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Hey, /tg/. Long time 40K player here

I've just recently heard about Deathwatch and it seems really interesting. I've looked up a bit about it, but I'd like to hear about it firsthand

So, elegan/tg/entlemen. Any stories you'd like to tell of how well or poor the system works or tales of heroic badassery with your battle-brothers?

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Step 1. Know the rules. Know them REALLY well.

Step 2. Get the errata and use every single bit of it.

Step 3. The books push really hard to not make it just a "kill everything hack and slash". Try to take it's advice. Think about what it means to be each chapter and each specialty, encourage inter-party interaction and roleplaying beyond "grr...dark angel hate space wolf!".

The first three 40k RPGs (Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, and Deathwatch) suffer a great deal when it comes to scaling, and Deathwatch suffers the most from it. The errata helps a ton but there might still be some issues. Personally, it's my favorite of the five 40k RPGs because it's like having an adventuring party made up of 4-5 paladins, all of different gods or different beliefs of the same god. And if you can play with people who aren't pants on head retarded and are capable of seeing space marines as more than lobotomized kill suits, then it can make for some great campaigns.

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He're's why there need to be more awesome DM's:

>6 man squad, Blood Ravens Techmarine, Space Wolves Tactical, Imperial Fists Apothecary, Black Templar Tactical, Exorcists Librarian, and me, the Blood Angels Assault Marine
>Done two campaigns so far against an Ork waaagh and a Tau fleet invading Ultramar

So we were just sent to a major tithe world because a huge Hive Fleet was descending upon it. The Tyranids were being drawn by some ancient, psychically charged device drawing them like moths to a flame. We had just fought our way through the vanguard organisms after being drawn off course by a collision with a spore pod when dropping towards our landing zone. We finally reach the device upon fighting our way through a hive-city thrown into chaos in the wake of the incipient invasion. Our librarian managed to kill a the Broodlord of a Genestealer court keeping us from reaching the device, hidden beneath a temple to the Emperor in this open plaza of worship. Though mechanical, the device is clearly of xenos origin and its exposer had drawn the entire swarm, including two Hive Tyrants to our position. At the brink of being overrun, here we are:

>Techmarine is trying to deactivate or destroy the device
>The rest of us are holding the swarm off
>Hive Tyrant one knocks our Apothecary back away from the squad
>Space Wolf and I rush over to save the Librarian just in time as we're pushed back
>Hive Tyrant two lands..
>Techmarine says "Fuck it" and smashes the device
>Huge warp explosion
>We're crouched down as the Tyranids are thrown back
>A tide of Slaaneshi Daemons come through and a Greater Daemon scoots us out of the way and slams into the Hive Tyrant
>A Daemon Prince of Slaanesh walks out of the tear and comes up to us....

He looks down on us with a sensual smirk and says....
"Why hello I,
See you've met my
faithful HAAANDYMAN!"

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*Genestealer cult
Damn mobile phones

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>Frankenfurter The slaaneshi daemon(ette) prince

Well, technically he is not of this earth so I can believe it .

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The Daemon Prince strides forward (Our DM even says his daemonic armor resembles a cross-dressed bodice and leggings). The Space Wolf and Blood Raven players are confused beyond belief, the Apothecary is slack-jawed, while the Exorcist and I are laughing our asses off at the situation and our DM's perfect impersonation.

"He's a little brought down, because
when you knocked
he thought you were the CAANDYMAN!!

Don't get strung out,
by the way I look
don't judge a daemon by it's color!
I'm not much of a man, on this ephemeral plane,
but in the warp I'm one hell of a su-duce-er!!

I'm just a sweet Slaaneshi Daemon,
from Transsexual, Transylvania!!!"

>The Daemon Prince Tim Curry fights the other Hive Tyrant but while we're trying to escape he turns around and blocks our way

"Why don't you stay for the night?
Or maybe a bite?
I could show you my favorite obsession.
I've been seeking a champion
with blond hair and a tan
Who's good for relieving my... tension"

>He points to the Techmarine, trying to take control of him
>Fails to resist
>He begins to seize...

So that's where our DM left us at our last session.

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My team once tried to infiltrate a facility by having the Storm Warden Tactical Marine attempt to caber-toss the Dark Angel Assault Marine over an electrified chain-link fence. It...ended badly.

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Our team leader once tried to convince an Ork Warboss we were Orks over a vox.

He passed his bluff so perfectly he was made a Nob

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My group once hi-jacked a Tau Hammerhead.
Best joyride ever.

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My tech marine once ate Tau brain matter in order to hijack a devil fish. We then ran over contingent of Tau fire warriors and their Battle suit leader, before latching on to a Thunderhawk and going into space.

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We oncce banished the Daemon Mortarion with a Thunderhawk to the face

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I'm currently playing an Invader who has more than once got the Kill-Team in a needless shootout with Eldar because he hates them so much.

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Dude that's nothing my campaign had a space wolf who crashed a boarding torpedo into the bridge of an dark eldar raider to rescue his kill team.
Fersian wolves are also the toughest thing known to man
>kill team is tracking down our former watch commander who turned out to be an alpha legion infiltrator
>confront him on a ship
>find him (or at least his armor) along with a world eater a thousand son scorc a plague marine and an emperor's children raptor
>have a fight with the traitor marines
>thousand son gets killed easily by the space wolf while the rest of the squad handles the rest
>before we can finish off the world eater the ex-watch captain explains how we're all going to die to summon a powerful daemon
>his armor which was packed full of det charges explodes and throws us all into space
>some of the squad's helmets got fucked up in the blast and started suffocated
>the fucking fersian wolf passes 5 rounds worth of toughness tests to avoid suffocation
>"he truly is a space wolf"

The wolf also later used a fucking minefield as a playground since frag mines didn't damage him at all.

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The fuck is a fersian.

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Our Space Wolf Rune Priest once Opened a warp rift in the center of an Eldar ship unleashing a torrent of ghost vikings and dead Space Wolves. They thought it was supposed to be Valhalla and were considerably upset.

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> Deathwatch
> those beggars
> no nukes
> no spaceships
> no moneys
> laughing Rogue Traders

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This is going to sound strange, but I'm new to tabletop gaming in general and I just love 40k's weaponry, characters and general atmosphere.

Are there any resources or guides on how to become a DM?

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He misspelt Fenrisian.

>Kill Team gets fired at Ork cruiser in boarding torpedo
>Laugh as the torpedo leaves large holes in the side of the ship, venting the atmosphere and a rather large quantity of Orks before they disembark.
>Moving through the ship trying to find something worth blowing up
>Find the menagerie (sign says Squig Hole)
>Cages everywhere filled with squigs of varied sizes and temperaments, including a Squiggoth at the back
>Get into firefight with squig-herders who are unleashing masses of squigs at the party.
>Magpie Librarian end up dangling off walkway over cage filled with big angry squigs, fending them off with his Force Staff
>Ultras Assault Marine boosts up to high gantry and starts sniping with Boltgun
>Salamander Tactical Marine calmly stalking through the cages setting everything on fire
>Wolf Heavy notices large groups of boyz assembling at the back of the room. Blasts the hinges off the big cage at the back of the room with Heavy Bolter

>Entire party in hysterics as the Squiggoth frenzies through the assembling boyz and charges down an access tunnel following the scattering survivors.

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Most memorable moment in Deathwatch.

The world below us has two hive ships, slowly waking up for PLOT reasons. We need to get down there and get busy. And we - two Blood Angel assault marines and an Ultramarine apothecary - strap ourselves to a drop pod and hurtle our way from orbit. As luck would have it, we struck the first spore mine, ripping out a good chunk of the bottom half of the drop pod. We were lucky - no injuries - but if we didn't do something fast, we would end up splatting ourselves ingloriously over the planet surface.

I look to my gm. "Are the thrusters working?" He shakes his head. The apothecary is sweating bullets, leafing through the codex astartes for guidance. I share a glance with my battle brother and we knew what we needed to do. We got out as the drop pod was hurtling through the air, gripped tight and activated our jetpacks at full power.

It changed the angle of the descent to one closer to the hive ships, but it wasn't enough. Until my battle brother's keen eyes picked out a large winged monstrosity: a harridan. Well now. This will get interesting. We then angled our drop pod and with jet packs roaring at full power we slam pod first into the harridan's spine, snapping it in half.

But we weren't done. Not yet. Myself and the other Blood Angel took a wing each and used it as a gliding mechanism while the Ultramarine rushed out and slapped melta bombs all over the harridan. Our course was clear. A prayer to the Emperor and his beloved son later, the jet packs roared to life and our missile went straight for the waking hive ship. No hesitation, no fear. We drove the harridan corpse straight into the side of the ship and detonated our payload of melta bombs to take out the side walls. The resulting explosion was thunderous and amidst the vox chatter, some claim they saw Sanguinius descend upon the battlefield that day.

Meanwhile, we picked ourselves up and salvaged what we could. We still had a mission to do.

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i like your style brother, here have a pint.

also its ork head Thursday in the mess if you have an ork head (or skull) you get two for one at the bar

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