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>According to the study’s co-author, Sutton, who now is employed at the University of Bristol, unlike gears in machines that humans design, the one on the hind legs of the planthoppers “are evolved,” and they represent “high speed and precision machinery evolved for synchronization in the animal world.”

Let's cross-breed it with a pistol shrimp

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Not impressed when this fucker is so common in nature.

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Gatling shrimp.

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Wtf is that?

Those things inside a mitochondria?


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>mfw mechanical life
Phyrexia soon, fellow anons.

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ATPase basically make ATP. pretty cool shit. got soooo distracted when i first saw them

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You think that's Phyrexian? What about the scientists that found a chemical process that turns living cells into indestructible silicate copies?


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>Krebs cycle

36 ATP in't worth that shit.

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>headline about zombie cells
>not actually about zombies or zombie-like things in any way

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That would be a lot more interesting if it wasn't limited to single cells.

Wake me up when those guys invent delicious porcelain waifu.

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Welcome to modern media. Nobody would click on a story about a glorious scientific discovery if they described it correctly in the headline, but mention zombies and you've instantly got a million page views.

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Harder than it sounds friendo.

Damn right bruva

Im hear, and Im queer, and Im drunk, get used to it!

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Are Psi powers even possible?

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How hard can it be? Some asian geneticists crossed cats with jellyfish to make glowing kittens, and those species aren't related to each other at all.

Surely crossing one arthropod with another would be easy for a mad scientist.

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I imagine that through the power of 3D printers, in a decade or two, we will be capable of creating organic constructs that in some ways are more efficient than metal machines.

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They took a pigment expressing gene from the jellyfish and put it in the cat fetus. A pigment's a pretty simple structure to create, especially compared to limbs.

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>and those species aren't related to each other at all

What is universal genetic code?

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I don't have much knowledge about this game, but what reading would you recommend me to know more about tyranids? (plz dont say google or wikipedia)

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No, manipulation of objects at a distance requires too much energy. On the flipside; yes, you already to it with your arms.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. THEY DIDNT "CROSS" THEM. They spliced them, get your terms straight. They spliced in one gene. Getting a whole protein system to work outside of its native surroundings can be...problematic. So how hard could it be; very, very.

1. You wouldn't 3D print organic constructs, its easier to engineer them from embryo's so they are self replicating. The amout of technical fidelity and knowhow to print an functional organic construct (not just an ear like we do now) is so great that if you could do it, you'd STILL be better off taking the embryonic rout. I went over this in the last thread.
2. Organic constructs are already more efficient than machines, just on a longer timescale; we are self correcting, function in a wider range of environments, self repairing, self fueling, and self replicating. The flesh is strong, the metal is weak. I ALSO went over this in the last thread.

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try /tg/ there's loads on info about them on there

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1d4 chan

finally someone with a highschool education!

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How easy would it be to have our fingers be more claw like?
how about cat like eyes/eye color

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Thank you

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Is it possible to make telomerase work right in somatic cells? Or should I try necromancy?

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Are you saying phyrexia is a possibility?

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1.Clawlike fingers? You'll have to be more specific. Id have to say "nearly impossible tho, mainly because it would be really hard to hijack JUST THE FINGERS into forming an exoskeleton.
2.Cat like eyes, difficult, could be done, but you'd also have to make sure your alterations extended to the brain. Basically, imagine someone made a domino thingy the size of a football field, and then told you to replace ONE SPECIFIC DOMINO IN THE MIDDLE WITHOUT MAKING ANY OTHERS FALL DOWN.
3. Eye color is piss easy. Like, you dont even know. Do you have a baby on the way? Bring them by my fucking house and I promise that I could change their eyecolor in 20 minutes with only a 10% chance of miscarriage!

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Telomerase is localized for a reason; you get millions of little cancers every year that wear out their telomeres before they become a big ol killy cancer. Do some cancers mutate to find ways around this? Sure. Does the restricted and localized nature of telomerase function keep you from cancerdeath by the age of 4. Totally.

So yeah, necromancy.

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Is it possible to create eye colors not in the normal human range of eye colors?

Like purple, yellow, or red eyes?

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Why the fuck hasnt cancer been cured yet

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where did i say that, and what do you mean? If you're talking about having biomechanical machines do all our work for us, I say to you: what are horses? Also look up "complete myostatin inhibition". Do that shit to a Clydesdale and it turns into a dump truck.

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I realize now I read "Organic Constructs" and the weird part of my mind went "Delicious Ellish Norn is possible?!" Way too fast, sorry about that.

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>All three of those eye colors already occur in humans with a very low order probability.

Oh my grosh. Because cancer is an inherent flaw in our system. Basically, normally cells just multiply and consume like all life. Multicelular organisms function under a DNA enforced social contract which prevents its own cells from competing with eachother. Cancer is when you get a random mutation (which will always occur eventually) that deactivates or destroys one of these control genes (called onco or protoonco genes) and causes a single cell to essentially start acting independently and competing with your body. You CANNOT "cure cancer", you can only fix genes which make it more prevalent, and keep an eye out for it.

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>complete myostatin inhibition
Holy shit. How does that affect anything other than skeletal muscle? Does your heart esplode?

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I mean, thats possible too, just take out the pigmentation of the skin (ALL OF IT) and then get yourself some porcelain plates. Done. ELESH NORN WAIFU. NEXT!

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are meat plants possible

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no. Skeletal muscle is unaffected because its a DIFFERENT KIND OF MUSCLE. NEXT!

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Yes, we already did it with that "lab grown steak". NEXT!

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How do I into genetics without university courses? I've read stuff like The Naked Ape, but is there any sort of book I can get into with only some cursory google searches, or am I fucked unless I get a Master's?

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Welp, I'm happy again.

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Always wondered this, at what size is it unfeasible to modify an animal to fly, for example giving it wings and hollow bones?

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If all rules over genetics were lifted how fucked would we be?

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Seeing as some companies have invented flexible ceramic materials, you could definitely make white phyrexians without risk of cracking plates or inhibited movement.

And your waifu's porcelain tits would still be pleasant to touch instead of hard and stabby.

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And now I'm even happier.

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Um, wow, thats a strange question. I suppose its possible to get anything to fly with the right modification, but it would be really really hard. Why do you ask?

Not fucked at all. There are already easy ways to grow cloned organs that would make everyone's lives about 50 years longer, not to mention happier and healthier. We'd live in a hedonistic genetically perfected dreamland, and Id get paid more than $80k per year to do my job!

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I don't wanna splice and shit. I just want to know what's going on; sort of a rough primer on various enzymes, gene expressions, etc. Like if someone wanted to into Roman history, I'd tell them to hit up Scullard.

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How long until some individuals see modification as the "next step", and eventually wage war upon those unwilling to change their human form?

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How many years until SPESS MARHEEN super soldiers are a thing

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As an aspiring tyrant, I'd like to know how much would it cost to engineer a 100% lethal, wildly contagious super ebola-AIDS? And the cure for it?

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> We'd live in a hedonistic genetically perfected dreamland
Some people would

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Go to the university bookstore, buy a 300 level genetics text, if you're feeling spicy and REALLY know your highschool level shit, then try a 4 or 500 level text. Read. Then, go on pubmed and search for a term thats interesting. Using your search results pick out an article that interests you. Read it through, stopping every time you dont understand something to look it up (which, I promise you, will be every sentence for the first 20 or so articles). Thats the way I was taught. Thats the way my teachers learned it. Thats the way everyone learns it. That said, you'll always be about 6 months behind the curve, if you want to be current you got to be in the industry.

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Again, look up "complete myostatin inhibition". Fun fact: I did some work for the Dept of Defense I cant talk about. I have nearly expert level knowledge of biofuels engineering, arthropod neural nets, thai cooking, and myostatin pathways. You do the math son.

Everyone could afford to. Unlike other technologies, once you've got a genetics trick down pat its self replicating and essentially free to the masses. The only reason it costs money is because of the legal fees required to get a GMO to market, and human greed. Id do modifications for free. I already trade hormone injections for sexual favors.

You dont need to go that far. Just drop a vial of botox into the watersupply and watch the magic!

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Assad pls go.

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Genuinely considering doing this. Gonna try and finish up my Latin course first, though.

Another question: how long until we can do a full gene-scan or whatever on an unborn babby and cure Down's/allergies/manlets?

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>Just drop a vial of botox into the watersupply and watch the magic!
All dat botulism...

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>Tranhuman fags thinking everything will be available for everyone.
Just like drinking water, sanitation and healthcare in the modern world amirite!
Oh wait..

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We can already do that, its called PGD, and fucking everyone should do it, but nobody does...


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Nigga if you can't afford water and sewer you should stop working at McDonald's or move to a non-shit country.

Health care I'll give you, but it ain't gonna change in Murka anytime soon.

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see the second point here

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Would a silicon based life form be able to reach larger-than-blue-whale sizes in our current atmospheric environment? Is there anything inherent in silicon rather than carbon that would make an organism sturdier against conventional (ballistic, kinetic) attack?

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Seeing as those are widely available in the developed world, and I live in the developed world, I really don't care.

It's not like anything of value is lost by not giving transhuman tech to the starving masses in Africa and India.

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>Missing the point by a thousand miles.
I guess that's why you're a useless transhuman fag.

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>your waifu's porcelain tits would still be pleasant to touch instead of hard and stabby.

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No, not at all. Silicon is less stable than carbon so it would actually make them WORSE at everything. There is no benefit to using silicon instead of carbon.

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I considered it from a physics perspective today ,looking at fixed wing flight, found out a person around 80 kilos would need wings about 9 feet wide at travelling speed (60mph), and roughly 20 feet to pull out of a dive.
Just wanted your take, don't really have a reason.

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This thread is too good to miss. Bumping with sci fi.

>scientist run amok with no institutional restrictions holding him back

It's like I'm really reading Mary Shelley (seriously where did Victor get the money for his goddamn lab equipment? Promethean players, explain me a thing.)

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Greed is a big point. Not every advanced geneticist will be willing to do pro bono work from the back door of their facility. Most, I assume, will work for businesses that greatly enjoy monetary gain.

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>Not wanting a waifu with a cold hard exterior and a soft warm interior.
You disgust me

I mean, physics is really the only perspective to take in this kind of situation. You can always try to make an organism lighter or giving a wider wingspan, but at the end of the day its the laws of physics that will keep it in the air or not.

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You made the first god damn chapter of the astartes, didn't you? You made primearchs geneseeds, DIDN'T YOU?! Please say yes to all the above.

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>mfw Del Toro lied to me

Going on with Big Things, though, are Seismosaurus-level organisms even possible in a non-oxygen-super-rich atmosphere? I feel like I've been noticing bigger bugs lately, would an increase in nitrogen enable invertebrates to reach larger sizes or am I full retard and hallucinating?

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hes not allowed to say yes or no

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I know that but by the emprah I wish he would.

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Would it be possible to selectively breed for more promiscuous females in a gene pool? Does this happen naturally? My crazy buddy is always going on about how girls are more promiscuous these days and it's biology, and I want to prove him wrong.

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A lot of genetics work goes on in universities which are big on pro-bono projects. Hell, growing organs would be so cheap I wouldnt be surprised if the government subsidized cheap organs just to keep people happy.

Honestly, once the monetary gap extends to greatly increased lifespan, I think people will get buttmad.

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Eugenics mother fucker

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>Id do modifications for free. I already trade hormone injections for sexual favors.

You know, I think you might actually be my new role model regarding scientific practice

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If anything, it'd probably be epigenetics.

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Nope, O2 is what defines the max size of arthropods. Has since the fucking cambrian explosion.

Yes. No. The reason girls are more promiscuous is because of more and more efficient birth control. Im not even a sociologist and I know that. Has your friend never heard the term "sexual revolution"?

>> No.27199227

>My crazy buddy is always going on about how girls are more promiscuous these days and it's biology
Your buddy is ignoring that most promiscuous girls use contraception or abort when they get pregnant, and that most of the largest families are the result of monogamous relationships.

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Is it just me or recent generations are getting bigger?
like taller and stronger and shit

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>Impying eugenics is workable without 20+ generations of data to work with

Eugenics is fucking impractical for any actually impressive results, the best you could do would be to bring out a recessive trait or two.

It's a lot of fun to pretend some races are just "better" than others, though, isn't it?

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So, what sort of budget would you need to basically do any experiment you want for the rest of your career?

Because I'm going to have a fuckload of cash soon, and I'd like to find a mad scientist to do a sort of Tesla / J.P. Morgan sort of arrangement with.

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just saying man

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Despite the corn syrup plague, better diet (or just having food at all) has definitely caused an axplosion in human sizes. This is a common knowledge, friend

>> No.27199277

Better diet. Better medical care. Thats the reason people in the 3rd world are so small and we're so big.

I dont know where you're going with this whole "racism thing" but eugenics can work REALLY FAST. Especially with all the work thats been done for the Thousand Genomes project. Check your Hardy Weinburg equations; you can completely alter the genepool in just four well structured generations.

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>> No.27199287

Just look up the proportions of the pterosaurs from back in the age of the dinosaurs and you'll find out the sort of wingspans needed for man-sized and larger flying creatures.

>> No.27199301

Don't forget all the growth hormones added to our meats these days.

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>altering the gene pool

That's some small fry shit. I'm talking big changes, like divergent specialized breeds and subspecies. Making a bunch of blue eyed people is dandy, but how long would it take to breed people who could spit acid?

A fucklong time, I'd guess

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mah nugga
*tips tinfoil hat*

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9/10, would share geneseed

captcha >ialsnta sires

Lucky bastard, that Ianlsnta

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Oh, that's making people bigger alright.

Just not in ways anyone enjoys.

>> No.27199319

When I think of that, I then think of the one guy who uses the wing suit with the little jet motor to fly through the air, at what point does the gliding of the wing suit become actual flight if it even does.

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Can you think off the top of your head what improvements could be made to humans?

>> No.27199351

Um, about $750,000 startup, and maybe +/-$250,000 a year for me and two lab assistants. Plus Id need a facility and some equipment rental. You really cant into genetics without:
>1 -80C Freezer (you think you know cold? THAT SHIT IS COLD)
>1 -20C Freezer
>1 Thermocycler
>5 Gelbozes
>1 Visualizer
>1 Incubator
>1 Centrifuge
>hotplates, glassware, etc
>Something to sterilize equipment
>Sterile laminar flow hood

Then Id have to get reactants, oligos, enzymes, proteins, DNA stocks, toxic permits for xyline and EBR and Tris and chloral hydrate, TAQ Pol.

The list goes on. Its not even a little bit cheap.

>> No.27199359

Are biological, self-replicating, nature-mimicing machines possible sometime in the future? I suspect that they're impractical, as using regular animals would be cheaper and easier to handle, but it might not stop some people from making them for laughs.

>> No.27199392

Not if you had a transgene that did that. Then it would take one generation and about 50 breeding slaves.

Dont ridicule him, he's right...

Fixing the layout of our eyes, fixing certain genes linked to intelligence in the population, elimination of cancer genes and all genetic disorders, decreased jaw muscle mass (we've been on that track for millions of years, its time we just jumped the gun on that one), backup collagen genes, bio-luminescent pigments to indicate increased or decreased bodytemp as well as hunger or histamine response (you'd essentially be able to read your basic conditions via glowing veins), backup organs, replacing our lungs with avian lungs (yo dawg, I heard you liked to breathe, so we put avian lungs in you so you can inhale while you exhale, look it up), add bioluminescent tags to onco genes so most cancers would glow in the dark. I could do this all fucking day man.

>> No.27199415

>all dem improvements
Jesus man whats holding you guys back from doing all this?

>> No.27199432

removal of HOX related genes which allow the growth of bodyhair, removal or reduction of adipose fat tissue, increase dopamine response from psychosomatic success based activities (self motivation here we come!), added supraorbital gland so we can drink salt water. You want more?

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>> No.27199449

Laws, western ethics, soccer moms, the cathoic church, people who are afraid of GMOs, old white men who are afraid of change, people who dont believe in evolution, southern baptists, and people who are generally ignorant.

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>Tyranids get a hold of the pistol shrimp.

>> No.27199456

So America?

>> No.27199474

>White people are why everything sucks.

*tips fedora*

>> No.27199478

My friend's dad 3D prints organic constructs. They jury rigged a 3D printer to stream out a single line of cells, so they're able to do things like (very slowly) make muscles if they have the right lattice. So far I think they've just been printing stuff for rats.
But, yes, you are better off taking the embryonic route; this is in no way efficient and only practical for use in extreme medical cases.

I would also go one further and say that organic constructs ARE machines, that they are usually better for all of the reasons that you mentioned. That being said, evolution is a stupid process: its kind of a brute force approach to solving problems, which is where actively designed machines are advantageous. They also work better with extremes.

>> No.27199490

Damn, that's pretty steep. Looks like it would eat up almost all of my anticipated investment income.

I think I'll have to pass on that deal.

>> No.27199493

I don't imagine black pentecostal churches are helping much either.

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Sorry, we can't hear you over how wrong you are.

>> No.27199513

Its a joke man i dont actually know america is just known for that sort of shit

>> No.27199516

Increase estrogen in females, increased testosterone in males, removal of sebaceous glands, the addition of glands which produce pleasant scents through our sweat, the implantation of competitive bacteria that replace our oral flora and wont give you cavities (thats already been in testing for 2 years), decreasing vein elasticity, capping ghrellen release (hunger hormone), capping glucose intake, adding amphetamine synthesis to the adrenal glands, inducing photosynthesis in dermal tissues, fusing the ribcage, decreasing the sensitivity of the feet (fuck d4's and foot fetishists, Im sick of needing insoles!), the addition of a prehensile tail (now Im grasping at straws lol), the addition of a photosensitive layer on the back of the neck to detect change in light due to someone coming up behind you. I need another beer.

>> No.27199518

Gimme $250,000 and I'll pour random chemicals into jars and study them quizzically for you for the rest of your life.

>> No.27199523

Where's the Umbrella Corporation when you need it with secret underground research bases and shit?

>> No.27199540

Hey man tails are fucking awesome i would kill to have one

>> No.27199550

>america is just known for that sort of shit

In Europe. The countries that collectively made insulting other people a sport.

>> No.27199561

And still there are shitty fashion designers? Fuck that.

>> No.27199567

I didnt say white people are EVERYTHING that sucks, they just call the shots and right now the shots shoot me in the dick.

I hate to break this to you, but I can grow muscle fibers on their own in a lab with less work, less time, and greater accuracy. With recent breakthroughs in induced pluripotent stemcells 3D printing of organics is pretty much obsolete.

I figured as much lol. Invest it in an energy conglomerate and call me in 20 years when we're both older and wiser.

But black pentecostal churches dont contribute meaningfully to political campaigns, do they?


>> No.27199569

The EU; built upon hundreds of years of mutual racism.

>> No.27199580

No, but they do have great choirs.

>> No.27199589

How the fuck would you walk around, without getting that stupid head-helmet thing caught on everything. Think about it. You could never back out of a tunnel. LOL

>> No.27199600

oh, companies like that do exist, but they're blackboxes; once you go to work for them you either drop off the map in the industry or you never find work once you leave due to "philosophical differences".

Ive had job applications ask whether I was interested in doing work for "an unspecified non-government organization".

To each his own I suppose.

>> No.27199606

> they just call the shots

I don't.

Stop with your racism.

>> No.27199613

You know what I mean captain buzzword. Im a white heterosexual male.

>> No.27199624

>implying elesh norn has shitty fashion
I for one would welcome a fashion trend of women wearing only a strip of red fabric draped loosely around their hips.

>> No.27199630


>Decreased jaw muscle mass

What benefits would this give,out of curiosity?

>> No.27199646

More efficient design. Takes less energy to support less mass. We really dont need about 75% of our jaw muscle unless you're cracking nuts with your mouth.

>> No.27199721

How big could a human theoretically get?

>> No.27199732
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contraception has been around since fucking ever (the sixties), and the pill is one of the factors that caused hippies and all that shit. there's been tons of investigations into this, and it did not cause a rise in promiscuity, just made casual sex less frowned upon.

>> No.27199741

There were subspecies of homonid that were around 8 or 9 feet tall. They went extinct because as the earth warmed after the last ice age they had too high of a mass to surface ratio to cool properly and couldnt adapt fast enough.

>> No.27199784


Overall, how large would the benefits be for us? I mean, yay better biological efficiency, but on a day-to-day basis?

>> No.27199790

If you're still here, could you answer this question?
Unless it's a stupid question, then you don't need to answer it.

>> No.27199805

I'd imagine the main benefit would be naturally having the facial structure of a k-pop star.

>> No.27199808

you wouldnt notice, but your head would be about 1lb lighter and your lifespan would increase by about 3 months or so.

>> No.27199825

Ive already been over this. With current stemcell tech being what it is engineering a biological machine is easier than ever, its just ethics that holds us back. Unless that wasnt your question...

This was also me, just forgot to trip

>> No.27199850

What kind of advancements in genetics/ bioengineering do you think we'll see in the near future?

>> No.27199880

Depends on ethics. We can already grow organs, but its against western morals to do so (its a long story, it basically involves artificially creating then destroying a human embryo). Thats really the biggest factor. Its no longer "what can we do" but "what will we be allowed to do"

>> No.27199895

How is babby formed? How girl get pregnant?

>> No.27199904

>Thats really the biggest factor.

I think you're oversimplifying the process of implementing these technologies and drastically overestimating our capabilities to do so in a reasonable amount of time.

Leave your ethics arguments elsewhere.

>> No.27199919


Huh. Interesting.

>> No.27199922

Would it be possible to use aborted fetuses for this purpose? If they were going into the trash anyway, people could hardly complain about them being used for SCIENCE! and stuff.

>> No.27199933

1. They're already patterned to be whole humans
2. They're already dead.
3. I think people would only complain MORE because they had been conceived traditionally.

>> No.27199980

To clarify, I was thinking of metal animals and plants, stuff like that. However, it was mentioned earlier that carbon is a better molecular basis for biology than silicon or metals, so I digress. Thanks for the response.

>> No.27199981

You would think because there are already so many fucking humans on this ball of dirt that they wouldnt care

>> No.27200007

The point he's making is that an artificially created and "patterned" embryo would not be a human embryo. Like, not even close. Like, not resembling one in any conceivable way apart from color, maybe.

>> No.27200019

Is it actually illegal to process embryos into raw materials, or is it just hard to get funding for that kind of research?

>> No.27200043

Well, no, it would start as a human embryo (gotta have the same genes to make a human organ), then you'd artificially pattern it before it was more than, say 20 cells. Plus you'd create said embryo out of stem cells which you can make from just about anything these days. So basically for about 20 minutes you have what could become a human being.

Its pretty much impossible now unless you donate them to science. The only reason people did it before was for stem cells, but as Ive said numerous times, you can make stem cells out of any kind of cells now, so that shits pretty much moot.

>> No.27200080

Ive got to go buy more beer. Post more questions if you want. Ill be back in a few hours.

>> No.27200084

I don't mean to be That Guy Drunk Geneticist, but are you certain it's O2 levels and not, say, their lack of immunological defenses?

I mean, shit was just starting to get use to this whole "living in a gaseous atmosphere” thing in the mid Silurian, and microorganisms were probably just catching on that those big Multi-cell groups had come up with Homeostasis.

Mother Nature probably just went “Fuck it, I’ll just have them breed in massive numbers so they don’t need to live long enough to get huge.”
I mean, let’s face it, having your skeleton on the outside does put a crimp in how fast you can grow.

Go home Mad Geneticist, your Drunk!

>Avian Lungs

But Geneticist, won't we need Adipose Tissue for hibernative space flight?

>Increasing Testosterone, Fusing Rib Cages, Desensitising Feet
Whoa whoa whoa...

Why do we need more Testosterone?

Solid Rib Cages would be terrible, no flexibility and an outright nightmare to cut into in the event of invasive surgery.

As someone whose patriarchal line suffers from Neuropathy of the Legs, I can tell you reduction of sensitivity in the feet is a BAD idea, unless you want everyone walking around stiff legged with canes and walkers.
I'd either alter the Tarsals themselves, or alter our physiology to remove legs entirely!

Eh, I'd keep it around JUST in case...
I mean, how many times have you had to open shit with your teeth?

>> No.27200107

>I mean, how many times have you had to open shit with your teeth?
Never. Sounds like a good way to break a tooth.

>> No.27200126

hm that reminds me how is that zombie virus going? I know they have some crude ones but it seems they still have a kink or two to work out. More importantly though WHY would you make something like that?

>> No.27200137

na man. its the diffusion of O2 through the hemoceol that limits their size. Back in the devonian they used to have fucking dragonflies that were 6ft long.

Yes I am drunk, why does that matter

Mein Neggar


More testosterone is almost always better, especially at later stages of life. Testosterone is the partytime hormone, it makes you awesome.

Solid ribcages may decrease mobility slightly, but the for soldiers the benefits would be immediate.

Just a slight reduction...

Me? Never. Everything in my office would kill me if I got even a speck of it in my mouth.

Who the hell are you anyway? Were you in the last thread? Whatever. Going to get that beer now.

>> No.27200245

Remember to drink responsibly.

>> No.27200252


How big would insects grow if they actually had an efficient respiratory system, like lungs or something, instead of the inefficient as fuck holes they have on their sides?

>> No.27200374

Wasn't there a movie about that where people bought and sold minutes of life as currency?

>> No.27200389


>> No.27200441

> prometheus
What a shit movie...

>> No.27200450
File: 463 KB, 1600x1200, Mimic Octopus 03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Would it be possible to selectively breed and engineer octopuses in ways, that would make them more social?
Basically, by first removing their extremely territorial behavior, then making the mommy and daddy octopus work together when their eggs are developing, allowing the other to hunt for both of them, while the other guards the eggs. Then make their protectiveness of their young extend until the babby octopuses are old enough to fend for themselves, and have had time to learn all the shit octopuses need to know from their mommy and daddy.

And finally, make them so social, that these octopus families would band together and help each other out.

In short, I wanna know if it is possible to uplift octopuses.
I have my reasons.

>> No.27200599

How long would it be until we can have prehensile eyebrows?

That's all I care about for the future.

>> No.27200624

Why would you want to uplift a race of chaotic evil tentacle monsters?

Do you have a grudge with Japanese schoolgirls or something?

>> No.27200684

But haven't you been keeping up on modern arthropod studies?
There has been evidence that some species are actively respiring with muscular contractions!
If that's the case, the only reason they didn't develop lungs like us vertebrates is because Nature decided to go with "MORE EGGS" instead...
Remember, when it comes to evolution, the less biological complexity the better.

>Go home X, you’re Drunk…
Do you not even Meme…

>No BBW Space Fantasy
Oh come on!
You’re telling me that letting astronauts sleep all the way to Mars sustained by their own internal biological fuel reserves is less efficient than having them awake and ACTIVE those six months?
Or you would you rather they be stuck full of IV tubes?

>More testosterone is almost always better, especially at later stages of life. Testosterone is the partytime hormone, it makes you awesome.
Yes, but it implies you are enhancing MALES…

>Solid ribcages may decrease mobility slightly, but the for soldiers the benefits would be immediate.
Yes, because having people able to take small caliber bullets to the chest doesn’t imply we won’t simply use BIGGER BULLETS…
Which will make it even WORSE, because now their internal tissues are getting pulverized by even greater kinetic forces and you won’t be able to cut them open to operate.

>Just a slight reduction...
Dude, just up the reflex speed!
I’ve never had problems stepping on shit, because my hyperactive neurology always has me reacting to pointy foot feels before they can puncher my feet!

>Who the hell are you anyway?
If I mentioned Office Cowgirls, /d/, and pretended to be a kindly Warp horror, would that ring any bells?

>> No.27200692

Well i'm no expert but if crustaceans are anything to go by, they could become pretty damn big.

>> No.27200733

you want to make mini-cthulhus don't you?

>> No.27200744

extremely noob question:
WH40k is only a tebletop game or is it roleplaying too?

>> No.27200814

>bio-luminescent pigments to indicate increased or decreased bodytemp as well as hunger or histamine response (you'd essentially be able to read your basic conditions via glowing veins), backup organs, replacing our lungs with avian lungs (yo dawg, I heard you liked to breathe, so we put avian lungs in you so you can inhale while you exhale, look it up)
I am going to somehow make a comic that includes these things if not a really simple vidya.


>> No.27200838

Tabletop, though Fantasy Flight games makes a roleplaying game called Dark Heresy, set in the same universe.

>> No.27200857

Well they wouldn't just need lungs...
They'd also need everything we vertebrates have come up with for keeping our much larger physiologies clean of shit, like Kidneys, Livers, and Spleens...
By that point... well...
What's the tensile strength of Chitin again?

There are acutally SEVERAL roleplaying games set in the Warhammer 40,000 Universe
Check out Fantasy Flight Games for the full list...

>> No.27200858

Not really related to the threat bruh.
Also, WH40K is a setting that has like several games; the wargame we all know and hate/love/both, Space Hulk, Dark Heresy, etc (i'm not big on the roleplaying thing but i know more exist.)

>> No.27200862


And what if I say that I do?
Octopuses are bros. They should rule the sea with the iron grip of their tentacles.

>> No.27200867

>More importantly though WHY would you make something like that?
Isn't it obvious?

Congrats, you died, we'll just pick you back up and send your raving corpse at them.

And if it gets into the enemy's population, it could really fuck them up from the inside.

>> No.27200881

>increase dopamine response from psychosomatic success based activities (self motivation here we come!)

>> No.27200888

octopi are too chill for that, all they want to do is eat,sleep,and fuck

>> No.27200898

Have to agree here, it's either them or the Dolphins after all...

>> No.27200944

What about creating a jellyfish hive-mind?

>> No.27200959

>Why do we need more Testosterone?


>> No.27200966

be prepared to welcome our new tentacled overlords then.

>> No.27200978

Big, limp dick.

>> No.27200993



>> No.27201021

The dude is moronic, why bother refuting his points?

>> No.27201080
File: 146 KB, 1920x1080, 599250-archer_s1_002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why am I reading this in Sterling Archers' voice?

>> No.27201129

I don't want to fuck harder or faster, OR have a bigger dick and beard...
I can already grow a full beard in a week, I don't need to shave every five minutes...
...Plus doesn't excess Testosterone lead to male pattern baldness?

If I am moronic, why did Drunk Geneticist bother to refute my points?

>> No.27201151
File: 598 KB, 1920x1200, You are already 1080p.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there in any way a possibility of manipulating human bodies to the point that through touching certain parts, you could cause, say, a violent eruption of wherever you touched?

Pic unrelated. Totally.

>> No.27201182

>I don't want to fuck harder or faster, OR have a bigger dick and beard...

>I can already grow a full beard in a week, I don't need to shave every five minutes..

>...Plus doesn't excess Testosterone lead to male pattern baldness?

>> No.27201252


>> No.27201274

Hey I still want to fuck, just not hard and fast is all...

But yeah, face hair is rather troublesome for me...
...Shits starting to creep up to my eyes...

>> No.27201309

I originally just had it as "You are already HD" but I realized "1080p" would spur humorous responses. I'll probably resize that shit to 1080p later, though.

>> No.27202117
File: 41 KB, 640x480, Despair.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Man, I love when /tg/ goes full science...


>fusing the ribcage

Medstudent here. pls no.

Tough doing it on SPESS MEHREENS is fine for lore accuracy

>> No.27202174

I tried to tell him...
...But apparently Future Soldier is going to be fucked if he needs a heart transplant...

>> No.27202313


I'd imagine that just like black carapace and geneseed extraction, an astartes body would be altered so the zone can be accessed surgically with relative ease.

But seriously, it's already a pain to work through the ribs to deal with chest organs without fucking anything, specially the mediastinum with the fucking sternum. Don't make it worse.

>> No.27202329

If he needs a heart transplant he isn't a soldier anymore and as such useless. Might as well let him die. It's for the greater good.

>> No.27202348
File: 12 KB, 444x319, m2380500a_99800101075_ApothecaryChainswordCFC_445x319[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well why do you think Apothecaries have those chainswords?

>> No.27202463

I thought that they lugged around power-fielded scalpels in their narthecium gloves?

You know, to cut smoothly rather than tear.

>> No.27202466

Probably about 8 feet on land, maybe more in the water. The eurypterids and other chelicerates had functioning lungs, but the main thing getting in the way is how to support the body when you molt your exoskeleton. Its been suggested things like Brontoscorpio and Arthropleura hung out in water until their exoskeleton hardened.

>> No.27202484

Oh sure, how about we just go spend millions of dollars genetically engineering and training another super-soldier.

>> No.27202491

There's a living bat that has a SPESS MARINE-like fused ribcage.

>> No.27202494

That's what I was referring to.

>> No.27202500

Now you are thinking with money!

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