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/tg/ I need art...

Well. Viking. Gender doesn't matter.

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In the meantime, I'll post what meager images I have that are related and then the ones that aren't.

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More story is that I'm considering, just for fun, a Sylph Viking in a possible pathfinder campaign.

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Mostly because I'm tickled that "Viking" is an actual class and want to get away from the Core Races a little.

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I like the Viking archetype. It's a fun little Fighter variant in my experience.

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Thank you for the assistance.

And, I am determined to ham it up viking wise to a degree. I mean, Viking as a class? I'm tickled pink.

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Its looks neat to me. Bit of barbarian mixed in, and I hardly ever use heavy armor on my characters so it looks fun.

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If you're into multiclassing, the Sea Reaver Barbarian and Beast Totem rage powers can always be you taking on an aspect of the bear.

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... mhm. Might be worth looking into.

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You get natural armor, claws and a pounce attack, plus you can hold your breath like a Navy SEAL and you're scary as fuck if pirates get on your boat.

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Well, I think we're going to be adventuring inna jungle, but

I will never say no to bears.

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Then don't take Sea Reaver. Savage Barbarian gets a dodge bonus to AC and natural armor when not wearing armor, or as a Titan Mauler you can use oversized weapons.

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Thinking this may be the place to post this:

I have a Pathfinder Paladin who wears an armored kilt but I don't know what that should look like? Anyone have some good art for that?

In exchange, VIKINGS!

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I imagine its similar to brigandine.

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Vertical strips of leather with thin plates between the layers of cloth and leather, riveted in place with small gaps between the strips where the cloth can move more freely to allow for flexibility.

Held up by a sturdy belt, knee-length and likely worn with breeches and shin guards if anything at all.

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Mhm, what this fellow said sounds right >>27293381

... fuck you Captcha.

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I'll keep that in mind, for sure.

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vikings are pirates, the word literally means raider.

>>27293246 you really are a helpful comrade. keep it up.

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I think he means other pirates.

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Sorry, I had a look. This is what I think it would look like, except longer.

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I have a Barbarian Sea Raider, KNUT, son of SVARGIS. Hoards gold, gems, and weapons like a dragon, likes booze and wenches, uses his fathers magic axe (which is really just a normal, shitty old axe). Expert Sailor, Climber, holds his breath forever, generally goes around VEIKING and laughing about it

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>tfw just got Volgarr the Viking
>tfw would do a "Viking" character for the next character I'm playing in the Pathfinder campaign
>tfw don't want to literally be the worst possible character build
>tfw would also be interested in playing a not-Norman, but the campaign features lots of closed spaces, so Cavalier would be an extremely bad idea
>tfw you realize that the Rohhirim are horse riding vikings
>tfw you realize that the Normans are exactly the same thing
>tfw you realize the Rohhirim are Normans

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Oh gosh yes. Does anyone have any more good looking Norman stuff?

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why is that man wielding a stick?

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Depending on your flavour, you could either go Barbarian and pick feats/skills that move more towards fighter, or take one level of Magus and refluff it to say that you're using runic magic or something like that.

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that is Odo, half-brother of William the conqueror, and the Bishop of Bayeux.

Apparently his holy orders meant he was under oath not to take up the sword.

and since he was'nt going to pass over the chance of becoming obscenely rich and powerful (he later ended up as the heir to the throne of England), he did what any Norman would... he picked up a cudgel.

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here you go OP
Do Thunder Gods Count?

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Also be sure to take Magic Mushrooms to fly into Berzerker Rages

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Siculo-Normans best Normans.

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More importantly, why is that huscarl he's fighting have such a tiny little baby shield

I mean, look at it
look at it and laugh

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one of my favorites

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Not impressed... Will post what I have.

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Not quite Dark Age but it's still pretty much a viking...

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All i got

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>the word literally means raider.
literally, no.
A viking is someone who is going on a viking, which is an expedition, a venture, and adventure, with the understanding that there might be trading, exploration and or fighting and raiding happening.

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