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Since the last smut threads appeared to have trouble getting off the ground at first and ended spilling over into the weekdays more than once, I figure that starting things up now should lead to more content being made over the next couple of days. Plus, it's better to get started a little early than have people miss the thread(s) by accident.

As always, writefags, drawfags, or whatever kind of lewdfag are all welcome to contribute content.

While NSFW text should be spoilered, remember that NSFW images still aren't allowed. If you're paranoid/worried, link to said content hosted elsewhere, such as pastebin, 1d4chan, or imgur.

Before we start things, here's what's been updated between last thread and now.

>Rumors can be nasty things.

ELH's Mystery Box has been opened, revealing...GuardsmanxSandworm
Not exactly what I expected, but /tg/ has always had peculiar tastes.

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Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that Shedding the Darkness and Hesperax's Pet have recieved a little drawfag attention- check out their 1d4chan pages if you wish to see them.

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>Dat pedo-Macha confirmed throat-fucking and getting bukkaked/swallowing all dat holy cum from our favorite Shota Emperor.
I like what I'm reading, but it seems Lofn grew up a little older in the story. Drinking and clubbing and all that.

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Is it Saturday already? Curse my timezone damn it.

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What can I say- puberty does odd things to the best of us.

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>tfw Macha and her niece become Eskimo Sisters after Lofn fucks the Star Child repeatedly.

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They'll be getting actual writefaggotry updates after I get a small nap here.

Sandworm seemed to be the next easiest monstergirl to sneak into the 40kverse. After all, who knows what kind of things live on Dusk, or even a death world?

I always pictured her to be somewhere in her late teens, but that's just me.

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It's 11pm Friday where I am right now, but since it's later for some of the other guys here I decided that this would work well enough. And really, how much does it matter? Worst case, we can set up a replacement thread.

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Lol no problem, just means I get moar lewd for muh money.
Shame I'll be busy tomorrow but I'll guess I can check my phone.

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Define "Eskimo Sisters", if you please.

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Hmm that is an oddly specific and descriptive account of Macha's reproductive habits.... tell me more

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I do that all the time, so you're not alone there.

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When you and a friend have had sex with the same person. Normally the term is Eskimo bros and its sort of a frat term. But I feel it is fitting here.
>mfw they can start talking about naughty things like why do mon-keigh genes taste so salty? And then they could ask LIIVI while Taldeer is at work, causing him to get super embarrassed and sphagetti, but also wanting to treat his daughter like an adult and feels bad lying to her....causing him to reveal some lewd details about Taldeer.

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Not specific enough. I mean, we don't even have video footage (and unless we find a way to peek into alternate realities without getting caught, we probably never will).
I rate that a Wincest/10. And I'm sure the resulting Warp storm when Taldeer finds out would dwarf the Eye of Terror several times over.

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And somewhere in an alternate reality (or maybe it's the same one, I don't know- parallel universes are confusing):


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>tfw all this Lust (Wincest and otherwise), Heresy, and Rage ends up making the Eldrad family the most powerful Eldar in 40k as the sheer emotions involved empower each of them to Old One/Warp God status.
>cue angry Slaanesh going to Macha's house and starts petitioning on her lawn going "She Turk Mah Jerb"

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Mmm I remember the Sisters of Battle /ss/ too...I think there was some more if I could recall. Mostly in this thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/26744169/
Also I think there are some "chatlogs" in said thread that we could add to the Chris Orksen page. It be cool if someone could do that.

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Yeah, the "Check your privilege" one is a must-have there.

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Why do I keep getting trips when I don't need them?

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Here we go: http://pastebin.com/TAKtQXBA
Man I wish whoever wrote this made it longer...Canoness face-fucking/rough sex is the best thing ever

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SoB /ss/ has been a thing for quite a while, I believe (as the OP image shows).

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Oh yeah, ever starting with that xeno boys and Lil'E fic.

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Aha, found it.

>Wraithboner40: Yeesss I'd sink lower and lower until I reach your...how do you humans call it... a "lasgun"? And then I'd kiss you all over it, and start licking that long...barrel of yours. I'd whisper lewd things that your emperor would never have imagined while i move my lips over to your tip....and swallow it all in one deeeeep thrust...ohhh yess I can taste it, Gods save me. Your eyes roll back as I bob my head back and forth over and over, and just as you feel then need to "pull the trigger", you can pull my head back and rub your dic....D-pattern long-las all over my face and shoot your whole magazine all over my cheeks and lips, like I was your pleasure slave...and you were my brutish greenskin savage master <3
>Nota'Umie: Wut da zog, dats RACIZT. BOSS LETZ ME AT THIS POINTY EARED GIT...No letss me off da zkusweirwhwnshw.....
>Wraithboner40: Wait what? I don't understand...
>NotaOrkbuta'umie: 'Ey checkz dat privludgez you's doublez git racizt.

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Oh good times heh.
>tfw you will never rub your cum covered cock on Macha's horny face while she begs for more.

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If only we had access to interdimensional travel. It's an inevitability that just about anyone from 40k would do anything to come to our (comparatively) paradisaical, warp-free universe.

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Welp I want to fap again.

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Amatur writefag here. Admittedly, I like MtG more than WH40K.

I want to write lewd, but I just feel awkward writing about sex. Anyone have a solution?

That said, anyone want any MtG lewdness?

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I dunno, but I remember one guy was looking for something with Elspeth getting loved in the missionary position with lots of hand holding and tender kisses. I don't know who that is (since I don't play MtG), but I'm sure he would appreciate it.

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Lol read some more fapfics and erotica while just practicing more. I think most "good" ones really go into the details and imagery, along with maybe some plot and capture the emotions of the characters.
>Also yes to the MtG lewdness....unless its just a deck of cards moaning while getting shuffled

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That would be great. Elspeth is always a popular choice, or you could get ahead early with some Greek-Style porn for Theros. Any of the Fem Neowalkers are good, though.

>> No.27209548

Yeah, basically just practice.

>> No.27209597

>Greek-Style porn
I've never heard of that, how would that go down?

>> No.27209621

Honestly? I have no idea. Probably mentions of chitons, spears, and lots of oil. I'm sure there's some with all those old Greek heroes rescuing and raping all those maidens/damsels/disguised godesses...

>> No.27209748

We have Naiads, Dryads, Nymphs, Centaurs, Satyrs... Plenty of sexytime options.

>> No.27209777

Well lets just say the Greeks were known for their...liberal approach to sex.
>All those orgies in those classical stories and art. Fucking classy.

>> No.27209815

Speaking of goddesses, I got an idea that I'd like written up.

A cleric of Sune proves himself to be such a loyal and devoted servant of his goddess that Lady Firehair chooses to reward him personally.


And now I have a gigantic boner. Clearly this is a sign of something.

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Yeah... Though personally I'd prefer it if you'd avoid M/M.

>> No.27209917

I agree too, not much of a fudgepacker's fan myself.

>> No.27210001

Elesh Norn.

That is all.

>> No.27210199

Who doesn't?

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My chafed dick.

>> No.27210279

Oh, don't be such a baby. I've fapped until it drew blood and that didn't stop me at all.

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ELH, are you back yet? Why can't I attach an alarm clock ring to this post?

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Bump for impending lewd.

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>fudgepacker's fan
Lol I'm gonna use that.

>> No.27211247

Toga! Toga! Toga!

>> No.27211304

Use it where? on /sp/?

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Oh god, imagine if we got some /sp/ action going on this thread.
>inb4 everyone spams MACHA MACHA and goes goaaaaaal every time DaElves get tapped.
Be hilarious to see old anti-lewd trolls get sent to The City of Neckbeard though.

>> No.27211469

Speaking of which, where's JAW and the other writefag who was going to write a threesome with Succubus twins?

>> No.27211960

Can it be heresy time now?

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Do you have lewd with you? If not, would you please get some? We're dying over here!

>> No.27212240

Are you alive back there? If you must die, at least get someone to finish your fapfics for us.

>> No.27212255 [DELETED] 

Just report the thread and move on.

>> No.27212285 [DELETED] 

Report it for what? No rules have been broken here.

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That would indeed be awkward, having your wife sister and your daughter have sex with your God Emperor.

>> No.27212304

Currently working on a foursome of Warhammer fics. I was working from the basic premise of, "girl on girl, with monstergirl versions of chaos daemons."

I'm about 90% done with the Nurgle fic, but haven't done any editing on it yet. The subject matter is likely heavier than the other fics will be, and the plot is definitely the lightest. The other 3 fics are gonna be much more story intensive, while Nurgle is very much a smutfic.

I'm really excited to be this far in writing it, because I've never gotten into a writing project like I have on this one. This is pretty much the first thing I've ever really worked all the way through on.

Feel like it has some viewpoint issues, and the handling of chaotic dogma might be questionably canon. I had fun thinking of ways that daemons might have different ideologies when it came to their gods. They all worship the same in some ways, but come into conflict on others. Goddamn, this story needs to be edited though.

Tags: Futa, yuri, corruption, guro, face-fucking

>> No.27212306

MtGfag here, I'll likely do something Elspeth tomorrow, or maybe the best vampire

>> No.27212336

And everyone here would want to go to the 40k universe to fuck all the toned bitches and get fucking awesome robot arms and laser eyes.

>> No.27212339

Well, we all gotta start somewhere. Welcome aboard.

>> No.27212357 [DELETED] 

It's against the rules to announce your Reporting.

>> No.27212367 [DELETED] 

Nobody ever remembers that rule.

>> No.27212418

Good point.

>> No.27212590

Am I the only one posting here or what? I made this thread early to INCREASE participation, not make it feel even more abandoned.

Where do all of our writefags live? It's clear we need to coordinate ourselves better so the thread isn't just unanswered requests.

>> No.27212681


It's not so much a matter of where I live, but that Crohn's and a FUBAR'd sleeping schedule don't lend well to doing things "on time."

Have this while you wait.

>> No.27212700

It's nighttime in most of America, where most people on 4chan live. It'll pick up in the morning.

>> No.27212727

Are you Lewd, or a person who has pictures by Lewd?

>> No.27212734

Welcome back. Had a good nap, I take it?

>> No.27212769

The latter, I would assume. Lewd does show up every now and then, though.

Right...Next time, I'll wait until the morning to make these threads. Damn my eternal impatience.

>> No.27212779


Ahahaha no. See previous post.

>> No.27212828

That stinks.

So, which one should we expect to see an update first then? (Please let it be Hesperax's Pet.)

>> No.27213132

I live on the West Coast, but I don't write WH40K or MTG stuff. I'm pretty strictly PF/3.5, Aberrant, M&M, mnor Star Wars, and any even vaguely horror RPG writer. So, more or less original content only.

I'll haunt the thread and see if something looks interesting enough to me to write for. I'm not good with het paring just for lack of personal experience concerning men.

>> No.27213204

Don't worry about it- if anything, we could go for a bit more variety. And feel free to write something up even if nobody gives a specific request for it.

>> No.27213439

>tfw the God-Emperor marries Lofn....and becomes your son-in law, holy crap its like an incestual clusterfuck.
Being the God-Emperor's dad, his assassin training didn't prepare him for this

>> No.27213460

You realize we'll just make more smut threads when this one bumps.
Don't worry its all about patience....also I guess requests too.

>> No.27213474

The problem at this point feels more like there are too many requests and not enough people to take them. I could be wrong, but without anyone piping up otherwise that's the impression I get.

>> No.27213537

True, it seems like ELH and Edinbro has had a ton on his plate, but other writefags have been adding more stuff too.....which makes me sad that the archive foolz is down, otherwise a lot of it is buried in random pastebins.

>> No.27213587

I don't know if it exists, but there needs to be a shopped picture of that picture that says "GET OVER AND FUCK ME." with macha shooped into it.

>> No.27213589


One caveat - Dunno that Taldeer's done the Emperor.

I'm honestly thinking of pawning off Slaanesh x Khorne, if anyone wants it.

Yes. Soonish. Just be patient.

>> No.27213654

Luckily, I still had these on my history, so I can post these up.

Seeding Midnight
HumanxDrow Matron (and later her daughter)
Mind control, orgasm denial, femdom

Freaky Faerun: A genderswap Story

Tau Lesbians


>> No.27213672

I highly doubt she has, or ever will.

>> No.27213716

>tfw her daughter is dating one of the most powerful beings in existence...but is waaaaaaaay too old for her.
>God-Emperor proceeds to woo Taldeer into getting her blessing by doing lots of nice things for both the family and the Eldar race.
Confused/Angry/Impressed Taldeer commences.

>> No.27213732

I think he meant wife's sister not wife, sister.
Oh god Taldeers been holding out on LIIVI.
>mfw he is technically okay with it due to slight cuckold fetish plus its his god.
Eh I'd rather not follow those implications.

>> No.27213762

Wish there was more DEldarxChoirboy, can't get enough of that /ss/

>> No.27213773

And we need a LOT more Dark Eldar stuff in general. A whole lot more.

>> No.27213861

DEldarxChoirboy was updated
this is the new code: By6ervsy

>> No.27214016

And it always ends right when it gets to the good parts. Just my luck.

MOAR, dammit.

>> No.27214218

Yeah I know that feel too.
Really hope that author finds this thread and adds a bit more of "the good stuff"

>> No.27214289

>fairy/young adventurer thing still not finished
>i had a week and one job
I'll get it done by the weekend's end! At least I got a really nice idea for how the whole process will work that lets me do a really cool followup with the dude if I want to.

>> No.27214357

You better finish quickly anon, I'm reading your progress from a tree outside your window and I'm not leaving until my fap is finished.

>> No.27214368


>> No.27214480

Oh well alright I guess I'll put it down. Fairy has the "elasticity" mutation and a set of rings/bracelets/string (something that could connect the two) that finds the most "unique" thing about its bearer and gives that to the other person too. So you have two people with the same potentially weird shit going on. Anyways, turns out our youngish protag lad was cursed (rather his father was, firstborn son blah blah) by a witch to be in her service, and because I'm writing porn she wants him to be quite virile. So his most unique trait is, because I'm writing porn, a magically supercharged libido that's only started to come to fruition. So he fits in with their combined elasticity without tearing/excessive stretching, just some bulging because muh fetish, and she's able to get really into it with his "gift." Naturally the followup would involve the witch and the service and all that.

>> No.27214502

Bulging is a bit too unnerving for my tastes, but whatever floats your boat.

>> No.27214525

Also, afraid you'll have to wait until the lab closes tomorrow because I'll be coding in there all afternoon and really need to get to sleep so I can do that.

m-muh fetish motherfucker
I think you'd like it if you saw it on /d/. I won't dwell on it (not big on extreme stuff myself.)

>> No.27214536

It's ok, I've been in this tree for about 4 days.

>> No.27214565

I've seen things similar to it on /d/, and they make my dick sad. I guess i'm just not /d/eviant material.

>> No.27214886

Last bump before I get to bed.

>> No.27214903

'S okay, I'll keep it bumped at least for another couple of hours, then some others'll be awake and we might get some fills.

>> No.27214931

And that can't come soon enough.

>> No.27215102

Is it ever NOT time for Heresy?

Eh, I really SHOULD do that Slaanesh X Khorne Het fic...
...See if I'm not in the proper headspace tomorrow night...

>unfunni conventional
It most certainly is NOT!

>> No.27215120

You're the Daemonette here, so you'd be best qualified for it.

>> No.27215154

Yes, but I'm a Feminazi Daemonette...
Most of my lewd involves Tentacle Pussy and cuddling...

>> No.27215175

I fail to see the problem here.

>> No.27215312

Don't roleplay in this thread, please. It catches enough flak as it is.

>> No.27215544

>Decides to paint mini's today
>ends up drawing Cultist being fucked
>by a clown wearing a strap on

Sigh, I'm the worst kind of neckbeard....
Next I'll forget to thin my paints too.

>> No.27215652


One day, we might get some of your glorious artwork regarding Lelith and/or Lofn.

Until then, have this:

>> No.27216008


Anyone want to finish Hil'ardil? I really enjoyed it multiple times.....

>> No.27216107

I figured I'd drop by and mention I am still typing away on the adventures of the Inqusistor that got fapped on by a lower-hive worker, normally don't write smut, usually more tame writefaggotry but it was a fun thing and an anon requested it.

If anyone cares, that is.

>> No.27217491

How about boobsquid? I need this because of reasons.

>> No.27217937


As did I Anon, but I would probably re-write it to feature an all female crew...

Why Boobsquid... when you can have CuttleDaemonette!

>> No.27218087

Why wouldn't we care?

>> No.27218161

Well, I am just an anon, anon - it was more a toss out(hurr) to anyone that was in that thread - I'd wager most people here don't really care all that much about some random piece of "I am working on it!" - I am not an established writefag or anything.

>> No.27218195

>dat lesbians
>dat buttsex
But those god damn censor bars hiding the best part grrh.

>> No.27218215

any chance for a pic of taldeer going down on a lucky LIIVI while Lofn watches undetected....

>> No.27218360

Which fic is that from? Love bloomed in her mouth?
>mfw Lofn says it in the pic

>> No.27218456

A lot of the writefags here got their start as random anons- and if you want to be "established", there's no time like the present to do so.

>> No.27218483

And incidentaly, Hesperax's Pet has been updated over on 1d4chan.

>> No.27218725

>cuts off right as it gets to the good part...again

C'mon, ELH- don't leave us hanging over here! Let us see what the Queen's idea of "service" entails.

>> No.27219054

What's your "ideal" length of a chapter or standalone scene, /tg/? If you're not good at judging wordcount, throw one you like into a google doc and use its word counter.

>> No.27219056

Bumping these two.

>> No.27219081

As long as there's lewd in it, I'm game. I don't like having to wait for things.

>> No.27219220

I guess that now means I have 2 counts of child trauma on my criminal record.

>> No.27219252

2? What was the first one?

>> No.27219334


>> No.27219359

uhh...is there a nice uncensored version on imgur too....so I could see your true unaltered artistic genius yeah

>> No.27219387

Looks like Lofn is about to see some Love Blooming in her mom's mouth.
>this so needs a followup pic with a very embarassed Taldeer and LIIVI.

>> No.27219397

Weav... I mean Neith looks pretty neat.
There should be some hot rogue trader on disguised necron babe action.

>> No.27219407

"Mommy's being a good mommy right now, making sure your daddy is extra happy for work the next day"

>> No.27219417

>Dat ripper.
Muh nigga.

>> No.27219749

>that carnifex
I didn't know that they were even capable of shock.

>> No.27219957

the internets a scary place, mang

>> No.27220225

>mfw tyranids are shocked by human-eldar snoo snoo.
Imagine if the xenohunters start dumping tons of eldar pron to divert the hive fleets...and it works.

>> No.27220245

Wait, so Eldar pornstars will save the galaxy?

>> No.27220269


>> No.27220291

Heh I remember that Ordo Xenos thread

>> No.27220333

That's Unyuufex. He is sad that everyone he hugs dies. But then he goes UNYUU and is happy again.

>> No.27220374

Would it help if I said please?

>> No.27220413

Can I get a link to an archive of said thread?

>> No.27220486

I don't think suptg has it, and foolz appears to be down.

>> No.27220533

w-was there ever more of Seeding Midnight?

>> No.27220607

JustAnotherWritefag said that he would get it done by today or Sunday. I certainly can't wait.

>> No.27220734

My goodness, I'm late! Didn't expect this to start so soon.

Seeding Midnight, part 2 for your delectation:

Its got alot more plot in it, hopefully to set things up for Part 3 and probably a Part 4. Next time I'll have the sex scene with the daughter, and a few other things besides, hopefully.

I don't know if I'll finish Freaky Faerun, but I'll make an effort if there's substantial demand for it. Otherwise, I might just try and churn out part 3 of Seeding Midnight, or I'll try my hand at something else.

Let me know your thoughts/desires, /tg/.

>> No.27220775

Or I could remember to include the code...

Enjoy, everyone.

>> No.27221073

Nice work, anon.

mutually enjoyable sex ending with cuddling is my fetish

>> No.27221157

it was a bit light on the femdom but I liked it none the less.

A tale of the dick overcoming the stubborn mistresses willpower is just as good

>> No.27221434


Not a problem- as I stated in the OP, I figured that starting early would increase participation and keep this from spilling over into Monday.

And speaking of things spilling, this keeps getting better and better.

By the way, the guy who made the pics that gave me that initial idea also does porn webcomics. I can't help but wonder if he'd be willing to make this into a full webcomic (assuming he doesn't bitch over us "borrowing" his work).

Here is his hentai-foundry account, if any of you wants to pitch the idea at him. He's got a dA account too, but it doesn't look like it's been used recently.


I'd do it myself, but I'm too much of a pussy to ask. If anyone else want's to give it a shot, go ahead. Just try not to mention that 4chan is involved- I have a feeling that won't go over very well.

>> No.27221467

Is it bad that, when you mentioned the daughter, that exact image set came into my head?

>> No.27221527

Not at all- in fact, that image set is exactly what inspired my request.

>> No.27221618

Unfortunately I can't access hentai-foundry, and have mostly been using my memory of drowtales and drow stuff in general to write this fiction. Still, I'm pleased that its satisfying demand, even if I can't see what inspired it all.

I would be very happy to see art done of this story, or any of my stories in general, though given what you've said about this guy I suspect its pretty unlikely he'll agree to the request.

Still, kudos for the suggestion. Any other kind drawfag who feels like drawing for this story is more than welcome to.

I will certainly give priority to writing whatever for any artfags so inclined. ;)

>> No.27221660

> I don't know if I'll finish Freaky Faerun, but I'll make an effort if there's substantial demand for it.

Please do. Its a good start, would be a shame to see it left hanging.

>> No.27221820

There wasn't any story to go with those pictures, which is where you came in.

You should be able to access this gallery, which has copies of the pics. The pics in question are numbers 18-21.


>> No.27221824

>that one sister on the right who is way intruiged

>> No.27221841


>> No.27221879

My thoughts exactly. I had a feeling that the mystery box had a catch.

>> No.27221899

My thanks. Will save and enjoy later. :)

I'll work on it later, and might post it for tomorrow. Its not a fetish that really appeals so it takes a while longer for me to get in the right mood/mindset to write this stuff, but by god I'll finish it somehow.

>> No.27221915

I think a certain ELH has been taking a few too many cues (and perhaps a few too many hues as well) from a certain Papa-N.

I for one welcome the huestorm we are about to receive.

>> No.27221984

And that's a bad thing because...

>> No.27222009

>And that's a bad thing because...
It isn't. I think you failed to read the last sentence of my post.
>I for one welcome the huestorm we are about to receive.

>> No.27222187

True dat. As long as he keeps up the good work. Sandworms are a bit too monstrous for me, but I'll be fine as long as he keeps working. With any luck, perhaps he'll get Hesperax's Pet updated again soon. I need to see the Queen riding that Acolyte so hard you'd think that his pelvis would be crushed into a fine powder!

>> No.27222291

Another vote for the cursed girdle story. Been looking forward to that all week.

>> No.27222625

Think you can give us a general idea where you're going with this? It does seem like the matron's daughter seems to like hm- perhaps she'd be willing to help our hero escape?

>> No.27223119

Bump to second this one

>> No.27223352


>> No.27223378

He was referring to Freaky Faerun.

>> No.27223525

Pelvis Destruction ETA: Two Hours
Lamia Cuddles ETA: Three Hours
Lofn Awkwardness ETA: Five Hours

(Assuming my colon does not invoke zealous hatred)

I actually just really like Monstergirls, and have been taking cues from certain threads on /a/. Aside from daemon and mutant fuckery, there's only so many I can "hue" into the 40kverse. Besides - have you READ the encyclopedia entry for a Sandworm? It can be bloody adorable if done right.

I don't know how to feel about this, other than the fact it totally confirms my suspicions. Have you gotten an imgur account yet Lewd?

I like blue balling people. Not really. Build up is the best part.

>> No.27223764

One thing's for sure, I've certainly got a lot of "buildup" here.

>> No.27223937

Musclefelinidthreeway isn't happening this weekend. I'm just not feeling it right now.

There's going to be an autumn gale blowing in pretty quick, and I'll be mostly stuck indoors with nothing work-related to do: so if anyone has any requests that aren't already being worked on, I'll see if I can deliver tomorrow.

>> No.27224098

That's a shame, but there's nothing to be done. Any way we can help you feel it?

If you can manage, perhaps you can provide a bit of fluff on what happened in the three months between the Extra Large Heresy and the first part of the After-Heresy, or maybe the initial "interviews" between Macha and Leon. Not exactly the smuttiest of requests, but I still feel compelled to know about these things anyway.

If you have any background knowledge on the Forgotten Realms setting, I'd like you to try this out as well.


>> No.27224173

Hey there, sure.

My basic rough outline so far is to have the daughter presented at court. The Sharess will be intrigued by the new addition, and demand that she prove herself sexually. Not wanting to lose face, the Drow Matron will offer her best cock-slave to accomplish this. This will hopefully be a very sex-heavy part, with virgin, dom, possibly some incest, and definitely some group and orgasm-denial fetish going on here. After this, if there's still interest, I can stretch the plot ive sorta tacked in here to a part 4 and 5, possibly.

I'll work hard to get you Freaky Faerun by the end of Sunday(GMT time). If there's no thread or it doesnt go up then, check my Pastebin account from Monday and an updated FF should hopefully be there.

>> No.27224384

Very nice. I'll see if I have any ideas from there (*cough*threesome if you aren't doing it already*cough*) and otherwise you can pretty much do whatever. Maybe let him escape, or perhaps he can learn to love his new life. Whatever floats your boat.

Also, did you get the time to look at those pictures? They're not half bad if I do say so myself.

>> No.27224395

Oh, and when do you expect it'll be up?

>> No.27224505

Yes indeed, some pretty nice pictures, and quite a large number too. A little large-breasted mostly for my tastes, but overall high-quality work.

>> No.27224579

And what about those four I mentioned?

>> No.27224609

They definitely fit the scenes you wanted, and I assure you that they will figure into what happens in part 3. :)

>> No.27224678

The anticipation is killing me.

>> No.27224853

>not sure to feel flattered of insulted...

Either way, the ongoing lack of harlequin lewdness on /tg/ is still pretty outrageous if you ask me.

>> No.27224859

Alright as done with muh CS as I'm getting today. Fairy thing, for real now.

>> No.27224906

your censor bars wound me deeply.

>> No.27224926

I would like to think that you are doing it quite well on your own.

>> No.27224949

censor or no censor, i do love those raepfaces on your cultist and her harlequin toy. If anything you've gotten better at these awesomely expressive faces, it really stands out.

>> No.27224958

Yeah, I think I lost nearly a pint of blood from them.

Oh, and are you still working on Macha and Taldeer's lewd faces? Don't forget about the "spinning" scene, either.

>> No.27224969


Fuck it. Added to the backlog. I have no life, send help.

>> No.27224997

>Those censor bars

Why, cruel world?

Was there ever more than the one picture without them?

>> No.27225028

We pointed out you can still link porn and he put an uncensored image on imgur once, but then stopped doing it.

>> No.27225038

Censor bars are the main reason I want /tg/ to be made a NSFW board.

>> No.27225067

Beware, the batmod lurks for you just behind the last nipple-slip

>> No.27225068

>That look of unintelligent delight!

>> No.27225100

Yea, that's the one I've got.

One day, I hope there will be more.

>> No.27225102

I think it'd be a LITTLE hotter if she was more obviously biting her lip. With her face like that she kinda looks like Chad, the Cultist after he's had one too many at a frat party and is posing for a facebook photo that'll make his family sigh bitterly.

>> No.27225127

I can almost hear the dull thud of those two brain cells banging together amidst all that empty space.

>> No.27225171

>she kinda looks like Chad, the Cultist after he's had one too many at a frat party and is posing for a facebook photo that'll make his family sigh bitterly.

But. She IS Chad. That's everything cultist does. At least the fangs/fucked up teeth prevent her from duckfacing

>> No.27225194

We need a pic of her trying to do a duckface selfie.
And failing miserably.
Should blowjobs work?

>> No.27225203

I am okay with it being blue, but /tg/ should be blue the way /co/ is blue. spoilored images should be fair game to be porny.

>> No.27225204

>Sune Cleric
'kay. I think I can do that. Expect an update, if not the actual thing, Sunday night (PST).

Honestly, I just can't think about Macha or 40K right now. It'll come back, it's just it got to the point where it wasn't fun to write about anymore, and reading over what I'd written it seemed like I was phoning it in.

>> No.27225218

I'm just sayin', a couple lines and some definition around dat dere lower lip might go a long way. The lazy smile would be better if she was getting rammed.

>> No.27225235

is there a paste bin with all the different stories in it?

>> No.27225253

If you say so. Perhaps it's time to mix things up a little bit.

For now, you can just shuffle the threesome so it occurs just before the after-heresy's epilogue, and you've got the story completed (until you change your mind, of course). At least, that's how I see it.

>> No.27225269

I have a pastebin which contains all of my stories so far, but I dont think theres one general archive for all of them, no.


>> No.27225302


Happens all the time to me as well. It's why I have multiple fics going at once so I can work on the one that suits my mood.

I still how always end up with dommes and cuddling.

>> No.27225304

Most of them can also be seen on 1d4chan.

>> No.27225352

We were making fun of Tau on /v/, so I whipped this up.

>> No.27225409

I don't get it. Did she kick him in the nuts?

>> No.27225425

Slaanesh tattoo on her arm

>> No.27225458

I noticed that, but I still don't get it. I'm confused.

>> No.27225463

Bad things happened to his penis i suppose

>> No.27225469

needs a duke Nukem edit.

>> No.27225470

>Tau, the galaxy's lemmings.png
But thats not how you spell Imperial Guard.

>> No.27225477

Sounds right to me.

>> No.27225482

>milf giant
I need pictures.

Also, in keeping with MILF-related requests, if someone could draw a MILFy Cleric in revealing vestiments I'd love you forever.

>> No.27225508

I think there were some on a /d/ thread a while back. Somehow, it's still up.


>> No.27225558

Thanks, anon.

>> No.27225655

>reading through the thread

Jesus christ /tg/, I keep forgetting how lewd the writefags are

I bet some of you write children's novels by day too

>> No.27225703

its labeled as milfguant, though honestly I wager its suposed to be milfrant, guants are not that big. I have a couple of pics of sexynids, but cant find em atm, so have this istead.

>> No.27225720

Not a writefag, but I just spend most of the time I'm not at classes eating, sleeping, fapping, browsing 4chan, playing vidya, and occasionally pretending to work.

>> No.27225722

wait found one

>> No.27225747


>> No.27225767

whoops. yeah, that happens sometimes.

In that /d/ thread there's what looks like a xenomorph quarian hybrid. Any stories of transformation and/or corruption in that vein?

>> No.27225780

Wasn't Provider autobanned for posting links last week though?

>> No.27225785

I hope to, someday. Porn is good practice, especially for children's novels, if you can find an audience. Think about it: action and description that captures the imagination without stretching it are hugely important. So is getting such a grasp of the language that it reads easily, left to right without anyone having to reread shit. Plus, it makes money sometimes which is a nice incentive to sit there and type.

>> No.27225814

that has something to do with the way the autoban algorithm process pastebin/imgur urls. Something about the random letters makes it think that russians are trying to skullfuck it or something and it shits out a ban.

>> No.27225822


The spam filter was banning pastebin links because someone spammed them in another thread.

Also, god damn it Lewd. We need more Lelith (or Dark Eldar in general)

>> No.27225884

Why are there so many 40k smutfics? I have no idea about anything 40k related...
Is there a link I can go on to find a list of people's glorious work?

>> No.27225917

Actually I got the full story from him, and has nothing to do with either. He posted a link to ebay or something for some miniatures an anon requested in another thread.

He's unbanned now, though, and has emailed Moot about the whole thing, amongst other things. Hopefully theyll implement slightly less draconian filters, if possible.

>> No.27225920


>> No.27225928

If you post too many in a short period of time, the website thinks you're a spambot and throws out an autoban. If you uploaded them all to an imgur gallery and then just posted that one link, you'd be fine.

>> No.27225933

40k is popular as shit and there's JUST enough in-universe stuff that could be perverted. Same reason there's so much LoL crap on paheal and whatnot.

>> No.27225942

Anyone got any Genestealer Infection fics?

>> No.27225956

Nope. Any takers for it?

>> No.27226002

I can't write, or I probably wouldn't be asking. But that IMO could be quite sexy.
Young girl, attacked and implanted/raped by Hybrids or full stealers, hating it, then forced by the implant to love it and go on to infect others through sexytimes...

>> No.27226008


>> No.27226047

>I can't write
Stop this. It's not even as steep of a learning curve as drawing, just don't be lazy and you can write.

>> No.27226080


>> No.27226104

Please lewd, I love ya, but upload to imgur or something with the non-censored pieces.

>> No.27226123

Anything with the dragonborn from D&D?

>> No.27226157

It's mostly 40k stuff because that's what most people request. We're slowly fixing that, though.

Here are the highlights that the threads have made so far (at least, the ones I can remember).

>These two kicked the whole thing off, in between them. Ironic that the Farseer formerly known as the Ever Virgin would be the cause of all this (although odds are she's never been happier in her millenia-long life).

>Lamia+Daemonette=Fruits of genius. (Mind that fifth chapter- it goes into some /d/ material.)

http://pastebin.com/vTQc6HQf (Part 1)
http://pastebin.com/vTQc6HQf (Part 2)
Seeding Midnight
>Seeing that the Drow are the lewdest elves this side of Faerun, I found it hard to believe that there was no decent material of them. This solves that problem quite nicely.

>How the Queen of Comorragh went this long without anything at all (CreedOfHeresy's work notwithstanding) is an absolute mystery. Candid photos included.

And there's bound to be others I missed or are currently in progress. I remember one guy mentioned Elspeth...

>> No.27226199

I found this in 1d4chan, but it seems incomplete. Better than nothing, though,


>> No.27226370

>Musclefelinidthreeway isn't happening this weekend.
>no catgrils this weekend

>> No.27226437

Cheer up, dude- someone else can always whip up something with catgirls.

That said, I am kinda curious where the guy doing the one with the guardsman and the Succubus twins went. Is he around here?

>> No.27226478

>no catgrils
I don't want to make any promises until I'm done with this thing but along what lines are you thinking?

>> No.27226634

Note he didn't say muscleGIRL felinid, so if you want some swole asshole with a giant spiked dick frotting about, BOY DO I HAVE SOME NEWS FOR YOU

>> No.27226661

If you had read what he had written, you would have known that the felinid in question was a female.

>> No.27226696

>We need more Lelith

I quite agree.

>> No.27226726

Lelith is Lofn's other aunt? Man, Eldrad has a fucked up family.

>> No.27226728

Oh hey look, Lamia cuddles.


This is gold. I'm now envisioning Lelith breaking into song and dance.

>> No.27226736

He said >no catgrils so I was seeing if I could help with that.

>> No.27226737

Well satan, I apologize. (link to what he's written?)

>> No.27226752

2nd Link here: >>27226157

>> No.27227042

>deck of cards moaning while getting shuffled

>> No.27227125

Now I know why I never got good hands with my old deck, and everybody else did. My deck was a fucking whore and I failed to pleasure her.

>> No.27227163

It's at the end, about halfway done.

I really think I need to go back and separate those pages at some point, it's kind of a wall of text.

>> No.27227173

Very nice, but I do believe there's an Acolyte who'll be walking with a limp for weeks after Lelith's finished with him for you to take care of.

I would seriously pay you for this if I could just push this wad of cash through the screen. For now, you'll have to just take my gratitude.

>> No.27227302

Nobody got any? Nobody interested?

>> No.27227306

Here's a thought: what happens to a creature when it gets blinked by a Restoration Angel?

>> No.27227343

Lewdanon did draw this, if it's any consolation.

>> No.27227353

Oh fuck, this is priceless.

>> No.27227453

>MTG smut

>> No.27227472

At least it's not an omnipresent boner.

>> No.27227491

Now that I think about it, Hesperax might actually be one of the nicer Dark Eldar to be around. Sure, she's a natural killer who revels in the pain of her enemies, but she's not quite as apeshit insane about it as her kin can be.

>> No.27227497

That's not mine, that's Fucking Liar's.

>> No.27227515

This gave me an idea.
>fucking lyres
we need musical instrument porn.

>> No.27227525

She's got a steady job and an established rep.

>> No.27227564

I wish I had an omnipotent boner.

>> No.27227616

You made me do this.

>> No.27227745


You assume she allows him to walk. That's a privilege only good pets get.


> "Oh Anon...shuffle me. Shuffle me harder!"
> "Yes...YES! Randomize my cards! Mmmmmm...."
> "Uhhh...Anon, why is your deck moaning?"

Pretty much. It's why she's been around for like, forever.

>> No.27227780

Less blue-balling, more writing, if you please.

>> No.27227797

Would a Blue control deck have the personality of a dominatrix?

>> No.27227827

my sides...

>> No.27227853


>"You call that a shuffle? That's pathetic. YOU'RE pathetic."
> "You couldn't even tap a single card last match, you're absolutely worthless!"
> "Uhh Anon, why is your deck berating you?"

>> No.27227880

>Red Deck
>"Oh gods, yes! I win again!"
>"So I take it that deck's an old flame?"

>> No.27227891

Now here's what I want to know: what would Black/White be?

>> No.27227958

I'm not a picky man, anything involving catgirls and lewdness will do me. All the better if they're 40K felinids, but once again, I'm not picky.

Sorry for the late reply, my internet cut out.

>> No.27228049

>Blue/Black deck.
>"Play me, you know you want to..."
>"You know you want to feel in control, to feel my power, to slowly turn your opponent into your willing slave, to make them whisper your name in your ears..."
>"Draw just one more card, I'm sure *that* is exactly the right card you need..."
>Deck cockblocks you with a land.
>You can hear your deck giggling and laughing at you.
>"I don't want to play this anymore."

>> No.27228077 [SPOILER] 

>Draw the card in pic.
>Deck starts screaming in ecstasy.

>> No.27228109

I don't know, but I know for sure that a Red/White deck would be a prudish tsundere type.

>> No.27228279

You ready to post it yet, ELH? I've got a fever and the only thing that can cure it is more Lelith.

>> No.27228333


Not yet. Come back in a few hours. Properly domming takes lots of attention and care.

>> No.27228355

White/Black would probably be Yandere
>"I love making things suffer and die for you."
>"But if you ever touch another deck, I'll manascrew you so hard you'll never win a fucking game! Not ONE! FOR THE REST OF YOUR FUCKING LIFE! HAHAHA! YOU'RE MINE, ANON! MINE! AHAHAHAHA!!!"
>"... help me, Steve."

>> No.27228368

How did the whole pedo sister thing start?

>> No.27228369

Right. I really need to work on my patience these days.

>> No.27228386

From this, I think.

>> No.27228391

4chan being creepy 4channers.

>> No.27228439

JAW, if you're still there when can we expect to see the next part of Seeding Midnight? My drow defloration fantasies won't fulfill themselves here,

>> No.27228512

I think that W/B should be a slasher, not a yandere.
R/B/W is the yandere, U/B/W is the dominatrix that will never, ever have sex with you, and G/B/W is a necro.

>> No.27228540

Probably not till next Smut Saturday, afraid to say. Gonna finish up Freaky Faerun for tomorrow, and if i get any spare time I'll make a start on part 3. Otherwise same conditions as before. However, with FF finished, I imagine I could get parts 3 and 4 done over next weekend, and or maybe take other requests.

>> No.27228592

Excellent. The sooner, the better. Post it up on your pastebin if you manage to finish them earlier- I should be able to find them from there.

>> No.27228610

Will do, no worries.

>> No.27228684

Have we ever gotten anything with Cata-chan? I don't think she's ever been as waifu-ized as other /tg/ oc's.

>> No.27228691

Lewd brahs, what do you listen to while generating lewd? Pls no itaots

>> No.27228733

I don't think we have, but I would approve of anyone who wants to give it a shot.

>> No.27228749

I tend to listen to alot of folk metal like Faun and Therion if its fantasy, aswell as Dalriada and ocassionally Ensiferum or Falkenbach.

For 40k stuff I usually just go with industrial or heavy metal, like Ruoska, Rammstein, Vollmond, etc.

Maybe not the best soundtracks for lewdness, but they help with epicness. I dunno. Are there lewd songs for 40k/DnD? where can i get them?

>> No.27228764

Any plans on updating the boob line-up?

>> No.27228765

>folk/industrial metal
I expected this

>> No.27228946


>> No.27229234

When I write anything, smut included, it really just depends on the day I've been having. Some days it's Stravinsky, Prokofiev, Bach, Rachmaninov, Brahms, and Sibelius. Other days it's Pearl Jam, the Offspring, Cake, the Heavy, GnR, AC/DC, and the like. Still others it's Thelonius Monk, Cole Porter, and Duke Ellington.

Tomorrow seems like it's going to be a jazz and scotch day.

>> No.27229339

haha pandoracore pleb

>> No.27229616


>> No.27229821

>mfw Eldrad scans Macha's and Taldeers mind and sees all the cock sucking they've done.
Welp hope he doesn't go apeshit and tear the galaxy a new eye of terror.
>Run Lewd lest he find you......

>> No.27230053 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

I've got some Drana femdom lewdness on the way.

>> No.27230192

>implying he wasn't watching the whole time

>> No.27230249

I've asked around, but nobody ever wants to volunteer.

Anyway, the thread's on the verge of autosage, so I'll post the link to the next thread in a little while.

>> No.27230256


That'd be a great conversation:

> "The Emperor's been freed, and my daughter has finally gotten laid."
> "Just as planned?"
> "...Shut up Creed"

>> No.27230361

I want to write lewdness about Teysa or Elspeth, or Sheoldred. But I have no idea how someone would get into a lewd situation with any of them.

Especially Sheoldred.

Any ideas?

>> No.27230384

Remember, context is for the weak and insecure.

>> No.27230422

Sheoldred and Elspeth have hate sex. There's your context.

>> No.27230666

Is it ready now?

>> No.27230960

We're just about autosaged. New thread is here.


>> No.27231048

Is anyone even here right now?

>> No.27231181

If you haven't migrated over there already, you should do so now.

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