad really needs a new wardrobe. Black just makes him look fat.

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Buy them. They're, like, $9.00.

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Actually Autarch is a path of its own: the Path of Command.

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Let the Mon'Keigh have it's fun.

You can't expect anything better from apes, now can you? Besides, all their women are hideous. No wonder they crave after ours.

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Not all of them are gorgeous. I'd only take this one if she wore a paper bag over her head.

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Perhaps something more flashy?

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And less shadowy. The dark, brooding look just looks bad on him.

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How about the old space cape?

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No wonder he keeps fighting with Abaddon, they fit each other like shoes and a suit.

>> No.27358476

Much better. I like the starry look of the cape.

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That is swag as fuck.

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>I am the night! LITERALLY!

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Do Eldar get lost on all the paths, or is it a special quality of the more martial paths like the witchpath or the warrior paths? Could an eldar get lost on, like, the path of the baker?

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In theory, it could be all paths. The only reason we don't hear about one being lost on the path of the Toilet Scrubber or something is because it would make for very boring fluff.

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>The Exarch of Baking

I so desperately want to see this

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they can get lost on any path exarchs are just what they call aspect warroirs who do

pathfinder < Rangers
Farseer < Seer


so yes there is an "exarch" of baking

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The only 'paths' that exist are reflections of khaine or the laughing god. All the other gods were murdered, except for isha (who is being held prisoner by nurgle(?)), there is no inspiration for other paths.

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Who keeps their economy going then?

>> No.27359989


What exactly do the Eldar make/sell? What would an Eldar economy look like?

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No no no, you're fixating on the 'divine' paths. What about the path of Mourning? Or Service? Or Dreaming?

You could argue that Artisan comes from Vaul, or Dreaming from Lileath, or Seer from Morai-Heg.
It does seem like the extant-god aspect paths are more likely to entrap their followers than the others, but who knows with the path of Healing or any other path that doesn't show up constantly in the codex.

>> No.27360014

there is a ton of civilian paths

they have a path of mourning

>> No.27360067

I think it's implied that Craftworlds are post-scarcity in regards to food and basic living needs.

Now some of the fancier/elaborate wraithbone engines, soulstones, actual souls, and Eldar with souls are in limited supply because shit man that's grimdark as fuck
They're losing their giant badass titans at an accelerating pace thanks to the rate of new marine codecii (damn your monthly release schedule GW, think of the xenos) and they're dying out because sex=excess amirite AND if their stuff blows up their personal god of sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll eats and tortures their souls 5ever

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Also, Eldar pregnancy takes a couple of years. No wonder she might have some reservations about going through all that.

The real question is why they don't just acquire the vat-growing technology from the Dark Eldar. Even if they'd find the whole thing unnatural and icky, it's still better than being a dying race.

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Really, she just didn't want to fuck HIM. On account of him being a whiny asshole.

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Vat grown dudes have flat, "artificial" souls that have a greater tendency towards the usual Darkie vices.

Kind of makes sense, I think it's mentioned somewhere that fetal Eldar synchronize and resonate with their mother, father, and even passersby once they develop far enough. Without that familial contact during development, how could you expect to see a grasp of moral nuance in their adulthood?

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Buttered Banshee Exarchs

or maybe Wrap Spiders

>> No.27360367

has that ever been real or just something fans made up

>> No.27360368

>[...], you have always been so self-involved.


How anyone was surprised when Korlandril threw himself into the oncoming path of the Exarch Expess I'll never know/

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This is her current look. Eyes don't have the exaggerated slanting, but she looks kind of manly.

>> No.27360402

fan made up.

>> No.27360448

Hvane't heard that before, but it does sound like somethign that makes sense, the Eldar being inherently psychic. Developing their psychic abilities and synchronising with their parents and relatives migth be the reason why Eldar pregnancies take so long to begin with.

However, considering that all Dark Eldar, even trueborn ones, are violent murderers, it's hard to say if the vat growing really affects their personality. Even if they could synch with their mother, they'd probably still come out fucked up since their mom and dad are psychopaths.
Although even disregarding any psychic resonance, I would imagine the vat-grown Eldar would be a bit "off" compared to regular ones. They're grown from embryos to young adults in a few months. For one thing, they don't have a normal childhood (or any childhood for that matter) or time to bond with their parents or friends. Doesn't really matter in Commorragh when you're dumped to the street and expected to kill or be killed, but might give them a hard time in dealing with a normal society.

>> No.27360460

I thought they would grow in vats until infancy, then grow normally.

>> No.27360476

Birthrate isn't a problem for CWE. They don't have vat technology from the DE because they don't need it, as the mothers aren't sociopaths that discard their children, nor is there the threat of being taken advantage of because of being pregnant or raising small children in Craftworlds.

>> No.27360523


I draw fag drew a baker exarch here once. I can't find the picture now though.

>> No.27360528

>kind of
look at them shoulders, man. It's like they took a male image and just shooped her head on there.

>> No.27360549

Well their "rez insurance" involves transferring their spirit from a fragment of their recovered flesh into a blank clone fetus and force-feeding it PAIN ESSENCE until it's fully grown within a few weeks. It mentions that getting rezzed this way exponentially increases a cabalite's mental dependency on inflicting pain.

I'd bet their generic vat-clones use the same technology, meaning they lack the psychic contact their species is still adapted to have AND they are "born" as a fully addicted pain junkie.

>> No.27360653

Not like the head is particularly feminine either. I've seen bishies more woman-like than that.

>> No.27360814

A war-mask isn't a physical object. To put it in simple terms, the war-mask is essentially an Aspect Warriors war-face. It's a seperate personality they put on during times of war to become more efficient killers and not have their 'civilian' psyche scarred by war, as another anon pointed out.

>> No.27360879

They should be here. I hate Thorpe because of what he did to Chaos Space Marines back in the 4th so I didn't check the Eldar books.

>> No.27360892

Eldar are supposed to be fairly androgynous.
Usually it's done with bishojou boys, but making both genders look like Russian transvestites can work too.

>> No.27360902

>Eldar are supposed to be fairly androgynous.

Says who?

>> No.27360925

An Eldar conception takes months of work, multiple "donations", varying partners and each and every session requires a "vulcan soul meld" in order for the ... donation to take root.

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>> No.27360932

>varying partners


>> No.27360940

Yes, they're there.

>> No.27360943

That female face is so much better than GW's actual models, it's a bit sad.

>> No.27360958

Hey. Hey, artillery dude.
You know what the best thing about hopping in and out of the Warp is?

>> No.27360964

I don't see a need for more mundane paths since the warrior paths are for the purpose of split personalities.

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>> No.27360974


Eldar are going extinct, slowly, from war and from losing their infrastructure. Webway, craftworlds, maiden worlds, etc. Not from direct population reduction. They reproduce slow but they usually WANTU NO TRABBURU.

>> No.27360978

Because strangely enough a society can't really go on if it only consists of warriors and it doesn't have food.

>> No.27360998

You can if you have robots making everything.

>> No.27361008

Where are the eldar robots who make everything?

>> No.27361012


>> No.27361042

Same place Imperial cooks, bedridden space marines, CSM mutated without limbs and the majority of the settings population.

>> No.27361050

But why would there be the path of baker? War-paths are made to sever the craftworlder personality from war personality. Why would one have to have a split personality in order to make bread? Is the process of making bread so abhorrent to the Eldar psyche?

>> No.27361056

Hell if I can remember, It was interesting enough to be filed in my memory s'all I know.

>> No.27361064

The path of the warrior is the only you really separate yourself off of completely because it's about anger and keeping control over it. You could go on the path of the artist, and keep the attention to detail you learn from that to another path.

>> No.27361069

Well in that case it probably isn't true.

>> No.27361075

There are more paths than the Warrior paths. There's stated to be, at the very *least*, the paths of the Poet, Sculptor, Helmsman, Mourner, and Healer. The split personality is only for the war-paths, however.

>> No.27361083

So, basically, they just call a toilet cleaner the path of toilet cleaner to make it sound cool.

>> No.27361084

The Harlequin, and seer too.

But yes, they are the only paths that required you... partition your soul, because they require you let the universe in.

>> No.27361098

Well, a janitor would be a part of the path of service maybe, but just because you're an artist doesn't mean you can't clean your own apartment.

>> No.27361099

Believe what you want, I trust my memory on fluff and similar fuzzy shit.

>> No.27361105

True enough, true enough.

Harlequins are fucking nuts though.

>> No.27361112

Okay. You keep believing things you can't even vaguely remember where you learned about them from.

>> No.27361132

I remember a dozen recipes too, can't remember the cookbook, class or person that taught me, or the date I experimentally added cumin.

Content>Citation in my filing system.

>> No.27361139

But I bet you could find a single instance of the recipe mentioned somewhere by someone.

>> No.27361185

Food recipes are more common and dispersed than obscure 40k lore?
Never realized that.

I found a Lexicanum entry to the same effect, also missing citation, but that's all the work I'm gonna put in.
This ain't wikipedia.

>> No.27361197

Okay. Just making sure maybe if someone else is reading this exchange they don't believe stupid fetishist head canon at face value.

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>> No.27361214


>> No.27361229

Hardly a fetish, I don't even care for the Eldar.

>> No.27361245


And it looks like that model is out of print, shit.

>> No.27361271

Why don't they just use teleportation through the physical universe, like the Imperium and the Necrons? Or webway transportation, like Dark Eldar and Harlequins? Both ways would be safer than jumping through hell in the middle of a firefight.

>> No.27361290

Maybe because access to the Webway isn't everywhere?

>> No.27361298

The webway has set entrances and exits. It's not useful inside combat.

>> No.27361324

Dark Eldar and Harlequins have mobile webway portals. It's in the DE wargear section.

>> No.27361351

That doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

>> No.27361369

They're also objects that they have to place and deploy.

>> No.27361438

With Exarchs, the warrior-persona becomes one with the conscious self, so they don't need actual helmets. They only need warpaint to prepare for war (source is Jes Goodwin's concept art, also Dire Avengers sprue has a helmetless Exarch).

>But why would there be the path of baker? War-paths are made to sever the craftworlder personality from war personality.
Disassociation is only for the Path of the Warrior, because while the Eldar obsess about a lot of stuff, they obsess about war the most, so they need additional protection. Other paths are just based around discipline and moderation.

>An Eldar conception takes months of work, multiple "donations", varying partners and each and every session requires a "vulcan soul meld" in order for the ... donation to take root.
That's not true. It is theorised in Xenology that the DNA takes multiple intercourses to transmit, but nothing about varying partners.

>Why don't they just use teleportation through the physical universe, like the Imperium and the Necrons?
Imperials also teleport through the Warp.

how so?

>> No.27361461

>how so?
I thought the webway was like a subway system. It's useful, but it has set entrances into it. You can't just open a portal into it from anywhere. It has to be coinciding.

>> No.27361489

Varying partners? Do you just make shit up as you go?

>> No.27361599

>It's useful, but it has set entrances into it.
It mostly has set exits, in that there are tunnels that lead somewhere. But the real-world entrances can move, as evidenced by them being mounted on Craftworlds, starships, and even the superheavy Storm Serpent that is basically a Scorpion with a Webway gate. Also, even if the gate is fixed on a planetary surface, the planet itself moves through space, doesn't it?

Then there's the fact that the Eldar are able to create temporary capillaries of the Webway that align with small, temporary portals, such as those carried by the Harlequins, Dark Eldar, or Ulthwe Strike Forces in EoT campaign. The creation of such a temporary tunnel is described in Path of the Warrior, when the Eldar assault some world.

>> No.27361616

>The creation of such a temporary tunnel is described in Path of the Warrior, when the Eldar assault some world.

Yes, after they spend days travelling by ship to get to the point where the portal is possible.

>> No.27361795

The codex implies that the regeneration is done directly through the dead body. As long as the Dark Eldar's soul still hangs onto the remains and they are delivered to a good enough Hamonculus, imbuing the remains with enough pain essence can allow them to regenerate their bodies even if all you have left is a severed hand.

>> No.27361864

All teleportation goes through the Warp, except the Necrons who make use of non-euclidean geometries and pocket dimensions instead.

Webway travel, while safer, requires you to have a webway portal present. Although there are portable WWPs, and you can make temporary portals inside the Webway (Dark Eldar often do that to launch their raids), neighter allows you to do the whole "disappear and instantly appear behind the enemy" thing the Warp spiders do.

>> No.27362378


Why would the eldar use that counting system?

>> No.27362389

They also wouldn't bother keeping track of a handful of kill on a weapon that was centuries old at least.

>> No.27362534


Because Warp Spiders are just THAT crazy.

I struggle to think of a unit crazier. They literally put their soul on the line with every jump, and they jump A LOT.

How do they even train without killing themselves?

>> No.27362611


I bet the Exarch really gets pissed off at him when they go home and he has to stash all the equipment away.

Mostly because he hates calling over people from the Path of the Artisan just to paint over a few scratches. Takes 'em days to finish and it's so abstract that he doesn't know what the item is anymore to file it away.

>> No.27365673

Necrons can rip the webway new assholes too.

>> No.27365740

Grey Knight interceptors do it too, they just don't die because they're not pussies.

Terminators do it for deployment too.

The Imperium does it in general as that's how they into spess travel.

Crimson Hunters also have to deal with it, as getting shot down means it's unlikely that spirit stones survive.

>> No.27365880

Dark Eldar aren't psychic anymore, so no resonance goes on during development

>> No.27365931

Dark Eldar are NOT cloned, ever. Cloning in 40k is a big no-no. Their "resurrection" is regenerating from a piece of their dead flesh, the smaller the piece, the stronger will it requires and the more time it takes. That's why being shot with a blaster is a pretty final way of getting rid of competition - the darklight shot reduces the poor sod to nothing.

>> No.27366027

To be honest harlequins have phase-fields which is basicly a webway personal teleporter.
So spiders are just shit fuck insane.

>> No.27366132

>Crimson Hunters also have to deal with it, as getting shot down means it's unlikely that spirit stones survive.
Which is silly as the Spirit Stone is the most likely thing to survive the aircraft being destroyed. Anything that would vaporise it or send it to the warp would do the same to standard infantry in armour.

>> No.27366157

You can field Warlocks in aspect warrior squads. It is the secret best thing in the Codex that no one knows about but me, not the only-good-in-hordes Wave Serpent. Be Iyanden, take 5 Spiritseers, win.

>> No.27366200

Going into warp with a geller field, or one or two teleport operations is an order of magnitude less than performing a jump every few seconds in the middle of a battle.

>> No.27366207

Just getting shot at as an infantry man doesn't mean the stone will break though; if they blow off your head the stone is still fine.

>> No.27366223

Interceptors jump for longer, and the Warp Spiders don't jump that often.

>> No.27366244

some exarchs, check out the hair

>> No.27366316

Because you are the badass unsung heros of the Codex. Serpents are the blunt objects of 6E Eldar, but Spears get pretty stupid when used right

>> No.27366379

Yeah, but your plane crashing won't destroy it either, unless the cockpit has been hit directly with something that can vapourise the pilot through the armour.

Infantry face the same, if shot at by heavier energy weapons too.

>> No.27366401

Being created in the 80's, clearly she still has Mighty Shoulderpads of Feminine Equality

>> No.27366432

>Yeah, but your plane crashing won't destroy it either

Yes it will, they're not that tough. Marines casually crush them in their hands in Angel Exterminatus.

>> No.27366446

Is it just me or does Rorshach have suspiciously pointy ears?

>> No.27366470

Post-scarcity means your technology is beyond the need to have people (excepting a tiny minority) take care of it well enough that it suppplies your society with everything it needs

>> No.27366506

The Path of Service isn't something an Eldar does because a craftworld has too many crystalline poops clogging up it's pipes, it is embarked upon so that an Eldar might learn humility

>> No.27366536

Yep, it is stupid fetishist head canon. But hey, I get off on weirder things so I am not going to make too much fun of him.

>> No.27366704

Questionably Black Library sources aside, unless you're implying Marines have more force than Bolters and heavier weaponry, we're back at step one again as infantry are just as at risk in that case (that Marines can crush them) from small arms as the pilot of a CH is from crashing.

>> No.27366731

RAW, my Deathwatch marine does more damage with his bare hands (1d10+10) than his bolt pistol (1d10+9). There's a difference in pen, but the damage is there...

It gets dumber when you add in a melee weapon with a positive damage bonus.

>> No.27366734

Yep, it was basically because someone wanted the basic way for Eldar to reproduce was via gangbang.

>> No.27366771

There's no reasons bolters can't destroy them either, but bolters rawkets don't have to hit the stone, the stone will however end up hitting the ground unless the plane gets hit so hard it's blasted into space.

>> No.27366786


The entire Eldar culture is organized by the paths because they are post-Slaanesh. All behaviour must be strictly ritualised and focused on a single path to circumvent excessiveness and encourage asceticism and moderation.

The role playing and identity disassociation of Aspect warriors is necessary because war is by nature excessive and Eldar are particularly sensitive to emotional extremes due to heightened senses. You can't commit mass murder stoically so they have war masks to ritualise the process and deflect all the bad spiritual juju elsewhere. All the advantage of a an enraptured, bloodthirsty, high morale, killing machine and none of the Slaanesh baiting to go with it. Asurmen is smart.


Gray Knights are safer because they don't have juicy Eldar warp signatures.


>warp spider's don't jump that often

WUT? It's their entire fighting style

>> No.27366838

RPG stats shouldn't be relied on for how things actually work.

No matter how much pseudoscience of fanwankery there is, a Marine could never punch with the force of a bolter shell. If he could, he would be breaking his arm with each swing - there's a limit to believability before things get stupid.

Strength in combat doesn't represent each person trading punches, but there would be a variety of things in close combat that roughly represents the lethality of it, with combat weapons and so on (a bolter could hit, and the armour could absorb the damage, but the Marine in close combat could get round that by cutting a weak point, a hold and blow to the head or using a chainsword to saw through it where raw energy at one point won't do the job).

>> No.27366864

The stone on a the pilot is protected by the cockpit, and any armour around that. With it's small size, it's arguably the most likely thing to survive.

>> No.27366871

If you're taking Black Library as canon then you can't really exclude FFG books, can you? Because the math states that you can, in fact, literally punch harder than a bolter can. Your fists don't have Tearing, and aren't Pen 4, but the raw damage is higher, and that's just as valid a [citation] as citing a BL bok.

>> No.27366896

The cockpit obviously can't withstand crash landings very well, and the stones aren't exactly black box tough.

>> No.27366939

oooooo, with that image in mind I might start believing it myself...

>> No.27366960

The Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay system is not really the most realistic thing to compare things.

It's not excluding the FFG fluff, just excluding the mechanics because they don't gel with 'reality' of the fiction all that well, they're designed to give you a game out of it.

The game mechanics are not a scientific measure of force buy a weird approximation and model of what happens, while allowing you to actually do something as a game rolling dice.

>> No.27367064

You sure are intent on defending your fictional viewpoints by cherry picking fiction to protect your fiction. Still, I suppose, everyone is allowed an opinion.

>> No.27367132

>mask is a filter between the horrors of war and civilian life
Huh. I did that with a Dark Heresy character once, never knew that the Eldar did that.

>> No.27367218


>Rorschach confirmed for midget Striking Scorpions exarch

>> No.27367303

I kinda wanna see an Alpha+ Psyker who avoids going insane by doing that. Only using his psyker abilities while under an extremely supernaturally disciplined "Face". The rest of the time he can't even read a thought or life a cup to his mouth with his mind.

But he just pulls that trigger and suddenly..............

"Now I am become Death. The shatterer of Worlds."

One second he's just an average scholar on an Imperial world. Something invades, Orks, Demons, something. And this smuck that nobody even knew was a psyker goes full Avatar state on it.

That'd be cool, if done right.

>> No.27367347

No, I'm telling you to not put too much weight into the background from the game rules.

>> No.27367486

By saying >my canon is better than your canon because it's my canon.

You're not really digging at any sort of point, other than dancing around the bush of dickery.

>> No.27367558

Wait what? How?

>> No.27367579


If your canon is Death Watch mechanics then fan fiction scrawled on a hankerchief would still be a more compelling source.

Yes, everything is canon, but there are varying degrees of quality and some contradicts more than others. Marine punches being stronger than bolter shells contradicts everything else we know about bolters both in fluff and tabletop crunch.

>> No.27367647

by taking 5 spiritseers.

But at 70 points a pop, you really have to think whether the buffs are worth if for every unit, and they're not so good for infantry units that move faster than standard infantry.

>> No.27367669


He just told you. Spirit Seers. They can join aspect warriors and choose runes of battle powers.

Roll on the Iyanden codex and you can run 5 squads of buffed aspect warriors and have 2+ cover save Scorpions, 2+ armour save firedragons, WS5 Shining Spears, BS5 Reapers or Banshees than run up 18 inches.

>> No.27367687

Oh, I see.

>> No.27367693

Sounds like an Imperial hero.

Many Imperial heroes that aren't space marines have done some questionable deeds.

As in, deeds that shouldn't be possible. Like that guy that managed to defeat the rebelling Imperials during the Age of Apostasy against all odds.

Hell, take some /tg/ lore that became official. Goddamn Grendel/Grendl whatever. A fucking old useless weak librarian who ended up becoming a fucking Imperial hero capable of destroying Waaaghs and demonic legions with a fucking blessed combat knife.

>> No.27367819

No BS buff from spiritseers.

Farseers help Reapers a bit more with Guide and Perfect Timing if they roll it.

>> No.27367867


Ah yeah, I forgot enhance was WS and initiative not WS and BS.

>> No.27368170

True, I don't usually take 5, about 2-3 does it for my decidedly Biel-Tan-ish Iyanden army (although they are awesome for putting in with Wraithguard/blades for a 2+ save or WS5).

A Farseer with Guide and the Divination default power can be a lot of dakka for a shooty army. Making two units re-roll to hit every turn is good stuff.

>> No.27370046


>The best Sword Wind requires Iyanden dex

As much as I love S5, 2+ save Striking Scorpions I wish I didn't need spirit seers for that. Purely for fluff reasons. Spirit seers should be ghost warrior only, and fielding them in sword winds doesn't feel right. I have NO idea why warlocks can't be taken with warriors, but spirit seers can.

>> No.27370776

I have the source, it's right here. Somewhere on the bottom IIRC. It's from that Xenology book, btw.

>> No.27371409

That says nothing about varying partners though.

>> No.27371485

>additional genetic material supplied at preordained stages throughout gestation?
This could be interpreted in two ways: multiple partners, or multiple "doses" of the same genetic material. The latter is more likely, but the former isn't a terrible leap of logic either.

>> No.27372791

Either way, /tg/ wins.

>> No.27374618

>the stones aren't exactly black box tough
Actually until angels exterminatus all fluff relating to soul stones panted them as super tough and amazingly resilient tools , more durable than wraithbone constructs.

>> No.27374694

Personally i wish they had just had 1-10 warlocks as as single HQ choice, given them IC status and the option to level up to spiritseer.

As it is I cant give warlocks to anything but guardians, and unless I'm Iyanden I cant take more than 2 seers with my various wraith constructs.

>> No.27374865

they have ejector seats

>> No.27377736

What fluff is that?

>> No.27378665


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