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/tg/ screencaps, continued.

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From a discussion of whether Drow cities could sustain themselves using the power of song.

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I'll contribute a few of my own screencaps if that's okay.

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How does one sustain a city with singing alone? And, for that matter, why only ten targets for each bard?
Pic related to elves.

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iirc, it's an 1/day Bard class feature that lets them sustain up to 10 people by singing in lieu of food or water. That the Drow fuel their cities with righteous metal was proposed as an alternative theory to mushroom growth and "Lloth does it".

Wish I'd capped more of that thread, in retrospect.

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I have one of those. Came with Killer Bunnies.

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For when you want to fap to creepy shit, and later feel sad and a little bit frightened afterwards.

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Uh, I just fail to see the problem, there are bunches of wondrous items to create food. As well as low-level spellcaster and cleric spells like Create Food/Water or Feast of Heroes. Mages and clerics are something the drow have aplenty.

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Actually, I'd say the players blindingly charging at the guy would've been little better. But yeah, they're horrible at this, they even had a rogue to check for traps.

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That's all I've got.
The new post timers are way too long, g'night everyone

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>AOL chat room fun

Shit, does anyone have James Bond The Crab?

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seconding this request.

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Unfortunately, I don't have the picture of it, but the accounting of it exists on 1d4chan.

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A bit of an expansion on that one.

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Sorry for asking if it's been posted in the last thread but does anyone have the screencap of the Rogue Trader character that kept having run-ins with a creature along the same lines as the South Park Loch Ness monster stories that chef's dad told?

Also looking for some good humanity fuck yea caps

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Unfortunately, my archive of HFY is limited to our last thread of it, so I wouldn't have anything terribly new to offer.

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What game is this?

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here you go. The beast is called the burnscour lictor

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Thank you, oh thank you. Someone posted it to /k/ months and months ago and I've been searching for it since to show to my friend that got me into 40k somewhat recently

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what game is this?
sounds cool

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>trying to be edgy
>In the silver age

do they even read comics?

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>not posting the whole thing

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I have to say, just seeing the number of replies is a lot funnier to me.

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Did he died?

No, but seriously. No more follow-up on that?

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South Africa is so gangster.
Like its a terrible place and all that
but its pretty crazy that cars need flamethrowers to defend themselves from car jackers

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Anyone have the story about the elf who fell in love with a human and tried to kill the world to bring him back?

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This one worth saving?

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A classic.

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On a related note...

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I still don't know what the fuck is going on in this one.

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This one?

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That's the on

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>Did he died?
Probably. Sleep paralysis can be serious shit, especially when living on your own like it seemed that man was.

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She called back the next morning and now they're chilling in a small condo in the Planar Landscape.

I hear he's having a lot of adversity adjusting to living with cosmic horrors that can disintegrate him with a passing thought, but otherwise is very, very happy with his new girlfriend.

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Who's Kirk?

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I suppose I ought to dump some stuff. My /tg/ folders are getting quite fat.

So: Do you guys what stories about RL shenanigan, stories about gaming shenanigans, or general funnies?

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Nice try.


Also, the fuck is with the time limits on posting? Makes image dumps a bitch. 60s?

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Legend of the 5 Rings.

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Some prettyboy.

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sounds pretty radical

what is it about?

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"We're Back" Movie references. BBEG has a fear of crows or being alone. Not sure which. Surrounding himself with a fear carnival and traveling town to town, he went about scaring people to make him not feel alone.

His good guy brother conversely made a dream machine to hear the wishes of children and try to bring joy to the world. For some dumb reason, the children's strongest wishes were to have Dinosaurs show up.

Good guy bro makes a machine to go back in time and made a crazy ass breakfast cereal that made them smart enough to make crappy songs and talk without the desire to eat people.

The crow quotes are from near the end of the movie where the BBEG is literally devoured by crows once he's alone. The "Dawn of time" thing is a lyric from a dumb song the T-rex sings during a parade he's trying to hide in.

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One of my personal favorites here

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Anyone have the one where the guy and his friends made up a game, but it got really surreal and crazy so they had to stop?

Something about taking turns whenever you pleased and affecting the world based on words and what you rolled.

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Isn't that the TIME WIZARDS?

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You and your fellow players are samurai in fantasy asia. Your feudal lords tell you to do things. Maybe you do those things?

Sometimes you fight things. Sometimes you talk to things.

Scorpion Clan is Best Clan.

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That version seems to be abridged, losing much of the humor.

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Shouting Matsu-sensei will have your head for this insult.

That said, here's the single most awesome Scorpion cap I have.

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sounds fun

can you upload the PDF here? I would like to read it

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have one that I homebrewed, and much to my chagrin, I've never seen reposted (although that might be because apparently HFY is passé now)

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Yeah, sure.

I have never actually played the game myself, just read a lot of the fiction surrounding it. I only have one rule pdf and the Way of the Scorpion PDf, and I don't know if this is the version of the game that's good or not,but this is what I have.


I also read the fuck out of basically everything in here.


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Hey that's pretty good. Bit rough, but seeing more in that vein would be cool.

Anyone have the one where humans are the archivists?

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Yes, it is.

Unfortunately I don't have the cap

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Damn. That one sounds interesting.

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Also this is the best Scorpion story, but it doesn't lend itself well to screencaps from the PDF because it takes up three pages because it starts and ends in the middle of two of them.


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I don't think I will ever grow tired of decent HFY

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>time wizards

That was made into a "functioning" system, albeit one with the strangest resolution mechanics known to man. Read the archives, young ones.

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How do I even find it on the archives?

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That OP has obviously never played strip poker. People get annoyed if you try to pull bullshit like that, even when you try to take each sock off separately. I mean it's a game for fun afterall, the point is to get everyone naked so it ends in sex anyway.

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I honestly don't even know what I'm posting, it's just thumbnails in my /tg/ folder that look like screencaps of threads and haven't already been posted.

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>It was like interpretative LSD

I want to play this game with my friends.

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I seem to have a lot of warhammer caps

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Thanks man

And yeah I am pretty much the same I like reading rulebooks to games I will probably never play if it has good lore and world building

Also cant you just upload PDFs as pics?

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Is this it?

How it was found:
Searched for tag "time wizards" ; 0 results
Searched tag "time", browsed results - thread found

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What button do I download with? I hardly ever use Sendspace

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>killing Kharn
>with a brick

I'm sorry, no amount of good rolling should let a DM rule that you killed Kharn with a fucking brick.

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Ha ha tremendous!

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I am retarded sorry

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Well obviously whoever decided to screencap that shit, then the guy who posted it (if he's not the same one who screencapped it). I mean why would you post stories if you didn't care what people thought of them?

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>2 threads

>no one posts Old Man Henderson

>> No.27342858

Because everyone's read it before you twat.

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What are you even talking about

The image was directed at the guy who decided that every DM should conform to his arbitrary rules, not the guy who posted the fun story.

Pic unrelated.

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its still fun

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>> No.27342923

Not after multiple reads. Posting the same shit over and over is what kills these threads, people like new content.

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It's not serious. There's literally no reported cases of death. I lived with that till 27, and i'm fine.

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>> No.27342949

>Not after multiple reads.
says you

>> No.27342961

>arbitrary rules
So you would rule that a guy explodes a tank with an arrow, just 'cause he rolls well? This isn't abitrary ruling, it's just keeping some semblance of immersion by staying within reason.

And yes, you asked who gives a shit, I replied that the guy who posted the cap obviously does.

>> No.27342971

Well ok, if you want to ruin the thread with reposts. It's not like you can go find that tale on any other site, not at all...

>> No.27342978


DnD is a fantasy so fuck yeah if someone wants to blow up a castle with an arrow I will let him

>> No.27342992

well you post some new stuff I will stop now

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Tanks, well, old tanks, not so sure about modern ones, have slits on the sides at eye level, and they carry spare ammunition inside the tank itself.

If he rolled well enough, I would, in fact, rule that he'd fired an arrow with such precision that it had slipped through one of the slits and punctured one of the spare shells in such a way that it went off, taking the rest of the spares, the tank crew, and the tank itself with it.

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He was afraid of crows because they took his eye, and they were always near, so he kept the scares near him or something.

When they stopped being scared, they ate him. It's been ages since I've seen this, but it was one of my favourite movies when I was a child.

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I've actually been holding back on posting a lot of my material since I wanted to avoid repetition, at least for a few threads.

I've been working on collecting the good /tg/ screen caps as well as making my own. Archival work is kind've a hobby of mine.

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If the players in your campaign are all set with having a retarded setting where logic and physics hold no purchase then go ahead. It's still stupid as hell and not worth posting as an "epic" story.

Besides, a fantasy universe where nuke arrows can be created with magic is different to a predefined, somewhat serious universe where a basic human kills an rabid behemoth in power armour with an ordinary brick.

That's still just as stupid, even if that happened the arrow would not have enough force to puncture the casing of a tank shell.

>> No.27343025

I would assume he knows that, and he's only posturing as though he doesn't as a joke; it's supposed to be like a minmaxer's approach to strip poker. I wasn't in that thread myself, though, so I don't really know.

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Anyone new enough to not have read Henderson at least once wouldn't know about 1d4chan/suptg

I usually just post whatever I don't remember seeing in the last 2-3 threads

>> No.27343033

>Besides, a fantasy universe where nuke arrows can be created with magic is different to a predefined, somewhat serious universe where a basic human kills an rabid behemoth in power armour with an ordinary brick.
If you throw a brick hard enough at a dudes head you could kill them
its not that hard

>> No.27343037


I'm not saying I wouldn't disallow 'dumb' things for 'realism', I'm saying that if a DM wants to do that, it is literally none of your business that he does, and getting butthurt at a story about that or the very idea that something doesn't align perfectly with your personal rules and expectations for the game is kinda sad.

And as you can see, there are ways you can do your little arrow scenario. Smaug had a weak spot right over his heart, and the human dood's arrow was super cool magiked, for a very classic example.


>> No.27343040

I've got some stuff from /k/ which I think applies here because they could EASILY be random encounters.

Sometimes life is it's own game.

This one is my favorite.

>> No.27343042

So what system is this? WHFRPG? Earthdawn?

>> No.27343052

You can, but you're not s'posed to upload copyrighted material. Free rpgs, upload directly, professional ones, post an offsite link.

>> No.27343058


And sometimes, I think those /k/ommandos are as creative as you are, /tg/

>> No.27343090

No, but it could sure as hell hit the tip of the shell and set it off. These are from World War I. See how they look like impact warheads? I think it might could do it like that, and even if it didn't, all it might have to do is knock it over, and it would definitely have enough force to do that.

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oh shit I posted all 13 clan books from WoD in a thread not knowing the rules lucky I did not get banned

>> No.27343105

Pretty short and sweet.

>> No.27343106

>a fantasy universe where nuke arrows can be created with magic is different to a predefined, somewhat serious universe where a basic human kills an rabid behemoth in power armour with an ordinary brick.
You mean the same universe that has hot bitches coming back from the dead just because they believe hard enough and faith has a tangible effect on reality?

>> No.27343118

I bet you also hat Brolaire or the Dwarf that stubboned the pit to death as well dont you?

Seriously let players have fun and be imaginative thats part of what makes PnP great.

>> No.27343135


40k is as much of a fantasy game as DnD

>> No.27343163

I suspect that there is at least a little cross over between the boards. We even share turf.

I think it was a day or two ago, but one thread just turned into a guns thread straight outta /k/. It was a thing of beauty.

>> No.27343184

Why not? 1d4chan was one of the first things I learned about, it's a great historical record of major events in /tg/'s history.

>> No.27343211

You don't know who Kharn is, do you?

>I'm saying that if a DM wants to do that, it is literally none of your business that he does
Yeah I know, but it's still going to piss me off when people tote it around as some "epic XD" story. It's just stupid and to me, cringeworthy to read about.

>> No.27343243

>Everything I disagree with is bad and everyone should hate it as much as I do

>> No.27343254

To be honest, I'd be alright if it was some random Chaos marine or if it hadn't killed him, but maimed him long enough to escape. Hell, even if there was some aspect of faith involved.

The fact that the DM shoved in a canon character who is known for being a mindless killing machine, then had him killed by a non-magical, faith-free brick is just...There's a fine line between FUCK YEAR stupidity and cringeworthy stupidity, and this is where it sits for me.

>> No.27343263

I wouldn't exactly call it faith free. It killed Kharn, you know.

>> No.27343264

When did I ever say that? All I did was express my personal discontent at the story and the DM's actions.

Stop shoving words into my mouth.

>> No.27343287

Guardsmen was prob'ly a heretic, dude didn't even shout his devotion to the Emprah when he threw it. Zero faith involved.

>> No.27343309

Actions speak louder than words. Only a true servant of the Emperor could kill Kharn with a brick.

>> No.27343321

So we're back into the no one cares what you think territory, is what you're saying.


>> No.27343350

Except the guy who posted it probably cares, and you obviously care enough to reply.

I can walk this loop all day buddy.

>> No.27343356

Entirely off-topic, but I hated that guy's character. About the third time he asked if he'd ever told me the definition of insanity, I wanted to reach into my computer and punch him.

Don't get me wrong, he had the best writing of all the characters in the game, he just grated on me for whatever reason.

The only monologue he ever made that legitimately took me by surprise was when he told why he knew the definition of insanity, but it only really surprised me up until he mentioned that he killed the guy that told him the definition. That last time, shortly before you kill him, I actually paused it and talked to my screen and said, "Yes. You did. And I'm just about sick and fucking tired of hearing it and I swear, I'm about ready to walk up to you, take that piddly ass little peashooter from you, wrestle you to the ground, shove it up your ass, and empty it."

>> No.27343413

Eh, I think you can claim leeway when the material in question is old, or from a discontinued product line. Honestly, a lot of the free rpgs I see posted in share threads are under some kind of copyright, with no permission given to be shared anywhere.

Really the rule is "if the copyright holder has the means and desire to enforce their copyright, don't upload it". If White Wolf really cares about people sharing oWoD material, I'd be surprised.

>> No.27343414

And jesus god, you never really do get to kill him in a satisfying way, do you? All QUICK TIME EVENTS YAY like every other bad dood in the fucking game. Blood Dragon was better, I feel, just because neon everywhere.

>Pic related

>> No.27343450

What would be a good name for people who split their time between the two boards? /k/oas/tg/uardsmen?

>> No.27343459

No, you don't, and I hated it. I figured it would be after the first knife fight QTE with what's-his-face who was beating and implied to be raping your friend into being his submissive little bitch while you were out nearly dying as he lead you around by the fucking nose finding that god-damned knife.

I was just, like, "Hell, for making that fight look awesome and not having the standard scale, 'bosses are just like everyone else, except bigger bullet sponges,' thing, that was kinda really shit. That'll probably be how everyone of enough importance to be a, 'boss,' is killed."

And it fucking was.

>> No.27343464

Yeah I know man, you can't seem to get your mouth off mine.

>> No.27343470

I can see where you're coming from. Same take I have on Tucker's Kobolds.

>> No.27343488

There's cross over with many boards. How do you think memes and reaction images spread so quickly?

>> No.27343524

The -fucking- knife shit. Thankfully, the game was good in most other ways... right? Or am I forgetting critical flaws through my lack of playing in favor of Prototype Row IV and GTAV? Maybe the fact that I forget everything about the game in favor of SRIV is telling.

Sick burn, but to be fair, I started it. As soon as you finish, I'll be on my way.

>> No.27343534

There are a ton of possibilities. Though none of them quite as pretty as elegan/tg/entlemen or /k/ommandos.

I'm generally regarded as having a way with words, and I can't think of anything better than what you came up with. Not only does it work, but it provides a good mingling of the purpose and character of the two boards. So I'd say it's good.

In other news, my captcha is Language ortssga. I think it's trying to tell me something relevant, but I'm not sure what.

>> No.27343571

Yeah mate, I'll finish deep in your throat. Just keep replying, please baby.

>> No.27343589

but wouldn't you just go "I have won the argument! Clearly he was wrong and I right!" if he stopped?

>> No.27343597

>homage to old-school sci-fi action
>one-liners, sarcasm and badassery everywhere
>crazy fun weapons
>stealth is pretty viable in many situations

>oh yeah, I guess it was better, just 'cause of the neon...

>> No.27343621

No, what argument is there to begin with? I posted my opinion, which is technically neither right nor wrong since it's heavily subjective, and that bothered his booty enough to reply. There's nothing to win here.

>> No.27343624

Don't forget the training montage!

>> No.27343647

It seems like the argument is about caring at this point.

you maybe right about the 'nothing to win' part, though.

>> No.27343668

Nono, you misunderstand, the addition of neon was enough to make me a happy person. And then you add all that other shit on top...
Also fucking Powerglove did the music. Fucking... 80s kersplooge.

Also, you could make the argument that crazy fun weapons, viable stealth, and all that other stuff (save dragons and other setting specific stuff), are all things I expect from an OK game, and that they should be in a -good- game as a matter of course.

I'm here baby, I'm right here.

And there's nothing to win... but my heart.

>> No.27343836

>anything is used for charisma rolls

Fucking genius.

>> No.27344021

To contain the spamfags, mostly

>> No.27344050

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>> No.27344495

Hahaha, glorious.

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>> No.27344635


Not /tg/, but a personal favorite.

>> No.27344671

I can't stand the suspense, what did he actually do?

>> No.27344682


My guess is fourth from the bottom.

>> No.27344738

That's a nice guess, but something still makes me doubt it.

>> No.27344749

There's always board overlap.

What sort of man does not know how to disassemble an AK-47? No man at all.

>> No.27344773

>tfw I live in Ausfalia and I cant even get my hands on an AK let alone disassemble one

>> No.27344925

If you'll ever get your hands on one, you'll know instinctively.
It's in our genes.

male privilege

>> No.27344973


All men instantly know how to field strip a rifle?

>> No.27345009

I did.
I imagine >>27344925
did too.
You will as well, my son.
You will as well.

>> No.27345016

Given enough time, youd be able to disassemble it.
Not given enough time, you could smash it into pieces

>> No.27345029

>Given enough time, youd be able to disassemble it.

fucked if I remember how to put it together though

Still guns are super demonized here unfortunately.

>> No.27345062

>smash into pieces
Good luck, buddy

>> No.27345076

It could be a pile of snapped wood and twisted metal and itl still work

>> No.27345368


>> No.27346598

In regards to multiple reads, I have read this one dozens of times and it always makes me giggle.
Not sure what that says about me.

>> No.27347293

I'm betting it's Riddle of Steel, because of the way the wound was notated, but that game doesn't have hand bombards or anything like those paladins.

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