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What have YOU done to please our dark masters today, /tg/?

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I traded in my games at GameStop!

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I didn't use a coaster!

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I ate some Thai food.

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Fapped to MLP. Get on my level scrubs

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I fapped to BnP. Get on MY level.

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I paid for a pdf of a role-playing game.

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You fucking asshole.

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I convinced a newbie that PF rage prophet is well designed.

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I convinced someone that pathfinder is simple, easy to get into, and not completely broken

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I should give it a try then. Thanks anon!

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I have now sated them twice. Bwhahaha

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I entered a Vampire game with a character based on Edward Cullen.

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The Dark Gods are mostly pleased.

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Oh fuck for some reason I said pathfinder. Shit I meant 3.5 damn I really do like pathfinder

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Nice job, man.

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>Oh fuck for some reason I said pathfinder. Shit I meant 3.5 damn I really do like pathfinder


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Doing God's work all along, son.

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Damn, this guy's on a roll. He's digging for that promotion in hell, man!

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I'm borderline stalking and slowly getting rejected by a cutie who's into D&D

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You gotta give her the D. And D.

There, I did my part of the day, I hope the dark masters are happy with me.

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>implying I want anything more than to just be friends

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I do that every day, multiple times per day. When the day comes, and the pleased dark forces reward me for all my sperm sacrifices in the name of colorful equines, you will be there. You will be there and wonder "Why? Why didn't i offer more sacrifices?!" And i will look down upon you, grab my magnificent rod and let the juice of creation flow upon your head.

And you will be blessed.

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I skipped a lecture on PE and safe sex to masturbate to kobolds.

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I wrote a setting in which lesbian little girl soldiers wage horrible warfare powered by their panties.

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I wrote a setting in which lesbian little girl soldiers wage horrible warfare powered by their penises.

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So Strike Wtiches

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made a galaxy for my players to romp in (for half a million dollars a jump)

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Oh, I also submitted an application for an undergrad research position working with machine learning, so if I get it, I'll be that much closer to my goal of being personally responsible for Paranoia becoming reality.

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It does give a whole new meaning to those stories witches flying on their "brooms".

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I sacrificed a goat.
Oh wait are we just talking about way to be dicks? auh, I rejected a players character sheet because I didn't want it to outshine my DMPC

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Very gentlemanly. *tips fedora*

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>Blackwater XE Services Academy
>Sector represented by a pink heart
I'm not sure how I should feel about this.

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Sacrificing goats is okay, too. Make sure to feed them your sperm every day for a week before the sacrifice for maximum pleasing of the dark ones.

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Damn I thought about strangling a puppy and you sicken me

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It's a coincidence. The mercenaries (blackwater xe) that control that sector deny it and will summarily execute any mention of it.

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I called cocked dice on a nat 20.

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Hey. How do you explain to your players that they can only go to X dots even if there are millions of stars out there.

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>triple sevens
Huh. Are you trying to doublethink me?

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I am only asking because I'm having this problem myself.

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Given that there are many territories with no dots at all I doubt that's actually the situation.

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The goat thing is just plain being lazy, really.
After all, we're asking His blessing and His help, but knowing that here on earth Nyalarthotep's work must truly be our own.

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There's a lot to be said about your naming choices but
>kuwabunga space
Seriously anon? This better lead to pizza and turtling.

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Say that the ones you choose are the only ones with jump gates and anywhere else would be time consuming to reach.

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I only see three. Are you disagreeing with a violet-level programmer?

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These are the known systems that they can travel to.
I think made this overtly complex and my fluff for this setting is only partially set in stone. They can also travel throughout the galaxy ala Star Trek style.. Pic related, it's the Simarallions.

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Yes, this part of space is recently discovered by the federation and these turtle-like aliens love human culture and their Italian cuisine. You sir are a genius, I haven't even thought this up.

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Can you elabourate?

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On what exactly? How to travel, the name choices, the fluff choices, or what? Trying to think what game system would work with this.

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How to travel and the fluff of stargates and such.

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Most of the galaxy has stargates, but most if not all the powers around it use some sort of warpdrive. Most likely places that use stargates frequently are places in the galactic north, west, and east (with the exception of Tauva, Kuja, the space surrounding the hive mind, and territories near the galactic core, where even warp travel is almost impossible). The stargates were created by an alien race long extinct and are worshiped by many a species around the galaxy (Eldar for the Simarallions, Weialoos for the Calcaltul, the Nibiru by Humanity, and various names and guises). Outside of this, the stargates are only used in places where starcharts by the Federation, the two empires, and Oransam Republics have yet to formally chart the warp routes.

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>What have YOU done to please our dark masters today, /tg/?

Things I'd rather not speak of.

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>thai cuisine

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I paid for and registered mIRC.

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Urethral penetration?

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is the one self-stabbing a trap? girl face, but manly arms

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I fapped to diaper futa scat MLP.

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I banned the eating of snacks at the table. Drinks are okay but only if they are in a spill proof cup.

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I played Warcraft 3 on godmode to enjoy the story

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You know that really skinny guy with the greasy black hair at your local FLGS? Yeah, that's supposed to be him.

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>banned the eating of snacks at the table
You are doing God's work, my fellow GM.

> tfw you run games over Skype and can have one hand inside a chip bag the whole game if you so desire
> tfw you can take a break to fap and come back with no interruption if you so desire

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...huh. I hadn't seen the man-arms before now. I just assumed it was a girl.

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I encouraged someone else to roll up a child character in their new slightly-E RPG game.

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As of last Sunday Laptops are banned from the table unless they are ordering food for us or are leveling up.

Yall are here to play D&D not do shit on your laptop. If you want to just hang out thats great but if you want to play D&D you are here to play D&D.

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I got involved in a land war in Asia

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I sacrificed a bag of Doritos to the Stomach god

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I lied on the internet.

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I don't believe you.

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I had consensual sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation.

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Finalizing my plans to have my Dark Heresy players fight their own inquisitor.

Also bought a copy of Shaq Fu to subject my friends to.

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I've jerked it... three times this morning?
Yeah, three times.
I'm bored.

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I started reading the CATastrophe alpha.

No surprise they want to move this crap to FATE. The system fucking sucks.

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It doesn't matter that you did it, it matters what your intention was, and what it was that you did it to

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Well, if that's the case, I did because I wanted to be one step closer to the Dark Prince.

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>thai cuisine

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tell me more

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I affixed kittens and puppies to my fists in a form of primitive battle armor, then I charged through an orphanage kicking and punching until their blood flowed through the streets as cheap wine does carpet.

Also I broke into someone's house and moved all their furniture around.

>Chaotic Evil

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>moved all their furniture around.
You fucking monster

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