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As usual, writefags, drawfags, or whatever kind of lewdfag are all welcome to contribute content.

While NSFW text should be spoilered, remember that NSFW images still aren't allowed. If you're paranoid/worried, link to said content hosted elsewhere, such as pastebin, 1d4chan, or imgur.

Here are the updates of note.

>Lamia!Daemonette cuddles!

Seeding Midnight, Part 2
>Well, that Drow matron got seeded all right.

>Update imminent. Expect hardcore ball-busting sex with the Queen of Comorragh.

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Oh, for the love of...
Did everyone in the other thread go to sleep ALREADY?

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No, there's just nothing of note to post yet probably. Writefaggotry takes time, hence why there was originally only the one thread on Sundays.

>> No.27231067

And that one kept spilling into Mondays, which is why we started early today.

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Howdy all.

There hasn't been much cata-chan art lately, and I don't think there's been much writefaggotry of her ever. Its probably a good thing consider xeno gets skullfucked and put in diapers and scarabs grafted to her ass and etc, but I was wondering if I could request something with her, drawing or write-wise.

>> No.27231143

I'd be willing to support that, although I lack both the time and the ability to be a drawfag or a writefag.

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Fairy here
Sorry ALFOTHAD almost leaked I had to be hype elsewhere
Back to words

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The fuck does that mean?

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Ya know I'll be honest here I'm rather new...

But uhh... what is all this?

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/mu/'s holy grail, an old cassette from GY!BE
Only 33 were ever made

Waiting to fap/writing so anons can fap - the thread

>> No.27231237

Read the OP.

It's like Writefriend Wednesday, but with a blatantly more pornographic subject matter. Now are you gonna request something, write something, or just sit around asking silly questions?

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ELH, is that update for Hesperax's Pet ready yet?

>> No.27231388

Really, this thread should have waited until the other one saged into page 10. No need to do another so quickly.

No need to be confrontational, christ. I'm beginning to think >>27231052 had the right idea. Having it more than one day just invites the wrong sorts of people and leads to trolling/etc.

This is exactly what I'm talking about above. The writefags work hard, and they have lives outside of writing smut. Stop begging for fics, samefag sperging, and calm the fuck down.

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Oh ok thank you for understanding.


I guess I just sat around and asked silly questions... but if someone could direct me to like.. some female tyranid hijinks... that'd be great.

thank you for your hospitality.

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>This is exactly what I'm talking about above
Woah hey hold on now as a writer I love to know that people who've read my stuff are interested in what I'm writing next.

>> No.27231445

Also the problem was that the last time it sailed over into Tuesday unexpectedly. This just keeps it within the weekend.

>> No.27231446

Sorry about that. I have major patience issues. Anyway, there's a /d/ thread with some female tyranid stuff right here.

>> No.27231464

There was someone agitating for some Genestealer Cult writing earlier, but I don't think any writefags went for it.

>> No.27231519


There's a difference between interest and sperging every 5 minutes because the fic you were following isn't updated yet. If anything thing, that sort of thing would turn me off writing. It's one thing to write smut, but another to become obsessed with it. That's borderline creepy, and frankly is a big red flag.

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I guess I'm just an attention whore

>> No.27231613

People are impatient- that's not exactly a surprise. I don't like waiting for things myself, but I will do so if I have to. But for now there's no need to antagonize anybody any more than you already have.

>> No.27231720


You're the greatest.

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Same thread from last week, hilariously.

>> No.27231787


I get that too when i'm drawfagging. I'm pretty slow. do something /tg/ only occasionally, and when I start it doesn't get done in the span of a single thread/day. So i appreciate the overeagerness but I don't listen to it.

>> No.27231798

I try. I can't draw anything better than stick figures and my attempts at writing are less erotic than an IKEA manual, so the least I can do is make OPs, point people in the direction of stuff, and worry myself to near death that the thread will die while I'm asleep because I'm too used to faster-paced threads for my own good.

That it is.

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Yeah, folks are impatient, but as I'm a slow drawfag I take their overeagerness as appreciation but I also don't listen to it.

>> No.27231933

For me, I just get excessively anxious because if a writefag who's working on something doesn't pop in on occasion to remind me that he's still here I get worked up over it and can't really calm down unless he reappears.

(Some of you might call that sperging out, and you'd be right, but let's leave my mental disorders out of this unless you really want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes. You don't, by the way.)

>> No.27232021

I'm gonna like you if you end up liking me. Comments and views make me happier than Chris-chan at a con.

>> No.27232066

That depends- which one are you again? Since not many people namefag in these threads, it's hard to tell some of the writefags apart.

>> No.27232094

Hot fairy dickings and eventual witch lewdness. Honestly really looking forward to the witch stuff more but this makes a nice intro.

>> No.27232125

The stretching thing is a little too unnerving (as I've probably mentioned once or twice), but the witch stuff sounds good. Can you elaborate on that?

>> No.27232141


>> No.27232157

Thrice. And I said I won't go into it too much! Witch will basically be her collecting her prize so to speak, lots of femdom.

>> No.27232216

I can't help but repeat myself there- let's just say I never should have taken that bet to read all of FATAL in one sitting.

>> No.27232255

>900 pages
callin bullshit
It's a tiny stretchy grill getting fucked by a rubbery thing. I have fetishes, sue me.

>> No.27232289

I can't sue you- where would I find a lawyer for that?

Let's just agree that we have different kinks and leave it at that, then.

>> No.27232421

Anyone taking requests? I got one.

consensual Human on angel sex, ideally with him fucking her (the angel) in mid-flight. I'll leave the setting to you.

>> No.27232635

>mfw in Saudi Arabia there are many lawyers who would do just that
So should I go for the beheading or the lashes, I'm a nice guy 4 U

>> No.27232690

Still waiting on this. You said it would be done in two hours- and that was nearly 7 hours ago.

ELH, if you're reading this, please consider taking a name, as otherwise I can't tell whether or not you're even in the thread.

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Stupid question, people- how long does a thread have to go without replies before it's pruned on this board? I'm asking because I should go to bed, but I don't want this to die on me before something good gets posted.

>> No.27232837


300 or the end of page 10. /tg/ is slow, so some threads stick around for 24+ hours. No need to bump it.

>> No.27233001

I realize that; I just really hate waiting for things and I had hoped the fic I was following would have been updated by now. And since the chapter ended right before it got to anything lewd, I'm currently overwhelmed by a mix of sexual frustration and regular frustration. I know ELH has his condition and all, but I can't help but feel annoyed anyway. I'd consider making this a daily thing, but I've seen the ERP generals and I'd rather die than pull this down the same path. I just want to make people contribute to these threads more, but I have no idea how to do so.

>> No.27233065

Just go fap m8, this ain't the only game on the market.

>> No.27233068


Shit happens, in ELH's case, literally. You can't make people contribute OC, which is why, when it happens, it's venerated. The best you can do is learn to relax and be patient. Or fap, like >>27233065 suggested.

>> No.27233079

Hey are there any specific rules about Charm Person? Does the target have to see the caster in order for it to work or something?

>> No.27233096

>Charm Person

This charm makes a humanoid creature regard you as its trusted friend and ally (treat the target’s attitude as friendly). If the creature is currently being threatened or attacked by you or your allies, however, it receives a +5 bonus on its saving throw.

The spell does not enable you to control the charmed person as if it were an automaton, but it perceives your words and actions in the most favorable way. You can try to give the subject orders, but you must win an opposed Charisma check to convince it to do anything it wouldn’t ordinarily do. (Retries are not allowed.) An affected creature never obeys suicidal or obviously harmful orders, but it might be convinced that something very dangerous is worth doing. Any act by you or your apparent allies that threatens the charmed person breaks the spell. You must speak the person’s language to communicate your commands, or else be good at pantomiming.

Here's all I could find on it. You thinking of something?

>> No.27233128

Just getting my lad hard and compliant and all.

>> No.27233156

It's days like this that I wish I had talent like his (or any of the other write/drawfags here). But I don't, so...well, you can probably tell. The fact that time seems to slow to a crawl when I'm strongly anticipating something really doesn't help. But enough of my personality flaws.

Care to explain what you mean by that?

>> No.27233187

I once had the option to for lack of a better word, plow the female Elf Cleric of our Pathfinder group. I declined the offer not because of "purity reasons" or anything like that, it's just my character was a bit old. He's a thugish rogue in his late fifties. It wouldn't have been pretty.
Also, c'mon. Don't fuck your white mage. Most of the time, at least.
Sorry for my lack of actual smut, but I just wanted to share that story.

>> No.27233190

Time for lewd

>> No.27233204

Think about some HOT FURRY YIFFING or whatever you're into and tell me.
Well he's young and fairies aren't great at taking things by brute force and I'd like to move this shit right along without too much cajoling.

>> No.27233247

Come back when you have actual smut. We don't take kindly to stuffed shirts here.

Not even close to being lewd.

>> No.27233257

I see where that's going. Carry on.

>> No.27233528

tiny pic there...

>> No.27233595

It's nothing important. I think that guy thought this was a quest thread or something, because I don't think anyone here cares about...whatever animu it was he posted.

>> No.27233825

>Its probably a good thing consider xeno gets skullfucked and put in diapers and scarabs grafted to her ass and etc
First off, that last one happened to a completely different tau.

Secondly, you make a good point - we need some GOOD Xeno smut. And Cata-chan, too.

>> No.27233988

Do Necrons even have genitalia?

>> No.27234106

Anything's possible with a few calibrations.

>> No.27234329

I could go for some humanxrobot-girl sex stories about now. Anyone want to try?

>> No.27234373


A vibrator attached to a fleshlight doesn't count.

>> No.27234385

I know. I would have specified that otherwise.

>> No.27234954

>inb4 banned for posting offensive content.
Someone should at least censor this depravity.

>> No.27235188

Giving this one last bump before bed. If there is something resembling a kind and loving god out there, ELH will have returned and posted that update to Hesperax's Pet when I get back here.

>> No.27235499


2700 words of fairy fucking. I got a boner, hopefully you will too. Should submit this for the fuckin' class I have a fiction piece this length due in, goddamn. Brevity is not my strength. There's a name I just made up, too, if anyone wants to talk to me. If pastebin looks down just f5, as always.

>> No.27235625

Does anyone have a link to part 1 of Seeding Midnight?

>> No.27236264

Only if non-con lesbians and horrible consequences appeals to you. it's not the robot that's not consenting.

>> No.27236300

Sure, why not.

>> No.27236378

All right.

>> No.27236946

Star Frontiers is go.

>> No.27237050

I asked in the previous thread, for context for a lewd involving Elspeth, Teysa, or Sheoldred, thanks to my faggy need for context in everything.

Anyone got any ideas? Because I sure as hell don't.

>> No.27237192

Right here.

It doesn't, but go on ahead if that's what everyone else wants.

Two words- fuck context.

>> No.27237215

Elspeth is badly wounded from... something... planeswalks by accident to Ravnica. Goes to a Orzhov church because she just sees "church" and thinks they'll help, but is instead brought to an amused Teysa, who (nurses her back to help/falls in lust and doms her/falls in love has mutually consenting sex/has her experimented on).

>> No.27237254

As yet non-smutty Star Frontiers fiction, part one. I have to do some actual work, so it will be continued shortly.

Bonus points to those who catch the three references.


>> No.27237264

>wakes up
>still nothing from ELH
Godfuckingdammit. Why does this keep happening to me? Did I do something wrong in a past life?

>> No.27237907

Where is everybody?

Also, bump.

>> No.27237914


Shit happened. Whenever I'm not stuck on the shitter, you'll get your Lelith.

>> No.27237925

Ok. As long as it happens sometime today I'll be happy.

>> No.27238316

I'd like to second this one.

>> No.27238340

“Should this be awkward?” Rorik asked quietly over his shoulder, shielding his hand behind his mouth. The cleric cast a sideways glance at the newcomer, having recognized immediately who she was. He had never seen her but in dreams, though nevertheless he knew her in his heart. It could only have been her.

His new bride, on the other hand, was blushing furiously at what she clearly considered an untimely interruption. “What's most awkward is I have no idea who this woman is,” she whispered back, grasping at the sheets to try and cover her nakedness and preserve some abstract notion of dignity. It's not as if Sune would mind such things.

“A beautiful couple on their wedding night,” the goddess mused half to herself, the sweet tones of her voice seeming just as beautiful as her form. “Rorik, the cleric who stubbornly kept his beard amidst an order full of beautiful, yet admittedly effeminate warriors and poets.” Sune slowly approached their bed, her bare feet falling lightly enough on the smooth wooden planks that it appeared she was floating, her thin little robes rustling slightly as she leaned over the couple. With her fingertips she lightly stroked at Rorik's full, dark facial hair: the sensation from that alone somehow made his skin tingle in excitement.

>> No.27238355

“A man need not be beautiful to be lovely,” she concluded, still stroking Rorik's chin as his young wife Leah stared in mute disbelief, only just starting to come to terms with the presence of a goddess in their bedroom. “The rugged, masculine look suits you uncommonly well...”

Leah finally managed to speak, carefully choosing her words so as not to offend the divine interloper. “May I ask what brings a goddess into our home?” she asked, never making eye contact with Sune as she gave Rorik's beard one final caress.

“Leah,” Sune replied, gracefully sliding onto the smooth sheets that wrapped the happy couple and straddling Rorik's waist. The cleric whimpered softly and tried not to make any uninvited contact as the goddess leaned over his beloved wife, Sune's favored garb allowing her ample, soft breasts to pull forward under their own weight. The sight of divine flesh nearly falling out of their meager cover was enough to deepen Leah's blush, and a bead of sweat was visible as the goddess lifted the mortal woman's chin to look her in the eyes.

Then, she kissed her. The look of shock faded gradually from Leah's face as she allowed the kiss to deepen, and she felt the fingers of the Lady Firehair herself slid through her own raven-black hair. As Sune pulled away, Leah bit the goddess's lip gently, almost begging her to continue even as he shoulders slumped back onto her pillow.

>> No.27238360

Hard to tell on a blue board anon...
>note to self, shading butts is hard, practice more.

I hope all this sperging doesn't scare off any writefags though.

>> No.27238375

“A nobleman's daughter given to 'boyish' pursuits,” the Lady continued, “so noble in bearing, but never delicate. It was your strength that won your husband's heart, for there can be beauty in that just as there can in softer, more supple flesh.”

“And... why are you here, my Lady?” Rorik asked again. “I'm still somewhat confused. Aroused, but confused.”

Sune smiled as she turned to him, the small gesture seeming to warm the entire room and the sparkle of her emerald-green eyes making his heart flutter. “I already said it, didn't I? You are a beautiful couple, insisting each on an unconventional form of beauty. And on this, your wedding night, you are going to express your love for each other in magnificent form: the culmination of years of courtship and romance.”

“I merely wish to make my favor towards your love more... 'tangible' than usual...”

>> No.27238380

It wasn't even her ass, anyway. It was the small of her back, above her hips and below her ribs.

>> No.27238386

Good to see you're getting creative with the censor bars now, Lewd.

>> No.27238394

>need to take a break, have to get food for this week.
>be back at roughly 8am PST

>> No.27238402

Gotcha. Happy to see that you took my request- it looks simply divine (pun intended).

>> No.27238405

Hello all.

Quick question for LewdAnon, last week when I got b&, I was told by JAW that there was a picture of what looked like Macha getting some butt love by a dude posted via imgur. Was that based on my fic or the other Macha one?

Either way, could you relink it?

Furthermore, remember that email you created back in the day to chat to myself and JAW? I wanted to ask you something privately, but obviously that's the only way to do it unless you have Steam or something.

>> No.27238412

What in the fuck? That's not my picture...

>> No.27238426

Since it's on the 1d4chan page for Extra Large Heresy, I'd have to guess it's based on Edinbro's work.

Naturally, the one up there is the censored version. I don't remember the link to the uncensored one.

>> No.27238433 [SPOILER] 

Pft. You think that's hot, check out this uncensored image of Xeno's pussy.

>> No.27238438

Whelp I need new pants now. Yeah, that's pretty darn hot.

>> No.27238443

Is that what Xeno used to look like before being Necron-ized? Jesus. Becoming a 'Cron might actually have been an improvement.

>> No.27238454


That's a different tau.

Also, Drone looks like a trilobite in that pic.

>> No.27238457 [DELETED] 

Can't you retarded permafappers go to NSFW boards to do your shit?

>> No.27238463

It was uncensored and bigger than Lewd's normal stuff IIRC. As I said, I was told about it by JAW, not linked it. So, was interested either way, he wasn't sure.

But I still want to talk to Lewd about something, but his email is obviously silent unless he remembers to login, Steam is always an option or Skype, just something I was thinking about.

Anything need doing? I could do something if people want (and I can think - blame medication). It doesn't have to be 40k, it can be basically anything bar 'extreme' fetishes like scat/vore/inflation etc. Or just whatever.

>> No.27238486

Ah, the weekend smut thread. Good, good. So what's happening in here right now?

>> No.27238491

It's funny that the thumbnail appears to lack the censor bar. Not sure how that works.

>> No.27238506

Just throwing it out there, I would love to read a smutfic about Xeno exploring her sexuality, maybe with some pseudo-Oedipal subtext thrown in with the Lady or Weaver.

>> No.27238509

Well, Edinbro's doing something right now and Provider's taking requests if you've got them. I've made enough requests for the moment, so I'll let someone else have a turn.

>> No.27238510


>> No.27238529

I'll second that, though honestly I'd prefer Xeno and Macha. But then I've been on a Macha kick lately so I'm biased.

>> No.27238531

...well played.

>> No.27238544

Or Lewd's awesome skill at drawing stuff in 15 minutes. Just have a proposition for him.

>> No.27238569

I think I'll just lurk for a while then.

>> No.27238595

Whatever works for you, then.

>> No.27238600

>Xeno exploring her sexuality
You're probably going to need to explain it to her, first.

>> No.27238603


You're a saint. Anyway, anyone with requests? I could give it a whirl.

>> No.27238621

Well, what would the story be? Eldar and Necrons hate each other and Xeno, in particular, thinks Eldar are jerks. How do you get the two of them together in an intimate situation?

>> No.27238628

Right, I like doing things which are new and exciting.

I've noticed that somebody requested a Cata-chan fic of some sort. That's cool. Then somebody mentioning Xeno and Macha.

Now, the only problem I have is Xeno, I can't find much in the way of fluff (bar the quests) nor do I know how Necrons work in regards to sex, I have some ideas, but it's going to be dodgy.

So, I offer this. A smutfic of Macha, Cata-chan and Xeno. Together, doing the usual stuff.

This good for those concerned?

>> No.27238636

A while back I asked a guy if he'd be willing to write up a threesome with a human male and Dark Eldar Succubus twins, but he never showed up. Care to take over for him?

So completely ridiculous that it's perfect. Go nuts.

>> No.27238637

I've actually been doing it for quite a while though.

I'm guessing it was based more on yours. If I recall correctly Macha was lifted off her feet in your fic which didn't happen in the Final Saga of Macha. But I suppose it can be applicable to both if you want to.


And yeah I suppose I can dig up my old gmail account if you wanted to discuss something.

>> No.27238649

For curiosity's sake I'd be interested in two Admech adepts having sex... Wait, would they even be able to have sex?

>> No.27238657

Don't worry about that. If everybody is fine with


I can do stuff. It will take awhile as I usually do a lot.

>> No.27238660

Same way you get them holding hands looking uncomfortable about unresolved sexual tension as shown in this picture? >>27233825

It's smut, not a novel. Having some story is fine but it need not be SUPER STRICT CANON. Also there was only one Xeno quest and it never had any Eldar. No you shut up, nothing ever happened after that.

i can dig it.

>> No.27238663

Didn't that happen in, uh... Heretical Love or whatever it was called? The one with the Guardsman-turned-Commissar-turned-Inquisitor when the Emperor came back and stuff and he ended up with a Harem made up of pretty much every species/faction in 40k.

>> No.27238665

I've been away from /tg/ for a while. Aw man, how many of these have I missed out on?

>> No.27238667

>Eldar and Necrons hate each other and Xeno, in particular, thinks Eldar are jerks.

Stupid Eldar! It's not like I like you or anything!

>> No.27238675


Sound, will send you an email now before I work on this fic.

>> No.27238679

That depends on how heavily augmented they are. I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up removing their dicks by the time they reach Magos.

I fail to see the problem. It did give me the idea, though.

>> No.27238685

40k, hey? I'll try and see what I can do.


I've some experience RPing as twins.


Different strokes. Genders?

>> No.27238693

A few- maybe 5 at most. Foolz is still down, but I think there's one or two archived on suptg.

>> No.27238701

Then it must be done. For the Omnissiah!

Male and female I guess? You're the one writing it, after all.

>> No.27238703


Two words: Magos Biologos. They probably have several dicks each. Even (especially) the ones that started out as women.

>> No.27238726

Right, I keep forgetting about them.

>> No.27238733

Tsundere!Xeno is best!Xeno

>> No.27238756

Okay guys, I'm working on the Cata-Chan x Xeno x Macha fic, so I'll be AFK for a bit.

It's going to be tough, but interesting....

>> No.27238760


Two orders of filth, coming up. Mind you, I'm a bit slow. But two guys asked, I will deliver.

>> No.27238775

I don't have anything better to do. Take your time.

>> No.27238963

Well, until then, I shall regale you with a tale of erotic passion I like to call... Woody Got Wood.

>> No.27239018

Sounds delightful.

>> No.27239055

Quick question, does Xeno use scarabs? And if she does, does she have a name for them? Or is it just Scarab?

>> No.27239061

>back, working on writing and making food.
>there will be edging and pizza involved, respectively

>> No.27239071

I think she uses them, but I don't know the answer to the latter.

>> No.27239076

About six or so. Not that many.

>> No.27239085

>It's going to be tough, but interesting....
This is what sex with a deathworlder is like in general, yes.

>> No.27239087

Use scarabs like how? She manufactures them like a tomb spyder (her back sort of unfolds under where her wings are, when she's got wings, and scarabs come out), and then she has one named scarab called Drone that follows her around.

>> No.27239113

Oh god, didn't technomancer do a pic where her torso opens up and there's all these half built scarabs falling out of her?

>> No.27239128

You know, use in general. I'm giving the finger to fluff and making up my own uses for scarabs for plot reasons (plot, hah!). I just wanted to know if she ever used one, I knew Drone existed, but wasn't sure what was canon since the amount of spin-offs (like, Xeno has a lesbian Tech-Priest called Anima?) I'm just combining everything into one big mess because reasons.

Good enough.

Then add a Tau-to-Necron character and a constantly-but-not-any-more-virgin Macha. I'm assuming that the other Macha fapfic (Extra Large Heresy?) is canon, alongside my one. Cause, headcanon is fun.

>> No.27239139

Not that I know of? It's the ridgey bit between her wings, here. And the wings, themselves, can digistruct away.

>> No.27239155

This what you were looking for?

>> No.27239166

She is the scarab queen, mistress of the undying swarm and BFFs with Iash'uddra the bug-c'tan. She uses scarabs.

>> No.27239178

There's a full color version, too. Same artist that did >>27238412.

>> No.27239182

No, it was Slow Drawfag.

>> No.27239184

...yes, sadly.

>> No.27239203

>mfw dat pic

>> No.27239266

Well as long as you don't turn Xeno into a slut it should be okay.

>> No.27239290

slaneesh approves

>> No.27239307


*100 post derail*

>> No.27239316

Oh no you don't. We're only getting the heresy started.

>> No.27239325


>> No.27239333

What does that mean again? Is that good or bad?

>> No.27239394

guy that posted, I am a 40k fan and I just got my friend to do that

they really don't play 40k or know what 40k is

they think it is a lord of the rings spinoff


>> No.27239416

it...kinda is. Orc(k)s and elves and humans and spiky evil and etc.

>> No.27239440

>I just got my friend to do that
No you didn't, this pic is at least four years old.

>> No.27239442

Wait, what's Dark Heresy again?

>> No.27239445

It's a LoTR spinoff that was combined with 2000AD and Dune.

>> No.27239495

Actually it's a Nemesis the Warlock spinoff that was combined with Judge Dredd, LotR and Dune.

>> No.27239526

Basically, you go right to the edge of an orgasm, and vary the pace, pressure, and other details to stay there as long as possible. Tough to do with a partner because of the control and sensitivity required, but if done correctly it often leads to multiple, powerful climaxes over a period of several hours.

So it's very, very good.

>> No.27239556

Oh, I thought he was talking about edgy weaboo characters.

>> No.27239560

I'm sold.

>> No.27239568

So many jokes regarding fucking a goddess of love, and so little time to make an ass of myself (well, more so than I normally do here).

>> No.27239859

Bumping for smut.

>> No.27239901

To the anons who asked me for the Admech adepts and the Dark Eldar, I should have the first bits in a few hours. Gonna get some shut-eye and do research.

You will not be abandoned.

>> No.27239911

>Teysa fucking another Orzhov noble to ensure her family's position in the Syndicate

Kind of boring, but would it be a good lewd?

>> No.27239920

Whoops, didn't mean to quote.

>> No.27239923


Or, in the case of one Lelith, it's a very, very, *very* effective way to torture a pet. Orgasm Denial, it's a thing yo.

No, I don't have an ETA.

>> No.27239937

>dat tight Macha anus squeezing dat dick while her yummy legs and pussy are just invitingly there....well this is going in the fap folder.

>> No.27239949

Between this, Seeding Midnight, and Hesperax's Pet, I'll have enough fapping material to last until next week.

Dark Eldar anon here. Let me help.


Not a problem, as long as it's sometime today.

You feeling all right now? I hear there's an experimental therapy using roundworms that's been getting some surprisingly good results. Look up "helminthic therapy" if you want to know more.

>> No.27239964

Godspeed, Bro.

>> No.27239979


Not really. I'm going to the ABC store to get some more booze. Usually some plus the painkillers lets me be functional for a few hours.

@Edinbro - I assume you're going to be putting this new fic up on 1d4chan as well?

@Lewd - Moar Lelith/Dark Eldar

>> No.27239989

The Goddess noted with some exasperation that Rorik seemed to have not quite kept up with what she meant: or rather, he refused for some reason to believe what he must have known she was telling him. “This will be a night you and your wife will remember for the rest of your lives, my little. Fuzzy. Faced. Cleric.” With each word so singly pronounced Sune's face drew closer and closer to that of her cleric, finally ending in a gentle kiss on the tip of his nose.

“Or would you deny your goddess her wish of seeing you truly lose yourselves in your love?”

Rorik gulped nervously. “No... it's just I've never bedded a goddess before.”

“And I've never done it with anyone but my lover, let alone with another woman,” Leah added.

Sune laughed, a sound that would warm the heart of even the most callous and uncaring man. “You've bedded a feisty, beautiful noblewoman, who in her turn has bedded a cleric who worships a goddess of beauty and love. I am certain you both know what to do... and what you don't know, I will show you.”

>> No.27240007

I've done about 2000 words... It'll be awhile still.

>> No.27240012

I'll be on it as soon as he's done. We need a title though.

>> No.27240014


Slav-inspired Mafia princess being a tiger in the sheets? Man, that's right up my alley. You're third, I'm afraid.


Thanks for the assist, but I got their 5th ed codex right here in my lap.

>> No.27240017

“But for now,” she continued, “I want to get the two of you back into the proper state of mind.” With an elegant and precise shift in her weight, Sune slid the topsheet off of the couple that was to receive her blessing, and smiled. They were both more ready than they had let on: Rorik was hard as stone from having her on top of him, and Leah's pale, smooth mound was already slick and shiny with anticipation. The goddess' attention was drawn towards something else she had not expected: a small, gold ring, dangling from a piercing through the noblewoman's labia. From it hung a short chain with a small pearl at the end... a finely-crafted and daring adornment.

After briefly inspecting the pearl and finding it almost flawless in quality, Sune's fingers found another, far more precious treasure normally hidden behind the silky veil of the noblewoman's underthings. Leah gasped as the Lady Firehair teased apart her small pink folds and found her own 'pearl', gently brushing it with one nail and sending a shiver up her spine. With her other hand, Sune grasped Rorik about his base, and lowered her head to gently kiss the quivering tip of his manhood. Her long red locks of hair fell around his thighs as her lips slid down tightly over his head.

Her delicate, expert touch sent waves of pleasure through Leah's body, causing the blushing bride to moan shamelessly as digits probed her with amazing dexterity. Always one or two fingers were devoted to rolling and rubbing and pinching her clitoris, but the other fingers were free to do as they pleased. Sometimes they rubbed lovingly around the sides of her labia, caressing her glistening and sensitive flesh. Other times they drove deep into her dark recesses, teasing out the most sensitive spots inside of her and focusing on them with maddening precision.

>> No.27240033

Rorik was in heaven. The goddess' tongue slid along him as she took his full length into her mouth, allowing her lips to inch their way down until they met his roots. Her fingers caressed his pair, rolling and fondling with just the right amount of pressure. Then she drew up, sucking almost eagerly at his member and flicking her tongue over the tip before pushing herself back down. With his left hand, he gently stroked Sune's smooth, soft hair, and with his right he pulled his wife's lips towards his own and locked his own with them. She moaned into his mouth as their tongues met, tasting each other's ecstasy as Rorik ran his fingers through both the women's hair.

Their pleasure mounted, and Rorik grasped at Sune's hair as she kissed and sucked at him, never quite seeming to do any one thing for too long before changing her pace or shifting her focus, but never letting him come down from the very edge of release. Leah felt as though her body was on fire, the smooth, toned muscles of her abdomen clenching and relaxing as she squirmed beneath the touch of a goddess. She could not find the words, but in her heart she was begging for the moment of climax to finally come.

But it didn't...

Neither of them knew for how long they moaned and rolled in the throes of passion: but it must have been for hours because the candle by their bedside had burned completely out, and they were still right on the edge. Judging the time to be right, Sune eased the couple into a position that suited her: she turned her back on her cleric and straddled his waist, and had to smile at his thoughtfulness as stroked her thighs and ass. It was wonderful to know that a mortal man could still make her feel this good, and she even loosed a quiet moan of her own as his fingers pushed away the thin silk that separated them and began to work around her rim.

>> No.27240050

In return she guided him into her, and moaned to herself again as she settled in on top of him. Then, she turned her attention back to Leah, taking a moment to raise the noblewoman's knees up and over her hips. Once situated, she briefly admired the near-comatose woman before pressing down into her, making sure to nudge the pretty little trinket out of the way of her mouth.

“Oh, goddess, yes,” Leah pleaded. “Please, let me come...”

It did not take long at all for the trio to finish, especially compared to the hours they had already shared. Rorik shouted thanks to the goddess as her thrusting hips brought him to the very heights of ecstasy, and he erupted deep inside her belly. The warmth spread through Sune's body, and her thoughts grew hazy. A last thrust with her tongue found the most sensitive spot deep inside Leah, and the noblewoman screamed incoherently as she climaxed. She gripped the bed tightly, her back arched wildly and her powerful thighs squeezed hard around Sune's head as her own head was pushed deep into the mattress. Leah stayed that way for several long seconds, before her body slumped back down and she unconsciously released Sune from the impromptu headlock.

By the time the couple had come down enough to be coherent, the first light of dawn was already peeking through the window.

>> No.27240083

“What are you doing lounging around?” the goddess asked inquisitively as she pulled the drapes, her loins and thighs still spattered and dripping with Rorik's fluids.

“Tired...” Rorik moaned, even as Sune returned to their bed. “What're you...”

But her intentions were clear. Sune had propped Leah up on a stack of pillows and spread her legs, and was already sucking gently at one nipple while gently teasing her labia apart. Despite how tired she must have been, Leah's eyes still silently urged him to satisfy her further.

“I still have things to teach you both,” the red-haired goddess purred as she turned away from Leah's chest, beckoning Rorik to join them. “And your body certainly appears ready to learn. Your night of passion ends when I say it does...”

Rorik was in no shape to argue.

>> No.27240128

Hope that satisfies the requester.

>> No.27240142 [SPOILER] 

It does. Believe me, it does.

>> No.27240146

I could try my hand at it, I've never written any lewd in my life before though.

>> No.27240147

TF writefag from last week here.
Any requests?

>> No.27240187

So, what's the title you want me to put it under?

Or if you wanna make a 1d4chan userpage and link it there, you could do that too. Honestly, that would be a better idea since you could link that up to the writefag page as well. Either one will do.

>> No.27240211

>TF writefag
You have my interest. What do you do?

>> No.27240227

Lofn walking into Taldeer/LIIVI sexy time and their proceeding awkward conversation please. With this as inspiration.

>> No.27240248

The look on the Ripper's face gets me every time.

>> No.27240282

There's been a running request for some DEldar twincest with two Succubae. Could you have a crack at that?

>> No.27240286

We are all sentient perverted Tyranids. All of us.
complete with scratch marked keyboards as we type lewd stories and rage at each other with giant ass claws

>> No.27240293

I write about people turning into things.

Afraid that's not my kind of smut but I'm sure sooner or later you'll find a writefag willing to take that.

>> No.27240308


> "M...Mom?! What are you doing?"
> *pop* "Ahhh! No! Lofn...I umm...this isn't what it looks like!"
> "...Primary Asset is correct. She is merely servicing my exitus rifle."
> "Y...Yes! That! It's important you always make sure your man's rifle is properly maintained!"
> "...Aunty Macha gave me the talk. I know what this is."
> "...I'm going to kill my sister."

>> No.27240315

Crawler Bro said he was working on it.

>> No.27240325

Really? In which thread? And did he give any details?

>> No.27240330

That sounds fun. Humor to break up the constant stream of pure, undiluted lewd.

I'll do it if the other guy doesn't.

>> No.27240348

Either way, you may wanna do one of those things quickly- I'd rather let you come up with the title since you wrote it, and foolz is still down so this might be lost otherwise.

This one, right here.

>> No.27240349

Yes please. This would just make my day

>> No.27240368

>I write about people turning into things.

My fetish~

How do you feel about a lady Catachan turning into a kroot?

>> No.27240371

Hehehehe......I need this BUT LONGER.
imagine if they continued for a bit after
Also: Dat Pop....is the best part of that post. So lewd mmmm.

>> No.27240378


We have to be Zoanthropes. Sitting back on Hivenet sending messages across the world. At least we're not rapist Genestealers or pheromone-abusing Lictors.

>> No.27240380


Write it and add it as a Pre-Prologue to Innocence Lost. Or a flash back, or something. I won't mind.

>> No.27240394


Dammit. Naga.

>> No.27240402

I feel like I have no idea who is that or what is a kroot but it's not completely out of the question.

>> No.27240414

OK, I'll do it then. How does "Divine Blessings" sound as a title for the 1d4chan page? I'm open to suggestions.

>> No.27240439


> "Secondary Asset, pretend you saw nothing. It would be for the best."
> "Listen to your father, Lofn. Oh damn... you're leaking! *Mmphhhh*
> *sighs* "Just keep it down...You two are louder than Aunty is when she visits."
> "MMMrrrpphm!"
> "Seriously, it's pretty bad when I hear 'YES! YES! CREAM ALL OVER YOUR FILTHY ELDAR WHORE."
> [Ignoring intensifies]
> "...I'm going back to my room."

>> No.27240453

My sides appear to have entered orbit.

>> No.27240492

Kroot are a race of borderline feral, carnivorous dinosaur-bird people. Catachans are a race of borderline feral, carnivorous Rambo people.

>> No.27240512

Seeing as there are no objections to that, I'll just go on ahead and make the page. Give me a couple of minutes to copypaste it all down and I'll post the link.

>> No.27240520

And now I need a pic of the Swarmlord getting super pissed off on his computer while a ripper on the other computer call him a faggot and basically is an internet tough guy. Like an average day on /tg/

>> No.27240540

>Catachans are a race of borderline feral, carnivorous Rambo people.

>> No.27240548

Top Lol. It be funny if when Taldeer calls Macha more pervy then her, said sister reminds her she is an Ever Virgin and not a Mon-Keigh Fucker. Which logically she cannot refute, as Macha hears things from Lofn.

>> No.27240550

Fuck man, no food in the house. Would kill for those fries.

>> No.27240562


>> No.27240591

2nd this.

>> No.27240594

What are they from?
Any lore I should know?
I like to at least try to be as coherent as possible, even though it's smut involving people turning into things.

>> No.27240638

Oh dear is this the start of Lofn's adventures of walking in on her parents doing loads of lewd things.

>> No.27240666


>> No.27240692


>> No.27240723


>> No.27240732


>> No.27240741

D-did anyone read this

>> No.27240760

>mfw as a kid she still sort of doesn't exactly how reproduction works and the "first" time she catches Taldeer sucking LIIVI's cock after finding out what sperm are Lofn yells out "stop eating my sisters" and then starts crying.

>> No.27240766

Probably. I'm still a little on edge about some of the fetishes so I haven't actually read it, but I'm going to go way on a limb here and say that it was good anyway.

>> No.27240780

>dat stretching
>dat thrusting dat "broadsword"
8/10, but I lulled more then I fapped.

>> No.27240783

Wonder if we'll get any more MtG deck-shuffling lewdness.

>"I cast Giant Growth--"
>"Oh myyyy."
>"Anon, why does your deck sound like George Takei?"

>> No.27240793

Xeno x Macha feat Cata-chan

Exactly 3400 words. It's not my best work, but I am tired and hungry. So the end isn't great. Sorry.


If somebody could put it on 1d4chan, that'll be nice.

>> No.27240794

Fuck you son read it anyways

Works for me
Validation: SATED

>> No.27240826

>Tiny fairy shenanigans
Awwwwww yis. My body is ready for this.

>> No.27240828

Also, Lewd! Check your google email.

Gief pictures plx.

>> No.27240849

Just did. I'm not sure whether to fap, lol, or be slightly confused. Not as freakish as I thought it would be (although the mental image of a fairy being stretched out like a fucked up condom is going to haunt me for at least a few days now).

>> No.27240854


Somewhere, some anon named Steve is very confused.


My Sides In Orbit/10

>> No.27240872

Actually this is probably good for me, everything I was writing was starting to sound like erotica. Like totally different subject matter, it was just weird to me.

Fap anyways fagtron

>> No.27240889

Dat buttsex in the end. And lesbians too.

>> No.27240892

I'll do that as soon as I finish up copying Edinbro's work to 1d4chan.

>> No.27240913

We all do, a fic about: >>27240227 is just so hot.
Edinbro any chance for a nice story since the TF guy is doing his fairy fic.

>> No.27240927

>Mmm, yesss, Anon, play your Necropotenc--
>Anon, why are you talking to your deck?

>> No.27240953

Lewd does good butt-sechs pictures. Yet to see some finger action in that hole.

Sometimes I wish I could draw again, I prefer drawing to writing, but writing is doable.

Just need Lewd Anon needs to check his email for JUST AS PLANNED.

What bout mine? I suck at creating new pages, I have some old fics I need uploading, if you can be nice?

>> No.27240964

Not doing a fairy fic, but rather that Kroot one.

>> No.27240969

Eh, Xeno sounds very rude in that one.

>> No.27240972

So, anywhere where I can find all these stories based on category?

>> No.27240979

There's probably some da-daist humor to be had in a grim-dark story about an anon in his late 20's, early 30s with early-onset schizophrenia. It starts out as jokes about gamer related hallucinations and the punchline is that he fits right in with the other terrible members of his gaming group, fedora wearer, mens rights activist, guy who eats almost all the pizza by himself doesn't help pay and wipes his greasy fingers on everything, etc

>> No.27240994

Yeah, because usually she's so polite.

>> No.27240997

I'll try, but I'm not too good at it either so it'll be more or less a straight text dump.

>> No.27241004

I know, it's very hard to make a Eldar and Necron/Tau get on with each other. I tried to make her very indifferent to sex though.


>> No.27241010


>> No.27241045

well I need a d'awww fic about this now.

>> No.27241074


>> No.27241087

As a matter of fact, she usually is, yes.
Xeno and Macha have a bit of common background, actually.

>> No.27241090

Edinbro's fic page is done. I'll need someone to go ahead and get the links and formatting worked out, though.


>> No.27241138

Ho hum. I was told it was http://1d4chan.org/insert_fic_title_here

These are the ones, maybe people have not seen them:

Macha's Surprise Experience:

A Trip To Commorragh

Two Medics One Bed

Mighty Morphing Gender Bender

Yeah. Crazy title names. Have a guess what's involved. Or just read them if you haven't.

>> No.27241153

I know, this is assumed to take place BEFORE that. Somehow. It didn't make sense otherwise.

>> No.27241165

So what should I make the tile of this one? I can't just put down "Macha x Xeno featuring Cata-Chan".

>> No.27241185

Wait- I got an idea. Would "Jungle Fever" work?

>> No.27241195

Oh yeah.

"First Encounters"

That'll explain how Macha and Xeno don't know each other.

>> No.27241201

Hey, new to these threads.
I write smut all the time. I've got a few random tentacle stuff, fantasy/low-fantasy things, and tons and tons of... vanilla stuff.

But, I was looking for some inspiration. Particularly with Magic the Gathering. Does anyone have requests they'd like to have done? My fetishes are kinda weak, and nothing crazy (like gore, or... implantation?) but I'm more than fine with more common things.

Anyway! Probably too much information.

I just want to write a Magic fic, anyone have something they want to see?

>> No.27241208

Nah, it's still pretty OOC. I'm not usually autismal about that sort of stuff but I couldn't enjoy it because of that. Also because "macha is wandering through the jungle for the hundredth time when suddenly rape for the hundredth time" breaks my suspension of disbelief.

>> No.27241210

That is much better than mine. Go for it.

>> No.27241227

A crapload of people were requesting Elspeth.

>> No.27241237

Nissa-Nissa gets some hot vampire dickings as reprisals for being a racist cunt.
Either from a local tribelord or from Sorin himself.

>> No.27241241

Big Black Boner
C: B

Destroy target hymen, it cannot be regenerated.

>> No.27241245

I asked in the last thread, got no replies at all. Does anyone know if there are any good smut fics involving female inquisitors?

>> No.27241246

How come? She's the least hot, most boring female planeswalker.

>> No.27241262

>Particularly with Magic the Gathering.
I've got two, but they're vague (it's been awhile since I've played or read the books).

First, the protagonist from the first series of Ravnica books (the hard ass Boros officer) and his angel partner (the one with the bound wings).

Second, from the Time Spiral series, anything having to do with that fire mage lady (no, I don't know her name).

>> No.27241263

Hm. Sorry, it was based on my old fic where she goes through the jungle and gets raped, sort of.

I couldn't make Macha and Xeno somehow fuck and Cata-chan to get involved. It was the easiest way I could do it.

Sorry it wasn't doing anything for you. I don't learn without being told. Either way, I knew nothing about Xeno bar some quick reading. I could of done better if I had a day or two, but I didn't. Sorry.

>> No.27241271

No idea- I don't play Magic, so I know nothing about her.

>> No.27241289

Found the names for the first request:
Argus Kos and Feather

>> No.27241303

>make sense

You're writing porn not a dissertation.

>> No.27241317

Teysafag here, just wanted to know if you guys want anything specific in this lewd?

I also have no idea about her vernacular.

I just realised that Teysa is a cripple. I feel like I should incorporate this somehow

>> No.27241329

Well then, does it matter if it's not exactly in line with /tg/canon?

I did it, there is porn. It wasn't a 10k fic like my usual stuff, but it's there.

>> No.27241357

It's up.


Got a few kinks in the formatting and needs to be linked properly, but that shouldn't be too difficult to fix.

Quite frankly, /tg/canon is whatever you want it to be- there's so much material that it's easy to just pick and choose which ones you want to be canon.

>> No.27241367

I misread those then. I was thinking that they were giving suggestions for that person, rather than taking requests. But if people want to see those written, I'll start adding them to see what strikes a chord with me.

I agree. Chandra all the way. Elspeth would make a good 'corruption' type of smut though. Turning her into a filthy sex-driven planeswalker does sound pretty good...

Unfortunately, I don't know the first one at all. It sounds really awesome though, and I'll go look at the wiki to find out. I'm pretty new to magic, but I've spent the last year or two doing nothing but it. So I know a little.
Fire Mage Lady. There are two I'm thinking of, and the first is Jaya Ballard. She's known as a 'Task Mage'. The second might be Chandra Nalaar, who is a fire Planeswalker. Young, spicy, and hot.

>> No.27241383

Actually, the Elspeth people wanted it to be absolutely vanilla.

>> No.27241395

because she's the purest, and only deserves tending loving

>> No.27241412

When I wrote my Teysa fic, it was really hard to not mess up the vocabulary. For some reason, it doesn't feel right to have her wearing 'panties' or things like that. Or 'bras' or something. Call it my inexperience.

And yes. She's a cripple.

Personally, I'd love to see a reference thrown in about her cards. They stealing of souls, or the sacrificing of lives. Just maybe in the opening, to really get her character felt.

As for the smut part of it? Nothing too much. Maybe in particular, something with her clothing would really be nice.

>> No.27241426

See what I mean?

>> No.27241429

Cheers dude/gal. Yeah. Canon is a strange mistress, but it's one of those things people can get upset/annoyed about.

>> No.27241440

Well, my specialty is definitely vanilla. That kind of stuff probably is my biggest 'fetish'. Just sweet, tender love.

If that's the case, who is she making that love to? Koth was someone of an interest, but other than that she's kind of alone. Anyone want to pair her up with someone?

>> No.27241463

Ballard was it. Like I said, It's been a LOOOONG time since I read the book.

I think this pic is of Argus and Feather.
If memory serves, Argus was a streetwise beat cop that always stretches the rules. Hard core Chaotic Good, I'd say. Feather was an angel, also part of the Boros guild (the Ravnica police force, actually RUN by angels). She had her wings bound for... something (I'll look it up). The thing is, they aren't locked. The chains are essentially symbolic and the only thing keeping her bound is her being very honorable and honest. I loved the dynamic between the two.

>> No.27241469

>Quite frankly, /tg/canon is whatever you want it to be- there's so much material that it's easy to just pick and choose which ones you want to be canon.

I think you'll find that what's canon is only what *I* consider to be canon and everything else is just trolls.

-most people on /tg/

>> No.27241554

Nevermind, THIS is Argus.

>> No.27241566

Oh wow, that sounds really cool. That picture, specifically, is Gideon and... whats-her-name... Aurellia I think, but I get what you are going for.

I love Ravnica, specifically Boros. Great guild, seemed the most 'pure' in my opinion. But the real kicker was that they literally worked besides Angels.

I can imagine the duo would be absolutely wonderful to put together. I want to read a little more into the backstory to get this correct, but I am definitely interested in writing it. I think it'll probably be vanilla, as vanilla as sex with an angel might be.

But yeah. Hit me up with any more information you might have, I'll go snooping around while I wait for sleep to take over.

>> No.27241595

This is all I've been able to find:

>> No.27241639

That'll do. Whelp. Got some reading to do!
Thanks. I'm very interested.

>> No.27241648

>sex with an angel
Speaking of which, I'd like someone to write that. Bonus points if it happens if the guy fucks the angel as she's flying.

>> No.27241653

Since Feather is a Firebane Angel, this might as well be her pre-Wojek/disgrace portrait.

>> No.27241696

Still waiting for Lofn/Taldeer BJ caught fic.

>> No.27241720


It's fucking awesome.

>> No.27241729

Absolutely. That's actually the request that made me decide to lurk this thread. Then the Elspeth stuff made me post. I'll definitely include that. I will use the characters, but I won't make it explicitly obvious that it's Magic, so hopefully you can still enjoy it!

Still catching up on the lore.

God I love Magic. The interactions between all of the old guild-leaders, like Savra and Jarad and just... wow. This is really awesome.

>> No.27241746

I would try to contribute, but the first and last time I did I was told to go away.

I'll jut sit here and enjoy. Don't mind me.

>> No.27241747

Then I remembered that she's got her wings chained.

Hrmm. I'll see if I can work around that... somehow...

>> No.27241750

Bonus points if they ten teach Lofn how it's done with some hands on experience.

>> No.27241780


I don't play Magic or know anything at all about it, so I would prefer that you put that in a separate fic. Dungeons and Dragons would work as a setting for me.

>> No.27241792

You were the one who demanded Nurglette dickgirls, weren't you?

>> No.27241812

Yep, I am too.

>> No.27241827

YOU'RE fucking awesome, anon. I want to do a followup with the dude where he's basically put into the service of a witch for some slightly Oglaf-inspired shenanigans. Any ideas for who I should base the witch on?

>> No.27241828

Heck no. I tried to contribute and was told I was terrible, so I didn't contribute anymore.

>> No.27241852

Dungeons and Dragons.

Meh. Perhaps I'll try drawing again at some point. Crack open my new (well, unopened, got it last year) tablet and get practising....

Oh well, if at least one person gets some happy times via my fics, I can sleep easy.

If Lewd is also here, I replied to you.

>> No.27241855

What was it that you wrote? Also no offense but why bring this up at all except to bitch? You're basically fishing for responses.

>> No.27241882

But what was the contribution, then? This thread is usually rather lenient about that.

That's actually pretty good. Keep it up.

>> No.27241887

Then it was a troll. You're only going to get better by trying. What were you writing? A fap fic or a fic?

/tg/ has it's fair share of trolls, just ignore them. People in here enjoy different things. As seen above, my fic wasn't liked by somebody because it wasn't canonically right in his head, doesn't mean I'll stop trying.

Unless you're typing like "lol u tk him 2 da bar" then you're set.

>> No.27241896

Not trying to fish, just wanted to say something other than 'bump'. Don't mind me then.

>> No.27241907

Did Freaky Faerun ever get finished?

>> No.27241924

Alright, after reading that article:
Agrus Kos is an absolute badass. Saving Ravnica 3 times over?

Also, Krenko and Feather are a thing? That's pretty awesome.

Alright, so I think I have some ideas floating around in my head. It'll probably be way off canon, but I'm not sure there's much I can do except run out and find that book, read it, then try it. Which I'd be willing to do! Buuut... that'd take a very long time.

>> No.27241928

Fairy fleshlight is best toy.
Though personally she would have ended up with little twist ties round her wrists while tucked into a pocket for use on the road, while excited at the future prospects of new places and further use.

>> No.27241938

JAW said he'd get it finished by tonight.

>> No.27241941

Afraid it wasn't mine. My pictures are never that good.

This was the only picture I scanned in when I was a teenager. All those moons ago. It's terrible, but I had just started working on the part where you use a pen and rub out mistakes, but not the pen.

Medication doesn't solve my spasms completely, so that's why I stopped. That was, 7 years ago.

>> No.27241956


> "Secondary Asset. Primary asset wished that you be given proper instruction on rifle maintenance."
> "When a male and female become bonded..."
> "...they disrobe and..."
> *UNNYU!*

Later that night:

> "LIIVI, honey, why are you covered in cuts and bites?"
> "Secondary Asset resisted training attempts, used xenos pet to obstruct efforts."
> "She's probably just embarrassed. We must seem like prudes to her."
> "Affirmative."
> "Well, what's done is done. Now lay back and let me lick your wounds clean..."
> "...Where did Primary Asset acquire the nurse outfit?"

>> No.27241966

He isn't online. If you guys have Steam, join the Official /tg/ Group, then look for Vexus, that's him. If not, I'll ask him when he comes on.

>> No.27241988

I tried writing some fanwork for that Tale of Solaron story I liked from a while back, tried to adapt a scene from that to be the MC's first time, but it was a kinda bad, mostly I think because it was more humor(or my attempt at humor) than smutty.

>> No.27241990

I think my sides have left orbit and entered the asteroid belt now.

>> No.27241996


>> No.27242015

This one could just kinda slip out of it. Though that does sound good for a really short piece. Maybe with the more nymphy fairies though, so the elasticity wouldn't be necessary for plowing.

>> No.27242019

The wait wouldn't bother me, but the likelyhood that I'd never find what you do write after such a long time is probably too high.

You could always write a story about them now and THEN read the book. When you finish you could revise or start over. It might be fun to see what kind of characters you created based off of what little detail you've been given and comparing it to the canon versions (and the characters you create based on the canon version).

Another idea would be for a Feather/Razia fic in which Feather is being punished for whatever it is she did. The whole "angels binding the wings of other angels thing" has a whole world of possibilities.

>> No.27242021

It wasn't just that. There was a backlash against anything Solaron-related at the time. It got too quest-like for antiquestfags, and they lashed out at you due to the association.

>> No.27242029

Oh hey, I remember that. IIRC, it was mostly just people trolling you. By all means, provide content. I mean unless it's Dranon's Delight level shit, you'll get a few people who enjoy it.

>> No.27242045

>Parents having tons of naughty sex
Lol I think that would be the opposite. Unless you talking about them NOT wanting to give her the talk.

>> No.27242056

>Dranon's Delight
I'm new here, what's that?

>> No.27242064

Link it. If my stuff can be accepted, then I bet yours can to. If you're trying to do humour, try and do /tg/ humour.


That was my attempt at a humorous fapfic. It was also a Lewd Anon's picture which inspired the requester to ask for it. Pic related.

>> No.27242065

I still don't get that. Of all the possible reasons to dislike the story saying it was a quest was the stupidest possible option.

Shall I repost the link to the fic then?

>> No.27242074

>Dranon's Delight

>> No.27242082

Here you are then.


>> No.27242100


I think it's more of anon was referring to how they interact with their daughter, taking notes from ELH's Lofn fic. The joke is that, in public, they're very much non-sexual and not exactly open to showing affection. Meanwhile, in private, Taldeer's totally into hot spankings and being called a whore.

>> No.27242105

Oh yeah, well, I'd probably embarrass myself with the characters I create. I'm much more into the... smutty stuff. I love dragging it out as long as I can, changing it up a few time, and...

And really like a porno, I guess. I mostly design my stories to be used as... material... to pleasure yourself with.

Anyway, I think I'll get started on that now. If nothing comes up, I'll try to find the thread and post a link. If something does, well, I'll be on later today.

As for the binding fic? Yes, certainly, that would be quite good as well. I really enjoy the boros angels. Hmm... the feeling of helplessness after getting your wings bound...

>> No.27242135

Oh man now I need a pic of Taldeer in a nurse outfit.... what if the real reason *besides being a horny cock-loving slutty wife in bed* that Taldeer always goes down on LIIVI is because she would otherwise moan really loud and wake up Lofn or Macha nearby, and instead she'd rather muffle and moan into her man's thick meat. Very clever Taldeer, just a shame it doesn't really work

>> No.27242143

That looks like the revised version. As I remember it, the first iteration had a -ton- of grammar/spelling errors as well as being distasteful to most people because of the content and subject matter.

>> No.27242185

>They stealing of souls, or the sacrificing of lives
I don't know how to do that either, but I do know how to make her imposing and intimidating.

Would that do?

>> No.27242189

Never underestimate the blind, indiscriminate rage anti-quest fags feel towards anything remotely like a quest. They're the same people who go to suptg and archive crappy threads under the tag "Live with Your Shame". (Including a previous smut thread.)

Hey, don't forget mine. Remember, I didn't say anything about Boros Angels- just a regular angel like I specified here. I don't really care for Magic. >>27241780

>> No.27242200

It's decent, but the problem is that Solaron isn't like.... He's practically asexual. His naivety prevents anything like that from happening... But regardless it's still a good fic.

>> No.27242201

That one has its share of both anyhow.

>> No.27242227

The only problem I can see is the tense. It's referred to as "I". So perhaps many thought it was too quest like, a bit like a table-top RPG event.

Personally? I don't see anything wrong with it. I would assume it's trolls being trolls. Just keep taking requests and keep writing. You may get negative feedback, but as long as it's constructive, it shouldn't matter.

Just ask if anybody wants a request, say what you're prepared (or not) to do. Then off you go!

>> No.27242247

Thanks. I think the author said he would figure it out eventually though, but that said lady would have to be really persistent and blatantly explain it to him. I tried to do that.

Glad you liked it.

>TFW you wonder if the author will ever find out...

>> No.27242248

Absolutely. Part of the appeal of Teysa is that she's one of THE MOST powerful mages in Ravnica. Immortal, capable of killing pretty much anyone, overthrowing the council... she's pretty much the definition of a woman of power.

So yeah, intimidating is definitely something that would be good to see.

>> No.27242256

Oh okay gotcha, was confused for a moment. But that makes sense.
don't forget her love with LIIVI's genetically enhanced stamina that lets him stuff and fill Taldeer in every hole with lots of his seed while still being able to frost her head to toe, especially on her milfy tits. Like a one man bukkake

>> No.27242286

Oh? I can't say I've read either. What was distasteful about it originally?

Also, anybody got a request for me? I might be able to fit a quick one in before I go to sleep.

>> No.27242289


> "Oh my...sorry dear. You know your father...such a *monster* in bed..."
> "Please tell me I'm adopted."

>> No.27242297

Would you like me to make a quick one? Kinda get used to working with angels and wings and the like? Any premise in mind? Just... a guy with an angel? Do you want them to be... contracted together in some way? I can write a real quick one, if you'd like!

>> No.27242324

It was Dranon fucking Cultist, which some people would hate enough, but there were grammatical errors and stuff like that as has been said.

>> No.27242370

Not too short, maybe 8500-10k words or so, perhaps more- I've got plenty of time. No specific premise I can think of, just consensual, loving sex.

>> No.27242383

Ouch. Fair enough.

How old is Lofn again?

>> No.27242384

It was also a snuff fic, as I recall, ending with her dead or severely injured. Which again, some people are into, but they're not very common. It wasn't written to be erotic. It was basically back in the day where Cultist was still "popular", as far as that term can be given to an OC and of course there was plenty of backlash. As I remember, Dranon's Delight was written specifically to anger people who liked Cultist.

>> No.27242389

And that's not getting into the 11 sequels.

>> No.27242408


*shrug* I've been ballparking mid to late teens.

>> No.27242421

It varies from one fic to another- ELH's is at the higher end at somewhere around her mid to late teens (in human years, anyway- don't know how Eldar psychological development works). Most of them seem to average around 10 to the early teens, though.

>> No.27242422

8,500 eh? Well, that might be a stretch, if there's no plot necessarily to go with it.

I can do a 6,000-8,000 pretty easily, but only if you would be interested in it.

>> No.27242423

No, we're not getting into the sequels. They go from bad to worse.

>> No.27242434

I'd be pleased with that. Try to keep it closer to the upper range there if you can.

>> No.27242440

They have to plastic wrap like their room like an episode of Dexter to prevent "stains" every time the have fun.
>"....wow Mom why are you buying all the saran wrap, are we gonna have a picnic"
>"Um....well your father and I might need it for later...."
>"But why else would you get so much?"
>"...because I'm gonna make you your favorite sandwiches!"
>"Yay!! You're the best mom" *cue adorable eldar on eldar huggings*

>> No.27242461

I take it that Whips, Oil, and Lofn was meant to be similarly offensive.

>> No.27242495

Pretty much, though I assume some people liked it. There always are, no?

>> No.27242497

Hm, I was going for early teens. 14 maybe. Or whatever the Half-Eldar equivalent is.

Oh well.

Anyway, I think I'll have a break for a bit. If anybody wants something done, be it 40k or whatever. Leave a reply and I'll check later.

Did the guy who wanted Cata-chan, the guy who wanted Xeno and Macha see the one I did for them? That's the last thing I want to know, I assume they did, but I need to make sure they saw it before I go.

Anyway. So, leave a message. If not, I'll see you around /tg/. Or perhaps Monday Lewd Day, which often happens.

>> No.27242504

Pretty much.


Older Lofn version:
> "...You honestly think I'm going to believe that?"
> "But look! I have the mayo right here!"
> "...You bottle his cum? For Isha's sake mother, what is wrong with you?"
> "...I regret nothing."
> "I'm going to live with Aunty Lelith."

>> No.27242522

Nope. That was just one writefag deciding to write what he enjoyed rather than what was asked. I would know, I was in the thread it started in. Me and one or two other anons were wanting some Lofn sexy times, specifically d'awww/cute ones. Though he says he'd like to make it a bit darker and include stuff like whipping, etc. We say no, that's not what we want. We basically get told, it doesn't matter what we want he's the writer he'll write what gets him off.

And it's like, fair enough. But why bother offering to write for US if you're not going to write what we want? It's like a parent saying they'll by their son a toy at the store, and then the kid points at what they want, the parent shrugs and buys something for themselves instead.

>> No.27242538

I have a couple others like this, is there anyplace I can send them where they won't be stored forever?

>> No.27242547

pretty sure you can set pastebins to expire after a certain amount of time.

>> No.27242563


>> No.27242565


> "...Aunt Lelith, why do you have a mon'keigh running around on all fours?"
> "We've been over this before."
> "Yes yes, you have needs. But *why* do you treat him like a pet? I don't get it."
> "Well you see..."

And then Lofn was a dominatrix

Hopefully Innocence Lost will be what you're after.

>> No.27242572

I'll try that.

I kinda hope the actual author never finds out about this. Though he seemed like a pretty cool guy. I'll try to get something set up.

>> No.27242599

Elspeth was entirely to tired and those last few strikes had come far too close as she hobbled under the emblem of the sun. she was glad to get under a roof at least as she knew she might collapse from exhaustion at any minute. she took one last step and collapsed onto the stone floor, her armour impacting the ground with a deafening clang.

she was soon to have company however as ....

>> No.27242605

Make a new thread, we don't want to let the next one roll over into Monday too far.

>> No.27242610

Innocense Lost is the thing ELH is working on that's Lofn and Big Emps from Macha Writes a Fapfic, right? Yeah, I'm eagerly awaiting more on that.

>> No.27242622

So, hey, sorry y'all, but I just passed out in my chair. I can't get anything written write now, but I'll definitely try to get it done by tonight. Hopefully I will see some of you guys there! If not, perhaps another time.

Thanks for the writing inspiration! I hope to be a part of future threads!

>> No.27242646




I say wait until this hits page 6 at the very least. Really, we should wait until page 10, but meh.

>> No.27242654

>"....well when LIIVI goes out on his business trips, sometimes your mother gets a little lonely and thirsty at the same time. Don't look at me like that Lofn, a good wife always finds a way...you'll understand one day. Also its good for your skin and keeps it youthful."
>"Besides if you'll be moving out, I guess I can go look through that mysterious box that you keep buried in your closet too...I wonder whatever could be inside"
>"Wait nooo mom don't go in my room"

>> No.27242655

And I thought Macha was the one with the overactive sex drive.

This is why I subscribe to the "infinite number of parallel universes" theory of canon.

Honestly, why bother writing on 4chan at all if you aren't doing it for the benefit of other posters? If I wanted to write something for myself, I wouldn't show it off to random internet strangers.

>> No.27242656

Well, that blows a hole right through my context. Then she would have no need to produce an heir.

>> No.27242690

Goddamn it, this is why last week it spilled over into fucking Tuesday.

>> No.27242700

Don't Eldar need repeated insemination to make babbies. I guess LIIVI was just the...perfect man for the job. Giggety.
At this rate though, I'm surprised they don't have tons of kids with the way LIIVI keeps topping off Taldeer's Sperm Bank to the brim. Goodness gracious.

>> No.27242710

The best part is that what's in the box is heartfelt, adorable love letters from Big E that aren't lewd in the slightest.

>> No.27242719


> "Primary asset, why are *you* covered in bites and scratches?"
> "Hmph! That stupid pet of Lofn's didn't want me going near that box of hers."
> "Did you discover the contents?"
> "No, but I can guess. After all, she got it from my sister."
> "Do not worry. Allow me to tend your wounds."
> "...Where did you get the doctor's outfit?"

>> No.27242736

>The high-ranking members of the Orzhov use magical means to extend their lives, and are mutated in many ways that they pass on to their offspring. For example, one of Teysa Karlov's legs is practically useless, and therefore she has been forced to use a walking cane since she she learned to walk.

So, I read something where it said she was immortal, but I don't think that's quite it. I think she has the ability to be immortal, but just through magic.

So if you can work your context back in, you'll still be good.

>> No.27242740


>> No.27242755

That should totally be canon.

>> No.27242761

an older woman rolled in. she was startlingly awake despite the abysmal hour of night, sitting forward in her chair as she came to the unconscious figure. she smiled, gleefully contemplating what she might do with this strange intruder, how she might make the girl rue the day she had ever been born, as she had the girl carried off.

When Elspeth awoke...

>> No.27242772

I've personally been waiting for the next part of Hesperax's Pet. Hopefully ELH will pull through so he can get it up by tonight.

We're on page 4 now. It should be fine to start up the next thread.

>> No.27242789

Okay, here's another one.

FYI this takes place several years further along, Sol ain't a virgin anymore, but he's not a stereotypical bard either.

Also, a lot of lead up with a little smut at the end, just FYI.

Also, this paste will self-destruct in 24 hours.


>> No.27242792

This is downright Meet the Parents shenanigans right here.

>> No.27242799


ELH is probably lurking, so it'll probably happen. He's pulled from thread suggestions/jokes before to add to his fics.

>> No.27242809

>still trying to make Lofn walking in on Taldeer and LIIVI work
>might also make a short fic about Elspeth "pumping" Thalia, because now every time I do it at Modern FNM my mind wanders a bit
Both will be done next Sunday, possibly with musclecatgirlthreesome depending on how much time I spend in the lab.

>> No.27242816


>> No.27242848

Good News, Everyone!

Part one of Freaky Faerun is complete. I decided, given how much sex I wrote for just this one scene, to divide FF into parts aswell. I promise Part Two will be finished soon, probably tonight, aswell, depending how my imagination goes.

Turns out I really got inspiration for this bit. Alot of Dom, orgasm denial, and some sensuous female half-orc masturbation. Enjoy.

Pastebin code is same as before. Scroll down to the section sub-titled "Grobknar's Night" for the new sex scenes.


>> No.27242858

Did you forget your tripcode?

>> No.27242869

Sorry, forgot mah tripcode.

Anyone with any epic half-orc female art they wanna share, well, lets just say it'll keep my creative juices flowing if you know what mean. ;)

>> No.27242903

So she needs an heir before she becomes immortal to prevent the kid from getting a defect?

Thanks a bunch for the help, by the way

>> No.27242944

It is done.
Short, quick, but not all that clean.
Hope I didn't disappoint too much, but I know nothing about WH40k (or WH in general, really).
Kroots are pretty damn hot though.

>> No.27242967


Wonderful. After that, the lot of us (well, me at least) can take a while to think about where to take Extra Large Heresy from there. I swear, every time I look back at it I keep getting the feeling that my requests might have accidentally led to the creation of the LCB of our time. Or something.

If you can, perhaps you can take the time to fill us in on what Macha was up to between the main heresy and the first part of the after-heresy. Just a suggestion.

>> No.27243001

Oh, and we're halfway down page 5 now, so someone should consider setting up the next thread. I'd do it, but there's RL stuff I have to take care of.

>> No.27243007

They are indeed. Not the requester, but thanks. Don't think I've ever seen Kroot-love, but there needs to be more of it!

>> No.27243143

Anyone read this? bit of a tldr I know, but anyone interested?

>> No.27243185

I don't know the characters but the dialogue seemed nice

>> No.27243210

Same guy as the one who gave feedback on the first one.
Also pretty good, the actual sex wasn't very long but it was all good otherwise.

>> No.27243266

Thanks. I wrote this on request for a friend, and he didn't want too much smut, or really in depth descriptions, thus the minimal sex scene at the end.

Solaron is a /tg/ writefaggotry character and is an incredibly naive and friendly Yuan Ti bard, the archeologist is an OC of mine made for the story. Sol here is a lot different from the one in the story, the original character had no clue what sex was and no idea how it might happen, but this is him older and more experienced.

>> No.27243279

I really like it. Its a very nice, heart-warming story. Although I personally am not a fan of naga or reptillian erotica, I think you really captured the essence of the connection between the two characters, and built up their romantic coupling wonderfully. Often Im scared to go in as much detail, since I feel most people just want to get to the sex as quickly as possible.

However, you did an excellent job with context, pacing and building the scene.

>> No.27243290

Sweet, looking foward to both but especially the Lofn fics.
>smut/slice of life is best fics.

>> No.27243342

I liked it and you've just made me feel like a dirty pervert :(

>> No.27243347

>mfw I found out Xeno constructs baby scarabs

>> No.27243360

Damn LIIVI is a boss then. Need more Taldeer/LIIVI fapfics now.

>> No.27243370

Aw, thanks. That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy now. The story is mostly lead up with a little smut at the end, glad you liked it.

>> No.27243409

Yeah, and you like that don't you, slut?

>> No.27243443

You killed my boner with your hideous grammar.

>> No.27243508

She found herself in a large bed, surrounded by finery of unimaginable splendour and impeccable taste, being watched over by a woman whom Elspeth almost missed because she had such a presence about her that she belonged here.
"You were quite worn down when we found you." the woman said, a look coming over her that Elspeth couldn't quite place.
As Elspeth turned towards the woman with thanks on her lips, she felt a draft about her and a slight chill, like dampness in the wind.
Elspeth was naked. She did a double take.
"what is the meaning of this?" she blurted, filled with a mixture of shock and panic coming over her.
" you were filthy when we found you, so you were bathed" the woman replied, her voice awash in false concern.
"I thank you," Elspeth stammered, verbally retreating, "but may I have my things back? I really must be going, I..."
"Not yet" the woman interjected, a smile coming to her lips, "My name is Teysa Karlov, you owe me and I know exactly how you can repay me"

>how do you do spoilers?

>> No.27243526

Aww so adorable Lewd.

>> No.27243530

All these scarabs? She constructed them.

>> No.27243538


See the faq. [.spoiler][./spoiler] without the .'s

>> No.27243583

I woul dn't know
Just kidding just type in

>> No.27243604

Yes, that's right.

>> No.27243682

So are we making another thread?

>> No.27243690

We're at less than 100 posts left before we get pruned. Now would be a good time to start a new thread.

>> No.27243822

Could they link it here too?

>> No.27243900

Right here.

Get there before this goes under.

>> No.27243948

Well I'm back. I guess we'll wait till next Sunday?

As I said, if anybody has a request, ask now and I'll try and get it done before then.

That is, if we're doing anything. I can wait till next Sunday for requests if nobody has anything on their mind at the moment.

If not, next Sunday it is.

>> No.27243954


>> No.27244127

"H-how?" Elspeth weakly inquired.
She instantly thought of something, inspired by her nudity and chill hardened nipples, but she just as quickly dismissed the possibility. That couldn't be what this "Teysa" was thinking of, could it?
As Teysa pulled herself on to the bed, Elspeth realized with mounting horror that "that" was exactly what Teysa had in mind.
"my what a pretty mouth you have" Teysa intimated as she drew herself over the nubile stranger "lets see if we cant put it to better use than stammering"
"B-but you are a woman!" Elspeth sputtered before being hushed.
"I'm sure you will think of something" Teysa whispered as she finally pulled the hem of her dress over Elspeth's head

>Thank you

>> No.27244860

It was humid under Teysa's dress, the slick, wet lips of Teysa's sex drawing themselves to Elspeth's mouth as Elspeth's tongue eagerly lapped up the moisture from around Teysa's folds.
Teysa gasped and pressed her sex hard against Elspeth's lips forcing her in turn to orbit deeper and deeper into Teysa's vagina with her tongue.
Teysa's heartbeat began to race and she threw off her clothes her fingers fiddling desperatly at her nipples and her hips urgently thrusted at Elspeth's mouth, her whole body aching with need.
Teysa's back arches and she presses her whole weight down on Elspeth smothering Elspeth and forcing her head into the mattress.
Finally Teysa climaxes, collapsing onto Elspeth's legs.
Elspeth swallows a mouthful and parts her lips. "May I go now?" she asks.
"OF COURSE NOT" Teysa shouts, she calms herself and finishes. "After all its your turn now."...

>> No.27245346

They lashed out because they claimed that Solaron was a bad writer and his character was a Mary Sue. Didnt help that he admitted to learning about /tg/ through TVTropes and also admitted to being the QM of that Reasonable Marines Quest.

>> No.27245926

That whole thing was pretty stupid, the detractors I mean. I happened to like that story and was one of the ones defending it. Mary Sue my ass, Solaron was hardly the most powerful person in that party and got his nonexistant ass kicked half the time he fought.

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