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A long time ago when I first came to /tg/ there was a thread about how to become a disciple of Slaanesh IRL.


I think the other gods of the warp deserve the same. /tg/, I've decided to abandon all other forms of organized spirituality and become a disciple of Nurge.

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>stop showering
>keep all your garbage around you
>embrace any sicknesses and encourage infections and diseases in yourself and others
>revel in your own filth
>let everything around you fall to ruin

Be an Australian Aboriginal basically

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Nurlge is a tricky one.
On the one hand, you have to desperately cling to life, out of your fear of death that drove you to Nurgle in the first place.
On the other you have to surround yourself with the dead and dying, taking pleasure from their decay because in your eyes, most of the causes for their deaths are gifts from old grand father.

Getting a job in a hospice would be a good place to start.

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moving to africa to live in a Ivory tower that is surrounded by heaps of starving africans dying of malnutrition and disease?

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Disciples of Khorne would get arrested very quickly, assuming He expects you to act on your murderous, furious impulses.

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A literal ivory tower.

This is giving me a bad case of the irrational giggles.

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Hit the nail on the head with this one.

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I'd be interested in this sort of thing too.

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So the average fa/tg/uy?

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Do Cultists of Nurge have to be ugly?
pic related

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They will eventually be ugly.

Pretty is Slaanesh's biz

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Nurgle is love
Nurgle is life/slow yet painless death

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That's... an oddly reasonable system of Faith.

I enjoyed that.

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Only the basest and most ignorant of degenerates could be swayed by such disingenuous dreck.

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Gotta agree with this Anon.
Not only does that post totally misinterpret the ideas of at least 5 religions [and their numerous sub-sects], it also presumes that by promoting fact, reason, and well-being over superstition and drivel that its being unique.

When in fact most religions promote fact, reason, and well being [except when it contradicts their dogma], and oppose superstition [except when they do it].

Which is exactly what ImperialistCreedism would do. It'd be like

Promote Science and Reason [unless it suggests humans suck, also lets abandon morality in the pursuit of SCIENCE, or limit science in the name of keeping us *human*]

And promote ethics [But only our ethics. If someone else has a sexual code thats harsher then ours they're Puritans and Religionists, but if they'res is looser their perverts and Slaaneshi].

And promote humanity [but mostly the humanity that agrees with us].

So no. A few interesting ideas, but still a shitty ideology.

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Nurglites have a different conception of Beauty.

In Cadian Blood, Typhus beheld a woman with a flesh eating disease and eating her fingers and thought she was breathtakingly beautiful.

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