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Fuck /tg/, Ive been doing ERPs where I am a girl so much I forgot how to hit on girls, so here I am to bring you
go make a f-list and all that jazz
keep pictures as SFW as possible

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The general consensus was that we'd be keeping things to just the weekend once again, so that we don't burn things out.

I suppose one last one wouldn't hurt before then...

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oh dear, I do apologize.
last bump ,assuming this doesn't ignite the thread

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Just had a pretty good session involving a wizard's apprentice ending up in heat by a spiritual mishap, being brought out of it by her teacher. Sexily.

Considering her backstory (shunned by her village for being a bit of a freak, learning magic, winning them back with awesome tricks), it was kind of like Dumbo, if at the end he got gangbanged by Timothy and the ravens.

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No need to apologize, but after this thread runs its course we should probably leave them for the weekends mostly.

So, anyone looking forward to any games?

I've got a thing where I'll be playing a milf and seducing one of the neighbourhood kids. I'm pretty excited to see how it goes.

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This. General threads are great when you actually have things to discuss, but if you keep them going for long enough without time to do things and recharge, then all the things are talked about already, and all that's left is complaining about chatrooms and trolls and circlejerking.

Start on the weekend, go until the thread runs out of momentum. There's no point starting a thread for the sake of having a thread.

So please, let's give ourselves a rest. Save up your excitement and join me in a weekend splurge when everyone's off work and ready to relax with a good wank

>sage because I don't think this should be bumped, given we reached a fairly decent consensus to not-thread already.


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Also, since we don't seem to have anything else to talk about, here's their pictures.

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>we don't seem to have anything else to talk about

Dude. Nobody else here. This kind of forced discussion is why ERPG sucks now.

Let it rest and then the discussion won't suck later on.

let it die and dig it up on friday. We can have the corpse. Nothing wrong with a little tender necrophilia here and there.

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Ehh, I was just reporting what happened to me today, but I guess you have a point.

Can I have the first round with the body?

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The last time I was in an ERP thread was the day before yesterday, and things were just fine then: there was plenty of life and we talked about a lot of good things. And although I still agree that it could be a good idea to make it just a weekend thing, it does pose a question.

Just what happened here? What disaster was wrought upon us today and yesterday that ravaged ERP general and turned it into the ruin it is now?

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do you like 'em fresh? Personally, I can't get off if they're not already full of maggots and spunk.

Also, my captcha wants to have the skin when we're done with her.

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A few vocal people got very mean. To everyone, really. A strong sense of "we know each other and want to lord it over you". I'd like to think it was the sagefag haters from the rest of /tg/ that had just formed a new tactic.

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Ah, a common if nasty case of vocal minority. Those always suck.

Well, I do hope things improve by having less threads.

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I'm of the mind that it'll stop some of the "But you're always shitting up the board" people.

That complaint will continue, but it will come only from those who are just trolling, rather than from people who are actually pissed off.

>censors ageques
Captcha is oddly descriptive. Yeah, we're self-censoring based on age in order to not become disliked for being prolific, a la quest threads. Also, by all saging, we are censoring age (the opposite of sage, it's a weeaboo term.)

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>come back from sleep
>fun police in motion
>fun ruined

Great. Doing it weekly won't change anything, they won't leave us alone anyway. Stop being cowards.

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They will be much less annoyed by us if we're not at their faces all the damn time, and are much less likely to bother coming along to be assholes.

Besides, it is true we don't have much to talk about.

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>No anon, you are the fun police
Most of the thread's /d/enizens are in favour of taking a break. Even if we don't get a break from the shitposting, the threads are stagnating.

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It'll give us time to figure out things to talk about other than "Whose chatroom sucks hardest."

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This actually happened to me. I can't shake the feeling that the people who were mean to me are the same people hanging out in tgchat. I've been terrified to say anything in there and have them recognize me somehow and turn on me. It's misery.

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/tg/ chat admin here. Someone badmouths you, you talk to me and I'll take care of it, okay? Jump in and be cool, have fun, get lewds. We're a pretty chill group, for the most part.

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Good job surrendering, fuckheads.

Pussies. All of you.

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Buck up, anon. There's no way to prove it either way, short of them saying as much in tg f-chat. Best to put the feeling aside and enjoy yourself, yes?

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We're not all like that, honey. Some of us can be pretty rough around the edges, but they don't mean it, they're just dumb. Just keep trying and be brave, and be ready for good things when they happen.

It's one thread. I've heard opinions from some of my non-ERP irl tg friends (who don't know I do ERP), and half think it's weird but fine to have on the board, the other half find it kind of sexy but intimidating. Well, except this one person. But he's the youngest in our group, and a little naive. He's so quick to dismiss and huffy about it, I half think he's on flist and doesn't want to get found out about it.

Anyway, I'm not really afraid of a backlash. We're not breaking any rules or being obnoxious. I have a feeling that most of the trolling is internal, that is people in our community. That or overstrung new people who are working up the courage to take the plunge and can't help but get a little catty when talking about this stuff for the first time, being flirty, etc. It's easy to overreact and say something unnecessary when everything's new and you're feeling shakey. That's what makes it so cute. <3

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No, I know in my head you're a good bunch. Honestly I'm not thinking about active verbal abuse, just... passive stuff. Being ignored, room going silent when you say something, "Oh you again", people getting teased for talking to me... highschool all over again. I really want to be someone's fucktoy but I don't know if feeling like that again is worth it.

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Everyone feels like that the first time, darling~. The only cure is to jump into the deep end and not care much who reacts. If you already want to be someone's fucktoy, you're almost there already. Don't be scared by highschool memories, just jump in, have fun, and don't worry about it. ^_^

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He's right you know. No way to prove it either way, and you'll never, ever, know it was me. I have everything screencapped, including your pathetic crying. Maybe I'll become your best friend? Faithful lover? Then I can tell you everything right before I dump and block you. Seriously, though. I don't think it was me but if it was, I'm sorry. I can get out of hand sometimes. I'm working on it

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Eh, I know how they feel. I was pretty much brushed off politely as a rule when I first joined. I basically had to beg and plead my way into sessions before people realized that maybe I wasn't shit after all.

I'm comfortable enough with myself now to say I'm a better ERPer than 80% of those people. You just gotta get through all that shit to find someone worth sticking with. They'll have suffered like you, probably, and won't be careless with your feelings.

Stick with it or not, it's your choice. But don't depend on people to be nicer to you. Most people don't know how to be kind and not selfish.

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lurker just signed up
xp with roleplaying
xp with smutwriting

any advice?

do people like play it out dnd style with rolling, ect. or do they just story-tell it?

i want to do a fallout erp, but while I've played 3 and NV and I own 1 & 2 I'm not familiar with any dnd rolling system that would pertain to fallout. I really want wasteland survivors but does f-list appreciate light stupid comedy? I don't mean overdone... just like... a little relief from what, at least in smutwriting, can get pretty disturbing at times if you don't lean back and have a good laugh at yourself.

>> No.27267909

>Peek into /tg/ chat
>They're discussing the feels of the DCAU
Yep. This is /tg/ all right.

>> No.27267959

We love comedy~. As for Fallout, I think there's a GURPs and a FATE conversion for it both floating around somewhere, depending on how crunchy you like it. Most lewds are freeform, but we're always wanting more campaigns.

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> like doing fashion
> like playing catgirl characters

Shit. How do you compensate for the tail in your own RPs, /tg/?

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Know really well what you want out of it. I don't mean kinks or campaign themes really, more like what level of companionship you want out of people. Let them know, and you're more likely to get what you want the first time.

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give me a crash course in how to join the old boys club- what kind of hazing do i gotta put up with to find said person worth sticking with, and does sticking with involve sticking it in? i hope so...

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Make a good profile, advertise, don't let people ignore you. If they ignore you, be persistent.

>> No.27268041

Custom clothing, in my experience. I don't think there's any other way to do it. I find it doesn't come up that much, anyway.

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I agree that these threads have been devoid of content, lately. Like /tg/ collectively blew its creative load and wanted to gently cuddlefuck afterwards but was just still too tired/refractory to do it right.

Nevertheless, a GM's request for help: I need ideas for fucking monstrous twisted fucking things!

Backstory: succubi, demons and humans are being struck by transformation rays that merge them with the nearest inanimate - or animate - objects, and the merged forms are hypersexualised twisted beings.

Can you name an object, a type of person, and what sort of fuckbeast it produces, how it catches prey to fuck, and fun stuff it does?

Example: the Office Desk: a succubus at a desk job merges with her table; now the demonic table has animated manacles that try to catch folk, and restrain them to the underside of it - gags their mouth open, fits a vibrating panel against the prey's rear/crotch, and leaves them there to be facefucked by passerbys.

Help me think of more for my magical girl team to fight!

>> No.27268079

What happened to "let's stop until the weekend"?

>> No.27268111

This, without being creepy. I turned a no into a yes last week, and I'm now their main squeeze.

As a side note, if you don't like getting brushed off, don't brush people off. Even if I'm busy in another rp, I try to be enthusiastic and encouraging, and tell them I'm currently occupied and will definitely get back to them. A little effort goes a long way.

>> No.27268116

I'm not real crunchy, I used to sext with a gf who moved away via aim and it was freaking enjoyable. I want a story really with a gm, or me being a gm, covering anything at all. reading these erp threads has reminded me of that and fallout has always had the proper setting for any fetish imo, and i'm pretty easy going... if it's just fiction i'm down for anything.

I'd be fine running/being a player in any situation; I've got some preferences (having a shlong, sci-fi fallout, some self awareness in writing, storytime) but they're not more important than having some fun.

>> No.27268126

Some people are just too cool to stop, man.

>> No.27268137

Overruled. If people are talking about things, then they have things to talk about. Don't be inflexible.

>> No.27268155

mean to quote >>27268028

>> No.27268189

I'd say that having good, well-defined limits and sticking to them is important for ERP, in General.

>> No.27268230

Is there some apprentice program where you go under the wing of someone and meet their friends get into the system a bit? I'm eclectic, I've got preferences, but I've written smut from historical fiction to regular masturbatory friend fantasy to sci-fi and fantastical stuff of all shades. Really I just don't want to have to dive in on the deep end - this is supposed to be fun and you all make it sound like something of a chore!

>> No.27268242

Office equipment, eh?

Human + water cooler. Now it seeks its own sources of liquid in the form of milk, and it will latch onto any females (or males) nearby, first drugging them with some of its juices before starting to milk them.

After that it will draw the victims into the transparent cylinder atop itself, show them off while milking/raping them, and filling them up with their own juices.

How's that sound?

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I don't know about hazing, and there isn't really an old boys club as far as I can tell. /tgchat/ is just like any other slice of society, some bad, some good, some insensitive on purpose, and some by accident.

All I can say is, "if it's not working, try something else." And make sure you get yours; your sexual satisfaction is as important (if not more) than anyone elses.

>> No.27268362

You can ask for that kind of an arrangement, but nothing formal like that exists, as far as I know. Plus some people are very possessive with their partners, IC and OOC; so asking them to share is a bit much.

>> No.27268373 [SPOILER] 

>Enjoy playing larger races or people, such as half-giants or whatever
>Find a decent amount of ERP
>Always start the roleplay gentle, considering the massive half-giant equipment that could seriously harm a human-sized female if went in roughly - especially with young virgins, of whom there are some too
>Inevitably devolves to her demanding it as hard as he can, and me obliging
>Giant cocks, guys, come on

This kind of bothers me: are there any ERPers out there who care about how larger and better-endowed men should sometimes be a bit careful with smaller ladies?

Pic related: giant cock.

>> No.27268460

I'm afraid that, as far as most people are concerned, sexual fantasies and logical simulations overlap only superficially.

>> No.27268474

Honestly, that tenderness is pretty rewarding to start off, but when I'm close and I just need that little bit extra to put me over the edge, verisimilitude takes a back seat. After all, rp lets you have all the upsides and almost none of the downsides of any situation. I'd feel remiss if I didn't take advantage of it once in a while.

>> No.27268493

Plus that delicious pain.

>> No.27268504

Low-cut pants/skirts, shirts that bare some midriff.

If you want to go one piece you're going to be looking at very, very backless dresses, or some rather revealing crisscross swimsuits.

>> No.27268536

But that's the thing, the pain never comes up, neither in getting it nor trying to avoid it.

>> No.27268544

>backless dresses

>> No.27268552

That's the problem; it's hard to be feminine in a lot of that stuff. Catgirls sorta need a more energetic style of dress just by default, or a more masculine type or elegant. Either that or you need a good tail-er.

>> No.27268598

talking about what turns you on is not /tg/, it is literal internet circlejerking

cybersex is not /tg/, it is 1990s chatrooms

come back when you're doing it around a table or rolling dice in the bedroom

you do not need a thread

>> No.27268616


You do need punctuation.

>> No.27268630

isn't like... 90% of /tg/ ongoing quests?

>> No.27268669

I like the darker-looking catgirls like this. No bright and happy for me.

>> No.27268675 [SPOILER] 

Maybe this is more to your erotic liking?

>> No.27268703

Are you telling us we should be rolling for anal circumference, anon?

>> No.27268718

Stay pure /tg/~

>> No.27268829

She looks like a good kisser.

>> No.27268851


I would totally do a thing with an Agrias-type paladin.

>> No.27268945

Do people have a preference for chars from pre-existing IPs over original characters? I just don't feel as sexy when playing a well-known character I didn't write.

>> No.27268967

Pre-existing IPs in this scenario don't do anything for me. I like original characters with depth, personality, etc. etc. It makes the interaction and blend between reality and fantasy so much more exciting.

>> No.27269014

>Evening dresses
>Not feminine enough
Also there's nothing unfeminine about bare midriff.

>> No.27269016

For myself it is easier to get into a pre-existing IP character, because I know the character already, and can fill in the blanks. Playing an original character - or my favourite, self-identified self-inserts - feels so much more intimate than romancing established characters like Wonder Woman or Forecaster Janna.

>> No.27269027

>tfw kissing is one of my largest fetishes

What're your fetishes /tg/?

>> No.27269084

There's a difference between something whose primary atttribute is 'feminine' and something whose primary attribute is 'elegant' and is feminine because of that.

>> No.27269120

I've never run into this problem, as I don't see the point of playing high-fashion is I'm not going to wear tailored clothes. That, and cat society is probably going to make quite a bit of elegant clothing that works well with my tail. Besides, a good cat woman can make do with decent human clothes and a bit of twine.[/spoilage]

>> No.27269138

Corruption/transformation, all the way. More the former than the latter.
I just need a BBEG-ess to take over the world with, dammit.

>> No.27269166


Making priestesses pregnant with demons.

>> No.27269198

I've discovered a fetish for sentient clothing...
Also for prudes...
And goblins...
Uh... The rest is old, I guess...

>> No.27269199

Right now? Kissing. And breasts. Kimono, too.
It's so hard to find good partners for kissing, that are also able and willing when it comes to gratuitous, graphic sex. So many good kissers just aren't into sex in the way I am.

>> No.27269212

Of course.

>> No.27269237

>Prudish goblins with sentient clothing
No lady-boner from me. Guess I'm not evolved enough yet.

>> No.27269245

Beat me to it.

>> No.27269258

Dominance, sexual fighting, degradation, shotas/lolis/cubs

>> No.27269276

Strong, confident women who secretly love the cuddles

>> No.27269296

That's sweet.

>> No.27269318

This'll probably sound stupid as hell but just any girl with a interesting personality in some way.

I can almost be convinced to do anything if the character seems like someone who would be fun to interact with.

I especially love the idea of a girl being a typical tsundere but at the same time being a gigantic slut. Like she'll keep playing up the whole act of being a bitch or whatever while gladly blowing a guy without needed to be convinced to or whatever.

>> No.27269326

Being an emotional wreck and my partner comforting and and loving me tenderly followed by incredible, crying sex.

>> No.27269345

More like... a goblin is made into sentient panties and a prude is practically forced to watch as you orgasm into the panties because they're talkin' dirty, squirmin'... stuff...

>> No.27269352

Adventure. Noble(ish) Roguery. Rescuing Princes(ses).Hitting on kobolds. Hitting on ninjas. Getting drunk and hitting on inanimate objects. Story heavy erp with dice rolls. Gender-Bender and corruption/mind break. And many I have not discovered yet.

I'm sending you an internet high-five. Make sure you download it.

>> No.27269378

Okay, define prude. This just might work.

>> No.27269416

And yet it's almost impossible to find someone willing to RP it. Seems like all people want is nasty fetish banging.

>> No.27269421

>I'm sending you an internet high-five. Make sure you download it.
Send it to http://www.f-list.net/c/carnivale%20fantasma
Warning: Super Work-In-Progress.

>> No.27269478

Image dropping.

>> No.27269488

Fair enough. Mine's pretty fleshed out but I've still more to put in it. Specifically because I don't really intend for the character to be stagnant.

>> No.27269504

I literally started it yesterday.

>> No.27269640

Posting characters.

Always interested in a chat.


>> No.27269642

>I just need a BBEG-ess to take over the world with, dammit.
Mein neger.

Where's a guy to find a proper villainess these days? It seems all the pretty young women I meet want to help the needy and make the world a better place; it's just terrible.

>> No.27269737

Moe 40K Sister of Battle?

>> No.27269744


A genie! Interesting.

>> No.27269778


'S why I keep trying to cultivate my own.

>> No.27269797

Not familiar enough with 40k fandom to know that if it's a specific character. I get the idea, though, and it makes sense. Moe-type prude is much more enjoyable than what I had envisioned.

>> No.27269814

3 days ago myself. Granted I've actually erped long before this but I can't really say If I'm good or not.

Also for anyone who cares:


>> No.27269869

I spent years turning a girl evil, from the time she was teenager, all the way through college. Then she went to get her PhD and in the few years we were apart, she became a far-left social justice warrior.

The way I see it, a girl has to be wicked by nature for it to stick.

>> No.27269904

Actually you succeeded marvelously, for there is no greater evil in this world than a SJW

>> No.27269923

Thank you!

I've had a few takers so far, but haven't yet had a chance to play.

>> No.27269944

Sadie, is there a chance that you're in this thread?

I've sent you a note.

>> No.27269946

This is hilarious if true.

>> No.27270141

Feel free to send me a note.

>> No.27270181 [DELETED] 

You're coming on a little desperate. Just take it easy, don't scare the children.

>> No.27270197


I just might!

>> No.27270207

>See a familiar name in an official channel
>Someone I used to play games with
>Check it out of curiosity
>Same art they used for their character
>Same contact info
>Same style of typing
>Kink list is full of all kind of horrible things

What?! Why?! You were such a sweet and innocent person when I last talked to you! You were easily embarrassed when any of us talked about sexual things!

>> No.27270308

Yeah, but it's the wrong kind of evil. There's no fun in it.

I mean, you can't laugh maniacally while holding the world to ransom with the threat that if your demands aren't met, like a million Muslims will move to Europe, or black people will take over pop culture. There's a certain je ne sais quoi that's missing from SJW type evil.

I just want a girl whose idea of a romantic evening together involves substance abuse, plotting world domination, and building radiological weapons. Is that too much to ask?

>> No.27270320

Good thing that's my fetish.

>> No.27270323

It was you. You corrupted them. How could you betray so-called your friend to the horrors of the warp, that way?

>> No.27270326

Turns out, being sweet and innocent isn't mutually exclusive with having a list of fetishes as long as your arm.

>> No.27270327

Sorry, sorry; not my intention.

Can't fault a man for being bored, can you?

Really, I've met a lot of good people in these threads and I'm just hoping to meet more.

Sounds good!

>> No.27270328


... oh god I think this is me...

>> No.27270339

Maybe that's why they were embarrassed?

>> No.27270351

I want you

>> No.27270380

>stop making threads for one night, this happens

My beautiful threads

>> No.27270425

The ride never ends, anon.

>> No.27270437


Not sure if the person who posted >>27270207
or just some random trying to reinforce their personal fetish...

>> No.27270452

Just out of curiosity, are you roleplaying, or are you a genuine supervillain?

>> No.27270471

Their hearts grew black.

(Who are you talking about? Now I'm curious too)

>> No.27270503

They're not in /tg/ chat. This was in an official chat.

To confirm if you think it's you - the name you're using there has white space between each character, and the character I saw you on was from WoW.

>> No.27270536


Oh thank god this wasn't me.


Unless it's another elaborate ploy.

>> No.27270580

Everyone is a freak covered in the scale amor of innocence.

>> No.27270616 [DELETED] 

>Looking for pictures of adult male catmen
>Only the faggiest deviantart-tier level catboys
Why, internet, it's just because I'm looking for a pic that might be usefulfor straight sex in missionary position for the sake of recreation?

>> No.27270648

I didn't mean to.

I just like teasing the easily embarrassed girl, how was I supposed to know she'd go off the deep end?!

>> No.27270656

My armor is more like bandages and duct tape of self-loathing and desperate humor, but you're pretty close to right.

>> No.27270661

>Looking for pictures of adult male catmen
>Only the faggiest deviantart-tier level catboys
Why, internet, it's just because I'm looking for a pic that might be useful for straight sex in missionary position for the sake of recreation?

>> No.27270667

100% bona fide villain, anon.

It's just remarkably hard to make the jump from being a random black-hearted richfag to taking over a third world country and becoming a well known public figure. Oh to have a lived a hundred years ago when any two-bit thug could go to Africa or Latin America and carve out a little empire.

>> No.27270672

She's for us to enjoy now, anon. thank you

>> No.27270693

I dont know if anyone remembers the green text stories from the last couple days about a certain Shadowrun group involving an elven lizardgirl, a by-the-books Ork, a loli vampire girl and a wolfgirl adept ...

This is the Wolfgirl :3 I've never been mentioned in a 4chan thread before so uh .... yeah, don't know if anyone had any questions, but I'll be lurking.

>> No.27270703

/tg/ chat already has like 4 so why the fuck bother?

>> No.27270712

You STILL fucked it up, Anon.

>> No.27270732

Neat. How are you liking the game, so far? The stories coming from it have been unerringly entertaining, at least to me.

>> No.27270746

Well shit. So much for that. Guess I'm out of the loop.

Shut up.

>> No.27270770 [DELETED] 

You should be looking harder.

>> No.27270778

Didn't wear panties for a whole run in the shadows.

Hi wolfgirl.

>> No.27270830


Haha, that brief run of me being mentioned was my first entrance, actually. So I can't say I've yet to really play other than RPing taht ending of her being rescued.

I've had a pretty ... erotic ... little side-RP with the vampireloli and the lizardgirl, though ... Wolfy and Vampireloli are gonna have some fun times with the elven domme :3

>> No.27270858

Yet to see someone in /tg/ so heavily into shitplay as her.
Have fun.

>> No.27270865

Fuck this is awkward to actually have to ask.

What do most people typically find attractive about men? And uh,...what are some ways to spice it up in the bedroom between two guys that aren't the fairly run of the mill anal/handjob/blowjob? I'm a little new to this, and desperately in need of assistance.

>> No.27270896

Part of a roving band of mercenaries/oddjobs, the dedicated big-game hunter!

>> No.27270933

I asked a similar question a few days back


>> No.27270940

Frotting. Various toys. Rimming, if you can get over the whole licking-someone's-anus thing.

>> No.27270943

My bad. Wrong thread. Apologies gentlemen, carry on.

>> No.27270993

Well, it is fantasy so theres nothing to worry about/clean up.

>> No.27271069

That sleeping cuddle was adorable.

>> No.27271138

What's the best concept for a scene you've had, but not been able to play?

>> No.27271171

Should I repost mine? I'm mousey

>> No.27271182

I'm looking for somebody who might be interested in sorta-GMing something with a princess who has to go from not-at-all prepared to trying to rule her kingdom and probably along the way end up fucking assorted creatures, getting permanently changed by the power she has to seek out, collecting a harem of pretty noble girls and/or traps, and other such naughty things happening along with actual plot.


>> No.27271187

True, unless they're into that for some unfathomable reason.

>> No.27271222

If you want to, go ahead!

>> No.27271274

Looks interesting. I'd be more interested if not for being kind of burned out on GMing, after my last game withered and eventually died.

>> No.27271340


Anything involving shy or submissive futa and milfs, with more vanilla sex and copious lactaction/breast feeding. Like unicorns mang.

>> No.27271353

Did it involve a jacuzzi? Also I see your plan. Hope you can last it out.

>> No.27271373

I like you. YOu got an F-list?

>> No.27271398

>Having to get over something
I don't get this. Why don't people just play what their actual fetishes are?

>> No.27271473

...You do realize that there are people that like rimming, but hate scat right? And that the two have a pretty natural connection, because of rather obvious reasons? That thought can really fuck with you.

>> No.27271481

Well, let me know if you might want to give it a try.

>> No.27271486


A female thief, after swiping an expensive fertility statue, becomes pregnant for a thousand days after a wild night with her partner in crime.

>> No.27271492


I do.

>> No.27271496

I usually do. I'll sometimes do something that I don't personally enjoy but my character does, or something that doesn't appeal to me but my partner enjoys. Not frequently, but if they want something that's not /too/ far out of my comfort zone, chances are I'll oblige.

And like the other anon who replied to me said, in the wonderful world of ERP, you don't have to include squicky real world factors of your fetishes.

>> No.27271518

... So do rimming, but no scat. Welcome to the joys of rp rimming, where you only have to enema if you enjoy that kind of thing, and shit only exists if you say it exists.

>> No.27271538

>tfw nobody wants to play with my super unique special snowflake character

I-I think she's pretty neat. Maybe she needs a better backstory? I dunno...

>> No.27271539

Which is what you do.
But for some people, that connection between the two is too strong and they can't really disassociate them in their head.

>> No.27271562

I have no idea what character it is.

>> No.27271564

>play real own fetishes
>will do more for the sake of their partner's pleasure if it's not to far out of their comfort zone
You. You are a good partner.

>> No.27271595


She's a large-sized milf that likes to blow stuff up, with a bit of a passion for burning and crushing as well.

Also, she is a tank.

>> No.27271629

I think a fair number of people here are like that.
I know I am, within certain limits.
Like, I didn't originally like rimming all that much. But my partner /loved/ it. Like, really REALLY loved it. And now I'm a pretty huge fan of it, because it makes them happy.

My fetish is making my partner enjoy themselves and have fun.

>> No.27271644

I would say that that character sounds great so far. But I still don't know what she's into sexually, which is what matters first and foremost to me.

>> No.27271652



>> No.27271662


Take a look:


>> No.27271694

I'm all for a Milfy tank http://www.f-list.net/c/t%20a%20n%20c/

>> No.27271700

Alright, mind you, I'd be playing the role of the mousey girl.

You were all set to be the center of attention with her news. But then that quiet mousey girl went and upstaged you with that engagement ring and that fairy tale wedding. How DARE she, right?

So you set a plan to show her. You started an affair with her Mr. Perfect behind her back. While she'd gab about how perfect everything was, you were fucking him behind her back. You even let him have it raw, something she doesn't.

And one night, you decide to finalize things. You follow her home, and though whatever means, she winds up tied up in the closet. You cleaned up a bit and waited for him to come back. You fed him some lie about her needing to work late, and how you decided to take the chance to come see him.

And now it's time for your masterstroke. After a bit of teasing, you lead him into their bedroom. You have him fuck you, right there on their bed. You make lover-boy say all sorts of things, about how you're sexier than her, that he wants you more, how you're just so much better - you even might make him say he loves you instead of her.

All while that stupid mousey cunt is in the closet, forced to watch as the one thing she wouldn't shut up about her betrays her right in front of her eyes.

Serves her right. She probably even getting off on it, the slut.

There was more to it in the replies, but I'll let you hunt those down yourself if you're interested.

>> No.27271723

Yeah, being receptive to new things has been really good for my rp sex life. Well, my sex life in general.

One thing I've learned recently, is not to discount people with short profile desriptions and decent fetish lists. Took a change the other day and he really surprised me. Playing it cool now, though. Hopefully he never finds out how good he is and I can keep him to myself.

>> No.27271750

Tank as in liquid container.

>> No.27271757

You! I remember you. I wanted to contact you but I didn't have an f-list at that time.

>> No.27271772

Eh. Maybe in some respects. I often worry that the quality of my RP isn't up to snuff, though. No pun intended.
>mfw at one point magic potion fuckery at one point almost results in my normally mild-mannered character raping my partners'
>mfw she wanted this to happen oocly

...I actually know a few people who might be interested in that. Look up TANC in the /tg/ f-cha-
Oh hey there. Yeah, this one here.
MILitary Front-line-artillary, obviously.

>> No.27271786


>Implying you wouldn't an Abrams

>> No.27271815

... am I being trolled? I feel trolled.

>> No.27271862

I don't have an F-list, actually.
I'm too shy to make one

>> No.27271869


oh god

those favorites

>> No.27271890

Honestly, I'm not sure whether to laugh at it or be aroused.

Shine on you armor-clad heavily-armed diamond.

>> No.27271912

>Implying I'm equipped to an Abrams
The spirit is willing, but the flesh is spongy and easily bruised.

>> No.27271933

I don't...what?

>> No.27271938

I made one so I could try and find you again. Try it! It's not actually that hard. It's worth it.

>> No.27272039

Man, just started using f-list a few weeks ago, and some of these profiles are so detailed! Sometimes I wish they'd leave more to the imagination, or for conversation. It's like when you see someone and ask them how their life is going and they tell you "Oh, it's all on Facebook." What happened to the rush of getting to know someone by actually talking to them? Well, whatever I guess. I gave in and made a super-detailed one. Time will tell if it makes a difference or not.

>> No.27272091

Holy shit man, you just made my night.

>> No.27272143

I'll get to work on one, if people are looking for me. But I will say this before I do: Please don't try to jump right into this fantasy.

>> No.27272152

>takes a peek in tgchat
Is it just me, or are the people in there not really interested in lewding? Or roleplaying, for that matter?

>> No.27272188

I'll do my best. I'll say this, though: I hope at some point you do have interest in pursuing that particular fantasy, and that I get to be the lucky person.

>> No.27272199

It depends on who is on and the mood in the room, sometimes people just get into discussions and it's hard to do a scene in there. If you are talking about finding partners in there, the bottle room is better for that.

>> No.27272230

Dude. The posted profile with most replies is a joke profile for a non-anthro abrams tanks. This thread and that channel is overrun with people who are making fun of erp.

>> No.27272249

There's 75 users and a bunch of light hearted fuckery going on around right now. What are you talking about?

>> No.27272259

Hey, you can have a laugh about something you enjoy.

>> No.27272272

>follow erp link
>oh you wanted to /actually/ erp? there's an entirely different channel/room/board/thread for that
This has been happening to me a lot lately.

>> No.27272301

Hey fellas, I'm a regular of the smut threads that have been popping up these past few weekends and I was wondering what you all think of them (assuming you've visited one of them before). Mind giving me your two cents about them?

>> No.27272312


O-oh you guys~

>> No.27272326

Don't listen to him. The Bottle Room is good for random lewding, but the main chat is still good for RPing/lewding. If nobody's doing anything, generally speaking you can spark something just by doing it yourself. I know I tend to join in for kicks.

>> No.27272341

My point was that more people in this thread were in the mood for a laugh than for a good lewd. I get your point, too, so no hard feelings.

>> No.27272361

Is the IRC room so desperate to make Flist look bad?

Just message someone. The chat is not going to have a bunch of people going "Hey who wants to fuck?"

>> No.27272451

Honestly, I've never looked. Reading other peoples stuff isn't as fun as making your own with someone, to me.

>> No.27272461


Most of F-List IS bad.

>> No.27272491

And the IRC is much worse so...

>> No.27272509

>Non-sexual Pain
>Non-Sexual Torture

>Huge ass fucking sentient tank with these fetishes

>> No.27272521

Let's not make this about X vs Y. Lewds are lewds. Who gives a shit.

>> No.27272559

Eh, you should try to take a peek there if you can. There's been some pretty good writefags popping up there recently, and we could always appreciate another helping hand- the regular writefags are up to their armpits in requests and could use someone to take off the heat for them.. And since both of our threads happen mostly on weekends and produce lewd, I don't see why there shouldn't be some kind of collaboration.

Plus, they're the ones who arranged it so Macha lost her Ever Virgin status, so there's that.

>> No.27272643

>Delete last thread
>See this

For fuck's sake /tg/, you dun goofed.

>> No.27272757

Not really a fan of canon characters, and I don't like having scenes I'm involved in spread all over. While I do like to be able to let other people read what I make, making it specifically for the purpose of that doesn't feel right to me.

I take part in scenes and ERP with people for it to be between two people. If I wanted to just write smut, I'd go write it. So while I appreciate the invitation to come over, I don't think I'll be joining you personally. Best of luck with everything, though.

>> No.27272816

Hey, its midnight and people are discussing things. As long as they aren't getting constantly spammed, is it that bad to have a thread? We don't need to chain make them, but having one up to shoot the shit in and talk about ERP is nice. Plus we get funny storytimes.

>> No.27272846


>> No.27272857

Uhhh... the last thread died a natural death. Good try, though.

>> No.27272902

Thanks. Feel free to drop in anyway if you like- us lewdfags gotta stick together, after all.

>> No.27273016

I'll probably give it a look at some point, but for now I'm a bit busy cuddling and snuggling with someone under a blanket with some cocoa.

>> No.27273035 [SPOILER] 


>> No.27273053

You dirty fukken slut.

>> No.27273060

Someone tried to make one earlier and promptly killed it.

>> No.27273063



I'm not even sure what to write as a character. There is an idea, but it's so basic it feel like nothing to even say.

>> No.27273071

I checked a couple of them, but it seems that they are 99% about 40k which doesn't interest me at all.

>> No.27273105

Always go to the bottle room. There will be lewds and roleplaying, and shenanigans and sometimes drama, but mostly shenanigans and lewds. And roleplaying.
I popped in and never left. Always a good time.

>> No.27273108

We're in the process of mixing up subject matter some. A DnD fic and some MtG pieces went up recently too, and they take requests for other stuff as well.

>> No.27273124

Didn't summon you, but hey Sadie, It's Henry.

>> No.27273227

>MEANWHILE IN /tg/-chat

>> No.27273235

Oh, hello good fellow, I trust your day of ship sailing went well?

>> No.27273256

Oh my. How lewd.
Well, time to bring this to /k/.

>> No.27273268

Is it worse if its two boys?

>> No.27273304



>> No.27273333


>Tank sex

Where do we even go from here

>> No.27273361


>> No.27273362

I bet /k/ would have a field day with me!

>> No.27273364

Little bump on this in case somebody might be interested.

>> No.27273406

>oh god I can see his exhaust port

>> No.27273549 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 


I might as well just upload it for you. NSFW.

>> No.27273566

Oh, I've seen these. Predot H1-5

>> No.27273594


>not just pretending your partner has an anus that smells of vanilla

the beauty of fucking anime girls is they never poop

>> No.27273600

they way those guys are moving seems too flamboyant.

>> No.27273620

Anyone want to have some fun?


Just a mantisgirl who wants to enjoy herself.

>> No.27273680

I'm afraid the winds have been dead as of late my dear. Plus I've somehow wound up doing what I assume is a erp for a chase fetishist Which actually has been fairly fun so far. Can't wait to see horribly this ends.

>> No.27273696

Next one will probably be out on Saturday, so look out for it.

>> No.27273812

Obvious guro/vore trap. Not that that's a bad thing....

>> No.27273834

>Blurred dicks
Fukken Japs ruining mah dicks.

>> No.27273858

Ah, sounds thrilling! I do hope you catch whoever it is your chasing. Do keep us updated

>> No.27273924

>roleplaying on /tg/

>> No.27274004

And the flames go higher!
And it burns
The ring of fire!
The ring of fire!

>> No.27274043


derpy doo~

>> No.27274078


It's not a trap.... I made it for eggs.

I just want to fill someone with eggs~

I've never really liked gore/vore. I'll do it if people want, but never look for it.

>> No.27274098

Look for Fen the fairie. She'd be interested, I'm sure.

>> No.27274186

I just do this because Im hopeless depressed from lack of human contact/affection
why do you do it /tg/

>> No.27274203

So /tg/...
My char got transmogryphied into a girl. He was originally a guy, but now s/he's a girl as per genie wimsy and bottle room shenanigans.
People are starting to nag me to turn back into a boy. Even the cute puritan battle sister my char is chrusing on said she liked me better as a boy, and I've made relative progress with her as a girl.

Should I turn back? I'm seriously having a hard time making up my mind. I'm having so much fun as a girl, doing "feminine" things and feeling beautiful and sexy and stuff. I never thought I had that in me, but h-hey, wimsical genies and shenanigans...

>> No.27274208

>Having lewds, doing fine.
>Write about 3 lines to her one.
>She's telling me ooc how great I am, don't stop, etc.
>[partner] disconnected.
Well... fuck. How bad did I fuck up to deserve this?

>> No.27274223

Because I was really horny one night, but now I'm experiencing the best RP I've had in years so it's got that going for it too.

And I'm just a little slut who needs someone to love me.

>> No.27274227

Make two versions of your character, one boy one girl. Easy as that!

>> No.27274228

Because lewds are fun and I'm experimenting with my sexuality!
That's what I say. But really it's because I'm hopelessly depressed hopeless romantic.

>> No.27274239

She came and quit because she lost interest. It happens.

>> No.27274241

Chill. She probably just finished early and didn't know how to tell you. Just cross your fingers you see her again. When you do, don't be a huge bitch about it, but let her know professionally that you'd like a little more warning so you can finish together, or that you like to finish the scene, or you'd like her to stay after and cuddle/help you finish too.

>> No.27274253

If all else fails, touch a giant diamond and split into two separate beings, one female, one male.

>> No.27274258

I'd hate that, though, I really like having just one character. Unless there was some really good ICly reason for it to happen, it just wouldn't make sense? And having more than two characters, I'd have to chose which one to play...
I'm all for absurd stuff, though, that's actually a pretty big part of my character, which I weave into my fetishes...

>> No.27274260 [SPOILER] 

so either of you thinkin of transitioning then?

>> No.27274282

I am...sort of. At the most I'd probably trap...people say I look very feminine...and getting hormones is annoying.

>> No.27274294

Hey, >>27274203 here.
Whaddya... mean? My IC dilemma is "Do I transform back into a dude" which is also a dilemma for me, regarding this character.
Or do you mean, IRL? Fuck no, I like my balls...

>> No.27274295

Does tgchat need more boys or girls atm?

>> No.27274343

pics or nop

>> No.27274352

This >>27274343

>> No.27274355

I've posted my face on /v/ before, I don't really know if I want to do it again... But the overall consensus was that I could pull it off.

>> No.27274365

We somehow have a ton of girls yet the chat is almost always incredibly pic related. Except the bottle room which is a lesbian hive no cock dare enter. So, uh, take your pick.

>> No.27274368

Go for it!
I wish I could, but I'm too tall and have wide shoulders and no hips.

If a wizard popped up and offered to change me, though. . .
I think I could go for that.

>> No.27274388

I think you mean >take your prick.

>> No.27274402

>If a wizard popped up
How about a surgeon who was quietly expelled from medical school due to unethical practices?

I swear I could've had those mice photosynthesizing by 2020, fuck the system

>> No.27274424

>but I'm too tall
No such thing
>wide shoulders
That's unfortunate
>no hips
There are ways to amend that...

I wish you a brighter future, Anon.

>> No.27274442

>photosynthesizing mice
>too unethical for medical school
Bro, you don't know nearly as much as you think you do.
They made bio-luminescent kittens and plastic-producing tobacco, for fuck's sake.

>> No.27274457

How do you get wider hips?
>inb4 surgery

>> No.27274474

>not gay
Also, like, three guys have been turned more or less female because bottle shenanigans, myself included, though my favourite was the brooding assassin warrior who was trans'd into a frisky, fleecy sheepgirl and liked it

>> No.27274485

Funny the bottleroom was fur and sausage when I took a look yesterday. But yeah, tgchat is bretty gay because the guys talk more and are more obnoxious. That and the girls aren't the best at being hyperfeminine in chat.
>mfw autocorrect "hyperfeminine" to "hyperinflation"

>> No.27274506

First we carefully shatter your pelvis, stretch the fragments out, then let it regrow.

Some slight discomfort may be involved.

>> No.27274509

>in after surgery
And botox, if you don't count it as surgery.
And hormones have a huge impact on how and where yer lard goes, so with oestrogen and stuff, if you gain weight, it should stick to your hips and bum buns, as well as possibly yer buubs and cheeks.

>> No.27274510

Oh no, the unethical part was for supporting affordable health care

>> No.27274520

I'll pass!

>> No.27274523

Nah, I couldn't do the whole surgery thing. It's more of a curiosity for me. I wouldn't really want to do it permanently.

Until medical science becomes wizardly enough, I'm happy enough being a feminine dude.

Thank you. I haven't really crossdressed since my teenage years, but I'm still a little interested in it.

>> No.27274565

>I wouldn't really want to do it permanently.
Same here! I'm not really into crossdressing, maybe in part because I'm just a kind of sloppy looking skinny guy which isn't feminine in the least (but I make a great hipster dude, apparently), but it'd be cool to try to actually BE a woman for, like, a week maybe, or to be able to switch between being a dude and a woman?
Preferably a really hot woman, though...

>> No.27274618

Eat a lot to gain weight, and work your ass out. There's an image that gets passed around which gives basic instruction. Estrogen helps too, but you can get it in ways other than buying it straight, there's foods that contain it naturally. Same image has some info on that.

>> No.27274648

Wish I could find that image.

>> No.27274703

Pelvises grow back!

Is it bad that one of my fetishes is enforcing a semi-realistic feminisation procedures involving enforced hormone therapy for months, corset reshaping of my body, bone surgery as described in my pelvis, my jaw...

And finally the final operations to make me female?
All without anasthetic?

And then perhaps overly sexualised surgeries - oversized breast implants, a silicon o-ring in my lips, butt implants... Piercings all across myself? To be transformed agonisingly into a thing only useful for sexual purposes?

>> No.27274765

>Is it bad
Yes, go see a shrink right now.

Ask him how to fulfil your fantasy and he will help you

>> No.27274783

profile pl0x

>> No.27274844

y'all motherfuckers need this.

>> No.27274854

>have two chats open for two different characters
>in the same room with both of them
>say something
>meant to say it with the other character


>> No.27274863

>tfw steak is your favorite food

>> No.27274874

It's a very manly food, isn't it? You feel more manly just eating it.

>> No.27274880

/Tg/ chat has a proud history of that.

You all dumb.

>> No.27274886

I just like the taste.

>> No.27274903

I did that last night, took it as a sign to go to bed. I had one of my characters playing bouncer in the prostitution bar because this shithead pony-fag wouldn't take a hint.

>> No.27274921

I suspect actually having no anasthetic would stop me having a boner ever again.

Can you imagine it? Strapped down, paralysed but still able to feel every bit of the cold table, hear the beep of monitoring devices. Feel the first slice of scalpel as it strips the flesh around the nerve endings out from you, removing, reducing, slicing into you.
Unable to flinch. Unable to even blink. Just feeling them grafting the remains of skin and flesh back into you, severing so carefully that which had meant you were male?

>> No.27274933

>eat more
>500 to 1000 mg/day

>> No.27274944

Me too. You don't need estrogen to have a nice butt, though.

>> No.27274975


>> No.27274981

That's like me, but with penis.

>> No.27274995

Please no, I'm trying to get off here!

>> No.27275005


>> No.27275109

Ok, I'll stop now~

>> No.27275268

I was skimming the thread because the constant ERP threads do leave me morbidly curious, and I'll admit I do it too, I just don't brag about it like you niggers do.

But your post caught my attention. How can you hate the horsefuckers and still contribute to a thread like this? I know /tg/ is a rotting shell of its former self plagued with quest cancer threads but how is this thread better than /mlp/?

>> No.27275278

...It's not.... I was saying that I fucked up last night, while dealing with a horse-fucker, and decided that it was time to go to bed.

>> No.27275292

We should meet up

>> No.27275324

Also, the hating the horse-fuckers thing isn't true, I don't like them, they weird me out, and I have no interest in them. That particular horse-fucker had insulted me and my partner with his antics.

>> No.27275351

That's what I was thinking.
But semen.

>> No.27275476

Is it sexier for a girl to like the taste of cock, or the taste of semen?

>> No.27275491

Taste of semen

>> No.27275516

A cock is a piece of sweaty and probably a bit dirty skin, as far as taste goes.
Def taste of semen.

>> No.27275541

Posting my profile: http://www.f-list.net/c/lesyamina/

Hoping for nice replies

>> No.27275547

Cocks still taste good though.

>> No.27275568

You might as well pee in your armpit, let it dry, go for a jog and get sweaty, and then lick that, though.
I bet someone reading this is blushing furiously because they've already tried that.

>> No.27275587

That doesn't taste the same. Cocks don't taste like sweat and pee, at least if they're clean.

>> No.27275590


Right now I only have a shemale, I've been thinking about making a male and I have to admit I like your style.

>> No.27275603

Oh god, I tried shaving my legs and I am so bad at it.

You think it'd be easier than shaving a dong, but there's missed bits and scrapes everywhere. I just wanted to be pretty.

>> No.27275616

...mind sharing out you shaved your dick? That's one of the most difficult parts for me.

>> No.27275628

>more redhead elves
I must start a harem.

>> No.27275632

Cock. Semen is easy to alter in terms of taste, and much the same way is true in regards to cock, yet with cock it adds a level of...personal appraisal that makes the partner feel more desirable I suppose?

>> No.27275659


Please do and let me know~ You can always copy kinks from one profile to the next and make adjustments, it's how I do it usually...


I have a whole family of redheaded elves :D

>> No.27275695

>feel stubble growing out
>better drink my own semen

>> No.27275734

I don't really know, it just came naturally to me. I just sort of pull the skin taut and shave it like I would my face.

I'm sorry that I'm not much help. I think it might be worth it moving to something like Nair instead of shaving all the time anyway. I might be looking into that soon.

>> No.27275735

Shaving scrotum is the hardest for me. It's like it wants to avoid the razor by any means it can.

>> No.27275839


>Looking at your other characters
>Elizabeth Comstock
>mfw I finished that game yesterday.

>> No.27275853



>> No.27275920


You know it might actually be more interesting for me to not play a single character, but instead to DM a campaign of sorts just playing the monsters and men that you encounter.

>> No.27275928

That monkey is making the fucking Dreamworks grin.

>> No.27275938

That'a girl. <3

>> No.27275993


That's sounds like a good idea, I had some scenes with plot progression although usually it's naughty "bad end" scene for my girls :)

>> No.27276013


Would you mind if I messaged you from my shemale profile so we can discuss it more? I'm heading to bed shortly.

>> No.27276029


Sure, please do

>> No.27276049

You monster!

>> No.27276485


Had a new idea of sorts just now:

An elven city has been conquored by monsters for some time now. Some of the elves formed a courtesans guild and have made arrangements with the monsters in charge for some time now. They get all sorts of information and benefits out of it, maybe helping them to form some kind resistance even.

The old (and more lenient) monster general in charge gets backstabbed by a more ambitious guy and which of course fundamentally changes things in the city. Maybe the new monster general turns up the breeding program for the poor elves, turns sly courtesans into his own agents by fucking them silly etc~

>> No.27276742


>person posts ad
>im, talk out scene, person is super excited, okay let's start! Oh no I'm sorry I need to crash.
>repeat 5 times tonight

Why do you even post ads, god dammit.

>post ad yourself, person responds, profile says post length is (4-7 sentences)
>never above 3.

>> No.27276752


Oops didn't mean to respond.

>> No.27277508

Anybody still around this time of day?

>> No.27277530

Just woke up actually.

>> No.27277618


Posting profiles to start the day



>> No.27277672

>Started things just a few days ago
>Respond to shy anon who's having trouble finding anyone, figure we can have some fun together at least
>Turns out we have great chemistry and have some really fun scenes
>We've been playing practically every day since~
I guess you really do need to keep an eye on the shy ones, /tg/~

>> No.27277706

>First time lewding
H-hell yeah m-m-motherfucker!

>> No.27277716

Shy boys are fun!

>> No.27277764

What about shy girls

>> No.27277880

Ummm also fun? Mostly into cocks buuuut it could be fun~?

>> No.27277937

Not a boy, darling~

>> No.27278042


Gonna leave my profile here, always on the hunt for new people. Also happy to listen to critiques on my profile as long as people aren't assholes about it.

>> No.27278368

Your threads would be a lot less obnoxious if you weren't all so pathetic. Hell even the pack betas get more poontang than you.

>> No.27278503

>pack betas
get out of here furry

>> No.27278540

I'm awake, and I've got the entire day free.

>> No.27278548

He sounds more like a /fit/izen to me.

>> No.27278569


I should really sort out a F-List.

>> No.27278598

Also, I've got a relatively healthy sex life and ERP for fun and to tease myself.

But so long as we're throwing baseless accusations around. It's ten AM on a Tuesday morning, and you're here on 4chan telling people that they're having badwrongfun. You're not really in a position to condescend to anyone.

>> No.27278617

Kitty please, let me wake up first at least.

I'm on the IRC, mainly. It'll take me a little to actually be awake-awake and not just freshly risen zombie-awake, though.

>> No.27278684

Freshly risen! Backed up from the night before! Needing a morning pick-up~

Okay sorry I'll stop. I should probably hop in the IRC for actually flirting, it's too much fun.

>> No.27278705

No need to stop, but if we're gonna continue talking it'd probably be best to hop into the IRC so we don't bug other people here.

Whats your nick, or would you prefer I post mine?

>> No.27278775

You could both say meow or something, if you don't want to post your nicks.

Or ask in the channel itself.

Save time and effort!

>> No.27278865

Post yours, but unfortunately I probably won't be around for reals until much laterness. Will come play with you sometime then~

>> No.27278902

Aw, thats unfortunate. I should be around most of the day, and I'm idling in the chat now if you want to shoot a message~


>> No.27279243

>Uncut wangs.

You have my attention.

>> No.27279257

Because my dick is hard.


It's a curse.

>> No.27279305

I do it because I'm bored and it's a better to use my writing skills than just let them wither.

>> No.27279341

>TFW you're sitting at your desk, periodically reloading your 'Notes' page.

ERP is suffering.

>> No.27279351

Goddamn captcha stole my pic.

>> No.27279433

Contact with other people because I just don't talk to many people IRL.
To make people happy and feel like someone wants me.

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