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Your the last man alive on earth. You do not know what happened to everyone, you just woke up to find that everyone everywhere is gone. What would you do in such an event? How would you survive the beginning? Things to consider

>Caged animals are trapped but all animals are alive
>Power and internet are on for only 5 days until you'll have to use generators / batteries
>Everything is still on
>Gasoline from gas stations and cars will go bad after a year
>Bodies are as rare as finding a 5 dollar bill on the street, these bodies do not rot and the feet / shoes are away burnt "which is a huge hint on the happening"

I'm starting an RP / Table top hybred about every single human "except a handful" simply disappeared from the face of the earth. I can use some more ideas so i can know what my RPers might do. Thanks.

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Sorta rapture-esqe?

Within a few short days every city thing would go to shit.

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Step one: print relevant information off of internet to satisfy curiosity. Unless whatever happened was EXTREMELY sudden, somebody on twitter or something should have written some stuff that gives an idea of what happened.

Step two, find a library. Having a source of information on how to do things and what to do in certain cases can prove useful. Having that source last after the internet goes down, even moreso.

Step 3: Procure food: There's enough food and supplies out there to supply most of the world, there's probably enough to last you the rest of your life, or at least until you get acclimated to living in the wild.

There. Barring hostile creatures, that should be enough to last.

Other things of note:
Bicycles for transportation/solar powered vehicles: It'll beat having to run everywhere after gas gives.
Get Fit: Cause you won't have much else to do, and it'll probably help your chances of survival

And without any sort of external factors that hinder it, such as other people or hostile creatures, surviving should be easy (As long as you don't get stupid).

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Begin reconstructing a half human half animal soceity. We will rebuild and we will be kinking

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Yes, you CAN survive, but what's the point?

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I'm not sure if that's a typo or not...

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Same points some people have in regular ol non-rapture life. Have fun, learn stuff, explore, whatever. Goals and "the point" are inherently human constructions. As long as you keep surviving, you can make those for yourself.

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The only people I love would probably be gone, and I could no longer continue my frail grasp on existence.

Commit seppuku.

This answer isn't at all helpful, I'm sorry.

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Yeah it was on auto correct I meant to say kinkier

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>Power and internet are on for only 5 days until you'll have to use generators / batteries

No they wouldn't some infrastructure systems could last a couple months while others would last a very long time. Solar, wind, hydro power. Sure coal and nuclear plants will shut down but green tech will chug a long for a long time. At least until they wear out but it sure as shit wont be 5 days.

>Gasoline from gas stations and cars will go bad after a year

No they won't. Cars especially can run for fucking ages. And in this setting I can make gas last for ages with stable that I now have from pilfering local shops and the like. So gas will last quite awhile.

Plus why arent you running a diesel setup? Like what the fuck?

>Caged animals are trapped but all are still alive.

Those caged animals will more than likely die of starvation without their precious human handlers. Their cages turn that were once their homes turn into prisons and they starve to death and waste away.

You're setting is fucking shit.

The only thing you have to worry about is insanity and accidents that harm you and you can't mend yourself. Oh and sickness.

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I'd really want it to snow

I love being lonely in snow

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Have fun and learn stuff? To what point? Are you going to learn Japanese? To speak to all the non-existant Japanese people?

>Goals and "the point are inherently human constructs.

Listen to yourself, jackass. Guess who needs a reason to survive? Humans. Unless your players are playing dogs, the fact that there isn't enough people left in the world to start a new non-horrifically inbred society means suicide is pretty much the best option.

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I have not seen it, but in the event that you have not I'd recommend that you check this series out. It paints an interesting hypothetical of what would happen to the world if everyone disappeared.


I have some speculation which I would be happy to share with you, but how factual it is, I cannot attest for.

I think that the sewage would overflow into the city streets after people weren't there to take care of the sewage treatment plants ext. It would cause a lot of algae or moss to grow, then if the city got cold during the winter, fugus and mold might be the dominate plant life after some years.

Also, nuclear fallout from all of the reactors would be disastrous the world over, it could cause some severe

Id be interested in how desertification in Africa / the Middle East might be effected if people left. It might be halted as plant life grows, or it might get worse without people there to prevent the process.

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I'd probably raid police station for weapons, set up in some store/small library/nice house, hoard food and random supplies, do some dumb shit for entertainment then fall into despair within a week or two, paint a message on some wall or roof and suicide.

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I seen'd what happened to fucken Robert Neville in I Am Legumd

I'd almost rather have the rape-bandits from Book of Eli, Christ

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Eh, Eventually I'd die and that'd be the end of things, but I can at least think of enough things to keep me entertained in the meantime.

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Feral animals will become an issue very quickly, so I'd arm myself with weapons that require very little maintenance. Given that I'm from a nogunz country I'd probably default to to blades, clubs and maces until I picked up.

As for a hook, have a radio transmission or something that the players can pick up and trace.

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>No they wouldn't some infrastructure systems could last a couple months while others would last a very long time. Solar, wind, hydro power. Sure coal and nuclear plants will shut down but green tech will chug a long for a long time. At least until they wear out but it sure as shit wont be 5 days.
Well.. yea. Power for neighborhoods and generally everywhere else will go with nobody to maintain it. Hospitals / police stations have generators but those will burn out eventually. I didn't say you couldn't use Green tec, so long as you can salvage it.

>No they won't. Cars especially can run for fucking ages. And in this setting I can make gas last for ages with stable that I now have from pilfering local shops and the like. So gas will last quite awhile. Plus why arent you running a diesel setup? Like what the fuck?

I didn't make it clear so my bad, everything is on still as if everyone left in a moment. Cars are still on, lights, video games, computers. Also If you know how to make gasoline last loner then go for it.

>You're setting is fucking shit.
Why is there always 1 guy getting rustled for no reason in every thread lol, did you fall off your dinosaur or something?

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>Bodies are as rare as finding a 5 dollar bill on the street, these bodies do not rot and the feet / shoes are away burnt "which is a huge hint on the happening"

Everyone died because the floor was made of lava?

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Poor, poor soul. Which nogun country?

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Unless there is some sort of conflict in your setting (like, other survivors that want something or something going along the "happening"), your setting feels empty. If all your players want the same thing (survive in an empty world), it will just turn into a "empty city playground", or territory war if you are lucky.

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Noooo... your the only person alive. Now hard is that to comprehend?

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Britbongistan. I had a rifle for a while but it was such a fucking effort to get and keep that after moving abroad and coming back I really just can't be arsed to do it again

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Your setting is shit because there isn't really anything to DO in it. Or any purpose to it. It's hopeless

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But the vampiers are beests

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I'm not rustled but if you're gonna make a post apoc setting have it be logical you asshat.

It's dark it's dreary and if you're the only man left on the planet. Believe it or not if you don't slide into insanity, get sick, or fuck up and get really hurt you could lead a pretty nice life actually.

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I suppose the point would be to discover WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED. There ought to be hints lying around, right?... Right?

There might be a problem if the players don't want to find out the reason why, but then it's the same sorta problem as when your players don't want to explore haunted places in CoC game.

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brb, writing that down

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Assuming you meant you live on the island of Great Britain, are there even any feral animals there anymore? Sure you would have to worry about dogs once they become feral, but anything else?

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No, i'm sorry it doesn't make sense with that little bit of information, its a huge hint once your in the Rp. I know 1 of my RPers is on /TG/ regularly so i won't say how i'll fit into the story, but trust me its one of those "holy shit" moments.

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>but then it's the same sorta problem as when your players don't want to explore haunted places in CoC game.
What happened will hunt them down instead?

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Because average survivor is probably not a scientist. Something that takes away everyone all at once is certainly strange, but it's not something average joe would know what to do about.

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Oh, god, feral pigs would be horrifying. Those fuckers will eat anything.

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>these bodies do not rot
Are they safe to touch? If they are and don't rot, I would gather the decent-looking females and learn to like necrophilia. /loneliness

As for >except a handful
This always pisses me off. Why can't it ever be the last person on earth, as in you are ALL that's left?

>Gasoline from gas stations and cars will go bad after a year
Diesel, ftw. Lasts longer, and I can run veggie oil and shit through it in a pinch if I need to.

>Step one: print relevant information off of internet
This. All of the survival shit I could find, and print it all out. i would get guns and ammo out the ass, and then go to the zoo and let out all of the herbivores that could breed and provide tasty meat. Anything that will be dangerous to me is gonna die.

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Not that guy but dude, your rustled lol. Appearently rustled for no good reason too. Get off OPs cock and contribute to the thread.

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Right, you must put the accent on the mystery, involve your players into finding what happened. The reason CoC has so many investigators dying in haunted places is because the whole game is turning toward this. Your setting sounds like an open sandbox and the mystery is just a part of it. Unless there are immediate clues, players will just figure this is a survival and will build forts and wait for hordes of zombies that will never come.

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My reason to survive is to survive, simple as that. People who immediately jump to "I HAVE TO KILL MYSELF" when they have no one to listen to their inane bullshit are idiots. Sure, I enjoy contact and communication with other people, but I'm not about to end my life and hence, any chance of experiencing anything ever again just because. And there's always a chance of other people having survived, so I can also survive for the sake of meeting up with them. Even if no one else did, how am I supposed to know that? As far as I know, there could be others.

Now please, go back to your Linkin Park and edgy cutting.

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This situation you are by yourself, the group thing is only for the RP.

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His setting appears to have no conflict. Survival isn't a plausible goal, because there is no hope of escape.

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Probably the first thing would be to get a radio, rig up speakers in town, broadcast a meeting location. It'd be an intermediate location, somewhere where I can watch without revealing myself in case of hostiles. Gather people together, weed out the unstable ones, slowly reform society.

Second would be to work on growing food via gardening, scavenging would only last so long. Maintaining a food and water supply would certainly become a number one priority in short order.

Weapons are always a third, you hope you never have to use them, but you need them in case. Might always makes right.

Last, gathering knowledge on different topics, such as medicine and science, would be important.

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Im saying for role pays sake have it be fucking realistic.

OP has come up with a shit setting.

What is there honestly to do besides posting up and just living and surviving?

Oh wait there isnt any reason but to do that.

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Yeah, but your average adventurer wants to know about what caused the end of the world.

There's "a handful" of people left because it's a tabletop group.

Obvious plot-drivers:
>What the hell HAPPENED to everybody?
>Where did all the bodies go?
>Are there any other survivors?
>Hints of somewhere where enough people survive to found a new society
>Character's last life-long dream, which they're still searching for to find a purpose in their newly empty life

You need some big overarching GOAL, or else there's nothing for your players to DO but angst and mope.

Throw in some survival elements- food, water, shelter, not being killed- in between searching for these things - and you have gold.

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Why? You'll be lonely and insane. Like a shipwreck victim, except without the hope of a passing ship to rescue you.

Plus no pussy. Except sheep.

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It sounds like it'd play like a mystery to me. Discover what the hell is going on, interact with other humans, very RP like.

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According to him, there aren't any other humans.

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I dunno, could work. It worked for Myst.

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Trust me i have all this taken care of in a clever way i might ad. There is an overall goal but if i were to telk there might be unintentional Meta gaming. The only thing i'm asking in this thread is

>"What would you do if your the last man on earth?"

thats all, thank for your advice and all, i really do appreciate it.

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If you're going to have other fucking humans in this setting then these are the rules for post apoc.

>Keep shit dour
>Rescources as currency
>The preciousness of bullets
>HE/SHE who has clean water is god
>Can never trust other human beings
>Raiders are a thing and they will fuck you up.
>Religion is a tool to gain power.
>feral animals are an issue
>He who had a useable trade before the fall is the most desirable.
>A farmer is worth their weight in bullets, beans, and diesel.

Oh and give the players hope like a radio broadcast. And let them know they wont be the only ones drawn to it.

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Who the fuck cares, I want to know your reason for this "rapture".

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Lonely does not equal insane, and the loneliness would only motivate me to keep going.

Let's run through this. I wake up, there's nobody around me, and everything is deserted. My first thought is going to be "Where the fuck is everyone"

So, I start out. Now, there may not be any other survivors. But the thing is, I have no way of knowing that, except for living as long as I possibly can and wandering around searching for them. "But that's insane!" No more so then the scientist who studies theoretical physics knowing that it's highly unlikely they'll ever discover something unusual or solve a major problem in the entirety of their career, or the artist who seeks to make his magnum opus. An unreachable goal that people strive for is more common then you think.

"But what if you somehow miraculously know that there's no one else". Well, how did that knowledge get in my head? Now I have a new purpose; find out how the fuck the knowledge got into my head. I search databases, books, recordings, anything to find clues. Once again, I have a purpose.

"Ok, then an angel descends from the heavens and tells you that everyone is dead because fuck them." Then why was I left alive, and what the fuck did the angel have to do with this? Now I have two raison de etre, getting fit/find a weapon to kill an angel in revenge, and/or figure out why I was the only one spared.

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Then why isn't anything else lava?

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OK yeah. You are going to need to rain some police station for guns or you will die from fucking evil pigs.

Fucking pigs man... fucking pigs.

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Then why are pets still alive?

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First order of business would be to go to the local zoo, see a turtle I like and take him with me.
Shit gets lonely, Dogs die after 10 years, turtles will most likely outlive you.

Probably set up near the outskirts of town, nearby forest has food'a plenty and I'd probably be able to set up a greenhouse in a few days for any other plants I'd need. I'd pillage the stores in town and set up all the cans and pickles in a storage room. Preferrably underground, basement, Fritzl's summerhome, Sheogorath's Cheese Cave. Something along those lines.
Hunting deer and small game wouldn't be hard. I'd rather eat fresh meat as to not run out of rations. That, and it tastes better.

I've got a few recipes for explosives in my black book, along some sketches of traps and animal prints.

Well, what is else is there to do? I'd probably go insane after a few months of talking to my turtle. I'd probably have two more animals at my place, though.
Winter cometh and I'd still probably get some rabbits and maybe a deer or two. Fat would be scarce so I'd have to chow on canned stuff too.

Unless there's some strange twist to it all, it's just a cat and mouse type of thing with food and sanity, seeing as though electricity really isn't needed when you're ONE person.
Kinda makes it... stupid.

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It's quite a mystery, this is the only aspiration the setting can provide.

If you could bend the "rule" and play with a couple other people, all being confused and desperate to find their former friends and whatever, it'd be neat.

Provided there were some clues to steer these player(s) toward finding their lost species.

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It worked for one player. And they did it for the puzzles.

>> No.27186165


Regardless of how this goes, I, and most people, will always find a reason to survive, to push on and seek that unclimbable peak, because the human condition is to always strive for perfection, even though a perfect state is unattainable. We've already lived our lives in the mental pursuit that you claim would motivate anyone to suicide. The only people who think the way you do have already given up on life and their own humanity.

In short, go choke on a bag of dicks. It'll fulfill your faggotry and suicidal tendencies at the same time.

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Myst was entirely filled with clues and books and strange devices you had to play with. It is easier to guess your goal with things that look out of place instead of living in a world where the only thing that has changed is people having disappeared. It's too vague.

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Same guy, by the way, had to break into two posts because 4chan is dicks with text limit. Also, fuck suicide, fuck nihilism, and fuck emos.

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What would I, personally, do if I were the last man on Earth?

I'd try to survive, and then I'd go searching for any answers as to WHY.

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Because pets are too stupid to realize that the floor is made of lava, and so are immune.

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There are other humans IN THE RP, but in this scenario i want to know what you would do if it were just you.

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Uh, bro, you would actually go insane, unless you are not a "normal" person, then technically you already ARE insane.

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>Power and internet are on for only 5 days until you'll have to use generators / batteries
>5 days

As an electricical engineer specialized in grid-level power, this offends me good sir! The transmission system would collapse long before then without the aid of human dispatchers.

Even grid-level "green" generation would be automatically shut down by their control equipment once the voltage or frequency go out of range.

>> No.27186253

This shits one of those things thats so fucken retarded it makes you laugh.

>> No.27186265


Fuck you you cocksucking whore. Tell you what, go live in the Arctic Wastes for the rest of your life if you are so fucking sure.

>> No.27186266


Maybe so, I've been told by friends and family that they've never met anybody who's capable of enjoying themselves alone like me. But I'd rather be a little bit insane then Edgy McCutterMiasma up there who'd sooner throw himself off a building or slit his neck just because he no longer has anyone to listen to his fifteen-page diatribe about the evils of conformity and society and how no one understands his darkness.

>> No.27186280


Why would I go do that, when the scenario hasn't come about in real life? While I won't, or refuse to break down in such a situation, I wouldn't actively pursue it when there's no point in doing so.

By the way, umad?

>> No.27186283

To answer the question, my first goal would be making myself comfortable by gathering foods, books, weapons (just in case) and some pets in a big appartment on a 4th floor. This could take weeks or months. THEN, after the internet goes down and I begin to get bored, then only I would try to figure what happened. Because whoever you would ask, no one would investigate before being sure he has a safe spot.

>> No.27186287

I figured this. And from my research oil does go bad after 6 months "non diesel". This is just one of those things, sry to offend you.

>> No.27186292


Or, you know, have people who he can love and be loved by. You are a gigantic faggot if you think people only interact with eachother to bitch about life.

Holy shit, I'm arguing with an actual fucking autist.

>> No.27186309

gasoline will rot? WHAT?

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Life after People

told me it'd take like 2 days or something for the lack of maintenance to lead to shutdown

Which might be a very appropriate show for this setting

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No bodies.

Everybody's feet got really hot (is anything else burned?),

and they don't rot. (Does food rot? Do people who died after the apocalypse rot?)

And the survivors apparently slept right through it or otherwise didn't notice it happening, and are apparently unharmed. (Will they manifest symptoms later?)

Hm. I'm going with supernatural causes here. The Rapture grabbed everybody, lifting them up to Heaven by their soles.

Richard Dawkins came in contact with God on the way up, and the resulting explosion killed both of them, and the spiritual blast seared the soles of those still on the way up. God's power no longer lifting them, they fell back to Earth. Other objects were not burned because they didn't have soles. The bodies don't rot because they've been touched by God, preserving them from corruption and impurity.

The protagonists remained because they'd sold their soles to Satan.

>> No.27186329

My guess is OP wants to know what we'd do in such scenario because if he'd introduce any NPC, he'd want to give him believable behaviour.

Anyway, OP, if you say your setting is so cleverly done but are afraid to tell us more about it because your future players might frequent /tg/, then make another thread about it after your game finishes. If the setting's so good, it should land in archive, then we'll all have a (supposedly) good read.

>> No.27186331


Doesnt rot but it goes bad.

This is why you go get stable and make it last longer.

>> No.27186338

I go find Fox Mulder and bitch at him until he has his Genie fix it.

If a Genie ever asks you for a wish, DON'T SAY WORLD PEACE.

>> No.27186349

I think you may actually have autism. I'm not joking or being in any way figurative.

>> No.27186350


And killing yourself because you have no one to talk to is an acceptable mental state?

Look, I like talking with my friends, and my family, and going out with others as much as anybody else. But guess what? If my parents disappeared, if my cousins disappeared, if my friends disappeared, I wouldn't fucking off myself like a coward (which is what he, and you are), because as long as I persist, their memory will remain. And every minute that I stay alive, and by extension, their memories, is a victory against the world, or god, or whatever instigated this incident. And like I stated before, there is no absolute way of knowing if every other person on the planet disappeared. Given the choice between completely giving up, and shooting for a 0.001 % chance of success, I'd rather go for the almost-non-existent option than the one with 100% failure rate.

>> No.27186360


No it doesn't, anon. MOTOR oil goes bad after 6 months. OIL does not. and OIL is a fuel. And there are BARRELS of unrefined oil. Millions of them/

>> No.27186361


Nobody seems to know what autism means on 4chan anymore, it seems.

>> No.27186379

Immediately offing yourself in response to "my family is dead" isn't a normal human response, no. Succumbing to utter crushing loneliness after years or more of seemingly causeless apocalypse is.

Inability to comprehend human emotions or behavior is a symptom of autism.

>> No.27186386


You'd kill yourself out of mercy, because normal people go insane and start talking to volleyballs. WOOHOO you survived anon, and you can't tell the difference between reality and hallucination.

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Autism is very broad and covers a lot of ground.

Suicide is no longer really socially unacceptable in this situation. It's just up to you, if, as you say, you want to try your odds. The only person calling you a bitch would be yourself.

>> No.27186397


As opposed to the dead person who is no longer experiencing anything whatsoever.

>> No.27186423

Wait, what?
>Astronauts that hang out by themselves for ages for research
You don't automatically go insane after X amount of time alone. Yeah, there's a good chance you'll develop mental illness (or, more likely, various neuroses), and you'll be butts at communications and anything social after a few years of it, but it is quite possible to survive without going LALALA CRAZY. At worst, you'd just be very eccentric after a few decades.

>> No.27186429

Some people don't want to suicide because their family is gone, rather, they haven't suicided so far because they didn't want to hurt their family & friends. 4chan attracts lots of angsty and depressed people, I imagine few of them already have suicidal thoughts.

>> No.27186432


If it was only up to me, I would be able to post about surviving without people immediately jumping on me for not diving headfirst onto the suicide bandwagon.

>> No.27186439

>Implying this isn't what OP meant

>> No.27186449

Have you considered that some players would use the non-roting corpses for sex after awhile?

>> No.27186455


Which is a mercy. Are you really that fucked up in the head? Being dead or being in a living hell from which the only escape is the mercy of death...

>> No.27186456

Gasoline, if left in the open, will decay.

However, in a well-sealed container, it can last decades. Well-sealed containers, like, say... Gas tanks in cars. That'll give your PCs enough siphon for a lifetime.

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But to who would you post?

>> No.27186461

Actually iv read that Astronauts do go alittle wacky and say they see "aliens".

>> No.27186479


Misanthropics are insane. Astronauts always have a choice to go to a bar. Hermits are insane.

>> No.27186481

Then why do I have to put gas stabilizer in my gas tank if I'm leaving my car alone for a long time?

>> No.27186486


How would you be able to tell it's a living hell if you've gone insane?

>> No.27186504


This isn't what the OP meant, anon

>> No.27186519

"Mental illness" would probably just be an individual adapting to a very bizarre situation.


>> No.27186524

Like I said, illness can (and often will) develop, but it's not a necessity.

What do you define as insane?

>> No.27186529


Are you fucking retarded?

>> No.27186565

So, basically, there is only one player alive who is going totally Jack Sparrow in the third movie, and the others PC are his alternate personalities?

>> No.27186575


Incredibly antisocial individuals who never really cared about other people are defective.

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>> No.27186584

Doesn't stay preserved every time, but it does happen. Google "fuel decay" and related searches, and there are many accounts of very old gasoline being fine.

However, this evidence is anecdotal and most likely shouldn't be taken at face value in an emergency situation. Therefore, if you are interested, run some long-term experiments.

Also, there are a number of chemicals that can restore decayed fuel, so for the setting they still have basically infinite fuel.

>> No.27186589


Nope. At the level of insanity where you're talking to volleyballs and shit, you think it's completely normal. Other people act as a normalized point of comparison, but in this situation, there'd be no one else to compare to. In essence, you are the norm now.

>> No.27186596

arrrrrrrrrrrrre undead

>> No.27186606


Why do you assume that because I enjoy my alone time as much as my time with others that I'm anti-social? An anti-social person would hate interacting with other people, which I don't. I simply wouldn't kill myself because my loved ones are gone.

>> No.27186637
File: 691 KB, 2272x1278, Byron_Nuclear_Generating_Station.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It might be even less, on the order of hours. It could depend on whether people disappeared during peak hours or during the night. It would probably buy you more time if it happened at night. When if comes to electric power, supply must meet demand. If I remember correctly, the dispatchers need to constantly update every 10 minutes or so.

>> No.27186651

By the way, I'm the guy that you replied to, not the misanthrope.

"Insanity, craziness or madness is a spectrum of behaviors characterized by certain abnormal mental or behavioral patterns. Insanity may manifest as violations of societal norms, including a person becoming a danger to themselves or others, though not all such acts are considered insanity. In modern usage insanity is most commonly encountered as an informal unscientific term denoting mental instability, or in the narrow legal context of the insanity defense. In the medical profession the term is now avoided in favor of diagnoses of specific mental disorders; the presence of delusions or hallucinations is broadly referred to as psychosis. When discussing mental illness in general terms, "psychopathology" is considered a preferred descriptor."

Insanity has too many connotations attached to it to be a useful word any more. So what, specifically, are we talking about in the mental illness department? If it's a social disorder, it almost doesn't matter, because said person is the only on left.

And not caring about other people sounds more like sociopathy.

>> No.27186666
File: 111 KB, 532x600, 1377277766801.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretty sure that's just an introvert.

Which doesn't tie to asocial or antisocial by necessity.

Sounds a lot less automated then one would believe. :X

>> No.27186671


Do you care about them anon? You are literally the last person alive. You will never have friends, or a family of your own to take care of. The only thing left is a struggle to survive, and unless you are a doctor a lot of things out there will probably kill you via infection.

An anti-social person would not kill themselves because they don't feel a need for social interaction.

>> No.27186691


I don't kill myself because I want to survive as long as possible so their memories will continue to, duh. If I kill myself, then the last evidence that they ever existed will have disappeared without having even put up a fight. That doesn't seem anti-social or not caring about others to me.

>> No.27186695
File: 7 KB, 614x620, 1378086381953.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


uh guys what happened to my jpg

is this post number trigger the devil

>> No.27186697

>"What would you do if your the last man on earth?"

First, I'd print off as much survival guides as I could. Or go borrow them from libraries or something. Then, I would get the proper tools. Fuel, food, water, guns/ammo, blades, protective gear, gasmasks, camping equipment. I would need to carry a lot of fuel, but I think I could get an RV or other kind of truck. Bikes are important, but people mentioned that.

Then, once I was well-supplied, I would make my way to a mild climate, where growing crops is feasible.

I would then make my way down south from Washington state, but not before I stop by every dispensary in the area, and try to get as many weed plants/seeds as I could.

And then I would literally
420 motherfucker.

>> No.27186713


Not only that, but then all the effort my family would have put into raising me would have gone to waste. All the times my friends helped me out or ribbed with me would be thrown away as if they were completely worthless if I didn't do my best to continue living.

>> No.27186724

So, what's OP's setting?
Anyone recognized it?
Tell me all.

>> No.27186735


That is the strangest reply I have ever heard.

>> No.27186747


Gosh, yes, wouldn't want to shame all those dead people.

>> No.27186756

I'd play some kind of former SPCA official or forest ranger that stakes out a zoo, frees the harmless animals, and tends to the dangerous ones.

>> No.27186769


So you guys stop caring about people as soon as they're dead?

>> No.27186791

Hoover Dam would probably be the BEST place to settle down. Power + Water + Plants and shit.

>> No.27186795

No. I rejoice because they are able to bask is Allah's glory.

>> No.27186811
File: 205 KB, 500x500, 1378710497557.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'd feel a sense of connection or honor to the deceased, but I guess I'd also just shake off this irrational need to appease the deceased. :X

>> No.27186822
File: 3 KB, 100x126, 1320353417240s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Oh my god....

How in the fuck....

What the fucking shit...

>> No.27186834
File: 292 KB, 500x245, 1377934367956.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27186845


"My great granpappy hung uppity niggers in his tree, and wanted all of us to keep doing it. Just preserving his memory, yer honor"

>> No.27186852


At what point did I bring racism into this?

>> No.27186858
File: 680 KB, 1094x708, US_Nuclear_map.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It gets more complicated when you factor economics into it. Ugh.

Would anyone care if I just start posting a bunch of pictures related to electric power? I never get to use these.

>> No.27186880

I'll take your word for it, then. It's a problem with PHP or something.

Next time that happens, delete the image yourself before you get banned. Check the checkbox next to your name in the post, then scroll to the bottom right hand corner and click "delete" (check "file only" if you want to leave the text of the post).

>> No.27186883


I'm taking your logic to it's conclusion.

>> No.27186892

Suicide considerations and fuel discussions asides, how about the plot? We still don't know shit about the "Happening", where is our revelation?

>> No.27186894
File: 1.93 MB, 245x187, 1372286922936.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


My mind is fucking blown.

Is no one else seeing this?


>> No.27186913

>Play a necrophiliac
>Believes he's died and gone to heaven

>> No.27186917

I know nothing about survival. I live in England and have probably made a load of bad decisions, but here's what I'd do:

Day 1: Print absolutely everything survival related I could. Laminate it. Hole-punch, ring binder folder, that shit is my bible. Aim to get as much as I possibly can.

Day 2: Check the net for local houses, places that are stated to have green energy, there are a few places I sort've know about that are almost tourist attractions because of their green-ness. I'd steal a nice car and head there to live.

Day 3: Take a van and make a few trips to the local supermarkets, enjoy all the exotic fruit 'n' veg whilst I can, meats etc. I would also stop off at the fishing/hunting supplies shop, pick up as much as I could, including any shotguns. (I can shoot fairly decently, good for birds etc.)

Day 4: Go down the streets of nearby houses filling up baths with water that I would take back in drums back to the 'base' over the next few weeks. Lots of clean water can't be a bad thing.

Day 5: Diesel, other survival gear, several sets of strong walking boots, everything that looks like it might be useful at some point, load it up.
I'd also get seeds etc and start a vegetable garden.

I'd spend the next few weeks hoarding supplies and learning as much as I could, making sure I got books on stuff too.

My mission would be to travel and see as many land marks as I could. I'd be limited to England/Wales/Scotland, but there's thousands of beautiful places to explore, I've always been a butterfly enthusiast - but I've never seen a purple emperor (at least when I was in England) and I would like to be able to take the time to properly look. I'd read a lot, which I think would be fantastic, and I'd be able to do it whilst sitting in my Aston Martin DB7 looking over the white cliffs of Dover.

Petrol going bad would be a pisser, but by that point I'd probably be a lot more used to surviving, so travelling on a mountain bike wouldn't be too bad.

>> No.27186918



>> No.27186921


That's hardly a conclusion. You assume that the people I respect and love and want to honor are racists/perpetrate bad behavior. At that point, it's not an attack on the logic of my argument, it's a personal attack on character, which hardly counts for shit.

>> No.27186932


Unless you are a necrophiliac with a foot fetish.

>> No.27186933

What a moving hentai picture?

>> No.27186947



>> No.27186950

Fun fact: If two images are posted at the same time, they're swapped. Happens across boards, which probably explains your lactating anime sex gif. Whatever you meant to post is probably in the middle of a bunch of porn on /d/ or /gif/ or something.

>> No.27186967
File: 64 KB, 1141x466, 1311954074008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anon that mental image is heartbreakingly beautiful.

>> No.27186987
File: 41 KB, 460x345, 1378953229847.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It was different man... you werent there...

You wouldn't understand what I saw today.


So you're telling me... in the midst of some anime gif fap thread... there's an image from /tg/ in there...

I hope they enjoy it.

>> No.27187018

I've thought of this, and one of the first things I'd do is go down to my FLGS and just build and paint minis.

As a teenager, when things got rough (as they usually did) painting and modelling helped me distract myself from what was going on, so that'd help in the early days. After that I'd just travel I suppose. I'd get myself a canine companion and just drive as far as I could. Look at interesting things in the world. Just explore the Earth endlessly.

>> No.27187026

Go into a library, find books about survival. Because I know fuckall about this. Raid some stores for perishable food until I know what I should do.

>> No.27187045
File: 44 KB, 550x370, ohanon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this guy

>> No.27187061

Pray the stores weren't fucking closed when it happened and go check, otherwise, holy shit.

>> No.27187075

>Incredibly antisocial individuals who never really cared about other people are defective.
Well, not in the event of OP's situation, they're not.

>> No.27187094

>Pray the stores weren't fucking closed when it happened
Why would that matter? Are your stores locked behind brick walls and safe doors?

>> No.27187098

OP at this point, it is clear that only 1% of potential players would investigate on the mystery that made everyone disappear. Unless the Happening is preventing them from feeding on any useful ressource, barely no one cares.
Would you mind tell us more about the secret plot and the no-feet corpses?
Are you still there, OP?

>> No.27187113

Dragged to hell maybe?

>> No.27187119

Good point.


>> No.27187133

I THINK it was a gif but the tag said jpg

>> No.27187153
File: 1019 KB, 1993x1589, Dresden.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's another nuke plant. I actually did an internship at this one for a few months.

Would this RP factor in the "fallout" that would occur from chemical, nuclear, and other plants once they're no longer maintained by people?

I think having to deal with clouds of poisonous gas or other hazards on your travels could spice it up. However, the players would have to be tipped off to that fact ahead of time somehow, so that they are aware of the danger. Don't want a TPK from wandering into a random-assed poison cloud or bathing in an irradiated lake.

>> No.27187158

The only stores left "close" are a car store, a bakery, a tobacco store and a supermarket with heavy and thick metal shutters on all their doors entries. Otherwise I'd have to get sorta far.

I though they shut off automatically and safely if you stop messing with them for a while.

>> No.27187161

He asked us what we would do in the beginning. Day 1 is probably most of us going "what the fuuuuuuuuuck", to be fair.

>> No.27187169


>> No.27187174

Yep, .jpg.

>> No.27187188

>I though they shut off automatically and safely if you stop messing with them for a while.
Shutting off and being safe are two widely different things.

>> No.27187218

Wouldn't the facilities have fail-safes to just.. switch off in an event like this? If no commands were being input? Forgive me if I'm being ignorant, I'm genuinely curious.

>> No.27187230

Yes but now I'm teased. I want to know...

>> No.27187235

Nuclear powerplants have failsafes for this. They'd activate SCRAM procedure and dump neutron poisons into the reactor, shutting down criticality.

>> No.27187249 [DELETED] 

I can't give the secret plot, my friend might see it and meta game it.

This isn't it, its barely "warm" but this is the closet anyone has ever gotten in this thread so far.

And yes i'm planning on including these. If the player notices its getting "warm" and doesn't take the hint to get out of the radioactive city they face death.

>> No.27187289

I can't give the secret plot, my friend might see it and meta game it.

This isn't it, its barely "warm" but this is the closet anyone has ever gotten in this thread so far. Still off buy quite a bit.

And yes i'm planning on including these. If the player notices its getting "warm" and doesn't take the hint to get out of the radioactive city they face death.

>> No.27187306


>If the player notices its getting "warm" and doesn't take the hint to get out of the radioactive city they face death.

How do you plan on indicating this? Because if it's just "it's unusually warm here" or something, then you are being terrible.

>> No.27187312

Stupid auto correct. By not Buy

>> No.27187317
File: 392 KB, 2606x1629, dresden-2002-npp-005_1.6cr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah. The control systems automatically SCRAM the reactors (TRIP if it's a PWR) after some time. That doesn't change the fact that the various cooling pumps still need electricity to operate (from grid or diesel generators). Newer reactor designs lengthen that time significantly.

>> No.27187335


>> No.27187344

If it's "getting warm" as in augmentation of temperature, he's already dead. Besides, all nuclear plants in Western countries have failsafes in this kind of event, it would take an outside event or a long time until the ambient radioactivity gets seriously damaging.

>> No.27187357

> Because if it's just "it's unusually warm here" or something, then you are being terrible
Google radiation sickness + what would happen if a power plant exploded.

>> No.27187371


this >>27185783

>> No.27187393
File: 145 KB, 700x1217, 1299585121765.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Suicide is quitter talk, and cloning is a thing.

At the very least I would dedicate my time to building some sort of super time-capsule so that what ever species eventually fills the power gap would have a record of those that came before.
Learn from our mistakes, know of our culture, make sure humans are not forgotten, etc, etc.

>> No.27187397

Kidnapped by Aliums?

>> No.27187466

Not him, but...
You're actually being retarded. Just for the sake of it, it seems.

>> No.27187494

>It only makes sense to do what the dead want if I am the one doing it. If someone else is doing it they are retarded.

>> No.27187528
File: 4.82 MB, 3810x2143, Hoover_sm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I actually forgot about that "neutron-eater" stuff. I can't remember if it was automatic or not though. Damn. I'll have to refresh my memory on this. That internship was 6 years ago.

>> No.27187574


He wants to hold a stupid belief, not my problem if I point out its stupidity

>> No.27187658

I live in souther Louisiana. There's always a risk of evacuation due to hurricanes. I have a pair of 'bug out bags' ready, both for evacuating and in case I stay and services get knocked out. Both include several sets of clothes, a pair of water filter, some MREs, a solar powered charger so I can run small electronics including my iphone which contains several encyclopedias and wilderness survival references, a radio, several books on survival and wilderness skills, a knife, a hatchet, some fishing gear that can be re-purposed to make traps for small game.

I grab my bags and head into New Orleans. Once there I head north, across the bridge, to Mandeville where all the wealth in the area used to live. once there I commandeer a decent sized houseboat and load it up with suppplies. I'll spend the rest of this year and the first half of the next armoring it and kitting it out with necessities and luxuries.

Then I go to all the animal shelters and pet stores and kennels in the area, and release all the animals. Ecosystem is boned anyway, might as well give them a fighting chance. I head into New Orleans and do the same at the Zoo and Aquarium, as best I can. I'll use my old 1980's hardcopy of the Anarhist Cookbook to rig up some remote detonating explosives to blow the doors on the enclosures for the dangerous animals once I'm a quarter mile upriver. Then I'll pick my favorite dogs and cats and float up the mississippi, stopping to free animals in every major city along the way. Eentually I'll get close to the Rockies. I'll spend the rest of my life building a monument and recording within all the good and bad points of humanity, and try to make some rosetta stones, so that hopefully whatever evolves in the centuries to come won't repeat our mistakes.

>> No.27187717

>Then I go to all the animal shelters and pet stores and kennels in the area, and release all the animals.
After a year and a half you would have decayed corpses.

>> No.27187735
File: 171 KB, 400x513, IllinoisNuclearFacilities2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There we go.

The fuel pool poses a significant risk once the water starts boiling off.

>> No.27187745

Most have already been said
>save as much as I can from the internet on hard drives for 5 days, that is implying Internet will be up for that long, which is not sure
>look for food in the meantime, try to smoke meat, try to can vegetables, but to be fair it's more because you want to add variety to your diet
>maybe look for a weapon, but that's no priority, the worse that can happen is a fucking dog.

After that I would try to make a giant lighthouse on top of the highest tower in town and broadcast calls on every frequency. After all I got giant repositories of knowledge, as long as the power grid doesn't snaps (and it won't because there is virtually no consumption) there will be power and even if there isn't power you have an endless supply of gasoline from car tanks alone.

After that I'd probably read stuff, collect art from all the town and turn the tower into the perfect repository of human knowledge and art, try to stay in good shape and fit, then die of old age if nobody found me.

>> No.27187756

Saving the animals is a noble cause. Make sure to get those Gorillas and apes incase they "evolve". Also i very much doubt you'd save the big shit like Killer Whales and Sharks... Honestly man, i'd throw a pig / cat in there just to see what'll happen. Oh Shit i guess i'd also try to make some Killer Whale Burgers if its possible.

>> No.27187806

... Well what is it? Rapture? Didnt come here for riddles OP.

>> No.27187812

just as long as I don't drop my glasses, there is finally enough time for me to read all books.

>> No.27187834

Yeah, I'd letthem out before I started armoring the boat. Thst all came out kinda stream-of-consciousness.

>> No.27187890

I'd kill myself if I was alone. Think about offing myself now from time to time, coulden't make it alone.

Im sure everyone thinks you're really tough now though.

>> No.27187921

I would eat pasta, bread, and potato again. It would be glorious.

>> No.27188017
File: 554 KB, 1920x1080, Illinois_wind_farm_near_I-39_exit_82.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>as long as the power grid doesn't snaps (and it won't because there is virtually no consumption)
It's not like a computer power supply dude.

Fuck it. I might as well let the cat out of the bag. Electricity doesn't exist. It's actually all magic. Electrical engineers are really wizards. Nuclear plants actually work by binding demons to harvest the souls of the unborn.

You were going to find out when you were older anyway. It's like finding out about Santa Claus.

>> No.27188102

>It's not like a computer power supply dude.
I know, but unless electrical devices are still plugged in and running, you can count on power until the network itself fails. Hell, even hydro power plants are working without much maintenance.

>Electricity doesn't exist. It's actually all magic. Electrical engineers are really wizards. Nuclear plants actually work by binding demons to harvest the souls of the unborn.
Damn my ex is a wizard apprentice and I didn't even know. Time to give her a call.

>> No.27188123

>Fuck it. I might as well let the cat out of the bag. Electricity doesn't exist. It's actually all magic. Electrical engineers are really wizards. Nuclear plants actually work by binding demons to harvest the souls of the unborn.

So... if I am writing programs I am controlling the flow of magic? Does that make me an artificer?

>> No.27188146


>> No.27188236

>implying I don't want her to "eat" me
btw if I got an internship in a nuclear power plant contractor, what does that makes me ?

>> No.27188286

An Igor.

>> No.27188393


>> No.27188469

Naw dude, the "Reactor Engineer" Demonologist gets dibs.

>> No.27188563

>Live near the Saint Lucie plant
If the apocalypse happens, I don't even have the OPTION to stay home. If that plant melts down I'm fucked from the radiation.
At least it's cooled by ocean water, so it's likely those pumps are rarely/never shut off.

>> No.27188684

THIS. We become not unlike protheans from Mass effect, might as well make sure there's enough around for later creatures with higher evolved sentience (maybe the descendant of chimps) to understand our civilizations.

>> No.27188715

I live 40km away from 2 nuclear power plants, 10km away from one of the biggest chemical plant complex in europe. Which is itself located next to a big weapon factory.

>> No.27188821

I first read about the idea of leaving human history to future races in a book called Alas Babylon. Written during the cold war. Seemed like the only responsible thing to do.

>> No.27188975

Orangutans seem the likely choice there are groups of them somewhere near india that are currently mastering spear making and fire. I wish them luck.

>> No.27189071

Assuming they survive the burgeoning population in the area scorching and burning their habitat for more shitty low yield sustenance farming that is.

>> No.27189092

This but with the added benefit of looking up how to make beer/wine/scotch/Whiskey. Last man on Earth and I'm going to make sure I have enough things to do, and things to do me in.

I liked that notion one Anon had about freeing all the herbivores from the zoo. I support that idea, hopefully they'll breed.

I'd also get myself a dog or two and breed me something useful. A litter of German Shepard/Golden Retriever with Husky/Anatolian would be pretty sweet.

>> No.27189098

I would go to the southwest

The Hoover dam would supply ample power without human assistance for >100 years

>> No.27189110

not to be a suspicious dick, but you have the same mannerisms and consistent typographical errors as the guy who you're claiming not to be.

>> No.27189115

If you can clear those damn muscles out of the cooling pipes.

>> No.27189153

whose buildup would not become entirely destructive for some time. If the invasive species were not there the dam could provide power indefinately

>> No.27189167

>If the invasive species were not there the dam could provide power indefinately
But it is there.

>> No.27189210

I know, I was just saying

Regardless of the zebra muscles there would be power in the region roughly until I die

>> No.27191109

First thing to do is go to fakku and print all the hentai I can, then all the regular survival stuff. Man has to jack.

Now a cool thing would be to see how a diebetic would survive.

>> No.27191648


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