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Looking for pictures of human/modified soldiers built more for psychological damage than actual combat effectiveness.

Maybe not a great description, but basically I'm looking for something similar to the Terror Troopers from The Force Unleashed 2.

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Not sure if I have a lot of those.

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Well I don't exactly have much either. So whatever I can get is appreciated!

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Shit, thanks!

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np this is the last I have for what you might be looking for. Good luck and I hope you can use something.

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you can run but hes boned to catch up

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You don't cause psychological damage by having impractical but scary looking thugs roaming around.

You cause psychological damage by kicking in doors, pepper spraying everyone, shooting the dog, and then dragging off people's loved ones with a hood over their head, never to be heard from again.

You cause psychological damage by beating twelve kinds of shit out of anyone who doesn't look meek enough, leaving them bleeding in the street.

Prisons that just swallow people. Neighbours turning in neighbours. Snitches just throwing darts on the phonebook and reporting everyone they hit. Maybe a grisly public execution here and there, though they're a bit out of fashion.

You cause psychological damage with overhead gunships, killing with little rhyme or reason.

In short, you fuck people up by fucking with them, not by looking fucked up.

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You do if you have robots that want to be people

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Yeah, I'm talking about troops that just kind of throw safety to the wind and charge.

Like >>27156780 for example. Big, unarmed, but armored. So while everyone is having a jolly day shooting at everyone, suddenly this fucker comes in tossing people around and tearing off heada like they're barbie dolls.

I'm not talking about Spice Girl's psychological

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He cleans

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I can dig it.

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