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ADVENTURE! Edition, mixing strange and exotic locales with strange and exotic characters.

Stuff to do here:
>join f-list's /tg/ chat (registration is free)
>discuss characters/settings for erp
>share erp war stories (love is a battlefield after all)

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I'm trying to figure out what to do with my newest character, http://www.f-list.net/c/deunan%20aeron/. I hate the term cuntboy, but it kinda fits. Transgender would fit more, but I've got four trans characters now.

I just wanna be dominant and aloof and step on people's crotches and sit on their faces. And maybe stab them with poisoned hidden blades.

Also, I've been here maybe two weeks and have ten characters.

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Still looking for somebody who might be interested in sorta-GMing something with a princess who has to go from not-at-all prepared to trying to rule her kingdom and probably along the way end up fucking assorted creatures, getting permanently changed by the power she has to seek out, collecting a harem of pretty noble girls and/or traps, and other such naughty things happening along with actual plot.


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And also the /tg/ bottle room for random, bottle spinning, truth/dare/lewd action.

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To that anon who wanted to do some transformation stuff, hit me up at #1001Lewd_Nights and we'll work something out.

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I logged onto F-list for like a minute and three different people have messaged me saying things to the extent of "hey, so about what we were discussing last time we spoke - " and I recognize none of them and none of them seem like the type of people I'd ever want to play with. What the hell.

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You know, I'd almost love to do that for you. The idea sounds interesting, but I'm not sure it would live up to your expectations, and you seem a little demanding about it. It's kind of daunting.

Although I do like long and involved stories that involve getting fucked :I

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Lamia sitting around, working on the profile still, but overall it's pretty much done. Just gotta add more words to it.

Anatomically correct~

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Ask them what you were discussing and see if they might jog your memory.

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Evening, folks.

Posting my profiles:

http://www.f-list.net/c/khalid%20ibn%20tariq/ - a soft Dom Genie.

http://www.f-list.net/c/skurdg/ - a hard Dom half-Ogre.

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I too am interested in getting involved in a long, extended story line. I wonder if there are other possible settings floating around.

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>Have a certain fetish
>Search for it
>All results are people looking for it from the same angle as me

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So two spiky penes?

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Did last thread get nuked or fall off the board? Seemed to vanish really quickly.

Anyway, what systems have you had luck in running ERPs long term for?

I've had limited luck with: magical burst, Eclipse Phase and Pathfinder. Three or four sessions each, maybe more, before everything seems to peter out.

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Don't run ERP in systems, it's silly.

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>Game mechanics
In my experience, this just bogs things down.

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Sticking to and old school White Wolf game with very little rolling, none at all if possible, and just having a good Storyteller is probably the best.

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Either you're a high maintenance, low effort bitch or that is the new sleazy line on F-list.

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How dare you say I'm demanding! You should apologize for that!

...but, really, I'm actually pretty laid-back. I just like to think through this stuff and play with ideas a lot.

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Don't tease; come out and say it. Otherwise, why bother?

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Page 10 bump limit reached.

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The trick is to not roll for sex.

As any oldfag knows, I've had a lot of... luck? ERPing in nWOD with my ex.

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I think it's more like I'm too nonconfrontational and when I get pitched ideas I don't like I've blown them off with "well, I'm busy with another RP right now so ask me again about this later" and now it's all coming back to bite me at once.

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Well, there's your problem.

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That's not what I mean. Rules just get in the way of the purpose of ERPing.

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Orientation play.

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>not 6 arms

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If you're only doing pure smut sure, but if you're doing something else the rules can be beneficial.

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Speaking of ADVENTURE, what is your favorite world, setting or backdrop to set your exotic'n'erotic roleplay within?

How does that choice impact the atmosphere and mood of the story?

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I'll second this.

Also, as long as you're fairly familiar with the system involved, mechanics can inspire bits of pure roleplay that you wouldn't think of yourself.

For the extreme end of this, look at Exalted, where the powers of some character types can actively and permanently affect their personalities and behavior.

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What angle are you looking for?

Whether it's being tempted by the gay or tempting someone with the gay, maybe I can help.

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I meant, ERP campaigns. What's worked /not worked for systems?

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Exalted, by far. The world and setting of it is just amazing, and full of mature elements that feel, well, actually mature, instead of the pervasive 'hurr hurr sex and boobs' puerility that happens for most settings that try it.

(It also has some ridiculous stuff, but it's easy to ignore in comparison.)

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Rules light, always. Anything past that, you might as well just do a normal campaign.

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Straight girl being blackmailed or otherwise pressured into lesbian sex, finds herself enjoying it.

>> No.27336680

Don't mind me I'm just pimping out my male orc slave.


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Please, be kind. Tell people when you don't like their ideas. Anything else is called "leading them on", which is much more cruel and causes problems for you (as you found out).

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Okay, I'm exasperated. Which side of Orientation play are you on? Which side do you want someone else to be on? That way, you can actually connect with someone who wants to be what you need.

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Uresia: Grave of Heaven. It's like a typical DnD setting, except rather than being directly inspired by Tolkien's works, it's based on adventure fantasy anime like Slayers and Record of Lodoss War. It's fairly light-hearted and good-natured, for the most part, with lots of weird things among the Skyfall ruins, so there's plenty of room for kinky lovers.

Also, it has satyr pirates who go on panty raids.

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I'm fucking in. You looking to be pressured into being a lesbian, or pressuring me into being a lesbian?

>> No.27336786

Pressured into it.

Leave some contact details, we'll see where this goes.

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Sorry, that's not how I do it. The concept goes with the character, so you can go ahead and post a contact.

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>very new to ERPing
>made my F-list last week, someone from these threads decided to pick me up
>Do my first ERP, really nervous
>now about a week later it just seems so natural to me
>do it every night with the same person, enjoying it so much.

Help, I think I'm addicted!

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I'm so fucking jealous you have no idea.

>> No.27336946

Link? Or just tell us more details.

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I think I know who this is. And if it is, I'm looking forward to it even more than you...darling~

>> No.27337027

Nope, we're done. Don't feel like dealing with someone who's trying to "assert dominance" or however you want to phrase it OOC.

>> No.27337074

Same here, "hon"~

>> No.27337094

Ah. I'd be up for that.

Hit Rory Merriweather up and I'll make a character for it. Alternately, >>27336215 might be perfect.

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You're so adorable~

>> No.27337132

You flatter me~

>> No.27337139

Meh. Not trying to offend you, that's just not how I do it. More to protect myself then to try and be some kind of big bossypants.

>> No.27337158

Golly, how 'bout that Maggie? She has so many ridiculous qualities.

>> No.27337176

Don't take it personal. He doesn't like people asserting dominance, but he posted the concept without any contact information, knowing you would have to. Pretty much a hypocrite.

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She's got a fat butt
and I like that.

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I actually didn't post in this thread with the intentions of resolving the issue, but rather just to vent frustrations.

I appreciated the interest shown by both him and Lace, but was put off by his pushiness by saying
>Sorry, that's not how I do it. The concept goes with the character, so you can go ahead and post a contact.
rather than saying outright that they did not want to post contact details for self-protection.

The latter is stage fright, which I totally understand. The former is not, the former is being pushy. And I don't do pushy.

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>Playing fantasy ERP
>I'm the evil Red Sorceress!
>Get an apprentice after a one-off joke turns into romantic comedy
>Well, I'm clearly the Red SORCERESS, and my apprentice is male. I can't train a wizard, that'd mess up the system
>Clearly the solution is to make him a trappy femmeboy
>Now we're going to corrupt and destroy his village and get revenge for him being an outcast
Tell me, /tg/, why does being evil feel so good?~

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Thanks for giving me an idea for when I get bored of the sci-fi setting.

>> No.27337709

But is there pegging?

>> No.27337727

Lots of it

>> No.27337729

>TFW waiting for your friends to come online.

>> No.27337753

They found someone else.

And they're better than you.

>> No.27337763

Cheer up, Urist, they'll come. And then they'll cum. Again and again~

>> No.27337805

Is good yoke! Because cum and come sound like same words in the englishes!

>> No.27337873

>sorceress' apprentice
>trappy femmeboy

...Please go on.

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I just got sent this as an RP reply.
>she moans and gasps suddenly as she quivers and pulls away her body quivering in delight, her actions to move away stopped by your foot on her head as she quivers and moans.
Note: character is not a googirl

>> No.27337933

>/tg/ chat

Moderation on f-list's /tg/ chat is self-serving, and they don't ban the pricks that're there to start shit while hiding behind 'bluhbluh it r IC'.

>> No.27337944

Repeating words accidentally is one of my biggest RP phobias

>> No.27337949

>Being told how much/how hard you've cum

>> No.27337958

Meat-people can quiver. Quivering is actually fairly common if you're really really aroused but trying to deny yourself.

>> No.27337975

>having to be there to see it
>starting shit as anonymous

>> No.27337990

This is my fear... and it's probably true.

I hope, however, that this is the case.

>> No.27337993

There's some terribly annoying people but the only guy I can think of who REALLY fucked shit up was banned last week.

>> No.27338001

>Sendin people notes
>Sendin notes to people who've advertised on here regularly and repeatedly, lamenting lack of interest
>no replies

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I reread before submitting, and actually find myself using alliteration and assonance in my writing. And correct it if I see duplicates or a better word that could go there. Most words for vagina don't work well in a sexy setting, I'm starting to run out.

>> No.27338031

Okay, there are some problems with word choice and grammar, but I'd be willing to let some of them slide. You're in the heat of the moment, you've got a distraction down south. Still, this is pretty bad with repeating itself a lot.

That said, quivering is something people do.

>> No.27338051


hey i thought the admin/owner/wtfever was doin the same thing as the banned person

>> No.27338078

>Korra x Asami muscle
Shit. I thought I was done with this fetish...

>> No.27338084

Yup, I know that feel.

I think that my failing is that I try to follow up and be chatty, and people see that as me being to... I guess confrontational?

I dunno.

I don't mean anything bad by it!

>> No.27338093

I like vulva. It sounds... velvety.

I've heard a lot of people think it sounds clinical, though.

>> No.27338118

The odd thing is the partners I DO get seem to really like me.

I guess it's the initial hurdle that's the hard part.

>> No.27338132

He was not feeling great at the moment. Apologized in another thread too.

>> No.27338175

Well, good for you, friend.

I hope that things continue to go well.

>> No.27338193

Penis is easy.
Shaft, Rod, Cock, Dick, Manhood, Member, Prick (though I avoid this one after finding out what it implies.) Hell, even Penis can sound sexy.

Vagina? Not so much. And most synonyms for vagina aren't sexy, or otherwise feel kind of trampy.

>> No.27338209

Cunny, mound, womanhood, sex. Off the top of my head.

>> No.27338213


I like vulva too. It's hard to match in words, though. Slit, flower, nether, lips, entrance, cunnie, there's a few that work well with other words.

>> No.27338230


christ don't let the legal system know that sayin your sorry gets you off the hook from doing the exact same thing jesus

>> No.27338233

"Cunt" is awful and harsh.
"Cunny", on the other hand, sounds childish, like you're pretending to be a six-year-old.

>> No.27338239

You forgot 'pecker'.

>> No.27338261

I like "lips" too, yeah. I like words for vagina that imply softness or affection.

>> No.27338262

No, I'm just crossing my legs because it's more comfortable.

>> No.27338269


Length, girth.

>> No.27338292

>Start up CATastrophe RP
>One guy is a stereotypical villian
>The other is a drunken explorer
>Villian is a crossdressing catboy trap
>Explorer is pic related
>Villian intends to "interrogate" explorer and get some dominant gay sex going
>Explorer turns the tables and spends an hour or so teasing the villian until he begs to be bent over and reamed
>His army of catgirl henchwomen are filming the entire thing
Being flexible has its advantages.

>> No.27338296

Those are attributes of the penis, not the penis itself.

>> No.27338298

I haven't been doing this long, so some of this might be be me being awful.

But I don't like the "Just chatting" approach. I get we're all trained to go through a certain amount of social pulp, but please - you messaged me looking for EPR and we both know that. Tell me what you want, even if it's just a basic idea.

>> No.27338299


Labia to start with too, but too many syllables. Throws off my rhythm

>> No.27338306

The googirl thing was just a joke, I only wanted to point out the lack of content in her reply. Using the same word repeatedly isn't all that bad, the problem there was the redundancy of describing the same subject three different times in a single-sentence reply.

>> No.27338315

No. I intentionally excluded pecker. There is a difference.

>> No.27338316

Feels good to be anal only master race and not having to deal with this issue. Now if only there were more butt sluts.

>> No.27338319


You can still use them, they work well.

>> No.27338324

The extra syllables in "labia" kind of has it cross the line into clinical, for me. Probably because I always end up supplementing majora or minora automatically and then wondering which. It ends up sounding too latin.

>> No.27338351

I like this one.
>Anal only
Don't really get this one.

>> No.27338354

Oh, yeah, that's terrible.

>> No.27338387


He then placed his oral region on the proximal majora labia and the papillae on his tongue laid parallel.

That's hot.

>> No.27338388

I like to dehumanize (dewomanize?) females by ignoring their pussy and drilling it into them that only their backdoor is good for use.

>> No.27338392

> feel kind of trampy.
>awful and harsh
>like you're pretending to be a six-year-old.

>> No.27338397

For vjayjay, go with metaphors rather than synonyms.

>> No.27338398

Maybe she was emphasizing that she was really, really quivery?

Like full-blown, teeth-chattering, "are you okay" shivering?

>> No.27338417

Sheesh, a pit opened in my stomach before I realized that you were speaking in generalities.

Although, I guess that I should apologize regardless.

I'll learn from this.

>> No.27338426

In that case I'd prefer maybe throwing some adverbs/adjectives up in that bitch instead of just 'quivering, quivering, quivering'

>> No.27338430


Then say full-blown, teeth-chattering quiver. Wasn't that hard.

>> No.27338463

In my defense, I'm just trying to be friendly.

>> No.27338486

How is 'pecker' somehow more offensive to you than those other euphemisms?

>> No.27338495

Just trying to play devil's advocate, not saying it's well done.

>> No.27338504


Synonyms for chatter, GO.

I do it all the time but only have one word for it.

>> No.27338528

What you should do is start with a "Hi"

Then you onto a something like "I read your profile, you're into "X" I'm also into "X" would you mind including some"Y" in <insert potential scenario here>"

Go with a greeting, then hit them with your shop talk. Plan it first and it'll go smoother and make hooking partners MUCH easier.

>> No.27338557


Oh, no, that's exactly what I do!

It's only after that, when it's been a few days and I haven't heard from them, that I get chatty... I guess to remind them that I'm still around and still interested.

>> No.27338600


Hm, let's see.. uh.. that is tough. Teeth clicking, shivering maybe..

>> No.27338620

As in literally just a word to replace 'chatter' in the compound word 'teeth-chattering'? That probably can't be done elegantly, I'd go with
>she tried to keep her jaws clenched together, the twitching of her muscles forcing her teeth to clatter and clap together noisily.

>> No.27338673


You could also try speaking with a chatter to get the point across. "It'ssss so c-c-c-old..."

>> No.27338683

You try to signal interest by being chatty?

Maybe it's more of an S/M thing, but boy am I glad that my partners simply ask if they can be of use today and if I say no, they fuck off.

>> No.27338716

I couldn't do that. I love chatting to my partners about stuff and venting. But then I'm more of a cuddledom than anything else~

>> No.27338721

I find cunt to be really hot, simply because it's one of those " even if you're an adult this shit's bad."
Kinda taboo maybe. S'all up the the people involved.

>> No.27338729


I wouldn't use clap. Too soft. Clack, clink, maybe. Then just start making up words, onomatopoeias, maybe.

>> No.27338743

That's fine being chatty is cool if you already know the person and have something set up. Or just y'know feel like conversing shit. I'm always up for a bit of natter personally.

You sound like a dick.

>> No.27338782

Why, yes I am. And it works out great for me.

>> No.27338808

I'm glad it helped you.

I'll add this one, just as a small side note, just so you can understand the mindset I'm working under.

You approached me.
First, on that, there was something about my character that appealed to you. You have some idea of what you want to do with my character (or to my character, depending.) Tell me what it is, because we need something to start with, even if it's just the formative idea.
Second: If you come to me with nothing, I get annoyed, because you've metaphorically walked up to me then asked me to pitch myself to you.

>> No.27338827

I once set up a scene and was greeted with "((Yummy))", so I feel like I'm doing something right.

I also had someone REALLY enjoy a scene I did that involve http://www.f-list.net/c/kyubi%20no%20kitsune/ giving them a dream of being three way gangbanged in the locker room while being made to wear a cheerleading outfit.

>> No.27338828

Oh, it's not more offensive.

It's just ridiculous.

>> No.27338845

So you're obnoxious and boring. Glad we cleared that up.

>> No.27338875

You seem very agitated about my relationships with people you don't know, anon. Jelly?

>> No.27338899

>Other players mentions that they're ERPing, in secret, despite their SO's objections to it.
>No long feel comfortable ERPing with this person.
this is normal, right?

>> No.27338906

Pathfinder, I play with a group of people we actually just add sex to our campaign in a sort of 30/30/40 split. But we play other systems like OW, Exodus, SoIF. But Pathfinder is always fun especially when you just throw kinks into Adventure Paths The whole pathfinder setting is just fetish fuel anyway

This guy gets it

>> No.27338939


Nah you just sounded incredibly smug there and it flustered my jimbobs so I decided to try and bamboozle your jamjums.

Your response has assured me that instead of being an overly arrogant prick you are merely mildly prickly.

Carry on.

I would boast about domming my partners and subbing for them but I don't want to turn this into a contest of who can be the smuggest anon around.

>> No.27338948


Yes. It's fun for a bit, but more fun when you develop characters and become attached, and your writing (at least mine) gets more familiar and descriptive with someone you "regular".

>> No.27338966

Oh, don't get me wrong? Feedback is great!

But being informed of your ejaculations? Not so much. Tell me how much you liked RPing with me, not how much you enjoyed masturbating.

>> No.27339005

That means you're a decent human being and not the star of an NTR manga. Congrats.

>> No.27339007


To be fair, it could be soft because rabbit chattering is 'soft' but I guess making up words is really the best option.

>> No.27339008

Like straight up objection? Then yes.

>> No.27339018

I know just what you mean. Just knowing they've got an SO makes it weird to me.

>> No.27339035

Yeah... dude I'd fucking abort mission on that. Get the fuck out of there.

>> No.27339048

Yep. You know that if you continue what you're doing with them, you will be willingly putting a strain on their RL relationship for your own pleasure, and it makes you uncomfortable.

It's a good pain. It lets you know that you're not a terrible person yet.

>> No.27339049

What's the worst that could happen? The boyfriend tracks his IP and hunts him down?

>> No.27339060

Just a reminder to think about what you read. I was worried about people's line minimums, until I pasted stuff into word and remembered that I had a super-long monitor. That three-and-a-half lines in chat? Three-quarters of a page at 11pt Calibri. Time to stop second-guessing myself.

>> No.27339082

I just wish I had something to be smug about.

>> No.27339108

Double-standard here. Bothers me if it's a male partner, if it's female I don't give a shit.

>> No.27339118

Isn't it sentences now? I know it used to be lines, but that was a stupid metric since everyone's desktop resolution is different.

>> No.27339128

See now I actually kind of like you.

Best of luck anon.

>> No.27339141

That wasn't me.

>> No.27339148

when I say "Lines" I mean sentences. Should I stop this?

Does everyone not assume this?

>> No.27339167

Hot dickings is an ongoing action, keep rolling

>> No.27339168


Well good luck anyway.

smug bastard.

>> No.27339181

Still, there are long sentences and short sentences. Plus people have different styles, staccato vs run-on, etc. It's still a wobbly metric.

>> No.27339217

It's a retarded metric, the only thing that should matter is moving the scene along in a way that both people like - sheer word count means very little to the overall experience

>> No.27339218

In general I find if I just say "Three Line Minimum" it'll cause any partnerI have to relax, chill out and work at their own pace and give me something a lot better than if I demanded multipara from them

>> No.27339287



>> No.27339342 [DELETED] 

You sound a little flustered.

The owner of the room got onto someone today for 'spamming the channel with dice' while it was dead, when in reality people were discussing 40k and making a Chapter.

>> No.27339685

Oh, shit, I'd love being told that.

Means I'm doing it right. Some people even have that on their fetish list, and more than once I've mentioned how hard I am, although usually in response to stupid shenanigans in the lobby.

Although I was once SUPER hard about my character getting essentially tortured to death...

>> No.27339706

Funny story, I had this nice "girl" on the chat last night, we were throwing around ideas. About half way through, I notice on her Info tab the preferred post length is "Strong Paragraph: 10-14 sentences." Do a double take.

I bring it up in chat, and she seems to be understanding. I ask if we can continue hashing ideas just for the hell of it, and we do. Eventually though, it just devolves into messy, slutty erp (2-4 sentence per post). I don't know what the moral of that story was, but it was fucking fun to experience. I might have to keep going back to her until I learn just what the universe is trying to teach.

>> No.27339729


They're trying to lure in Nevin Kash

>> No.27339751

I generally go for at least two, two and a half lines in F-Chat. Is that too few?

I mean, there's only so much oomph you can put into say "That feels good, keep doing that."

>> No.27339764

The moral of the story is that having a conversation is never a bad thing provided you know when you're boring your partner.

Sometimes your partner is up front enough about their tastes that you can reach inside their head and push their buttons. Other times you have to learn how to do that the hard way.

Shine on you crazy diamond.

>> No.27339781

I try and type what feels good for a post, from one line to move along the RP, to a good four or five if I am really into it. but two or so is a good pace most of the time.

>> No.27340027

Most people don't want to hear about your spooge.
Most people don't even want to know how your day was or how your job sucks or how your parents are giant doody heads.

Strictly professional. Unless you've got some deep, tempered friendship with the person that extends beyond F-List and ERP, just shut the fuck up about yourself unless the message is, "BRB. I need to go do something."

>> No.27340112

Your ways are completely opposite to everything I believe about ERP. Have a nice day and enjoy your 'professional' ERP.

>> No.27340139

No, but you can contribute to the direction of play, too. Not just "I repeat what you said back to you, from my perspective, adding some oohs and aahs", but an actual contribution. I mean, I know some doms don't like that, but I never gave a shit about sub/dom sexual politics. Be flexible and contribute.

>> No.27340146

I dunno - I'm trying the friendly chatter thing and it's gotten me a big goose-egg.

>> No.27340167

This also happened with me. Its great, isn't it?

>> No.27340184

Thing is, communication is key. Believe it or not, you can't "sense" if you are boring your partner. So if someone's boring you, tell them as gently as you can, with en eye to them improving preferably, and leaving you alone otherwise.

I like flirting OOC, and will be open about orgasms, but will keep it gender-neutral. I will also not mention my broader life in any context unless encouraged a explicitly and repeatedly.

>> No.27340293

...But we don't do that.
Well, I don't at least. I can't really speak for others.

>> No.27340323

The whole 'how hard did you cum' thing is pretty much a person by person thing. I play with some that absolutely hate it, I have some that will gladly write all on their own for a bit so you can get your rocks off and then do light IC cuddling afterwards.

I think both are fine, really. You just have to always be polite and keep it to yourself until you know if the other is cool with it.

>> No.27340330

Like I said, if you are friends with the person and your interactions extend beyond just the ERP scenes you play, then that's on you, but I don't want to have some anonymous goon telling me all about his dick and how many times I made him cum all over his keyboard.

I don't even care if my partner is a guy, but I do care if you are ruining the damned moment by blathering on about yourself like a selfish, retarded doucheclown.

>> No.27340347


>> No.27340372

As with pretty much everything else about this, its however it works best for you and your partner(s).

Personally, I like hearing about it regardless of gender. Feel perfectly free to give details, I love hearing about it. Its nice to know that I did that.

>> No.27340459

I never break character, and hate when others do.

>> No.27340492

And if that works with your partners, then more power to you. I like knowing/hearing/seeing the signs of it both IC and OOC, and that works for me and my partner.

To each their own, you know?

>> No.27340538

No. Yours ruins my experience. You should stop, not me.

>> No.27340563

>thinks his doesn't ruin mine
You are actually this foolish.

>> No.27340568

Yeah, well, thats just like, your opinion, man.

>> No.27340581

Aw shit it's almost like people have different opinions and should clearly communicate with their partners about this shit so that you can reach a mutually beneficial agreement and NOT argue about it ineffectually on some imageboard you fuckers.

>> No.27340609

Yo you makin' my dick hard son, imma about to jerk one out to your callousness and professionalism, it's gonna be bananas all over the place

>> No.27340616

Calm down man, we're just fuckin' around.

Everyones chill.

>> No.27340693

How does /erpg/ feel about sharing chat logs? Is to alright to just change names and pastebin it for all to see?

>> No.27340696

Did any of you feel strange the first time you ERP'd?
As in you never really knew that part of youself fully before. I'm talking fairly subconscious shit.
I think I might be a Slaanesh cultist.

>> No.27340702

Wow, so far the three most satisfying lewds have been with people from outside /tg/. And all but one of the times that someone said something really hurtful to me, it was someone from /tg/. I thought you were supposed to be my friends, guys? Jesus. If I wasn't so happy, I'd be pissed.

>> No.27340712

That pic alone makes me want to play with him...

>> No.27340726

Best to ask your partner first. Avoid making them feel vulnerable if they don't like it, and get them off if it turns them on. Win-win.

>> No.27340730

I like sharing logs so I can get critique and because I like it getting people off, but always check with your partner first. Some people don't like their stuff getting shared, and you should respect that.

>> No.27340733

>being surprised that 4channers are horrible people

>> No.27340752

And they say girls aren't as visual as men.

>> No.27340769

I have learned a lot of shit about myself that I didn't know before this.

Holy shit so many new fetishes and likes, this is incredible.

>> No.27340784

I've met the only people I ERP with off of here, and all of them have been absolutely wonderful.

Sorry you didn't have as good of luck with them, Anon. I wish you the best.

>> No.27340785

quiver, stutter, shake, quake, tremble, shiver, chatter,

yeah I do this a lot in character

>> No.27340804

My first time ERPing was years ago back in WoW and I didn't know what the fuck was happening but my dick was hard as diamonds and my heart was pounding and I had this crazy adrenaline rush going, it was weird but exhilarating

>> No.27340828

Natter, ramble, rant, blather.

>> No.27340830

I don't necessarily think that. I found a decent group full of pretty nice folks from the IRC. Also /d/ had some nice folks. The only problem I ever had was someone new whose ERP was pretty bland but I gave some advice.
As for >>27340702 , maybe you just got a bad pick. Not all of us are like that.

>> No.27340866

The 'just chatting' phase seems to work better AFTER you get to the RP. Everyone who starts trying to chat me up out of the blue that doesn't want to brainstorm rp scenarios just comes off as weird. The dude I've been rping with a few weeks now? The poor soul gets to hear about my shitty day at work. :3

>> No.27340921

if only I could find a PF erp to join that would be stable.

>> No.27340982


I just feel like I'm screwing up and letting a lot of really excellent people slip through my fingers because I come off as weird.

Not that it's anything new, but it still sucks, y'know?

>> No.27341008


After delivering this dialogue, my partner responded with:


Is this good or bad?

>> No.27341022

Doesn't sound too different from your average doujin.

>> No.27341025


Well they are either being polite and not saying they are off releasing their lust, or they have to go stop laughing at mix up my guts, or thanks op i came on cat she hiss at penis. Or there's a knocking at the door.

Don't worry about it.

>> No.27341034

Well, they either came or were laughing too hard to fucking breathe.

>> No.27341212

Ask your partner with permission, then pastebin away.

>> No.27341257

http://www.f-list.net/c/Lisa%20Herrts I know my kinks and generally my character is pretty disgusting, but if anyone wants to, I'm on :3

>> No.27341275

"Most people"? Perhaps in polite company, but if there's anywhere people want to hear about your cum it's here.

I mean, as long as I can imagine the guy as attractive.

>> No.27341288

Jesus Christ!

Fuckin' noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

>> No.27341296


>> No.27341301

You say yourself, it's about ERP.

People want to hear about the sexy details. And "Oh Jesus, I came" is pretty much the sexiest detail you can get.

If we wanna talk about professionalism... if I'm on the other end of a sex line, my customer should cum.

>> No.27341306


You, uh... Wow that's a lot of my no buttons you've hit.

>> No.27341319

Its...its almost impressive how turned off I am by that profile.

>> No.27341320

I know, I expect a lot of nopes, but I can still give it a shot!

>> No.27341322

Shut up and stop throwing hatchets at people, you're not Bill the Butcher.

>> No.27341338

Just...warn someone before you post that sort of thing, seriously.

Like, what the fuck man. That killed the boner pretty hard.

>> No.27341341

It's bad cause I don't know who you are so I can rp with you.

>> No.27341346

Hey, I said it was disgusting.

>> No.27341348

Hey, hey, we don't kink-shame here.

Unless some pervert's into consensual sex in the missionary position as an extension of a healthy, loving, committed relationship between two adults (eugh), you don't have to like them, but don't hate on them.

>> No.27341362

I don't think that you understand.

Your profile is so profoundly foul that I cleaned my internet history and ran CCleaner just to nuke the shadow of its memory from my computer.

>> No.27341365

I find myself needing more synonyms for "moan" and "whimper".

Come back when you're older, kid :I

>> No.27341384

Bro, I'm not shaming. They can be into that if they want, but you don't go around going "Guys, heres this profile and I'm up for stuff. Btw its some pretty hardcore shit that I 100% know will turn people off INSANELY HARD" with practically zero warning.

>> No.27341388

RIP my boner.

I could literally feel my dick shrinking away from reading that.

>> No.27341389

Well I just had a wonderful encounter.

Attention mods, I'm not really 10! Please don't ban me!

>> No.27341390

I find "squeak" replaces "whimper" pretty well.

>> No.27341393

Don't worry about it, I understand the shit I'm into only caters to a very select few, so disgust is normal.

>> No.27341406

Squeal, squeak, screech, scream,

>> No.27341408

Get ready to get banned idiot.

>> No.27341419

No sarcasm/joking allowed on 4chan I guess.

>> No.27341439

>Max Pumper
That guys kind of obnoxious.

>> No.27341444

Then at least properly warn people when you post it. Please.

>> No.27341449

Ooh, squeak. Leo would definitely squeak.

I need to expand my repertoire, although at the same time I sometimes think I need to tone my writing down. I was scening with... a Dane, I think? And in describing my virginal character during some naked cuddling I used the phrase "his painful priapism", she had to go look it up. Which was kind of hilarious.

>> No.27341454

I guess I should have specified.

Get ready to get banned on F-list idiot.

>> No.27341457

No, he means on F-List, if he reported you for being underage you might get banned.

>> No.27341468

Well that's a shame. I'm sure if I appeal to the site admins it'd all get sorted out though.

>> No.27341482

Just tell them it was a joke, though they might not believe you, I imagine the mods here are pretty tight assed

>> No.27341486


>> No.27341522


>> No.27341551

If this is a subtle request for logs, one word followed by a link: boom.

>> No.27341581

I guess I wouldn't say no to this stuff, but I don't think I'd find it particularly interesting to RP.

Kids are boring.

>> No.27341605

True it's why I usually play with generally mentally matured characters, I find it's usually just the body type that draws folks in.

>> No.27341609

Don't worry guys, I know you're not all like that. Probably not even most of you. But it's been hard for me to really get over those bad rolls. Probably all for the best anyway. Knowing my luck it is probably me, and even the nice people in this thread would not be able to stand me, lol.

>> No.27341612


>> No.27341630

Don't put yourself down like that, Anon. I'm sure we'd love to talk to you, and I would volunteer to maybe do something over IRC were it not for the fact that its currently 2AM and I'm heading to sleep.

>> No.27341639

A loli vampire or monstergirl or something would be interesting, come to think of it.

>> No.27341686

>Age: 7
If it weren't for this, and things directly related to this, I could stomach the rest and show you a good time. Diseased dicks, death, dogs, horses, incest, watersports, everything - everything else I would toughen up and take, so that I could make you happy. I know (I hope) that this just an imaginary fetish only, and I don't judge you for that, but - I just can't. Good luck finding someone who can.

>> No.27341693


>> No.27341710

Well the age is just a base, I age up or age down depending on the partners tastes, the better the partner, the more I'm willing to change.

>> No.27341713

My "OMG MANIPULATED INTO SEX AND HATE AND RAGE" turned into "Let's snuggle and kiss and cuddle and melt hearts".

>> No.27341736

>age down

>> No.27341781

No it's fine, really. It's all in good fun, just friendly self-deprecation. I actually have a pretty healthy respect for myself. (Having a few people who are good to me really helps keep me grounded, too.)

>> No.27341813

The uncreative naming on f-list really gets me some times

>Huge Boob Slut
>Chubby Whore
>Horny Athlete
>Muscular Stud

It's so pitiful it becomes funny.

>> No.27341825

Well, I'm not a good enough partner to get you to where I want, I think. For someone with other kinks so far off my own as yours, you'd have to go up to 18. Even then, you might not enjoy it as much due to my inexperience with most of your fetishes.

>> No.27341834

>Big Black Cock
>I wonder what his character is about.

>> No.27341861

I actually kind of prefer those kinds of creatively devoid names to monstrosities like "✧Alalailiaeh Kirimotokozaiyumasu✧" and the like.

>> No.27341868

It's fine dear, I usually find someone to play with if I advertise in the big channels.

>> No.27341874

You probably won't after the third "ey bby u wan some bbc'

>> No.27341886

>having a problem with others having a fetish you don't have

Absolutely pathetic. He/she warned you that it was disgusting to most people. I miss when people ERPed for their masturbatory material rather than forming some sort of horrible, elitist community of people who sit around all day and talk about how their views on pretend internet sex is the only way to go, and whine about how lonely they are. I also miss when being non-judgmental of fetishes was specifically a point in these threads.

Also, rather than complaining about having nobody to ERP with, perhaps you could do something else with your time.

>> No.27341895

What's the ratio of people who saw your profile, were grossed out but didn't want to back down from a challenge; vs the people who are clearly hard-core fetishist for this stuff? Genuinely curious.

>> No.27341914

... nobody's ragging on this guy. He's a pretty cool guy. He didn't get any bites (maybe one), but it was worth a try. We are having a calm convo right now. Can you stop trying to manufacture drama? Just chill.

>> No.27341916

Wait, you're complaining about people taking offense at/being grossed out by babyfuck and pedo? I-
>That image
>That spoiler
Okay, you're just a troll, carry on them.

>> No.27341925

I've...never really met anyone who met my profile as a challenge, most are just hard-core fetishists who are into it.

>> No.27341932

Fun fact: a female profile used that as a pickup line on my male profile. We both got a great laugh out of it, and hit it off nicely. To be fair, this person was probably a channer and knew what they were saying.

>> No.27341944

Really? You never get a newbie who is like "kind of want" and convert them? That is kind of scary.

>> No.27341962

When you get into kinks of that level, I'm pretty sure there's no such thing as 'kind of want', only 'yes I want' and 'fuck this shit, I'm out'. Not really a middle ground So I really doubt there -were- any to convert that weren't already well on that road.

>> No.27341963

Well there were a few people who haven't tried a few of my nastier kinks but gave them a try, but they are very rare. As for the majorities, not all of them are really hard-core nasty fucks, some just wanna fuck a kid or younger without the nastier stuff.

>> No.27341971

Keep in mind, too, that if you decide to get on board this train, it only makes sense to put a tough face on it and act like you're just balls deep into it. No point otherwise.

New character concept: the shy, insecure, dainty, will-I-or-won't-I babyfucker. (Please don't make this.)

>> No.27342015


>> No.27342050


You're clearly new and can't understand differentiating fetishes, as well as also most likely being one of said previously mentioned lonely people who'd rather spend their time whining about not being text-fucked instead of doing something productive.

>> No.27342064


>> No.27342069

You know, I've always liked power girl. I've chatted up some Power Girl characters on F-list, but haven't rp'd with any of them yet. Anything I should know about rp'ing with/as comic chars?

Also, I'm thinking of making some sub chars after successful career as a dom. Any advice on this issue would be greatly appreciated as well.

>> No.27342112

What works for me, at least, is playing up the psychological side of things. Relay your thoughts when the dom does something to you. Be detailed.

>> No.27342117

I once tried to start a scenario with a char based on some comic girl's secret identity (can't remember which). Playing a comic character was a requirement, so I suggested... actually, I want to make that character, so I'm keeping that one to myself. She turned me down on the basis that my suggestion was not an established part of my char / profile.

>> No.27342194

Most of them wanna play with gross futas or BBC characters so if you like those you're in. Most of them haven't also read PG either so you're golden.

>> No.27342196


constructive comment please. This was with the partner I described earlier who was so bad at starting a scene that he emulated how to basic. There was some coaching but I think they're much improved.

>> No.27342201



>> No.27342297

That's a bit disappointing. If I was gonna get into the cape scene, I'd want to spend time with people who actually read their chars' comics.

>> No.27342324

Really, is that all there is to it? Confession: I don't really understand what sub and dom mean beyond the most fundamental interpretation, I know there is more than the textbook definition. I'm listed as a dom because my partners said that was what I was.

>> No.27342328

9/10 Peej profjiles i've seen are either

>Need futas to pound by cunt and fill me with their filthy stinky dicks (Art by Dmitrys)
>Need niggers to fill me with their BBC dicks and leave me pregnant (Art by John persons)

>> No.27342363

Well, that's not /all/ there is. I was figuring I would be one of many people contributing suggestions. I'd add more if I could stick around longer.

>> No.27342846

ded tred
ded erp

>> No.27342945

Fun activity?

I'll post an image, and you make up a name and set of kinks for the character you'd make based on the image. Then you'll post an image, and someone else responds to you with a character and kinks based on your image, etc.

>> No.27342981

Esther - sorceress who draws her powers from life energy. Unfortunately, as her gift grows stronger, so too does her body flood with life energy, thus expanding her assets and giving her a more 'healthy' look, as well as enhancing her fertility. Kinks would include a lot of preggo, breast inflation, lactation, and excessive endurance/libido.

>> No.27343076

To everyone wanting contact details and not willing to give it away like this lot:
USE THE IRC! While there are lots of bad points about it, it's a good neutral ground to find each other WITHOUT having that veil of anonymity pierced!

Pick a name, and say a throwaway room or just go to #1001lewd_nights and speak up you're waiting for a partner for that lesbian pressuring RP and wait for them to message you.

Don't be frightened any more about giving away contact details on 4chan! No need to make an F-list account, or reveal it here. And you can start playing immediately, too, or share contact details in private.

(if you are already on irc and want to remain hidden just change clients to mibbit for that session and use a throwaway name. Mibbit changes mask names.)

I hope that helps all those slightly paranoid folks who want to erp but are held back by such matters!

>> No.27343134

Valshi, a half-minos warrior of the wilds. Casual nudity, muscle, heavy drinking. Her honor goes to any man who can best her in a contest of strength.

>> No.27343203

You don't actually reveal Flist accounts as much as characters.

>> No.27343337

Posting my profile, as always: http://www.f-list.net/c/lesyamina/

I recently added some new pictures~

>> No.27343392

Whatever happened to the other room from that copypasta? Does that vore dude still run it?

>> No.27343419

While that's true, people can be overly paranoid. F-lists are more permanent than a throwaway name, for example.

>> No.27343437

No they ain't. You can just delete them and be done. In IRC in the meantime you expose a name plus IP and shit.

I mean really if we are going to be provide alternatives at least be honest. This just makes IRC guys sound like scumbags.

>> No.27343528

While that's true, making an F-list account to the uninitiated is still more effort than logging on to IRC.

Not that there's anything wrong with F-list, but I'd think that instead of having to "force" someone else to post details up, or be "forced" to post your own details (shock!)

While both of those things are inconsequential in the long term, really, it helps people meet on neutral ground where both aren't "making themselves vulnerable". So it'd be easier of them and they'd not be so nervous.

Mostly, I'm just trying to make it easier for them to dip their toes in the pool, so to speak.

>> No.27343573

The leader of the new channel snuck back in in the dead of night to take control of it. Nobody uses it because everyone's already in.

It's just like what the vore guy did, except this time it's 'female'.

>> No.27343575

Well then IRC isn't the way to go either! Oh why can't there be a super anonymous and lazy way to do these things?

>> No.27343642

Super anonymous? Fairly lazy?

Omegle, both picking an absolutely extended catchphrase to match up as a password.

Interests: esotericlesbianstg

When you log on, say immediately "Hey! I'm glad we could meet (code 3182 trigger)"

Enter when it gets to 9 am exactly, as per the website http://www.thetimenow.com/gmt/greenwich_mean_time

There's a pretty much entirely anonymous method!

>> No.27343685

Always, always, ALWAYS ask before doing it, even if you remove names.

>> No.27343693

>not knowing how to change your IRC name.
>not knowing how to vhost

Hi, what are you, 10?

>> No.27343744

See, that's the thing. This is barrier to entry, especially on the vhost matter.

Easier to register, create a character where the main account name is withheld, and post that.

>> No.27343764

Be nice, now. IRC is older than a fair number of people.

But yes, the info given in IRC is effectively anomymous.

>> No.27343803

Uh. You get both done in one go. Register with a burner email, then type in Type /msg HostServ REQUEST whatever vhost you want.


>> No.27343822

I still wouldn't suggest it. The owner of the channel's NO FUN ALLOWED incarnate.

>> No.27343851

>Your partner says some cliche animu line
>You can't help but laugh
I know we're not treating this super serious, but come on.

>> No.27343875

Dropping my new character info before I go to bed that probably needs some work but fuck it, here she is.


>> No.27343878

Less easy, more "registering on a porn website" sort of worries, perhaps.

And then you get in the whole passive aggressive business like w
e saw earlier, "you post contact details." "no, you post contact details."
"I- I don't want to play with someone who sounds bossy!"
"I wasn't trying to be bossy, I was just not wanting to give out information on fourchan, not, not scare you-!"
"But.. I made a fool of myself... How can Iever face you now?!"
"No... No, I was the fool... But it is too late, much too late for these recriminations... Now both of us will return to our beds and cry into our sheets, our love forever unfulfilled..."

IRC allows you to avoid posting any personalised information here on 4chan itself, which is drilled into a lot of folks especially with the archives saving everything. Maybe they don't want to throw away f-list chars and also not posttem on 4chan. Not everyone is as confident at having their sexuality on display.

>> No.27343911

You say that like IRC ain't worse though.

Having to contact random people only for them to hopefully RP the genders you want and what you want, facing questioning before each and every meeting and then having to suffer with the behind-the-curtain relationships that already exist in the tiny, tiny channel.

Hell, a lot of people in IRC have Flist profiles so this is all just some 'muh secret club' bullshit.

>> No.27343938

4chan IRCs have always had this stupid secret club mentality.

>> No.27343987

I'm not...

I'm suggesting "If two people on 4chan want to exchange details anonymously and neither wants to post contact details on their board (email, f-lists, whatever), both can volunteer to meet each other on neutral ground away from 4chan on the IRC."

I'm advocating a method for newbies to be able to not give up such things that they may consider to be personal.

>> No.27344068


There's 50 people on.

>> No.27344238

It's not tiny. Currently there are around 40 people. And within probably five to six hours there will be more if I got the times of people correct.

>> No.27344290

>tfw you desperately want to mark someone you like but they ain't into watersports.

>> No.27344363

I just randomly clicked two profiles in the /tg/ chat and they either had it in their yes or favourites. You suck at searching for what you want.

>> No.27344418

Big strong cocks edition when?

>> No.27344546

>thinking I want to mark any stranger instead of people I already know and care for

>> No.27344643

Could always go with cum marking, its a middle ground of sorts

>> No.27344670

Lead them down the path to corruption, anon. First, playing in the pool, getting them to relax so very thoroughly.
Tickle them until they give way and lose control of themselves. Something shameful at first, but as you reassure them that it just proves them they're yours.

And then deeper, deeper into your magical realm until they're neck deep and having to tread golden water.

Dare you draw them into your magical realm?

>> No.27344879


>> No.27344889


>> No.27345065

Sooooo ... how is the girl-on-girl scene around here?

>> No.27345194

not sure on the F-list, but on IRC it ranges from piles of cuddling females, sensual one-on-one loving, teasing, all the way up to rough domination and tying folks up to be used by whoever walks by.

The full gamut of experience, so to speak.

>> No.27345269

/tg/ bottle room is just chocked full of girl-on-girl. So judging by that, it's pretty healthy

>> No.27345822

Hey, what did I do to you?

>> No.27345837

If I had anything else to do with my time, I wouldn't be trying to ERP.

>> No.27345856

Peej deserves so much more than that.

She needs someone to romance her.

>> No.27346013

On the topic of IRC vs F-List:

Go with F-List. IRC is nice and quick and easy, I suppose, but it's also archaic as shit and lacks the level of usability that F-List offers for looking up and contacting other players with your interests.

F-List is more effect, but it gives you tools to define what you want to do, what you like to do, and what you won't do. F-Chat has all the functionality of IRC with a simpler means for browsing channels and interacting with other people. It doesn't actually do much that IRC can't with a good client, but having the innate connection to a person's profile and information one click away really does make a difference.

Plus, if anonymity is some sort of huge fucking concern, then just don't list any email or contact information and tell them to message you on site or through F-Chat. Not like anyone is madly desperate to track you down and find out your real identity just because you like kinky roleplay. Suck it up. Chances are that anyone who wants your real life info already has it anyways.

>> No.27346125

On the flipside, the IRC allows for quick changes of names, and allows for dicebots for actual games when you want to run something in a system.

If you're looking for a game that's not entirely orgies and is more "campaign with ERP in it at some points" IRC's probably a better bet.

>> No.27346178

Well the /tg/chat has a dicebot and the whole 'orgies vs light ERP' is more of a group thing really, so that can work anywhere.

>3161 68658988 (Really capcha, I might play a robot, but math gates!)

>> No.27346189

>tfw my little Jewish plaything has abandoned me

>> No.27346332 [SPOILER] 

Here, this should help.

>> No.27346350

Well, in that case, IRC's ok if you don't want to put forward your fetishes to be seen by everyone. (Even if it's an anonymous account not linked to anything else, yes.)

I don't know, while I've got an F-list profile or two and got plenty of hits with it, I don't feel comfortable with showing it off - and putting forward a blank profile without anything on it isn't generally useful, for people judge you by that standard.

IRC doesn't really have that pre-judgement of someone looking over your profile before wanting to play with you and cherrypicking your fetishes. In that respect I feel that it's more flexible when you are in a rather blank mood.

Nothing against F-list in particular, though.

>> No.27346585

Bumping to post a profile.


>how do i into spoiler

>> No.27346609

You don't.

>> No.27346748

Link to profiles please.

>> No.27346759

>Where I live, there are Fetish balls regularly, one of the main attractions is giant meathooks they impale into your back, and then lift you off the floor from them. No 'joke', no 'secret', they just stab you with hooks and lift you from them. People love it. It's just under a ridge of muscles around your shoulderblades, iirc.

W-well then.

>> No.27346797

Just posting my characters to see if anyone's interested.



>> No.27346946

>magics most foul

>> No.27347030

Didn't know what else to call them.

>> No.27347154


Foul sorceries?

>> No.27347169

>all these bookmarks
>no notes

Don't be afraid people

>> No.27347194

But minor alliteration is fun.

>> No.27347198

The only reason I track people is so I can pounce them in chat the moment they log in. Never bothered with notes.

>> No.27347206


>> No.27347230

And who might you be?

>> No.27347297

Sometimes, I might not be interested in roleplay with you right now, but like something about you.

I feel weird about messaging someone saying "I want to roleplay with you at some indetermined point in the future"

>> No.27347308

>enamored with rude powerfucking shemales
>they all have 10,000++ profile views

I'm scared, h-how do I approach ;_;

>> No.27347382

Like someone who wants to get fucked.

>> No.27347394

>sneaking glances at my lewd notes at work
I did not realize I was this big of a perve

>> No.27347418

>liking such garbage
Rude futa is worst futa.
It's just a dick. It's not a big deal.

>> No.27347427

Hadn't thought about that, seems fair enough. >>27347230
In descending order

>> No.27347506

Unfortunately, you aren't in my bookmarks.

>> No.27347521


I play a submissive furry futa. No one PMs me despite all these views... I guess a lot more people want the dom so they can be lazy.

>> No.27347524


>> No.27347533

Be straightforward about sex. Act lewd instead of flirty.

I disagree. Being treated like an object that only exists to get them off rubs me just the right way. "Just a dick" is something I can get from my boyfriend as well.

>> No.27347540

Get into rooms, present yourself. Get the D.

>> No.27347543

You should pimp that profile up some more. Otherwise, looks like a neat character.
I only say that because I adore the Wehrmacht.

>> No.27347558

Huh, a nympho and two virgins? Interested....

>> No.27347572


I like to spend my time RPing in the rooms, it just seems like everyone is getting messaged all the time but I don't receive any despite being active in the room.

>> No.27347573

How do you know/check how many people (if anyone) have bookmarked you?

>> No.27347588

Profile - Left Side - Bookmarked by X

>> No.27347600


Bookmarked by: 0

>> No.27347601


I'm one of those people who has Kylie bookmarked, anon.

Because I'm too hungry to properly work on characters, but too lazy to go cycle to the shop and buy food.

>> No.27347632


In what sense, kamerad?

>> No.27347658

And how many views? Maybe you should just show in people's sights a bit more.

>> No.27347674


>> No.27347686


>> No.27347699

Bring us the link of your profile. So that we may render judgement.

>> No.27347715

That's nothing. 1 bookmark per 100 views is a damn good rate and you barely have a quarter of that.

>> No.27347732

I got 192 views and 6 bookmarks. I assume my profile is just that good. And I have to add that I am not in fact a furry shemale, or either of those two.

>> No.27347779

Or it's because you plugged a new profile here and got added by a few /tg/ regulars. I'll say I'm impressed when you have 1000 views and 30 bookmarks.

>> No.27347821

You make a valid point there. But yes, I am as well impressed by that rate. Nothing wrong with thousands of views and a few bookmarks. Shows at least someone is interested in your profile.

>> No.27347866

1700 views and 28 bookmarks here. No, I haven't even once plugged a profile in here threads.

So yeah, you're new. I'd advice playing around in chatrooms relevant to your interest and/or plugging the profile here if you want more contacts.

>> No.27348166

I would like to personally thank /tg/ for introducing me to awesome people, and one person in particular, who I've shared roleplay with almost every night for two weeks.

The tale of the Knight and the Imperial Ambassador isn't over yet though! We hit 138,000 words yesterday though.

Thanks /tg/ <3

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