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The Striking Scorpions are more orky than the Orks as Orks don't have choppy shootaz and shooty choppaz. Discuss.

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This is an old fact we've all kind of discussed before, I'm afraid. It's true though.

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Do you think if an ork catches a striking scorpion, he let's it go out of professional courtesy?

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>implying the scorpion doesn't become his new warboss.

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Consider the Chain Sabre.

It is a pair of choppas with dakka attached. Pretty orky. Now these dakka choppas fire dakka that is itself choppy. Warboss XZIBIT would be most pleased.

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S'true enuff.


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Do you think Orks tell scary stories about Scorpions?

>I'm telling ya Boyz, it were a ghost!
>I woz patrollin' the area when I 'erd screamin'
>Dere were blood errywhere, but I couldn't see nuffin'
>Only Bruska was left
>He just kept mumblin' about demon's dat came out of nowhere and killed just by lookin'
>Dey were gone as fast as dey came... da... da... DA DAKKAFACES.

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Havin' an orky choppa or a shoota doesn't make you orky - being orky makes you orky.

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But what encapsulates Orks love for dakka and choppy more than a Scorpion? They've united their love of dakka and choppy in one cunningly brutal and brutally cunning package.

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Posting some Scorpions.

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Cybernetic Predato?

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Pretty much.

>There will never be a fanfic about a squad of catachans being terrorised by a Scorpion.

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Karandras is the Predator.

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And Drazhar is the alien.

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Ya know, I can totally see that with the oblong head and rib cage armour.

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And you know, the Predator usually wins.

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That isn't the predator. That is FUCKING CTHULU.

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Hey guys ready to shoot shit with your heads?

Outside of CC?

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>Not sneaking into CC every day

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And I'm out.

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i find this rendition of marines very unappealing and would like to complain about it

particularly the shuriken somehow cleaving down/up through the big heavy shoulder bit top to bottom like a giant axe blade, instead of going in the front and going out the back or not penetrating at all

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Lots of fluff describes shuriken fire messily lopping off entire limbs.

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Just see it like silliness.

I mean, who'd try to shoot a space marine in the shoulders? You're better off aiming for the neck, or the lower torso.

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You're not cutting through Space Marine limbs, black carapace, and powered ceramic armour with a shuriken. They're not that good.

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They are as good as bolter shells at least.

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AP2 on a 6 motherfucker! Bladestorm all day erry day.

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Bolter shells don't even pierce power armor.

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B-but those marines killing each other with bolters in HH books...

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Yeah they're dying but they're not exploding into giblets or being torn to shreds just by bolter shells.

It's like saying a pistol bullet turns a human being into confeeti.

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At first I thought you were trolling.

Then I realized you were serious.


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