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What went wrong /tg/ ?

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You thinned your paints too much

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Wots dem big beakies wif da extra shooty bits?

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Da stoopid beakies finally stopped muckin' about an learned dat ya can get more dakka if ya wear a dead 'ard stompy machine wot can hold it for ya.

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>Gettin moar dakka
>me gob when

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Dis is now an Ork fred!

>> No.27292915

>Dis is now an Ork fred!

Oi Boss, I gotz a question 'bout Old Zogwortz. Why da 1d4chan call 'im useless? He turns hummies to squigs an' he fights 'arder then a regular wyrdboy.

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because as smart -loik as 1d4chan gets, it still has it's share of dumb gits what need a good krumpan, and dey muck wiff da 'portaint words on da lumpooters

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Stop bein' a git, ya git! Da new beaky dakka ain't no stronger den a weedy grot! It don't even kill da boyz!

Killed da Meganobs fast tho, but maybe dey was just sekretly a buncha weedy gits.

>> No.27292986

Sorry, meant tah type Kumpooters.

>> No.27293023

Cuz sum of da wyrdboy stuff is dakka, but da stoopid git don't have no dakka skill, so he can't shoot dakka!

But he still krumps good and turns gits in ta squigs, so dats good.

>> No.27293039

When we'z gettin' da new codex?

We Dark Panzees now

>> No.27293063

But Boss, da wyrdboy powahs instantly hit according to da codex.

>> No.27293101

Dah Kodex Orksarties think's you's a git!

>> No.27293113

Ork thread?

>> No.27293120

Take off the crotch hangings, they look pretty decent without that.

>> No.27293205

Da new roolz borked it, cuz ya can't use dakka if ya don't got dakka skill, even if da dakka would instantly hit.

Dey even said in da Frekwently Asked Kwestshuns dat he's stuck wiff da useless powahs, even if da git can't use em.

In konklushun, GW is gits.

>> No.27293208

Orks a shit

>> No.27293265

Yarrick is so Ts-Tsu- faken' not loiken orks!

>> No.27293342

Those poor Sternguard, the poses are so boring :(

>> No.27293359


Hopez we don't get a new codex, we'z gonna get nerf'd 'ard and we'z gon'get to buy new stoopid ugly modelz

>> No.27293376

We'z already nerf'd how da Zog we gunnah get nerf'd 'gain?

>> No.27293389

>tfw GW separates the hands so you can pose bolters far more dynamically
>everyone just uses the default pose that they had when the hands were still attached to the wirsts

>> No.27293407

>imploying da boyz ain't too 'ard for da humie gitz ta keep up wif.

>> No.27293461


We'z lose our loota dakka, needz to pay more teeth for da boys on da mobz get'em shootas, getz to have upgradez for our Meganobz but they price'em abshurd- abshurdl- to 'ard to play

>> No.27293559

BOSS BOSS! Oive 'ad an idea!
Wat if we loot da Nerfin' Stikk an' put it on a Choppa. Den we'd be da wunz doin' da Nerfin'!

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>> No.27293632

Meybe we'z getz lukky an' get made ded killy, loik dem blue grots an' da panzies

>> No.27293653


We'z can usa da Nerd Slugga as well!

>> No.27293685


>ded killy

Don't mess with me gob, boy

>> No.27293710

This was almost a thread on spays muhrines

>> No.27293727


lucky for uz iz not then! We'z best

>> No.27293969

We lootin' threads now ladz!

Orks are really da best

>> No.27295598

BOSS BOSS Oi had an ideaz wut if we loot Gork and Mork?

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>> No.27295621

>Eldrad what is it?
It's as if all the orks were suddenly stunned into silence!

>> No.27295675

Wut if loot anotha god
Gork, Mork n'... Nork!

>> No.27295684

Youz mukkin about!

>> No.27295686

Hez too big to fit in da rok squidhead!

>> No.27296518

`Es smashy an choppy ´nouff, an ´e shoor ´nouff has da roit chompas, mighty smart too, but ´es not very green!

>> No.27296523

you didn't convert the fuck out of the centurions

>> No.27296560

I think I see your problem. It seems you're playing 40k. You should stop.

>> No.27296607

Not messin' boss.
Dem's ded killy dem aspikt boyz.

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