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What are some names for common items in the Imperium of Man?

For example, we all know that this is a Mister Recaffienatus.

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A traditional witch-flattener.

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Would you like a nice breakfast of vat-meal cakes with genuine artificial imitation BottorLyke?

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Don't forget the Sister Jamaima syrup. Only a heretic eats his vat-meal cakes dry.

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Well I have my imperial guard 4th edition codex out and at the end on page 62 there's a list of common imperial guard term so I'll post a few of them here:

Amasec -Highly alcoholic beverage distilled from wine
Flackboard - Sheet of metal used for reinforcement, "to prevent spalling material dislodged from weapon impacts
Fyceline - Standard ingredient used in imperium explosives
Juvenat - Age and youth prolonging drugs
Lho sticks - Cigarettes made from an addictive narcotic
Obscura - Prohibited narcotic
Pict - Video feed vox link
Savlar -Thief or drug addict
Twist - Slang for mutant

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Yay, vat-meal cakes! Praise the Immortal God-Emperor!

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So, Amasec is...double wine?

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>Amasec -Highly alcoholic beverage distilled from wine
>distilled from wine

Now, I don't into 40k lore much, but they can't get drunk enough on regular booze in that universe, so they use booze to make boozier booze? I mean, I guess it makes for effective brain-bleach, but holy shit, double-distilled booze.

I might have to try and do that some time.

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In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, people like to get real drunk real fast.

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You're enjoying those vat-meal cakes a little too much, Slaanesh Cultist! *BLAM*

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You niggers get amazed by brandy? Wait until you see the laser guns.

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It's a form of brandy, instead of carrying 3-4 litres of 10-15% wine they have a flask of 40-50% distilled wine.

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Why can't more Guard look that staggeringly baller?

That guy actually looks like someone who gets to sneer at PDF.

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Corvus-Pattern Club, a common tool among the Ordo Xenos

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Reminds me of doomguy

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From Only War:
Calixian Infantryman's Portable Communications Transcription Device

While the construction of the Calixian Infantryman's Portable Communications Transcription Device varies greatly from planet to planet, its function is vital. Every Guardsman tithed from a world within the Calixis Sector is expected to have a rudimentary understanding of its operating procedures so that he may communicate when Vox-operators are not available. Typically a gripped cylinder with a reservoir or staining liquid, the device has also been manufactured successfully on primitive worlds such as Iocanthos using soft breaking metal or fissionable residue encased in a strain resistant substance, usually milled on site. When a staining liquid is used, it can be manufactured from a variety of substances found throughout the Calixis Sector including, but not limited to, flora/fauna compression, animal excretion harvesting, or synthetic means. This source can often affect the hue of the staining liquid.
The "por-com," as many Scintillan regiments have come to call it, is typically issued with locally rendered Calixian Infantryman's Portable Communications Notation Devices. These can be harvested from fauna rendering processes or created synthetically.
A Poor Craftsmanship Calixian Infantryman's Portable Communications Transcription Device is unreliable. Whenever a Guardsman wishes to make use of one, he must roll 1d10 on a 1 or 2, the device fails to function. An Ordinary (+10) Tech-Use Test will allow the Guardsman to perform the Drusian Litany of Gesticulation, calling on the power Saint Drusus to restore the device to working order.
A Best Craftsmanship Calixian Infantryman's Portable Communications Transcription Device functions even in locations without gravity and has multiple reservoirs that
hold different pigments of staining liquid.

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Pic related. It's how I use my guardsmen.

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I laugh so fucking hard when I read this entry for the first time.

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Processed Poultry Nuggets

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>Emprah Burger

Can I get an Imperial with Grox cheese?

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40k has fucking laser guns!?

Holy shit, why did nobody tell me sooner?

What color beams do they have?

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Whatever color you want them to be hun.

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The awnser is many colours, before this starts a shit storm, most commonly Red or Bluish White

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That can't be from 40k; where are it's pauldrons?

>and lseedsi
And Captcha wants to know where it's lseedsi is.

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The easy answer is "Whatever color the author wanted them to be."

The complicated answer is that it varies between mediums. Since red lasers look better in visual mediums in most art and all the video games the las shots are red. In the lore they vary from green, to blue, or the by far the most popular "don't describe the fucking color because everyone will have a fucking shitstorm".

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>That can't be from 40k; where are skulls?
you were thinking warmachine (pic related)

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I'm not going to bother with an image, use your imagination

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I'm glad not all tg is stupid.

everyone needs to learn basic booze lingo so you know what the fuck is being talked about.

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warma is top-heavy miniatures.
Only vlady has SHOOOOULLLDERRRSSSS (for da motherland)

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>but holy shit, double-distilled booze.

Triple distilled muthafucka.

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>>What are some names for common items in the Imperium of Man?

just steal your ideas for these, just like GW steals others IP and calls it their own.

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>Sense of right and wrong

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no, almost everything has huge pauldrons

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What if one of them falls over

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In conclusion russians are dwarven wizards

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I've heard of Russians on Eve Online referred to as "Angry aliens from the planet Murder"

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Squat watter

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>not quintuple distilled

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> Not breathing pure ethanol vapor

Stay plebeian 21st century

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Good way to die. Lung collapse, hemmoraging, alchohol poisoning....

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>Emprah Burger
>Not Burger Emperor
>Not even The Golden Throne


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>Welcome to Greater Good Burger, home of the Greater Good Burger, how may I serve your order?

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>I will have the Kroot sandwich with a side of DIE YOU FUKKEN XENO!

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Dat Kroot chiken.

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I fucking love cinerators.

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My person theory behind recaff is that during the dark age of technology, they started breeding decaffinated strains of coffee. (they were on a health craze at the time)

These were unfortunately the only strains that survived the age of strife, so the Imperium now has to recaffinate their coffee.

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I figure it'll be called a Percolator. Often it's a good idea to just swipe older terms for things.

Like Pantechnicon for moving trucks.

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The Caiaphas Cain novels refer to the rations given to the troops as "Soylents Viridians" which is an obvious reference to Soylent Green.

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Of course, they're actually more like the original soylent steaks from Make Room, Make Room!

Soy and lentil based foodstuffs grown on the agriworld of Viridia.

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Wine isn't distilled, it's fermented. Distilling it makes brandy i.e. Amasec is the 40k name for brandy.

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This multiple distilling business is silly. Once the water content drops below a certain level the vapor pressure of water matches the vapor pressure of the ethanol so distillation can't separate them anymore.

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