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What's the /tg/ verdict on taking over established characters as PCs? My character was irreversibly killed and the DM asked me if I'm interested in playing a redeemed former antagonist. We just caught up (as in, individual party members did) with her power level and she has every motivation to try and avenge my previous character - it was his idea to spare her ass in the first place.

I'm interested in doing just that and the DM is ready to give me all the background materials on the character. But I've never done something like this and I understand it's not an established practice so I think there might be good reasons for this being the case that I've not considered.

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As long as you're playing her as her, and not as your old character 2.0, there's nothing wrong with it.

Also, I wouldn't make it a habit, or characters will end up feeling really throwaway.

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Damnit, where's the new comic.

I'm even willing to throw money at them to make them start again.

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Someone should fund it. It was perfect.

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I played an OD&D retroclone with my group one time. My group is bad at RPG's, but once I dropped enough hints, they realized hiring an extra torchbearer instead of having one hand always occupied is a good deal. Enter Arnost the torchbearer, carrying 6 torches, flint&tinder, a rusty old shortsword and the clothes on his body.

Fast forward a few rooms exploration; the group is dying hard and insists it press-gangs Arnost into battle. He was a noncombat hireling, but I thought he might do if motivated. Still, he rolled like a lvl1 fighter and his sword did -2 damage off of whatever the shortsword did.

Arnost ended up single-handedly ending several encounters by the grace of dice, while the rest of the party started dying like miserable bitches. Eventually the group decided to cut its losses and re-ascend the dungeon. One of the players took over Arnost because his last character died like a bitch. Everyone agreed Arnost deserves to be a PC, and also all penalties dropped, level up.

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I was late for the first session of a DnD game back in college and when I arrived they had finished making their characters and were already done with the first encounter, so I looked at the minis on the table and spotted one that wasn't a PC and asked the DM if I could be him.

Turns out they had just arrived at an ambush site, and the only character there was a Legionary (of some fantasy-equivalent of a Roman Army) who had survived.

He was a few levels lower than the PCs but the DM supplemented this by giving my some free feats in what he called "Legion Fighting" and I played him for the whole campaign. It was pretty great actually.

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