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Got a situation that I think you can help me with, /tg/:
Some new players are going to join my Dark Heresy group, that currently consists of two Rank 4 characters. My dilemma is what rank the new PCs should be. If they're Rank 1 like normal, the older PCs will have a head start and will most likely outperform the new recruits.
I'm worried that this will discourage the new players, and make them feel useless.

But it also feels unfair to make them start out as Rank 4, since it since the veteran players have actually worked hard for their experience points, and received Corruption, Insanity and missing limbs in the process.

So how much free starting Exp should new characters in an ongoing campaign recieve, while still feeling fair to both the newbies and the PCs who have bled and sweated for their Exp?

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Four? Why is this even a question?

If you feel that strongly about it talk to the player about starting with some damage from doing whatever it is they did before they got into the party.

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I don't feel "strongly" about it, I'm just a pretty green GM who wants the players to have as much fun as possible, and is worried about scaring away newcomers. I've only GM'd oneshots before, this is my first campaign so I'm not used to PCs growing like this.

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I should also mention that DH is the first RPG I've ever played that has a level system, which is why I'm a bit intimidated by balancing the difficulty and such. Which I'm still pretty bad at: I tend to make encounters too easy since I'm trying too hard to not make it too difficult. I'm working on that, though.

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I started a new player about 500 experience behind the rest of the party, but they're only rank 3 - This bumped him down to rank 2, but it was still enough to have a bunch of neat abilities.

I only felt comfortable doing this because 1) my DH game has very, very little in the way of combat, and 2) because the player was new to the game, so I was practically making his character anyways.

For rank 4, I'd probably put the player at rank 3, unless the game is combat-heavy (for DH). If you don't want to do that / think it's unfair, then instead make up a list of things he "has" to take based on his backstory, like a skill package (from the later splatbooks). Something that explains why he's sorta a badass, it gives a slight disadvantage without actually putting his experience low.

Bonus points if you include abilities that the party is currently missing that noone has access to. Like a Guardsman with Tech-use because noone rolled a Techpriest, or a Sister of Battle with a half-dozen Scholastic Lore skills because noone rolled an Adept. This gives the new player something specific to do, while being behind the party in a different way (Having to spend skill points on things that aren't ideal for the class).

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I, for one, would like more pictures like that.

Either way, take it up with the group or put them at rank 3 or something. I guess.

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Rank 4, this isn't fucking OD&D, this shouldn't even be a question.

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Its a tough question.

I'd start them out low, and give them more XP per session so they rank up faster.

Similarly to how green recruits learn quicker around veterans on the front line.

So give them up to 600-700xp per session. But start at rank 1.

If you want to balance out the amount of gear opportunities / thrones they've received, and if your feeling particularly generous. Start them off with one item.
For this you could just say rare or very rare.
Or you could use the acquisition rules for RT which are easy to find and say they can have a +0 acquisition.

Last thing:
Is there any space in the game for me?

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>So give them up to 600-700xp per session. But start at rank 1.

Obviously when they reach the same rank as the others, then the xp drops down to the same rate.

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>I, for one, would like more pictures like that.

Do you mean more pictures in a similar drawing style, or more futuristic/WH40k-ish character portraits.

And while the gap between Rank 1 and 4 isn't that big, eventually a Rank 9 or 11 character will likely die in the middle of a campaign, and I want to be prepared for how to handle that situation.

Does anyone have experience with parties with large differences in PC power, and how has that worked out for you?

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Just figure out the average # of FP lost, missing limbs, and insanity/corruption points amongst your party and make the new rank 4 characters start like that. Maybe with tradeoffs.

So if on average your party are missing 1 limb, have 20 corruption and 30 insanity then give each new player 1 random missing limb, 4d10 corruption and 6d10 insanity- but let them trade say 2d10 corruption for another missing leg, or take an extra 2d10 insanity to have all their bits.

There's no 'expected madness/severed limbs per rank' table in the rulebook as it's very specific to how you as the DM run the game. So all you can do is reverse engineer what you've already done.

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Yeh... no, thats a stupid idea. No player wants corruption points and missing limbs forced on their character.

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>Is there any space in the game for me?

It's not online, so it will be hard unless you happen to live near Uddevalla, Sweden.

And thanks for actually answering my question instead of just barking with disproportional rage.

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So have them start at rank 1 then. The OP was concerned about starting new characters with rank 4 skills but without paying the price for them; the only way you can do that is figure out what 'price' the OP has charged his current party for them, and bill them the same.

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>live near Uddevalla, Sweden.
I dont, and in any case i guess the language barrier would be problematic lol.

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Dumping some character portraits, since there seems to be an interested in that.

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I was in that case, as a newcommer in a rogue trader party. The GM asked for a pilot.

He have me a NPC which became my character so I was at the same level than the other players.

I was not really a fighter and there was no other pilot so it was useful and fun for everyone (from what I saw).

If the character isn't redundant, I think it's good to make him as stronger as the others player but you need to explain it.

The actual reward of RP isn't level, it's fun and memory. All the corruption and injury are memories which are good for players, afterward.

There is no pint of thinking to level as anything as a game play tool.

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I like this solution: it allows the new PCs to catch up with the others, but also keeps the fun of seeing the character grow and improve gradually.

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Any particular image requests?

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>Uddevalla, Sweden.
not very far from where i live.

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And where's that?

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