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I am going to ask quite possibly the most important question ever asked on /tg/.

Lizard tits or no, on your lizard races?

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So glad we have this topic again. Hadnt have it for a week or so.

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lizards don't have tits
thusly lizard races don't have tits

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Generally, no.

Not that I have anything against the idea of busty lizardkin, but it's kind of what makes them lizards. It'd kind of have to be addressed in fiction (a wuzzard done it style) before I could fap to it

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It depends.
Are they just lizards? no tits.
Tits on their ladies.

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I'm okay with it in games either way.
I will also fap to it either way.

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No. Men just means anthropomorphic, which boils down to walks like a man.

You'd have to have some kind of genuine mammal/lizard hybrid to have mammaries, which basically means science/wizardry

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Or just that being how lizardfolk are in the setting, theoretically.

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Dude, you do realize that mammal is DEscriptive, not PREscriptive, right?

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I prefer without tits, but I really don't give a shit either way.

So can we start dumping lizardfolk pics now, or...?

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Wait, how lewd is /tg/ allowed to be? I can never remember.

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picture dumps are like, way boring to me.

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No showing nipples. So that's fine.

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So should I not? Is that not what's happening?

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>blatant bait

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We're pretty lewd I think.


No, just a thinly disguised excuse to have another lizardfolk thread.

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Either's good.

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you're free to do either.

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i prefer them with breasts, like vestigial signs of what they were before they started worshiping semuanya

which is when they became lizardfolk... at least in my setting

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my setting takes the "humans fuck everything" trope seriously. Most of the "xmen" species are because some cletus went out and fucked a magic critter.

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No, but Argonians Grandfather Clause their way into an exception.

Also, if you want to dump lizardmen, just be honest.

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Lizard tits are most indeed excellent tits, yes.

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Please tell me you don't play in Xanth...

It all seemed so innocent before descending into perversion and debauchery.

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Depends on the setting.
If it's explained in the lore, like >>27225653 mentioned, then I'm completely fine with it. If not, it seems a bit strange, unless they have other mammal-like features as well, like giving birth to babies instead of eggs, the way their body heat works, human eyes, etc.

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Second most important question:
Do female lizardmen have a cloaca or a proper vagina?

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nope, never heard of xanth.

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I'm with this anon. I require some level of consistency in their portrayal. Personally though, I say lizards sans tits.

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I wanna use lizardmen in my setting, but I'm having a real hard time trying to make them, y'know, interesting, instead of the same old thing over and over again. I'm not trying to say I want to be original for originality's sake, just something to make them interesting.



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I've known gamers who have fondly adored Xanth, and those who despise it, but never one who's never heard of it.

Are you like 9 or something?

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To be honest, all creatures bone each others in Xanth. Fucking Xanth and perverted writer with his monstergirl fetish.

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His PEDOPHILIAC monstergirl fetish.

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It's a shitty fantasy series by Piers Anthony. (Yes, the name for his shitty fantasy setting did come from putting an X before the first syllable of his last name.) He goes into great detail about how all these hybrid species come to be. E.g. centaurs came about because some dude fucked a horse.

Pic related. Xanth is fucking Florida.

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Up to the DM/GM/Writer.

If it's a no from them, there's allways Illusion/Transmutation spells, or the venerable Miracle/Wish.

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When it comes to commonly used beastfolk and similar races, I treat them pretty much the way Pathfinder rules treat Tieflings, or TES treats Khajiit: They're a diverse bunch, and all the different manifestations of pretty much the same principle you see in various fictions all belong to the same species.

No more niggling about what is canon. They all are. Whatever the player wants their character to look like that fits in the archetype, goes.

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looks kinda like the sword coast from the east

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Xanth being Florida is actually explored in the setting. It's not just a ripoff, it's literally a planeshifted Florida.

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And Piers always goes to great lengths to vent his sexual frustration by having the protagonist meet all sorts of monstergirls, then describing all the sexual tension. Everything from accidentally fondling centaur boobies to ugly harpies and some weird ogre women. There was even a whole 'faction' with only women of monstergirls, whom begged the protagonist to stay since the siren had lured all their men away. It's pisswizardy of the worst kind.

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nah, I just hardly ever try out alternate systems.

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Also, why only lizards?

why no reptilefolk?

I require croc men.

Honestly, as long as you don't bitch about lack or use of tits on a given humanoid race with an obvious not-particularly mammoid non-human base, I don't give a fuck

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well, that's... not how it goes, quite, in my setting.

I mean sure, these things were made by some asshole human bard fucking things he shouldn't, but they have their own men, and there's not really any more sexual tension than with normal ladies. It's not like they're habitual nudists or anything.

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It's still really uninspired world-building.

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Most of what I have heard or read about Xanth has sounded like interesting (or at least usable) concepts taken in very stupid directions.

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Though to give PA some credit, his world's rules are internally consistent.

OP, in Xanth...(magical Florida), there are sort of pools of roofie water that make you magically sexually compatible with and desirous of other species of opposite sex to you. Water is DANGEROUS in Xanth. To me it's less squick/creepy than just terrifying.

Let's say I'm thirsting near to death and find this pond. I'm scared b/c I see predators drinking from it. You sip and the next thing you know yo wake up naked sandwiched between a lioness and ibis. Then you end up fearing for your life living in some magical threesome beastiality relationship and find yourself father to a hoard of half-beast monstrosities.

Just thirsty man...just wanted some water.

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In Xanth, there are pools of enchanted water (and maybe lakes), drinking it makes you fuck anything you see next. I presume it means anything living. I hope it does. Also, most monstergirls are nudists, and all women are conviniently superhot and described in close detail, except for the token ugly one which I think is actually a hot one but in disguise or something.

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well then, no, no I do not run xanth.
I double don't have puddles of fuckwater lying around.
But now I'm going to include fuckwater in any wizard's magical forests I include.

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Do as your heart tells you OP, did they evolve separately? or were they designed by a dragon god who has human worshipers? if the latter then yes they prolly have tits so that the humans would be more comfortable around them.

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Basically. Also, puns FUCKING EVERYWHERE.

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The ugly one was magically ugly, but became super beautiful somehow. It's been way too long, but I read like 30 of the books in elementary school.

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His world's rules are consistent in that nothing is very consistent. Every plant and water keeps having different properties all the time just to enforce the idea of "muh magic setting". Stuff like the forest is absolute deadly except to the deposed wizard who just happens to know all dangerous plants despite being exiled from the magical place and that since every plant and creature keeps boning each other to make more hybrids and more changes, nothing should be consistent, making knowing about them completely impossible.

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You realize 75% of /tg/ are perverts of one stripe or another and would find that arousing, right?

This is the board that created SERGALS, after all.

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That was Chameleon. She flipped between ugly genius and incredible bimbo every month.

God dammit PA.

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What are sergals, even?

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I realized we're derailing your thread here but....

Xanth does have some cool things like TALENTS. I've wanted to use this magic system somehow but couldn't get it to work really. It would be lol random but fun. Each human in Xanth is born with one magical "at will" ability and the person with the most powerful talent is ruler by some weird logic of magical meritocracy of some kind. Using Dnd, maybe you were born with the ability to cast Faerie Fire...or maybe Greater Teleport, Mass...whatever! Lots of the more fun things that happen in the books come down to how you use what little...or alot you were born with to solve life's problems. Pretty cool. Most talents are kind of run of the mill magic but others are crazy like a princess with diminutive magical planet orbiting her head that is actually another planet with living people etc. Crazy stuff.

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The problem with that is the built-in powerlevels.
When one person is born with the ability to transform anyone into anything, and the other person can create a dot on the wall, regardless of creativity, it's difficult to see how they could be considered even.

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No, the problem is that you think it should be somehow even or balanced.

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Shes in the first book and her name is Chameleon. Her talent was a Fate sort of Maiden/Mother/Crone thing where she shapeshifted through the lunar cycle. She would be an air headed hot horny maiden, a nice and mild mannered adult woman, and a cold old bitch....every lunar cycle.

It's in the 1st book, A Spell for Chameleon

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Sergals are...wolf/shark/anthros unless I'm mistaken.

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It's not much fun when one party member is ridiculously more powerful than the other members.

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>fantasy races don't exist irl
>thusly fantasy races don't exist

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I thought if I ever used it it would be a Warhammer Fantasy esque setting where part of the fun is that each character is random and some just start off a lot better.

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Unbalanced setting is playable, D&D proves this. Granted, it's shit but it's technically playable. I hear some people even have fun with it.

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I disagree, actually. I've found that rules lawyering to make everyone "equal" in some ill defined way is ONLY necessary when people don't start out just ready to see what happens. You can't play using this sort of mechanic or a game like WFRP or other random generation type game if you have the sort of players who mope b/c they they rolled some lame stats. If you're group is there to have fun and see what happens, mechanical balance is largely unnecessary.

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he didn't say it wasn't playable.

You can totally uses 1950's era computers to do most of the things that as a consumer, you currently do.

It just takes for fucking ever.

Also, I might be lying about being able to do most of them.

but you can add.

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D&D at least attempts to balance, even if it fails miserably in most cases.

I could see it as a roleplay heavy game, where there isn't a lot of challenge but rather the fun is in How you solve the problem instead of whether you can at all.

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If the setting has them as an intelligent race that pre-dates, or is otherwise unconnected to, the traditional humanoid races, then they shouldn't.

If they are more like a race of beastmen, half-men, half-lizards, united by whatever means, then yes.

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That's only because people don't use the rules in those cases.

>> No.27227490

if you have a good group, a game itself is unnecessary.

>> No.27227558


And be reminded, power level isn't utility. It may be awesome when your party member with the Earthquake talent gets to use it, but you can't use that very often. If you do, you might find yourself being hunted down as a criminal or whatever.

But having a 1st level spell talent like Entangle or Charm Person...that you use alot in adventuring. Also, I'm sure in such a world where people get "Spot on the Wall" talents as they're called in Xanth just don't focus their life around their magical ability but use in as it suits them.

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anyyyyway, since I helped derail OPs topic into Xanth magic, I owe some scaly character art

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aren't we allowed to get away with just about anything in fantasy know that -this- thing exists in real life?

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In english, maybe?

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the croc variety

>> No.27227743

Aren't we allowed to get away with just about anything in fantasy, given that This thing exists in real life?

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No puede hacer amigo.

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finally one w/ tits

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yep. Anyone who's all pissed about lizardtits needs to be directed to platypi.

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In my setting yes.

Because 90% of the races are a result of Convergant evolution.

Lizardfolk Lactate, give birth to live young and are warm blooded. Because anything else was impractical when they became Omnivorus roamers.

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Honestly, that's my excuse for lizardtits.
They're actually closer related to monotremes, and would be classified as mammals in the real world. Hence eggs instead of live birth, and milk.

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not sure how many more of these I have. thought i had more

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I actually find the lack of lizardtits more unrealistic than with them.

How could a sapient animal evolve a society without nursing?

It means animals must hunt more of their life, meaning less brain development into more abstract areas.

You'd never have LizardMEN, without tits.

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I also only seem to mostly have lizardMEN, not so much of the lizardwomen. maybe im secretly lizardgay

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Why wouldn't you want to put tits on something anyway?

>> No.27227914


Anyone? I'm sure a lot of you guys have plenty experience with various lizardfolk.

What are the usual hallmarks?

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another gatordude

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I think discernably-female lizardfolk are just rarer.

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"Old enough to bleed"'s how it works in nature.

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Make them Greeks.

They live on a chain of Volcanic Islands and bath themselves in the heat of them to remain active.

They are ruled by a King and Queen.

The King is decided through Tail Wrestling

The Queen is decided through Pottery making.

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requesting platyfolk pics

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I got one of my crazy ideas for the origin of my lizard folk now. My elves seem to get more and more insane with every addition to the lore.

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If i remember correctly, Platipi lactate, but don't have any nipples so they basically "sweat" it out for their young.

So even if "lizardfolk" were monotreme based, they still wouldn't have breasts.
But they would sweat milk.

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Dear god, that's some serious non-euclidean anatomy going on there, hurts just to imagine how those joins move, and... what is wrong with its thumbtoe?

That's not how digitigrade legs work, not in mammal or reptile

Some sort of Draconian/Tieling crossbreed? Or a Fiendish Half-dragon?

>> No.27228141

A lot of mammals have "Milk patches" rather than nipples.
But that's just a difference of how it's delivered, rather than where it's stored.

>> No.27228166

Not really good for a Humanoid design is it?

having your young flap about everywhere drinking your sweat.

Breasts are rather easier for a Bipedal creature.

In a well enough position not to get in the way.

>> No.27228169


I think you're right. At least based on what I've collected, outside of 4e Dragonkin and furry/scaly porn you don't really see the w/ tits variety as often.

I think a general trait to lizardfolk who aren't of the medusa/naga type, is that they are sort of androgynous to human eyes. Some are bigger and others smaller. I think they're apparently lack of gender to human eyes is a part of what can make them interesting, more alien.

>> No.27228173

Sounds like CoC.

Only with less horsecockfutas, demon rape and insectoid ass-pregnancies.

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>I am going to ask quite possibly the most important question ever asked on /tg/.
>Lizard tits or no, on your lizard races?
>100 posts and 29 image replies omitted

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Duckbillled, electrosensing, milk-sweating, otterfurred, beavertailed lizards?

>> No.27228228


Most of those images are from me, you're welcome.

>> No.27228229

-Nipples- are easier, breasts do just get in the way.

I will compromise for flat-chested lizardfolk with nipples

>> No.27228232

For fap material I prefer them without, and for legitimate rpg running I prefer not for the sake of keeping everyone from assuming it's a fetish thing.

Oh how foolish players can be.

>> No.27228235

Only if they're synapsid reptiles. Which they never are.

>> No.27228240

Thing is.

It doesn't really make them more Alien. It makes them less characterful.

If all of them look the same, They kind of grind themselves into Mook-like sterotypes.

One way I went around it is Lizardfolk have Plumes of feathers on their heads and forearms.

Males have much larger, exotic and dramatic displays, Females have much smaller or none at all.

Basically, some of the females were bald, and the men looked like JRPG protagonists.

Also, females had breasts. But they were generally small and not noticable due to the positioning of the milk glands.

>> No.27228251

They're not mammals, so no.

>> No.27228257

If you mention lizardfolk breastsize at all, for any reason, flat or titties, it comes across as a fetish thing.

>> No.27228260


Forgot my picture.

>> No.27228273

what about argonians? Or heck, even the icksar? No lizardtists, but still obviously male/female.

>> No.27228281

Oh I am not suggesting DDs. Lizardfolk breasts would probably not be fat stores.

But nipples are easily the most logical choice for a biped.

And not any more than two. Or your female starts needing to lay down to feed, and that becomes less practical.

>> No.27228290

Or gettign more creative with their hunting methods, all the while balancing their numbers and spacing to keep their improved skills from over-hunting any given area.

I'd almost say it'd force them to become intelligent and methodical about everything, including population and procreation.

>> No.27228301

Thing is, if it's going by the no tits rule.

You can't go by the "Females are small and lithe" rule either as Lizards don't work like that either.

>> No.27228309


I don't note the breast size, or lack there of, unless it comes up. It hasn't really, beyond the character art I've used naturally.

>> No.27228325

It won't force them to become intelligent though.

Because the young will need to develop fast without nursing, so would rely more on instinct.

There is a reason why the most intelligent species on Earth wean and nurse their young.

>> No.27228364

/tg/ did not make Sergals, those were made by some Japanese furry on Furaffinity.

>> No.27228375


I tend to make it more of a voice thing.

>> No.27228415

Would you a Kobold /tg/?

>> No.27228433

>> No.27228440

I would an original kobold (early D&D or German)
But certainly wouldn't a reptile one

>> No.27228444

>> No.27228479

They're more dogish right? Like furry goblins? Never been too fond of those.

>commanded yifnece

It knows.

>> No.27228517


I recognize that picture.

>> No.27228562


You must be well versed in draconic erotica.

>> No.27228564


Assuming he or she didn't try to poison, mutilate, trap, or otherwise try to murder me, sure.

>> No.27228574


Not really, I just saw someone link it in one of these threads.

>> No.27228589

Kobold, Halfling, Dorf, Gnome, hell gag a kender and I'll stick that too.

>> No.27228601


That's racist.


Good man.

>> No.27228615


My original idea had nothing to do with this and I'm not sure this would work out.

That said, I'm still going to steal it for mythology reasons and other such things.

>> No.27228628

> >4 feet and legal.
Fine by me

>> No.27228639


Standard checklist for anyone I'd consider sleeping with.

Which reminds me, I have a kobold, er, fic I need to be working on that adresses these things.

>> No.27228666


Mind sharing the details? For research purposes naturally.

>> No.27228706


It involved humans and kobolds.

And gay times.

And rope.

And size comparisions.

That's all I feel like saying right now.

Maybe dwarves and kobolds too, I dunno. I'd just find that funny

>> No.27228717

your estimate might be slightly off

>> No.27228722


Sounds like a gay old time.

>> No.27228723

Why does everyone make lizardtits and monstergirls nudists?

I much prefer when GREAT EFFORT is put into how the hell to clothe these wings without interfering with flight ability, for instance.

>> No.27228744


I agree with this sentiment completely.

>> No.27228747

no offense, looks like an improved version of deathwing from world of warcraft lol

>> No.27228758

How do they taste in a stew?

>> No.27228806

Which wings?

But i agree with the sentiment, cold blooded menas clothing's a real prize.

Though.. since recent research show that many of the Dinosaurs were feathered, has that inspired any new ideas on reptillian humanoids?

>> No.27228809


It could be for fetish fuel, or it could be for laziness.

I think, personally, it's often done to differentiate them from humans and make them seem more bizarre, primal, animalistic.

I mean think about it, clothing is associated with humanity. When you make the lizardfolk or monstergirls nudists it makes them seem less human. It also plays into the barbarian/savage theme that is often associated with them.

That being said, I'd love to see more stuff detailing clothing for these other races. I've spent time thinking about it in my own homebrew stuff, but never really got around to getting it all down on paper. Plus I'm no fashionista, so I have problems with that sorta thing.

>> No.27228811

Depends on the setting, I don't always give a fuck about realism and as far as I care once magic (or FANTASY for that matter) enters the picture things like realism goes out the window anyway.
In my primary setting I have two reptilian races, snake people and one lizard-like (They are funky alien looking lizards though). The snake women doesn't have tits even though they give birth like mammals. The funky alien lizard people females does however. The primary reason for this is because the stimulation of the nipples by an offspring releases oxytocin which ensures a stronger emotional bond between mother and child compared to for an example the snake people which does not have a similar chemical reward system.
The snake people are more "logical" in their ways of thinking, a friendship is a necessity which only exists as long as it is benefits them. A child is little more than an investment, and doesn't crave love either.

But the snake people are alien in other ways as well. They don't see things like we do, visually that is. As in, their eyes doesn't take in light like we (or the lizards) do. They mainly recognize others by the shape of their bodies and the way they move, so they don't even know if you've changed your hair color and gotten a fancier dress.
This makes them aggressive, solitary and suspicious as it's difficult for them to assess others and they often pick up on (and put more weight into) things that are often subconscious to others like if your movement signals nervousness, aggression, fear, etc.

>> No.27228867


>> No.27228872

also, they dont have nipples, just vestigial sacks of scaly fat, same as nagas, and any other anthropomorphic race that isnt mammal

>> No.27228875

So they have pinhole eyes, like... invertebrates.

That's a... surprising handicap to become sentient with.

>> No.27228879

say, My current DnD character is looking like he's going to die soon, was thinking of rolling up a lizardfolk as his replacement, can I get some more character art?

>> No.27228891

Roll for a new fetish

>> No.27228896

So Wakfu style?

>> No.27228936

Read the attached

Probably very tough and stringy. They don't have much fat on them

>> No.27228950


>> No.27228960


>> No.27228970

please please please tell me you have the deamonette pretending to be a commissar, and ordering a guardsman to go down on her, with him eventually obeying

>> No.27228972


>> No.27228984


>> No.27229036

well, like, I was going with the theoretical of harpies there, not lizardmen specifically.

But clothes are FUCKING IMPORTANT AND PRACTICAL. Sometimes difficult to use even.
Clothing a naga, for instance? Harder than you think. Requires specialty mono directional materials like sharkskin.

>> No.27229037


>> No.27229050

unless they have shoulders

>> No.27229090

oh, the shoulders aren't the problem. It's actually moving with a covered tail. Scientists have shown snakes can't do that with a non-unidirectional friction coating.

>> No.27229247

I suppose, I'm thinking that the main incitement for developing sentience was their hands (typical naga snake body with humanoid torso) which allowed them to create and use tools, demanding abstract thinking and mental development.

I still need to polish the concept but I think it would create some interesting interaction with others.

Art would for an example be totally useless especially as they are dependent on recognizing shapes to tell what an object is. This means each tribe/society would have more or less standardized shapes for tools and weapons, make trade in material goods more difficult and also make going past stone-age development very difficult as they wouldn't be able to tell materials apart unless they had other means than visual identification to rely on.

>> No.27229408

So, they can't move if they cover anything they'd need to use to move. Like their entire tail, for instance.

I could see them only covering the part of their tail they use to stand up and their upper body, and having specially designed cold-weather gear that works like you describe for colder climates.

>> No.27229557

seems to be a rathalos ero pic

>> No.27229608

>see's dump
thank you kindly

>> No.27229636

well, they probably have tremorsense, which would help with that.

>> No.27229657

that works if they're adapted well enough to warm weather environments.

>> No.27229714

Well, they're part snake, so their cold blood ensures that they'll do well in temperate-hot weather, it's just the cold that's a problem.

Full-body, internally-heated clothes would fix that.

>> No.27229727

None for mine.

>> No.27229776

well, I don't know if internally heated is really all that practical. Perhaps hot water bottles or warmth stones in pockets, but they'd still have to make frequent returns to fire.

It's much more like living on a hostile planet. Which, to me, sounds pretty damn fun.

>> No.27229908

lamia and lizardkin in the arctic fleeing from people who would kill them because they arent human/elf. they went to the last place any one would look and so they exist living on the bleeding edge of endurance and tenacity.

sounds like a great game.

>> No.27229940

fantasy full body atmosphere/temperature suits. Hiding from and fighting hostile creatures better adapted to the environment.
Probably using strange technology, given the shit elves get up to.

Fucking great.

>> No.27230431

is there a lizard/snakefolk race in wakfu?

>> No.27230478

Sage for off-topic, but real quick:

Is is Wakfu a shortening of a name because I can't find that show for some reason.

>> No.27230530

no, not really

>> No.27230862

It's French, and it's a cartoon based on the world of a game with the same name.

Google wakfu cartoon, or go ask /co/, because it's apparently against the rules to talk about anything in relation to it that's not the card game of it.

>> No.27231093

Well, /tg/ did almost overrun itself with Wakfu threads.

>> No.27231244

It's an awesome setting with a lot of story potential. I mean, really, what does /tg/ love more than a great setting and a great story?

>> No.27231283

Great tits and great hips?

>> No.27231319

So basically, /tg/ loves Wakfu. All of it.

>> No.27231337

Well, yeah, that too, but that's really more icing than substance.

And, as far as that kind of icing goes, the show has a lot of it.

>> No.27231422

cant still figure out what does this >>27228896
have to do with my original comment >>27226556

>> No.27231553

In Wakfu, the god you worship determines what race you are. There are basic humans that worship either none of, or all of, the gods, but then there are the ones that go full on with one in particular, and it changes their looks over time. See attached image for examples.

>> No.27231582

Wtf is that a kids show?

>> No.27231610

France is a little more lax than America about that. There's a dance scene between two characters that gets, well, not quite intimate, but definitely physical.

>> No.27231611


The French give zero shit about making their cartoons lewd.

>> No.27231675

You realize that's how sphinxes were made.

>> No.27231679

oh so is about the worshiping stuff, i was thinking you were talking about some lizard race and i couldnt see the relation between, thanks for clearing it all

>> No.27231703

You realize that's how sphinxes were made

>> No.27231814

Comic strips.
As in, strips of land where puns thrive.

I wasn't sure what to think at the time.

>> No.27231861

>The name Xanth is in itself an unintentional pun, which matches the playful tone of the books. Anthony has said that the coincidence of the word Xanth sounding like a portion of his name ("Pier-XANTH-Ony") was unintentional, and in fact he only realized this years after the series was created.

>> No.27231887

Forgot to add: Damn, at the ego on this guy. "Oh, yeah, I didn't even notice it at the time, isn't that funny?" No. No, it's not.

>> No.27232007

In my universe, lizardfolk have breasts on their women, but they're solely a secondary sexual characteristic. No mammary glands.

>> No.27232038


Forgot to add, parents feed their infants by chewing up food for them.

>> No.27232072

>> No.27232196


Piers Anthony defense force here. He's a cool guy and he's always been honest that he writes entry level fantasy smut with puns. The dude is like 80 and he still does it. He wanted to write a book starting with every letter in the alphabet, and he's done it.

I've written to him a few times, and he always writes back himself (relatively quickly). Dude is seriously a bro.

One of his longest fans was a little girl in a wheel chair named Jenny who got hit by a drunk driver and didn't really have anything going for her. He literally inserted her into the Xanth universe because that's all she wanted, and he continued to write stories about her character.

Nothing will ever diminish my respect for the man.

>> No.27232250


Please read Jojo's Bizarre Ventures. Usually people with shitty powers in Xanth end up utilizing them in extremely creative fashions to make up for the fact that they don't have a directly applicable power.

Makes for some awesome shit.

>> No.27232287

I'm not saying he isn't awesome, but, well, damn. It's too much of a coincidence, y'know?

>> No.27232315

Amen, brother.

>> No.27232323


He could have done it on purpose and is just so old now he ever forgot doing it. Or he's being snide. I'm content to let him get away with it.

He used to write his novels using Windows and kept losing them, so people told him to switch to Linux, so he actually did. I think I should just collect all of his "end chapters" where he rambles about himself and make them into a big book to read. I'm always amused by his personal life tales.

Nigga lives on a tree farm.

>> No.27232354

Roundabout way to get trips, but I like it. In any case, all I'm saying is it takes either a huge ego, or some of the biggest balls ever, to include a bit of your own name in the title of your own series of books.

Given his track record, I'm willing to go with the latter. He sounds awesome.

>> No.27232361

same as mine >>27226556

in mine they chew their eggshells, and parents feeds them on fish wich is soft meat until they grow and learn to hunt bigger animals

>> No.27233081

I've never heard anything but awfulness about him, but that actually sounds pretty impressive.


>> No.27234055

Judging by the best kobold ever, I'd say they have to exist.

>> No.27234218

Ya know... I dont know man..

Now I gotta deeply fucking think on this shit whether I want my lizard folk to be mammalian in a sense with titties or straight lizzies with no titties...


>> No.27235876

I decided when I made mine that they were warmblooded and had scales on parts of their bodies, but that their skin was generally more leathery. Closer to humans in the sense that the females have breasts, among other things.

Then again, they were uplifted by dragonkind, so that sort of works.

>> No.27235965

Good job, anon.

Still, my captcha is
>fornycacioun niutern

>> No.27236227

In Wakfu people's race is defined by their deity.
God of drinking? Book you're a panda, God of time? Boop You're a Robot, God of Warriors? Boop you're a musclebrained thug.

>> No.27236257

That's almost Discworthy.

>> No.27236495

Because if you want a chick with boobs, there are no shortage of them with their norks hanging out in virtually every fantasy setting.

The fact that they don't normally have boobs is part of the wrong, and part of the fetish.

>> No.27236506

So then if you change religions, does your physiology change to match?

>> No.27236541

tastes like chicken

>> No.27236569

..........Ssssssssssssssssort of? Shit there are also hybrids. And Sadida grow with seeds (which they may lay? Shit I dont know and I consider myself knowledgeable about the World of Twelve).

Wakfu breeding is fucked up yo.

>> No.27236594


>> No.27236678

If you don't get smited by the very real gods.
Well some don't mind, generally the two gods that are patron to two different classes each.

>> No.27236726



>> No.27236736


>> No.27236772

Argonians have tits.

>> No.27237003


I would play the fuck out of a turtlefolk wizard or cleric!

>> No.27237090

Is that art from Drakar och Demoner?

>> No.27237699

I work under the assumption that all Argonians are wearing padded bras out of envy.

>> No.27237871

I believe its rule 63 art of a Lizardman from Warhammer Fantasy.

>> No.27237893

>Lizard tits or no, on your lizard races?
Fuck no.

What? Tits on a lizard? What? Just... no.

Unless you're specifically looking for something to wank to, there is absolutely no point to tits on a lizard.

>> No.27238592

Yes and no.

Reptilian races with no human ancestry, no, not ever, unless that individual changed their body somehow.

Reptilian races with human ancestry or whose individuals were once human, then maybe, on a case by case basis.

My Yuan Ti for example have no lizard tits, nor hips, or anything else distinctly humanoid besides arms. This makes their males and females look confusingly similar, at least to non-Yuan Ti.

>> No.27238681

>lizard races?
It's fine.

If they can stand up like people, walk like people, talk like people- Even a "savage" kind of person.

Then yes, boobs are fine. Also probably the absolute last thing on the list of things Humanoid-lizards have that don't make sense.

>> No.27239967

When people ask whether or not they'll a kobold, descriptions keep hinting at on how god-awful they smell. Some sort of extremely pungent odour can often be hinted at from a kobold. So, unless your nose has deadened nerves or you have a good stomach or just don't care, it's going to be a hurdle to get over.

>> No.27240364

Just a friendly reminder that human titties aren't just sexual, fat storage and milk dispensaries. Human type swelled breasts also makes it more difficult for males to determine whether a female is "in heat" or not, which means a male have to spend more time courting a female, which in turn leads to more monogamous relationships, which in turn leads to less size differences between males and females as our social structure doesn't require males fighting each other for the right to breed.

tl;dr: If a lizardchick has tits, it most likely means that lizard-dudes won't be much larger than them.

>> No.27240391

Don't female yuan ti have legs as opposed to the males having a snaketail? Or is that just fluff in one thing?

>> No.27240403

>> No.27240424


Shouldn't be now, that was an edict of nazimod.

>> No.27240440

>adventurer staring at flat barmaid in utter inability to comprehend.jpg

>> No.27240497

Argonians are a created race, designed to infiltrate the races descended from the Ehlnofey. As such, it makes sense that they'd follow the body plan as closely as possible.

>> No.27240561

if reptilian race have breast, then they were magically made
if reptilian race does not have breasts, then they came about naturally
p.s. I think reptilian woman should have wide hips for better egg laying

>> No.27240639


I heard that they have a like five different vaginas and can suck your dick so hard they can make your forehead cave in.

>> No.27240660

Anthropomorphism is based on adding human features onto animals. Lizardmen/most lizard races are anthropomorphic. In short carry your argument to the logical conclusion. Lizard races aren't men, why not just field regular garden variety lizards?

>> No.27240718


>Using modern logic, reasoning, and science in the same setting that has ghosts, dragons, zombies, werewolves, elves, and magic.

Stop, just stop.

>> No.27240731

Lizards don't speak or walk upright, either.

>> No.27240737

there are like 3 or 4 kinds of yuan-ti, in the monster manual they are a race that experimentet with magic so there are also aberrations, i prefer to think of them as am evolving cicle, they are born with legs but they loose them upon reaching maturity

>> No.27240754

Oh, I'm saying to field them with tits. Just also showing that if you were to place that argument against the tits its basically arguing against including lizard races at all.

>> No.27240759

of course yes, all my races are just another human.
thats why I cant play with dogs on my rpgs, cars that dont tranform into robots,.....

>> No.27240807

Thanks for making me fail my save, jerk.

>> No.27240815

most mamals dont have tits either, just a set of nipples. Tits are a secondary sexual characteristic to show good health and diet and whatnot. Its a perfictly viable physical atribute for any race, asuming thier form suports it (so not a snake for example as it would get in the way of crawling on the bellies). Now nipples are a differnt thing entirely. So while lizard folk tits or no tits are equaly viable for prety much any origin, lizard niples would require mamalian ancestory or a wizard did it. Heck you could end up with 4e dragonborn, who were mamals, that laid eggs, had tits, but no nipples (they did have milk patches though, on the brests i think but I am not sure if it actualy mentioned location and it has been years sense I read the thing on dragon born that talked about it)

>> No.27240846

you can tone down the sarcasm there a little, we get it.

>> No.27240903

Once members of an ancient Not-Babylonian civilization that fell to ruin. Their home was turned into a vast swampland from arcane backlash, and a dragon turned them into save and servile beastmen in his own form.

>> No.27241063


Don't forget the venomous toenails. DO NOT forget about them. It could save your life one day.

>> No.27241078

>own the sarcasm there a little, we get it.
sarcarm, are you impling i play settings with non humanoid dogs, and not transformers sentient cars?

>> No.27241179

Lizards are so last year, I would love to play a platyman.

>> No.27241272

Kobolds are usually depicted as living in squalor. You stick a large population of humans in cramped, close conditions with poor sanitation, and they aren't going to smell very rosy either.

>captcha: rather lizking

That's right Captcha, I'd rather be the lizard king.

>> No.27241530

Lizards are the best.

>> No.27241841


But wouldn't that imply the males had testicles? External ones?

In the same vein that female lizard people shouldn't have breasts because reptiles don't produce milk, shouldn't male lizard people keep their balls internal?

>> No.27241919


I find it fun to see how tails are handled in regards to underwear and the like. Usually the easiest system is a hole for them to slot the tail through or two threads with which the wearer can tie a knot around the tail, or get someone else to do it for them. But then you have to take into consideration different tail widths, firmness, flexibility, ridges, etc. Lot's of fun.

>> No.27242203

They really are.

>> No.27242249

found this while at /co/

>> No.27242296

welp, I have a boner now. anyone else?

>> No.27242375

Theyre boring as shit, really.

>> No.27242405

You're boring as shit.

>> No.27242412

This guys stuff is rather relevant to this thread and not bad, have a look.

>> No.27242452

it's originally a MMORPG but they've made a show and a TCG (that /tg/ translated to english)

>> No.27242455

I would be if I was a lizardman.

>> No.27243557


>> No.27243837

Aka i want to fuck my DnD character

Everybody walk the Dinosaur!

Lizards don't have tits. The only people that want to have tits are the furfags. Lizard people do have tits, they don't produce milk, their young matures in the egg and eats got dam insects. GTFO

>> No.27243870

Not in my personal setting they don't. But that is just me.

>> No.27243990


>You will never be a lizardman.

>> No.27244093


They're monotremes.

Alternatively, magic.

Boom. Two explanations for you.

>> No.27244099

Let's not drift into DEEP WATERS, shall we?

>> No.27244105

I'm torn.
Kobolds are obviously awesome as shit, but when I see something with scales, it only feels 'right' when it's stocky and thick.
I love kobolds, but they just don't fit the sturdy 'gator' type frame I expect.

>> No.27244279

Males are covered with bright plumage, with fantastic crest-feathers on their heads. Females have dull plumage, and no crest-scales. They're larger and stronger than the males, which are smaller and quicker. The species has a true bipedal stance, though slightly hunched, and human-like gripping hands. Their legs are long, with sharp talons, and a single, sickle-like claw on each foot. Their jaws are elongated, with sharp teeth, and enough jaw pressure to break bone.

Females do not possess mammary glands, being non-mammalian. Instead, their stomachs generate a complex set of enzymes that mix with their partially-digested food, forming a "crop milk" that they use to feed their young. It is rare for them to have more than one child at a time, due to the toll the nutritional requirements take on their own food intake. Only dominant females will generally have multiple children.

>> No.27244343

I like all of them equally.
Crocs and gators are really awesome though.

>> No.27244563


That sounds pretty cool. Do they all worship the dragon? All have dragonlike tendancies?


I had thought of that, a more tying method, but since in my setting it's contemporary fantasy and clothing for non-humans is just now being mass produced, I'm wondering how stuff like buttons, zippers, velcro, etc etc could be incoorporated to adjust for those things. And not just on underwear, all manners of clothing, from shirts to suits to pants to dresses and hats and hoodies and even more practical things like gas masks or hard hats or shoes and boots (why does no one ever try to come up designs for shoes for lizardfolk?)


Great, now I want to give a kobold a bath.

>> No.27244665

>Give a kobold a bath
That sounds like the most adorable thing ever

>> No.27244733

>Turn around for five seconds
>Kobold has eaten the soap

>> No.27244748


You beter be careful with introducing zips. I get that by involving mass-production there's some kind of industry involved, but the zipper only goes as early back as mid-way through 19th century, so make sure your world's technology matches the era then, or at least you have a plausible reason why the zipper was invented in your world earlier than it was in ours.

>> No.27244935


The setting takes place in an analogue of the 21st century (think around, eh, 15-20 years in the future), so that won't be a problem. It's more that the lizardfolk and other non-humans have only been "around" in this modern setting for about 40 years, but did have their own culture before being introduced to the contemporary one.

>> No.27244960


Oh, that works very nicely then and I encourage you to keep it going. I like the sound of it and wish you the best of luck.

>> No.27245039

What if it's an alien race? Surely aliums can have lizardtits.

>> No.27245056


That looks like it was cropped from something.

>> No.27245085

I've been looking everywhere for the source. No luck yet.

>> No.27245114

nope, im a zoology graduate
cant have tits on non mammals

>> No.27245220

then you should know the vast majority of mamals dont have tits, but just nipples. So there is more to "has tits" than "is mamal." What you need to do is look into why humans have tits and see if those would be aplicable to the evilituion of lizard people.

>> No.27245264

human females grew tits, and favourably selected for them cos men are stupid and thought bigger tits=more milk
same reason men have big dicks compared all other species of ape
it was positively selected for by the other gender

>> No.27245320

like, when most mammals are breeding, their tits do swell with milk, ive seen bitches whose tits were nearly scrapping off the ground after having pups,
i just cant see female lizard folk having tits or nipples
its not right

>> No.27245326

Lizardfolk males could have chosen females with more fat reserves in the upper chest (the same way gila monsters have selected for fat stores in the tail) so they evolved fat there as storage in case of famine.

>> No.27245347

bitch = female dog, right?

>> No.27245401

it was ridiculous
was on a spanish trip with my classmates, observing animals that you dont see in ireland
more exotic and that
and this dog was wandering around the small town we were in
so of course we named it bitchtits, or teeling, after our genetics professor who was pregnant twice in 3 years

>> No.27245419

>lizardgirl is coming on to you and can 'taste' the heat of your erection.


>> No.27245495

then that would have to be setting specific

>> No.27245515

Are animals in Spain and Ireland really that different? I mean, I'm not from Europe so I don't know much about that area.

>> No.27245524

This entire thread could be summed up like that.

>> No.27245547


Surprisingly, no.

>One assumption some people might make is that that is just the way mammalian reproduction works. This isn’t true! Most mammals do not menstruate — they do not cycle their uterine linings, but instead only build up a thickened endometrium if fertilization occurs, which looks much more efficient. Of the mammals, only most primates, a few bats, and elephant shrews are among the lucky animals that menstruate, and as you can see from the phylogeny, the scattered diversity of menstruating mammals implies that the trait was not present ancestrally — we primates acquired it relatively late.


>> No.27245548

yeah, ireland is a temperate wet environment
spain is warm most of the year (above 20c) and has lizards, snakes, enlarged bugs such as scarabs and ground nesting spiders(more heat=bigger insects)
very different environments, especially in the part of spain i was in, terife, super close to north africa

>> No.27245717

wait so the no snakes in ireland thing is actualy true and not just an entertaining legend about St. Patrick?

>> No.27245752

its true
they never got here
we have 1 species of lizard
but no other reptiles
its too cold and wet throughout the year

>> No.27245803

Yeah, no reptiles at all. The last ice age drove them southwards, and the land between Great Britain and Ireland flooded before any snakes or lizards could recolonise the area.
The UK however has three species of snake (count them!)
>The adder, a venomous snake that favours living in heather and likes to hunt small mammals
>The grass snake, a nonvenomous snake that favours wetlands and likes to hunt frogs
>The smooth snake, a nonvenomous snake that favours sandy areas and likes to hunt lizards

>> No.27245825

the only people who want lizardmen to NOT have tits are flatchest fetishists.

>> No.27245854

Is the adder black?

>> No.27245867

Yes, but the answer is more "The Ice Age" than "St. Patrick". Of course now that I think about it, a saint with ice age powers would be really cool.

>> No.27245885

it actually is

>> No.27245888

Why's everybody always think lizardmen are actually reptiles? They usually seem to have more in common with dinosaurs to me, and they're hardly reptiles. Besides, if you're one of these silly guys who has evolution instead of intelligent design in your fantasy game, dinosaurs evolving intelligence and tool use is way the fuck more likely than lizards doing it.

>> No.27245895


No prob.

One thing of it is that the lizardfolk won't have tits, but some lizardwomen still wear stuff like padded bras and whatnot to better fit into human culture, and I kinda wanted style of dress to be a sort of theme as to how "humanized" one of the non-humans considered themselves.

>> No.27245902

that means they are warm blooded(as dinosaurs were)

>> No.27245938


>> No.27245961


As long as you don't make it weird like Mazarkis Williams' novel "The Emperor's Knife" where there's a completely unnecessary exchange of dialouge about how women pad their underwear to make it look like they have bigger buttocks.

I really hated that book.

>> No.27246055

This image is made by someone that cannot into rules or 3.5

There is so much wrong, it pains my eyes.

>> No.27246167

so standard 3.5 then?

>> No.27246456

>/tg/ created Sergals
Nope, that's Trancy Mick

What /tg/ did was turn them into something other than straight shota vore prehensile clitoris fetish bait.

And now everyone and their mom on FA has a Sergal char.

That's /tg/'s fault.

>> No.27246551 [SPOILER] 

depends on whether it's RP or Erp.

>> No.27246645

>that pic

>> No.27246701


Never read nor heard of that, but it wont' be that explicit. More of a background thing people might pick up on.

>> No.27247326

my only problems with it are the face, and HOW DID THOSE PANTIES GET ON THERE

>> No.27249738

how do lizardfolks, yuan-tis and any cold blooded race survive during winter?

>> No.27249804

live somewhere without a winter season, magically heated items, cuddle piles with the warmblooded~

>> No.27249806


>> No.27249953

How do kobolds survive ever in cold underground caves?

>> No.27250016

was thinking about this, but, the entire colony hibernates? how do iguanas and normal lizards survive anyway?

>> No.27250371


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