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Doing an old west space campaign. (think firefly).

Looking for inspirational pictures. Will dump some I've found. If nothing else, western pictures will do quite nicely. Or space. Anything's good I guess.

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IMO you just read EVE news articles for like a week and you could have the most ridiculous setting ever.

Ridiculous as in realistically childish. "STRONT CHECKS LEL"

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Reminds me. One of my characters is taking the liberty of the logic of "oh it's a high tech campaign so I'm going to wear military vests and tactical armour"

How should I deal with this?

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Tell him that all the guns and shit have scaled up appropriately to deal with what can be attained on the streets.

And ban "but my guy is ex-military who defected with his gear" shit.

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That is the entirety of his character oh god what have I done.

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Space Western sounds awesome. Tell us more.

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>magazine that feeds into cylinders that in turn go to the chamber beyond all logic
>pistol slide on the top
>completely out of line hammer either doubling up as sights or just there being front sights

Words cannot describe the levels of pure fucking retarded " I'm an artist so when I draw something technical can do whatever I like because ARTSTYLE RULE OF COOL FIT WITH THE THEME " is going on in that picture.

And then he calls something gyrojet and literally make a belt fed rocket launcher instead of an actual gyrojet gun.

Holy fucking shit.

Here /tg/, have an ACTUAL revolving rifle.

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Well, since high tech stuff takes so much industry to support, like power plants and water purifiers, the outer colonies without support from the inner colonies live the 1800s north american life.

Some even live in lower tech levels, such as medieval. And some live in high tech levels near the home worlds.

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Thank you.

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/k/, please go.

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Artists aren't gun nuts, they get stuf wrong. Then again it's art.

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I suggest you point out that that's not really the setting. and while they may have body armour, its rarely used and not available.

if I were in your shoes, I'd point out that soldiers rarely get to leave with all that equipment, so they get a choice: either they have the training and background as ex-military - in which case, I reccommend you detail out the military for the setting - and has no equipment, but can use stuff if he gets hold of it...

... or he is ex-military, and has run away from his unit, is AWOL, and a wanted outlaw. and you know what they did/do to deserters?

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You can get things 'filling in your name where the date should be on a form' wrong, and then you can get things 'accidentally vacuumed out a newborns internal organs' wrong' like in that picture.

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So the outer colonies the "Frontier Worlds" don't yet have the industrialization of the inner colonies? So they live like Old West times, trying to scratch out a way of life and land before the industrialization and the big government of the inner colonies comes to them?

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It's a picture of a fictional firearm. Who gives a shit.

It's supposed to look cool, not look functional.

You colossal autist.

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it would be cool if the design was in any way imaginative and if the fact that anyone with even a cawwadoodee level knowledge of guns could tell that is an abortion of a design.

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Not OP but I think rather than "not yet" it's more that people moved there from the inner colonies ages ago, too far from the inner worlds to be supported by their infrastructure and too minor for them to be interested in helping, and so became self-sufficient in a fairly backwards way.

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if it looks cool but doesn't work, it is not cool.
I bet you like sunglasses at night, too.

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>if the fact
*it wasn't for the fact

too tired for this shit


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So there's no FTL? Or FTL so primitive only to allow skimming, like the Tau in 40k. Which limits the reach of industrial progression.

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Can we just agree that some people like realism in the strangest places and others will sacrifice anything for a cog on their goggles? Nobody's right. It's just a game. And not even that yet.

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....I cannot tell you how in love I am with that rifle

thank you for posting it.

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here's some civil war era us military uniforms, which you might be able to use both as dress uniform, for the different factions if there's either a rebellion/civil war in the setting, or that there was a rebellion/civil war in the past - and also use as ideas for what elements of detail to keep.

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It's okay anon I saved it for a reason.

Remember, if it took more than one shot, you weren't using a Jakobs!

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such a wild west sci-fi army may well have the "natives" on each planet recruited as scouts..

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Yeah it's more like they used to have connections to the inner worlds but lackluster government and strife has cut them off.

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PffthahahahahaI love you

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helps to add the pic

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fucking saved

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holy shit this is awesome.

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there is FTL but a one light year jump costs about $500000 in fuel.

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source for these? I made my own ship actually (using paint).

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Those are Star Wars designs.

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that's cool. those sorts of interiors are pretty much exactly what I need for my campaign.

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>Half a million in fuel for FTL

Nasa is happy with $500 million for a launch for the SLS (Space Launch System, Space shuttle replacement)

Half a million seems hella cheap.

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I can easily see the cavalry descending from the skies in dropships, wearing blue uniforms with knee-high riding boots (of polysynthetictechnobabbleium, not leathers), the blue uniform with epaulettes, the ranking marked in gold on the sleeve, the dress uniform coat being a nanogobbldigookhyperweavenonsense that is able to take the stray round from a .45-70 2865 springfield plasma rifle, and of course, the famous yellow neckerchief, and the dress sabre for ceremonial duties...

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Striking resemblance to the Ebon Hawk

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surely that depends on what half a million will buy in the setting.

when $100 is your annual wages....

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Basically what he's saying is big name groups can pay for it, but not so much the little guys. There's a huge gap between 'i can afford FTL to get back home' and 'maybe if I don't eat and neither do my offspring we can get one jump in seven generations'

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Haha I might steal that idea.

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Did someone make this themselves? It's quite good.

On a side note, does anyone know where a good hexgrid galaxy/solar cluster/solar system generator is?

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I did. Stole it all meself. Threw it together for my Fate Space Opera. It's a work in progress.

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Real good work. Still going to use GURPS myself just cause that's my thing but it's impressive.

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thats exactly why I dropped it in there for you. (if you're OP. and if you're not, steal away.)

cultures have always harked back to the past - italian soldiers in the 15th c aping classical greeks by wearing barbuta helms that were inspired by corinthian armour.

same can apply there - that deep west feel can mean that there's a Union, or a Confederacy, or the United Planets, which echoes the classical cavalryman of Old Earth.

and stuff like the blue uniform (and NPCs who are ex-soldiers referring to "wearing the blue" as meaning that they were serving), the yellow neckerchief, the army rifle being by a company called Springfield, a uniform having a row of buttons on the breast. those are the details that evoke a feeling in the setting, just as much as having the civillians have that "wild west" feel foes.

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>It's quite good.
And thank you very much.

Now I wish I had had the time to cut the art out more cleanly in spots.

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I use Gurps splats just for inspiration, the crunch is not for my group.

That's why all the stats are entirely arbitrary and more of a sales pitch by a shifty salesman than actual crunch. Just use your own, that's how it's intended.

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Yeah sounds good and I figure with my player problem I'm just going to tell him that he's on the run from the law for desertion and people are after him so he better not wear that military stuff anywhere but where he's going to do some serious fighting.

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It's how gurps is intended too.

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...and Fate.

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... and FATAL

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If you're going full Wild West in spess, then have the player pick between the two sides of a recent civil war
If he picks the losing side he's got a ready list of people sympathetic to him, as well as enemies
If he picks the winner, then he's still a deserter, but space being what it is not everyone will know, and having the right uniform can work wonders

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Here's my ship layout, made in ms paint.

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That's quite a good idea. I was thinking of making the inner worlds controlled by mercenaries, actually.

Real world mercenary company names I'm stealing;

Group 4 Securicor
Unity Resources Group
Triple Nova
Aegis Defensive Services
Defion Internacional
Blackwater Xe Services Academy

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ms paint side view of the ship based on the ms paint layout.

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Ever tried Gimp?

Layers make maps easier. And paths are a godsend once you watched a 10 minute tutorial on youtube.

And if you want to 3D your ship, get into Blender. It's a bit of a curve, but it can do a really professional look.

Both free btw.

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I do have gimp but I don't know how to do anything with it. I would have to do a few tutorials true.

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Hello, totally not the Serenity with a smaller back portion.

>> No.27204092

Hello, totally not the serenity with the back portion shrunk a little bit. But in a game, it would work just fine.

Also, the design looks a bit unbalanced, if you care about aesthetics like that.

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don't worry, if you read about tactical armour and all that sort of stuff you'll realise it's not actually very good anyway. there is a significant weight penalty and it rapidly degrades (1 shot shatters the plate, the next shot has a much better chance of going through) and as far as kevlar helmets go, they basically do fuck all when it comes to actually being shot with a bullet. they're there mainly to protect from shrapnel/spall.

he probably thinks he is going to be invincible, but in reality he would be slightly harder to kill but need to replace all his gear after it took any hits and he would be slower, fatigue more easily, require more water, prone to overheating, have reduced carry weight etc.

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You can learn all you need in 30 minutes. It is really simple. The hard part is remembering which window you are in and when to hold CTRL.

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also i replied to the wrong post.

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Actually I made the map based off of a few maps put together for the ship, putting on different levels, and then drew it how it would look from the side, then smoothed it out. All really crapilly.

And about asthetics, I was going to make the ship into a zig zag mess kind of like a borg transwarp ship but my buddy who was working on designing it with me was like awww can't it be more.. aerodynamic? After pointing out how that doesn't actually matter in space that much especially with futuretech I agreed.

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Only thing I admit to ripping off is the common room idea.

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Alpha Centauri is ~4 LY from Earth that's $4M to there and back again. The next closest star is ~5LY away. Or $5M for round trip. However these are just going next door. However say the outer colony is 500ly away from Earth? $500M round trip. Milky Way is 16,000ly across that's a $16B round trip. Maybe if 1 space bucks = $100.

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Well let's figure out some backstory that would explain this.

-The government starts expanding rapidly, then collapses in a military vs mercenary brawl to end all ages. Mercenary empires take over, leave the outer colonies because they're basically useless to them.

-Now the outer colonies of families that just left with their possessions to get away from the government have a number of things that would set them back.

-They don't have the mining spaceships and tech to get their own fuel because they're basically pilgrims.

-They don't have the money to order in ships and fuel to take them back, having dismantled their colony ships a generation ago to make habitats.

-They don't have the money and fuel to order in future tech for them to use (which would just use more energy they don't have).

-They don't want anything to do with future tech maybe, because they can't stand the oppresive mercenary goverment that has a monopoly on it, and would rather just lay low, and worry about the pressure from space banditos and space rustlers that the mercenary empire is not dealing with for them.

Now I just hope that this can be an interesting setting.

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oh and this is where the PC's come in. a ragtag group of colonists, outlaws, and refugees from the ultratech war that's happening in the inner systems, hired to pilot a barely-flying tugboat of a ship to defend the colonists from the space banditos and space cow rustlers.

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you really have no clue what a million, or indeed a billion is, and what its actual worth is, in the bigger scheme of things.

You know the mars "curiosity" explorer that's rolling around on mars today?

That cost US$2.5 billion.

just to get to Mars.

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You agreed to make it more aerodynamic?
But that ship isn't.wouldn't be
It would also have a hell of a time landing, if that's a thing in your setting. I guess it could have landing gear a few stories tall, but...

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Rather than arguing semantics, can't we just agree that the powers that be have better things to do with their money and can't be bothered sending more than the odd small ship out to these planets? Presumably they have less backward colonies to work with, maybe some that are in places with valuable resources, etc.

>> No.27204685


Landing a smaller craft will make a lot more sense in my view, kind of like the enterprise sending out shuttles I don't think it should be landed except for emergencies.

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I don't think anyone's arguing here, just hashing out a believable and also exciting setting.

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First mission is the PCs stealing said ship from a mercenary base and jumping out of there through unplotted hyperspace?

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Not the person who said 500K I was just doing the math. Also the Mars Rover cost so damn much, because we don't have reliable space travel. We're still using liquid rocket fuel. Also USD is in the tank for buying power.

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Okay well let's talk economics then. For a realistic setting where there can be this huge gap in tech levels, what should a 1LY trip cost, assuming a loaf of bread costs 5$ on the ultratech planets, and 5 cents on a frontier world.?

Remember that the PCs will have to spend 5 to 20 times this 1ly trip cost to leave the solar system and jump to another nearby.

The objective amount would be so that they have to make a fair bit of money in each system to afford to leave, for plot hook reasons and so that the GM doesn't have to flush out 50 different systems with hooks and stuff just "in case" they leave randomly.

Too much cost and they'll never leave the solar system, too little and you'll be run off your feet with PCs that just hyperspace out of every problem and any time they're bored.

>> No.27205032


Also, I have the power to just tell them that their fuel tanks can only hold X amount of FTL fuel. What's a good limit?

>> No.27205072

No, that's exactly what was going on here. And that doesn't have to be a bad thing, but it's a pretty irrelevant point that was being argued over.
Anyway it's evolved into a useful debate now.

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bump. someone else has to be a GM with an idea. 500k was just my idea as a GM but it was off the top of my head, seeing as the most money any of them start with is 50K.

>> No.27205555

I would not incur a fee per jump, and I would not make it dependent on distance alone.

Maybe well known jump targets are easier to navigate to. Maybe millions of jumps on a certain route perforate subspace and drastically decrease the effort required. Maybe complexity is more relevant than distance. Anything to break up that warp travel trope.

I understand fully if you want to limit the party's FTL capability. But a direct expense seems icky. Perhaps real jump drives just need a lot of stable power, but the party cannot afford a real jump drive. They have to make do with an ancient mess of hardly compatible systems held together by tape and soda stains. And every time they use it something breaks. Now they need an engineer to fix it or a replacement part, maybe even reactor fuel. But it is always a plot hook. And as soon as it stops being fun you ease up on breaking the thing from use.

>> No.27205742


Good idea I guess, though I still think it should cost a fair bit.

Got any more technobabble?

>> No.27205812

Sure I guess.


>> No.27205819


Nevermind I just realized how spoonfeeding that sounded. Found a few generators on google

"You have to re-route the plasma, because the polarity appears to be near the ripples. I need to calibrate the delta region, because the diagnostic time-matter field is next to the core vortex. Special power must have been inverted, because the special time-matter field is contained. Quantum gravity dampener should have been calibrated, because the weak vortex is aligned."

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but the enterprise is many, many times bigger than that ship.

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you really have no clue about purchasing power.....

lets look at the 1880's, the "wild west" era, as its the style for the setting. at that point the richest man in america was the railroad modul William Vanderbilt.
he had a total net worth of just under $200 million dollars. (roughly 4 billion in today's money)
the census of 1880 reported that the average income of a working man was about $116 per year.

that's the *average* income.

So, we have the richest, with a total wealth of 200 million in 1880, and the average person who makes about $120.
At the same time, the cost to travel from Southampton to New York by steamer ship as a transatlantic voyage in steerage (the cheapest travel, effectively 3rd class, in a cargo hold, with no access to decks, fresh air etc) was about $30. (£6, when the exchange rate was $4.40 to the pound)

So, it can be concluded, 1880's setting, the cost of travel for the average earning american for a major voyage to an entirely new location would equate to roughly 1/4 of their annual income, or put another way, 3 entire months' pay, not considering the everyday costs of food, rent, etc, that they would need to pay out to live. It would therefore be accurate to say that the average income individual would expect to take 6 months or more to scrape the cost of a voyage if they sacrificed much of their living conditions and were as frugal as possible.

If we transfer that to our sci-fi setting then if the richest are billion or trillionaires, we can safely assume that the average income is the aforementioned $50,000 - but modern incomes are var higher per hour in terms of purchasing worth - so if we extrapolate that, instead of 1/4 of an annual income, the cost is half an annual income, we get a more representative figure. If space travel is a mature technology similar to the liner in the 1880s, it in turn can be equated that a voyage in the crudest, locked-in-a-cargo canister class of travel is going to cost $25,000

>> No.27206106

this is, of course, assuming $50K is a year's income of an average joe.

but it should give a good indicator of the sort of costs for a vast travel undertaking in the era that the style is aimed for - and which in turn makes their covered wagon of a spacecraft, slowly trekking over the plains to the Gold Rush of a new frontier, and facing the lawless and the wild places as they do so, to scrape together the money for their journey, if you want it to feel appropriate as an achievement and a reward.

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That is some bad technobabble, man.

You're always describing a problem. Without a problem there's no technobabble. And technobabble is always two things: Ostentatious fluff over a simple riddle, and a chain of tasks as long as needed for your plot. So all you do is play round-peg-square-hole and there's-a-hole-in-the-bucket with pseudoscience labguage and some engineering terms thrown in for good measure.

It helps if you have a comprehensive understanding of some terms. You should be able to distinguish fuel from propellant, shields from a deflector, and a plasma conduit from an EPS relays. If you have a picture of the functionality you are describing, even if your players are not privy to it, you can avoid contradicting yourself.

You mean 'we've been pushing the engines too far and they're running hot', but you say 'the modified propulsion system has been running beyond specs for a significant time and the main coolant distributor is beginning to loose synchronization. If the Gellar-Cochrane bubble isn't stabilized the core containment field could fragment suddenly and overload the impeller array. You must slow down or risk being stranded or exploding.'

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>you really have no clue about purchasing power.....

I pulled the number 500k out of my ass, i told you that, you don't have to be an asshole. I didn't remotely claim I was a fucking financial savant, ever, in this whole thread.

Gurps tech level 10 (robotic age) starting wealth is 50K, some of them have made core world (TL 10) characters, so they start with that much, they also spent character points for that, and much of it is going into affording the ship, so I'm fine with that.

>> No.27206305


I am not saying it's good technobabble. I just randomly generated to show how strange it is. I know what technobabble is, I've watched every episode of TNG for fuck's sake.

Why are people talking to me in this thread like I'm a child?

>> No.27206400

that was intended as a friendly term,not an insult.

(all that data on 1880's economics, by the way? Took about 1/2 an hour of googling round for various phrases. its not particularly esoteric secrets. the hardest one was finding that the exchange rate between the dollar and the pound was in 1880, and not what the exchange rate for 1880 dollars is today...

in case you ever need to know.

but really, a little bit of research goes a long way. for the wild west inspiration for instance, I would be tempted to suggest that you have a new technology - warp drives, wormhole gates, quantum technobabble nanobullshitters, whatever, which are making the long, slow travel a thing of the past - and the moguls, the Vanderbildts, the Hudsons, are steamrolling their way through the solar system/galaxy, making themselves incredibly powerful by controlling the new arteries of commerce - not the railroads, but the space-lanes.
Does it create opportunities, or antagonists for your players? that's down to your creativity. I can think of 1000 different stories you could use though.

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Ok, let's assume the "Human Sphere" is 1000ly wide the inner colonies are all within 100ly of one another. Outer colonies are 800+LY away. We'll assume that going fast as possible reaching the outer colonies takes 3 months, compared to the inner colonies taking a day to a week at furthest. Fuel cost for FTL is cheap, like .10GSP/day. So that's .20gsp to 1.40gsp. Those that commute to work take public transportation, which is "free" but it's paid by their taxes. Which fitting the setting probably reached 80% average worker's pay. However they have free housing, transportation, and three meals a day provided by Big Brother. Work days are from 6-9 days, 6 days a week.

This would cause a quite a few people to move out "west". Which is why they scrap and save, a ticket for going out "west" is probably 500gsp per person starting. Considering a husband and wife scrap together like 40gsp/year they're going to have to save for 25years. More so if they have children.

However there should be a cheaper option, generational ships. Every 5 years in awhile they hold a lottery. 10,000 people are selected for settlement. It
Takes about 5 years to reach the outer colonies.

Personal transportation within outer colonies is going to be cheaper as there's not a lot of regulations. Say 1/5th the price in inner colonies. Which is why you see more travel out there.

>> No.27206666


I'm taking notes but what does GSP mean?

>> No.27206683

Imho you're overthinking it. Consider what you need for flavor and throw out the rest.

> the "Human Sphere" is 1000ly wide the inner colonies are all within 100ly of one another. Outer colonies are 800+LY away. We'll assume that going fast as possible reaching the outer colonies takes 3 months, compared to the inner colonies taking a day to a week at furthest.
This is relevant

>Fuel cost for FTL is cheap
Also relevant.

.10GSP/day. So that's .20gsp to 1.40gsp. Those that commute to work take public transportation, which is "free" but it's paid by their taxes. Which fitting the setting probably reached 80% average worker's pay. However they have free housing, transportation, and three meals a day provided by Big Brother. Work days are from 6-9 days, 6 days a week.
Wouldn't mention it unless players specifically ask for specifically these details. And you can't anticipate all of those questions. Just think on your feet and make it up on the spot.

>However there should be a cheaper option, generational ships. Every 5 years in awhile they hold a lottery. 10,000 people are selected for settlement. It
Takes about 5 years to reach the outer colonies.
Seems gimmicky. Is there a central plot reason why this is needed?

>Personal transportation within outer colonies is going to be cheaper as there's not a lot of regulations. Say 1/5th the price in inner colonies. Which is why you see more travel out there.
Now THIS you should explain. Is it subsidized? Why? Are the ships less safe and luxurious?

>> No.27206691

Galactic Space Peso

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>> No.27206961

Well the inner colonies would probably be overcrowded we're talking like maybe handful of worlds. Lets go with 12 worlds. They encourage baby making, maybe you get a 1% raise for every child. They need more future tax payers. To get rid of all the undesirables and to create a "labor shortage" they send 10,000 people to the outer colonies. However I should feel like, they're kept in shitty conditions and 1/10 die on the trip over and 2/10 that are left die within first few months. It's cheaper for travel in outer colonies because there's no law, no regulations, and no artificial inflation by big government.

>> No.27206970


Probably the mercenaries taxing everything and confiscating people and goods (if you're still following the mercenary war lore)

>> No.27206974

One trip worth.

Fuel is relatively cheap, the computer that plots the course and keeps things running smoothly through the jump burns out after each jump, due to the technobabble stresses of hyperspace.

Buying a new one costs phat stacks of cash, and there might not even be one where they end up.

>> No.27206999


what's one trip though. 10 light years or 1000.

>> No.27207039

everyone calculating things is not realizing that nearer the center of the galaxy the stars are much more dense than at the arms.

>> No.27207152


I mean the distance between the stars is smaller, not that the actual stars are denser.

>> No.27207276


theoretically that means that the inner core easy travel thing is more plausible now, though i can't do the maths to see if it's actually sensical.

>> No.27207500

note that the stars in the inner galactic centre are far more chaotic places, far less habitable than out here where things are slow, stable, and rather un-eventful. those stars much closer together means that planetary formation is far harder.

incidentally, you're also rather underestimating how far it is... its about 27,000 light-years to the galactic centre in a straight line. if you were hopping star-to-star, its far further, as you can likely not jump the vast void between spiral arms.

>> No.27207596


Quite true. I think that he was just assuming that in the future the center of all things happening would be nearer the galactic center, like with star wars.

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>> No.27208656

Lets not forget the core also host the giant hole, the only one in our galaxy.

>> No.27208721

giant black hole*

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