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ITT: All types of Undead discussion

We had a thread last night talking about undead waifus, and the other night had another about undead civilizations. A lot of good ideas got thrown around discussing undead relationships and characters; let's continue that.

Clerics keep out.

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By relationships do you mean dating or just inter party realtionships

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God I hope he doesn't.

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Why is it people act like negitive energy in D&D is evil? The negitive energy plane is neutral aligned, and the only place undead have ot be evil is ravenloft.

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Liches seem relevant. So I had an idea for a CoC campaign that involved several schemes by a lich who had survived in Victorian era England. The twist was this however: The lich was not evil, merely insane and somewhat benign. Could this fit with the very idea of liches or would another creature better suit my perposes?

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I always thought this thing was really cool looking.


This is a good point.

I always thought the books did a good job of presenting both the Negative and the Positive planes as being equally alien and bad for humans.

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we castlevania now

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I surely hope you're reading etiquette books for this role

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Look at this badass mummy.

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I always had a thing for the reverse of what everyone else had for necromantics, either with a human male necromancer who has a thing for a female Lich, or a skeleton who still has things for humans

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Just an idea I had, probably destined to never see fruition, but in the event of actually doing something with it, I will definitely take this advice.

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Sounds interesting, the skeleton could be looking for a 'heart' to fill in its dusty crevice devoid of meaning.

Pic related

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But I always have a soft spot for god old fashioned pick related

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There's not nearly enough female skeletons out there

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So, if they are only skeletons, what makes them female?

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On the topic of skellingtons:

Recently I ran a small session to help reintroduce a player that had to leave for a few months, and did it through kidnap by mind flayer thralls. Stuck in one of the caves of their compound was an enormous horde of skeletons, created by the residual magic left over after extraction from a living being, etc.

Anyways, they were only kept there by a magic barrier, which the players took down and now there is an enormous soul-hungry skeleton horde roaming the world.

Any good ideas on where I can take this? It's a pretty normal DnD fantasy world, only it's got a bunch of skeletons in it now.

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Make them raid countless dairy farms for the calcium so they do not become brittle. No cow will ever be safe for all of humanity!

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How would you know?

Since most skeletons you find in dungeons aren't wearing gender identifying clothing, it's quite possible that you could have killed loads of qt3.14 skeleton girls without knowing it.

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Are these normal average skeletons, or are they... intelligent? What if a Necromancer used Awaken Undead on a few, so they could rally their brethren.

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Well you have two options

1: you have the skeletons regain there sense of empathy. Form an army and take down the mind flayers to create a new society

2: look through pic related for the ones with skeletons or Lich

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You can tell the difference, but this came up in another thread.

In Dragon Commander all the female skeletons dress specifically to make themselves look more female; Ophelia wears makeup and a bustier to give the impression of breasts, and the Undead barmaid puts fruits down her blouse to give herself cleavage.

It's one of the things undead civilizations would have to deal with, especially if they come in contact with humans.

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See this >>27288925

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Inspecting the skull and pelvic area.

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They rip apart cows and wallow in the milk until calcium is absorbed. Potentially, a wizard could take advantage of this and imbue the milk with some sort of magic, thus, enchanting the skeletons as they absorb the calcium.

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Not being spooked by skeletons?
That's a paddlin'

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Skeletons is people too.

Spooking is in their nature, but we musn't be spooked. Instead, we must embrace our clattering bretheren.

I dream of a day when inter-life-state marriages become accepted.

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Maybe not for the milk (that'd just be a beauty product!), but for cow skeletons!

Actually, from what I've shown so far they've created a sort of hivemind (maybe just a cloud of magical energy that connects them all?) as well as one particularly notable (well-boned?) skeleton as the leader.

Awaken Undead probably won't do anything, but I think a few of them could separate from the pack.

Also, they are capable of making more skeletons; namely by ripping the skeleton out of a living creature and infusing it with magical energy to join their hivemind.

They will definitely have some problems with the mind flayers, and a skeleton society would be fun to see (although, it won't really be able to last very long, unless they kill all their surroundings)
Thank you for that image!

You guys are going far with this milk idea. Maybe it'll act as a skeleton relaxant.

Despite how crazy that sounds.

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Milk and cow skeletons? I want this idea to happen in your campaign.

What is your PCs party?

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A bipolar Grippli bard by the name of
A very naive and goodhearted monk/magician by the name of
A selfish and sneaky black gnome by the name of
A self-righteous dragon knight by the name of

Small party, big problems.

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What kind of problems? Do they involve loss of dairy cows?

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>ctrl+f Obitu
>0 results
How awful! Positive Energy fueled Skeleton reporting in.

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>Skeletons take milkbaths

This makes so much sense.

>pin-up of skelegirl in milk


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Like Elizabeth Bathory

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>it's quite possible that you could have killed loads of qt3.14 skeleton girls without knowing it
I didn't need those feels.

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The fuck is that, Deathless?

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So what are some cool ways to mix up classic undeads?

I'm tired of skeletons just being zombies with weapons; I think it would be cool if they had some kind of chilling touch.

It would also be cool if ghosts could disrupt magic or something, playing off the idea of them messing with electricity.

Mummies? I dunno. They always get the short end of the stick, but I think they can cast spells in some settings. They should basically just be Liches.

she only wanted you to hold her, anon

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No. They are undead created with Positive Energy. Rather than being made with Negative Energy, they become mindless undead without any of their weaknesses. However after a few months they develop sentience/independence and usually leave whatever awful place they were supposed to be guarding.

They usually are really self-loathing and hate that they are alive in someone corpse. Because of this, they tend to despise the undead. But that aside, they age(might take a few hundred years but they die of old age) and need to eat or they start and die.

Obitu are the shit.

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I see I have made a believer in milk-fueled campaigns. What other milk-involved shenanigans can the skeletons go through?

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Don't you mean Paladin?

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Wouldn't a positive energy creature just be made of cancer? I seem to remember that positive energy accelerates cell growth out of control, which is why going to the positive energy plane kills you.

They'd basically be Deadpools.

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speaking of Marvel, positive plane is the Cancerverse

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Well the Necromancers found a way to do it. Instead of making them via Negative the made them out of Positive. It caused all the flesh to fall from the bones, save for the tendons and ligaments and the skeleton to animate.

What happened though was a virus was created and it infected the corpse. I suppose the Obitu is really the mass of tubes, organs, and muscles that go through the skeleton. Apparently all the organs and whatnot are inside the skull, they eat via a tube that comes out of the the mouth, and limbs move with muscles that filled the hollowed bones. They bleed, they feel, etc.

I never though of this before but I guess you could say they use the skeleton as a sort of snail shell.

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wait, so was this guy a skellington all along?

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Take off his skin.

It's the only way to be sure.

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>not infernal
enjoy your nofun
I'll enjoy my dark magic AND hedonism

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but what about undead demons?

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So what you're saying is, they took the concept of "spooky skeletons lurking inside of you" and made it even spookier.

We are reaching an unprecedented level of spooks per post in this thread.

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>Dirge singer
When I read through that prestige class I had to stop reading the libris mortis for 40 minutes because I overloaded on edge. There is not a single more emo class than that one in ALL of 3.5e and it discuss me
I have never wanted to try out a class more than that one

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Where do y'all get these PDFs?

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So...s-so what sort of undead waifus were discussed? I missed it.

Secretly I've always had a chubby for Ghouls.

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To gurochan with ye!

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Pretty much every variety aside from ghouls.

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Fallout style or ???

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Yes, though 3.5/PF style is best.

I swear to god they have a Hard on for sexy ghoul females at Paizo, cuz the adventure paths and modules are filled with them as enemy boss battles sadly

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Well someone has the sing the dirges anon.

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What would you feed your Ghoul gf?

>Not going to make that joke

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The still-warm bodies of your enemies, of course.

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No way man. Don't you want to be Andrew Eldritch?


Very few people seem to be actually interested in discussing undead waifus in any capacity. ;_;

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You'd have all sorts of awkward situations where your ghoul gf would eat the neighbors or something.

I'm picturing someone halfway between Mrs. Lovett and cultist-chan.

Got sauce on that?

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>not having a qtp2t mummy gf

Mmm, dat well-preserved, 5,000 year old, dry, dusty mummy vajayjay.

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A long time ago, it was not unusual to have a thread where somebody would start out by posting a pic with all the races depicted as nude women by an artist whose name I forget, that they repurposed by numbering them, and then told everybody to role a specified number of times. These would be the races of your new setting, and you had to explain how it had gotten that way. Well one time, someone ended up with an undead civilization of liches, that had been made in the face of a great cataclysm more or less to preserve their culture through the ages. I believe they called it a museum civilization. There were other races that actually survived, but I can't remember their names.

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Ghost waifu is clearly best.

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Why hello there Bellatrix. I hear crucio is your safeword.

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Last thread we came up with a civilization in which unlife was the end purpose of living.

It was ruled by a council comprised of the practical though rigid Skeletons, the mystical Ghosts, the Necromancers (sort of a religious caste- I guess liches?), and an elected human representative.

Humans who die are brought back to serve the community after death; a blacksmith, long since retired due to old age, can resume his life's work after death, as well as training the living. Farm animals and beasts of burden are brought back after death, as well as pets and things.

Ghouls and Vampires exist, but receive no representation, as they are viewed as degenerate monsters and addicts. Some humans may serve them for whatever reason, but they are generally despised, especially by their enlightened brethren.

Zombies are newly-minted undeads, who must supress their urges to consume flesh, eventually rotting away to a skeleton, or transcending flesh to become a ghost. Should they give in to their urges, they become a flesh-eating ghoul.

We didn't really touch on things like fashion or cultural norms, but I thought the idea was cool. Not enough Mummies though.

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That's not how you spell "skeleton"

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>the skeleton is wearing lipstick

that's just sad

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She just wants to be pretty for you, anon.

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But anon, didn't you hear? Banshee waifus are real screamers

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Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing has a ghost waifu.

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>dat severed head


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She can turn into a battle form to kill for you.

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>tfw no Katarina/Ophelia slash

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