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Mai Waifu Edition

>Recruitin' players
>Talkin' about game
>Lovin' her

How to join:
-Sign up on F-list.
-Create a character (don't have to finish it in one go).
-Enter F-chat (experimental chat recommended).
-Hit the browse/open channels button and CTRL+F for /tg/ chat.
-Improve your character, get erp.

How to improve your character:
-Give them custom kinks
-Find at least ONE IMAGE to show what they look like
-Use a nicely cropped bit of your image as profile avatar

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This is really very tenuously related to /tg/ at this point. You might as well call it 'F-list general'.

I am curious if it's just you, one guy, making every thread tho.

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Why are you wasting your time?

>> No.27200663

F-chat room alone is running Shadowrun, WaRP and Call of Cthulu games. Want to cry some more or will you just walk yourself out instead?

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This guy's got a point. These threads have ceased to be about roleplaying and are now more about "F-list recruitment." It's pretty obvious from the OP that this is the point. You're not even hiding it.

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Providing more non-F-list options is still probably a good idea.

There are a lot of people in these threads who don't like F-List.

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Wasting my time with what? I asked because I was interested and saged because it's pretty offtopic.

If you're OP and saying you won't reply, fair enough. If not I don't see how this concerns you.

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Holy Type-fucking Hypocrisy, did you just say what I think you just said?

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I remember I used to ERP as historical personalities turned lesbian a long time ago.

I was unquestionably much better at it than 99% of you.

>> No.27200732


I don't see how a thread that you're not interested in concerns you, either.


Try with less drama, now.

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>I asked because I was interested
Are you not good at reading? How do you ERP, mic-to-mic or something? I hope you've got a sexy voice.

>> No.27200761


Well, that's winning a participation medal, if anything.

>> No.27200764

Posting my profile again for criticism, advice, and all that stuff.

>> No.27200772

I'm just saying. This shit was too pleb for me ten years ago.

Step it up sempai.

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>I asked because I was interested

Sure you did buddyboyo.

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Sorry, I didn't realise I was in an F-list /soc/ thread.

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If you're going to just automatically assume all my responses are disingenuous, there's no point having this discussion. If you are OP, I'm disappointed. Otherwise, whatever.

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Hourly reminder that IRC fags complained about newbs and that's why they are not in the topic.

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What is ERP?

>> No.27200812

That was intentional.

>> No.27200813

If you think there should be more ERP sites, then it's the responsibility of Anon and the free 'market' to provide it. So far the market seems happy with F-list and /tg/ chat.

>> No.27200816

The best way to halt, or stop the drama is to stop bringing it up.

Ignore, hide and stop feeding the trolls please.

If you don't like the thread, hide it and move on, nothing to see here.


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Lady that's too much coffee.
Hey lady.
Lady you're making a mess.
Lady the workbench.
At least use a coaster, jeeze

>> No.27200823

Oh, this is associated with the IRC? That explains a LOT.

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An onomatopoeia for the release of stomach gas through the mouth

>> No.27200839

Eurmal role playing.

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>At least use a coaster


>> No.27200868


No no, saging and questioning the point of a thread, in the very first post, is nothing but a playful question.

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>Litchi Faye-Ling who wants you to cum on her glasses
Yes please.

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Anyone with a fetish for stained glass tables?

>> No.27200882

I don't hate the thread.

I dislike ERPing, and I find anyone that considers it to be their hobby to be in need of mental help.

I am free to express my opinion as much as you are free to express your opinion on how much of a diseased individual you are and how you are dumb enough to think that your chatsex really deserves a constant general thread.

>> No.27200883

Just waiting for some story time, be it lewd or not, good or bad experiences, anything.

>> No.27200887

As in glass tables that have been stained, or tables made of stained glass?

>> No.27200897

A lot of ERP is just regular roleplay without the fade-to-black.

>> No.27200906

Oh no, someone cut off her pinky!

>> No.27200910

ERP is just a subset of RP in general. It's a legit hobby just as much as playing D&D is.

>> No.27200911


It's more like Typefucking while pretending to be other people from your own creation. Like wearing a body suit, and playing out your mask's desires.

It's pretty funsies, though I don't do it a lot.

>> No.27200926

It really was but it's cool if you don't think so. I even looked it up to check before I typed it.

>> No.27200927

>tables made of stained glass
Whoa, kinky.

>> No.27200931


You can be an idiot all you want, why flaunt it though?

>> No.27200934

>Mai Waifu Edition
It seems I'm seven people's "Mai waifu" and god this is annoying.

>> No.27200937

Where were you when I was looking for players for my ERP game pitches anon

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>> No.27200945

Why flaunt your idiocy?

Back to /soc/

>> No.27200947

I'm afraid that I seem to have missed my own joke.

>> No.27200951

You must have a very fulfilling life given how much you seem to care about what people do with their own private time AND go about chastising them for it.

>> No.27200953

They keep doing that.

>> No.27200957

That's kind of like saying incest is just a subset of activities for a family picnic.

>> No.27200962


That's what I just asked, good job.
You don't need to prove you understood, though.

>> No.27200964

I once contacted a person that shared some of my fetishes, but they didn't reply.

The end.

>> No.27200967

A+ analogy anon.

>> No.27200969

>tried playing a slime girl

I dont think I'm good enough yet

>> No.27200972


>/a/ is here again

>> No.27200979

Could you just stop? Seriously, you're contributing nothing positive to the thread and actively making it worse. Even if you don't personally like it, it doesn't mean other people don't want the threads. And quite a few people, at that.

So please, just leave it alone. Hide the thread, move on, and enjoy the things you want to. Let us have our little place.

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Thus far the only lengthy ERP I've done has had little to no sexual content and is mostly just adorable fluffy romance.

>> No.27200997

It isn't...?

>> No.27200999


You expect people with that mentality to be reasonable?

>> No.27201002

>Let us have our little place.

It's called /d/, you fruit salad.

>> No.27201009

Why? Did you fail to properly detail the mucous, epithelium-like slithering of your gelatinous outer layer? Or did you forget to die messily and noisily because sperm and saliva transfer is not a legitimate of maintaining your moisture level?

>> No.27201013

Someone posted this in the IRC chatroom the other day.

>> No.27201030

>Could you just stop? Seriously, you're contributing nothing positive to the board and actively making it worse. Even if you personally like it, it doesn't mean other people want the threads. And quite a few people, at that.

>So please, just leave it alone. Leave the board, move on, and enjoy the things you want to. Let us have our little place.

Not just one person posting against this in here, FYI.

>> No.27201032

Slime girls are hard, start practicing with playing a gelatinous cube and then move on to less platonic solids from there.

>> No.27201041

>prayers book
Why are you all inevitably so bad.

>> No.27201047

I remember doing a wife/husband roleplay as a slime
I kind of failed in a session and I didn't see him again

>> No.27201048

>That feeling when it lasts hours.
>Enjoy every minute of it but have no clue if your partner is getting bored or not.
>Replies are slow, not sure if just slow typer, enjoying themselves too much, or honestly losing interest.

>> No.27201067

/d/ is for dickgirls and only dickgirls.

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Heh. I know The Slime, so to speak. Will have to play something similar with them.

>> No.27201116

No, I don't. But just because it doesn't have much chance of working doesn't mean that I shouldn't at least try and be polite and reasonable about asking them to leave the thread alone. If they don't want to leave, then I'll (And I'd suggest you do the same) just report and hide their posts, and move on.

/d/ could be a possible board for this, yeah. But a lot of us are from here, gather new people from here for both the IRC and F-List, and it is overall more related to /tg/ than /d/ because of the nature of how things are gone about.

The same effective statement applies to all of them. We've got a pretty good thing going on for ourselves here, and there isn't any real reason for anyone to come in flinging shit just because they don't like it. If you don't like it, hide the thread and move on. Hell, report it if you feel like it. The point is that the threads are fully within the bounds of what /tg/ encompasses, and that it'd be nice if we can have our fun in peace without someone screwing with it just because they don't agree with it.

>> No.27201137

I tried detailing, then again it was with some random people from LFRP and I felt like I was trying to put too much into it and not getting much back.
Will look at and try to pick stuff up

My writing skills may just not be up to par. I fell out of ERP awhile ago, just never anything too kinky. Trying to get back into the swing of things. Thinking about a cow girl or a lamia because fuck it

>> No.27201279

>Don't ERP often
>Maybe once or twice a week
>Suddenly buried in attention and play today
I don't even know what to say, except that I'm blushing furiously from the attention alone.

>> No.27201281




Slimes are a bit tough but great. Could I interest you in something?

>> No.27201306

Did you post a profile recently?

>> No.27201326



This is my fetish.

>> No.27201329

Goddamnit why is there never anyone into feet!?

>> No.27201333

Better luck next time.

Nothing wrong with a bit of romance.

>> No.27201341

I don't have any problems with feet, though I admit that the appeal to me is more their proximity to the legs.

>> No.27201357

What do you mean?

>> No.27201378

Ostensibly this person has a foot fetish and wants to write some foot-centric smut.

>> No.27201407


Robutt? Robutt.

>> No.27201408

No one ever has feet as a favorite, or even a yes on their profiles, and in general I find an odd lack of interest in the fetish, despite it being one of the most common.

>> No.27201412

I can't do anything right now but I bookmarked you, could I send you a note perhaps later today?

>> No.27201413

I am.

>> No.27201430

Because your fetish is bad. That was sarcasm, please don't get mad

>> No.27201441

Nope. A couple people I regularly RP with all decided that they wanted me to day.

>> No.27201445

Making sure sarcasm is scene as such? Putting effort into avoiding hurting someones feelings? Am I still on 4chan?

>> No.27201454

*Seen, what the fuck autocorrect?

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>> No.27201479


>> No.27201496

How magical is it?

>> No.27201503

If one's fetish is slaying monsters, is solo adventuring considered masturbatory?

>> No.27201506


>> No.27201513


Hi. Let's talk.

>> No.27201530

That'd be great.

>> No.27201536

Well for one, we wouldn't stand around chastising a girl for her lack of bosoms...

...We'd just help her using Breast Expansion Magic!

>> No.27201542 [DELETED] 


>> No.27201555

I don't actually have an F-list(Well I do, I signed up ages ago but never made a character), so would you mind if I just approached you OOC and we worked something out from there? If not, I can whip up a quick character, I have a billion and a half floating around.

>> No.27201621

This is my first time making an F-list, and I've never ERP'd before so...


Tell me what I've done wrong I guess.

>> No.27201622


>> No.27201700

Get an avatar and profile pic or two ASAP

>> No.27201740

> Also I'm big on traps and lolis so keep that in mind.
Custom kink that stuff if you feel it deserves special mention.

>> No.27201748

So, dare you look me up on the IRC?

>> No.27201837

Do I need to do the F-list thing or can I get people to do something on IRC, too? I'm scared of weirdos from non-/tg/.

Also I'm looking something more narrative and fulfilling. You know, just plain porn without plot doesn't interest me that much.

>> No.27201843

I would, but I've haven't erp'd and no idea what I'd do. Me being a erp virgin, how silly of an idea.

>> No.27201880

There's always the first time for everything.

>> No.27201892


You know, I'm almost 100% positive that there's a lot of people that would love to slowly introduce ERP to people. Lovingly and slowly of course~

>> No.27201895

I had a gender transformation RP idea where a student drinks a magic potion that turns him into a woman and then his friend becomes frustrated and sad that his friend stumbled into what he wanted for years due to his own gender identity issues.

>> No.27201915

It's a pretty great profile! If you were looking for simple stuff you'd be set but since you are looking for long term stuff then maybe you could use a few basic scenario examples.

Nothing huge, just an idea of what plots/stories you'd actually like to play in.

>> No.27201956

Now that just sounds tragic and depressing.

>> No.27201963

Strange that happens to be my fetish.

>> No.27201968

And yet I rather not ruin peoples time with my horrid RP.

I'd bet they would.

>> No.27201973

Indeed, which is why I suggested IRC, not nearly as much of a hassle as F-list...

...Like ME!!!

>> No.27201978


It'd have a happy end to some degree.

>> No.27201999

>And yet I rather not ruin peoples time with my horrid RP.

My first time, both as normal roleplay and as ERP (different instances), seem to have gone decently well. Trust me, it'll be fine.

I'll be gentle...

>> No.27202000


That does sound fun.

Make a character on f-list, and I'd you're worried about non-tg people just ignore anyone that you don't meet in the thread or the tg chat room.

As one of the other anons said, I would love to take fresh meat and introduce you to kinks you didn't know you had.

>> No.27202003

Alright thanks for the tips, I'll do all that!

>> No.27202008

I'd give ago, but not tonight because I've got work and shit to do in the morning, tomorrow after work, I'd love to try it out.

>> No.27202031

>This is my fetish.
This, SO much this. It's why I enjoy being double- or triple-teamed or more, and why I enjoy exhibitionism and voyeurism. I just want more people to want me, love me, and have desperate orgasms over me. What is wrong with me. I'll never be happy.

>> No.27202034


What possible good end

>> No.27202038

>introduce you to kinks you didn't know you had.
Son, I have so many kinks, its getting hard to find anything to get it up anymore.

>> No.27202047

Truly does the sun never set upon the British Orgy

>> No.27202062

>Australia-Tan gives no fucks
>China-Tan is strangely okay with this
>This is Canada-Tan's fetish
>Ireland-Tan is furious, yet aroused.
Why can't I look away?

>> No.27202070


Yep, pretty much, incredibly so.

Same as me...

>> No.27202074


Advice? I'm really excited and I want to get better.

>> No.27202084


That's where the experimentation comes in and the fun part of ERP.

>> No.27202089

Exhibitionism doesn't really get much to me because it's arousing: it seems sort of boring, actually. But I love it if the person gets to the situation by accident and tries to stay out of sight... or is walking around with little to no clothes because of some tribal/savage upbringing and simply doesn't give any fucks if she's stared at.

>> No.27202097


The transformed male would come to accept the problems of being a woman, and the friend would come to accept his body and sexuality for what it is.

>> No.27202104

Jesus Christ is that your ass in that picture?

Fuck F-List, I want your number!

>> No.27202113

I bring forth a challenge for your lewd minds:

Find a way to make Sandworms from the Monstergirl encyclopedia exist in the 40k universe.

Bonus if you can avoid mutants and/or daemons

>> No.27202116

And then they fuck.

>> No.27202119


I guess, I dunno.

>> No.27202122

You attention whores should exchange links. So the rest of us can hit on you, too..

>> No.27202124

Native fauna on a "deathworld" populated by sexy monstergirls.

>> No.27202132

Not much of a fan of F-List. I'd rather just play in a normal Pathfinder game with sex than roleplay some ultra-specific fetish as a tentadragon hermaphrodite, complete with making an avatar and finding a niche kink obscure enough to get attention.

Can we get some other options going?

>> No.27202137


Dusk (or any Feral world really) might work just as well.

>> No.27202138


>ctrl+f name just to see if someone mentions me
>every thread

>> No.27202142


Oh I actually like it the other way.

Being naked in some casual situation and there's a person watching... but I pretend to not know about it.

So I just do stuff casually, give the little peeping tom a show, pretending that I think I'm all on my own.

>> No.27202160

I love doing this. Yup yup! Virgin ERP guys are so much fun to play with.

>> No.27202165

Lets hope it remedy's my troubles.

>> No.27202172


"I must 'conquer' Shai-Hulud".

>> No.27202181

Savage Worlds is my system of choice. It's extremely simple and allows for much more freedom than any d20 system would.

I agree with you in every other count, however. Sex is much more fun with some roleplaying buildup and adventure.

>> No.27202183

>tfw still new to ERP and wanting to find a teacher

>> No.27202186

/tg/ chat admin here. There's Flist and IRC. If you want more, please start your own and advertise here. Don't sit around saying 'we need more options', do something about the lack.

>> No.27202196

Do you have more images with other parts of the face? I want to create a character that is a frankenstein of photoshops

>> No.27202207

Well, we have a channel over at Rizon, #rmgq, if you'd like to join up and maybe get something going, with or without plot.

DMs highly appreciated, but anyone goes.

>> No.27202218

Jesus, dangle a bit of virgin erp meat and you get all the D(?).

>> No.27202220

>i'm such an attention whore!
>say my name!
>no trip, no profile link
Yeah, I don't get it.

>> No.27202245

>I'll never get any attention from happy surly teachers because I'm not an ERP virgin

Oh, if only I could turn back time...

>> No.27202270

It's not hard to get. There's a difference between wanting attention and being a whore.

>> No.27202273


We're just talking.
Attention whoring is bad, I avoid it whenever possible.

>> No.27202276

Sadly that's all I have.

>> No.27202278

I want to stick my cock in them. In all of them. 0% sarcasm mode. I'm erect and quivering with precum.

>> No.27202310

> I really like attention!
>But for god's sake, don't give me any.
Hey, I'm not judging you or your methods of pleasuring yourselves. <3 I just don't understand, is all.

>> No.27202319

Well. All these delicious ERP virgins.

I have to go for a bit, but I do love ERPing with people who have never done it before.


There's my f-list if any of you want to send me a note, I can make a new character to fit what you want, I enjoy making characters.

I am here for you, cause I'm such a sub, I've turned into a dom to please others.

>> No.27202325

What sort of setting? What kind of adventures would they have?

>> No.27202328

>There's a difference between wanting attention and being a whore.
Speak for yourself. I'm definitely a whore when it comes to attention. Honesty is a turn on.

>> No.27202342

That... turned me on more than it should have.

>> No.27202354

I can't be the only one who also just wants to do some normal RP.
I really want to play some D&D or CoC as I have no one to play with IRL.

>> No.27202357


I-I just think it's rude. I can get attention in different ways, I don't want to be disruptive here

>> No.27202383

Normal RP, or semi-normal, is a good way to build it up and make the eventual ERP interesting by having more developed characters with better personalities, relationships, and experience.

>> No.27202389

Wait, are these actually political cartoons?

That just happen to always pick "bondage" as their metaphor of choice?

>> No.27202408

There are also gamefinder threads, if you're looking for no-smut. If you're looking for just some PnP with no fade-to-black, you're in the right place, though finding enough people for a game is going to be a task.

>> No.27202425

There are more of 'em, that I have.
I'll post the next one after this one.

>> No.27202436

I'm still trying to make and play a more dominant character.

Someone who's a succubus or demon, and wants to fuck people with their deepest, darkest desires. Feedback in the bottle room seemed good, with a player liking the aloof way I guided her head down to my crotch.

But I worry that "I'll fulfill your fantasies~" is still a little too subby.

>tfw you don't want to just typerape someone.

>tfw you just wanna be typeraped

I just want to make you cum, Anon. Tell me how to humiliate and fuck you and fulfill your desires without being unwelcome.


>> No.27202439

In my experience, the hardest part is to find someone to run the whole thing.

I'd be more than ready to play in such a campaign, for example, but I wouldn't be ready to DM it because I already run another game.

How much erotic content would you expect to see outside the sex itself, anyway? Like, integrated to the actual adventure? Personally I rather enjoy clothing damage, for example, the bold heroes having to run through the dungeon with less and less clothes as the traps and monsters tear them up.

>> No.27202458


Do you lurk on the IRC at all? I'd be happy to give you some tips.

>> No.27202464

>posting your erp profile in a erp recruitment thread
>rude and disruptive
I... really?

>> No.27202472

It's also a little historical... with bondage.

I'll try those threads again when they pop up again.

>> No.27202476

"I'll be everything you've ever wanted, and I'll make you beg for more" is pretty dominant. The main appeal to the succubus is that she's literally irresistible. Even if you're brutally raping her it's because she wants you to be.

>> No.27202480

If you want normal RP, then this is probably not the thread for you. Make/join a regular Gamefinder thread. And good luck! <3

>> No.27202493

This. Succubi are perfect for top-from-the-bottom types.

>> No.27202497

If you want a group fast, say the magic words: "I'll GM". Two words and you're suddenly drowning in peeps.

>> No.27202516


W-well I think that 'here's my profile, give me attention, I offer nothing in return at this point! is at least... uncalled for.

>> No.27202520

I'd be happy to, but I have tried to manage more than one game at once in the past, and it has never gone down too well.

>> No.27202527

>reletivly new to ERP
>Manages to get someone more experienced than me to compliment how good my writing is.

Apparently that's one of the little things that make me feel better about myself...

>> No.27202538

Any compliments are good, whether OOC or IC.

>> No.27202539

What you offer in return is an implicit proposal to ERP with them (and ostensibly get their rocks off) if they're interested in what you're selling.

>> No.27202540

I'll just be greedy want want both, Rp and Erp.

>> No.27202551

Yeah man, it wouldn't be too terribly hard to justify a Sandworm with a Girly Tongue in Fortykay, they already have frogs that explode like a mini-nuke when you startle them...


>> No.27202554

As if I'd post my number on 4-chan. Thanks! I was on vacation.

>> No.27202564

At least you aren't like me, and get super paranoid about your quality and think people are just being nice when they say things about your writing but that its actually shit.

>> No.27202600

>implying that the effort of making a profile and sharing it doesn't top the contribution of anyone else in the thread
I mean, by all means have your opinion. I just can't find it in myself to get offended by it, that's all. How else are people supposed to be "recruited" or even request feedback?

>> No.27202610

If you're not pulling my leg, you have an absolutely gorgeous backside.

Please don't be a trap.

>> No.27202651

Anyone else here enjoy size difference? Whether it be a small guy trying to get it on with a larger girl, or vice versa, it's one of my favourite kinks.

>> No.27202661

Oh you...

I'd rp a pirate for that booty.

>> No.27202663


Yeaaah you are probably gonna get the profile banned with pictures like that. I suggest you use something else.

Then go on Fchat and share more pics in private

>> No.27202694

Yep. I play my guy short for that very same reason.

Outercourse is best when your gal is holding you up in her arms.

>> No.27202707

>Falling for that
That girl on the profile is Rosa Acosta, google her.

>> No.27202708

>Implying you can't have RL pics on F-List

>> No.27202713

Not really. I love playing a tall, stacked girl playing with tall, fit men and other big girls like me. Although I like playing with fembois too, does that count?

>> No.27202731

And it doesn't hurt that you can eat her out without kneeling down.

A-any larger, athletic ladies out here?

>> No.27202732


The anon said they came back from vacation, that could easily me "I photographed a picture of a tanning woman on vacation".

>> No.27202733

>dat image

>> No.27202739

I LOVE being a smaller woman with a large man, it's very appealing.

Picture 100% related.

>> No.27202742

You can't, actually. If your photo is not "professional" than you can get banned.

>> No.27202759

I just wanted to point out, since other anons almost fell in love with that.

>> No.27202761


...Would you like to be my kitten? I'll throw in a collar absolutely free if you're a good girl...

>> No.27202784

I'm 5'8",does that count? But I'm more 'curvy' than "athletic'. Would that be an issue?

>> No.27202793


ERP games are garbage and the people who play them are weird-ass Do You Catan That Guys. /tg/ used to know this, used to have some fucking self respect.

>> No.27202796

Just look at his other stuff.
http://badspot.us/ for his cheesecake.

>> No.27202808

My character is like four feet. Probably not an issue

>> No.27202815

I don't know... I've seen a lot more explicit images browsing profiles. Plus, I've had a thing for nice butts since I was a little girl.

>> No.27202817


That's sweet.

>> No.27202827



>> No.27202828

I like being dominated by a shota.
Or a really large guy.

>> No.27202850

Are...are there actually people that really do want to mentor a newbie?

>> No.27202853

I prefer being the dominated shota.

Or the shota that only dominates, all shy and sweet, because she tells him to.

>> No.27202859

I don't get it.

>> No.27202865

Haha nice try! She looks nothing like me. But I appreciate the comparison.

>> No.27202880

>Voluptuous older woman who wants to be dominated by a shota

>> No.27202881

Every time I post it.
Just look up the word.
I'll give you a hint, she used those fingers.

>> No.27202893

Ah, alright.

I would think she'd have been thrown out of the bar for that.

>> No.27202900

Is it that hard to google a word you don't know?

>> No.27202901

Google is your friend

>> No.27202905

I'm not really into petplay stuff, sorry. Being collared and such doesn't really interest me.

>> No.27202909 [DELETED] 

Speaking of ahegao, I now sleep exlusively in pic related. Not surprisingly, I get a lot more nighttime surprise sex these days.

>> No.27202925


Yes, there are that kind of people around.

You seem surprised that someone might feel something else than either apathy or antipathy for strangers.

>> No.27202953

Nice try to you, the pic in your profile is around in every site about Acosta.

>> No.27202955

Speaking of ahegao, I now sleep exlusively in pic related. Not surprisingly, I get a lot more nighttime surprise sex these days.

>> No.27202957


Fair enough. Usually when people post up catgirls, they're after that sort of thing, so I just guessed. Have a pat on the head anyways though.

>> No.27202966

No...I'm just...sort of interested in finding someone to mentor/teach me how to do things, since I'm pretty new. I didn't know that people were that interested in doing that. I sort of figured that people would dislike new people, honestly.

>> No.27203003

Is there a tag for this on rule34?

I don't ERP but I need to fap and this would do nicely

>> No.27203005

I'd be down for it, depending on what sort of a character you were thinking of.

Some additional roleplaying and character development is also a bonus.

>> No.27203023

The best I can do is to give you the artist's nick: hattonslayden

>> No.27203034

Do you use IRC or something so we'd be able to talk in private? I don't want to offend people by talking about things in here.

>> No.27203056

Sure. I'm on Rizon, under the nick of Xaan.

>> No.27203089

C-can I be your little kitty?

>> No.27203111

My sleeping rape fetish just got a lot more interesting.

>> No.27203143


Sure, just give me a means to contact you.

I'm mostly a cuddledom, hope that's okay

>> No.27203153


Did I do good, F├╝hrer?

>> No.27203158



I thought I came up with this term, looks like it's popular... dangit.

>> No.27203163

Nope. Just the F-Chat. What's the IRC? Is it on Rizon?

Well, the thing is I don't wanna just SAY "i'm literally irresistible".

I also don't want to just see partners in the channel and go "WANNA GET RAPED?"

Hrm, when you put it that way...

Top-from-the-bottom is my middle name. Roll call is awkward. I also try not to get pulled over, although I don't get many tickets...

>tfw all my characters are 5'4, except the shapeshifting True Fae.
They're all boys though.

>> No.27203248

Oh I'm into the headpats at least~

>> No.27203258

Does it count as rape when you're doing it on purpose?

Or did you mean "surprise sex" literally?

>> No.27203278

What about scratching behind your ears? Stroking your tail? Petting~?

>> No.27203329

I had a fun RP with a big ol' knight lady as a princessly nobleman. It was fun being all tsundere about it, and then giving in and finally begging her to become your bodyguard instead of selling you for ransom.

Teach me to cuddledom as a shapeshifting kitsune that's actually a True Fae :I


>> No.27203356

ic? it's still pseudo-rape. oc? literal surprise sex.

>> No.27203437

Honestly? I got my gf one of those. It's the only way I can finish by face-fucking anymore. ...Where did I go wrong?

>> No.27203440

Had a girlfriend once who wanted me to fuck her in her sleep. She didn't think it was rapey at all, for some reason. I was significantly more uncomfortable about it.

>> No.27203479

Maybe I'm just messed up, but how is that at all rapey?More importantly, tell us the story. How did she let you know that was what she wanted? I want to tell my bf but am extremely nbuttflustered trying to think of a way to do it.

>> No.27203481



Some of us are.

>> No.27203483

If you do all that I might have to climb into your lap.

>> No.27203550

I think I would enjoy that very much.


>> No.27203554


>> No.27203596


Just tell him you want him to fuck you silly, he'll love it I bet.

>> No.27203653 [DELETED] 

No see thing is, we already do it. But I want him to do it when he comes home and I'm asleep. So can pretend to not wake up. That way, after I come he can just go play video games or eat or whatever he wants, guilt free.

>> No.27203688

No see thing is, we already do it. But I want him to do it when he comes home and I'm asleep. So I can pretend to not wake up. That way, after I come he can just go play video games or eat or whatever he wants, guilt free - and I can bliss out and go to sleep.

>> No.27203742

Tell him that, then.

>> No.27203765

You don't understand women.

>> No.27203783

And you don't understand men.

>> No.27203816

Pretty much this. Man up.

>> No.27203825


>> No.27203856



>> No.27203868


Cuddledom is basically aggressive cuddling. You want to put on a motherly/fatherly aura and gently prod your subject into doing what you'd like. That's not to say you don't use force or other such things, but generally they end up doing what you ask because you make them feel safe and comfortable.

>> No.27203884

this thread is pretty homosexual, you guys.

>> No.27203904

And I don't understand anyone.

>> No.27203908


>> No.27203916

Welcome aboard, big guy. What're you looking for?

>> No.27203922

Well, I'm still looking for an assertive larger woman to carry my little shota to bed. That's not gay at all.

>> No.27203951

What does understanding men have to do with my fetish? Consider that maybe she doesn't just want to tell her bf to fuck her while she sleeps. Maybe it ruins the turn on for her. You ever think of that? Nothing her man wants or doesn't want is going to change what she needs.

Again, you don't understand women.

>> No.27203973

Okay. I need to calm down and get laid.

>> No.27203979


>you don't understand women

Nah, this has nothing to do with it. Stop being uppity.

>> No.27204000

She wants to get fucked in her sleep.
Her BF doesn't know this.
There is a rather obvious solution for this problem.

As an alternative, sleep with your pants pulled down or something thats tempting. Tease him all day until he can't think about something other than fucking you, and then sleep in a way that basically screams at him "Its right here, take it"

>> No.27204008

Calm down, you white-knight cunt.

>> No.27204014

Too busy being playing a shinigami to a different shota in bed to help you out, alas.

...That is what /ss/ stands for, right? Shinigami and shota?

>> No.27204031

Straight Shota, actually, so a shinigami is not required. But it could be.

>> No.27204067

>As an alternative, sleep with your pants pulled down or something thats tempting. Tease him all day until he can't think about something other than fucking you, and then sleep in a way that basically screams at him "Its right here, take it"
See, this is actually constructive. Telling her "just ask" is not. Sure, she's being a bit of a coward, but I can easily see that solution not working for everyone.

>> No.27204107

What's the name for the kink where nothing turns you on more than the sight of an abandoned fuck-orifice. Just plastered with cum and left in disarray.

>> No.27204124


Oh my sides.

>> No.27204139

Well, in order to really give advice we'd need to know more about the guy.
If he'd be really nervous about doing something like that, then she needs to drop hints somehow. Maybe leave porn of the topic open on a computer they share, when its signed in under her name. Or the teasing him until he can't think of anything other than fucking her, and going to sleep with a slutty pair of underwear/other clothes on.

>> No.27204151

yeah, like pics of mostly clothed girls with their pants pulled down just to their thighs, stunned, laying on their side with cum oozing out of them, still in the "getting fucked" position.

>> No.27204179

Maybe it's just me, but I think the main issue here is that most half-decent guys would just be very hesitant to sleep with her without explicit consent. Which is why I vote on her actually asking him to do so.

>> No.27204196

Pretty much. Nobody in his right mind would do something like this. Just fucking ask. Don't be a creeper.

>> No.27204201

This has a high chance of not working. Because there is a good chance a guy might see all this and not get the idea that you want him to fuck you while you're sleeping. He might WANT TO, but he won't act on those urges because he might feel like he's violating you.

Sometimes, just telling them you might need to just say it, you might just need to find a way to be sexy about it. Worked in my relationship

>> No.27204272

Well, yeah. Thats sort of what I think is gonna be an issue, which is why I originally said "Just tell him, fuck."

But that apparently isn't an option.
So she'll need to drop hints.

Just as a general note, if I was someones boyfriend and I found out that instead of her just asking me she decided to go through a roundabout sneaky way to do this, I'd be a little irritated. Seriously, just tell him. I doubt that he'd have an issue with it if he explicitly knows

>> No.27204390

>kind of want to ERP
>worried that I'd become too attached with anyone I tried it with

>> No.27204410

That's how it always goes with first times. It helps that mine turned out to be kind of an asshole, so there was not much danger of becoming attached.

If it helps, I can pop your cherry and then be an incredible douche about it too.

>> No.27204425

Do a lot of one-shots with multiple partners. Don't start off with a single partner and do an extended scenario with them. It's perilous.

>> No.27204428

It'll be fine. As long as you're aware that you need to distance yourself a little, or find someone that actually doesn't mind that, you'll be fine.

>> No.27204438

>>27200764 here
I'm online if anyone here is interested.

>> No.27204454

Just like most first times in real life.

>> No.27204473

I'm right here http://www.f-list.net/c/claria

I'm looking for someone to do my first time with but I'm kinda shy about these sort of things. My profile isn't finished yet though...

>> No.27204498

That doesn't sound very fun...

>> No.27204511

I-it'd be for your own good, okay? I'm sure they don't really want to hurt you like that!

>> No.27204527

It'll be fine. Just wait for someone like Shirley or Mami to show up, and message them. There are nice people around here that don't seem to mind a little bit of friendliness.

>> No.27204528

Well, maybe the opposite happens and I end up attached too?

>> No.27204534

I'd be that girl

>> No.27204541


So I'm sort of...liking Touhous a little. What's the deal with the jewel in her chest?

>> No.27204552

Sorry, honey, not in the mood for girls tonight~. But I'll look you up later, okay?

>> No.27204563

O-okay... Should I bookmark your page then?

>> No.27204566


I think you can message Shirley anytime, even now - but Mami messages people, not the other way around.

>> No.27204569

Up for guys?

>> No.27204585

Already bookmarked you, hon. I think you've got potential.
I think that's kind of implied by 'not in the mood for girls' and looking for play, darling~

>> No.27204594

It's not a jewel. It's an eye.

>> No.27204597

Seems like that, yeah. Both of them are really nice, though.

>> No.27204622

A fancy looking eye.

>> No.27204628

That'd be neat, because I am bored too.

Look up #rmgq on IRC, or connect me directly through my nick, Xaan.

>> No.27204643


Oh. I dunno, I just like them girls.


I ESPECIALLY like it when they do this.

>> No.27204649

One of these days I'll have some spare time and not already be occupied with another scenario. I'll have to get a hold of you then. You seem...interesting. And fun.

>> No.27204661


Never talked to either, but if they're friendly then sure, go for it.

>> No.27204677

Sorry, darling, F-list only, since mIRC is busy being a gold digger and IceChat doesn't seem to do Rizon. It's a pity, but unless I'm missing something, doesn't seem like IRC is in the cards.

>> No.27204681

B-but if they don't mean to, but still do?

Wow, I really have some issues, don't I?

>> No.27204697

Aww. Something like that always happens.

>> No.27204700

Then you fling yourself into another empty relationship desperately seeking whatever gratification you can get out of it, hon.

>> No.27204704

Do this?

>> No.27204712

I don't honestly remember how she brought up the fact that she wanted me to fuck her in her sleep. I think she got really fixated on the fact that I could give her orgasms and wanted me to start doing it in her sleep as well. She was really submissive and had a very big fetish for me having my way with her (and her loving it), but if I remember correctly she mostly described it as finding the idea of being woken up by an orgasm with my dick inside her as really pleasant.

>> No.27204719


Always like some muscle on my girls, Yuugi in particular being the best.

>> No.27204729

my kind of girl

>> No.27204747



>> No.27204753

She viewed it a lot less as "he's using my body with me being able to consent" (which was my main issue with it) and a lot more "he's giving me a pleasant surprise".

Didn't help that I'm one of those guys whose biggest fetish is the girl being really into what I'm doing, which she couldn't really do whilst unconscious.

>> No.27204757


Seriously, just talk to someone nice.

Guy's right.

>> No.27204760

What the fuck? If you're her man, go for it. I don't understand what the problem with you boys is.

>> No.27204766

Not him, but what're you talking about? IceChat does Rizon just fine.

>> No.27204769

My Oni.

>> No.27204780

>just find a way
Best advice ever. Moron.

>> No.27204787


Yuugi's my favorite. Got to do a game where she got pregnant once.

>> No.27204798

>implying most women don't do shit to irritate their men on purpose all the time
It's just part of the game, man. Step up.

>> No.27204804

Sorry, I'm a total IRC newb >_>, so I don't really know how to work it. I don't see it in the servers list.

>> No.27204810

All the sudden, my lack of gf is starting to make a whole lot more sense.

>> No.27204819

As far as my advice goes, I'd suggest telling him what you put in the spoiler >>27203688 there. Not only tell him that you want it, but tell him WHY you want him to do it, in a way that sounds appealing to both of you. The fact that you're outright intending to be awake for most of it and enjoying everything would likely help a lot.

>> No.27204830

You can usually add it manually. Type down irc.rizon.net to the address line, and 6667 as the port, and it should work fine.

>> No.27204833

Have you seen the Sparrow images?

>> No.27204858

Alright, you with me? You with me.

Click on "Add New" on the server list, and then you'll see a prompt for the server name. Paste this in it: irc.rizon.net .

Then take a screenshot and post it here so I can hold your hand while we do the rest.

>> No.27204859


I have. My RP was a thousand times better.

>> No.27204901

Got it, thanks.

>> No.27204905


Right, time for sleep.
Goodnight all and happy story times.

>> No.27204921

Despite the popular image of all males being crypto-rapists, most civilized men are quite sensitive towards perceptions (let alone potential accusations) of rape. Unless you give rather explicit instructions regarding what it is you want and how you want them to go about it, many - most - will not take that chance.

Unless you're hanging out with a bunch of drunken fratboys, in which case they really don't know any better. They tend to learn with time, so you've got to get them before they start growing out of that "drunken, pandering haze" stage.

>> No.27204936

>Cherry picking a tiny bit of the sentence.
You want me to feed you lines of how to get your boyfriend to put your dick in you while you're sleeping? Fuck you, I don't know the fucker and I don't know what kind of phrasing will work on him.

The main point is you need to tell him sexily. Quit getting butthurt because the internet doesn't hand you the exact answer.

>> No.27204939

I'm providing delicious giantess head on Mabinogi, Alexina, CH7, IGN: Lhassa

>> No.27205003


Way to be a woman.

>> No.27205066

>Despite the popular image of all males being crypto-rapists, most civilized men are quite sensitive towards perceptions (let alone potential accusations) of rape. Unless you give rather explicit instructions regarding what it is you want and how you want them to go about it, many - most - will not take that chance.
This. If you actually want him to do this, you're going to have to break him of the notion that it could reasonably be construed as raping you.

Which, considering I'm pretty sure fucking a woman in her sleep legally IS rape, might be hard to do. Sure, you're not going to charge him with anything, but he's still going to have to live with the fact that what he's doing is rape by some definitions.

Most men hate rapists even more than women do, and would sooner kill one than be one.

>> No.27205131

Pretty much this.

>> No.27205161

There's also the fact that in a number of jurisdictions, women can retroactively decide that something was rape, and that will actually fly in the courts. Again, not saying you're going to do that, but he's pretty much putting the rest of his life on the line if he does this and he's unlucky enough to live in one of those jurisdictions.

>> No.27205176


What she fails to understand is that, even if for her it's just fun and a kink, it will be a completely real experience for him.
She'll get off and be happy, he's gonna live with the fact that he raped someone.

Shit's not a game.

>> No.27205183

Correct. I've had a few experiences with (real life) rape roleplay where the guy couldn't go through with it. As one of them described it as "stepping into the skin of something evil."

>> No.27205201

>Which, considering I'm pretty sure fucking a woman in her sleep legally IS rape, might be hard to do.

Confirming that this is the case in Canada. A few years back, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that unless both parties are capable of giving full consent *at the time or immediately prior to sexual activity is initiated*, it can be ruled rape in the eyes of the law. So even if you tell a man "I want you to fuck me while I'm asleep", he could be considered a rapist in court should he actually do that several hours later. If I remember the exact case that produced this ruling, the woman gave her male partner an invitation to fuck her while she was asleep, and he ended up taking...considerable liberties...with her permission. She did not enjoy these liberties taken, and it ended up before the Supreme Court of Canada. Seeing as rape can ruin men's lives as well as women's...yeah, you've got some pretty powerful instincts to override there.

Be clear and thorough in your requests, and dress it up as much as you can in terms of it being something that you really want to do for your own enjoyment. Otherwise you're basically trying to lure a man into being a rapist and that's all kinds of objectionable.

>> No.27205219

>expecting a woman to understand

>> No.27205235

It's nice to be appreciated

>> No.27205237

Well, if no one else is up for anything interesting with a small shy lizardfolk, I think I'm heading to bed. Alone. And sad.

>> No.27205270

Well there you go. If you/your boyfriend is Canadian, it doesn't matter whether you wanted it before going to sleep, once you can't actually give consent as he's sticking it in, he's raped you.

>> No.27205319

I'm not even sure if you can write up a waiver for shit like that, plus I'm pretty sure contractual agreements and formal voiding of legal responsibilities is not exactly the most stimulating kind of pillow-speak.

Hey baby, wanna sign my paperwork? Just put your signature right...down...there. Uhn, yeah, just like that.

>> No.27205339


>>27203440 here, I'm Canadian myself and now I'm REALLY glad I never did it. Looks like my instincts were right.

>> No.27205357

>implying I do not get sexually stimulated by legal documents.
Long story short, I was disbarred pretty fast.

>> No.27205402

Some people don't really get the rape connotation to it.

I didn't until my boyfriend explained to me why he was uncomfortable with it

>> No.27205427

It's very simple. If you can't tell him "no" (or some safeword/gesture that means "no"), then it's a no-go.

>> No.27205437

The ruling was only made in 2011 or 2012, but yeah, if you'd gone ahead with it you basically would have been setting yourself up for an amazing Sword of Damocles that she would have been able to drop on your head at any point in the future.

No matter how hot your partner may find it, that puts you in a really, REALLY, dangerous and potentially-life-destroying situation.

>> No.27205477

She also turned out to be fucking crazy, so... yeah. Dodged me one hell of a bullet, there.

Not sure if she was "false rape accusation" crazy, but I honestly couldn't tell you for sure that she wasn't.

>> No.27205493

So heat seems to come up fairly often as a reasonably common kink, but what about the rut as a male equivalent?

>> No.27205513

Yup, I get that now.

We worked out a compromise eventually, though. Basically, if a certain condition was true, it meant I was good to go.

>> No.27205562

Less well known, and less common but very fun.

Especially when you have rutting males competing against each other. God damn it's sexy to be fought over like a prize

>> No.27205594

Or when they are competing to see who gets to top.

>> No.27205661

>Feeling lewd
>No one to lewd with

>> No.27205673

Got an F-list?

>> No.27205680

>someone calls off and ERP with you


>> No.27205702

I think that's generally included too.

>> No.27206149

A whole pack of big, strong, rutting minotaurs or something competing over who gets to breed with the single female of the tribe. This involves either beating them unconscious, or forcibly getting them off so that they would no longer be in the mood and out of the game long enough for someone else to get to her first.

A bunch of younger males gang up on the alpha to get the early favourite out of the game, pin him down and jack him off.

The single female masturbates throughout the entire contest and can't wait for the winner to mount her.

>> No.27206438

You silly anon, minotaurs don't have females.

It's clearly an abducted human, terrified of the prospect at first but slowly becoming more accepting when she sees just how hot and bothered all those big bulls are getting over her. And how well-endowed they are...

>> No.27206650

Why is always minotaurs? There are other creatures the rut besides them.

I mean, don't you think having a bunch of bucks fighting over you with their large... antlers on full display sound fun?

>> No.27206682

Well, minotaurs are just the first thing that comes to mind. Bucks are cool too, or maybe wolves, or anything really.

>> No.27206720

Giant antlers, bashing against eachother, gentle loving Moose Men?

>> No.27206753

>multiple new notes
>3 of them were basically "hey bby u wan sum fuk?"
>observe profiles cause I give everyone a chance
>"I'm just here for sex"

10/10 profile.

>> No.27206774

You should reward that honesty, Anon.

>> No.27206790

But we wouldn't even know what they're into!

>> No.27206836

Wolves don't rut, but yeah, I guess.

>> No.27206843

That's awful, yet hilarious.

>> No.27206848


Anyone want to do something later tonight? I've never ERP'd before so I think it'd probably be good to get some experience before I do any sort of long campaign with it.

>> No.27206860

Oops, didn't mean to quote.

>> No.27207008

>4 people have bookmarked me

O-oh geez...

>> No.27207016

You might get on well with my girlfriend. Most of my tendencies are in your maybe column, though.
I'm always up for a 'turn-you-into-a-succubus sort of game though, if it appeals at all

>> No.27207021

Sex. Which is to say, whatever kind of sex you decide to give them. Let your imagination run riot.

>> No.27207115

Depends on which tendencies they are...

>> No.27207125

>if I was someones boyfriend and I found out that instead of her just asking me she decided to go through a roundabout sneaky way to do this, I'd be a little irritated.
Sounds like what you need to do is date a guy.

>> No.27207155

you fuckers are weird

>> No.27207171



>> No.27207194

Eat shit.

>> No.27207202

Jumping out at me at a glance, I'd say vampires (by extension biting), transformation, corruption are the main ones.
I really need to get around to making a profile on f-list if I'm going to keep perusing these threads. Fair warning, I'm a little bit out of practice, it's been a while.

>> No.27207241

is not me, by the way. Just to clarify that.

Not really into guys.

>> No.27207270

how do i click on your link, it doesn;t open

>> No.27207327


My first character. Posted this a few days ago. Wanted to get some other opinions.

>> No.27207344


Image swap pls.

>> No.27207390

I bet someone on /k/ is pretty confused right now.

>> No.27207450

>I'm not even sure if you can write up a waiver for shit like that
You obviously can't, because only consent during or immediately prior to the sex counts, according to the court case.

Verbal or written agreement beforehand doesn't count.

>> No.27207555

Why so angry anon?

>is not me, by the way.
So why on earth was anon so angry?!

>Not really into guys.
It was a joke. Girls have to put up with a lot less of that "read my mind" game.

>> No.27207607

>Scared to try because even the tiniest stupid wrong detail can ruin everything for me

>> No.27207721

It happens. Don't worry.

>> No.27207743

I just had the craziest RP with a male anthropomorphic german shepherd. I fucked him like a girl and made him moan like a bitch. In the end, I think I may have came a whopping gallon. What does this mean for me /tg/?

>> No.27207760

You're the man now dog!

>> No.27207784


>> No.27207791


>> No.27207800

You glorious bastard.

Well, uh, if you got off to it...I don't even know, man. Just...does it even matter? Keep it all in the text medium and everything's kosher.

Meanwhile, while you're fucking German shepherds, I'm pretending I know how to lead a waltz. THE MANY FACES OF ERP, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.

>> No.27207808

You can now catch the fly, young one

>> No.27207814

He was an anthropomorphic german shepherd. That has to count for something, right?

>> No.27207867


Sure, anon. Whatever makes you feel better.

>> No.27207906

I don't want to be a dog fucker, anon.

>> No.27207909

Not...particularly. But you know what? I'm not going to judge what gets a soul off so long as it's between fully-consenting parties taking responsible safety precautions in appropriate settings and mediums. So if you wanna throat-fuck that knot, all the more power to you.

>> No.27207937

>insisting being anthro implies being into full-on bestiality
>anno domini MMXIII
Shigerus Maximus would like a word with you, profligate.

>> No.27207968

It means what you want it to mean. The Furry Fandom is full of many terrible excesses, I say this as a person who got their ERP start doing furry stuff and I've participated in far more deviant shit than a simple domination scene.

Just keep it to yourself and you'll be fine. Furries are cool people on an individual basis but shit gets wierd when you try to drag that stuff out into public.

and I'm controlling a gang of roving catboys who are conditioning a cowgirl to be a milk slut in one RP while in another I'm getting mollested by a Hydrogel Android that has become a diving rig.

Truly we live in an age of wonders.

>> No.27208023

Anyone want to do something? Just looking for a one shot I guess... I'm still new to this though.

>> No.27208085

I don't think I'll be doing that anytime soon. I'm just not used to anthro being a turn on.

>> No.27208088

Anonkun can be a less intimidating alternative.

>> No.27208376


To me anthro isn't a turn on, but I find the men are reliably less flaky than the human men.

This does not count for the females, however.

>> No.27208432

And you may not find any other sort of anthro to be a turn on. Though, if you do...

>> No.27208703

Just remember, everyone! When no one messages your profile, change it to match the most popular ones! Completely suppress your natural sexuality in favour of what's hot in your niche. Then, you too can become jaded and unfulfilled, and complain how everyone you find is unoriginal and a carbon copy of the status quo!

>> No.27208712


I would be down to have some fun, if you wanted to try ERPing with a fairy.


>> No.27208813

It's my first time ERPing, I'm not quite sure how this would work, I'm kinda afraid I'd mess it up somehow.

>> No.27208815


I shall keep that in mind.

>> No.27208830

Check your notes, honey.

>> No.27208888

Dump your waifu


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