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Explorers of Aprolapsia Edition

>Recruitin' players
>Talkin' about game
>Diggin' deep

How to join:
-Sign up on F-list.
-Create a character (don't have to finish it in one go).
-Enter F-chat (experimental chat recommended).
-Hit the browse/open channels button and CTRL+F for /tg/chat.
-Improve your character, get erp.

How to improve your character:
-Give them custom kinks
-Find at least ONE IMAGE to show what they look like
-Use a nicely cropped bit of your image as profile avatar

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So, posting my F-list again for critique, I guess.

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robot with us.

>> No.27189948

Daily bemoaning of deleted profiles that had potential, such as Chandler McLain and Katarina Hseung.

>> No.27189954

http://www.f-list.net/c/t%20a%20n%20c/ Robutts~

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>Explorers of Aprolapsia Edition
OP you are the worst person.

Nobody wants to explore Aprolapsia. Ever.

>> No.27189985

Damn it space-fighter girl, I still don't have an F-List.

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The only thing worse than exploring Aprolasia is having a land war in Aprolasia.

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Reposting: Are there any ladies here that have a wish they want granted?

If so, I'm your man.


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I'm glad someone picked up on that.

>> No.27190076

Well no-fucking-duh nobody wants to invade "Distended Anus Land"

>> No.27190139

Join the collective.


>> No.27190141


No one wants to capture, tie up and poke lewdly with a small object?

>> No.27190150

Anyone wanna do a 1 on 1 for a shy person who's never done ERP before? I have DM'd a DnD game before but I really want to be a player.

I like traps and lolis and I don't really care for the setting or anything. I do like futuristic stuff though but I really don't care.

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Should I really? I might do it then, robutts are fun.

>> No.27190199

Yes. Yesssss.

>> No.27190221

Got an F-List?

>> No.27190231

No...I was thinking of making one but I've never ERP'd before so I was kind of unsure.

>> No.27190275

Make one. I'll make sure you have at least someone to play with.

>> No.27190281


Just note me or poke me on my messengers if you want to set up something. I'm flexible and can come up with more than those three characters.

>> No.27190290

>/tg/ bottle chat full of crazy powerful characters

>Sandra Vauld, epic wizard
>Mage Rooster, chicken demigod
>The Swift Twins, shapeshifter demigod
>Princess in Yellow, Hastur

>I am just a human

Why did I bother? It's like a Mary Sue arms race.

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It's a good first step because it lays out in relatively simple terms what you're looking for, and what you certainly do not want.

>> No.27190325

They're not that bad, despite the apparent powerlevels of their characters. They don't really go around waving their dicks around and going 'LOL I SO POWERFUL'.

There is an abundance of 'powerful wizard' types though.

>> No.27190337


I made a comment about that in an earlier thread. I find it a bit hypocritical when in the header the ask not to God Mod, but I a God Mod set that heading...

>> No.27190357

Just imagine your human reaching 20th level too and play that if you want to match.

Then it sounds like there's a place for a humble sorceress apprentice!

>> No.27190380

"God mode" means something different from "Character is very powerful", just FYI. Depending on context, it's "My character is literally all powerful and will force you to be his fetish" or in general just deciding what people do for them outside of a context that would justify it. The people in question are really pretty reasonable.

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sure what is your skype

>> No.27190401


New room idea: Only people with power level less than 9000 can come in.

>> No.27190429

Everybody likes robots

>> No.27190442


Yeah. I know Swift is a shapeshifter because they heavily enjoy the TF kink. Mage I believe always enjoys TF (but less himself and more others).

As for Sandra, I wasn't aware she was an epic wizard, and the Princess in Yellow is relatively new I think.

I can agree it seems there's a deal of power fantasies, but hey. If they don't force you to do anything you don't like, I don't see the problem.

>> No.27190449

Wait so you want to play? Can I get a bit of an idea on what kind of game you think you'd run while I make an Flist?

>> No.27190451

It could really use a separate OOC room instead of random typefucking getting mixed in with conversations, as well.

>> No.27190464

I'm pretty sure we've discussed that. Something about not wanting to split the room up too much? In saying that, we did make a room for spin the bottle...

>> No.27190474

They mean more like rping a fight and magically dodging everything and silly things like that. I never seen the mods use their powers to do anything like that. (I think only a couple people do that from time to time.)

Rp in the main channel is supposed to be silly and lighthearted too.

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Mage Rooster is the only abuser at times, but he's fairly understanding.
They're generally very nice.

None of them will force anything on you.
People have different fantasies and different powerlevels they want to play that fantasy at.

>> No.27190579

sandra is a 11th level wizard who pulls bullshit to plane hop

Hello, I play her

>> No.27190624


pls respond.

>> No.27190727

>Mage rooster

In his 'faves' it explicitly says...
'What you aren't'
A form of nonconsentual [sic] sex where I do some kink you aren't into. Any kink. Probably because you're that much of a masochist or enjoy subbing that hard. Doesn't have to be weird...it just has to be weird to you.

Tell me that ain't fucking weird.

>> No.27190760

>Say I'll send someone a note to discuss ERP scenarios
>Get caught up in prescheduled D&D session for hours
>Just finish, remember what I said I'd do
If you're in here, I sincerely apologize for flaking like that.

>> No.27190780

Wouldn't happen to be a L5R game would it?

>> No.27190833

No, though the fact that I'm not the only one makes me feel a bit better.

>> No.27190838


Well maybe. You're free to form your own understandings, I mean, I guess he does have boundary issues.

>> No.27190841

Oh, yeah that guy just kinda disappeared on me before we got started, kinda makes me a bit sad.

>> No.27190917

Just stick with us underdogs.

Our adventures are more fun anyways.

>> No.27190959

Not that anon but just make it anyway. The fchat room has like 60+ people so I'm sure someone can help you.

>> No.27191000

This was for a prospective one on one session, not an actual game. I still feel bad, especially since I usually pride myself on /not/ being a flake.
Now I'm wondering if I should go ahead and contact him anyway, or just sorta disappear in shame.

>> No.27191005

It actually works quite well. No one crosses boundaries unless it's clear both parties want it. Same with crazy powers or anything of the sort. Dice rolls also sort out a lot of issues that could arise with people being too silly and basically it just works. Yes there are over-powered characters, but there's also plenty of ordinary ones as well and a lot of the time, the so called 'over-powered' characters just do things normally.

It works, it's fun, it's lewd.

>> No.27191009


Maybe it's just your attitude, always having the right spells prepared, and being immune to everything. It comes off as super, "I'm too powerful for you, so don't even try."

>> No.27191055

Worst part for me is that I don't know why he suddenly disappeared on me. Just contact him and explain what happened.

>> No.27191066

Fair enough... Thanks, anon. I hope you find your missing player, too.

>> No.27191067


But what about the bunny girls!?

>> No.27191080

There are TWO bunnies.


>> No.27191119


I will have to use these words now.

>> No.27191124

I only really have combat spells, and am insanely sparing with them

and i aint ever do shit but defend with them

>> No.27191182

Too adorable. Send...a doctor.

>> No.27191235

I have been stuck in character limbo for almost a week now.


So far right now it's either Not-Kaine from NIER and Kaine from NIER.

>> No.27191248

What about I-Can't-Believe-It's-Not-Kane from NIER?

>> No.27191256


Leaving this here. Mage Rooster was mentioned earlier and he's my beloved Master~

I also have a dragon girl, a robot girl and a depressed Soviet zombie girl.

>> No.27191279


I would've chosen Grimoire Weiss, but I already saw a sex book within the chat a while ago.

>> No.27191283

postin profile
can someone give it a critique by any chance?

>> No.27191308

Looks reasonable. You probably want to put the backstory in a spoiler. While it's well-separated-out, you really don't want your (Collapsed) profile text to be more than a couple pages.

>> No.27191309


You spelled 'great' wrong. Fix it.

>> No.27191431

>making a character on F-list
>get to vore section
>click no on every option

This is off to a good start.

>> No.27191476

I like you.

>> No.27191477


Make custom kinks. It's easier, and it'll nail home the point more.

>> No.27191496

You'd be better off making a 'custom kink: Vore' to encompass everything.

>> No.27191518

Yeah just add like a couple of vore to the no list and then make a custom saying no vore at all, it can be offputting to some people if you actually went through every kink.

>> No.27191519

First time making an F-list character, thanks for the tip.

>> No.27191525

Yeah, just make a custom kink 'Vore' and set the description as 'NO.'

>> No.27191551

Is there Amish porn?

>> No.27191566

Has anyone else gotten a message from Shoes? http://www.f-list.net/c/shoes/

It keeps trying to hook me up with bitchbreakers, as if it had some sort of matchmaking fetish.

This happens to other people right?

>> No.27191587

I just made a custom kink called "The usual suspects" with a description like "Scat, vore, snuff, vomit, you all know exactly what I'm talking about." Should get the message across okay, I think.

>> No.27191589

I play males, so no.

They look a giant douchebag though.

>> No.27191599


I only got a compliment from Shoes.

Pfft, like people need a match maker to find bitch breakers.

>> No.27191647

That is bloody creepy.

>> No.27191670

I'm always surprised by how many people are okay or at least receptive to watersports. Then again I'm one of them.

>> No.27191691

If I wanted bitch breakers I'd have them. Instead I have Shoes eagerly and regularly giving me updates on bitch breakers and which ones might be interested in devastating me if I approach them right...

I'd suspect Shoes is just feeding me its own profiles, but I've seen some of these profile break and change each other. So I know that's not the case. Or it's the worlds most confusing scheme and fetish.

>> No.27191692


no vore is common custom kink

>> No.27191693

>promote a non-sexual or barely sexual adventure in a sex RP room

nice /tg/ chat you guys have here

in to the trash it goes

>> No.27191706 [DELETED] 

What a piece of shit thread. A threadban would be in order.

>> No.27191709


Does every bitch breaker he links you to also use Dmitrys pictures as their image?

You know the shemale in question is absolute trash if they use Dmitrys art.

>> No.27191718


Are you new

>> No.27191720


Since I play a shemale I doubt Shoes is interested in me. Especially since I'm not a bitchbreaker.

>> No.27191748

You are part of the world's shittiest conspiracy

>> No.27191751


I've never had anyone ask about Vore. Has it come up for you guys? I have the regular no, but not a custom...

Apparently I do need to make a 'no anal and then wiping your dick off in my hair while you talk about the smell' kink. That shit happens way too often.

>> No.27191761


>mfw I have considered asking him to do a picture on commision.

>> No.27191768


enjoy your manface mchorsedicks

>> No.27191803

Well I only tend to put up a single custom no that is basically 'I am open to most things, but I will say no if I don't want it at the time'

>> No.27191804

Can I get some tips on what exactly I should put in my F-list description? Aside from character description, should I add what kind of setting I'd like to play in or something?

>> No.27191823

God you attract the worst

>> No.27191828


What kinds of things you like and a scenario or two.

>> No.27191829

No, that's mostly just Backhoe Breaker. A lot of them use RL pictures. Or a combo.

I do like Dmitrys though.

I play shemales, and many of the breakers seem to have a thing for them.

Like I said, she keeps trying to help me give my ass over to them. Except, I don't want to. So every message is kind of awkward.

That would almost be better then the alternative; that someone out there is getting off on the idea that they're 'helping'.

>> No.27191832

Yes. Make clear what you want. I'd recommend avoiding being too specific though (i.e. specifying a specific setting, with place names, maps and all that), unless you're looking to play in a specific universe.

>> No.27191836

Yeah, putting up sample ideas can be good.

>> No.27191840

>Not terrible until proven otherwise
>Not pretty much automatically terrible even if they seem not to be
Don't delude yourself, Dmitrys is only the piss topping on the shit and filth cake that it bitchbreakers. Or maybe too much /d/ and F-list has filled me with burning futa-hate. Or both.

>> No.27191849


I get a lot of clingy folk too.

I should probably stop making adds with porno bitches. Except, looking like porno bitches is my fetish.

>> No.27191855 [DELETED] 

Last time I've read that question was from the trollplay gang. They stopped doing their shit when a mod did his job and threadb& the lot repeatedly. It HELPS against retarded shitposting.

>> No.27191868

>Like I said, she keeps trying to help me give my ass over to them. Except, I don't want to. So every message is kind of awkward.
Have you tried replying with "Fuck off you creepy bastard before I put you on Ignore and report you to the F-list staff for harassment?"

>> No.27191880



Look at this.

This is a good profile.

Do what it does.

>> No.27191923

Start posting the messages - I need a laugh.

>> No.27191926

If he keeps it up just report him.

Alternatively bring your issue to one of the mods or fenox via notes. It's part of why they're there.

>> No.27191940

Some RP ideas pretty much. I have a section dedicated to what I want to play with as of late and also some quick and dirty scenario ideas.

>> No.27191959

No, because it's as engrossing as a freakshow.

She'll work at it too. I'll tell her what I prefer and why the ones she's presenting clearly won't work, which is when she comes back in a few days with a list of girls that are closer to being acceptable but... really aren't.

Like a cat dragging in different types of dead animals.

I was mostly just wondering if this happens to anyone else. It's easy enough to ignore, not like Shoes is a big time sink.

>> No.27191999 [DELETED] 

GTFO already.

>> No.27192070

I wasn't aware that people like this existed. So no, It doesn't happen to anyone else.

And yeah, screencap those messages please, this should be worth a laugh.

>> No.27192079 [DELETED] 


late m8 :^)

threads've been ongoing for a long while now with shitposting regularly deleted. learn to hide threads if you're unhappy sissypants

>> No.27192094

Wait you are leading her on? You are just as fucking awful then.

>> No.27192115 [DELETED] 

Deleted shitposting would mean deleted ERP threads. Get your fucking priorities straight. Sagebombing this unmitigated diarrhea actually improves it.

>> No.27192136 [DELETED] 


*Tips fedora* Keep up the hard work brother! :)

>> No.27192152

Yeah, I'm not a good person. I didn't even come here to complain, just to compare notes.

Apparently no one else has gotten anything from it, except one anon got a compliment. Since Shoes is so... shadowy, I guess I'd say? I thought it might be more ubiquitous.

>> No.27192158

Guys, stop feeding the trolls and shitposters. Just hide their posts and ignore them.

>> No.27192334

Then stop making conversation with them you dumb broad

>> No.27192768

Oh, huh. I remember you.

One of these days, I'll get around to sending a note to you. Your profiles seem interesting.

>> No.27192943

So, now that mad science is my gimmick, I need crazy ideas on how to ERP with it. Just ideas, not pitches.

>> No.27192970

Wacky sex machines?

>> No.27193004

>RABefifi impregnates

>> No.27193073

Perhaps a doomsday device powered by a subject's orgasms?

>> No.27193110

well come on be creative man

take that girl and turn her vaginal living into clitoral muscle so her entire cunt is one big clit

create a few gross hybrids to rape the local schoolboys or entice them into slimy weird sortagoogirl sewer sex

give super powers to teenagers that have dangerously sexual side effects

drop maiden and deep one into a tank and keep the deep one chained up and in heat and tortured while the lady is free to move around as you study how long it takes for her to soothe the beast and mate with it and then become a fishslut

>> No.27193122

Doomsday devices are so cliche. And if I made one, people might think I was a -mad- scientist. I mean, they kind of already do. THEY CALLED ME MAD!! BUT I'LL SHOW THEM WHO'S MAD WHEN I UNLEASH THE CLOTHES-EATING NANOBOTS AND ACHIEVE TOTAL GLOBAL APHRODISIAC SATURATION!!! AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!

>> No.27193192

Why does no one want to do a Bondage Fairies rp with me.... It has everything you could want!

Delicious fairy on fairy, ovioposition and light bdsm fun times~

>> No.27193304

>tfw nobody to operate operationally with

Being SAD is truly suffering.

>> No.27193324


Johan pla.

>> No.27193334

I like operating! who's you're raifu?

>> No.27193356


>Bondage Fairy
I'd like to watch that more than participate really.


I wouldn't mind that at all, operatin' through a base, end with GREAT SUCCESS sex once we've operated enough to win the day.

>> No.27193360

At the risk of being called a newfag, what's a "bitch breaker"?

>> No.27193373

Why don't we go home, strip your gun down and spend all night with a bottle of oil cleaning that gun of yours. And then in the morning, we'll go out in the woods and shoot guns at targets until we're both reduced to shooting blanks. Sound fun?

>> No.27193401

Didn't you get a few partners like 3 threads ago? What you do with them? Where are the bodies?

>> No.27193404

A bitch breaker is a dominant futa who likes absurdly rough sex and/or 'breaking' other dominants. They're held in extreme contempt as people with probable self-esteem issues and just generally being a bunch of unpleasant shits as a group.

>> No.27193425


>> No.27193429

I like to convince myself that they've built up a subculture based on making profiles, breaking each other, and discarding the profiles. But who really knows...

>> No.27193442

>that last idea


Though I think I'd prefer a version with a dragon or a werewolf or similar instead of a deep one.

>> No.27193471

Thank you.

Rather disturbingly, I've encountered people like that in RL (minus the futa part).

>> No.27193483

yeah I am just into the woman being the one to initiate it out of pity or concern and maybe the smallest bit of desire and before you know it she lets it go WAY too fucking far and she's knotted and puking cum and pregnant enough to barely move

but hey, she let it happen, and the poor beast looks much happier now and treats her like a beloved mate

>> No.27193545

Was somebody else looking for people to operate with? I must have missed it. I stopped watching the threads for a little while after the shitstorm over the loli stuff.

>> No.27193686

Huh, Mage Rooster and you are in a campaign?

>> No.27193694

Delicious Galil

>> No.27193710

>mage rooster

and now I want chicken harpies

cowardly dumb chicken harpies

>> No.27193738

>Make female character with a slightly silly bent because it amused the heck out of me.
>No less than four ERP invitations in six hours without any real advertising going on.
The stories are true, then~. Silly boys, etc etc. I almost feel bad having to tell them all I'm busy right at the moment and not looking for ERP.

>> No.27193765

I sorta want to make the put-upon squire 'boy' but realize it's more fun for greentexts and maybe short short fics

silly is great though not enough of it

>> No.27193801

>4 invitations in 6 hours

Wait, is that... fast for most people?

>> No.27193825

>Brand new profile
>Not advertising actively beyond posting my F-list in the thread
>Still get a lot of invitations
It's pretty fast in the circumstances, yeah.

>> No.27193841

I haven't gotten any in four days since I made my profile, so yes.

>> No.27193868

What helps is that new profiles show up for people. There's a section of the site for that.

You'll get a lot more interest when a profile is new then when it's old.

A small easy to trick to drum up interest is to make some edits to you profile, as this also puts it in the 'new profiles' category.

I kinda want to see each of your profiles now.

>> No.27193876


>tfw when straight male and maybe once or twice every six months if that

Feels F-List man

>> No.27193903

>People in /tg/ chat bitching about too much pink and not enough delicious blue
>They're men most of the time
>I...don't know this feel.

>> No.27193917

My favorite softcore porn girl! I'm surprised to see her on /tg/.

>> No.27193960

Nice. I got one in the first day and four more after I posted my profile here, along with a couple hundred views and a dozen of bookmarks of people who haven't contacted me.

>> No.27194101

>tfw you'll never have sexy times with Valmet.

>> No.27194151

Maria Shay is my favorite actually, though she's hit or miss. When she's hit, it's an auto crit.

>> No.27194192



Are mine really that bad? I've had like zero luck. Is there something I'm missing?

>> No.27194301

Use animu pics. Here's mine :> for the bratty/annoying kitsune lovers.

>> No.27194306


No pictures in the image section is an instant hang up for some people.

Introduction on her appearance is overly descriptive. It's too wordy to really be exciting, and it kind of feels like you're just writing it for yourself, instead of writing it to show others what they'll be seeing.

Your personality blurb is actually good. Try to make your appearance as to the point as that is.

Not sure what else to suggest, maybe adding more kinks? People like checking things before they get into stuff. You have a lot of customs though, which is good.

Also, I've seen that picture you're using for the avatar on other characters before, so they might be turned off by that? I never thought it was the most eye popping one.

Just my two cents. I think you'll have a lot of luck if you approach people, but I don't think your profile is exciting enough to make people want to approach you. Maybe include some ideas for stories in there, those usually help. I regularly get people approaching me because of the ideas in my profile.

>> No.27194376

God, I'm right there with you, buddy.

Since when did 'straight guy' become a minority?

>> No.27194410

Is it so much to ask that all I want is to play a guy who gets turned into a girl during some stupid shenanigans then fools around with her male friend?

The fuck is wrong with f-list. Buncha prudes parading around as kinky sexlords.

>> No.27194421

Futa is the Mc Donalds of fetishes.

This analogy works on every level. It's a tasteless, unimaginative "boobs AND a dick for only 99 cents extra!" that appeals to the lowest common denominator, drowns out any alternatives, and probably makes you fat.

>> No.27194438

>Futa is the Mc Donalds of fetishes.
Then where the fuck are my sausage mcgriddles?

>> No.27194447

sweaty futa nutsacks son.

>> No.27194465

I'm out.

>> No.27194471

So you crave it when you're drunk?

>> No.27194486

I crave taco bell when I'm drunk.

>> No.27194509


Why does the thought of catching a bratty thief in the act interest me so much?

>> No.27194526

What fetish is Taco Bell?

Cuckolding? Tastes terrible, causes anal devestation, something no sane person should ever want?

>> No.27194533

Ah well thanks for your input. My writing style in general is wordy so I don't know how much that'll change.

As far as the picture goes I will poke arouns for more aart but it was the only one to fit what I had in mind for her.

Anyway. Gave me a little to dwell on.

>> No.27194534

It works on every level except for the one where I like futa but not any fast food places.

Well, I like futa in theory at least. In practice most futa imagery isn't to my liking, but the problem isn't the so-called easy target of all the naughty bits on one person.

>> No.27194560

You don't like fast food in theory?

Because the theory is sound.

>> No.27194676

Did someone say bunny girls? Because I'm pretty sure someone said bunny girls.

>> No.27194722

Futa is fine when it's cute. Big ol' futas with GG boobs and a horsecock ain't my thing but when it's cute it's cute.

>> No.27194835

>need money
>see job in paper
>magician's apprentice
>must be female
>they can't demand that!
>apply anyway
>interview goes well
>female thing isn't brought up
>week goes by
>no contact
>phone call
>got the job!
>turn up on the big night
>told to change into uniform
>bunny ears
>one-piece outfit
>I'm not wearing this!
>told I have to
>I won't!
>but I need the money...
>tell them it doesn't fit
>told the magician will sort that
>feel foreboding
>put it on anyway
>too tight!
>big gap in the front for boobs!
>knew it
>told to see the magician anyway
>knock at magician's door

>> No.27194893

>Be GM of Shadowrun ERP group
>Off-session RP
>Have vampire otaku shut-in sitting on my lap while watching the trideo screen
>Said Tomoko okatu wearing nothing but an oversized T-shirt, me boxer shorts and a wife-beater
>Vampire otaku doing everything she can to telel me she wants the D, just like in her doujins
>Totally oblivious to this, play with her, but never go far
>Place her beside me after her giving me a dirty look from slapping her rear and go to bang the hot blonde elf chick nearby

...I swear, I honestly had not realized it. She at least got a good show.

>> No.27194916

She was wearing your boxers and you were spanking her, and you didn't know she wanted the D?

>> No.27194938

If this is going to end in another fucking futa I swear to moot I will sage your post and "rage" ineffectually.

>> No.27194970

I haven't written any more. It's meant to be a starting point for RP.

But futa wasn't the plan. See the post I was replying to for the end I had in mind.

>> No.27194979

So a busty bunnygirl huh? Sounds sexy.

>> No.27195004

Exactly. But >tfw no GM

>> No.27195017

If I weren't utterly burned out on GM'ing I would.

>MFW always the GM and never get to be GM'd.

>> No.27195049

I am friend with shoes, yeah she is a bit of an odd one. Got a deal with her and some of the other bitch breakers. Basically Shoes loves to make profiles which I play for a bitch breaker. Bitch breaker ruins the profile and I send the chat log to shoes. Kinda of a odd industry in F-list where I somehow ended up being a middle man.
All in all Shoes is harmless and rather friendly, don't be to rude to her as she is like all of us and just wants to get her rocks off. All be it in a strange way.

>> No.27195077

Post in a gamefinder, or make an F-list, or post fun scenarios on /tg/ then trick people into GMing for you when they reply. Use patience.

If you have an email I'll send you mine, so we can do something any time you feel less burned out. I'll be patient and don't worry if you never feel like it.

>> No.27195093

How does my profile look? Just a bit curious. http://www.f-list.net/c/beatrix%20cromwell/

>> No.27195140

Eh, too much effort for something that could be mediocre. I also dunno when I might have the interest/time to run something without being ran something in return.

>> No.27195168

I'd go there .

Hell even have an idea

>> No.27195172

Okay anon. Maybe next scenario.

>> No.27195181

>See the post I was replying to for the end I had in mind.
See the part of
>must be female
>female thing isn't brought up
Futa warning.

>> No.27195222

The end I intended was the one Anon here >>27194979 figured out.

>> No.27195225

Did a futa kill your dog or something. Calm down about futa.

>> No.27195229

Are you fucking dense about the plot line there anon? Holy shit you are a mouth breather.

>> No.27195276

I've stopped browsing /d/ because of all the fucking futa. It didn't kill my dog but it killed a fun board.
So male-to-bunny girl?

>> No.27195288

>MFW someone is this goddamn fucking dense.

>> No.27195304

This is going to sound really bitchy but goddamn the standard of conversation in the /tg/ chat on flist is just awful. So much >tfw no elf GF and /pol/ shit.

Not productive at all, just disappointing because these threads themselves are often polite and creative

>> No.27195314


A lot of people are like me and utterly hate RL reference images for characters. I love my anime girls.

>> No.27195317

I lurk in the Fchat room a lot and its pretty bad.

I wish I could find a decent pic for my (male) character but there are like no good fits.

>> No.27195319

/pol/?I haven't seen that much discussion of even anything remotely related to politics. I'm not sure when you're around man.

>> No.27195322

I have to ask when you are on, because the last few nights it's been solid RP

>> No.27195340


When it comes to male characters it gets a bit harder. Look up 'males' on any booru and its just full of girlyboy garbage.

>> No.27195351

Your probably gonna be stuck between bara and girlyboy if you're after animu. /tg/booru might have some decent fits (if you're lucky).

>> No.27195362

>it killed a fun board.
I would visit more if /d/ were split into two boards...

>So male-to-bunny girl?
Yup. Reluctant, costumed, magic trick playing, bunny girl.

>> No.27195364

An idea huh? Whatcha thinking about?

>> No.27195382

A /dd/ board would be useful. Extra 'd' for 'dick' obviously.

>> No.27195385


This is what i'll be going with for my priest I think... I hope its good.

>> No.27195485

Looks good, boyish without looking like a total fag.

>> No.27195505

Meant to be a priest in his young/mid 20's so I didn't want to go bara but he's not a femboy.

>> No.27195532

I agree, you've struck a good balance.

>> No.27195536

Fits the age group well then, look up Breatix Cromwell if you want to get something started.

>> No.27195546

Noted you!

>> No.27195550


As for 2nd poster (And anyone curious) Its for http://www.f-list.net/c/flynn%20tanner/ . If you wanna try and set something up, just look at that profile and send me a note. I'm heading to bed here now, but I am a pretty friendly guy ad the worst that'll happen is that i'll just say it doesn't interest me/what i'm looking for.

I really also love talking to people even if I don't have the same interests. I just like having some nice people to chat with.

>> No.27195586

As always, my profile: http://www.f-list.net/c/lesyamina/

>> No.27195615

Great profile there, lots of kinks and background to play with.

>> No.27195664


My thank you : ) I always get the nicest feedback here~

>> No.27195669


Which of you chucklefucks came up with that? It outright stinks!

>> No.27195683

No shit.

>> No.27195723

Oh hey I've seen you around. Always had glowing reveiws and I was a little too intimidated but it's nice to see you here too.

>> No.27195733

Hey, hey, no need to push it all out like that! I know you got shit on with the realm name, but at least keep it inside!

>> No.27195739

...And it's that moment you look up and see what appears to be an animated item of clothing as a serious character on f-list, and you seriously wonder what goes through people's minds when they write this stuff.


I have to admit, I laughed.

>> No.27195772

I...I have seen worse, an animated set of socks.

>> No.27195867


Don't feel intimidated, I am just antoher regular roleplayer :)

>> No.27195900

So hey, does anyone want my Brown Girls, Catgirls and/or Bunnygirls folder/s? The former has around 310 pics, Catgirls over 500 pics and Bunnygirls less then a hundred.

>> No.27195929

Don't dump it, if anything zip 'em up and post the links here.

>> No.27195930

Any luck?

>> No.27195956

I play women so I my intimidation was more with being out of line ffor what you're generally seeking

>> No.27195966

I should not type when it's 6 AM and I am tired.

>> No.27195972

Well... duh?

>> No.27195973


I got to talk to a few more people recently : )


Mhm, but that's not a problem at all! I often play scenes with other female characters :)

>> No.27195976

ooh, that sounds like fun.

>> No.27195983

Mayhaps I'll note you then. I've seen you around a few other places and everyone seems to adore you.

>> No.27195986

Shit nigger, I can't read your mind. People have done dumber things before.

>> No.27195991


Indeed~ Often I also do a sort of cross roleplay where both play their characters and we roleplay the monsters / attackers for each other :)

So, yes, please note me, don't let anything hold you back :)

>> No.27196004

> tfw fox girl transformation RP

>> No.27196048

Well I bookmarked you. Will probably send you something after some sleep!

>> No.27196052


Lovely : )

>> No.27196069

Do post a few though. Threads like these should always have entertaining imagery.

>> No.27196077

I can post some that are SFW

>> No.27196104

Mightb as well help!-

>> No.27196129

Is this going to happen?

I'd like for it to happen.


Have butts for your trouble.

>> No.27196137


>> No.27196139

So hey, what do you think?


>> No.27196141

The occasional pic or some dl links?

>> No.27196158

That's actually really refreshing.

>> No.27196167

Download links.

>> No.27196176

I'll show you my links

>> No.27196178

Any tips? I need all the help I can get.

>> No.27196191


>> No.27196195

I wish to be one of those two. Sounds like fun.

>> No.27196206

Shemale druids #1

>> No.27196216

Too be honest? It's a little sparse in terms of getting a person hooked. The kinks and self-description are fun.

>> No.27196225

>Age: 24
You're too fucking old, get out.

>> No.27196231

Yeah, that's good. Just don't go into too heady stuff.

I'll try finding some images with a little more impact myself. Alas, being the weirdo I am, I doubt others will find these images entertaining or even category-relevant. 's lonely in the niche section.

>> No.27196252

I would so hard.

>> No.27196268

grannies need loving, too

>> No.27196280

slugbox and whistlefrog? what are you doing on 4chan? go back to tumblr.

>> No.27196287

So what is this F-list thingy? It seems awfully... well... you know... yiffy, to my eyes.

It's not that I have room to criticize, it's just my old-fashioned 4channer sensibilities that make it seem somewhat strange.

>> No.27196309

It's awful. The people on it are awful. But it's handy to contact people with and play on and all that.

>> No.27196320

What, and miss out on their delicious art?

>> No.27196327

I find sticking to /tg/chat mitigates the sheer terribleness of some of the people on the site.

They'll still find you through the search functions unless you set yourself private. Some of them are alright. Others...

>> No.27196330

Does anyone have some stories to share?

>> No.27196334

I hate furry, myself. But it's a convenient, structured way to list your fetishes in a common language; a way to find and be found from a large pool of people, as well as a way to contact those people without exposing a real point of contact.

Other than that, yeah it's a shithole and I've never ventured into chat after the first time. It's irc for me, laddies.

>> No.27196338

Nobody's found my profile. That, or it terrifies them.

>> No.27196343


>> No.27196344

None that aren't explicitly and incredibly homosexual.[/sub]

>> No.27196354

Sharing those stories amounts to hard core porn in text form... I don't think that would be welcome on tg, even here in this thread.

>> No.27196379


It's probably not all that good. Did it in a rush for an ERP game that (big surprise) fell through.

>> No.27196380

Aww, but those are the best ones...

How about some story time before the hardcore smut?

>> No.27196385

No that is sick and gross. Girls shouldn't be older than 16 and boys shouldn't be older than 21, or it's just gross.

>> No.27196389


> Be ronery
> Goes on Magical Realm IRC channel
> Starts to advertise for a freeform scenario set in a popular MMO and based on an already existing smut comic, where a strange alien girl is roaming the starting zone and transform everyone that she fucks into lusty copies of her
> Only two people answer
> The start is going so and so as a sort of corny zombie movie parody, excepted with transformed horny girls
> One player drops, do my best to entertain the last remaining player
> losing my spaghettis due to not being a native english speaker
> finally gets to the end, player finally can't resist the horde anymore, gets into a huge gangbang and gets transformed too

> scenario end
> player was happy
> it's now a campaign that has been running or 9 months
> tfw we don't play much any more because of all the normal roleplaying and character development each session takes several hours

Feels okay

>> No.27196395

I don't know about that anon, but alot of my rps start with smut and end with smut (sometimes the same instance). Plot just advances (seemingly) effortlessly along the way.

>> No.27196402

Y halo thar, Yiffon. Proast moar.

>> No.27196403

That is the trap I never want to fall into. I have plenty of rp outlets. ERP is special to me, hard to arrange and impossible to subsitute. It must not be allowed to degrade into regular rp.

>> No.27196422


But smut without being story-driven is worthless to me. Otherwise i don't need roleplaying, I can look at drawing of naked chinese cartoon girls

>> No.27196424

You make it sounds as if the best erp wasn't 80% smut and only 20% economics, intrigue and heartache.

>> No.27196434

Why is that so?
Why start off with hot dickings?

I would, but I lost most of my images when my old computer crashed.

>> No.27196438

But the smut is the story, both the meat and the backbone of it. Sure, there are many ways to roast a pig, but in the end it's all meat.

Don't separate the two. You will be like trying to ride a bike while thinking too hard about 'left pedal', 'okay, now right pedal..." Just do a smooth continuous motion, man.

>> No.27196449

>Why start off with hot dickings?
Like the action sequence at the beginning of a Bond film, it serves to frame the story, set the tone, and cement in everyone's mind the reason we are all there.

Plus, erp is just more fun when you're wet right off the bat.

>> No.27196460


>> No.27196464

>My first bookmark.
Send me a note, so I can enjoy your kinks too~ <3

>> No.27196472


>> No.27196473

This. I also play pretty late, so I don't have the time most people have when they play.

>> No.27196486

>Nearly a week of half-day sessions
>Start off with dissolute prettyboy foreign aristocrat and shy female knight uncomfortable with her femininity being forced to travel together
>Sensing weakness, he starts teasing her relentlessly
>She is hopelessly awkward; flustered
>Sloppy makeouts
>Aristocrat goes in for the kill
>Spankings, dirty talk, denigration, interrupted-just-in-the-knick-of-time attempts at ass-fucking, and yet more spankings ensue
>They keep travelling
>Realize they actually really enjoy being with one another
>Knight gains confidence in her sensuality; starts asserting her own control in the relationship
>And then somewhere along the line it turns into butterfly kisses, hand-holding, and neck-nuzzling: the ERP

Where did it all go so right?

I have the best partner.

>> No.27196488

I hear you. Not all of us have an hour to find a person, 2 hours to prep, and 5 hours to cater to other people's fetishes. This actually happened to me. Never again.

The way I see it, the more orgasms per hour we can manage, the more likely everyone gets to have a good time before we have to break to accommodate everyone's schedules.

>> No.27196497

The more you know.

>> No.27196501

>spot the gypsy

>> No.27196522

If only everyone understood that.

One time I was playing a shota wizard and my monstergirl mistress just talked and had me clean her lair for 3 hours. This pretty much destroyed the whole thing and I was left with a bad aftertaste. A shame.

>> No.27196529

Did anyone look at that? Suggestions?

>> No.27196566

I can't really say anything until you start adding some character details in there. Right now it's just a list of fetishes and kinks with no context whatsoever.

>> No.27196570


Search for "elwinne" on google. You're welcome.

>> No.27196571


Have more than just a kink list.

>> No.27196578


I mean, you don't even have any custom kinks.

Whatever you had planned for this character, put it down already.

>> No.27196590

An essential splat book.

>> No.27196601

Personally, I prefer nymphomancy.

>> No.27196629


See >>27196570, since I somehow missed tagging you.

>> No.27196638


>> No.27196644

I found the Dark Heresy perils table!

Have a read.

>> No.27196645

Try sending one of the mods a note? Or if you're really that offended, you could always start your own /tg/ room. With blackjack. And hookers.

>> No.27196660

Oh, you dirty, dirty racist Europoor.

That was funny as hell.

>> No.27196694

It's like you people cannot into porn logic. Or basic highschool improv, for that matter. Establish a character quickly through their initial actions. Details like whether she grew up in Batton Rouge or Forth Worth doesn't matter, unless you bring it in to play in character. And that's the surprise of watching a scene unfold, while participating in its creation, the result of a back-and-forth between you and someone you just met.

Partners' kinks are good to have in your back pocket only so that you avoid the big no-nos and make sure you nail down enough major chords - the one's that work best for both of you - to get your times' worth out of the gig.

>> No.27196715

I gotta say I agree with this anon to a large extent. Flexibility in your past as well as your future often has you going off in unexpected directions. Another big source of enjoyment for me is seeing the vision of the other's character form in my mind based on physical description, kinks, and writing alone.

>> No.27196718

THANK you.

>> No.27196748

What are your kinks and what do you usually/prefer to RP?

>> No.27196752

Okay, we seem to have hit it off pretty gudd. Wanna fuck? - I mean, can you link your profile?

>> No.27196756

We've had this debate more than once before in these threads. Give at least a basic character sketch then improvise and ad-lib it as much as you have to in order to fit the scene. By all means, no, do not hammer out every little aspect of the character down to the last detail; that's shoehorning and more of a straitjacket than a blessing.

But first you've got to provide that basic template to prove to your partners that, yes, you are actually capable of putting that basic amount of thought and characterization forward. Give your partners some ideas, some *hooks* to engage with you.

>> No.27196770

I wonder what would be a good system for wrasslan'. I've been looking at Song of Swords, but that's... well... limbo-bound, it seems.

>> No.27196774

Kinks? Preference? I don't know, those are hard questions. I do end up playing a fair number of monstergirls on request, and a lot of vanilla with interesting undertones. Add in a bit of pseudo-rape once in a while and a whole lot of hyper-sluttiness, and it's everying I enjoy but can't won't do irl.

>> No.27196780

Will the ERP community forgive me if I decide all that after I've done a few more sessions?

>> No.27196804


Okay.. so then what was the point of asking the thread about the profile then?

"Oh hey, are my kinks good enough so I can just go ahead and be lazy?"

I get it. I know where you're coming from, but the guy who made that profile - which has now been deleted - was talking about how nobody has found or interacted with his profile. He made it for an ERP game he has going to play in, so he already had somewhat of a concept as well so that whole shit you just went on about isn't exactly relevant. He asked for suggestions, you know, so what the hell were we supposed to do and say? Seriously.

>> No.27196812

Is there still spanking?

>> No.27196825

>Kinks? Preference?
Well yeah, what do you like? Do you like BDSM, monsters, romance, impregnation, anal, etc. Do you have an f-list for instance?

>> No.27196829

No-one will mind! You might not get a good response to begin with, but that shouldn't be a major issue if you make things more thoroughly afterwards.

>> No.27196849

Hey guys

How do I make anal not annoying because of preparations

>> No.27196860

It's ERP, every asshole is magically squeaky clean exactly when you need it to be.

>> No.27196864

I generally just go for 'natural' lube with girls, and/or make lubing up part of the foreplay. Things like enemas and that can stay in the background, since if you like anal, I assume you know how to take care of your ass.

>> No.27196865

By learning to accept the fact that sometimes, there really will be an oncoming train in the tunnel.

>> No.27196871


>> No.27196873


What about outside of ERP?

>> No.27196886

Use a polyp of anal cleansing.

>> No.27196906


>> No.27196923

It's sort of taken a bit of a lull right now due to awkward character-drama-related reasons, but yes, the promise of it is still there. And it will make a glorious return. Oh yes. The most lovingly tender full-force spankings imaginable, coupled with all sorts of sweet, affectionate slanders against the knight's most un-knightly bedroom conduct and preferences.

It's kind of a weird relationship, when you think about it.

>> No.27196925

Then it's not within the remits of this thread.

Unless you're LARPing.

>> No.27196931

Do it in a bath or something like that.

>> No.27196932

>Oh yes. The most lovingly tender full-force spankings imaginable, coupled with all sorts of sweet, affectionate slanders against the knight's most un-knightly bedroom conduct and preferences.
Excellent. Loving, tender spanking complete with teasing is best spanking.

>> No.27196971

If you can find partners who are willing to work through that with you, then by all means, do what you will. Isn't that the important part? So long as the people you're doing scenes with are okay with it, then don't even worry about 'propriety' and 'standards'.

Just don't be surprised if you meet some hostility should you decide to fish around a bit.

>> No.27196976

Jam it in and then when you finish wipe it in their hair and talk about the smell

>> No.27197050

Who would like to cuddle a shemale tiefling and/or a yandere robot?

May or may not end in loving foreplay.

>> No.27197073

Yandere robot? Tell me more.

>> No.27197180


Let the profile tell you!

>> No.27197218

Do you enjoy /ss/ ?

>> No.27197229


>Orientation: Pansexual

Lol no dropped.

>> No.27197238

Ah, fuck off you wanker. It's a fucking robot.

>> No.27197250


I shall not.

It's a stupid term.

>> No.27197253


If it's a robot, its sexuality should be binary

>> No.27197293

Of course I do!

Your loss if you're so petty that you won't RP with someone over that.

>> No.27197300


It says tons.

>> No.27197302

It's actually kind of really applicable in a world with monsters and furries and robots and sentient sweaters and shit.

It's dumb as fuck in real life, though, yes.

>> No.27197314


I guess you're right

>> No.27197319

Good. I shall send you an invite on F-list, and we will talk later, probably in the night. Is that ok?

>> No.27197323

And it says a lot about you as a person if one term, that is completely acceptable in an environment where gender is a really weird concept, prevents you from even trying to talk to someone.

It says you're an asshole and I wouldn't wanna RP with you anyway.

>> No.27197329

Sure! I accepted your invite. Looking forward to it.

>> No.27197335


Way to be offensive.

>> No.27197341

So how does /tg/ feel about female characters with "Bisexual - female preference" on them? I've heard some people bitch that it's a bad sign, but no idea why.

>> No.27197343

Lesbians are horrible and boring. Fuck 'em.

>> No.27197350

>This is immediately apparent once a panel on her forearm slides away and she pulls a small rod out that extends into a bat'leth.





If you're going to use a weird weapon, don't use a bat'leth. Even wielded by a crazy womanbot it's going to cause more harm by laughter than any cutting movement.

Get a progressive knife box-cutter, instead. Women with box-cutters are much more realistically scary as it's not unheard of for one to be around the house, they can do a lot of superficial damage and pain and disabling while leaving the target alive, and the fact that it's buzzing like crazy is both much more sci-fi and I'm sure you can do something with a knife that buzzes and vibrates.

>> No.27197353


That doesn't mean 'lesbian'

>> No.27197362

It's supposed to be really silly. Someone recommended it to me when I asked "what's some really absurd weapon I can give this character" but I might wanna rethink that.

>> No.27197364


There's some people that write themselves up like that to appear more tolerant but actually just play with females.

There's soooo many characters that judging just by that would be dumb though.

>> No.27197376

>MFW I have that as my preference on a male character
I like the tits and vag, but sometimes you just gotta break open a cute little femboi's ass, you know? That"s not gay, it's smart.

>> No.27197409

The issue with the Bat'leth is it;s incredibly ceremonial and intended for Klingon honour duels. There are connotations to the weapon that make using it more confusing than funny.

>> No.27197424

A man's path of wisdom. If a trap presents itself, it is a man's way to forcefully break through.

>> No.27197468

Then please, oh mighty anon of weaponry wisdom, suggest something extremely silly but still at least mildly practical.

>> No.27197484

Aluminum whiffle bat.

>> No.27197491


>> No.27197494


A gunblade

>> No.27197501

A golf club. A slave obeys

>> No.27197503

Spiked iron dildo.

Kanabo are one hell of a weapon.

>> No.27197510

Would you kindly shove that club his rear?

>> No.27197512

a telescoping bar mace.

>> No.27197524

Maybe she wanted to "KAH PLAH!" your "ROOH TOOK!"?

>> No.27197536

I actually kinda like the idea of this one. Might go with this.

>> No.27197542

A cane. Not a sword cane, or a gun canr. Just a cane that happens to be several feet of weighted wood. Whether you go old person, classy, or vaudeville for style is up to you. I recommend vaudeville. All dat twirling.

>> No.27197564

Boxing gloves? :3

>> No.27197584


I find this extremely erotic.

>> No.27197590

>still no IRC in the OP

What's the ooc one?

>> No.27197597


They can be pretty fun to use...

>> No.27197617

If you strap and lock them on, it's great. Then tease her with a vibe inside her with the wire taped down so she can't scrape it out. Set just low enough that she can't get enough stimulation.

And watch her struggle and writhe with those gloves preventing her from playing with herself properly.

>> No.27197636

I like this idea, I like it alot.

>> No.27197659

Its a fun little form of bondage. You don't have to handcuff someone to render their hands helpless. Other things like predicament bondage can work, as well as more horrifying plans. But simple thick stubby gloves can work great.

>> No.27197678

Now I have an urge to see if shiniez has uploaded anything new.

>> No.27197728

I recently denied someone that wanted to be my partner.

I told the person that I didn't want anyone that refuses to find a character portrait. When the person finally grudgingly found one, I said no again because it didn't meet my quality standards. The person proceeded to call me a cunt for even asking for this, and I then blocked the player.

I can understand people not wanting to use character portraits. Honestly, I can.

However. Those who feel this way. Why must they feel the need to contact people who make it EXTREMELY clear that they want portraits that they LIKE on their profile? Why would people blatantly contact another intending to ignore a very clear rule? Are these people just retarded? Just asking.

>> No.27197745

Just FYI, you sound like a cunt.

>> No.27197754

"It's just a [thing you would prefer], anon, why you gotta be so anal over [thing]? It doesn't matter to me, why should it matter to you?"

>> No.27197755



>> No.27197773

He has.

>> No.27197775

I understand your point completely, but you're coming off like a complete cunty shithead in this post.

>> No.27197781


I'd ask why, but


Has reassured me that I'm justified in having personal standards and you're likely just someone like the person I denied and spiteful.

>> No.27197810

Admittedly, you sound like a cunt.

Don't get me wrong, you're more than welcome to decline people for whatever reason you want and demanding character art is perfectly valid. But I'm saying that you coming here to validate yourself over declining someone makes you seem like a big cunt.

>> No.27197815

Dumb of him for even contacting you.
Cunty of you for making him do a thing and then blow him away anyway.

>> No.27197834



No. It was more simple curiosity to hear why people are like this. The only thing that even remotely wanted to make me try to justify myself was someone saying "Oh yeah, you TOTALLY sound like a cunt"

But a following post made me shake that off.

So, honestly. Just tell me this. WHY do people feel the need to hit up people with the intention to ignore very clear rules, even if they find them arbitrary? That is what I want to talk about. Can we please talk about that?

>> No.27197847


>>WHY do people feel the need to hit up people with the intention to ignore very clear rules, even if they find them arbitrary?

Expectation that they may be able to break the rules and be an exception to the rule.

>> No.27197849

>I can't be wrong or rude, so people must hate me for telling it how it is!
This is how you sound right now. Spiteful? I could not give less of a shit about you or your standards. It's just that, you know. You sound like a cunt.

>> No.27197850

I think I'd rather call you a cunt some more.

>> No.27197877

>So, honestly. Just tell me this. WHY do people feel the need to hit up people with the intention to ignore very clear rules, even if they find them arbitrary? That is what I want to talk about. Can we please talk about that?

Oh, that's simple.
Sometimes they're stupid, and don't bother to read people's profiles and often just skim it. (One of the funniest I had - I have a custom kink that says expressly in what way I want to play that kink. The person approached with the complete opposite.)

Other times, they're jerks. They think the rules don't or shouldn't apply to them.

>> No.27197902


Got more images like that? My fetish...

>> No.27197930



>> No.27197935

I'll link ya the main stuff.

I came for the boobs, stayed for the plot.

>> No.27198000


That makes sense. Well, everyone else just seems to want to find something easy to bandwagon hate on, or maybe are just like these people and rage at anyone that doesn't tolerate their bullshit, so I think I'll just leave early tonight.

And from now on, not even bother trying to reason with certain people and instead just link them this image before ignoring them.

Cunts. Not even once.

>> No.27198077

ey sxy gurl, wan som fuk?

>> No.27198098

>Thank you two that agreed with me. Surely I'm alright and correct even if these dozen are calling me a cunty cunty cunt.

>> No.27198125


>ends up on the most cunty note

What is your problem?

>> No.27198155

So now that threads more active than last night....


Fairy looking for another fairy to have funtimes with, scene would be pretty much be from Bondage Fairies, light bdsm, ovioposition, delicious all around. Or just someone who wants to capture, tie up and use a q-tip, or other small instrument, to turn me into a gibbering mess.

>> No.27198166

>Letting people they're going into the trash
You know what, it's mean spirited...

But I like the fact that you're doing it. Being a bitch about it is better than just no reply ever.

>> No.27198172

So wait, how the fuck do I join the /tg/ chat? When I do /join it tells me there is no channel and /tg/chat doesn't show up /channels either.

>> No.27198178

>Sweet sweet vaginal sex

>> No.27198180


If you were extremely stretchy, I'd love to catch a fairy and use her as an ona hole.

Just jam it in.

>> No.27198186

So you're going to kill yourself?

You know, since you're a cunt and all.

>> No.27198193

I am guilty of occasionally skimming and fucking up like that.

Usually I look at the custom tags first but every dozen or so profiles I have a special moment.

All I can do then is try to be polite and apologize for wasting someone's time.

That said
You have every right to deny a person RP for any reason you like. You also have a right to ask dumb questions and be kind of obnoxious.

Don't be surprised if people express dislike for you when you act obnoxious and ask dumb questions.

Ask a stupid question...

>> No.27198199

For one thing, it's "/tg/ chat", not "/tg/chat"

>> No.27198208


Well shit there's no space in the OP.

>> No.27198225

Select channels.

There are 3 buttons. One of them is marked private. Click the private button. "Ctrl+F /tg/" and you should find the chat immedietly.

>> No.27198233

OP is a faggot who fucked up, as is law on the chans, I guess.

>> No.27198249


How lewd.


Where there's a will, there's a way!

>> No.27198266

No I was really asking...I've always liked the idea of a lewd little fairy, but my desire to fuck her cute little ass overwhelms me

>> No.27198267

As the guy who was >>27197754
that doesn't mean you don't sound rather whiny at the moment.

>> No.27198289


But... it's just too big. I-I don't know of I can handle something like that.... I've never tried before.

>> No.27198327

Shh, learning is part of the fun don't you think? Besides, how can one resist those shaking hips of yours.

>> No.27198364


Your whole body taking the shape of my dick, what's not to like?

>> No.27198414

I bet I could fit my whole fist into you since I'm also a fairy

>> No.27198450


Do YOU want my whole dick inside you? I am not a fairy.

>> No.27198473

Send me a note then~ I would love to have fun with another fairy.


You guys are so lewd.... It's not like I want to take the shape of your dick while you use me like a living ona hole....

>> No.27198479


>> No.27198508

>It's not like I want to take the shape of your dick while you use me like a living ona hole....

If you say so!

>> No.27198536

>No one wants to perform maintenance on my robogirl

>> No.27198539

Only if you want my fairy magic-!
Ah, I'll have to make an F-list first, but, I'll see what I can do!

>> No.27198543


>> No.27198549 [DELETED] 

So these threads are a pisspoor excuse to spam borderline porn. Why aren't you all banned yet?

>> No.27198574

>Only if you want my fairy magic-!

What would that entail?

>> No.27198578


You should. I've been looking for another fairy to play with, but can't find any.

And no one human wants to tie me up and leave me a gibbering mess as they toy with me~

>> No.27198581

My, you're one to talk about lewd. You poor dear, having to be speared on such a big cock must be so rough for you~

>> No.27198625


It is.... But my little body is used to being stretched. It has to be when I let my dragonfly friends fill me up with their eggs.

>> No.27198632


Come on, I want some details.

>> No.27198636



Oh my god my dick.

>> No.27198639

I'll have to admit, I hadn't really considered that. Let's just pencil that in as if it were "your greatest desire granted to you bya malicious genie"

>> No.27198656


Well, right now my greatest desire is to use you like a living little fucktoy.

>> No.27198664


There is a reason I continue Keryin my dragonfly friends fill me with their eggs~

I love the feeling of being stuffed and filled, each little egg adding more and more pleasure into my into my little body~

>> No.27198677



Tell me how it fills to lay them, please?

>> No.27198683


I'm on my phone, that was supposed to be carrying.

>> No.27198686

Oh, uh, work in progress character. Sorry.

>> No.27198723


Making me say such lewd things in front of everyone~

You are the lewd one.

And it feels amazing, squeezing and working my muscles as my hands push on my distended stomach, helping move the eggs out. Pushing each from my little body, stretching myself a little as they slip out in a sticky mess to pile between my shaking legs.

>> No.27198727

Your loss.

>> No.27198785 [DELETED] 

Enjoy your new penis! I magiced it out of the old one and my form.

>> No.27198805

This really, really makes me want to make an absolutely loyal robogirl willing to do anything for her owner, who wants to see what it's like to be alive with the help of her owner~

Oh gosh it'd be so cute!

>> No.27198987

I just got fired, asshole! This is supposed to be a blue board! You can't just go and post uncensored, erect pixies on a blue board!

>> No.27198998

I just got promoted!

>> No.27199064


Wow, I'm not even usually into futa, but you're practically inviting me to remold her into something else, which is totally my thing.

Would you mind if I sent you a Note?

>> No.27199176

Whoops, should have checked more carefully for various organs exposed. Ah well, can't seem to delete it, either.

>> No.27199217 [DELETED] 

>tfw you will never have a cute, petite catgirl with an infectiously bubbly personality

>> No.27199243

I would like to make a wholly scientific inquiry into the means and measures required to break down a fairy's mind via orgasmic pleasure.

This is not a lewd scenario. This is important scientific inquiry,

>> No.27199322


There are multiple ways to go about this.

Step 1: Acquire fairy.
Step 2: Tie fairy up.
Step 3: Apply lubed up q-tip to erogenous zones.
Step 4: Repeat.
Step 5: Repeat.
Steps 6-22: Repeat.
Step 23: Acquire gibbering mess.

>> No.27199334

Yup, confirmed. This thread and its stinking ilk are just excuses to spam porn on a SFW board. GTFO, /tg/ doesn't need you.

>But anon, /tg/ is /d/ lite!

No, it isn't. Anyone saying that should GTFO before there's another crackdown.

>> No.27199347

These fairy tards really do need to wrap it up.

>> No.27199422

What if we don't want to GTFO?

>> No.27199492

>Treating worksafe as a sacred installment
Look, I'll agree this thread is borderline, but let's not act like worksafe has ever meant much in /tg/.

After all, that's where PROMOTIONS came from

>> No.27199599

Yeah, but let's not push our luck here, ok. It's just common sense, these threads are already on the edge of the knife as it is.

>> No.27199677

>leave me a gibbering mess
You people need to stop playing with my biggest fetish.

>> No.27199696

Make us~

>> No.27199708

But I can't. If I made you, then I'd be playing into it. But if I didn't, you'd still be playing with it.

I cannot win here.

>> No.27199759


Then turn me into a gibbering mess.


All this interest and not one note....

Making me sad.

>> No.27199761

Q-Tips are a tried and true method. But what if I've developed a plant that feeds on fairy nectar? Is it dangerous to allow the plant to pleasure the fairy? And if so when does the danger kick in?

How about oviposition, what species are best servedby using fairies as incubators?

Finally while q-tips have their place I need to develop tools that will bring a fairy to climax quicker.

These are questions that need answers and technologies that need to be developed. I can only do that with a fresh supply of fairies. My old ones are far to receptive to be of any use when it comes to detemirning how these processes work on wild fairies.

>> No.27199820


Send my f-list a note. People apparently don't want us talking about it in the thread.

>> No.27199877

Unfortunately, I don't have an F-List, and you have no other contact information listed from what I can see.

>> No.27199923


Then make one~

Normally I would be in irc, but I've given up on that place.

>> No.27199950

I'll get around to it eventually. I don't really like the whole preexisting-character thing, and as I understand it more general, multipurpose profiles are frowned upon.

Still, there are enough people I've wanted to get into contact with who only list an F-List that I'll probably end up doing it at some point.

At the moment I'm ill, and as a result not clearheaded enough to write good smut anyway.

>> No.27200173


pls respond

>> No.27200203


Rizon #1001Lewd_Nights ?

Not sure if there was an OOC one.

>> No.27200214


>> No.27200219

don't know the ooc one. The normal one is 1001_Led_Nights,

>> No.27200223


Yeah something ooc with lewd nights... I think.

>> No.27200264

>tfw waiting for your partner to get on

>> No.27200298

I know that feel, friend.

>> No.27200331


That feel is never a good one.

>> No.27200370

Its a little annoying. I don't want to come across as clingy or something, but damnit I want them to get on.

>> No.27200579

This place stinks, move on


>> No.27200605

There you go~ A note-!

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