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Magic Edition

>Recruitin' players
>Talkin' about game

How to join:
-Sign up on F-list.
-Create a character (don't have to finish it in one go).
-Enter F-chat (experimental chat recommended).
-Hit the browse/open channels button and CTRL+F for /tg/ chat.
-Improve your character, get erp.

How to improve your character:
-Give them custom kinks
-Find at least ONE IMAGE to show what they look like
-Use a nicely cropped bit of your image as profile avatar

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>tfw no young, shy, sexually frustrated girl summoner to be brought into the mortal plane by

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>tfw no shy, sexually frustrated girl summoner to be brought into the mortal plane by

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This would be neat.

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>approach guy about ad/profile
>he provides me with album of the girls I could play
>the pictures are of average girls clearly ripped from his facebook or something


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Delete NSFW images. We don't want the threads to be banned.

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I only ask for one thing...
And that is, I want your stories!

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>tfw no shy, sexually frustrated girl summoner to be brought into the mortal plane by

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That's creepy.

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>There are creeps in F-List.
More news at 11.

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Nice vagina tentacles

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>people you have bookmarked but never talked to

If only bimbo profiles with slutty images didn't get my dick so hard.

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Is samefagging your fetish or something?

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But that wasn't me anon... no bully.

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Ah, sorry then.

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I want to do horrible things to you.

>> No.27241610

Sent you a note on flist.

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How can you say you love your little sister if you won't fuck her throat?

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>tfw most drawings of average Joe blonde bespectacled dudes make them look like complete dweebs
>tfw bottle room shenanigans turns your char into a woman and you suddenly have a new fetish

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Why are people going nut over-
>Reading reading reading...

Oh my.

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>playing an average Joe

What the fuck is wrong with you?

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There have been a couple of ladies here who've posted profiles involving fetishes where they're an impossibly hot chick blowing some regular schmoe's mind. That might be what he was aiming for.

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Oh right, I said yesterday that I would compile my catgirl gangrape/watersports/beastiality RP. Gimme a while to pastebin it.

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Do you only use F-list?

>> No.27241998

Welp, I know my next goal.

>> No.27242081

I can't wait.

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>sheeeeeeit spoonfeed me

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Asking about alternative contact methods is wanting to be spoonfed?

Man, the HR rep at my workplace has a lot to answer for, then.

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Most people with an F-list are elitist assholes. Nobody will agree with me, but deep down you all know the truth.

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God, the F-Chat mods are egotistical Nazi's

Don't go there unless you love drama

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>slut Yui

Whoa what

>> No.27242284

This is taking quite a while, but I'm working on it.

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Having standards is pretty awful

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F-List is a pretty terrible site if you're only interested in one person. It's not wrong to ask about alternate routes.

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Aren't they furries mostly?

>> No.27242322

No more than here, I'd wager; the only difference is that there people can't just act like it was some other anon.

I'm not sure what this has to do with the person wanting alternate contact info, though.

>> No.27242387

Not literally Yui (for one thing this one's 18), but yes.

>> No.27242388

Probably, some people have high standards and loose morals, me? I'm tempted to try it out, but have no idea what I would do, and I don't want to ruin somebody else time, trying to introduce a erp virgin.

Take your time, good things come to those who wait.

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All I want is an RPG (D&D, whatever) where I play one half of a monogamous, loving couple and someone else plays the other half. It's so hard to find since everyone just plays a man-whore.

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I disagree. People who have an F-List and insist YOU get an F-List are elitist assholes. People who use F-List as a convenient place to compile their kinks and various forms of contact information tend to be perfectly fine.

Almost everyone I've contacted from F-List for roleplaying elsewhere has been super nice.

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Welp, that settles it. I'm making an f-list.

>> No.27242457

>getting involved with staff

>> No.27242472

Hrnnng....I Must Contact You

>> No.27242506

Oh geez you're getting popular.

Maybe I shouldn't bother after all...

>> No.27242525


Might as well throw your hat in to the ring, just to see what happens.

>> No.27242528

He LOOKS like an average Joe.

He's basically a parody of myself. That, and he has a handicap that shrinks him down to 3 inches high at the mention of a specific power word.

>> No.27242533

>generic slut profile getting tons of people loving it

Good Job!

>> No.27242548


Everyone loves cute anime grils

Now play a slutty Dota girl for me and I'll be interested

>> No.27242564

>have a fetish for satyrs and other things with hooves
>also have a foot fetish

Life is suffering

>> No.27242566

Phew, that was a lot of text, more than I thought it would be. Please note, this was never intended to be posted like this, so expect inconstitencies, repetitive language, inanities etc from the GM. I'm the GM, and I got the players permission to post this.

The tags are catgirl, underage, gangrape, beastiality, beastmen, watersports, etc.

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So, going about getting this set up...
Does anyone who has used f-list for a while know if there are any bit pointers/tips I should know? reading the getting started wiki, but is there anything they wouldn't put on there I should know?

Also, how does the community generally react to 'unusual' profiles, like if I wanted to make, say, a carnival as a character.

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Lycan's summons on Drow is my fetish

>> No.27242595

>All these people jumping into the ring over miss Kuroki
I might as well jump into things myself, I guess~

>> No.27242597

>Most people are elitist assholes.

>> No.27242607

Enthusiasm is really attractive, anon.

>> No.27242626


I want to put it in Luna's butt

>> No.27242629

Needs more IC custom kinks.

Pretty sure one of the reasons Kuroki is so popular is that just reading her kinks list gives a feel for the character.

>> No.27242630


Thank you very much, I look forward to reading it.

>> No.27242640

And people also probably are saying things because she makes it obvious she wants attention. I'm gonna have to spruce up my F-list and see about posting it.

And personally, I fucking love giving people what they want.

>> No.27242642

>'unusual' profiles
>a carnival as a character
Tame, bro.

>> No.27242672

Satyrtaur with hind-hooves and front feet?
Also 8 tits below and 2 above?
With antlers?
Yes please?

>> No.27242676

>Does anyone who has used f-list for a while know if there are any bit pointers/tips I should know?
Your profile is your resume, put your personality into it. I can usually judge how chill a person is by their profile. High strung dramashits are generally avoided. "I'm here for the smuts" profiles that are generally reasonable otherwise, however, are welcomed, because they know what they want and aren't dicks about it.
>Also, how does the community generally react to 'unusual' profiles, like if I wanted to make, say, a carnival as a character.
/tg/ chat has a plane transformer or something like that chilling around, and one user talks about how he once saw a sentient pile of shit looking for ERP. In other words, go nuts.

>> No.27242694

Sagan on Luna and Nova on PotM for me

>> No.27242717

>Luna's butt
>she uses a panther as a mount
It would be like fucking a girl on a bike or something... I like it

>> No.27242729

I'm trying to grapple what exactly this is.
What's this cool new club you kids want me to join?

>> No.27242747

I just want to see some CM/Drow for me. Cold relations.

>> No.27242767

Pretty much this. Then again, don't forget where you are. This is attention whore heaven, and there seem to be more permavirgin neckbeards on today than usual.

>> No.27242770

I sent you a friend request yesterday. http://www.f-list.net/c/justin%20deveraux/

>> No.27242776

Erotic Role Play. Like roleplaying in D&D or 40k or something, but with added sex.

>> No.27242784


I've played Omniknight x CM. Sweet, vanilla blond loving.

>> No.27242791

Dont bother, its been ruined already.

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>NSFW fapfic and porn spam general

>> No.27242798


I use IRC as well.


Please do~


I don't like that kinda talk, no sir.
You never know until you try!

>> No.27242805

Omniknight would make a good husband. I wish there were more handsome, male heroes. Anti-Mage looks too much like a punk to do anything for me.

>> No.27242807

Neat. Are there lizard tits?

>> No.27242813

>have two roommates
>no predictable timetable for when I can click out with my dick out
>have to ask for one-shots when everyone seems to prefer short- or medium-term RPs.


>> No.27242817


I remember that guy. The sentient pile of shit, I mean.

>> No.27242831

Depends. Do you want lizard tits?

>> No.27242842

Skywrath would be another good one, just would need to get past his obsession for VS.

>> No.27242843

>fucking Anti-Mage
What a terrible idea. Never fuck someone bearing Vlad's aura.

>> No.27242845 [DELETED] 

See that background? BLUE. Means SFW board. Shit like this is inherently NSFW. Conclusion: GTFO.

>> No.27242876

>doesn't know the rules
>can't even sage properly
2/10 apply yourself

>> No.27242884

I don't see any NSFW images


>> No.27242892

>I use IRC as well.
>I don't like that kinda talk, no sir.
>You never know until you try!
Oh, perhaps I'll try you later then. I'm not really at my best at the moment.

>> No.27242905


Since you're almost a tripfag here, with posting the same annoying shit every day, I'm gonna name you Saget.

>> No.27242922


I've also done Invoker using his powers to restrain Luna to do as he pleases with her. Didn't get to finish that one, though.

>> No.27242926

Skywrath would be pretty good for gentle loving.

I'd rather have most of the male Dota heroes rape me instead. Nightstalker, Ursa, Spirit Breaker, Doom, Lycan, Centaur, Riki, Leshrac...

Also, a Phantom Lancer gangbang would be awesome.

>> No.27242927

You realize there was a janitor around yesterday deleting every sagebomb post while leaving the thread itself intact, yes?

The janitors know about these threads, and approve of them.

>> No.27242936

I want lizard tits like there's no tomorrow.

>> No.27242945



What kind of profile would you like to see showered in attention?

>> No.27242956

Any mages out there willing to tempt fate by summoning a tempestuous, manipulative, and backstabbing demon?

>> No.27242979


I've seen brutal Riki x CM go on.

Fuck this discussion is making me miss my Dota RP.

>> No.27242984

In the game of pretend, anyone can be anything.

>> No.27242990

>Mfw reading this after playing a game of dota.

>> No.27243014

What motivates the demon? Is it just a LOLCHAOTICEVIL thing, are they trying to get free, do they have something to gain by manipulating their summoner?

>> No.27243020

>You'll never get the attention in these threads that the generic sluts do.
I need to get back on skype and roleplay more

>> No.27243037 [DELETED] 

That's a serious problem. That means thbat a janitor approves of rules breaking, and needs to be removed immediately. BRB, petitioning moot.

>> No.27243045

>I need to get back on skype and roleplay more
Hey, I've given both of you attention. I just haven't seen you on skype in forever.

>> No.27243048


>> No.27243058 [DELETED] 

What is NSFW about these threads, pray tell? We don't post explicit lewds and all the sexytimes happen somewhere else.

>> No.27243063

I know I'm getting back on soon. (Probably Monday Night, Tuesday afternoon)

>> No.27243079


>> No.27243084 [DELETED] 

Don't feed the troll

>> No.27243099

No worries, honestly. I've been busy with school stuff lately and for the last couple of days I've been sick.

>> No.27243116


>generic sluts

You're saying it like it's a bad thing.

>> No.27243124

>tfw no slutty ench rp'er

>> No.27243129

It is. We need distinctive sluts with slut trademarks.

>> No.27243136

It's a hoping for escape, but willing to do what it takes to climb the ladder in hell and desire to see his own corruption and degradation mirrored in his summoner.

>> No.27243140

is English your native?

>> No.27243142 [DELETED] 

The fucking offboard links, you turd. Shit like this had a place on /tg/ in the bad old times, when you could spam porn with impunity. I bet you liked Grandpa Dreadnought and similar trollplay threads. You sound xactly like the kind of shit-for-brains that would.

>> No.27243157


This shit's wierd man...

>> No.27243175

Larkin's like a sex mutant, giant tits, perverted face on 24/7, longass tongue.

>> No.27243180


It's not.

Is it so obvious?

>> No.27243186

Are you the one with the aural kink? Sounds like it (get it no but srsly)

>> No.27243187 [DELETED] 

>The fucking offboard links
Which are entirely within the rules, so sayeth the almighty mootykins.

>> No.27243195 [DELETED] 

Offboard linking is alright.

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>> No.27243242

>tfw you cant stop making new characters
I'm building a harem of characters for me to play and there are more I want to make. This is getting out of hand

>> No.27243263

Kuroki does have a trademark. She's got basically nothing but custom kinks, all of which are from the perspective of the character. It helps maintain her theme (namely, adorable attentionwhore slut).

>> No.27243295

>Getting really angry over hello

>> No.27243299

Someone posted about liking voices and sounds.

>> No.27243307

"having to do with sound/hearing". Like visual is for sight.

>> No.27243330

Now only if I could find a normal woman like that and who enjoy cuddles, enjoys my company and want to roll dice with me, I'd die a happy man.
So ronery.

>> No.27243338

Is this unusual? Voices can be sexy as hell, and I make custom playlists to fuck to based on the girl I'm with but I'm also mildly synesthetic and have frequent auditory hallucinations.

>> No.27243343

Your English is fine. I took a wild guess based on your timezone. GMT +1 means you're more likely to have English as secondary than native.
So... what are you wea... um - I mean what is your native?

>> No.27243349

On f-list, hello and that stuff is somewhat passive aggresive. People say *hello* and just wait for a reply, how are you, all the basics really. It's annoying.

>> No.27243363

Yeah, someone who can write and describe sounds or at least write a cliche accent in roleplay is top notch.

>> No.27243366


Oh right. How silly of me!

Polish is my native.

>> No.27243368

>make a new character
>RP a few times
>make a different one
I have no idea why I do this.

>> No.27243369

So... recognizing that there is a person on the other end of the smut-writing is rude?

This is like some bizarre alternate dimension.

>> No.27243374

Not really. I ask because it sounded cool.

>> No.27243382

My girl's only half of those, but at least she likes that I game, gives me dices for gifts, is cute and has big breasts. It's not everything, but god damn it's good enough.

>> No.27243383

>Looking to try something new
>Keep finding it only in super tryhard profiles
Your pretentiousness kills my ladyboner.

>> No.27243398

Imagine if you called someone on the phone and just went 'Hello' until they asked what the fuck do you want.

>> No.27243410

What is that 'something new' you are looking for?

>> No.27243417 [DELETED] 

Just a question, my dear turdlings. Why exactly do you hang out on /tg/ at all? You have your fucking f-list and shouldn't even need to shit up /tg/.

>> No.27243420

>saying hi = autoignore
What you have against common courtesy?

>> No.27243430

Oh no, but like I said, some people are *really* annoying. Just write it all out, don't just go hello, or *pokes* Hello

Hello! I've been checking your profile and I'm wondering if you'd be free to work on a story/roleplay together?

Anything more then the 10 minute long exchange of 1-2 words at the time some people do.

>> No.27243439 [DELETED] 

I could ask why you're not on /b/ if your only presence on this board is for shit-talking.

>> No.27243442

Yes! Exactly

>> No.27243449

We both know you messaged me because you want to fuck. Don't just say hello and then wait for me to somehow guess what scene you want.

>> No.27243452 [DELETED] 

Because flist chat is pretty terrible and /tg/ is pretty pleasant. Present company excluded of course.

>> No.27243456

>f-chat /tg/
Came for the ERP, stayed for the science.

>> No.27243457 [DELETED] 


I like Warhammer and Warmahordes and general RP creativity myself.

Stay mad though.

>> No.27243474

>super tryhard profiles

>> No.27243478 [DELETED] 


Ah, a 40kid then. This explains everything.

>> No.27243482

A lot of us poach partners off of these threads rather than wade into the ocean of shit that is F-List to find a few diamonds.

A number of us don't even have F-Lists at all.

And again, initially, these threads were less for roleplays centered around sex, and more for regular roleplaying minus the fade-to-black.

It's gotten steadily more "F-List General" as time has gone on. I think it started when one or two people in the IRC demanded they stop linking it in the OP, so the only thing left was F-List, and then "how to make a good F-List profile" made it into the OP, and now it's all F-List, all the time.

>> No.27243483

Seconding the curiosity

>> No.27243495

I think we all came for the ERP.


>> No.27243505

>Hello! I've been checking your profile and I'm wondering if you'd be free to work on a story/roleplay together?
This is the example of what TO do, right? If you've got an issue with this one, I genuinely do not comprehend how your mind works.

>> No.27243521 [DELETED] 


Ignoring the rest of his post to spout a meme. Nice job.

>> No.27243522


>hi = ignore


>> No.27243528

Oh. Just say hello and then DO NOTHING?

Yeah, I can see how that would be annoying. I don't know why people would do that in the first place.

>> No.27243547

Yes, that's one of the many good ways to make it work.

>> No.27243569

Oh, okay. So you've just dealt with a bunch of weirdos who just keep saying hi over and over?

That's... baffling.

>> No.27243570

A lot of people on f-list seem to work on the 1-1 exchange for posts. Which is ok in a roleplay, everyone goes and posts one by one. But for convsersation before or after, it can be unsettling,

>> No.27243578

>Uh, hi there.
>How are you doing?
>That's good.



>> No.27243582

>enter /tg/ f-list chat
>a bunch of wierd fetish public erp


>> No.27243586



>> No.27243590

It's really annoying. I can see why he listed it as a "no", honestly.

>> No.27243595


The worst ones are the ones that drag it on even further.

"How are you?"
"How is your day?"

>> No.27243598

You're a lucky man.

I just want more out of live at the moment, god damn feels.

>> No.27243601

...Wow. I, uhh, I can see your issue then.

You might want to clarify that that's what you mean in your profile, though, as with how it is now it just looks like you hate common courtesy.

>> No.27243603

Not a fan of public rp. But finding people who want to play power-bottom oppai lolis for a vanilla-esque consensual and messy roleplay isn't easy.

>> No.27243610

That's not even the best example. Ideally you'd have that plus some quick and dirty scenario ideas too.

>> No.27243615

Or at least why you're interested in the other character, to make a bridge.

>> No.27243623

>cute little playful submissive girl who likes it in the butt


>> No.27243636

It's really only the one or two people with weird kinks. Somehow I'm ending up pointing out all the weird logic in the SCIENCE!!! How.

>> No.27243637

Anytime I post an ad in LFRP I get an absolute flood of responses (easily a dozen, often more) because my characters tend toward the MILFy, slutty type.

I'm more likely to respond to an interesting hook that catches my attention, and shows they read my profile than a simple "Hi" or "Good evening"

>> No.27243644

Over-elaborate formatting, excessive special characters that have no reason to be there, unreasonably high expectations (Bonus: You don't even meet your own standards) and a general attitude that says "I take my erotic roleplay incredibly serious."

I found that, generally, there is also some kind of thinly veiled "Worship me, the player, in all my awesomeness" in there as well.

>> No.27243672




>> No.27243697

There is femtrans version of the thing from Slither.
Also shoggoths with genders.

Roll for SAN loss.

>> No.27243719

Some of those can be good. But I've managed to get some rp going with those people. The *second* you don't meet their expectations in any way, they either go offline, ignore you, or more usually just stop answering you, despite maybe setting up a roleplay after 2 hours of brainstorming. And worst if they ditch you in the brainstorming because of 1 thing you said.

>> No.27243723

It's easy to determine a shoggoth's gender. If it has more penises then vaginas, it's male. If it has more vaginas than penises, it's female.

>> No.27243725

Okay. http://pastebin.com/beQJc878

>> No.27243727

...I think I have a new character to roll.

>> No.27243740

>MFW I can find better ERP faster on Gaiaonline than on here

>They generally don't abandon as hard and avatars can be a helpful shorthand for determining gender... most of the time

>> No.27243762

now i am seeing this erotic rp thread pretty often now. but i am scared /tg. cause i like weird transformation stuff. not just furry. but getting turned into a girl and then turned into a soft chair or something. is this the type of stuff that is done on the /tg/ f-list role play channel?

>> No.27243766

>Going to Gaia

>> No.27243769

Please do. Bonus for being a sweet but dirty girl and liking shotas and futas of all ages.

>> No.27243784

Oj kurwa! So close yet so far. Czech here.

>> No.27243788

If you avoid the children, it's not that bad a place - and since you're only playing with one other person, that is very easy to do.

>> No.27243790

More like as a whole on the channel. Stay at the sex driven lfrp channel in the main channel section.

>> No.27243807

Hahaha oh wow.

Exactly how many other people do they have chomping at the bit to roleplay with them, that they can ditch people this easily over minor shit?

>> No.27243826


I've dealt with a few sassy bitches like that.

I get >>27243644 but I do like making my profiles a little more fancy than usual with the somewhat overly elaborate formatting. Better to have a few drop down boxes than a big chunk of text, right? It doesn't hurt to make the whole thing more nice to look at either, but yeah, every one I've seen with what the guy described usually is like that. Usually, but not all the time.

>> No.27243829

F-list ain't only for furry at all. In fact there's a transformation room that has 143 people in it RIGHT NOW.

There's also a room with games like spin the bottle spurred transformation stuff and so on.

>> No.27243842

Either a lot, or almost none but they old their standards high. Sometimes they have someone who they themselves proclaim to be a god or goddess of roleplay and list to that other person's profile. Other profile is always well done, but never as much as theirs.

>> No.27243851

There's so many people on f-list that RP is pretty much disposable.

>> No.27243856

http://www.f-list.net/c/The%20Triple%20Threat Adorable

>> No.27243871

I was gonna say... I saw nothing noteworthy or interesting about that profile. Generic slut is generic and a tired trope.

>> No.27243893

>No such character exists
Wait, what?

>> No.27243930

Remove the *adorable*


>> No.27243938


why god

>> No.27243939

Anon you're replying to (3644); don't get me wrong, I love drop boxes. I like detailed histories (provided it's otherwise well written) and descriptions. Effort is fine, effort is great.

But then there are the people who just throw in a bunch of formatting and thinly veiled "I'm so awesome, worship my futacock since it's almost always futa" and other insecurities. ESPECIALLY when you're using a lot of this kind of crap and have no substance.

Most of the time I'm wondering: Why put so much effort into such a bland and uninteresting character? And why be such a bitch about how good the other person needs to be?

>> No.27243952

That would be me, random anon. I love everyone going "Do you mean oral?" NO, JUST TALK DIRTY TO ME AND/OR HAVE A HOT VOICE. Fuck.

>> No.27243955


Nothing about that is adorable.

>> No.27243985

Unf, I know. I dated a girl who had a dark, sultry, almost raspy voice. So hot.

>> No.27243986


Anita, no.

>> No.27243994

Guys do that on dating sites as well. Annoying as fuck to get a one word message of "Hi", "Hello", "Hey :)"

>> No.27243995

Exactly, big bonus if you can fake it in a french or russian accent thing.

>> No.27243998


Ah, well. It would be fun to play in Polish.

>> No.27244014

I know how you feel anon, getting talked dirty too gets me so turned on it isn't even funny. But it is sexy!

>> No.27244016

Personally I like Futa, playing as one, it's just kinky and it's somewhat easier to get a good roleplay going then 90% of guy characters.

Except femboys and underaged boys, those always work well.

>> No.27244041

>tfw you are terrible with dirty talk.

Teach me, anon ;w;

>> No.27244048

>Magic Edition

I've never posted in one of these threads, but this caught my interest

>> No.27244068

Well, what kind of dirty talk do you like? Loving dirty talk, outright degrading dirty talk, or begging dirty talk?

>> No.27244073

German gets me titillated. Unf.

>> No.27244074


>> No.27244080

>mfw interested in trying ERP but knows that would be horrible at the RP part

>> No.27244081

Well, at least we share a timezone, so keeping you up till 4AM would feel very authentic for both of us~

>> No.27244083

I'm pretty sure most people are into this, even if it's not their biggest fetish.

>> No.27244086

Oh, there is nothing wrong with futa! I've had some excellent futa roleplay, and have even tried it (albeit looking around, I'd say my futa is a tad atypical.)

But I noticed that these profiles almost always are futas with gigantic packages.

>> No.27244087

Loving and begging, primarily. Teasy flirty a bit too.

>> No.27244097

I can write German.

>> No.27244121

Not that anon, but loving/sultry/horny dirty talk is best dirty talk. I've never been into the shame/degradation stuff.

Let me hear how into it you are, don't go judging me for it.

Positivity is great.

>> No.27244137

I bet you can't.

>> No.27244139

>Enjoy softcore and fanservice over sex, having trouble not being repetitive during the actual act


>> No.27244152

People who like futas are almost usually into massive stuff too. My favorite roleplayer is just awesome in every aspect, we have a 10 character roleplay going on, But the futas are all 10 to like 40 inches long between the legs. It's a problem, but for the fun I can suspend my disbelief and ignore the simple numbers.

>> No.27244154


F-list pls.

>> No.27244167

I can write french, but writing it doesn't highlight how a german-speaker would sound speaking in english.

>> No.27244186

Pretend to be a Victorian era gentleman, purplify your dirty talkin'.

>> No.27244188

Well, one good tip is to avoid the word 'cunt' outside of anything but degrading talk. I see people make that mistake now and then and it's always a "No, no, no, you fuckup, that's not how you do it."
For loving, I've always loved inviting people to fuck me or demanding they do the same. Just something incredibly hot about "Please fuck my ass so hard" that gets my ladyboner going. Really, it's all about your mindset, keeping your partner's personality in mind, and judicious use of very dirty words and concepts~

>> No.27244201 [DELETED] 

Ugh. The only futas I like are [spoilers]ones who want to be treated like pretty, feminine ladies.[/spoiler]

>> No.27244207

Ignore the character, look at the kinks.


Also, I'm sorry I never got back to you, glazed glasses lady. I will! Honest!

>> No.27244211

Not that anon but German is very similar to English so it isn't difficult to write at all, we share a majority of the characters.

"Sie heise ist Faulkner, sig sie Americana."

My name is Faulker, I'm from America. I might've misspelled a word though, been awhile since I've studied German.

>> No.27244222

Practice. You gotta get better somehow.

>> No.27244225

I've got the same issue. My aural fixation is so bad that just guys with deep, soothing, gravely, or smooth voices can make me squirm.
Welcome to Nightvale gets me hot n bothered to listen to. Now I want to ERP in that setting. Fuck.
At least for me, telling me what you'd do to me is plenty effective. Affectionate things work as well, compliments and praise or encouragement. EEee... Degradation talk too after I'm all squirmy is juust fine.
Reading it isn't as hot. I need to HEAR the growl.
OOh, that. I had a friend read some excerpts from Pride & Prejudice for me.

>> No.27244237

But I'm scared, I'll be horribadribble

>> No.27244241

Ugh. The only futas I like are ones who want to be treated like pretty, feminine ladies.

Big, terrifying horsecocks do nothing for me.

>> No.27244244

Men with deep, gravelly voices turn me so gay. I would literally fuck Keith David's voice. Not Keith David, just his voice.

>> No.27244255

The only way to get good is to spend a certain amount of time as shit or find someone willing to teach you better. Same as anywhere else.

>> No.27244256

>Pride & Prejudice
You fucking dirty slut.
Mmmmm yes, dirty slut...

>> No.27244270

The futa I play is usually a very very gentle lady. I have this orphanage roleplay going on where she wants to adopt some children to give them a warm home. But the kids (obviously a bunch of little oversexed freaks, but kids nontheless) band together to charm her into opening her wallet and heart not just for 1-2-3 but for 10 of them.

Think I spent the last 4-5h sessions doing 1 on 1 talks between the lady and the kids 1 by 1 to get to know them.

>> No.27244274


I would fuck Keith David and his voice.

>> No.27244285

See, that's why I say mine is atypical.

Aside from a bunch of personality things, when I play my character as futa, I want her to be average size at most - generally speaking, I want her below average. She's got this "tiny" 5-inch girlcock that she's absolutely ashamed of.

>> No.27244296

Doing this for the first time is always scary when you're inexperienced, but you still have to take that first step if you want to get anywhere, besides what's the worst that could happen?

>> No.27244302

Sorry, but it's completely wrong... no offense though, german is a hard language.

"Ich hei├če Faulkner, ich komme aus Amerika"

would have been correct

>> No.27244306

You like Cecil's voice?
It's too much of a drone to me.
Perfect for a lovecraftian narrator, but not sexy.

German, though.
I'm fucking this austrian guy and damn his voice.

>> No.27244307

Synonyms, and learn how to tease. Play with pace and description, think not just about what your genitals are doing, but what your whole body is doing.

>> No.27244310

Doch, ich kann zehr wohl Deutsch schreiben.

>> No.27244317

Next character, a nice femboy based on http://i41.tinypic.com/xmvlnq.jpg

>> No.27244331


You're doing it wrong.

> "I dare say, Mr. Darcy, you are looking proper as ever."
> "Hmph. It is a gentlemen's duty to be prepared for any social situation."
> "There you are again, always so dismissive."
> "I see no reason to entertain your obviously backhanded remarks."


>> No.27244344

And that's totally fine too.

>> No.27244361

>Five inches
>Below average
>Worse, "Tiny"
Stop watching so much porn, yo.

>> No.27244363

Dang, you got a purdy mouth...

>> No.27244369

I was with you up until the kids thing.

>> No.27244374

Oohyees, I ADORE his voice. I'm not into him physically, but if he kept talking? He could do whatever he wanted to me.

Same goes for Benedict Cumberbatch. His voice makes me all wobbly but he's kinda eh to look at.
Hearing a guy tell you how ardently he loves you is hot. D:
I doo. It's all soothing to me. To each their own!
Someone needs to play that character because I would hump your leg.

See, now I want voice ERP..but that would just end up as skype call sex.

>> No.27244381


>> No.27244387

Yeah I remember the dopple S but I'm on an English keyboard, the rest was lost to time for me.

>> No.27244392

Who's that? Is there more?

>> No.27244399

To each his or her own. Sorry to disappoint.

>> No.27244416


> Someone needs to play that character because I would hump your leg.

> "Such poor self control. Tell me, my dear woman, is it common for you to thrust yourself at any bodice who shows you the slightest bit of attention?"

(Why is this so easy to write?)

>> No.27244417

Actually my German is rusty as a bike left outside and unused for years. But meh.

>> No.27244421

I dated a girl who had a sexual fetish for formal speech once.

It was fun.

>> No.27244424

5 inches, while not "tiny" is definitely below average. Atleast in western countries it is

>> No.27244432

Larkin Love, Pornstar.
Have fun

>> No.27244440

5 inches is below average in real life. It's not tiny, just a bit under average, which is like 5 and half maybe 6 inches I think?

>> No.27244449

Oh my god. That's like me claiming I can write english and proving it like this:

They naming are Faulkner, E are Germanicus.

>> No.27244455

Average is five to six inches, depending on who does the measuring.

>> No.27244456

For a girl, 5 inches is a small cock, bro.

>> No.27244457


Yes it's below average by half an inch.

>> No.27244471

>tfw I always scroll at the bottom of the kink list to see where they've put "zoophilia", before even reading the character description
>tfw you don't know how many cuties you've passed on that criteria alone
Being picky is suffering.

>> No.27244472

It isn't unless you are French.

>> No.27244482

That's wonderful.

>> No.27244492


>> No.27244493

Oh god damnit. I need to not hang out in these threads because I end up making new characters based of RP ideas from here that will NEVER HAPPEN.
Who could ever resist the tall, dark, and snarky gentleman? It makes me want to poke until he breaks that controlled facade.

>> No.27244504

I will enjoy telling you that, as my so loved ancestors that dealt with women-folk of her kind would: "This shit be wack, son."

>> No.27244512

>Implying you couldn't find someone to gentleman it up for you

>> No.27244515

Any other fetishes with the zoophilia or any specific scene you're going for?

>> No.27244517

Little futa princess get's saved by a group of 4 adventurers. Proceed to fuck all 4 ladies silly by the end of the adventure as the amazon, the priestess, the rogueish catgirl and the bitter brown elf all fall 1 by 1 to the princess's charms.

>> No.27244527

I like it.

>> No.27244541

I was with you until the futa.

>> No.27244548

I dunno, most guys seem to flail over themselves. It's actually pretty hard to find a player who knows how to actually write a smooth, sophisticated gentleman instead of insisting it is so. A fine line between prideful and arrogant asshole.

>> No.27244550

Well half the people here hate the futa, too bad.

>> No.27244552


> "Facade? A gentleman never wears a mask in proper company. Perhaps if you were more cultured you would realize this."


"Such vulgar language. Who let this ruffian in here?"

>> No.27244554

>tfw no one likes to rape lolicatgirls anymore.


>> No.27244555


>> No.27244560



>> No.27244562

no one has my fetish

consensual sex in the missionary position for the purpose of procreation. In bed, under the covers with the lights off and the door closed.

>> No.27244570

14 cm is average.

>> No.27244574


>> No.27244581

I am using "tiny" here because comparatively speaking, it is.

Every is always talking about this gargantuan cocks, and generally average is treated like it's small. So when everyone else is whipping out these things that are seven inches flaccid, you're shamefully pulling out one that barely hits 5 at it's firmest.

>> No.27244582

I might be interested...but my F-list character is female soooooooo...

>> No.27244588

Rape is so last season, Anon. The kinkiest stuff now is this guy's (>>27244562) fetish

>> No.27244594

I'd post the pictures for all 4 adventurers, but some are rather nsfw...

>> No.27244596

You filthy animal.

>> No.27244597

Futa is the 2nd word in the post, so you were with it for all of .2 seconds is what I was saying.

>> No.27244602

> "Perhaps it's because such creatures as yourself are rare these days? You're practically an endangered species in need of protection!"

>> No.27244607

I'm not really into it either but I don't really see the need to inform everyone that I don't like it every time it's mentioned like some people.
Sorry, I've just been noticing that's been happening lately and it's a bit annoying since I hate "my fetish>your fetish" in general.

>> No.27244612

That's so fucking kinky, Anon! Gross!

>> No.27244616

>Using metric to measure your cock
Why do you feel the need to inflate your number?

>> No.27244621

But only pre-arranged times, preferably wednesdays.

>> No.27244623

I wonder if it would be possible to sticky this thread on page 10, so it never falls off, but doesn't fester on the front page. Dear janitor, if you're reading this, try to ask a higher up mod. Only moot and the tech admin guy should be able to perform such a specialty operation. Let the discussion continue in a place where it doesn't compromise /tg/ as hard as it does on the front page.

>> No.27244625

There there, you'll find another big controlling man to force your face into the pillow as he uses your body for what it's made for soon. Chin (or ass) up and all that.

>> No.27244643

Myeah, futa gets a lot of hate (for obvious reasons) but the constant need to >it is rather annoying.

That's not me, but yes it's funny, second word, has the need to post that he was into it till then.

>> No.27244658


> "Protection? I suppose next you will be suggesting that I am to remain at home under your constant watch. What a dull affair, simply dreadful to even think of."

Clearly, I should have played Mr. Darcy back in High School when they did this play

>> No.27244667

You do know breeding is an actual fetish, don't you?

>> No.27244668

Was with you except for >for the purpose of procreation.

Call me when you're doing it for the purposes of marital love and intimacy with gentle, tender kisses.

>> No.27244672

Wednesday night is the night we usually make love. Conditions are perfect.

>> No.27244684


>not using metric

Why do you feel the need to stay in medieval times?

>> No.27244686

>I wonder if it would be possible to sticky this thread on page 10
With the current way the software works, no, it's not possible to sticky something besides at the top of page 0.

>Using pages
I seriously hope you guys don't do this

>> No.27244708

> "Given that you are such a cultured and refined creature, I suppose what two individuals could do at home, alone, together...may be a bit removed from your thoughts?"

>> No.27244709

I actually use metric for everything else.

But dick size? That's imperial. All day, every day.

>> No.27244712


>> No.27244724




3 of the princess's 4 escorting ladies. All sexy but still swf

>> No.27244728

>it's a bit annoying since I hate "my fetish>your fetish" in general.
Jesus, this.
It'd be like going >male
Every time a male profile was posted since most of the f-list ones are pretty bad. Cmon, guys.

>> No.27244745


I like the first person custom kinks idea.

>> No.27244763

You just gave a good reason to delete the thread with prejudice every time it pops up. It has no place on the front page of a blue board, because the porn has a good chance to show up on the front page that way.

>2010 plus 3
>using ishiggitydiggity

>> No.27244796

>Put self out there
>Start an RP
>Four or five replies in, no reply
>It's been five days now
>No rhyme or reason
>Just abandoned

For the love of god, tell people when you drop. Please. Please.

>> No.27244812

>I actually use metric for everything else.
>But dick size? That's imperial. All day, every day.
I recall one hentai going into detal about this. IIRC the guy's measure in inches was about what's average in centimeters.

>> No.27244813

Well, recently I've been interested in consensual, husbando scenarios. I also find the power play when you're taking your non-sentient pet as your lover fascinating. I really ought to whip up a f-list profile or two to explore those kind of situations.

>> No.27244824


You just have to get used to it.

>> No.27244829


> "I am no stranger to the humble goings-on of a household. If you wished to partake in parlor games, you could have simply done without the pointless banter. Unless, of course, you are once again attempting to imply something rather improper due to poor control of your emotions."

>> No.27244836

I don't know what the average dick size is in imperial. I know it's 14 cm.

>> No.27244840

>I won't be polite because other people aren't!

>> No.27244852

>First pic
>Fishnet top with hubcaps the exact diameter of her aureolas "preserving modesty"

>> No.27244856

>using fractions
Why do you feel the need to be dumb?

>> No.27244862

F-list RPers seem extra flakey. All you can do is stay polite and drop those who are disrespectful and move on.

>> No.27244871

Is it gay to cybersex with a man (GM) pretending to be a woman (NPC)?

I don't even know why pages are still an option, I use catalog exclusively.

>> No.27244875

>implying I don't make up some bullshit excuse and never speak to people ever again

Hell, I know I'm being picky or not communicating and feel like it's just not worth the effort. That said, people aren't going to change and you can't get bootybothered every time it happens to you.

>> No.27244877

>join chat
>public erp everywhere

welp, seems like everyone already paired up

>> No.27244883

Would anyone happen to have some art that would go well with a female fae?

I have a character in mind but am really having trouble finding decent art, perhaps my google-fu is weak

>> No.27244894

Stop caring.

>> No.27244899

> "A 'lady' these days doesn't wander over to a guys house for mere parlor games these days. Some xbox before it devolves into a heavy make out session post game ass kicking? Perhaps. Also, I thought the implying was plenty blatant!"

>> No.27244925

A) No.
B) Gay is more fun anyway.

>> No.27244939

Since when was it about "pairs"? Get in there!

>> No.27244942

Get in da bottle room

>> No.27244943

I choked a trap 3 days ago for fun, got horny and all. It's not gay, or even if it is, just be happy and do sexy shit.

>> No.27244945


>> No.27244949

I'm very sorry you are delusional and cannot read.

>> No.27244967

>3-4 orifices per creature on average
Yeah no

>> No.27244969

I think he's talking about the F-list /tg/ chat, champ.

>> No.27244975

Yeah all 70 people paired up. Grow up a pair.

>> No.27244998

Thank you, I will peruse

>> No.27245006

Oh, the terrible one. Okay.

>> No.27245018

>talking about the f-list where theres some disgusting snuff erp going on
>you link something completely different

>> No.27245034

>Don't specify a chat at all
>Refer to something that used to be a problem in one of them
>Surprised when someone gets defensive

>> No.27245081

Just tell those guys to take it to private messages.

>> No.27245100

It's safe now.

>> No.27245101

"Hahaha, look at this dingus telling us not to ERP in the ERP room!"

As someone who was around for some of the worst parts of the ERP IRC, I can't stop laughing at these issues.

>> No.27245124

Suddenly, Attack of the Asswoman Action Association! Hold on to your butts!

>> No.27245145

Don't be thick. They know their kinks are not for everyone.

>> No.27245146

Audacious Ass Attack!

>> No.27245170


This is still so fucking arousing.

>> No.27245183


I might be able to if it's oppai, an-

>>No ooc flirting

Welp I'm out! While we won't synch, I hope you'll find plenty of partners loli kitty kat. You seem like a well written sort, so that shouldn't be hard!

>> No.27245191

Was this a triple A production?

>> No.27245193

Either spoiler it or link it, but I'd suggest keeping the near-porn out of the thread, if only to keep the trolls and no-fun people at bay.

>> No.27245206

Yeah, how could someone resist just pushing that piece of clothing to the side and just attacking her asshole with ones tounge?

>> No.27245232

>> No.27245258

Why so Ass-Annihilated?

>> No.27245272

Thanks anyway, dudebro.

>> No.27245274

>> No.27245286

No, seriously.
I'm not the anon you're replying to, but don't post that. We've got a nice thing going with the threads, please don't give people reason to try and stir shit up or have janitor delete us.

>> No.27245313


I really, really want to since I love cat girls, lolis and rape, but... your profile looks intimidating.
Like you're all by-the-numbers and I'd be tip toeing around you, not to fuck up and offend.


>> No.27245336

It's that grin, isn't it? There's no way to keep down a true AAA Activist!

>> No.27245345


I have no idea, but I know that I'd love to have a bigger, tomboyish, sporty girl to wrestle with.

>> No.27245357

>Is it gay to cybersex with a man (GM) pretending to be a woman (NPC)?

Also, who cares?

>> No.27245378


I know it looks harsh, but that's only from years and years of getting rude and/or shitty RPers. Maybe I should rework it to be a little more inviting. I'm actually a pretty open player, and I like making friends

>> No.27245393

Depending on who your source is, it's either 5 or 6 inches. So yeah, it's not actually a tiny girlcock but see >>27244581, No one roleplays having a 5 inch cock.

>> No.27245444


I'll send you a note, I hope an avatar of a girl won't put out off!

>> No.27245462

Oh man, suddenly I like the idea of girl-on-girl wrestling rp

>> No.27245475

Not her, but I really hate guys who just start OOC flirting. It makes me very uncomfortable.

I might allow flirting, and even flirt back, if I get comfortable around you. But if you start trying to be flirty right out the gate, I'm going to bail very quickly.

>> No.27245519

I'm with you. If the affection and sex starts flooding into OOC territory I get uncomfortable. RP is a fantasy escape for me, and while I love making friends with my partners, the feelings associated with the fantasy should stay within the fantasy.

Sounds great. I'm in the chat too if you'd prefer that.

>> No.27245526

straight people.

>> No.27245528

I'm the same way. People who do it right out of the gate are creepy as fuck. Build an actual friendship and rapport before you start hitting me up, if at all.

>> No.27245534

You got ninety-nine problems in these threads, son, but An Ass Ain't Actually Aversely Affecting Anything!

>> No.27245551


"This is precisely what I am referring to. Your loins are clouding your judgement, and it is rather vulgar. Besides, you stand little chance of actually defeating me."

This guy.

>> No.27245558

>I'm gonna name you Saget.
Why not Ed? Report Ed.

>> No.27245562

Hey, don't get me wrong here. I love the pictures.
There are people that don't.
Like the shitposting storm of trolls it attracts. Or the janitor that might delete us if given a reason.

>> No.27245567


Oh then I don't disagree with you there. It's definitely a two way street sort of thing, and I agree completely that flirting right at the drop of the gate is really a faux pas. It's a matter of when both parties are comfortable with one another and reading the cues. I just have the terrible bad habit of loving to tease and flirt but I'll respect the partner's wishes.

Also, reposting because this is what happens when you are tripping in two different topics

>> No.27245578


Enjoy your EyeSky.

>> No.27245590

> "Nothing wrong with being open with my sexuality and knowing what I want. Defeating you? Are we talking about in a game...or-?"

>> No.27245593

I saw that.

>> No.27245604


I love alliteration!

But I agree, at least spoiler the images. I love them, but I also love peace of mind and less shitposters like Saget.


It's because he's sageing all the time.

>> No.27245622

Sky doesn't come to the IRC anymore.

Unless you mean she's in the f-chat, which would be a good reason to steer well clear!

>> No.27245685


> "Yes. A game. It is called, 'Who can be the most civilized.' Oh wait, I do believe I've already won that. Unless, of course, you dare submit your passions as indication of your 'refined' nature."

>> No.27245687



>> No.27245708 [SPOILER] 

Y'all don't have the Ability At Appreciating Asses At All.

>> No.27245712

>I just have the terrible bad habit of loving to tease and flirt but I'll respect the partner's wishes.
Oh, this can be very fun. When I'm comfortable, I'll tease the hell out of someone.

However, before we reach that point one thing is always established: I'm in love, and it's not with you. If you try to fight this, we're going to quickly stop being friends.

>> No.27245721


>> No.27245750

... oookay... I think I did something wrong here.

Pictured is instead of a sore behind, a meat pie with boiled egg, smoked ham, ketchup and pickle salad.

>> No.27245824

Then ignore the people who roleplay it. People keep complaining about the silliest fetishes being roleplayed, like "STOP BEING FAT IN PUBLIC"

It's also the most basic shit that's not being detailed at all. People bitch about nothing.

>> No.27245831

I hav it on good authority that the janitor is barely tolerating the thread as is. From my perspective, let the porn spammers run wild to get the threads banned, but for your own sake, stop spamming porn, guys.

>> No.27245889

Seems like you need a good spanking for that!

>> No.27245908

Or a greasy snack.

>> No.27245932


>get a friend request
>no note
>decide to ask what's up and be nice
>I just met the girl I'm going to fuck endlessly. That's what's happening.


>> No.27245962


Didn't mean to quote

>> No.27246063


That's what they always say. Then I see her ass still on.

When they banned her, all they did was go make a new channel.

And she still was a cunt. So is a lot of people in the IRC.

I've had my fair share of that channel. If there's any one to avoid, it's the IRC.

>> No.27246092

>Just realized some delicious irony in someone's I've been RPing with's character
>Want to note them to point it out, see if they might get a laugh out of it
>Don't want to to note them because I'm worried they'll find it annoying
>Also because they might think me stupid for not realizing something so blindingly obvious.

>> No.27246116

Sounds to me like you rubbed people the wrong way and retreated to f-chat to hide your identity and rage~

>> No.27246123

>Be girl
>Get friend request, no note or PM or any prior contact at all
>Y u do dis
Seriously, why? I don't mind friending at all, but at least talk to me first.

>> No.27246186

Bullet train to the friendzone.

>> No.27246254


I can go back there. I don't want to.

The IRC? I was in there for a long time. Half of the time was nothing, but idling. The other? Drama, or MisterYada constant blabbering on about Magic, or about the ERP threads. Games kept being dropped, and most never started. All people mostly did was bitch about their RL problems, or about somebody else in the chat. Remember Delia?

The IRC is shit.

>> No.27246364

Sounds to me like you can't go back because you got banned for causing drama, and so you're making a big deal about it because you're still asshurt.

>> No.27246366

#1001Lewd_Nights is shit.
Other chats on there are rather good.

>> No.27246431


Never got banned. Never had one of those EyeSky moments. Never really even caused drama at all. Like I said, I can go back. I don't want to.

I'm just saying out loud the truth. I'm not making up shit here. What I'm saying is true. There's logs, and most people in that chat room still know what I'm talking about. There's a lot of other things too. Maybe things have changed, but the IRC was legitimately terrible for a long ass time.

>> No.27246443

>Cookie Clicker
Welcome back, Sethbling here.

>> No.27246461


I'll give you that.

>> No.27246529

>"Why ever would I want to be civilized when being myself is oh so delightful? I think you could use to submit yourself to those passions you're keeping tucked away. Loose the stuffed shirt!"

>> No.27246604

>*heads off to an f-chat with all the same problems*

>> No.27246643


I gotta know, do you play any of these girls/would like to?

>> No.27246721


Nope. Haven't seen any of that shit so far in the f-list /tg/ chat. Been in there for awhile.

Yet again, still serious. Yeah, they kind of just sit around all day and ERP in public, but at least shit's happening. Never seen the chat go idle for hours at a time, or even a hour. The most drama I seen was when a mod was partly drunk yesterday, and was a little too opinionated and blunt. I never saw something like mods backstabbing each other *cough* D *cough*. Never saw one blatantly ban all the others. I'm not selling the f-chat here. Even I think it's kind of shitty, but it's not Lewd Nights shitty. Definitely nowhere as close.

>> No.27246858

That's odd, I certainly don't recall the IRC ever being quiet, unless you're the type who just lurked in there all hours of the day.

I think I'd take nothing being said over public snuff erp though, if it came down to it.

>> No.27246863

>A mod was partly drunk and got a little too opinionated and blunt
That would be me. And yes, that was a horrible mess that I'm bitterly regretting. Posting drunk: Not even once. Mele, if you're reading this, I'm very, very sorry.

>> No.27246954

>Insecure people

>> No.27247001


>> No.27247062


Funniest fucking thing said in this thread.

Even the people in the IRC can't pretend you're not bullshitting.

I'll agree with you on the latter though. The /tg/ chat isn't shy about doing all kinds of shit in the public chat, but the snuff thing is very rare. Personally, I'll rather take the public snuff erp rather than nothing because I can just avoid it until they start talking or doing some stuff. Still, I'm mostly with you on that.

>> No.27247068

"Not Lewd Nights Shitty" should be on the F-chat's coat of arms.

>> No.27249032

So, whats everyone up to tonight?

>> No.27249040

hey bby wnt sum thread


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