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Who other than a god could beat the EMPRAH?

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Implying there is more than one mighty god that is not the god emperor himself

You disgust me heretic.

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Weren't they planning on using Spear, a Black Pariah, to assassinate Him?

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I think he'd beat a pariah unless said pariah had an incredible amount of resources and situational advantage

in a fair fight, Big E would massacre him
also implying any fight with his glory would be fair

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Oh hi guys

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had it not been for that whole "you're my favorite son" thing EMPRAH would have sodomized him like he even after he got his ass handed to him

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A Primordial, who made gods and is semi-beyond logic; and a high-level Solar Exalted, built to fight Primordials.

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But he was his favorite son and he did beat the EMPRAH.

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is the Solar from dnd and if so which edition and if so could you tell me which book its in

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last time I checked EMPRAH destroyed his soul...
it may have not been a clean victory but he won in the same way superman did when he died

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this is gold

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nope; they're from Exalted.

Nobilis is a similar game, but the power level goes up another level.

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An ork slightly bigger and stronger than the one that almost killed him anyways.

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Is that followed up by porn? I bet it's followed up by porn.

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Fuck you.

Now I'm trying to fit the Kim Possible characters into 40k just to make a sex scene make sense.

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the mask would beat power man

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Spear was said to be strong enough to take on the Emperor. Lets see how powerful the Emperor is once his connection to the warp is disrupted.

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Common-sense, followed by a neutral person.
Seems to me you are just naive to believe that your EMBRAH is unbeaten.

Nothing is unbeaten, until its beaten end of story.
Thus making it not the best of all the other options that you have.

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Your god is smalltime.

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Leto II would totally spaz out and worm-flop the Emprah out of his chair.

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The Mask couldn't beat Lobo.

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That one was a tie.

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Any omnipotent deity, so Yaweh, Allah, Azathoth...

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Flash Gordon

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a god-emperor truly worthy of worship

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We really have no idea.

He is powerful, yes. But how powerful? That is hard to say.

He got in trouble by a big Ork, he did not conquer Earth without a lot of help. And a lot of the things attributed to him come from a bunch of gibbering retards that happen to worship him.

So in the end. Powerful yes, how powerful? Hard to say.

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Now,now. Be a good girl and put those squirrels down and noone will get hurt.

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This Guy.

He is even naturally golden.

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Currently, Emprah has his body and mind broken. And the amount of psykers that are needed to sustain him increasing is bad news for the Imperium. However, Amount of humans worshipping him make his soul(presence in the warp) stronger. It is proven by miracles that are performed by his saints, who take the power from him. I would argue that he's going to become a full-blown warp god, with the power to combat Chaos.

>tl;dr Starchild Theory

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The saint phenomenon can be divorced from the Emperor. It is possible that the worship and fervor is creating a wellspring of power that while caused by him is not linked to him.

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Or he is on the throne permanently dying but never allowed to stop suffering and the Star Child is a separate entity that just looks like him to those who worship/feed it.

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But if it is caused by him it is linked to him, in literal sense. However, i get your point, He might not be feeding on this energy, right.

But his soul, created so long ago from powerful people of his time would be the best candidate for a new warp entity

Also, if there was no possibility of a final battle/emprah returning WH40k would loose a lot of it's climate, and even with people like Ward, that part of the fluff is too important to leave behind. I know i would be less interested in the game and fluff if not for that part.

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Horus would have killed E to death, if it wasn't for Sangwe causing a wound on him before the fight.

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Checking through my folder. Does Numidium actually count as a GOD? It breaks the flow of time whenever it appears and was created with the intention of creating a god, but does it count as one?

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Again, just going through my sparse image folder and picking out characters that could defeat Emps.

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Really any level of reality-warper would do, as well as people who bypass power levels, like the Shiki's.

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He isn't all that powerful when compared to stuff outside his own setting, y'know?

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Who is this?

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Kuwagawa Misogi

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Just like Goku

They'd fight for seventeen episodes, the EMPRAH would get angry, it would bounce back and forth for another twelve, and Goku would eat a fistful of Sensu Beans to recover from the Holy Ass-Whoopin'

Then the EMPRAH would get up out of his chair and hear of the Angry Marines. Their zeal and fury would inspire Big E to tear Goku's arms off and beat him to death (undeath?) with them.

Then he'd sit down and be like "Wow who was that douche?"

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Well since him going to SSJ2 s enough to cause earthquakes on the other side of earth, just by standing there, I'd say Goku classifies as a natural disaster by existing.
That happens around the start of the Buu Arc iirc.

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"Thanks for the lift, Lord Inquisitor Voxus."
"It's the least I could do after you ended the 14th Black Crusade before it began."

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I refer you to the Screw Attack Deathbattle where Superman kind of kicked Goku's ass


Goku, outside of his own canon, is nowhere NEAR as powerful as people like to think he is. I got shouted at for four hours (this isn't hyperbole, literally four hours) because of a) that video and b) how determined he was to be right that his Weeb idol was more powerful than Supes.

I'm pretty sure Big E would have the same scenario where it looks good, but after a certain point it's just Goku getting pounded on after he inadvertently does something to make the Emprah powerful

Goku's got the fatal flaw of wanting enemies at their full potential, which got his ass kicked by Supes.

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Are you trying to say that the big E is no more powerful than Thanos?

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One question. Can the Big E take a multi planet destroying attack head on and survive?

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Goku won that fight as soon as he destroyed the kryptonite, Supes was just being a sore loser.

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Get that bastard out of my face.

May the nids rip him apart slowly so he doesn't reborn.

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This discussion is great and all but did nobody even care that LOBO IS WEARING THE MASK?

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I can't say for sure, I just know that Goku would be like "Emprah get up, let me see your full potential!" and then Big E would just go Warp-God on his ass and gg. Pretty sure Goku couldn't take anything like that, either, considering he died on Namek and all.

Actually no, Goku lost when he blew up the Kryptonite. The "full potential" thing is what got Supes that win.

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So its not a problem of Goku's power, just his personality. So hit him with Mindshackle Scarabs.

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I still think Big E if he had went all out from the start. Probably would have taken a sizable chunk out of Terra, but he woulda won

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Apprently not. So does that mean that the mask won, lobo won, or that they dont give a fuck and went full on murder town.

I think it be the later.

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I should say it does not, it's a construct

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Basically Exalted is a game about playing a guy who did something so awesome that the God of Awesomeness pauses his horrible, crippling World of Warcraft addiction for ten seconds to go "shit dude that was awesome, here, take this shard full of magic and kung-fu and jam it into your soul, then go forth and do more awesome things in my name. Now get the fuck out of here, because I need to get back to my raid." And practically everyone in the world thinks you're a devil who takes over virtuous people and makes them do wicked things, the Jedi betrayed you in a past life, and are secretly running all of creation behind the scenes, Magical China-Rome is routinely sending dudes to fuck your shit up, and if that doesn't work, they also have dudes who know magical kung fu, as well as giant mecha. Your best friend in your past life is now Sauron the Deceiver, and wants to wipe out all life on earth. Some crazy Bear-woman showed up at the campfire last night, and claims she's actually your 2000 year old wife, and wants to know why you haven't gotten her a valentine's gift for the past 15 centuries. The world forging titans that your shard was created in to slay in the cosmic analogue of a drive by shooting got their hands on some soul shards, and now they're going to use some rubes they shoved the shards into to free them from hell and take over the world again. And the Autobots have invaded to strip-mine everything so they can reboot Primus.

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I have never heard it so precisely put. Stealing this for next time I have to explain.

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But then it isn't Goku beating the Emprah, it's some Necron asshole doing it. Even then, Goku's got his limits. I'm pretty sure he couldn't deal with all of that Psyker power the Emprah could bitchslap that Saiyan with.

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Maybe. Any idea what the biggest attack Goku's taken and lived, by EoS?

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Simply put Horus did beat the emprah. Horus might be dead but so is he. If, but, maybe, shouldda, couldda, wouldda he still won.

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My aged grandmother could slap the emprah silly and not give a fuck. She's a tough broad.

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Are Toons allowed? Because Popeye or Animaniacs could defeat Big E. Popeye would probably need some spinach to do it but if he gets some he can Punch Big E out of existence.

Animaniacs simply make Big E their Special Friend. Big E is sobbing in the fetal position within a week.

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Goku might do better against Big E than Superman though because Superman has no enhanced resistance against magic while I'm pretty sure Goku does.

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A janitor who accidentally knocks the life support plug out of the electrical socket while sweeping in the throne room.

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That's probably Big E's worst nightmare actually

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The Emperor's soul is still alive, Horus' isn't.

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Squirrel Girl is like Powerman. She exists only to trump everyone and everything ever.

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Block text now comes in Old Realm!

>Ok, now imagine that instead of the previous scenario, you are a member of a glorious three hundred member strong order of golden god-kings who rule over the world courtesy of a personal mandate by the God of the Sun as a reward for defeating the former landlords of reality in a war so devastating that nine tenths of everything everywhere ceased to exist on a conceptual level. You've got an awesome kingdom, a hot wife/husband, a bunch of cool toys. Plus you've got a huge legion of Benders to serve you. Too bad that all that running out of control by you and your mate's is causing the head god to rapidly loose his faith in humanity. And you WILL be running out of control, because you have practically zero checks on your power save for another god-king. So you'll do things like breed dinosaurs that piss heroin or take tiny proto-universes, full of untapped potential, and use them to power your sports car or massage chair. Or some fucked up shit like turn people into crystal statues for the lulz or rewrite the laws of reality because you can.

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If anyone can be fucked, tell me more about the Emperor. I've been playing 40k for about a year and a half, but there is so much fucking fluff. I do know a decent amount about 40k, but you lot here know heaps. Tell me more about what exactly is going to happen to Big Daddy E on the throne.. what exactly went down in the Horus battle? Did the Emperor teleport onto Horus' ship, leaving that human Sigilite crazy dude behind on the golden throne? What was that human that imperial guard worship, that had something to do with causing a 1 second distraction or something..? Damn I could ask more. Appreciate any replies.

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If you believe everyone has souls then everyone dead is undefeated by that logic. Another person he can't beat: Hulk Hogan after he hulks up.

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The emperor = so much win until A single Grot
rolls a 5 to hit
rolls a 6 to wound
Emperor fails his armor save
Emperor fails his re-roll
Emperor fails FNP
Emperor fails modified Reanimation Protocols
*Slay the Warlord*

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Modified Reanimation Protocols = Golden Toilet

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>the human...guard worship
An anonymous dude who stumbled into the fight, saw E getting his shit wrecked, charged Horus anyways, got flayed alive by Chaos.

Then, E, realizing that there was no hope for Horus, psyker-bitchslapped him so hard that even Tzeentch couldn't put him back together.

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I know thats his in game stats, but I remember reading somewhere that Vulkan was like the EMPRAH in that he was undying. I think it was Night Haunter who tortured and killed him every day and in every way imaginable but he still regenerated. He even went far enough to throw him into a turbine and mulch him while in space and the fucker still did not die. If Vulkan is that powerful than EMPRAH is near unkillable, as well. I think unless he takes tremendous psyker damage as well he will recover from any injury.

Also implying all fluff is canon.

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it wasn't an anon it was a custodes

>> No.27171668

Pretty sure Vulkan is dead in "Vulkan Lives". Died like Commander Shepard if the spoilers are to be believed

>> No.27171669

Wait, what the fucks this about Vulkan? I never heard that

>> No.27171756

>implying that there is more to 40k than the tabletop.
In the first decade or so, all canon was decided by a couple of the fluff writers recording the results of their games and the results of played out campaigns within different communities. really in the 40k universe anyone can kill anyone, but seeing as the Astartes are the cash cow and profits have become the new end to GW, the Emprah is invincible

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just something I read on warhammer wiki. idk where it is from

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>Did...E...teleport...leaving...[The Hero]...on the Golden Throne?

Yes, E was sitting on the Throne to hold closed the Webway gate the Red Primarch broke.

If the gate was ever left unguarded, the Warp-Daemons would pour in unhindered.

Horus was too strong for anyone but E to kill, and even with the psyker-enhancing properties of the Throne, only E could safely hold the gate closed.

So he had [The Hero] hold shut the gate as long as he could, while E went to break Horus.

When E was carried back, they took [The Hero] off the Throne, who with his death throes, imparted the last of his psykerness upon E, stabilizing him, even as [The Hero] turned to dust.

Or so I've heard.

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The ultimate battle of ultimate destiny is on.
Who will ultimately succeed?

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dafuq is that thing in the upper right corner???

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Bidoof' Mega Evolution.

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E, obviously.

He can overpower the chakas, and outmuscle the muscle man.

That would only happen, though, after thirty-thousand years, enough false identities to make the Deceiver call bullshit, and a climatic final battle, in which, after getting his shit wrecked, he would win by overpowered psyker beam.

>> No.27171947

cheers man, how did E get taken away? who found him and horus' dead body? this sigilite guy sounds like a fucken badass

>> No.27172032

Some Spess Muhrines.

No one important.

They took him off the flagship, and at his order, took him to the Golden Throne, hooked him up to it, and left him there.

They probably took Sanguine's corpse too.

Honorable burial or something.

>> No.27172074

I thought it was some Primarch who actually found him? lemme check the wiki

>> No.27172088

Spoiler* The Emperor is dead, when he psyker slapped Horus the powers of Chaos dispersed. Horus knew immediately the error of his ways. The Great Chaos powers needing to attach themselves to the physical realm attached themselves to the human that others thought of as a God. Horus repentant in his action was ready to sacrifice himself in order to strike down the last tie that chaos had to the material realm. In so doing this Horus bludgeoned himself and his father beyond recognition, to the point where it was assumed that the broken body on the floor was that of the Emperor. Horus sits upon the throne, occasionally reaching out to others in the name of his father. Tzeentch being the deceitful hand of Chaos continues to begrudgingly feed his siblings with the false worship of a tainted vassal. It is why some Grey Knights turned back from Chaos. It is why the IoM still finds it neccessary to utilize the warp. The only one who knows the truth other than the ruinous powers sits upon the throne of the mortal he defeated, refusing to further sully the name of his father.

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Yup wiki confirms it was Rogal Dorn who found him

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>calling [The Hero] anything other than [The Hero]
Heresy detected.

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Oh, my bad.

A Spess Muhrine.
No one important.

>> No.27172201

who dat?

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I could actually believe this happening as a plot of Tzeentch...that being said I think you're overanalyzing this.

>> No.27172307

Also, random question how tall is Big E?

>> No.27172310

You caught me, I'm a propaganda agent of the Greater Good. This is what I tell 12 year olds that begin to pester me in order to make them look like fools later

>> No.27172325

Tau prescense detected. Exterminatus initiated.

>> No.27172353

The Mighty and Powerful Emperor, God of All that Is, Smiter of the Unclean, is the height of exactly one Robert Gulliman, as dictated by Imperial measure.

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Ok /tg/ who wins? Assume that Big E can plane shift. Psyker and magic are essentially the same thing. The Lord of the Ninth can shift to the Warp at will but would take penalties on a chaos aligned plane. Fight begins on Material plane/Materium. Big E has his armies with him.Asmodeus has no aspects and is currently at full power (minus the innate godliek abilities he possesses over Baator which do apply if on Baator).

Aaaand go!!!

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Hey Emprah,
My name is Shiki, and I can kill the fucking shit out of you. All you are is a huge, armored, grim-derp who spends every second of his day sitting on his throne. You are everything bad with Humanity. Honestly, have any of you even tried pursuing Akasha? I mean, I guess it’s fun slaughtering all the heretics because of your misguided beliefs, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than collecting a pile of brain-in-a-jars.
Don’t be a stranger. Just try to kill me with you psychic powers. I’m pretty much perfect. I have the Origin of Sacred Nothing, and the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. What powers do you have, other than “be a glorified lighthouse to a bunch of spaceships”? I also can kill concepts, and have a banging hot boyfriend (We just cuddled; Shit was SO cash). You are a faggot who should just unplug yourself from that throne. Thanks for listening.
Pic Related: It’s me and my beau

>> No.27172523

How would you stat the Emperor?

We need those numbers before we can run a match.

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Saitama would win. He's basically Power Man made into an actual character. The original was even a shittily drawn webcomic. They're both bald, even!

Squirrel girl would win but not actually kill or seriously injure The Emperor.

Mask Lobo is a good bet. He would probably win.

Fate/Stay Night - not really. They generally have trouble on a single planet and not that much firepower; the Emperor works on a galactic scale.

Reality warpers will probably win. They win against everyone save other reality warpers and that guy with a sniper rifle they're not aware of.

Nah; the Emp would stop time, hit him with a supernova blast and it'd be over. Or just toss him into the warp.

Asmodeus has a great deal of trouble with single-planet gods, the Emperor is galactic. That said... Asmodeus might be in the running, thanks to wish.

Generally speaking, people tend to radically underestimate the Emperor. Look at the other psykers in the setting that mind control 10k+ star systems at once, crush Titans with their mind and so on, and suddenly him hitting people with the power of a Supernova, stopping time and so on aren't so unreasonable. He's canonically stronger than any human psyker, which means that of course he should be able to do those things. He sees the future, his mind works on a galactic scale, and he has truly godlike power.

Why build an army to take over Earth? Because he's an empire builder used to operating in secret. Thanks to his efforts he didn't have to personally take over every location.

Why have trouble with an Ork? Maybe he was testing Horus, maybe the Ork was just that badass (they ARE reality warpers) or maybe he just got distracted and made a mistake. He's physically human even if he's a psychic god. Stabs hurt him as bad as anyone.

>> No.27172885


He was also powering a giant, metaphysical, mind-laser at the time.

From several light-years away.

>> No.27173032

Cu Culhain's Gae Bolg could do it through the reversal of Causality, assuming his E-Rank luck doesn't fuck him over. Again. And Ea would rip the Big E a new asshole.

>> No.27173143

>Gae Bolg
That matters if it's released. There's no legitimate reason for the fight to go on that long.

If the Emperor is actually freed from his eternal struggle with the chaos gods and allowed to fully focus his powers on a single individual, then that individual has no chance to make a move.

You really need someone with equal power or a reality warper.

In other words; someone who can tank supernova blasts or someone who doesn't care if time is stopped, because they make the rules.

>> No.27173180

Care to explain why said person cannot make a move?

>> No.27173246

Because he can stop time, see the future, and he can destroy you with mind-lasers from space from several light years away. Plus he actually favors stealth and using others to do his dirty work.

Take your pick. There's no legitimate reason for him to fight someone fair if he doesn't have a reason to. He's far more likely to see the fight coming, send someone with a battle-barge and have them bombard the guy from orbit before he even knows the Emperor exists.

>> No.27173286

Well alright then, but if Lancer got so much as a chance to release Gae Bolg, it'd end in a draw. Now if it was Fragarach on the other hand.. the nasuverse Fragarach, mind you

>> No.27173370

It *might* kill him.

Remember you're not dealing with a standard human being here.

While the hit is guaranteed if it's released, the Emperor did survive having his body turned into a charred husk, his blood turned to poison and so on.

The Emperor should also have the same sort of mundane psychic protections any bog standard psyker should have, and it's probably pretty damn powerful. If he's throwing out supernova level attacks, consider how strong his shield must be. It's probably going to be at a similar level.

The Gae Bolg is very powerful in its own universe, but sufficient magical shielding can stop it, and the effects are nowhere near that powerful.

>> No.27173527

As tall as he likes, between illusions and biomancy.

>> No.27173596


He's literally suppressing 4 gods, a C'tan which is essentially a god and an entire plane of existence at the same time.

I'm pretty sure that makes him more powerful than goku.

He'd still get the shit kicked out of him by "caped baldy" saitama though. That guy threw part of a tectonic plate into space just to make a point. Seriously. Just grabbed it and threw it.

>> No.27173630


I said this in a different post but he's essentially suppressing at least 5 god-like creatures and a plane of existence while he's not even conscious.

>> No.27173633

>Sufficient magical shielding can stop it

No. That's actually wrong. Nothing can stop Gae Bolg from killing you other than your inherent ability to manipulate metaphysics in such a way as to defy Fate. Gae Bolg does not care whether or not you've got all the protection in the world - if it is drawn against you, unless you can defy fate, -you die-. It has retroactively written into the Akashic Record that you have been dealt - in video game terms - 1 more point of damage than you can survive taking in a single blow.

>> No.27173664

And then things get weird with Rho Aias and its "stops all projectiles" property. Nasuverse is weird like that.

>> No.27173677
File: 946 KB, 1024x723, silly EMPRAH.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

found this on deviantart thought it was relavant

>> No.27173704

Yeah. Point of fact one section of the original webcomic has a blatant Dragonball Z ripoff character invade from space. Explicitly 'one of the strongest undefeated warriors in the galaxy'.

Saitama basically effortlessly smashes him, and as he's dying he notes that Saitama wasn't serious at all during the fight.

Another guy who basically defeats all the heroes on the world - which includes parodies of a bunch of overpowered manga characters and some comic characters - describes fighting Saitama as "Like a kid playing with a bug in a box". It isn't even a fight; Saitama's power is explicitly unfair and utterly broken. That's the whole point of his character.


From the wiki:
"The only way to effectively defend against the attack is to have a high enough degree of luck or divine protection as to be able to alter fate, which would be heightened by also having good reflexive instincts, an auto-resurrection ability, a shield that overwhelms the magical energy of the lance, or, as a countermeasure of knowing it will strike the heart, by following Archer's strategy of quickly backing out of the attack's range before it is initialized."

Arguably the Emperor could use any of those.

>> No.27173724

I think that makes him more powerful than just about anyone else in this thread mentioned aside from power man and saitama

>> No.27173729


Empony will smother you with love, kindness and friendship


>> No.27173752

Nah, some of the reality warpers do have him beaten.

Reality warpers are fucking stupid like that.

Though some of them aren't immune to orbital surprise light-speed attacks; they actually have to be aware that they're getting attacked to warp reality, and/or have time to respond.

Fighting intelligently, the Emperor would just space-laser them from several light years away.

>> No.27173779


I love the comedy in it and I don't think anyone takes it remotely seriously which is good. He's handy though when THAT guy starts to talk about how good x is compared to y.

>> No.27173814


"Warp THIS" said The Emperor, creating a warp rift from several lightyears away to suck in his enemies.

Thinking "Let Khorne deal with that, I'm getting too old for this shit" empy grabs a roll of toilet paper and makes his way to his "golden throne"

>> No.27173832

Not more powerful than Third Shiki (Who is not to be confused with Shiki, SHIKI, Shiki or SHIKI). Third Shiki is essentially Admin status for the entire universe to the point where she is effectively Omnipotent and Omniscient. Of course, the only way to get her off of her lazybum arse and do something is to threaten Shiki or Mikiya, so as long as the Emps don't do that, He'll be fine.

Of course, the way Third Shiki works, the Emps will never do that because she'll arrange it so that he will never do that.

>> No.27173857

If the battle takes place in the warp; if the Emperor can shift the battle into the warp, he becomes a godly reality warper.

The Chaos Gods are explicitly reality warpers in their own domain as well.

>> No.27173866

What if we dropped a Neutronium Golem into the 40k universe?

>> No.27173897

Someone rips open a portal to the warp, shoves it in, and it gets raped by Slaanesh for eternity.

Alternatively, it just hangs around wherever serving as a chilling story about killing SPESS MEHRINES whenever they stop by the system.

Worst case scenario someone uses a superweapon on it and throws supernova at it.

>> No.27173966
File: 472 KB, 688x1044, TANKRED+ENDURES+_13bb592123808f9b1664b4f86a64db93.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27174144 [DELETED] 

There are levels for Human Psykers. The highest level is Alpha-plus, with the ability to snap titans in half, and summons legions of Greater Daemons. The Emperor was formed on Ancient Terra where around a million of Alpha Plus psykers killed themselves together.
The Emperor is a million Titan killing psykers rolled into one, now powered by the faith of 10 quadrillion faithful humans, and fed 1000 powerful psykers daily. The man could wipe out an entire Tyranid hive fleet if he didn't need to keep the Astronomican up.

>> No.27174193

There are levels for Human Psykers. The highest level is Alpha-plus, with the ability to snap titans in half, and summons legions of Greater Daemons. The Emperor was formed on Ancient Terra where around a million of Alpha Plus psykers killed themselves together.
The Emperor is a million Titan killing psykers rolled into one, now powered by the faith of 10 quadrillion faithful humans, and fed 1000 powerful psykers daily. The man could wipe out an entire Tyranid hive fleet if he didn't need to keep the Astronomican up.

>> No.27174261


Actually, he keeps the Astronomicon up, powers the Storm of the Emperors Wrath, (arguably) powers the Imperial saints, runs 10k year long gambits manipulating people and daemons, suppresses the warp portal under the golden throne, empowers and soul binds psykers, keeps humanity safe and suppressed so all humans don't immediately explode into masses of daemonic possession, holds all four chaos gods at bay, and still has enough power to stop time (locally) whenever the fuck he wants.

Also I think it's 10k psykers a day.

If he didn't have to do all that shit he would be... well, a god.

>> No.27174495
File: 23 KB, 197x250, DeathNote_book_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My apologies Emperor, but your time has come to die. And unfortunately for you, in this case the Pen is mightier then the Sword.

>> No.27174526

But his name isn't Emperor... For that too work he needs to know the true name of the Emperor. Good luck on solving that one.

>> No.27174540

and good luck using Shinigami eyes on him...

>> No.27174797

I was pondering something related earlier today...

What if the Emperor were to be eyeballed by a member of the Navis Nobilite? The idea, as I've understood it, is that you're looking into/are gazed upon by the Warp itself and your brain can't do much but fry from it. At the same time, he's supposed to be the ultimate psyker, so would he be killed outright or just fucked up?

>> No.27174995

Am I the only one who thinks the Big E was just a man, over glorified by the fanaticism o the Imperium? And am I the only one who thinks that itself makes him better than superman and goku?

>> No.27175039
File: 125 KB, 798x318, Meryem.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To defeat an Emperor, you need a King.

>Kuwagawa Misogi
The man could lose an everyone is a winner contest.

>> No.27175150

Yes, he was way more than just a man. He was the most poerfect human ever and the rgeatest psyker in all of existence. If ever there was a living demi god, it was him.

of course this only pertains to the warhammer world

>> No.27175265
File: 112 KB, 500x502, Gotrek and Felix.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Come Manling. Today is a good day to die, and and a mighty tale of doom will this make.

And then Felix kills the Emperor while Gotrek is busy killing a truly staggering amount of Custodes, Imperial Fists, Grey Knights, and Titans.

>> No.27176230

so can the EMPRAH communicate his will to the imperium at all?

>> No.27176243

Yep, through the Tarots and miracles.

The dude was nearly killed by an Ork. He isn't shit.

>> No.27176581
File: 191 KB, 894x894, god_president_of_mankind_by_blazbaros-d5rwdlw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I see your EMPRAH and raise you a God President!

>> No.27176649
File: 77 KB, 529x364, Nokota_Horses_cropped.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Horse defeated Emprah.

>> No.27176687
File: 69 KB, 200x297, most-expensive-toilet-in-the-world-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Emprah was so sad after being beaten by Horse that he locked himself in the bathroom and won't come out.

>> No.27176699


>> No.27176710

yo mama

>> No.27176719
File: 145 KB, 500x375, custodial_waxmachine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The janitor lost the key to the bathroom and is trying to convince Emprah to unlock the door, but Emprah is a very stubborn man.

>> No.27176720

Light couldn't do it because all he'd spell was Emperor.
>The emperor: nope.
>Emperor: Nope.
>God Emperor: Nope.
He doesn't get it.. the only way to spell the Emperors name is Emprah.

>> No.27176721

Mata Nui

>> No.27176741

Little known fact: Emprah is ancient Anatolian for "bad parent".

>> No.27176884
File: 109 KB, 476x696, Cat_Head.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27176948
File: 377 KB, 1280x1590, TTGL6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ridiculous power level characters!?

How can you look elsewhere than Gurren Laggan? The reality bending is to the point they're using galaxies as projectile weapons!

>> No.27176984

lel whats that from?

>> No.27177004

Diebuster is pretty close. One of the main characters throws Jupiter at a space monster which ate a black hole, after the other tries to terraform the black hole using degeneracy engines to create micro-singularities to contain the monster.

Some wacky stuff there.

>> No.27177008

Whats the story behind this guy?

>> No.27177012

The Beast.

He's an Ork Warboss who led a Waaagh! larger than the one that Horus earned his title of Warmaster in.

So The Beast was probably a massive Ork

>> No.27177018

He got killed by normal marines.

>> No.27177038

At great costs to the Imperium. The Beasts Waaagh! nearly took the galaxy and was only stopped at immense costs to not just the Imperium but the Astartes as well

>> No.27177056

Pretty sure that the new Apoc book which featured The Armageddon warsv said Ghazy accomplished something no other Warboss ever did by uniting hundreds of Warbands he created the biggest Waaagh! in history.

So the Beast must be around Ghazy's size or a bit smaller.

>> No.27177105

Well theres some conflicting info here, because The Beast's Waaagh! is said to be the biggest the galaxy has ever known, and nearly took over the galaxy in 544.M32

>> No.27177170

>Kill him
>All witnesses agree to commit suicide
>Defeated forever!

>> No.27177216


Really because last time I checked Emp's "united humanity" was still fractured and is waging an unwinnable war with itself despite his best efforts because he in a coma.

If we're allowing "well he died but won in the end!" into the equation then Horus won. Hard.

>> No.27177241

Not really... if Slaanesh wants him back out there, he/she/it can just... y'know, resurrect him or some shit.

>> No.27177289
File: 44 KB, 291x280, mfw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Beats Undertaker at Wrestlemania

This hurt my feelings.

>> No.27177325

it's a good hurt, anon. you need this.

>> No.27177338
File: 1.96 MB, 320x225, 1378704670433.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Implying the Undertaker will ever lose


>> No.27177410
File: 25 KB, 350x250, 1364268946183.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27177641

Didn't Screw Attack say that Batman would lose to Spiderman as well?

I mean, I like spiderman but I don't see that happening.

>> No.27178377

>the Emperor works on a galactic scale.

What is this bullshit?

Big E is nowhere near as powerful as this thread assumes he is. For fucks' sake, he nearly got his ass punked by a large ork.

If Emps were capable of smashing solar systems or acting on a galactic scale when he was alive, he would have fucking united Old Earth within two hours, not through a long and costly series of gruelling wars. He'd have won the entire setting back during the time of the Great Crusade, because, according to you guys, he can just reach out and burst planets lightyears away.

Protip: he can't. He can't 'tank supernova blasts' or blow up planets from lightyears away with his brain or any of that shit. At best he's a somewhat more powerful and more in-control Tetsuo (movie Tetsuo. Comic Tetsuo would fuck Big E with a gigantic psychic strapon).

Nearly any comicbook character and most anime characters would absolutely murder him - either by simply being orders of magnitude more powerful than him or by having retardedly borken abilities. Shit, Professor X is a better psychic than him, being capable of manipulating someone's brain finely enough to create an entire false scenario at intergalactic distances.

>> No.27178409

>Hexxus form Ferngully in the smoke.

>> No.27178560


Christ this, if Big E was capable of doing even half the stuff you guys are claiming he could do, he would have snuffed out Horus like a goddamn candle the moment he even thought of rebelling against Daddy, or just rewritten Horus's entire personality from Terra.

>> No.27178586

Yes, Emps was more than capable of trashing Horus, but he hesitated and didn't think Horus would really attack his dad

>> No.27178606

He did love his son. He was a fucking shitty dad, but he still couldn't bring himself to smite Horus until he murdered Sanguinius and Ollanus/stand-in and showed him Horus had no humanity. Then he snuffed Horus out.

>> No.27178613

>Horus won

Chaos won.

There were 3 scenarios

>Emps unites galaxy under secular humans = end of Chaos gods domination of the warp
>Horus wins the Heresy bowl and, because of regret, destroys fucking everything = end of Chaos gods domination of the warp
>Horus wounds Emps, Emps put on Golden Throne, ten thousand years of war = mo money, mo bitches for Chaos gods

>> No.27178631

You know....

If he was that powerful, he would have neutralized Horus and then purified him from the taint permanently.

>> No.27178654

So how did they stop the Beast?

>> No.27178662

>>Emps unites galaxy under secular humans = end of Chaos gods domination of the warp


Did the Emperor planned to turn all humanity into servitors/necrons and purge all life in the galaxy?

>> No.27178667

Marines dogpilled on him.

>> No.27178688

Nobody worships them, peace forever, he uses his psychic power to protect everyone

>> No.27178690

He's talking about the Exalted rpg. It seems like they tried to cram as much retardedness into the setting as they could

>> No.27178725

They don't feed on worship. They feed on emotions.

>> No.27178733

Which is what Warp Jews want you to think

>> No.27178741
File: 409 KB, 1021x474, Ghazghkull.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Still....his Waaagh! wasn't as big or as threatening as Ghazy's WAAAAGH!

>> No.27178752

Doesn't that say "Armageddon Sector" while Beast is like the whole galaxy

>> No.27178756


Isn't that what they say about every new threat ever, though?

>> No.27178795

''Never Before has the Ork menace been greater''

Looks pretty clear to me.

>> No.27178803

Probably only ever said about Orks, Tyranid and Black Crusades

>what is hyperbole

>> No.27178825


I dunno. Haven't the been hyping up the 'crons pretty heftily too?

>> No.27178839

Eh, do they ever do anything

Just awaken in a tombworld, menace a bit, kill some people and then mysteriously leave

Technically Necrons saved the galaxy the Cain novels

>> No.27178848

It was said about the Armageddon (Greatest Waaagh!), Leviathan (Biggest Hive Fleet), and the 13 Black Crusade.

The wars of the Age of Ending!

>>what is hyperbole

But are you sure its hyperbole? The texts implies that only Ghazy managed to di the impossible and unit hundreds of warbands under his banner.

>> No.27178865

So the Beast just united 99 warbands, but each of those warbands was 500 times larger than each of the ghaz's

>> No.27178886

And some how the Beast's Waagh wasn't as menacing and threatening as Ghazy's WAAAAGH!

>> No.27178888
File: 305 KB, 231x1442, Krispekh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Just awaken in a tombworld, menace a bit, kill some people and then mysteriously leave

Newcrons are out to conquer everything they see, because muh dynasties.

>> No.27178896

Including other Dynasties.

>> No.27178951

Yeah but evidently they haven't even gotten one primitive city so

>> No.27178960

Imotekh took 500 worlds in a few years.

>> No.27178970

but not one primitive city

Did he "conquer" 500 uninhabited worlds

>> No.27179003

Those worlds are all inhabited, I assure you.

And all of them pay tribute to his Dynasty. Also among the things he took was the hand of the Black Templar High Marshal.

Also he took Starbane's dignity, confidence, and hand.

>> No.27179019

I'm not impressed by 500 worlds without a single city among them

Good job on taking over a dozen farmsteads on each planet

He is fucking rolling in the wheat and coffee bean tribute

>> No.27179027
File: 221 KB, 495x242, ZA BEASTO.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27179050

>What is hyperbole

Kidding aside, Who should I believe? Doesn't knew fluff takes precedence? Of course, it does.

>> No.27179069

Among those worlds were Hive Worlds. Didn't you read anything about Necrons or Imotekh?

At all?

>> No.27179070

This, holy shit.

The cosmic supergod Emperor you guys are pretending exists in the canon would have just known what was up and selectively manipulated Horus into not going evil.

The Emperor does not operate on a galactic scale. As far as we know he can't even operate on a planetary scale, considering that he needed an army to take Earth. He can't destroy systems, he can't mind-control worlds, he can't tank supernovas. Why is there such a disparity between his powerlevel and that of Alpha Plus psykers in select bits of fluff? Because 40K cannot into consistency.

>> No.27179087


I only really like Imperial stories

>> No.27179098

Emps wasn't willing to go nuts and put the galaxy at peril

>> No.27179101

Also warp is stronger now than it was then

>> No.27179126

Except The Beast is from the main rulebook, which also has the wars of Armageddon listed in the time line. It says Ghazzghkull's Waaagh! was large and fierce, but not once does it say it was the largest in history.

I assume the fluff from the main rulebook beats out an expansion.

>> No.27179170

Given Horus was a) a dumbass and b) a bitch and c) not very powerful, I'd imagine he could be beaten by anyone with considerable resources and basic planning capability.

But if you want fictional, I guess any of the Madness Maze survivors from Deathstalker. You don't fuck with a clonelegger and a aristocrat historian.

>> No.27179174

Why would he go nuts? According to you guys his will is strong enough to face down and contain all four Chaos Gods constantly.

There's no reason for him to hold back at all. His actions are the indicators we have of his powerlevel, and his powerlevel is not even remotely galactic. Chump can't even beat up a planet by himself.

He's fucking smalltime.

>> No.27181208


Ohh wow thats rich, coming from a 40kid.

>> No.27181265
File: 325 KB, 1220x1120, 1212401470627.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Didn't I explain this already?

First, the Emperor is constantly suppressing/fighting all four chaos gods. He's constantly doing things on a galactic scale. And most importantly, he LIKES institutions. He's forward thinking and prefers to work behind the scenes. He spent 30k years working behind the scenes. He doesn't do things personally if he can create infrastructure or gather people to do it; that's his modus operandi for almost his ENTIRE existence.

The Ork? Powering a giant space laser from several light years away when it was happening, may have just been testing Horus, and it was the largest Ork ever, beyond Ghaz and The Beast.

Can he throw supernova level blasts? Yes. The fluff says so explicitly.

Did he start the Storm of the Emperor's Wrath? Almost certainly; that's strongly implied in the fluff.

Is he stronger than any other psyker? Yes, Malcador died from a single day of what he's done for 10k years, and Malcador is the second strongest human psyker ever.

Can he locally stop time? YES, he explicitly did so in Space Marine.

Why does he rarely personally display such power? Because he doesn't LIKE to. He almost universally prefers working through catspaws. The first opportunity he could, he turned over the crusades to the Primarchs so he could focus on other projects.

Why did he fail so badly? Because he is so disconnected from humanity he can't understand faith and the needs of the average man.

Why didn't he just drive all the chaos out of Horus? Because the four Chaos Gods are that strong. They destroy planets when they speak. He's strong enough to fight them and protect humanity from them; he's not strong enough to simply crush them without effort.

Why didn't he just kill Horus? Because he honestly didn't understand why Horus could have turned to Chaos, actually loved him, and couldn't logically figure out why he'd do it.

Do you low-power empsfags even fucking 40k?

>> No.27181301


I love when kids make this clusterfuck of a setting even worse than in actually is.

>> No.27181333

>Powering a giant space laser from several light years away when it was happening

Yeah I'm going to need to see a source on that right fucking now.

>Can he throw supernova level blasts? Yes. The fluff says so explicitly.

This too

>> No.27181342

No, dumbass. The setting is what the fluff states it is. Not what you want it to be.

>> No.27181412

Horus Heresy Collected visions pg 367

"Mustering every iota of his concentration, he focused
his psychic might into a bolt of pure force, more coherent than a laser
more destructive than an exploding sun. He hurled the bolt at Horus, a lance
of power destined for the madmans heart."

I'm not looking up the Ork one right now, I'm busy. But supernova blasts (with the coherency of a laser no less!) are canon whether or not you like it.

>> No.27181543
File: 73 KB, 480x640, pistol shrimp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If this little fucker can vaporize water with its claw at a temperature near to the surface of the sun. I am going to let the Emperor have his exploding sun laser mind bullets.

>> No.27181577
File: 134 KB, 800x396, 800px-OdontodactylusScyllarus2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whoa man. Bringing Saitama and Power Man into this thread is one thing, but pistol shrimp?

That's going a bit overboard, man.

(Mantis Shrimp is superior)

>> No.27181620
File: 13 KB, 564x391, 1371154455210.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But he is a god!

>> No.27181622


So it's complete trash. Just like SW and pretty much every popular setting ever.

If you accept everything as canon it means you are accepting shitty writers shitting on good stuff.

>> No.27181691
File: 75 KB, 600x703, 1370920568136.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah; you follow the canon policy. The latest codexes are the highest canon, then the novels, then everything else.

That means a lot of terrible shit is canon, but the Emperor being powerful doesn't make it terrible. It just makes it something other than what you want it to be.

Not that there isn't plenty of terrible shit in 40k and in Star Wars. There is. It's all canon, but you just live with it and move on.

I mean, I love Sisters of Battle but I hated Faith and Fire so much I was fucking blue in the face. But you just live with it. Life's too short to get worked up about stupid shit.

>> No.27181748
File: 105 KB, 800x667, Sister_Colors_by_Graphite_Dream.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> I love Sisters of Battle
> I hated Faith and Fire
wait what

What annoyed you about Faith and Fire, anon? I thought that it was a brilliant portrayal of them. They were badass, elite soldiers. Just like they should be.

>> No.27181754

The novels are shit, and far too varied in their 'authenticity' to the canon.

>> No.27181757
File: 253 KB, 728x1141, i011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pistol Shrimp you say?

>> No.27181780

>descriptive writing

Also, "he doesn't do shit himself" is complete bullshit. Do you really think that if The Emperor had the power to just wipe out every xenos species at the same time, he wouldn't? He'd have fucking done it ages ago.

The Emperor is not that powerful. He might be very powerful on the personal level - i.e. being able to shoot superlasers - but nothing indicates that he can blow up star systems or mind control entire worlds. If he could, he would have won the setting ages ago. The Imperium would not exist in the capacity that it does because he'd have killed everyone else. NOWHERE is it implied or stated that the Emperor would not destroy all his enemies himself if he could.

Big E did not create institutions because he liked them. He did it because he needed them. He needed his sons to go out and conquer the galaxy. He needed the Imperium. This guy loathed all aliens. If he had the kind of power you describe, he would have killed all xeno life in the galaxy ages ago.

40K just has incredibly inconsistent powerlevels. We can only judge Big E on the basis of what he's done, and what he's done isn't much (in terms of powerlevel, anyhow).

>> No.27181789
File: 203 KB, 728x1239, d006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.27181799

>The novels are shit
That's rather subjective. I've quite enjoyed a lot of them. Some I would even read again.

>> No.27181827

>So it's complete trash. Just like SW and pretty much every excessively marketed and stupidly popular setting.

FTFY. A popular setting isn't bad. A setting where the company(ies) behind it have a purely money-grabbing philosoph, however, is bad. The problem with 40k's fluff is it's so vague, and subject to retcon for retcon's sake, or that it gets butchered in novels, is that the result is it's complete trash. Long-established canon fluff, such as the Crimson Fists being a vastly under-strength chapter struggling to survive, gets bulldozed in favor of "Spess Muhreen Stronk!" novels where they're bouncing bullets of their pectorals, and killing a million bad-dudes without ammo supply problems (or simply punching them).

40k's fluff is trash, because it's all power-fantasy money grab at this point.

>> No.27181829

I will never understand why members of a fandom believe they get to declare what is and is not canon, rather than the owners of the IP.

>> No.27181835


>> No.27181853

>but the Emperor being powerful doesn't make it terrible.

Actually, it kinda does. It destroys the core concept of the Imperium - that they're worshipping the corpse of a great man who decried religion as a god. If he really is a god, the whole fucking point of 40K falls apart. It's no longer a satire on religion and the nature of man, and just a really cheesy stupid looking sci-fi with terrible writing.

It's like you motherfuckers started playing in 5th Ed or something.

Also, the books... are really, really shit, and shouldn't be taken as canon. Rulebooks are canon, codices are canon. BL novels are whatever a writer feels like writing at a particular time. Taking them as canon is retarded, considering that they all get trumped and phased out by a rulebook or a codex eventually.

>> No.27181914

Every single character in the novel acted like a retard. A sister nearly got choked to death by a normal unarmed dude. They find a holy relic of the Emperor himself and immediately resolve to destroy it. They refuse to wear helmets when gas attacks happen. Etc etc.

>Do you really think that if The Emperor had the power to just wipe out every xenos species at the same time, he wouldn't?

Yeah, he doesn't have that kind of power. I don't know why you assume him being able to shoot supernova and such actually meaning he could. LOTS of things in 40k can and do blow up stars! Basically every faction can do it. Daemons can do it. Necrons can do it. Eldar can do it. The Imperium without the Emperor can do it. The C'tan can do it. Full power emps is actually just par for the course of the high end beings in 40k. He's stalemated.

He's constantly fighting all four chaos gods. Beings that destroy planets by *speaking*. Mere daemonhosts can break orbit and smash up starships.

The dude isn't Superman. He doesn't do things personally if he can help it. But even if he were that type of guy; he'd fail. His objective wasn't ever showing how big his dick was, it was ensuring humanity survived and chaos was defeated.

Dude fought an avatar of all four chaos gods combined. Canon. Dude defeated a shard of the Void Dragon, who DID eat stars and destroy planetary systems. Canon.

Could he effortlessly fuck over everyone else ever? NO. He can blow up stars, plot 10k years in advance, create giant warp storms, and works on a galactic scale. So do most of the other big players! That's the point!

And he isn't flawless; it's his own personality flaws that fucked over his empire building.

He IS that powerful, but he's matched by others of similar power and not perfect. Not by a longshot.

>> No.27181932

Uh, it should be noted, as powerful as the purple prose in the Horus Heresy books describes him as, the Emperor has never actually done anything very impressive.

I think the most awesome thing he ever did was shoot a beam at Horus, and even then that's nothing special. Any plasma weapon in 40K achieves the effect of a 'focused supernova', as a supernova is just exploding superheated plasma - fire that same kind of effect just as a tight beam and all you've got there is a plasma focus.

The only truly impressive thing he's ever done is the Storm of the Emperor's Wrath, and that's after he's been feeding on the worship of every single Imperial citizen for thousands of years. When he was alive he couldn't project his power like that on such a massive scale.

>> No.27181974

You don't make the canon policy; Black Library does.

Also yes; it started as satire. I liked it when it was satire. It still has strong elements of satire.

But you should probably accept the fact that it's no longer just satire at its core.

You as a fan can have 'personal canon', but if you're in a vs debate you basically have to deal with the official canon. If you don't like it, don't enter these threads.

He thrashed the shit out of a shard of the void dragon and imprisoned it on Mars.

The man is the conglomeration of a million alpha+ psykers on earth in prehistory. People just seem to have a brain block when they realize how powerful he is, because they want him to just be a normal psyker in power armor.

He is never once depicted that way in the fluff. Ever.

>> No.27182012

Thing is, if he really could blow up stars with his brain or generate warp storms so powerful you can see them on the galactic map, why was there ever any fighting when he was on the Great Crusade? Why did it take him so long to unify Earth? Why didn't he just supernova all opposition to his Crusade immediately?

There was actual warfare during that conflict. But the Emperor you're describing would just be like "Oh we've picked up a xeno planet on our ship sensors? Whatever, I killed them all with my brain five minutes ago. Next system guys."

It makes zero sense. It's the result of a setting that had very coherent themes and ideas being bloated with powercreep, and the old, core ideas having to be reconciled with the new shit. Which leads to crap like "Uh yeah actually the Emperor was retarded and he didn't defeat his opponents himself if he could send a million of the humans he loves to wage a long a costly war against them."

>> No.27182048

>He thrashed the shit out of a shard of the void dragon and imprisoned it on Mars.

And a Space Marine sergeant beat up a shard of the Nightbringer.

The Emperor is not once depicted as the supremely powerful being you're making him out to be. He does not ONCE, while alive, do anything to indicate that he can even solo a planet.

He's never just a normal psyker, but he's never this retardedly overpowered uberbeing either.

>> No.27182051

And they storm a city, fight off daemons, and a Sister boards a flying plane. Apart from that, we get a very nice insight into how the SoB work, with them taking roles in a relgious ceremony, helping with the Black Ships and playing politics with the Ecclesiarchy. Hell, one of them even cracks a joke in a last-stand firefight, which I thought was a very nice touch. And the stuff you mentioned isn't all that bad. It'd be boring if they were all invincible, for one. And if that happens where I think it does, then there were several other attackers coming at the Sisters at the time. It's been a while since I read it, but the relic is the psyker machine, right? Well they kind of had to attack that, since the big bad was using it to make himself into an alpha level psyker. As for the helmet thing, well, you might have a point there, that is odd. At least the way you tell it, anyway.

Your opinion is perfectly valid, of course, but I find it hard to understand how an SoB fan could hate that book. On the whole it portrays them very well and gives a relatively rare in-depth look at them.

Did you like the sequel, Hammer and Anvil any better?

>> No.27182393

Because he wanted to build an empire.

Guess what doesn't build empires?

Blowing up all the planets you're going to conquer.

He didn't just want win; he wanted to be RIGHT. He wanted to convert all men to the Imperial Truth, unite them under one banner and then create a human webway to link all mankind together without the need for warp travel.

In other words, he wanted to build a utopia. He didn't want to mind control everyone, he didn't want to blow up all the planets he faced.

Honestly powerful emps is NOT unreasonable when you look at the scale of his main enemies. Once again, chaos gods blow up planets by *speaking*. The C'tan rip apart star systems.

If anything, not-powerful emps is unreasonable. Canon states he's more powerful than any other human psyker. Which explicitly includes every human psyker ever seen.

But slightly-more-powerful-than-a-normal-psyker emps couldn't plausibly fight beings like the Chaos Gods, C'tan, or other enemies of the Imperium.

The fact is he simply wasn't the type to directly smash things in the face if he could help it. He was a long term schemer and empire builder, not Superman. Which is good, because his enemies were on the same level he is, so he *couldn't* just go around smashing stuff up anyway.

I never read hammer and anvil. Honestly I was mostly just upset about the whole thing where the Sisters never made a single smart decision during the course of the book. I want them as strong religious fanatics, but that's not synonymous with 'unable to make intelligent decisions'.

Also, I should point out that AFTER the main big bad turned into an Alpha+ psyker thanks to the emps god-machine the device was still there.

Instead of treating it like a holy relic, plugging sisters in or giving it to the Mechanicus, they blow it up. The religious army that views the god-emperor as a god. With a relic made by his own hands. They don't even discuss it, they just fucking blow it up. COME ON.

>> No.27182410
File: 2.65 MB, 3182x1902, Nightbringer_vs_Uriel_by_morganagod.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>And a Space Marine sergeant beat up a shard of the Nightbringer.

Okay, not that it particularly matters since I get the point of your post, but:

A Space Marine Captain - when it became clear that there was no way he and his men could actually defeat the Nightbringer - threatened to blow up the key to its ship, collapsing the tomb and trapping the C'tan underground where it would starve to death. Though the idea of the Nightbringer being unable to escape to the surface anyway is stupid, given that that's exactly what it does straight after. And to further complicate things, both that and the Dragon thing were written when the C'tan were still whole and in control - by the same author too, funnily enough - and after the 5th edition changes, they may have just been Shards like people assume, or they may have never happened at all, because GW is hardly above doing something like that.

In any case, fuck versus threads, goddamn.

>> No.27182447

>AFTER the main big bad turned into an Alpha+ psyker

And was killed, I should have added.

He was dead. There was absolutely no reason to blow up the machine. The sisters were there. They had control. They could do whatever the fuck they wanted.

The blew it up.

>> No.27182825

They didn't blow it up. Not intentionally, anyway. Reading through it, the machine actually breaks after Miriya shoots big bad. With his death, it malfunctions and falls into the magma on its own.

If it's your view that the Sisters in Faith and Fire weren't competent enough, then I think you'd quite like Hammer and Anvil. The Sisters in that manage to hold their own against a numerically superior force, and to make an incursion into a Necron moon.

>> No.27182848

>numerically superior force
A Necron force, I should add.

>> No.27184951
File: 8 KB, 300x168, necron monolith.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.27185003

>You're right. Video games ARE enjoyable
Every time

>> No.27185043
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Uh oh, the Necrons are shrinking their Monoliths again!

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